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Well...its been a year since reach....since i lost many friends and family,since i lost the love of my live,and...since i nearly lost my entire squad.But,i made a soul promise,i'd protect them with my life. I've had to many losses,but that ends this day.Heh listen to me rant i forgot to introduce myself, my name is Jack Christopher noeland.I'm and ODST (orbital drop sock trooper)i was a army soldier on reach....but thats past me now,i cant tell you the horrible memories i saw on that planet.Well anyways let me give you the rundown.Im a commander,and im with a unsc division thats always been known as the best of the best 1st disivion wolf pack.In second in command,and my right hand man,is my childhood friend,Dibs dubbo.He's austrailian,mean,and ready to kill the covenant,just the soldier i need for the second in command.He carries a pretty mean shotgun,its from  when we where on reach,the special thing about it,is that it as tree barrels on it.He regrets what happened to us on reach,he wont let that happen again,not even if the entire damn covenant fleet stands in his way.Then we have seth matthews another childhood friend.Seth is the sniper of the squad,never leaves the pack without that rifle.He is on a soul search for his fiance monica,a researcher trying to find a cure for some virus.Hes hellbent on makeing sure he gets her back,not the covenat,or the innsurection will stop that.Then we have Dex,my little buddy,hes basically the pointman,equiped with a m237 light  machine-gun.Get him in range of the covies and he'll blow the covies away in a heartbeat.Hes also very trigger happy and has a hyper personality.Next up is blake,hes african american,likes heavy weapons,and is mainly known as" big brotha" as the marines call him.He uses the Spunker alot(the rpg) and the machine gun turrent detachable.His personality is happy,and caring,this guy is a true member of wolf pack,he never leaves a man behind.Then theres rickey,hes....well kinda the smart elect of the squad,he uses the assault rifle and the smg,he and dex dont useally get along either.This is my team,and i want to make sure that they dont end up like what happened on reach.Ill throw down my life if i have to to ensure that.Well thats all i can write for today,it seems we got inssurectionist activity,time to get the wolfs prepped for the hunt.

Jack Christoper noeland out.
here it is finally.the proluge to ODST Brotherhood my odst story.The proluge is based of jacks point of view.the rest of the sory will be in thrid person.and yes for now they are fighting against rebels.

leave a comment if you want.
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Look at yourself!!Look!
You're the brightest star of them all.
See,darling,you're the most beautiful one,
But still,you chose to fall.

Your wings shattered,
And your soul went black,
Did you ever regret it,my dear?
You keep it silent,there's no way back.

You left heaven behind you,
Do you miss it? I know I do,
I miss the innocence and the glitter,
The sweetness of the clouds and the truth.

I miss my wings,
Yes,honey,I lost them too.
See,when you fell,
I jumped. I fell with you.

I just wish you'd take me in your embrace,
Hold me tight and never let me go
Your sinful lips on mine,
Send me the wind and I'll know.

I can feel you all over,
My body is sinful,my soul is almost gone
I know the taste of your scent,love,
And I know your body is still warm.

And one day,I just felt the known heat;
I felt your lips on my neck,your arms around me
I looked at the mirror,how fucking good we are together.
And in that darkness,I knew,you'll never leave.
“Angels are bright still, though the brightest fell.”
-William Shakespeare

"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear. "
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

I am on the photo above and the photo is done by [link] She's a great photgrapher...
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"One side of me says 'wow that's an attractive chick, I'd like to talk to her, date her' the other side says I wonder what her head would look like on a stick." -Edmund Kemper

"I just wanted to see how it felt to shoot Grandma." - Edmund Kemper

"The first good-looking girl I see tonight is going to die." - Edmund Kemper

"I remember there was actually a sexual thrill . . . you hear that little pop and pull their heads off and hold their heads up by the hair. Whipping their heads off, their body sitting there. That'd get me off." - Edmund Kemper

"I am not insane, I'm just queer."-Albert Fish

final words: "Kiss my ass!"-John Wayne Gacy

"You have not caught me yet and you are not likely to. I shall keep on at my work, for I love it, and I will send you something for a Christmas box."
- Jack The Ripper

"I'm not an alien maniac, nor yet a foreign tripper. I'm just your jolly, lively friend. Yours truly, Jack the Ripper." - Jack The Ripper

"We all go a little mad sometimes"- Norman Bates

"I didn't want to hurt them, I only wanted to kill them."-David "Son of Sam" Berkowitz

"Everyone has his own taste. Mine is for corpses."- Necrophile Heneri Blot

"He started messing with the christmas tree, telling me how nice the christmas tree was. So I shot him."- David Bullock

"What's one less person on the face of the earth, anyway?"-Ted Bundy

"I'm as cold a motherfucker as you've ever put your fucking eyes on. I don't give a shit about those people."-Ted Bundy

"We serial killers are your sons, we are your husbands, we are everywhere. And there will be more of your children dead tomorrow" - Ted Bundy

"You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You're looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!"- Ted Bundy on the joy of murder

"My consuming lust was to experience their bodies. I viewed them as objects, as strangers...It's hard for me to believe that a human being could have done what I've done..." - Jeffery Dahmer

"I always had the desire to inflict pain on others and to have others inflict pain on me. I always seemed to enjoy everything that hurt. The desire to inflict pain, that is all that is uppermost."- Albert Fish

"I took her bra and panties off and had sex with her. That's one of those things I guess that got to be a part of my life -having sexual intercourse with the dead."- Henry Lee Lucas

"These children that come at you with knives, they are your children. You taught them. I didn't teach them. I just tried to help them stand up."-Charles Manson

"Look down on me, you will see a fool. Look up at me, you will see your lord. Look straight at me, you will see yourself."- Charles Manson

"After my head has been chopped off, will I still be able to hear, at least for a moment, the sound of my own blood gushing from my neck? That would be the pleasure to end all pleasures."- Peter Kurten

"I love to kill people. I love to watch them die. I would shoot them in the head and they would wiggle and squirm all over the place, and then just stop. Or I would cut them with a knife and watch their faces turn real white. I love all that blood."-Richard "The Night Stalker" Ramirez

"Mr. Lusk. Sir I send you half the Kidney I took from one woman preserved it for you. the other piece I fried and ate it was very nice. I may send you the bloody knife that took it out if you only wait a while longer. Signed Catch me when you can Mister Lusk." -Jack the Ripper
Quotes from Jefferey Dahmer, Charles Manson, Jack the Ripper, ect.
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The world is turning
but I'm still standing right here
sometimes I feel like any second
I could fall and disappear

I see a million colors
In the end all fades to grey
That's exactly like I used to think
it's what I used to say

But I won't do that anymore
Cause now I'm a warrior
So much stronger than before
I can open every single door

Nothing will ever break my heart again
I've built my own shield
When my life really began
And you can not deny
That I made it this far on my own
There's so much more to me, more than you've ever known

Some things I don't normally tell
I used to stay down
Every time I stumbled and fell
my own personal hell

But I won't do that not now
Cause I wil not allow
For me to go back to that place
No my world is more, than just some empty space

Nothing will ever break my heart again
I've built my own shield
When my life really began
And you can not deny
That I made it this far on my own
There's so much more to me, more than you've ever known

You don't know me
You couldn't show me
You told me to run away
But I stood strong and stayed
I'm no longer afraid

Nothing will ever break my heart again
I've built my own shield
When my life really began
And you can not deny
That I made it this far on my own
There's so much more to me, more than you've ever known
A song I wrote.
I feel this really captures how far I've come since my darker days. And I'm pretty proud of this piece.
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Hello stranger
would you tell me your name
Hello stranger
I don't know where you came from
But I heard your tune
It's my favorite too

It's just a one time thing
It's not meant to last forever
Let's just enjoy right now
The time we've got together

Hello darling
I will never forget
Hello baby
When you told me that you
loved me from the start
Now I don't want to be apart

It's just a one time thing
It's not meant to last forever
Let's just enjoy right now
The time we've got together

Goodbye lover
I'll keep you in my heart
Goodbye honey even when I start with
somebody new
I'll always remember you
Just a bitter-sweet love-poem I came up with today.
Let me know what you think.
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A Dying Rainbow

I'm always told that I'm such a wonderful person
And that I'm thoughtful, caring, kindhearted, and so important
But they don't see what's behind closed doors, the constant clashes with torment
Damage goes unseen as I blanket everything with cold smiles that seem slightly burdened

My tears quake while they hide behind my blackened shades
My hands tremble because I'm holding onto so much of this hate
My body is painted nonchalant so I have to appear in an emotionless state
My blood system is clogged with suicidal thoughts that make me want to break

I've been like this far too long
I wish I died before this had begun
Surrounded by fear is where I don't belong
I just want this lucid nightmare to be over and done

Society these days
Teaching children the old prejudice ways
And that's why certain individuals grow up so afraid
In the end, a premature death is the price loved ones pay

I'm one of those
Dwelling in fear at the end of my rope
Trying to conceal agony that no one would ever know
And my grip is slowly getting loose, so I can't wait to let go

It's so hard to try and reach out
No hands to grab, so there's no one to help
Not everyone could understand this kind of hell
Peace is a complete mystery to my pain, and to myself

There is no true hope to oblige
There is no real love to confide
There is no point to this kind of life
There is no such thing as human rights

There's a reason why I showed no signs and gave zero warnings
None of you wouldn't have understood this type of suffering
You don't know what it's like to dread discrimination
All I wanted was to be able to live free in the open

But I'm done trying
Because my only dream won't happen
And I'm so sick of waiting
This life is not worth living

I'm leaving this colorless world behind
These old fashioned teachings are what I can no longer abide by
Because I'd rather be dead and gone a thousand times than be a living lie
So now I bid all of you a farewell, and hope you have wonderful life, good bye
What's at the end
Is better than the beginning
"like" my facebook poetry page for updates - [link]
This poem is written for my project - "Broken Wings Unbound: I'm Falling Down, I'm Soaring Now"
In volume Five: Parting Paths
Check out my galleries below if you want to read more.
Watch me if you think that you might like my work.
:iconfeardomized: :iconchainoflies: :iconhollowedsky:
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     Some would call me crazy. How could that be?Those people had it coming! Why? Because of how the looked at me!

     The first one was a mistake, yes. Yes, a mistake. She looked at me like I was some, some animal! So, I pushed her. And down she descended, down the stairs of an empty hall.

     But, something happened! I got a feeling, one that had been missing most my life. Bliss, that I could control someone else's life in my very own hands! Watch the fire go out of their eyes! Oh, and how much joy their screams have brought me! Ha! They all deserved it!

     How could you call me a monster? If anything, I am an angel!
     Art is what it is. All the ways I have killed. Drowning, cutting their hearts out while it still beats, cutting off their fingers as they scream. The last two are my favorite.

     Best of all is the fame! Every night they talk about my murders! My works of God! They hope to find. Ha! I was careful, so careful not to leave any trace.
How petty life is. How easily sdestroyed it is.

     Do you still think of me as a monster?
I wrote this in creative writing club today. The prompt was violence and one of the scenarios was : Serial Killer.
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i watched a man speak once. he told of the stars, planets, and people- and how they all came to being. some people say a picture is worth a thousand words, but no one ever gives the worth of words that create images. he created images of blackness- of a non-existent identity.
he told me about the birth and made very clear that it was the only beginning that ever really existed. he said, "the creation of something is the start- and nothing happens before the start. there is no god to shoot a gun or shout, 'go'". there was no time- and time is really the only living thing to this very day.

my head collapses inwards- my eyes explode with small white lights and swirling colors.

i have seen people wearing beige sweaters and carrying meaningless charts, and they always seem to win at life. i see you become one of these people- your dreams are rotten, and your hope is only there as a survival tactic. i used to think that i knew you, and you told me what you thought right.

you spoke about life as if you knew something- even though you are just a privileged girl that always gets that which she asks for. you know not of feelings- only of notions; of ideas. you have shriveled even further and yet you do not feel the pain of understanding.

you are sitting on the pavement and your shoes are by your side. you act as if you are carefree, when really you are afraid of losing. you know not that the scared always win in this twisted world- that the weak always triumph because they are given unnecessary aid. you sit there clutching onto your worn out sneakers that hold so many memories; so many adventures, and all you see is a ticking clock, moving closer and closer to the unwanted destination.

i nearly reached out and held you once- i nearly put my arm around your shoulder and held you to my chest telling you, "it will be all right," but i never had half the heart to lie to you, and i know you are a hopelessly old stain on an otherwise pure white sheet.

i have always been afraid of dying- afraid of missing things. it seems to me that you are afraid of living. you do not pray to a god because prayer is always sincere, and you have never been sincere in anything but pity.

i have looked into your eyes and seen shame and guilt, because the good intentions never got off land. you will remain grounded forever, i hope, because maybe after several lifetimes you will learn to appreciate that which not everyone has- time.

the galaxies are contained in my irises- and with them the absence of god.
she never really knew that i saw her weakness- that she didn't need to tell me. what she didn't know is that i chose to overlook those weaknesses, because one can only pity so many people.

preview image by oO-Rein-Oo
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each toll of the bell signified another hour gone, wasted

away, dashed from the pages of life—lost within its heady

sands b l o w i n g through the desert winds dampened only by

falling tears—splashes of salted water, nourishment for parched

throats stagnant with the aching illness of pain; overwhelming

sensory glands with acute thuds [pulsing throbs] against flaking

skin, cracking under the scorching sun—beaming rays catching

foolhardy thoughts established in heat-induced mania, time

slowly passing by while trudging steps searched for the way out of

the forest—refusing to admit the only way out was the same thing

that made tears fall, ever closer to the ground…until…eyes close,

fluttering shut with tired strokes—tears leaking for one last time;

desert sands, inescapable heat taking the life of yet another whose

bells have finally stopped tolling; another whose tears fall no more.
Inspired by and Written to: Frank Ocean's "There Will Be Tears".

Feedback is appreciated, guideline questions:

:bulletpurple: Does the poem stay on topic? (It seemed to as I wrote it but I knew what train of that I was following, the reader normally catches something completely different.)

:bulletpurple: Is the imagery too vague, what about too strong?

:bulletpurple: What did you manage to glean from the poem? What do you think is happening?

:bulletpurple: Is the length of the poem too long or short? the lines?

:bulletpurple: What do you think of the song? :D

Thank you for reading!

EDIT: Submitted to #Daily-Lit-Deviations's Write and Revise contest.
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