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Mando'a Lesson 4

Body Parts
Body                                   Baar
Jaws/Teeth                         Edee
Head                                   Kovid
Eye                                     Sur'haai
Nose                                    Kles
Mouth                                  Uram
Face                                    Troan
Hair                                     Gemas
Hand                                   Gaan
Skull                                    Kry'bes
Foot                                    Taab
Arm                                      Irud
Wrist                                   Gadi
Butt                                     Shebs
Testicles                              Gett'se
Chest                                   Haalas
Belly/Womb                          Yai
Neck                                     Videk
Skin                                      Pel'gam
Scab                                     Haastal
Bone                                     Taakur
Stomach                                Epan
Fist                                       Marev
Center Mass                         Peti'baar
Tongue                                 Latat
Blood                                    Tal
Brain                                     Mirshe

To Beat                                    Borkar
To Break                                 Shukur
To Burn                                   Hettir
To Choke                                 Ekur
To Die                                      Ash'amur (violently) / Ramaanar (generally)
To Headbutt                            Kov'nynir
To Hit                                       Nynir
To Injure                                 Shupuur
To Kick                                     Tettar
To Endure (to "take it")           Atiniir
To fall/collapse                         Trattok'or
To Cut/slice                              Hokaanir

Fatal                                        Kyramla
Numb                                       Jaal
White (ashen faced)                Jiriad
Wounded                                 Kadala
Injured                                    Shupur'yc
Bloody                                      Talyc

Suck it up! (it's only pain!        K'atini!
Injury                                       Shupur
Pain                                          Aaray
Enemy                                       Aru'e
And                                          Bal
By                                              De
In                                                O'r

Where's the medic?  I am injured, my arm is numb and my hand is broken.  My brother is wounded.  He is white and his chest is bloody.  He was hit by the enemy, and is in pain.

Vaii [cuy] baar'ur?  Ni [cuy] shupur'yc, ner irud [cuy] jaal bal ner gaan [cuy] shukur'yc.  Ner vod [cuy] kadala.  Kaysh [cuy] jiriad bal kaysh haalas [cuy] taylc.  Kaysh ru nynir de te aru'e, bal [cuy] o'r aaray.

Vaii baar'ur?  Ni shupur'yc, ner irud jaal bal ner gaan shukur'yc.  Ner vod kadala.  Kaysh jiriad bal kaysh haalas taylc.  Kaysh ru nynir de te aru'e, bal o'r aaray.

Note:  according to Karen Traviss grammar notes, the verb Cuyir is often dropped, and is indicated by word order.  I've left it in the first time to get the idea of how the sentence is made (mostly for me – I'm slow) and taken it out in the second, to show how it would actually be said/written in real Mando'a.
Standard Disclaimers apply:

*Mandoía is created by Karen Traviss for Star Wars
*This is all the property of LucasArts
*All this information (and more) can be found at KTís webpage (and obviously at many SW ones) Ė I am just trying to teach myself this language the way it would be taught in a classroom (just sitting and reading the dictionary does me no good)
*Mandoía is an uncompleted language, and therefore these lessons will not be perfect
*At this time I am not adding the phonetics of the words to the lessons Ė I just donít have the time right now Ė maybe I can add those later
*Also I wonít be doing anything with the actual Mandoía alphabet for awhile (just throwing that out there) but I expect I will try to pop it in a bit as future lessons progress

This lesson is a little shorter than the others - sorry, things have been difficult lately. ^_^
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Mando'a Lesson 14

This lesson is going to focus on adjectives and adverbs, because I've only been tossing in descriptive words occasionally throughout these lessons.  (And it was harder to create that I realized it would be.  Forget learning new languages, I may have to go back to school to relearn my English!)

Like the lesson on verbs, the lesson will be in regular text, round brackets will surround notes from me, and square brackets will be around direct "lesson quotes" from Karen Traviss' Grammar Guide.  (Which can be found on her webpage, and I highly recommend downloading it for personal use.)

(Working from a list of common English adjectives and adverbs, I have compiled these lists – I will have obviously missed words in the dictionary, please just bear with me.)

[Adjectives and adverbs are formed by the addition of the suffix -la or -yc, depending on which makes pronunciation easier. There is only one form of the adjective. – KT]

Creating adjectives from other words is up to the user here, since we can add –la or –yc, whatever we like the sound of.  A lot of the time I used –yc because that was the one I saw the most in the dictionary.  (I.e. Blood – Tal, Bloody – Talyc.  Mud – Slaat, Muddy – Slaat'yc)  I found that there was not a lot of direction for adjectives that are created with endings like –less, or –ful.  I wasn't sure if there would be a certain ending to make the change to the word known.  (I.e. Help – helpless or help – helpful.  Being able to use either ending might not work to make the word meaning clear, and there were very few words to use in the dictionary.   I don't know if the meaning would just be implied in the conversation, but in some situations, I don't think it would work.)  So in short, a lot of these are up to personal interpretation.  So this is what I think, everyone else may look at these words and decide to use other endings and such, and since there is no official documentation, that means we are all correct.  ^_^


Aggressive – verd'yc
Attractive – copyc
Beautiful – Mesh'la
blue-eyed – kebiin sur'haai'yc
bloody  - talyc
bright - dral
clean  - cinyc
clear  - utrel'a
colorful –salyc
cute - copikla
dark - dha
Long- haired – Munit  gemas'yc     
misty  - vhipir'la
motionless  - nushaad'la
muddy  - slaat'yc
plain  - hayc
Stealthy - werdla
stormy  - buurenaar'la
Ugly – Jari'eyc                
Ugliest – jari'ene
unusual – haamyc

Alive – Oyayc                
Bad – Dush                
Better – Jate'shya
Beautiful – mesh'la
brainy  - mirshe'la
breakable  - shukur'yc
careful - ulyc
Clever – Mirda'la
Dead – Kryayc
Delicate – Laandur
difficult  - umaan
easy  - pakod
Evil – Ori'dush
Good – Jate         
important  - jaon'yc
Open – Tenn                   
Pale – Racin                    
real - veman
sleepy – nuhoy'la
Strong – Kotyc               
Stupid – Jare'la

Feelings (Bad)
Angry – Kaden                
bad  - dush
black - netra
blue - kebiin
bored  - mirshepar'la
dangerous  - burk'yc
defeated  - rohakyc
evil  - ori'dush
foolish  - utreekovyc
grieving - echoyliryc
lazy - sharal
Sad – Trikar'la
tired  - haryc

Feelings (Good)
Brave – Kotep
Calm – Udesla
charming  - copikla
comfortable – yaim'la
courageous  - mirshkola
determined  - nasreyc
friendly  - burc'yala
funny – nuh'la
glorious - koteyc
Good – Jate         
Happy – Briikase            
healthy - jahaalyc
lively  - oyacyir'la
lucky – jate'karayc
successful  - bralov'la
victorious – parjaila

flat  - kajil
High – Laamyc               
Long – Munit         
Low – Diryc  
square  - cunak
Thin – Shiib

Big – Ori              
Fat – Ast'ehut           
Short – Skotah            
Small – Kih                 
Tall – Muninar
Tiny – Orikih

Hushed -  k'uuryc  
silent  - shev'la
soft  - pel
thundering  - oraryc

Early - vaar
Fast – iviin'yc
Late – du'caryc
Long - munit
Old – Ruug'la                 
Short - skotah
New/Young – Evaar'la

Delicious - jatisyc
Rotten - kyorla
Salty - paakla
Spicy – Janad / hetikleyc
Strong - kotyc
Tasty - isiriryc
Hard – Muun         
Hot - nadala
rainy - pitatyc
rough - chaavla
Sharp – Kad'la        
slimy - utyc
Soft – Pel               
weak -laanduryc
wet - piryc
wooden – shaap'yc
burning - hettyc
cold  - ciryc
Coarse – Tiin'la        
dirty  - etyc
dry - haast
hot - nadala
wet  - piryc

Empty – ut'reeyah
Few – kisol
Many – ori'sol
Too many – naysol
Equal – sosol

[Comparatives tend to be constructed from adjectives with -shy'a and superlatives tend to be constructed from adjectives with -ne. – KT]

A comparative adjective is used when (obviously) using a word to compare different things, equally or otherwise. (Good – Jate, Better – Jate'shya, {Best – Jate'ne = superlative – see statement below})

A superlative adjective is used to describe something to the utmost degree, so the adjective gets the ending –ne, instead of –yc or –la. (I.e. ugly – jari'eyc: ugliest – jari'ene)

(Now, an adverb to me is a word that ends in –ly, but there are not many of those in the dictionary.  So here is a small list that again, comes from a list of common English adverbs, so I'm sure I have missed more of them in the dictionary.)

Again – tug'yc
Certainly – troch
Further- chaashya
Equally – sosolyc
Indeed – bal'ban
Next – jii
So – bid
Still - su
Here's a lesson focusing (as best I can) on Adjectives and Adverbs.

Mando'a was created by Karen Traviss (there is a fantastic dictionary and grammar guide on her webpage that I use to make these, go download them if you don't already have them!) for Star Wars, which is property of LucasArts.

I make these lessons because I can't teach myself a language just by reading a dictionary. I try to style them in a way that (theoretically) could be taught in a classroom. At this time, I haven't been focusing on pronunciation or the actual Mando'a alphabet.

These lessons aren't perfect. I had a lot of confusion making this one. Please bear with me. Since Mando'a is incomplete as a language some of the rules are very fluid - a lot is done with personal interpretation, and I'm sure the way I would say/do something might not work for others.
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Mando'a Lesson 13 "Opposites"

Up – Laam                     Down – Daab
East – Abesh                  West – Wasuur
North – Gaht                   South – Ka'gaht
Right – Staabi                 Left – Payt

Happy – Briikase            Sad – Trikar'la
Angry – Kaden               Calm – Udesla
Fear – Chaab                  Brave – Kotep
Like – Emuurir               Dislike – Paguur
Love – Kar'taylir darasuum             Hate – Or'parguur

Rain – Pitat          Snow – Cin'ciri            Flame – Tracinya
Water – Pirun                 Fire – Tracyn                
Wind – Woor                 Rock - Ruus
Earth – Vheh                  Air – Abiik
Dry – Haast                    Wet – Piryc
Clean – Cinyc       Dirty – Etyc                Slimy - Utyc
Clear – Utrel'a              Muddy – Slaatyc
Hot – Nadala                   Cold – Ciryc
Sand – Vhekad                Mud – Slaat

Fat – Ast'ehut                 Thin – Shiib
Good – Jate          Bad – Dush                Evil – Ori'dush
Alive – Oyayc                Dead – Kryayc
Big – Ori              Small – Kih                 Tiny – Orikih
Strong – Kotyc               Delicate – Laandur
Hard – Muun         Soft – Pel               Sharp – Kad'la        Coarse – Tiin'la       
Difficult – Urakto           Easy – Pakod
Male – Jagyc                   Female – Dalyc
Close – Gebi                  Away – Be'chaaj
Caged – Mirci                Free - Mav
Empty – Ut'reeyah          Full – Yaihi'l
Here – Olar                      Gone – Dar
Last – Kyr'yc                  First – Sol'yc
Long – Munit         Short – Skotah            Tall – Muninar
High – Laamyc               Low – Diryc
Many – Birov/Ori'sol     Few – Kisol        None – Naasad               
Near – Pirebu                 Far – Chaaj'yc
Old – Ruug'la                 New/Young – Evaar'la
Ugly – Jari'eyc                Beautiful – Mesh'la
Stupid – Jare'la               Clever – Mirda'la
Pale – Racin                    Health - Jahaal
Open – Tenn                   Shut – Johaa (Not sure about this one)

Win – Parjir                    Lose – Nibrar (Not sure about this one)
Eat – Epar                       Drink – Pirur
Give – Dinuir                  Take – Hiibir
Follow – Shekimir           Lead – Alorir
Listen – Sushir                Talk – Jor'haair
Hide – Haaranovor          Find – Mar'eyir
Remember – Partaylir       Forget – Digur
Stand – Motir                  Sit – Sheber
Return – Yaimpar            Leave – Ba'slanar

Morning – Vaar'tur        Evening – Ge'catra
Friend – Burc'ya           Enemy – Aru'e
Defense – Aranov           Attack – Jurkad
Truth – Haat                   Lie – Jehaat
Future – Vencuyot           Past – Ruyot
Joke – Nuhun                  Curse – Oritsit (Not sure about this one)
Peace – Naak                   War – Akaan
Mine – Ner                      Yours – Gar
Here – Olar                      There – Ogir

Sorry about the words that I am not sure about.  I turned them from verbs to nouns (or nouns to verbs in one case) to make them, so I can't say that they are actually correct, as they come from me, and not from the dictionary as is.  Cross fingers I've got the right idea.
Here we go! A little longer lesson this time, focusing on opposites. Creating this, it occured to me that I should make the next one about the adjectives, so we can all describe things. ^_^

And, standard disclaimer -

Mando'a was created by Karen Traviss, and is property of LucasArts. I create these lessons from the dictionary and grammar guide that can be found on her webpage: they are fantastic - go download them.

I make these for people like me who can't learn a language just from reading a dictionary. I try to make them like you would be taught a language in a classroom. (I don't always succeed, but the thought is there. ^_^) Sorry no prounciation guide. Sorry things don't always have explanations or more guiding info. If you've read more than one of these, you should have guessed by now that I wing it more than I plan it. ^_^
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A little emotional story I came up with after watching these 3 seconds from the Mann vs Machine update video. Took me about an hour to get everything written and organized, so I apologize for the low quality.

Want to share this on Tumblr? I have it already posted here!
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each toll of the bell signified another hour gone, wasted

away, dashed from the pages of life—lost within its heady

sands b l o w i n g through the desert winds dampened only by

falling tears—splashes of salted water, nourishment for parched

throats stagnant with the aching illness of pain; overwhelming

sensory glands with acute thuds [pulsing throbs] against flaking

skin, cracking under the scorching sun—beaming rays catching

foolhardy thoughts established in heat-induced mania, time

slowly passing by while trudging steps searched for the way out of

the forest—refusing to admit the only way out was the same thing

that made tears fall, ever closer to the ground…until…eyes close,

fluttering shut with tired strokes—tears leaking for one last time;

desert sands, inescapable heat taking the life of yet another whose

bells have finally stopped tolling; another whose tears fall no more.
Inspired by and Written to: Frank Ocean's "There Will Be Tears".

Feedback is appreciated, guideline questions:

:bulletpurple: Does the poem stay on topic? (It seemed to as I wrote it but I knew what train of that I was following, the reader normally catches something completely different.)

:bulletpurple: Is the imagery too vague, what about too strong?

:bulletpurple: What did you manage to glean from the poem? What do you think is happening?

:bulletpurple: Is the length of the poem too long or short? the lines?

:bulletpurple: What do you think of the song? :D

Thank you for reading!

EDIT: Submitted to #Daily-Lit-Deviations's Write and Revise contest.
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Mando'a Lesson 15


Olarom!  Ner gai Linzero.  Jate'urcyce gar.  Ni dala.  Ni Tay'haai.  Ni borari ti solegote, bal ni ori Ka'ra Akaane</u> cuar'tomade.  

Ni gana t'ad vode bal nu'ni kartayli.  Ni gana munit daryc gemas bal daryc sur'haiie.  Ni skotah bal nuh'la.

Ner beskar'gam sale racin ge'tal bal ne'tra.  Ni juri solus beskad bal solus tracy'uur.  Ner yaim pirebu suumpir bal bic ciryc vaii ni oyacyi.  Ni emmuri nuhoyir, epar agol, bal piru gal.


Welcome!  My name is Linzero.  It's good to meet you.  I am a woman.  I am a Librarian.  I work with computers and I am a big Star Wars Fan.

I have two siblings and I am not married.  I have long brown hair and brown eyes.  I am short and funny.

My armour colours are pale red and black.  I carry one saber and one blaster.  My home is near a lake and it is cold where I live.  I like to sleep, eat spare ribs and drink alcohol.
I couldnít think of a good topic for this lesson, so I have taken the knowledge from the other 14 lessons, and have written up a little Mando monologue. And I want to issue a challenge/offer to all those who read these: write one of your own and post it here! Feel free to adjust mine (thatís why Iíve underlined key words, just change those to suit your needs and youíre golden!) or if you can take the time, write up what ever you want. And it doesnít need to be about you specifically. It can be about the Mandalorian you want to be, or a Mandalorian character you made up.

I also wanted to issue a little notice here, in case you missed the journal entry. This is going to be the last lesson for a while. I want to thank everyone who favourites them, and gives me so much encouragement, Iíve appreciated it and youíve all kept me going this long. But I have run out of ideas for what to focus the lessons on. (With maybe the exception of pronunciation, but Iíll be honest, pronunciation is so hard for me to express phonetically. I rely a lot more on listening to people speaking [or singing] to learn how to say things.)

(And I want to get back into drawing. Making these lessons take up a lot of the precious little free time I have, and that leaves no more time for drawing. And I freakiní miss it!)

So thank you all for visiting these. Hopefully in the future I will be able to bang out the odd lesson as I think of new topics that the (sadly limited) dictionary can focus on, but until then I hope my drawings will also provide some amusement. ^_^

Oh, and the regular disclaimers:

Mandoía was created by Karen Traviss, and is property of LucasArts. Iíve taken all this information from Karen Travissís webpage(she has a great dictionary and grammar guide to use). I have tried to put the information in lessons that could be (theoretically) taught in a classroom, because I canít teach myself a language just by reading a dictionary and I thought if there were more people like me out there, they would find these useful.
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Chapter 1: Blood is Beauty

Release One: Pages 1 - 3

THE COLD AIR in Baron Rorke's study did little to calm his nerves. He was expecting visitors this night and they were not the best of company. A shiver of dread ran down his spine and he spent most of the twilight hours staring out of a large window which stood behind his writing desk. It was amazing, he felt, how quickly a man could become attached to a life of luxury; only to be made painfully aware of how easy it was to lose it. War was always a frightening thing, even more so when one had the knowledge and sense to realise that it was no longer an exercise of glory, but a simple festival of bloodshed and cold murder. In war it did not matter if you impaled a stranger on the edge of your sword, such a thing would be punishable in any city or country, but in times of war it became an accepted norm. If the man in front of you wore a different colour, then it was alright to kill him, it was alright to rip him apart for he was an enemy. That was the twisted reality of combat and looking back on his memories of the field; the Baron wondered how he had ever considered such a thing to be glorious. Instead, he found himself almost repulsed by the thought of spilling another man's blood. It is difficult to understand the frenzy that grips a man. War is a mere keyword for destruction, it is a word of power that transforms a rational man into one without morals; who still believes himself to be just. The Baron sighed; it would do him no good to think about such things. Instead, he had to focus on the present. No longer was he the confident, barrel-chested youth with the strength of an Ox, but no less were his responsibilities even in his old age. Somehow, though he could no longer lead or inspire his armies, he would have to protect the peace that he had obtained and doing so would require a sacrifice. A sacrifice, he repeated to himself. The balding, grey-haired man that was reflected in the window seemed to smile. I will pay any price, he thought to himself, if I may enjoy these days of peace and stability. Marina will be getting married next spring, the lucky boy is a rich merchant so she'll have little to worry about. Marco on the other hand will be heading off to the Royal Knights academy in autumn and it will be four years before he graduates. Until then, I must keep things the way they are, I must keep things from changing, at least until they can all stand on their own. The Baron smiled wryly as he saw the irony in his current situation. He had participated in the War of Unification as naught but a commoner, with nothing to lose and everything to gain. Now he was a noble lord who had all he desired, but stood to lose it all. Fate can be both humourous and cruel, he chuckled to himself, in the end it seems as though my life has come full circle. Once I had nothing and now I desire nothing. All that is left to me is to maintain this existence, at least for awhile longer for the sake of my children who have no need to dirty their hands. Rorke shivered again, it was a cold night but he had been instructed not to make a fire. They would not come if he made a fire…

    Rorke was about to slip comfortably back into his own reverie, when the doors to his study burst open without warning. He was shocked at first, but the Baron quickly straightened his back and stood firmly. He had been informed that they would enter his home in such a manner and he had prepared himself to receive them. The air in the room seemed to stagnate immediately as though its movement were no longer permitted. A thick miasma of gloom and despair settled over the entire area and Rorke's mind grew troubled. Nerves, worries, fears of his childhood, all of it began to scurry forth like spiders from the dark recesses of his mind and the very act of swallowing his own saliva became difficult, as though something hard and lumpy had been caught in his throat. A cloaked figure appeared in the previously empty doorway, it was a slender and graceful individual that seemed to glide into the study. It was accompanied by a giant, armed from head to toe, that stood just two steps behind it, his presence making the entire room seem small and cramped. The first of the two figures, the normal sized one, pushed back the hood of its cloak and instantly the atmosphere of gloom vanished. Rorke found himself staring now, at one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen in his entire life. Her skin was flawless, unblemished and perfect; lips as red as the finest of roses. Her eyes sparkled like green pools of mystery and power and her long dark hair appeared to be as soft as silk. Her entire body seemed to carry the promise of forbidden pleasure and though the cloak hid it from sight, Rorke was painfully aware of the temptation that lay beneath the thin veil of cloth. This lady, is an enchantress! he thought to himself, trying desperately to fight against her charms. She is definitely a wielder of the arcane arts

    "I am as you believe me to be," the figure responded, seemingly reading his thoughts. Her voice was rich and melodious and it seemed to soothe Rorke's heart and mind, his suspicions of her falling away immediately.

    "I-I greet you," said Rorke, feeling slightly breathless. He thought that he should probably offer them a handshake and show them due courtesy, but his legs simply refused to obey him. "Forgive me for my lack of manners; I seem to be unable to approach you."

    "That is fine," said the lady, her lips curving into a confident smile, "A worm has no right to touch me in the first place. Arghast is the only one permitted contact, aren't you?" The lady turned to smile at her companion, who remained silent with just the barest nod to acknowledge her statement.

    Rorke found himself unable to look directly at the lady without feeling a shameful amount of lust and so he averted his eyes away from her, settling upon the giant. This man was indeed a titan and he easily dwarfed his female companion by a large margin. He appeared to be about seven feet tall, perhaps slightly under, but his muscular physique combined with his heavy armaments to multiply his size and make him very intimidating. Rorke thought that he looked like a walking fortress and that nothing in the world would have an easy time in trying to topple him. Rorke shivered as the idea of facing someone like him in the field crossed his mind. It would be an utterly terrifying experience with the only options being retreat or death. It made him glad that he long since retired from the field. Still, a part of his soldier's instinct remained with him and before he knew it, Rorke was doing a mental identification of everything the giant was carrying. Amongst the various plates of armor, Rorke noted the following arms:  one pair of battle axes, with a vicious serrated edge on each one, strapped across his back for easy access; several throwing knives, holstered around his waist, all curved in an unnatural manner; one batch of throwing axes, heavy headed and hand-made, hanging freely from his belt and within quick reach of his right hand. Rorke couldn't particularly quite see it well, but the giant also appeared to be carrying a large shield-like object across his shoulders. Rorke thought that he might have a closer look at it, but his gaze was forcibly torn away and brought back to focus upon the lady.

    "A worm should not be averting his sight from one as beautiful as I am," said the lady, walking slowly toward the Baron, her hips swaying gently with each step. "Am I of no interesting to you?"

    The Baron's breathing quickened and he felt his heart beating faster, but this wasn't excitement, this was fear. "No m'am," he stammered, using a polite title despite the lady being obviously younger than him, "I meant no disrespect."

    "But of course you didn't," said the lady, reaching out with her right hand to stroke his cheek gently. "I did not permit it after all."

    The Baron's thoughts began to grow cloudy, the lady's touch was so soft and warm and her scent was heavenly, it made him hungry, hungry to be close to her.

    "Would you like to be my newest toy?" asked the lady.

    The Baron was about to answer with a loud 'yes', when he was thankfully brought back to his senses by a wicked curved knife that flashed in front of his face, embedding itself all the way down to the hilt upon his writing desk. The armoured giant approached him and retrieved the knife, the Baron blinking blearily at him. "My apologies," the giant rumbled, his voice sounding like a rock-slide, "my sister finds it difficult to avoid playing with those who are…inclined to temptation."

    "Ah, I see," replied the Baron, the fog slowly lifting from his mind. "That's dangerous," he muttered lamely, his brain not quite functioning.

    Arghast had just barely sheathed his weapon when he was violently knocked to the ground by his female companion. "Do not interrupt me!" she shrieked at him. Arghast seemed unfazed by her temper tantrum and got to his feet with a shrug, "you may now resume your explanation sister."

    The lady scowled at him and turned back to face the Baron, "I am Akara, the Pale Mistress of Death. This armoured giant, as I've said before, is my brother Arghast. We are the Seekers and we are willing to offer our services as long as you can pay the price."

    Rorke nodded and shook his head, trying to clear it in vain, "I-I do have what you seek here." He reached for the drawer on the left side of his writing desk, digging around in it for a glowing purple crystal. This had been a gift from a powerful mage during the war and Rorke had kept it with him as a sort of lucky charm. He was told that it contained powerful magic, but he was obviously unable to use it. "Will this be enough for you m'am?"

    "Ah, such a pretty bauble," smiled Akara, as she raised her right hand and waved at it, causing the crystal to leap into the air and soar into her waiting palm. "Oh yes, this will do very nicely. I haven't seen this one yet!"

    "Is it one of the memories we seek?" asked Arghast, folding his arms across his chest.

    Akara shook her head and pocketed the gem, "I have no way to tell for the moment brother, I will have to examine it with my magic. However, before we can play around with it, I do believe that we owe it to our dear Baron to fulfil his request. After all, he has already paid us a handsome price. Now tell me my dear Baron, what do you wish in exchange for this?"

    "An end," said Rorke as the fog that clouded his mind cleared away. "I desire an end to Baron Torval's life, for I know that he intends to attack my lands come spring. I-I cannot afford to lose what I have and though my army could hold him, I would prefer not to have unnecessary casualties on my end. If Baron Torval is killed however, his chiefs will begin to fight amongst themselves and my lands will be safe for a few years to come."

    Akara smiled, but it was an expression without warmth. It reflected only her cruelty and her desire to inflict pain, "as it has been requested, so too shall it be done." With a quick swirl of her cloak, a surge of dark magic filled the air and both she and the giant vanished, dissolving away into the taunting shadows. When it was done, Baron Rorke's hair was left standing on end and he felt as though his very soul had been violated. In the end, he wound up sitting in his study until dawn the next day, unable to move, think or sleep. All I needed was a sacrifice right? With this, everything will end and my children will be safe. No more will I need to get anything dirty, no more, no more…

-Chen Yuan Wen, 1st September 2012
If you enjoyed this lovely little fantasy and would like to see more original works like this, don't forget to click the fave button :3.

Author's Comments:
As promised ^^ Here is a story release. I'm actually re-writing mercenary, since my writing skills have upgraded a little bit and I am looking to practice more on setting the scene mood and using good imagery. I probably should submit to groups to get more feedback, but this took longer than expected and so nyeeeh >3< I'll do it with the next release xD

Enjoy everyone ^^ and don't forget to thumbs up for original literature (not that there's anything bad with fan fiction but let's try to give some credit to original ideas xD).

-Captain Chenbeard of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:
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(Two Songs of King Wulfharth)

   The Ash King

Far under the fiery mountain bold
To dungeons deep, and caverns old
We must away ere break of day
To seek the heart of our god

Dwarves of Resdayn made migthy spells,
Blade and hammer ringing like bells,
In places deep, where the dead sleep,
In the darkness of sixteen hells.

For peace with the Chimeri lords,
They gave two gleaming golden hoards,
They smithed with sound, and souls they bound
To wed lovers wielding twin swords.

But when the dwarves found a new faith,
They laughed in the Moon-and-Star's face.
With brass and songs in twisted tongues,
Built a golem and their own death.

Far under the fiery mountain bold
To dungeons deep, and caverns old
We must away ere break of day
To claim our long-regretted god.

Then came the Devil of Dagoth
He spoke and said "Hear news I brought,
That in the dark, glimmers a spark,
By Dwemer hands, soon to be caught."

The Nords asked what treason this was,
"Devils betrayed their kin in wars,
Since long ago, and it is so,"
Dagoth told of his sincere cause.

The Tongues they sung Shor back on earth,
In ashes flocked Ysmir Wulfharth.
The king of yore let out his roar,
And armies grew under his breath.

    Red Mountain

Far under the fiery mountain bold
To dungeons deep, and caverns old
We must away ere break of day
To shed hot blood for our god.

Children rose axes and hammers,
Then more came under the banners.
Dagoth's stolen Dwarven brass men,
Devils, and beasts, and Orc fighters.

Ysmir saw his men frown and freeze,
Said "Don't you know what this war is?
Don't you see where you really are?
Don't you know who Shor really is?"

Men looked the warriors in the fray,
And there were some who straid away,
But some saw through, and really knew,
And they are the ones who did stay,

Far under the fiery mountain bold
To dungeons deep, and caverns old
We must away ere break of day
To fight and to meet our god.

The pikes were roaring on the height,
The winds were moaning in the night,
The fire was red, it flaming spread,
The torch-like summit blazed with light.

The heart three times rang like a bell
And men looked up with faces pale
Like dragon broke through cloaks of smoke,
When Keening sang to no avail.

The mountain smoked beneath the moons,
The dwarves, they heard the drum of doom,
And they died out within a doubt,
Beneath his spark, beneath the moons.

Far under the fiery mountain grim
To dungeons deep, and caverns dim
We must away ere break of day
To make the devils bleed for him!

Far under the fiery mountain bold
To dungeons deep, and caverns old...

So, while I was modding in the CK today, I listened to Misty Mountains Cold in loop, and as I heard it over and over again, I could not help but think of the Battle at Red Mountain. All this talk of Dwarves, mountain, bells, and the whole dismay of it... it was just too much. I was hearing it differently in my head, so I decided to write down another version of the lyrics, and to extend them a little to fit the songs of The Ash King and Red Mountain, from the Five Songs of King Wulfharth.

I'm quite proud of myself, I sang it a few times to see if it came out right, and I think it's not bad actually.
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are the kind of person that I
think that should be around more often.
Simply because you are the kind of person
that never says what you


Which at least keeps things interesting.
I like puzzeling out if you mean what you say,
or if you're saying what you mean
even when you are saying


at all. I feel as though we are still
so close that I could whisper my secrets to you
as we lay beneath the maddening sky, like we did before.
I remember the rushing of your breath as you clung near


my side. Secrets and whispers and silence.
All combined in a deafening (defining) roar.
Because though you say you're ever sorry,
The only one who's sorry is

oh well look at this! same format, same boy, same notsohiddenmessage.
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Mando'a Lesson 10

I want to center this post around verbs (conjugating and tenses and the like) because I haven't focused on them the way I should have with the other lessons.  Since I was learning myself, it was a lot easier to start with nouns, and learn to rattle those off first, instead of slowly building sentences and workable conversation.

The lesson will be in regular text, I will put round brackets around notes from me, and square brackets around direct "lesson quotes" from Karen Traviss' Grammar Guide.  (Which of course, can be found on her webpage, and I highly recommend reading it.)


Similar to most European languages, Mando'a verbs end in either ar, er, ir, or, or ur.  Removing the r from the verb produces the stem.

(This is something I think I was forgetting when I tried to conjugate my verbs in previous lessons.  Oh, how fun it is to teach oneself.  KT could probably make a fortune offering a class right now.)

[Sometimes an apostrophe separates the terminal vowel, to indicate the slight glottal stop of some Mandalorian accents. This apostrophe, known as a beten, or sigh-as in Mando'a-can also indicate breathing, pronunciation, or dropped letters. - KT]

Present Tense – Normal
So going back to the first verb from the first lesson Cuyir  - To Be  the stem is Cuyi, which is used with singular pronouns, such as I, You and He or She.

For a plural pronoun, such as We, Our, or They, we have to add an e on the end, turning the stem into Cuyie, since Mando'a plurals add an e.

I am                 Ni cuyi
You are            Gar cuyi
He/She is         Kaysh cuyi
We are            Mhi cuyie
They are          Val cuyie

(Sorry this was written wrong in Lesson 1.  I am learning this as I teach, which means I will cause snags like this now and again.)

[Cuyir is often is dropped from a sentence anyways, and indicated by word order. - KT]  
(It's one of several Mando'a words that just don't get used verbally too often, same as the word "the" or "it".  These are just indicated with verbal conversation.)

[To say "It's good", a Mandalorian will often just say jate (good) rather than bic jate - it (is) good - or the full form with the verb, bic cuyi jate. – KT]

Present Tense – Negative
The negative form of the verb (or noun, or even adjective) adds a prefix of n', nu, nu' or ne (according to KT the choice of these depends on the ease of pronunciation) before either the sentence or the word, depending on meaning.

I am not                  Nu ni cuyi
You are not             Nu gar cuyi
He/She is not          Ne kaysh cuyi
We are not          Ne mhi cuyie
They are not            Ne val cuyie

Extra prefixes – Present Tense
Adding the prefix ke or k' indicates a command.  With commands given formally, the verb is not conjugated, but in everday speech they should be.  [Ke jurir kad!  - Carry the saber!  Or Ke'nu jurir kad!  - Don't carry the saber! - KT]

While we are talking of adding prefixes here, just a reminder that adding "Tion" at the beginning of a sentence turns it into a question.   Tion ibac cuyi kad? – That is a saber?

Past Tense
To talk about the past the prefix "ru" or "r'" needs to be added before the verb. (Not ahead of the sentence like some of the others.)  Ru is the same prefix for singular and plural forms of the verb/pronouns.

I was                 Ni ru cuyi
You were           Gar ru cuyi
He/She was       Kaysh ru cuyi
We were            Mhi ru cuyie
They were          Val ru cuyie

Future Tense
To speak of the future, a prefix of "ven" is added before the verb.  (Same rules apply as speaking in past tense.)

I will be                 Ni ven cuyi
You will be             Gar ven cuyi
He/She will be       Kaysh ven cuyi
We will be             Mhi ven cuyie
They will be           Val ven cuyie

Verb List
Can – Liser
Accept – Vorer
Act/Do/Put – Narir
Add – Majycir
Adopt – Kir'manir
Aid – Ge'ver'alor
Allow – Duumir
Ambush – Jehavey'ir
Apologize – Eparavur takisit
Approach/Block/Stand in the way of – Ara'novor
Attack (besige) – Ram'or
Attack (threaten/mess with) – Jurkadir
Avenge – Gra'tuar
Be/Exist - Cuyir
Be right/accurate – Serimir
Be thankful – Gedeteyar
Be unaware/Not know – Nakar'mir
Beat – brokar
Believe – Urmankalar
Put the boot in – Cetar'narir
Breach/Pierce – Kadiilir
Break – Shukur
Breathe – Haalur
Burn – Hettir
Cage/Lock up/Capture – Mircir
Camouflage/Cover up – Hodasalar
Care (take notice of) – Ulur
Care (worry about) – Baatir
Carve/Sculpt – Demar
Center – Petir
Chew – Ba'yair
Choke – Ekur
Choose – Gaanader
Clean – Cinarin  (This looks like a mistake to me in the dictionary.  Maybe Cinarir?)
Clear – Utreyar
Come/Arrive – Olaror
Confirm – Jor'lekir
Converge – Tom'urcir
Count – Soletar
Cover – Hukaatir
Cower – Kakovidir
Cross/Intersect – Doslanir
Cry out/Shout – Orjorer
Curse/Swear/Bellow – Oritsir
Cut/Slice – Hokaanir
Dance – Redalur
Deal – Koor
Decieved/Fool – Hodar
Defeat – Rohakar
Defeat/Overpower – Kotir
Defend/Obstruct/Blockade – Aranar
Defilade – Briikarir
Deploy – Barycir
Designate – Gaigotalur
Destroy – Naastar
Detect – Ulur
Die (violently in battle) – Ash'amur
Die – Ramaanar
Dislike – Paguur
Disperse – Mashukir
Do – Vabiir
Drink – Pirur
Eat – Epar
Educate – Ba'jurir
Endure/Put up with/Take it – Atiniir
Estimate – Ge'soletar
Fail/Fall/Collapse – Trattok'or
Fear/Be afraid of – Chaabar
Feast/Devour – Eparavur
Feel – Aalar
Feint – Jenarar
Fence/Launder (of stolen goods) – Cinargaanar
Fight – Akaanir
Fill – Hailir
Find/Discover – Mar'eyir
Fire at will – Tra'cyar mav
Flee/Escape – Eyaytir
Flush out – Yacur
Follow – Shekemir
Forced to make a decision – Ukor b'ukor
Forge – Nau'ur kad
Forget – Digur
Give birth – Gotenir
Give – Dinuir
Go – Slanar
Grieve/Search/Mourn – Echoylir
Grow – Drashaar
Hate – Or'parguur
Headbutt (Keldabe Kiss) – kov'nynir
Hear – Susulur
Help – Gaa'taylir
Hide/Conceal – Haaranovor
Hire/Buy/Contract – Veborir
Hit/Strike – Nynir
Hold/Keep/Preserve – Taylir
Hunt/Chase – Oya'karir
Incapacitate/Knock out – Gekyrdir
Infiltrate – Keenir
Injure – Shupuur
Insert/Place/Put – Nartir
Insult – Takisir
Keep an eye on/Monitor – Sur'ulur
Kick – Tettar
Kidnap/Seize – Shereshir
Kill – Kyr'amur
Kiss – Murcyur
Kneel in submission – Cetar
Know/Hold in the heart – Kar'taylir
Land (ships or troops) – Rusur
Lay waste/Wreck – Jariler
Learn – Hibiar
Leave/Depart/Exit – Ba'slanar
Light up/Illuminate – Nau'ur
Like/Be fond of – Guuror
Like/Enjoy – Emuurir
Listen – Sushir
Live – Oyacyir
Love – Kar'taylir darasuum
Lower/Put down – Dirycir
Make their eyes water (slang for kill/injure/defeat) – Pirunir sur'haaise
Make/Create – Gotal'ur
Meet – Urcir
Mess around with someone – Jurkadir ti
Mess with – Shab'rudur
Mess around/Hassle – Jurkadir sha(l)
Move – Shaadalar
Must/Be obligated – Enteyor
Need – Linibar
Observe/Watch over – Ja'hailir
Patrol – Tabalhar
Plead/Beg – Gedetir
Point – Ceratir
Posses/Have – Ganar
Prepare/Get ready – Tsikador
Protect – Cabuor
Punch – Gaanynir
Punish – Gratiir
Push/Shove – Ukoror
Question/Interrogate – Tionir
Raise Children – Ba'jurir
Recklessly risk your life/Act suicidally – Jareor
Recognize – Buyacir
Relax/Take it easy/Calm down/Find respite – Udesiir
Remember – Partaylir
Remove/Take out – Te'habir…
Repeat – Tatugir
Rescue – Tegaanalir
Return – Yaimpar
Rot/Decay – Kyorar
Run – Viinir
Say – Sirbur
Scan – Orhaarir
Scorn/Hold in contempt – Duraanir
Scream/Shriek – Jair
Screw up – Shabiir
See – Haa'taylir
Sell – Din'waadar
Share/Give to each other – Me'dinuir
Shave – Pelkaanir
Shock/Stun – Mirshir
Show/Display – Tengaanar
Sigh – Betenor
Sing – Laararir
Sit – Sheber
Sleep – Nuhoyir
Smell – Klesir
Speak – Jorhaa'ir
Spill blood/Bleed – Tal'galar
Spill/Pour – Galar
Spit – Pehir
Spread – Gayiylir
Stab (Run through) – Bikadinir
Stab (Shiv) – Chekar
Stab (Skewer) – Kalikir
Stack – Binesor
Stagnate/Remain the same – Arasuumir
Stand – Motir
Steal/Rob – Chakur
Stink/Reek – Daworir
Storm – Buurenaar
Suck/Absorb/Draw up (liquid) – Sooranir
Survive – Cuyanir
Sustain/Keep alive/Preserve – Vencuyanir
Sweat – Onidir
Sweat blood – Tal'onidir
Take – Hiibir
Taste – Isirir
Tease/Make fun of – Chayaikir
Tell – Rejorhaa'ir
Tell lies/Lie/Deceive – Jahaatir
Think/Calculate – Mirdir
Throw – Goorar
Fish – Beviiragir
Get the upper hand/Succeed – Bralir
Touch – Tigaanur
Track/Trail – Striilir
Trap/Catch – Gaanaylir
Trounce/Teach someone a lesson/Kick butt – Muun'bajir
Try/Attempt – Kebbur
Use – Pirimmur
Wait – Parer
Walk – Kemir
Want – Copaanir
Waste/Squander – Go'naasir
Weep – Pir'ekulor
Welcome – Morutar
Win/Be victorious – Parjir
Wish/Hope – Vercopaanir
Work – Borarir
Sorry this one took so long! Real life was interferring heavily with my playtime, and actually sitting and thinking at the computer for anytime longer than checking email was not possible.

Standard disclaimers again! Mando'a was created by Karen Traviss and is property of LucasArts. She has created an awesome dictionary and grammar guide, both of which can be viewed on her webpage. I highly recommend downloading them both. I draw from both of them to create these lessons.

I take similar words to break things down into lessons that could possbily be taught in a classroom. Sadly, I cannot teach myself anything just be reading a dictionary, and I post these because I hope I am not the only person who needs that kind of structure.

Sorry there is no pronounciation guide. I probably won't be adding that for awhile. Same with the Mando'a Alphabet. (Though I have that set up on my computer too, and I have to tell you, it is pretty cool.)

I hope this lesson is worth the wait!
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