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Are you lonely? Are you a hopeless romantic? Do you like music? Are you a girl or just an extremely feminine guy? If you answered at least 3 of those questions, then this is for you!

Tired of those guys that "just want one thing"? Are you the obsessive type? Are you turned on by death? The Phantom of the Opera is here to Take You Away!

With any voice, any race and any language, the angles of music are here to suit YOUR needs!

If you are depressed, he will sing for you!

If someone pissed you off, he will "take care of them"!

If you need to get away from everyday problems, because you are a poor unfortunate soul that just can't take it because everyone loves you too much, he will TAKE YOU AWAY!

If you want to settle down, he has already taken the liberty of sneaking into your room at night to get your ring size, and has stolen the measures of your bodice from the dress maker! Your ring and dress are ready!

If you lost your father, he will BE YO DADDEH!

Get your angel of music, today! Try out for the heavenly choir, and if an angel is attracted to your voice, he will stalk you for all eternity!

Get one now, and you will be in a drawing to win an authentic Gaston Leroux Phantom!

If your name is Christine... Good Luck!

All it cost is your voice, your life, and all basic human contact!

{I kind of find it strange that I am a Soprano I in my choir class, I lost my father, and my name is Christine.... but that's just me...}

This is a Creative writing assignment I had where I had to turn something into a commercial, and this is what I picked!

For those of you who know me, my name is Christine, and I CAN'T STAND IT WHEN PEOPLE SING MY EFFING NAME!!! So I just made fun of myself! :XD:

If you don't know who Gaston Leroux is then... You've been living under a rock...

Now with the "BE YO DADDEH" part, if you got offended, don't. If you look back at my other poems, I lost my father almost two years ago, and this is how I cope!

Thank you for reading, and I hope your phantom liked it!

**Original Phantom of of Opera belongs to - Gaston Leroux

Stupid idea belongs to - me!**
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Well. Here I am again. Sitting alone at lunchtime. Glaring at all the happy kids around me, sitting their groups. Surrounded by their friends.

Heh. Screw that.

I like my privacy. And to be honest, people suck. Totally. Who really wants to be surrounded by those idiots? No way. Give me a good book any day. At least they don't talk back and annoy me. I mean, c'mon. If I wanted to talk to people, I would. Just because you happen to be near me, doesn't mean you have to open your trap and make friends.


I don't know why I even bother. It's not like you'll even take any notes from this. You'll ignore it like always. Everyone always does. But, whatever. It's not like I need your approval .

Really, I just can't wait to get away from this mob of brain-dead idiots. Back to my safe haven. Nestled among the musty pages of a good book. The Library: home of all the places in the world, and distant from the... well.. tools.

Seriously. The things you find in books.. Hell, they're better than this mundane, useless existence.

Which brings me to the meaning of life. I mean, who doesn't know the meaning of life? Who actually still wonders about it? It's simple, really. The meaning of life? Death. Without death, what would we do? We wouldn't live. We'd just exist. Which is pretty much all we do anyway. Well. Most of us. So, there. If you actually paid attention, you might have learned something.

Buuuuuut... I doubt it.
Sample rant for Josh. Written for :iconthesirknite:
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