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Well...its been a year since reach....since i lost many friends and family,since i lost the love of my live,and...since i nearly lost my entire squad.But,i made a soul promise,i'd protect them with my life. I've had to many losses,but that ends this day.Heh listen to me rant i forgot to introduce myself, my name is Jack Christopher noeland.I'm and ODST (orbital drop sock trooper)i was a army soldier on reach....but thats past me now,i cant tell you the horrible memories i saw on that planet.Well anyways let me give you the rundown.Im a commander,and im with a unsc division thats always been known as the best of the best 1st disivion wolf pack.In second in command,and my right hand man,is my childhood friend,Dibs dubbo.He's austrailian,mean,and ready to kill the covenant,just the soldier i need for the second in command.He carries a pretty mean shotgun,its from  when we where on reach,the special thing about it,is that it as tree barrels on it.He regrets what happened to us on reach,he wont let that happen again,not even if the entire damn covenant fleet stands in his way.Then we have seth matthews another childhood friend.Seth is the sniper of the squad,never leaves the pack without that rifle.He is on a soul search for his fiance monica,a researcher trying to find a cure for some virus.Hes hellbent on makeing sure he gets her back,not the covenat,or the innsurection will stop that.Then we have Dex,my little buddy,hes basically the pointman,equiped with a m237 light  machine-gun.Get him in range of the covies and he'll blow the covies away in a heartbeat.Hes also very trigger happy and has a hyper personality.Next up is blake,hes african american,likes heavy weapons,and is mainly known as" big brotha" as the marines call him.He uses the Spunker alot(the rpg) and the machine gun turrent detachable.His personality is happy,and caring,this guy is a true member of wolf pack,he never leaves a man behind.Then theres rickey,hes....well kinda the smart elect of the squad,he uses the assault rifle and the smg,he and dex dont useally get along either.This is my team,and i want to make sure that they dont end up like what happened on reach.Ill throw down my life if i have to to ensure that.Well thats all i can write for today,it seems we got inssurectionist activity,time to get the wolfs prepped for the hunt.

Jack Christoper noeland out.
here it is finally.the proluge to ODST Brotherhood my odst story.The proluge is based of jacks point of view.the rest of the sory will be in thrid person.and yes for now they are fighting against rebels.

leave a comment if you want.
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The feminine figure laid on her bed, examining the white walls of her quarters,seeing all the pictures that crest had drew for her.On these pictures where figures,two with black banged hair, one with white hair with silver streaks,and one with a red goatee,short hair,and a sinister hell-hound smile,like that of a hungry wolf stalking its prey,getting ready for the kill.

She turned on her back and looked at the white ceiling,sighing.She began to close her eyes as everything around her went silent and dark.

She awoke in a forest that seemed endless.The trees where all dead,gray,lowering down sometimes.She picked herself up and began to walk trying to find anyone in this dead forest.Suddenly a figure was seen,a small girl.She came close to her and reached out for her.

It was no female,it was a silhouette of a young girl.She wore a white dress,and held a stuffed bear.She began running.

The female however looked at her hand,and saw a JERICHO MK IV claw.She saw it, she was in the Shinagami armor,her name written on her shoulder pad,was named"Sayia".

Sayia hesitated and began to follow the girl. A few whispers began to say and repeat various things and phrases,many included" Death will come for you" "You cannot escape the wolfs hunt" You cannot escape us." "You killed us Sayia, for the true evil."

Sayia shook her head and ran, she saw the girl and reached out for her.Her red eyes glowed going to her,then suddenly the girls shadow disappeared and revealed itself, it was Sayia when she was younger.

Sayia backed up,shadows consumed her, she struggled to find light and turned seeing a red glare.Standing there...was a figure...with red mist glowing around him he wore black clothing,his black hair had red mist traveling through the figures hair.His eyes glowed red revealing them has he looked up.

Sayia was a bit entranced by this then noticed his hands, where glowing red claws dripping with red plasma. She turned and saw a door and ran to it, but the figure was behind her walking slowly.Sayia tried to open the door,then it opened.

She ran out,looking back a few times in the old hallway the figure kept getting closer and closer,She finally smiled once she saw her friend,the ONI shadow lowering his hand smiling at her,his eyes hidden in darkness.The sound of a pelican roared through the hallway, light shined into the dark and sinister hallways.

Sayia reached up,and before she grabbed her friends hand,he pulled back,looking at her frowning.She frowned, tears rolled down her face.Suddenly she fell, free falling for at least a solid minute then landed in something red.

She got out of the blood of red substance and saw,blood,she stepped out,but a hand grabbed her, she noticed the wall was covered in bodies, bodies of people the shadow had told her to "eliminate for a better world".

Sayia looked around as they all groaned,wanting to rip her apart for killing them.sayia stood in the blood,and was suddenly blinded by a white glow.She ran to it thinking the shadow had returned to her, She hugged the figures clothing smiling thinking she was safe as the figure patted her head.She looked up,and suddenly frowned.

It was the figure,or as many ONI operatives call him"DEATH" the rage...of sorrow.

She tried to back away,then suddenly a hand went through her chest.It was DEATH,rage of sorrow.

Sayia looked up seeing its eyes, glowing red,words written in rage lettering wher ein hsi eyes, around his mouth where red stitches blood dripped down the edges of his mouth.His smile scared sayia,she saw his hand moved upward,then drove down into her eyes,blackness surrounded her.

Sayia woke up sweating she held her head in her hands and began to pant.She felt her heartbeat,it was accelerated. She sighed,same nightmare she had a few nights ago,it was a reoccurring nightmare.One she did not want to experience.

Sayia turned to the door hearing a few knocks.She waited for someone to say something.

"Sayia?"a young female voice said quietly.

"Its and the others have an objective to do today....".crest  quietly said looking down.

Sayia stood up getting off her bed,and walked to the door.She opened it as crest looked up,greeting her with a smile."Hi,sleep well?"Crest said closing her eyes and standing with her arms behind her back giving off her heart warming smile.

Sayia looked down at her,she treated crest like a younger sister,she put her hand on top of crest's head.

"I slept well."Sayia said in her emotionless voice.Sayia hated lying to crest,but she didn't want her worrying about her.Sayia wanted crest to be happy,even if she has to lie in order to preserve that happiness.

"Good!"crest said bouncing up."I'm happy you got good sleep too".She said while smiling warmly to Sayia.

Sayia looked over and saw a young boy walking over,she saw he already had his cloth wrappings over his left eye,his hood was down.

"Hello sayia"He began."Hello crest"

Crest ran over and hugged the young man. Giggling in the process.

"Fear! your actually awake for once."Crest said while putting her finger on her chin." I wonder if that's meaning something."She commented then looked at him sternly.Have you been practicing black magic? hmm?"She said putting her hands to her side,and putting her face in front of his.

"N-no!"fear replied backing up."I just went to sleep early i swear!"

"Hmm..."crest said,making sure he wasn't lying."Okay! your telling the truth. good work fear! a good soldier has to be up and early!"Crest said making a triumphant pose pointing to the sky.

"Yeah....your telling me."Fear said looking to sayia."Also,Sayia mam.The shadow has requested us for a task.I wasn't told anything else,but to report to the briefing room."

"Crest had told me.Shall we go then?And where is Cerberus?"Sayia asked.

"Already there,and already armored and always...hes ready to kill."Fear said frowning.

Crest froze up at cerberus's name.She feared him greatly seeing the horrors he does to soldiers on the battlefield.Even their own.

"Uh...sorry crest,sayia lets go."Fear said nodding to the hallway.

Sayia nodded,then looked at crest.In return crest looked back up and smiled.She gave Sayia a small hug."Be careful...okay?"She said worryingly.

Sayia nodded,then turned and began to walk to the briefing center.
My new side story about the ONI shinagami's and what they are capable off.

Its a dark spin of my story Brotherhood.The shinagami's are called to the briefing room for one of the shadow's dark operations.What does it hold? what secrets will be broken? we will find out more in the next chapter.

(occ took a while for me to write. i hope you guys enjoy this.)
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The intent of this exercise is for the character to react to each situation in a manner unique to who they are, or at least to who you have created them to be.  Some of these situations are similar, I will admit, but they should prove different enough to help understand the thoughts and actions of characters in their dialogue from their perspective.

Some things to avoid:

Yelling "You B#####d!" any time a disadvantageous situation appears.
The plain-face "Well s##t" remark gets old very, very quickly, and says almost nothing about the character.
Use of "Tch" or "Heh" to represent a tough guy should be sparing, at best.  Watch Eastwood.  The man hardly says anything at all.
Monologues are almost always unnatural.  When was the last time you received a full lecture about how life works and how views are emotionally charged from someone who can't possibly have more of a hold on it all than you?  Never.  And yet, it happens in OC dialogue and in OCTs a lot.  Again though, it tells me nothing about the character, just a bushel-full about the artist.



You are asked to assassinate a local politician known for tax corruption

Sparky, your family dog, is lost in the Forest of Death

Your childhood friend sells you out to the guards in exchange for an audience with the mayor's daughter

You need the key to save your betrothed, but taking it releases a powerful demon on the populace

You are asked to set sail with strangers to foreign lands

The new kid at work keeps spilling drinks, and you know him

A stranger offers you a ride along the road

An elected official insults your way/views of life

A mysterious stone falls from space not far from where you live

Your country goes to war

You get out of hand at a party and get thrown out

Someone steals from you

You see the one who tried to kill your sibling

An attractive member of the opposite sex is flirting with you in public

A great and evil beast rises up before you

It's the big day and you don't have the right clothes

You know both sides of the argument, but can only pick one

A precious family heirloom has gone missing, and you are the prime suspect


Sól Vonamor

You are asked to assassinate a local politician known for tax corruption

No.  Your desired course of action will only cause more pain to God's servants.  I shall speak with the man to make matters right.

Sparky, your family dog, is lost in the Forest of Death

No being on God's earth should ever suffer the torment of that woods.  I shall return with our canine.

Your childhood friend sells you out to the guards in exchange for an audience with the mayor's daughter

This pain of custody is nothing that I cannot endure.  I have faith that this decision will bear a greater fruit than I currently see.

You need the key to save your betrothed, but taking it releases a powerful demon on the populace

God braces us with mortality to realize our brief purpose on this earth.  May this bond unite us chaste in the next life.

You are asked to set sail with strangers to foreign lands

I am not one to keep company with uncouth sailors.  Clean your raiments and your language and maybe I shall reconsider.

The new kid at work keeps spilling drinks, and you know him

Rest easy, my brother.  There is no need for nerves when God may still the bones.  Carry not the favor of these men, but of God.

A stranger offers you a ride along the road

I thank you, kind sir, but I must decline.  I endeavor someday to repay this kindness, nonetheless.

An elected official insults your way/views of life

You dare insult the sanctified hall of the Lord?  Sir, I restrain my hand, but only He knows if His will share in the restraint.

A mysterious stone falls from space not far from where you live

My word, I wonder as to its origin?  A solitary star cast from the heavens, no doubt.  Another angel in the ill-will of the Lord.

Your country goes to war

Bloodshed for mere territorial gains is a worthless venture.  The price in human life exceeds one million times what ought to be payed in marks.

You get out of hand at a party and get thrown out

This... this is simply unacceptable!  I demand to return to the epicenter of this house of revelry and sin!

Someone steals from you

The possessions of a crusader are the same as those around him.  He shares with the people as the people share with him.

You see the one who tried to kill your sibling

It is not my place to judge the extent of one's crime, but God's.  I am His tool, His messenger, to parley with you one last time before the final judgment.

An attractive member of the opposite sex is flirting with you in public

I... ma'am, it is simply unfitting for a crusader to embark in any form of love.  Without chastity, he is weakened to common sin.

A great and evil beast rises up before you

Know that you stand before a crusader of God and messenger of HIs will.  Servant of Satan, the righteous shall cast you back to the fires.

It's the big day and you don't have the right clothes

I have long yearned for the day of my acceptance to the Templar.  Though I never dreamed it to be this soon.  Without the proper raiment, I may come forth only in the cloth of God.

You know both sides of the argument, but can only pick one

Both are right, and none can truly be called wrong in earnest judgment.  I ask then that you pray to God for guidance, that He may decipher the outcome.

A precious family heirloom has gone missing, and you are the prime suspect

I assure you, commission of such an act defies the very statute upon which my order was founded.
The Purpose
This exercise/meme (for repeatability) was created as a way for me to test how my characters would react under certain circumstances to certain situations. It is my way of getting inside the heads of my characters to better understand why they do what they do and why they may make choices that seem to conflict with who they are without actually doing so. It's complicated. Thus, why I have created this.
The blank template takes up the top portion of this; if you wish to use it (feel free to, as the idea is hardly mine alone) and the bottom portion contains a few of my character tests.

Games Teach Character
This full idea was prompted by my play-through in "Skyrim". Basically, I want to create a character based off of Perrin Aybara, one of the lead protagonists in Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time" series. Working strictly in an RP sense, I had to ask myself, "What would Perrin do?" in each situation where I had to make a choice. A lot of the time, it wasn't what I would consider the best option either in my opinion or for game progression. However, I did not wish to break character and lose the point of my exercise.
While I have tried to do this before in "Fallout: New Vegas", "Dragon Age: Origins", and "Fable", but each feel flat in the pursuit of achievements or better ends in the game. This was no fault of the games. This was my failing, and I aim to rectify it before seriously shooting out into my own fiction writing. I must be one with the character I have created.

Thank you for reading through this mess (or more likely for skipping to the end) and I hope that you find this exercise helpful.

I guess you could technically class this as fiction...
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Sayia walked through the halls,feeling the eyes of the oni soldiers upon her.It didn't   phase,or spook her,in  fact her presence spooked them,did she care?No sayia was used to people being afraid of her. She knew she had nothing to be afraid of,just loosing her fellow shinagami's.She had finally entered the shinagami's gathering room,where the shinagamis sat in chairs as the shadow projected a hologram showing their briefing, intelligence,enemy faction weapons and vehicles,and their targets.Sayia sat in her chair which overlooked the round room she stared down them watching them chat and converse,besides yuki who spent most of her time humming her mothers song she wrote for her when she was a little girl.

Suddenly a silhouette appeared  in the middle of them all, smoking a cigarette,it was their leader,the infamous ONI shadow.The leader of ONI

"Good evening shinagamis."he softly spoke,like a gentleman.

"Good evening shadow sir."they quietly replied.

"hump...whatever tell us what the fuck we gotta do,i skipped lunch im starving!"cerberus said leaning against his chair and spitting on the ground.

"All in time cerberus,all in time."the shadow replied calmly he walked around the room looking at each one."I'm sure all of you know,the freelancers are no more the force they where.Nothing more than fugitives on the run,No where to run,no where to seek refuge,and no where to hide."He said having a bit of happiness in his voice for once.

"Yes shadow we've known this for a while know, shades division is currwently hunting down the lone survivor."Sayia said calmly.

"Survivor?"the shadow asked while turning back then walking to sayia."I think not."

All the shinagamis where suprized,the freelancer where all killed at their base stationed on a world in reach's system.Shades forces had hunted them all down and eliminated them.

"Bullshit! that is total bullshit and you know it!"Cerberus angrily replied growling even.

"Down cerberus..."the shadow said very sternly starring at him causing him to back down and growl lowly.

"Now thats out of the way i shall continue."the shadow said walking to the map and touching holograms and moving them to the middle of the circular room.Showing a world, Genesis.A world beyond the sol system.A insurrectionist planet.

"Genisis."yuki said rising up."Why are the dogs attacking their? why are they hiding there? was anyone hurt?"yuki asked in worry.

"Yuki calm yourself everything is fine,the rebels are hiding them there giving them a home while they rest and heal.No one was hurt."the shadow replied taking a puff of the cigarette.

Yuki sat down and  relaxed herself taking control of her fast breaths."yes shadow i will follow your orders."

The shadow knew what was on Genesis that belonged to yuki,he knew the insurrectionist where keeping it under their command.Hence why he wanted to go there and get it back.

"The freelance dogs are hiding in Toksik, the capitol city of the continent "Serine".The ones i have selected to hunt them down are here."he touched the hologram it spun and morphed into a square showing the three shinagamis.Cerberus,Fear,and Sayia.

"Damnit..."yuki quietly said underneath her breath looking down knowing she couldn't go.

The shadow saw this and became a bit worried he clicked a button on his pedistool and listed yuki with crest and abigale.

"Oh theres...a certain "item" we have to acquire on this planet as well,it belongs to a individual in your room. Your orders will update as you go upon your search operation."he said while smiling a bit,putting out the bud of his nicotine stick.

Yuki looked up and became filled with joy.She didn't show it but she was happy,if it wasn't there she will understand.Every road must come to an end and she knew she would find what shes looking for.Even if it took her years to finally find it,she wouldn't give up.

"Thank you shadow sir"she said while gracefully bowing her head giving her, respects."I will do my part as leader of the second team while our other brothers and sisters are away eliminating the threat the UNSC has to throw at us.I give you my word i will not let you down.You or my brothers and sisters."she said while kneeling then rising back up."But abigales mental state is she battle ready to go on a operation?"yuki asked concerned.She didnt want another hanger incident again where the walls where paitned red with a soldiers blood.

"I asked our doctor and he has informed me she is ready on your way to the hanger please stop by her room and get her if you will im sure shes ready to test her new ability."The shadow simply remarked.

"Uh sure i gues me and crest will stop by seeing as abigale only responds to yuki sayia or crest.I attempted to take her hand and she bit me..."Fear said scoffing while smiling at crest who simply giggled and smiled back.

"You will do as the shadow asks,and you will not ask questions. Am i understood?"sayia said standing looking down at Fear with her petrifying gaze.

"Yes sister i will sister"Fear quickly replied.

"Alright shinagami's dismissed."the shadow said as they all turned and headed their seperate ways.Getting ready for the trip ahead,and their operation.

Yuki stayed behind and looked up at him not moving.

"Hmm?"the shadow asked while turning."Yuki is something of the matter?"

She looked down" I promise i will not let you down my shadow...i will make myself worthy of your command.

The shadow gave a small smirk and nodded." I'm most certain you will yuki.Now go to your brethren they need you.I know you will not let them down or me yuki.Good luck my dear."the shadow said as he smiled,and faded from view.

Yuki looked back up and turned, opening the door and headed to the armory,she was ready to take what was hers back,at any cost.

Fear and crest moved through the decks of the med lab. Oni soldiers talked about pains in their arms,cramps in their sides that wouldn't go away,bullets they took form wolf pack soldiers in Russia.The standard monday in oni.

"Gah,too many wounded ya know crest?"fear said trying to start a conversation, something he was very bad at.

"I guess, usually wounded soldiers enjoy having me around "she said walking putting her arms behind her head." Sadly i do not think i will be able to fight fact i may just remain in the transport."crest said looking down."It was an honor and a privilege just to come with you guys due to my illness."crest said looking at fear.

Fear looked down then into her eyes,he knew she was ill,and the shadow was doing all he could to prevent it from gettiing worse,its why he joined the shinagami's for crest and to protect her.

"But hey crest look on the bright side,i know you cannot fight and i know you want to to help us,but you at least don't have to stay here by yourself. You get to coem with us for once right?"Fear aid smileing

"Yes,your right i shouldn't keep getting all worked up over this lets go get abby and head to the others!"crest said cheerfully.

"Thats the crest i know."fear said smileign and following her like a shadow.

They soon entered the hallway to abigale her cell was located down it at the very end.It was a solid white hallway with guards at the plexi-glass  wall in the middle of the hallway.The guards steps to the side and let them through.Crest heard abigale sinign her dark lullabies she enjoyed them,Fear however shivered at her quiet singing.They neared the cell and stopped.There was a silence,the singing stopped, then suddenly quiet foots steps were heard coming close to the door.

"Who is it!?"a voice yelled.

"Hi abby its me crest!"she said not even phased.

Fear had his red phosphorous claw ready,it was hidden behind his rags and cloth he wrapped around it. minus the finger parts.

There was a quiet silence then suddenly the singing began.Crest opened the door and walked into the darkness of the room as fear followed.There they saw abigale on her back with her knees brought up to her chest in a fetal position singing her songs.Around her wall where drawing of her killing her parents,one shown her pulling their insides out as she smiled,while another one showed her burning them,a few others show her mutilating them and putting their bodies on display as she smiled.

"Hi crest! oh...hey fear..."she said looking to the side.For once her full body restraint suit was loose, she could walk and use her arms and legs.

Fear smiled and waved,very awkwardly,he didnt want to be around abigale at all,knowing she wanted to be alone with crest or sayia.

"So abigale,are you ready?"crest said while smiling.

"Eh?"abigale looked up having her head on the floor,they seemed to be upside down,her legs where bent and hanging off the wall her arms where spread out,she was happy to move around."What'cha mean by that?"she said flipping and coming straight up,she tilted her head in confusion ,one of her fanged teeth poked out of her closed mouth.

"Oh you and i get to go on a assignment together for once!"Crest said holding abigales hand.

"Hmm....we get to kill stuff?"she said looking at her.

"I'm sure there will be hostiles for you to take down."crest replied.

"Good its my....ya know...i need somethign to kill"she said bitting her fanged teeth together making a click noise.Crest giggled at this.

"Yeah i guess we get to work together huh abigale?"Fear said trying to be friendly.

"Hmmp...your going? perfect let me kill myself so i won't suffer."she said going to the door."Come on crest lets go!"she said happily taking her hand and running off.

"Whaaa!see you at the hanger fear!"Crest said as she was dragged out of the white hallway.

Fear sighed and shook his head"This is going to be one hell of a story isn't?"he said as he began to walk to the others,the shinagamis,his brothers and sisters,his family.
WHOA so much bigger chap,im sorry guys since this is a side story only gonna have about 10 chaps into it gotta make other chaos like this long.

as you can see the shinagamis are after the disavowed freelancers whats left of them in a search and destroy op.

as well as a search op for....whatever it is yuki wants to find..

this took me about an hour or so to write im glad wrters block is lifted.

and may i say its good to write this story again there will be more on the way my friends enjoy this!

odstshane out!
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Myric knew he had failed.

His men lay dead around him, by the tens of thousands. On the floor in front of him lay his unconscious wife, cut and bloodied by the enemy. Surrounding him billions of Draken soldiers stood. They roared in triumph.

The sinister forms of the Draken commanders surrounded them. The sleek form of Toxin stood laughing licking the horrific poisons on her knives, next to her stood Decapitator, his ancient sword laying at rest, his quiet form ever ready. These two were also backed by the forms of Ravager, his claws outstretched and waiting for the order to kill, and the Soul Monarch, the massive giant standing at the for.

”So little Angel. You have finally fallen, we will be kind and give your wife a quick death, but for you... I’m afraid our master wants a chat” its booming voice echoing an drowning out the cries of the Draken around him.

Myric knelt over Duneyers form, he had tears in his eyes. He hadn’t been able to stop them, his soldiers dead, those he had fought with for many years. And he had even let his wife fall to Toxins attacks. Now he would pay. He picked up and cradled Duneyer.

“Im so sorry...” He said. The Soul Monarch stepped forward.

”So little Angel, shall we get this over with. Your pathetic existence and ineptitude insult me by the second”

Myric felt the anger rising. The dark he had harboured... the dark that fuelled Sotek. He felt it. He kissed Duneyers head and laid her down again, he then stood up slowly. The Emperors face was fuelled with rage, anger barely contained by his immortal form. The Soul Monarch laughed.

”Still have some fight in you then little Angel?”

Myric embraced the power. The sheer power that now flooded into him as his form began to shine brighter. He bared his teeth, in both rage and pain at the power flowing through him. His feet left the ground as he started to hover and the earth began rumbling, dirt starting to circle him.

”Don’t make me laugh Emperor” The Soul Monarch brought down his scythe inhumanly fast to try and cut Myric in two, the blade hit a few inches from the Emperors face and the dark blade exploded. The Soul Monarch stepped back and Myric shook his head.

”You dare touch my wife, kill my people, and insult me” The noise of the Draken roaring was now droned out with the sound of a building energy, some of the Draken commanders stepped back as the light reached blinding levels ”Die” Was all the Emperor said as the energy he harnessed was released.

The Light which was created was seen from orbit as the Draken were merely erased instantly by the billions. The light spread out, across the planet as the energy ripped apart anything and everything.

Roaring in defiance the Draken commanders, injured in the blinding maelstrom came at Myric all at once, incredibly fast each one attacked. The Emperor brought up Shadowsong and before any of them even realised, had ripped Ravager in half, the evil Talonians face showing pure shock as the creature died. As the others realised Myric had deflected Decapitators strike and grabbed the commanders helmet with one of his hands, with a sickening crunch Myric crushed the beings head and then proceeded to cut the body in two. With two of their number down in merely a second the unarmed Soul Monarch and Toxin tried to adjust their attacks, however Myric was too fast even for them, his transcendent form radiant with energy unmatched even by the Draken Commanders.

The Soul Monarch punched high, the beings gigantic fist impacting the Emperor with the force of a stellar nova, to the commanders shock Myric hovered unmoving in the maelstrom, his halo blazing with light he merely smiled, his eyes two golden globes as he then grabbed one of the Soul Monarchs arms, ripping it from the socket with next to no effort he stabbed Shadowsong through its dark armour and with a roar of defiance the Soul Monarch exploded into light.

Toxin, witnessing the unbelievably fast happenings brought her blade low, hesitating slightly with fear. As her blade came in low Myric shattered it with his gauntlet and in an instant his hand was round her throat. She struggled with terror as the golden Angel claimed vengeance for his injured wife.

”Your race will die. This galaxy is ours and is under my protection. Fear me creature for I am the son of Umbrea!” Toxin screamed as there was a horrible snap, as the Emperor crushed her throat. Dropping the body to the floor, the storm of light still blazed around them. Myric roared with anger and held out his arms and flew into the air, the light intensified and all around him men and women who lay dead coughed and spluttered back to life, their bodies regenerating in the blinding storm. Below him Duneyer gasped awake, looking up to see her husband surrounded with energy. She was somewhat horrified, he knew what happened when he used this much power.

As the light subsided and the storm of blinding energy ceased Myric floated back down to the ground, the soldiers in awe of their Emperor as he hovered above the ground not touching the floor. His wings blazed with energy and he still glowed, his eyes nothing more than small stars. Duneyer smiled an uneasy smile as she walked up to him, stroking his face she kissed him on the lips.

“Come back to me Myric... Its over now” The Emperor smiled to her and in an instant collapsed to the floor, the light fading completely as the drained Myric was left unconscious. Duneyer cradled him and kissed his hair. The soldiers surrounding them to make sure they were ok.

The battle here had been won, but at a terrible cost, though the people here were saved by Myric and the Draken erased, the planet was dead... And Myric had used his anger to fuel his powers, using so much energy had cost the Emperor dearly and he would have to rest, as for the Draken commanders... they would be back.
Well I got bored so I thought I would write Myric going up against the Draken and pretty much anniahlating them. Dont piss the Emperor off and dont even think about hurting his wife... because he will break your shit XD

But yea this is Myric using a fraction of his power, now you may be going 'If he can do this surely he could own the Draken in every battle!'

Well first off, the galaxy is a big place, he cant be everywhere at once while the Draken can. Also whenever he uses his power Sotek gets stronger, and at this point in time Sotek is trying to destroy the Union. So when Myric does this sort of stuff... well. Sotek gets seriously more powerful...

So yea Characters belong to me :iconemperormyric:

Hope you enjoy :)
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Union Home Dimension: Earth, Imperial Palace Star City

The night was a cool one, earth always did seem to have the best evenings of any planet. But then again, your home is always the best. The breeze at the top of the Imperial Palace was cooling, it was a hot day earlier but now the sun had dibbed below the skyline of the massive city allowing the summer heat to subside. Myric didnt mind at all, he loved summer, and the heat. Perhaps that was why he was married to the Angel of Fire? He chuckled to himself, he could hear roaring cheers from back down the palace, and also from the vast city below. It was the celebrations for the defeat of the Draken. To think... Nearly 60 odd years ago he defeated Xanthos, the greatest threat to creation. He wasnt down with the others though, he had come alone to the top of the Palace with a bottle of alchohol to look out across the Earth. It was then he smiled "You know... I know your there"

Ellio smirked as he stepped out of the slight shadow by the wall, the evening breeze causing his long coat to billow behind him "Well sir, I didn't think it right to interupt the musings of the emperor" he spoke in his roguishly charming voice.

Myric chuckled "I have many musings, too many for me to handle sometimes. Im surprised you are not downstairs in the lobby, there are plenty of beautiful women there" He laughed, the gargantuan lobby of the Imperial palace was one massive party. Led by the Angels a huge feast had been organised the entire length of the Processional avenue, with billions if not more eating at the massive tables.

"I'm sure they can wait" he replied with a smile "Besides, tonight is the time to remember all those we lost..." Ellio spoke, his charming tone suddenly downtrodden.

Myric became sombre "Indeed" He looked across the city again "All those trillions... They payed the price. And I am here wondering if each order I gave could of been changed to another, if it meant just one more person would of survived. All those children... Never to have a future"

Ellio nodded, remaining silent as he surveyed the sprawling city so many had died to protect.

Myric took another drink from the bottle "I have always wondered if not being able to get drunk was a blessing or a curse. Its times like these were it is almost certainly a curse" There was a moment of silence "Why are you here Darkstrider?"

He chuckled slightly "Me? I came to get what i've had coming for a few years, if it wasnt for this bio tool i'm sure my face would be burning from all the times i've been slapped today...You can't run away from fate forever" he shrugged.

Myric laughed before turning from the vista and walking into the room, the glass windows still providing a perfect view of the city. He beckoned Darkstrider to sit on one of the chairs by a table, a simple arrangement, nothing fancy at all “I am not going to reprimand you for your actions Darkstrider, truth be told I need someone who can operate for the Union yet above our laws. To watch the empire. In all honesty I am envious of you, you get freedom, totally freedom. I am more of a prisoner or slave than most realise”

Ellio smirked "Politics are a bitch and half, If I can solve it with talking sure, if I can't, well that's their problem" he laughed.

Myric grunted "If only I had that choice. Ellio. I want you to continue your work in Ancerious. There are artifcats there, weapons. Which can be used by the Union, secure as many for us as possible, make new allies and stop the Nakai where you can. You have my official sanction, however... You may not tell anyone. This conversation never happened, understand?"

"Conversation? I only just got here." Ellio smiled looking back at the emperor.

Myric smiled, but then his face went dead serious “Ellio... Im going to be honest with you, what I tell you in the next few minutes must not be told to anyone. Not even Union command. And certainly not my wife understand?”

"Of course m'lord, I most certainly know how to keep things secret." he replied leaning in with interest.

“I do not have long Ellio. I know my own destiny, I read it when the Libary of Dreams allowed me access to my own history. Everything I do is predetermined. The Nakai will come here, to Earth with 2 of the Mara'Kadas with them. They will beseige earth. I will stop them, do not fear the war will be won. But...” He paused “Shortly after I will be making my son Emperor”

Ellio raised an eyebrow, hiding his shock as best he could "Come again sir?" he spoke in a confused tone.

Myric nodded “You heard correctly, I will be stepped down as Emperor after the end of the Nakai war” He paused again “But I will not stay here, I am to... Ascend. I will only be able to visit every so often, Essentially... I have to say goodbye”

Ellio finally nodded "All things end I suppose...what of Duneyer? I doubt she'll let you go without a fight" he spoke.

Myric said nothing, looking away for a moment towards the picture of the two of them on the bedside table, on their honeymoon. He turned back to Darkstrider "I plan to leave silently. Nobody will know I am gone until I am ascended. I have no choice... Duneyer..." Myric couldnt bring himself to say it "She... gets let behind, but she will join me in time. Its just not her time. She will be alone for a while before she joins me, same for the other angels"

Ellio remained quiet, looking at the Emperor "If that is the course destiny is to take then it has been determined...we all come to an end one day... rest assured sir, the Union will never fall so long as i'm alive." Ellio smiled.

Myric nodded and made a weak smile “That is good to know Ellio. I need you to look after it when I'm gone. And... Keep Duneyer safe for me, But dont try anything... I fully expect she will kill you otherwise”

Ellio laughed loudly "I can't make any promises on that front sir" he joked "Although...sir?" he asked.

Myric sniggered before replying “Yes Darkstrider?”

"You have been deep into the library of dreams...I know it is not my place to ask, but...what is yet in store for me? And the others of my team?" Ellio asked, feeling disrespectful for even thinking of it.

Myric looked up at the ceiling "Alas Im not allowed to tell you that, the Libaries rules forbid telling another who is not yet ready to know their own destiny" He paused "But... I will tell you this, you and your team will save creation. However... It will be your reckoning"

Ellio nodded, having expected such. "Barbossa will be happy to know we go out in a blaze of glory." he laughed.

Myric nodded "Indeed, You will be remembered Darkstrider, and not just for your... Charm" He laughed "But come, this night is not one of sorrow, we are to celebrate our victory, to our lives, to our... inevitable future. Lets go rejoin the party, after all you and your team set off tomorow. And we only have so long left. Lets enjoy it" Myric smiled genuinely.

The two stood up when the doors opened into the room "What the hell are you two doing up here? There is a party on! You two need to join in! If I hadnt guessed I would say Darkstriders charmed you Myric..." Came the fiery voice of the Empress. She wore casual clothes and had a beaming grin. Myric laughed "Of course Duneyer whatever you think" He turned to Darkstrider "Lets go celebrate"

Ellio grinned and winked at the woman in the doorway before heading towards the nearest elevator. He tapped his earpiece as he walked and the deep voice of Barbossa could be heard, music in the background. "Ellio? Where are you mon?" he asked over the noise. "I want three kegs at my table by the time I get down there" Ellio grinned as the elevator doors closed, leaving the rulers of the union alone.

Duneyer raised an eyebrow after Darkstrider left “Whats up?”

Myric shook his head “Just the same old every victory day” He said hugging Duneyer. She embraced him back and kissed his head.

“No need to worry dear, everything will be ok” She kissed him and smiled “Now. Lets go have some fun!” She laughed as she and the Emperor called the elevator and then joined the party below.

After all, every moment counted.
A peice between me and :iconcrystalnexus:

Yes alot is revealed here.

Any questions please comment :)
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Liechtenstein raced down the stairs, almost falling over her own feet. It was Christmas morning! Her brother threw a party for Christmas, as he did every year, so Liechtenstein just stayed at his house beforehand. She sat down in the kitchen and waited for him eagerly. She decided it would be best to surprise him with some hot chocolate.

As Switzerland came down the stairs, Liechtenstein raced to him, the chocolate in her hand. She passed it to him, and he took it with a thankful smile. He sipped it, sitting down. "I'll finish this, then we can see what's under the tree, okay?" Switzerland murmured sleepily in his strong Swiss accent.

Liechtenstein smiled. "Alright brother," She said happily. She skipped off to tie her ribbon into her hair and prepare herself.

A few minutes later, Lily came back. "Ready brother?" She asked politely, blinking innocently. She twisted her fingers together behind her back eagerly.

Switzerland nodded, placing his empty hot coco mug into the sink. He followed his giddy little sister into the living room, where the decorated green pine was standing.

The doorbell rang. Switzerland stood, heading to the door. "You wait there…" He murmured to Liechtenstein.

Finland, Sweden, and the rest of the Nordics where at the door. Finland was dressed as Santa and weighed down with a large sack full of gifts. He smiled weakly at Switzerland. "Hey, can we come in…?"

Switzerland smiled a bit back. "Come in," He moved aside to allow the Nordics inside. He watched them head towards the living room.

"FINNYYYY!" Liechtenstein exclaimed, getting up and running to hug Finland around his waist after he placed the gifts he had brought for everyone under the tree.

Finland chuckled. "Liechtenstein!" He hugged her back, not taking notice of Sweden's faint smiled.

Switzerland chuckled. He heard another knock at the door, and opened it to find Canada with a large, heavy looking box, along with a bag full of other gifts.

Canada was heaving. "I'm… Here…." He heaved. "C-Can you… Help me with this?" He asked Switzerland, wiping the sweat off his forehead. He looked completely exhausted.

As Switzerland nodded, Russia came up behind Canada. "I'll help you, da." He murmured, lifting the large gift with ease. It was nearly the size of the small Swiss man standing at the door.

Swizterland looked a bit puzzled. "Who's that for, anyways?" He asked, but got no response. He shrugged and answered the door for England, who was the next one inside.

Liechtenstein looked around. She thought everyone had arrived.. But America was missing! She wondered where he could be.

Switzerland was smiling; for once. He had a Santa hat on that Ukraine had placed on his head. He was sitting especially close to Ukraine; they looked happy with each other.

Hungary was sitting on Austria's lap, grinning. Austria had his hands around her waist. After being married to her once, then divorcing, they had gotten back together. They seemed like a good couple.

Liechtenstein watched Canada as he unwrapped a gift from Russia. Russia was sitting at Canada's shoulder, watching him intently.

Canada blushed. A pretty red-and-white striped scarf was in the package, one similar to Russia's scarf. Canada put it on, grinning and blushing crimson.  He hugged the large Russian, laughing happily.

Russia hugged him back, and Switzerland picked the next gift he wanted to pass out. "To America, from Liechtenstein.." He faltered. "Where's America?" He asked, looking around.

Everyone looked confused, searching the crowd for the American. No one could seem to find him.

Switzerland shrugged. "Let's just put it over there…" He sat the gift down over behind him on the couch. The white fluff from the end of the Santa hat bobbed in his face, and Ukraine reached up and fixed it. Swizterland chuckled as he was passed a gift.

Liechtenstein sat back. There was one more gift under the tree, the huge one that Canada had dragged in. Russia read the tag, and pushed it towards Liechtenstein. "From America, to Liechtenstein."

Liechtenstein looked a tad confused. "But America's not here…" She stuttered, confused.

Canada shrugged. "America told me to bring it to you… He seemed pretty intent on getting this to you."

Liechtenstein shrugged and stood up. Yes, the gift was so large that the tiny girl had to stand to reach it. "This is large.." She murmured quietly. It was wrapped in red paper with tiny white and blue stars. Liechtenstein carefully made a tiny slit down the paper, then started tearing it. She revealed a large brown box, and gulped, a bit nervous. This box was bigger than she was!

Liechtenstein cut the tape and opened the box. She gasped and stepped back a bit as something that she least expected was found in the box.

America rose from the box. He was shirtless, but wore black pants and a red Santa hat. "MERRY CHRISTMAS, LIECHTENSTEIN!" He exclaimed. Then he reached for her hand and took it, stepping out of the box.

Liechtenstein looked a bit scared. Everyone watched them, not missing a single thing.

America bent down on one knee. "Like, for real, will you love me?" He looked up at her, waiting for a response.

Liechtenstein froze. Everyone's eyes where on them; she was scared to respond. "Y-Yes.." She breathed.

America stood, and scooped her right off her feet, sitting down on the floor. "Ha ha! You guys actually thought I would miss this great of a party, and this great of a girl!?"

Switzerland was glaring at America as if he was saying, 'You be good with my sister.'

Liechtenstein was completely stiff and scared. "E-Eh…" She didn't understand what was going on at the moment.

All the nations around them where smiling brightly, with the exception of Sweden and Switzerland.

Finland reached over America's head with some mistletoe, giving Liechtenstein an innocent smile. "Go on." He urged America.

"Huh?" America looked up at Finland, then released what was happening with a smirk. "Alright," He pulled Liechtenstein into a sitting position on his lap, and locked lips with her.

Liechtenstein's body went stiff with pleasure. She shuddered as she was kissed. She felt happy.

After what seemed like hours, America pulled away. Everyone was watching on with happiness, especially Finland, who was still dangling the mistletoe over America and Liechtenstein's heads. Switzerland had a tight grip on his new gun, and Ukraine was smiling happily. England looked a bit unhappy, as he if was wishing he had thought of the idea that America had. Belarus was clutching onto Russia's arm, looking a little ticked off, since Russia had Canada sitting on his knee and leaning against his chest. France was right up next to the new couple, almost drooling and nose bleeding all over them.

Switzerland sighed. "Alright… I approve." He flashed a tiny smile at Ukraine, who had taken his hand and was playing with his fingers.

Nations congratulated Liechtenstein and America with clapping, cheering, and pats on the back. Liechtenstein leaned back against America in comfort, sighing happily as his arms where wrapped around her.

"Do you love me?" America asked. Others where getting up and heading to the kitchen to get some dinner. America was holding Liechtenstein down with him, waiting for an answer before letting her up to let her get dinner.

Liechtenstein hesitated. "Y-Yes…" She breathed. She grabbed America's hand- No, her America's hand, and nuzzled him lovingly.

America smiled. "I love you too."

Yay for my OTP
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!This sheet is not permanent!
If you'd like to see any more updates to this sheet, please add [this deviation] to your favorites instead!

     - Book, Chapter

     General Characteristics

Name: Example: Clark Kent
Appearance: (What does your character look like? Written descriptions are fine. This can sometimes be combined with the Name perameter.) Example: Zeus
Symbol: (What symbol helps identify your character? Family symbols can also count. Again, descriptions are fine.) Example: Uchiha Clan symbol
Pronunciation: (Spelled Pronunciation Legend / IPA Legend) Example: klahrk kent / klɑrk kɛnt
Name Origin: (Where did your character's name come from and why did their parents choose it for them?) Example: Apu Nahasapeemapetilon's name is Indian.
Name Meaning: (What does your character's name mean in the context of your story?) Example: Luke's name means "Light".
Other Names: (Nicknames, pen names, pet names, superhero names, etc.) Example: Daniel Handler is better known as Lemony Snicket.
Titles: (Prefixes, suffixes, etc. Wikipedia has a great list of these here.)
Alternate Forms: (What can your character turn into, voluntarily or involuntarily, while retaining control over that form or not? Descriptions are fine. An entirely new character sheet would be best.) Example: Many legends report instances of people turning into werewolves under a full moon.
Social Security Number: (In case your character happens to be from America. Always follows the form ###-##-####.)
ID Number: (What number(s) and/or letter(s) identify your character?) Example: Murky Number Seven's number is, well, 7.
Theme Song: Example: Reptile's Theme
Zodiac: (What astronomical sign does you character identify under? It could eastern, western, or your own invention.) Example: Jackie Chan is an Aries.

     Personal Characteristics

*Birth Date:
Birth Name: (What name did your character's parents give them at birth?)
Birth Place:
Birth Weight:
Birth Length:
Manner of Birth: (How did their birth happen? Were they an accident? Did they kill their mother upon birth? Did they come out upside-down?)
First Word(s):

Death Date: (Leave this blank if you don't know when they will die. You can always fill it in later.)
Age at Death:
Death Place:
Resting Place: (Where is the body of your character now or where will it be put once they die?)
Manner of Death: (How did your character die?)
Last Words:

Primary Objective: (What is your character's main goal? This should be the thing that drives their part of the plot.)
Secondary Objectives: (What other goals does your character intend to achieve? These should drive subplots, which are also very important to a story.)
Priorities: (What does your character put before all other things in their life?)
Motivation: (What motivates your character to do the things they do?)
Accomplishments: (What has your character accomplished already?)
Greatest Achievement: (What has your character already accomplished that they are most proud of?)
Failures: (What has your character failed at in the past?)
Biggest Failure: (What does your character consider their biggest failure?)
Self-Confidence: (How much confidence doe your character have in themself?)
Traumas: (What past occurrences negatively affect your character in the present?)
Afflictions: (What present occurrences negatively affect your character?)
Embarrassments: (What kinds of things is your character embarrassed about? These can be internal, such as a birthmark, or external, such as their friends' behaviors.)
Soothers: (What calms your character down?)
Instigators: (What might cause your character to be reminded of traumas, afflictions, worries, etc.?)

Earliest Memory:
Fondest Memory:
Worst Memory:
Favorite Dream:
Worst Nightmare:

Desires: (What does your character want that they know they could possibly have?)
Wishes: (What might your character want that they know probably isn't going to happen or is impossible?)
Regrets: (What has your character done that they wish they could take back?)
Secrets: (What does your character know that must not be told to anyone?)
Confidantes: (Who or what does your character feel safe sharing their secrets with?)
Soft Spots: (What kinds of things does your character go out of their way to help?)
Cruel Streaks: (What kinds of things does your character go out of their way to assault?)

Musical Instrument: (What instrument can your character play, if any?)
Quirks: (What about your character makes them unique?)
Dominant Hand: (Are they right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous?)
Catchphrase: (Is there a specific phrase that your character is known for repeating often?)
Autograph: (What does your character's signature look like? Descriptions are fine.)

     Mental Characteristics

Known Languages:
Lures: (What is your character drawn to?)
Manias: (What is your character obsessed with? Pyromania, for example.)
Memory: (How well do they remember things?)
Phobias: (What is your character afraid of?)
Savvies: (What are they very familiar with and/or very good at doing?)
Ineptities: (What are they simply unable to understand?)
Temperament: (Is your character choleric, sanguine, melancholic, phlegmatic, phlegmatic II, or supine/leukine? Wikipedia and TVTropes have great articles on this.)
Hobbies: (What activity or interest does your character pursue simply for pleasure?)
Pet Peeves: (What kind of things just get your character's nerves?)

     Intellectual Characteristics

Logical-Mathematical: (How well can your character use reason and logic in their thinking?)
Spatial: (How well can your character create an image in their mind?)
Linguistic: (How good is your character with words, written and spoken?)
Bodily-Kinesthetic: (How well does your character control their body motions, how well do they handle objects? How clear is their sense of goal of physical action?)
Musical: (How clear is your character's perception to sounds, music, tones, and rhythms?)
Interpersonal: (How well does your character interact with and understand others?)
Intrapersonal: (How well does your character understand their self?)
Naturalistic: (How well does your character understand their natural surroundings?)
Existential: (How well can your character understand phenomena or questions beyond sensory data?)

     Philosophical Characteristics

Morality: (What divides your character's definition of good and bad? TVTropes has some good tropes on this here.)
Etiquette: (What actions does your character use to demonstrate their morality?)
Attitude: (How does your character act most of the time?)
Outlook on Life: (How does your character see life? Dismal? Happy? Boring?)
Perception: (How do they perceive their situations? Optimistically? Pessimistically? Sadistically? Masochistically? Ideally? Realistically? You might answer by having them tell whether 'the glass is half empty or half full', and each of these perceptions should give a different answer.)
Standpoint: (How do they tend to see the world? From a conqueror's standpoint? From a student's standpoint? From a flea's standpoint? It doesn't necessarily have to correspond with their occupation.)
Philosophy: (What phrase might they use to sum up the world? Think "Hakuna Matata" or "All is well that ends well".))
Political Party:
Taboos: (What would your character personally never do?)

     Spiritual Characteristics

Animal: (What animal might best describe your character?)
Devotion: (How enthusiastically does your character follow their religion?)
Superstitions: (What superstitions does your character subscribe to?)
Virtues: (Does your character exhibit Chastity, Charity, Temperance, Diligence, Humility, Kindness, Patience, or Justice? Only the 8 listed should be used, but more than one can be used. TVTropes can help.)
Vices: (Does your character exhibit Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Pride, Envy, Wrath, or Despair? Only the 8 listed should be used, and only the ones whose opposites are not listed above should be used. As always, TVTropes has got a list.)

     Supernatural Characteristics

Ability: (What is the name of your character's power? Reactive Adaptation? Sonic Rainboom? Toxic Flatulence?)
Element: (What element does your character control or is classified under? Fire? Light? Surprise?)
Immunities: (What kinds of attacks is your character immune to?)
Futilities: (What things or people does your character's power have no effect on?)
Restrictions: (What can't they do with their power or what negative effects balances it?)
Origin: (Where, when, and how did your character get their power?)
Source: (Where do they draw their power from? Their own body? A necklace?)

     Highs and Lows


Favorite Actor:
Favorite Animal:
Favorite Arts:
Favorite Band:
Favorite Book:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Country:
Favorite Drink:
Favorite Excuse:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Flavor:
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Musical Genre:
Favorite Mythical Creature:
Favorite Number:
Favorite Pastime:
Favorite People:
Favorite Place:
Favorite Quote:
Favorite Restaurant:
Favorite Season:
Favorite Song:
Favorite Store:
Favorite Story Genre:
Favorite Subject:
Favorite TV Show:
Favorite Words:

Least Favorite Actor:
Least Favorite Animal:
Least Favorite Arts:
Least Favorite Band:
Least Favorite Book:
Least Favorite Color:
Least Favorite Country:
Least Favorite Drink:
Least Favorite Excuse:
Least Favorite Food:
Least Favorite Flavor:
Least Favorite Movie:
Least Favorite Musical Genre:
Least Favorite Mythical Creature:
Least Favorite Number:
Least Favorite Pastime:
Least Favorite People:
Least Favorite Place:
Least Favorite Quote:
Least Favorite Restaurant:
Least Favorite Season:
Least Favorite Song:
Least Favorite Store:
Least Favorite Story Genre:
Least Favorite Subject:
Least Favorite TV Show:
Least Favorite Words:


Accessories: (What non-clothing items does your character wear? Bracelets? Necklaces? Toe rings?)
Dress Style/Wardrobe: (How does your character commonly dress? Elegantly? Gothic? Mismatched?)
Equipment: (What equipment does your character carry with them? A gourd? A toolbox? A bag of hair?)
Most Prized Possession: (What item does your character have that holds the most personal value?)
Most Valuable Possession: What item does your character have that holds the most monetary value?)
Trinkets: (What items does your character carry that they aren't just for looks, but for more important reasons, such as the ability to use their power?)

     Social Characteristics

Communication: (How does your character communicate with other people?)
Criminal Record: (What has your character done to break the law? Arson? Murder? Jaywalking?)
Discriminations: (What kind of stuff or people does your character discriminate against? Blacks? Aliens? Broccoli?)
Dominance: (How firmly does your character stand their ground over others? Extra firm? Submissively? Iron-fistedly?)
Ego: (How downright amazing does your character think they are? Ridiculously centric? In the wrong place? Superfluous?)
Emotional Stability: (How much emotional inflictions can your character take before they break? Lots? None at all? Negative amounts?)
Expression: (How does your character express themself? Through the clothes? By just saying it? By the pattern in which they play the harmonica?)
Humor: (What does your character think is funny? Blond jokes? Death? Farting?)
Liveliness: (How energetic is your character? Do they literally bounce off the walls? Do they do only what they have to do? Do they literally sleep for entire days?(
Mannerisms: (How does your character commonly act? Rude? Well-mannered? Creepy?)
Patience: (How long can your character wait for something or endure something that is annoying or stressful? Very patient? Impatient? Passive?)
Reputation: (How is your character viewed by their peers? Are they held in high esteem? Do they think he's pure stupid? Do they think he's an alien?)
Sociability: (How much does your character like to interact with other people? Is he super social? Is he a loner? Does he only like being around people who take a liking to the research behind the flight pattern of the sparrow?)
Status: (What is their social status? Quiet? Popular? Dead?)
Style: (How does your character act and dress? Gothic? Emo? Spocky?)


Compliments: (What kinds of things does your character say as a compliment? "I like your hair"? "I think you are super smart"? "My nipples are exploding with delight"?)
Insults: (What kind of things might your character say as an insult? "You are stupid and ugly and no one likes you"? "You wreak of the worst stench I have ever smelt"? "I once dreamt of a man so ugly that he had to hide from himself in the mirror, but you are uglier still"?)
Emotional Status: (What emotional state is your character most likely to be found in? Happy? Depressed? Lackadaisical?)
Expletives: (What words does your character use to express their anger? Swear words? Flan-diddily-anders speech? Obscure words?)
Mood: (What mood is your character most likely to be found in? Angry? Thoughtful? Speechless?)
State of Mind: (What state of mind is your character most likely to be found in? Surprise? Confusion? Constant denial?
Words: (What kinds of words does your character use in everyday speech? "Dude"? "dattebayo"? "Like a fox"?)
Farewells: (How does your character say goodbye to people? "Sayonara"? Waving? Lifting their shirt at them?)
Greetings: (How does your character commonly greet people? "Hello"? Handshake? Slap them in the face?)

     School and Work

Average Grade: (What grades did your character get in school? A+? C-? Z?)
Degrees: (What college degrees does your character have? Bachelor's? Doctorate? None?)
Education: (How much education has your character received? Up to middle school? College graduate? Everything from elementary school to martial arts of every kind?)
Extracurricular: (What extracurricular activities did your character participate in? Baseball? Chess club? Ballerina?)
Graduating Year: (What year did your character graduate from high school? 1987? 2005? 1210 BC?
School: (What elementary, middle, high schools, and colleges and universities did your character go? Manzanita Elementary and North Valley High? Jerry Springer Private School? None?)
Special Education: (What education did your character receive that their peers didn't get a chance at? Special Ed? Honor Roll? Private Schooling?)
Study Habits: (How often does your character study and how thoroughly? Every free hour? Not at all? They have someone else study for them somehow?)

Association: (What company, group, or people does your character associate with? History, Inc.? The Marines? Mr. Pickles' Happy Hour?)
Boss: (What person or people is your character taking orders from or working for? Bill Gates? Admiral Hood? Mr. Pickles?)
Experience: (What experience has your character had that they might put on their resumé? 12 years of digital artwork? Killed a man? Guest starred 45 times in Oprah's talk show?)
Hours: (What hours does your character work if they work at all? 9am to 5pm (8 hours)? 8am to 3pm (7 hours?)? 8pm to 9pm and 11pm to 5am (1 and 6 hours)?
Days: (What days does your character work? All week (56 hours)? Weekdays (35 hours)? Tuesdays and Thursdays (14 hours)?
Learning Type: (Is your character a Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic learner?)
Occupation: (What does you character do for a living? Graphic design? Write books? Star as the buttmonkey in a kid's show?)
Rank: (How high in the hierarchy is your character? Production oversight? Captain of the ship? Minion of the dark lord?)
Work Ethic: (How well does your character think work should be done? Thoroughly and effectively? It just needs to get done? Do they shirk it all the time?)
Transportation: (How does your character get to and from their destinations? Supped up 4-wheel drive with a roll cage? Public transportation? Pogo stick?)


Class: (What class does your character identify under? Lower? Middle? Upper?)
Debt: (How much debt does your character have over their head? $500? 40000¥? OVER £9000?)
Dependents: (Who depends on your character for their monetary needs? Their children? Their parent(s)? Their half-sister's second cousin, twice removed?)
Funds: (How much money does your character have on them on average? $5? $500? $5000000?)
Income: (How much does your character make per hour and per year? $12/hour and $24000/year? $8/hour and $14000 a year? $75/hour and $52500/year?)

     Intrapersonal Connections

Immediate Family: (Who are the relatives your character sees everyday or saw everyday growing up? Parents? Siblings? Children? Adopted parents?)
Close Relatives: (Who are the relatives of your character that are only separated by one degree of blood difference? Uncles? Grandparents? Grandchildren?)
Distant Relatives: (Who are the people your character is related to, but not at all closely? Grandparents-in-law? Great granduncle? Twenty-seventh cousin, 88 times removed?)
Ancestors: (Who are some important ancestors in your character's family? Their great great granduncle? Them in a past life? Alexander the Great?)

Acquaintances: (Who does your character associate with, but wouldn't consider a friend or an ally? A recurring character? A tag-along kid? That guy they talk to every other weekday whom they still don't know the name of?)
Allegiance: (Who or what organization does your character work under or fight for? Vendetta, Inc.? Reginald Bracegirdle? America?)
Allies: (Who or what company does your character and/or their company work with or fight alongside? Edgar Wicklow? McDonald's? The mafia?)
Enemies: (Who is it that your character is always fighting or that they have set out to destroy? The Man in Black? Wally Wickenshield? The entire naked mole rat species?)
Followers: (Who follows your character and is inspired by them or tries to copy them? That one annoying kid? Their friends? Their enemies?)
Friends: (Who does your character feel safe with and could trust in a time of need? Barry Barrington? Veridian City? The Laz Group?)
Heroes: (Who does your character look up to? Superman? Firemen? Hobos?)
Inspirations: (Who does your character get inspiration from and strive to be like? The Pope? Batman? Their best friend's cat?)
Pets: (What animals (or in some cases, people) does your character keep under their rule? A dog? A ferret? An alien?)
Rivals: (Who is your character on good terms with, but is constantly in direct competition with? Their best friend? Their bigger brother? The smart kid in class?)
Role Models: (Who was always there for their character and set them on the right path? Their father? Their sister? That French woman across the street?)
Subordinates: (Who does your character get to command around or get to pull rank on? The midshipmen? Their sidekick? Anyone they please?)




Signature Move:
Special Attack:
Summon Level:
Threat Level:

     Physical Characteristics

Skin Color:
Height: in ( cm)
Weight: lbs ( kg)

Hat Size:
Shirt Size:
Waist Size:
Shoe Size:
Face Shape:
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Hair Type: (Is your character's hair curly or straight?)
Hair Style:
Widow's Peak:
Facial Hair:
Ear Type:
Ear Shape:
Eye Type:
Eye Color:
Nose Shape:
Nose Color:
Teeth: (Carnivorous, omnivorous, herbivorous)
Chin Shape:
Fur Type:
Fur Length:
Fur Color:
Fur Designs:
Locomotion: (Plantigrade, digitigrade, or unguligrade)
Tail Type:
Tail Length:
Tail Color:
Tail Design:
Tail Girth:

     Health and Fitness

Abnormalities: (Deformities and defects)
Aids: (Glasses, Wheelchairs, etc.)
Broken Bones:
Extra Anatomy: (Things that aren't typically seen in this species)
Reason for Health:

Blood Type:
Martial Arts:
Maximum Load: (What the most weight they can carry?)
Somatotype: (Mesomorphic, endomorphic, or ectomorphic)

     Perceptive Characteristics


     Sexual Characteristics

Gender Role:

Sex Life:
First Love:
Love Interests:
Marital Status:
Significant Other:

     Residential Characteristics

Sleep Patterns: (What is their sleep schedule and how well do they stick with it? 10pm - 6am, often stays up late but never sleeps in? Midnight - 5am, never deviates? Half hour naps starting at 1 and 7 am and pm, commonly oversleeps during night hours?)

     Vocal Characteristics

Accent/Dialect: (What kind of speech does your character often employ? Pacific Northwest? Pennsylvania Dutch? Cork? This might help you decide which is best for your character.)

     Story Information

First Appearance:
Earliest Appearance:


     Extrauniversal Information

Analogue: (What already existing character is your character most like? Naruto Uzumaki? Homer Simpson? Eddy?)
Desired Voice Actor: (What actor or voice actor in the real world would you like to play your character? Nicholas Cage? Will Smith? Ben Affleck?)
Inspiration: (What already existing character, real world person, or other thing that isn't from your own universe inspired your character? Buzz Lightyear? Johnny Appleseed? Armenia?)


MBIT Personality Type:
Anima: (How does your character act when they are really being their self?)
Persona: (How does your character act to hide their real self?)


First Impressions:

Strangers' Impressions:

Friends' Impressions:

Family's Impressions:

Self Impression:

Authority's Impressions:

Associates' Impressions:

Lover's Impression:

Creator's Impression:

Post Mortem Impression:







     Defining Moment


Infancy: (What was you character's life like from age 0 to age 3?)

Childhood: (What was your character's life like from age 4 to age 12?)

Adolescence: (What was your character's life like from age 13 to age 19?)

Adulthood: (What was your character's life like from age 20 to age 54?)

Seniority: (What was your character's life like from age 55 until death?)

     Other Information

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This should help people who want to get to know their character better. As far as my research has brought me, it is by far the most comprehensive character dossier out there, and it will only continue to grow from now on.

Some people will probably have difficulties getting through the entire thing for one of the original character, so I recommend filling this out for yourself before you do it for any of your characters, but you're definitely gonna wanna not post that online. That's how identity thefts steal you.

At some point, I'll be uploading more versions of this. There will be an image version for you visual types and an html/CSS version for you internet types.

There is a yet-unfinished character sheet for my pony OC, found here, that can be used as a reference if you need one.

When you post your character sheet filled out, please include a link to this blank form in the artist's comments and acknowledge that I was the original creator. Also, it would be cool if you could link me to yours. Other people's characters are always interesting to read about.

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EDIT: This sheet will be going through a major overhaul sometime soon. It will be more organized and the examples and description will actually make sense. With any luck, you'll get the html/css version and the image version at the same time.
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Full name: Kayla Blaisdale

Pronunciation: kay-la blaze-dale

Nickname(s) or Alias: Kay, Goose, Nosebleed, Red / Dimitri, Dimi.

Gender: Female.

Species: Human.

Age: FO3 - 19, FONV - 23.

Birthday: July 13, 2258.

Sexuality: Heterosexual, for the most part.

Nationality: American, with Irish roots.

Religion: Believes in God, but is casually religious at best.

City or town of birth: Vault 101.

Currently lives: Megaton, until 2280. New Vegas.

Languages spoken: English.

Native language: English.

Relationship Status: It's complicated.


Height: 6'

Weight: 170 lbs.

Figure/build: Lean and slender, with developed muscles in her arms and legs - her main weapons when no hand held weapon can be acquired.

Hair colour: Burgundy/Dark Red.

Hairstyle: Long(to shoulderblades), mostly un-styled save for trimmed bangs. Worn in a ponytail most of the time, either done up like in-game, or left to hang down.

Eye colour: Bright Green.

Skin/fur/etc colour: Pale, freckled.

Tattoos: Acquires a Tunnel Snake snake tattoo during her trip to New Vegas. It is on her left arm.

Piercings: 9 rings in each ear, 1 nipple piercing - right side.

Scars/distinguishing marks: Right bicep - bullet graze. Underside of left arm - cut. Left side of rib cage - ripper graze. Right shoulder - bullet wound. Cheek marks.

Preferred style of clothing: Vault suits, leather jackets, t-shirts, tanktops, jeans, combat boots.

Frequently worn jewellery: TBA


Smoker? No.

Drinker? Yes.

Drug User? Which? Nope.

Addictions: None.

Allergies: None discovered so far.

Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: She took a bullet to the shoulder, and it sometimes gets cranky.

Any medication regularly taken: None.


Personality: Generally, she's nice to people who she feels are deserving, and belligerent to those who aren't(unless they're some sort of authority person, and could make her life hell if she got on their bad side). However, she has a quick temper and isn't afraid of starting fist fights with certain individuals. She is somewhat quiet and doesn't share her feelings easily. She enjoys comic books, re-reading beloved stories and silently fangirling over Gambit.

Likes: Comic books, Nuka Cola, Fighting, Guns, Doodling, Music, Whiskey, Beer, Baseball, Stuffed Animals, Reading, Learning about the Pre-War world, Dancing, Exploring

Dislikes: Cigarette smoke, Roach meat, Her Vault 101 job(fry cook), Deathclaws, Dresses, The Enclave,

Fears/phobias: Being alone, losing her friends.

Favourite colour: Blue.

Hobbies: Doodling, Collecting comic books, Fixing things.

Taste in music: Rock n Roll, 50s Pop.


Talents/skills: Repairing things, Figuring how to make stuff work(aka high Repair skill XD), Good with guns, Hand-to-hand combat,

Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? Nope and nope.


Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Omnivore

Favourite food(s): Brahmin steak, Fresh fruit, Eggs.

Favourite drink(s): Nuka Cola, Sunset Sarsaparilla.

Disliked food: Mole Rat meat, Dog meat(refuses to try it).

Disliked drinks: Moonshine (it kicks her ass), Wine.


Describe the character's house/home: Megaton house is decorated with the Pre-war theme. Special additions include a Grognak poster, and others recovered from the Hubris place. Some guns recovered along the way are hung on the walls, and books and pre-war toys are stuck where ever there is space atop things. The Jukebox is rarely turned off. In New Vegas, she doesn't have a permanent home, yet (the Lucky 38 isn't hers.. yet XD)

Significant/special belongings: Her Comic books, though some are bittersweet reminders of lost friendships and her Dad. Her Photograph collection is the same. Her baseball, glove and bat are reminders of one of her favorite Vault activities. The Abe action figure, because it's damn cool.


Level of education: Vault equivalent of High School.

Qualifications: Repairing certain types of machinery, Pip-boys, and guns.

Current job title and description: Mercenary/Scavenger. Courier(Yeah, that went well XD).

Name of employer: Whoever offers a suitable job, though she does end up working with Reilly's Rangers for a few years, after the events of the main quest.


Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Aggressive. However, she won't kill a foe unless they're carrying a gun, and can potentially kill her before she can get to them.

Fighting skills/techniques: Good with punches and kicks. Her aim with a gun is pretty good, too. In situations that call for either life or death, she will snipe as many as she can.

Special skills/magical powers/etc: N/A

Weapon of choice (if any): Scoped rifle or 10mm, Grenades, Baseball Bat.

Weaknesses in combat: She is clumsy with most melee-type weapons and blocking hits, and can become overconfident. Certain now-healed injuries still give her trouble, and can cripple her if they receive a good hit.

Strengths in combat: She's quick and can hold her own against most male foes. She also knows where to punch to best disable a foe, but will rarely resort to crotch kicks.


Parents names: James and Catharine.

Are parents alive or dead? Both are deceased.

Is the character still in contact with their parents? If they weren't dead, she would be.

Siblings? Relationship with siblings? No official ones.

Other Important Relatives: Lucy Palmer and Herman Gomez. They may not have been officially related, but Lucy was like a grandmother figure, and Herman was something of an uncle.

Partner: Knives

Children: None.

Best Friend: Baraka, Amata, until she banned Kayla from the Vault. Butch is her new BFF.

Other Important Friends: Charon, Julian, Baraka, Veronica, Cass, Andrés, Reilly and the Rangers, Sarah Lyons, Freddie, Beetle, Knives

Acquaintances: Many.

Pets: Sparky, the Radroach. Dogmeat & Rex.

Enemies? Why are they enemies? Colonel Autumn - for his interference in Project Purity, and being the cause for James to sacrifice himself. Benny - he shot her in the head >:I.

Backstory: This is the part I suck at, so I'll add it later, maybe XD.
I finally did one of these! Although this is kind of incomplete. I know there's things I missed, and I need to write a bio x.x

The image is a screenshot(picture of the tv actually) I added bangs and other details to. I cleaned it up a little, as well.

The blank sheet is by =TtotheAFFY and can be found here: [link]
Dimitri belongs to A. Crowe.
Andrés belongs to !GlitteryJizz
Beetle belongs to =Jathis
Knives belongs to ~dr-glitzkrieg

Edit #2: If you got here from my rp account, note that a lot of things on this profile no longer apply to that Dimi. I'm linking this mostly for stats and the picture XD.
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He thought that it was amazing that this girl was totally hott and was an elemental. All the other girls at the school were cute or pretty but this was the first one that he saw that was hott. And of course she was she was the elemental Ice. They always seemed to be super cute and sexy. Baylor had always hoped that one day another Ice elemental would come to the school.

He, being an Ice elemental himself, knew the good looks that they had. He knew how they were hated for their hair color, their eye color, and their height and weight. They never had to diet or exercise; they were just skinny and muscular all the time. Of course this girl had to like that, or so he thought.

Baylor Johnson, tall, dark, and handsome, just like every other male Ice elemental. He knew he was handsome and a flirt, but he didn't want a girl that did that. He wanted a girl that would play around with him, but love him. Every girl that was in this school were flirts and slept around, but they were not Ice elementals. He wanted an Ice elemental because she would know how he functioned. She would understand why he would leave him bed in the night to go outside and sit on the roof late at night.

Baylor remembers the day he first saw her. Her green eyes and dirty blonde hair, that's what caught his attention, he knew that she was an Ice elemental just by looking at her. She was taller and prettier than most other girls. He knew he had to talk to her, but right now he had to train. Because Baylor was almost complete with his training, he was asked to train certain people, especially the new students. He hoped that the new girl would be assigned to him. He wanted to talk to her whenever he could.

Dr. Horrin, the dean of the school, asked if he would come to her office, he hoped it was something good. He was pleasantly surprised when he got there and the new girl was there.
"Baylor Johnson." he said stretching his hand out to shake her hand.
"Hunter Jakobson. Nice to meet you." she said as she shook his hand then quickly yanked her hand back as if she had been electrocuted.

He felt the electricity from her hand, like a jolt of energy. The connection between them was immediate.
Dr. Horrin turned to Baylor, "Would you like to train her for me?" she asked him.
"Yeah, totally."
"Thanks, but I would like to speak with you for a moment. Hunter, could you excuse us for a minute, please?"
"Yeah, I'll step out." she said as she walked out.

Baylor knew he was in some trouble. Horrin never asked him to stay after she asked him to train someone. He quickly thought about what it was that he had done. Nothing. There was nothing that came to mind.

"Baylor, chill you aren't in trouble. I wanted to tell you about her." Horrin told him.

"Good Gosh! Horrin you had me worried, I just couldn't think of what I did." Baylor said as relief washed over him.

"You need to lighten up, Johnson. Anyways, the jist of her story, grew up in a large family, youngest of 7 kids. Found out what she was at the age of 15. Left home at 17 with a boy, he left her, jobless, homeless, and broken. Don't try to be smooth, she don't trust boys. I'm having you train her to help with that. By the end of this year she needs to be in top shape." Dr. Horrin told him.

"Fine, I'll try my hardest but no guarantees. She's Ice, the only other one in this whole damn school. She's very beautiful, and that's going to be hard to resist. But for you I will try hard." Baylor said very frustrated, as he turned and walked out of the office.

Baylor had never been nervous to train a person before, but there was just something about this girl that drew his attention and made him so nervous. Well, I guess I should get up and get an hour or so of my training in before I have to start training Hunter, He thought to himself. He slowly opened his eyes and threw the covers off of him. Baylor rolled out of bed and landed face first on the floor. He jumped up off the floor, thankful that he had his own room so that no one would see what had just happened.

He pulled on his wet suit; he planned to train in water today. He didn't even bother to fix his hair as he did every morning; not that it needed to be fixed since he always kept it in a military crew cut. He then pulled on his boots and laced them up. Baylor then grabbed his watch off the nightstand beside his bed and strapped it to his wrist. Then he asked himself: glasses or contacts? This was the question he asked himself every day. I could wear my glasses for now; most people are still sleeping at this point anyways, then later when I go to train Hunter I can put my contacts in. But then again my glasses are stylish, BUT then there's the whole issue of blind spots cause of my frames. Contacts it is. It was very normal for him to talk to himself in his head or even out loud.

He stepped out into the darkened hall and turned left to head towards the training arena upstairs. He knew the path in the dark all too well. When he first got here at the school when he couldn't sleep he would slowly make his ways upstairs to the arena and do some form of training. Whether it was mental, physical, or emotional, he would train himself every night after everyone had gone to bed.

Baylor had decided on what he was going to try before he had even gotten all the way up the stairs. He had been trying and trying to do it for years. He needed to be in water and be able to freeze the water around him. This was the one thing that stood between him and his training being complete. Every time he tried he would get so close but he would get tired before he got it to freeze; he was hoping since he got to bed early last night that he would be able to do it today.  

He filled the small pool with water and then stepped in. The water would be freezing to a normal human being, but he was no normal human being. The water wasn't even cold to him. He started to focus on the water and trying to get the temperature in the pool to drop. He could feel his energy leaving his body, and the weird thing was he actually enjoyed the feeling. He welcomed it. He then started to feel the temperature drop, just slightly though, not much. Then he saw it, he saw the layer of ice start to form on top of the water. Then it was gone, focus lost. He tried three more times with the same outcome. He got out of the water and grabbed a towel. Then he glanced at his watch, it read 5:30. Well I guess I will go wake Hunter up, I'll start training her at 6. He cut the lights off in the arena as he walked out. He went down the two flights of stairs to get to the girls floor. What room did Horrin say she was staying in? Oh yes, room 281. As he walked past the rooms he counted off the room numbers in his head.  215, 217, 219…..267, 269, 271…..279, 281.  There it is. He double checked the number, 281. He heard something moving inside the room but thought nothing of it. He lifted his hand to the door to knock; then he paused. Why is this so hard for me, I'm just trying to get her up to train her, that's it. Grow up, be a man.  He did it, Knock. Knock. Knock. Then he stepped away from the door. He heard her moving and fumbling with something from inside the room. He was shocked when Hunter opened the door and had a gun pointed at his head.

"Baylor, why are you knocking on my door so early?" She asked him lowering her gun.

"Cause it's time to get up." He said.

"Well, I am apparently awake."

"Sorry, but training starts at 6, meet me upstairs, in this." Baylor said as he handed her a black wet suit, with a pair of knee high boots and a pair of gloves.

"Ok, and the wet suit is for......?"
"You will find out during your training today. Oh btw, prepare to be exhausted by the end of the day. You will just want to sleep by the time I am done with you." Baylor told her.

"We will see, I am really tough, you will have to push me pretty hard."  She told him as she grabbed the clothing from his hands. She turned around and walked back into her room and shut the door.

At exactly 6 Baylor walked into the arena, he didn't see her. "Maybe she has her phone on her." He said to himself. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialed her number. It went to voicemail. "Well, I guess I will just have to push her harder if she is going to be late to her first training session. She will learn quickly that I don't put up with this crap."  At 6:10 Baylor's phone rang, he looked at the caller ID, Hunter Jakobson. He answered, "Hello?" No reply, he turned around and was looking at the door to see if she was there, when all of a sudden he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Damn Hunter, how long have you been here?" Baylor asked after he came over the initial shock of her being right behind him.

"Oh, well i have been in here since about 5:50. I was just watching you wait for me, and listening to you talk to yourself." She said almost laughing.

"Oh you heard me talking to myself? What did you hear me say?" He asked alarmed.

"Oh I heard you, I heard everything you said. JK, Brosky, I could only hear you mumbling to yourself, couldn't make out any of the words you said." She said. "Dude, you need to lighten up, you are too high strung."

"You are the second person to tell me that, I guess I may need to lighten up."

Baylor couldn't figure her out. What did she know about him that he didn't? He had no idea, but he didn't have the time to think about it right now. He needed to have her do the initial run through of the training course. He just wanted to see where she was physically. His personal best on the course was 4 minutes and 32 seconds, if she could beat that he would know where to start her.

"Hunter, I am going to have you run this obstacle course, just to see where you are physically. Rules are you can't stop moving until you have finished the course. I want you to stretch before you run it though." Baylor told her.

"Huh, Obstacle courses have always been easy for me.  But Ok."

"We shall see how easy they are for you, then after that I want you to try something that I have been trying for years to accomplish only to fail every time." Baylor told her. He knew that if she could accomplish the freezing water technique that he had been trying to do for years that it would be HE that SHE would need to train.

The obstacle course contained several things that a person would need upper body strength to complete. Things such as the rope climbing portion and the monkey bars that went up and down all the way across. There were other things that didn't require strength but instead smarts, although this part always confused him, why did there need to be a logistical part to an obstacle course? This was one thing he would never figure out. Then to finish off the course there were a series of rock walls to climb up and down, and a tight rope to walk across.

"How fast did you run it?" she asked him.

"I will tell you after you have run it."

"Ok well what's the fastest time so far?"

"Just over 4 minutes, 4:20. This record may or may not be held by yours truly." he replied.

If Baylor had ever trained a girl before, you couldn't tell. He was so nervous about training Hunter, his hands were shaking. He was afraid that Hunter would notice. He didn't need that to happen.
"Baylor? You ok, dude?" She asked when she noticed Baylor zoning.

"Huh? Oh, yeah I'm fine." He replied.

"Are you sure?" She persisted, "You seem out of it."

"Well, I guess you could say I'm kind of out of it." Baylor said with a sigh.

"Um...You want to talk about it?" Hunter asked him with a hint of concern.

"No, not really." Baylor said, closing the issue for the time being.

"Ok, well I guess I'll go get started on something" Hunter said as she walked off.

Damn! Baylor thought as she walked away. This was not the "Damn" as in "Damn she's hot." this was the "Damn, how could she tell?" He had to figure out how to hide his feelings better. He thought he was skilled at it, but apparently not well enough. Hunter, who had known him for only two weeks, could already tell that there was something wrong with him. Maybe he was just spending too much time with her. He decided to stop for a little while, if she asked questions he would just tell her that he was busy. Not that she would buy into that, but he still held out hope that she might.

Over the next four or so days Baylor only trained Hunter for two hours per day then he would avoid her the rest of the time. He hoped that she wouldn't catch on, but the chances were that she had already caught onto what he was doing. As soon as Baylor finished that thought, Hunter walked up to him.

"Hey Baylor, what's going on?" she asked looking him dead in the eyes.

"Um, nothing's going on. Why do you ask?" Baylor responded as he looked away.

"Well, you have been avoiding me like the plague for the past few days. And you always want to chill with me. So, what's up?" She asked in all seriousness.

"Oh, Um, Well........Um, I got busy." Baylor started. "I was training, you know, getting better, so that I can train you better."

"Yeah, sure!" Hunter said as she took three steps closer to Baylor. Then in one swift movement she disarmed him of the knife he was holding and then pinned him up against the wall. She looked him dead in the eyes before continuing, "Don't lie to me, Baylor. I know exactly why you were avoiding me. One thing you don't know about me is how well and how far my abilities have developed. Most times if I am in the same room as you, I can hear your thoughts. Creepy, I know, but it is what it is. So I know you like me, I know that it freaked you out that I knew something was up the other day. Fact of the matter is, I know that you were shaking like crazy the other day when you were training me because you are attracted to me. So, I don't ever want you to lie to me again. Do I make myself clear?" She said as she applied more pressure to Baylor's pinned joints

"Uh, yes ma'am. You've made yourself very clear." Baylor said in surprise and discomfort.

"Good, now that we have an understanding, you can have your knife back." Hunter said as she handed Baylor his knife back while unpinning him in the same movement. She then turned and walked off, leaving Baylor alone with his thoughts.

What in the world just happened? How did I let myself get pinned to a wall by a girl, especially that girl? How long has she been able to hear my thoughts? Is she listening to my thoughts right now? All these questions flashed through Baylor's mind when Hunter left. At least now he knew more of what she was capable of doing. His thoughts were interrupted when Chris, a fire elemental, and one of the school's top students, walked up.

"Hey dude, what's up?" Baylor asked him.

"Nothing much just on my way upstairs; Rebecca and I were going to try to do some training. Or should I say she was going to tell me what to do and I was going to do it." Chris grinned at his own comment before continuing, "Oh well, you know how women get, always have to be bossy. But I'll catch you later or Becca is going to work me to death, even though she does that already."

"Yeah, okay later Chris." Baylor said, half laughing.

Rebecca and Chris had been friends for a while, Baylor wasn't sure of how long, or even what exactly their relationship was to each other. Baylor and Rebecca had talked together on several occasions, and she seemed like a nice girl and he was sure that she would be great to hang around. Baylor was also sure that Chris was interested in her, but that wasn't his business, he wasn't interested in Rebecca in that way. His business was Hunter, and how he could get her to fall for him.

He was pretty sure that she liked him but the question was, how much? It was the question that he didn't have the slightest answer for. Baylor glanced down at his watch which read 5:45. Well I guess I'd better call Hunter and tell her to get her ass up to the training arena. He didn't need her to be late. He was going to push her to her limits for the little stunt in the hallway earlier this morning.

He dug his phone out of his pocket and called Hunter. "Yellow?" She said when she finally answered.

"Why do you always say that, Hunter?"

"What 'Yellow'?" She asked, trying to play innocent, although she was doing a horrible job at it.

"Yes, why do you always answer the phone with 'Yellow'?" Baylor continued, keeping his voice neutral.

There was a slight pause before Hunter replied, "Um, well......I really don't know. What do you want Baylor?"

"It's time to train, come on upstairs. Bring your wet suit, boots, and gloves and pull your hair up because I'm going to be pushing you hard today. I know what you are capable of now and I'm going to use that to my benefit." Baylor said with a hint of arrogance.

"Yeah, Ok. I'll be up there in ten." Hunter responded.

Baylor walked up the stairs and entered the arena. He was thinking about what he could do to train her to the point where she would never try to pin him to the wall again. He still couldn't think of anything. So he walked over to where Rebecca and Chris were standing.

"Hey guys, I have a problem and I was wondering if maybe you two could help me with it." Baylor said as he reached them.

"Sure, what's up Baylor?" Rebecca replied.

"Well I have this student that I'm training, and I had a run in with this student this morning and I need to push them hard in training today and I wanted to know what you think I should have them do." He told them.

"Is that your student?" Chris asked as he pointed towards the door. Baylor glanced in that direction just as Hunter walked through the doors.

Damn it. He thought to himself. "Yes, that's her." Baylor said with a frustrated sigh.

"Well what happened at this run in?" Chris asked, his face breaking into a broad grin as he did so, "Did she try to kiss you to death?"

"Chris, come on, don't tease him." Rebecca said, jabbing Chris with her elbow to make her point.

"Oh, he's fine Rebecca," Baylor said as he watched Chris rub his ribs, "but no, Chris, she didn't kiss me. She pinned me up against the wall and told me to never lie to her again and then she asked if she had made herself clear. It really pissed me off I'm not going to lie." He finished just as Hunter walked up and stood beside him.

He didn't have to even look to know it was her. Just her presence there beside him was enough to let him know who it was. God, why did he have to like her so much? He barely knew the woman and he just wanted to be with her all the time. That was it, he was tired of it; he was going to ask her out today while he was training her. He still wanted to talk to Chris and Rebecca some more first though. So he turned to Hunter, "Go do some stretches and then run 2 miles. When you're done meet me back here."

"Ok." She replied and set off to her tasks.

Baylor turned back to Chris and Rebecca, "So, yeah I like her, a lot." He continued awkwardly, "I want to ask her out, but she doesn't trust men. Chris, do you have any advice?"

"Dude, if you want to ask her out, I wouldn't push her hard today; don't really start pushing her hard until she's your girl. After that you can tell her that you are doing it to help her get better. She won't question it." Chris told him.

"She might question it but not as much." Rebecca said, joining in on the advice giving, "One thing to do with women that don't trust men is always ask permission before doing anything. That restores their trust in men. Believe me; I was like that until I met my ex. He knew that I didn't trust men, so he would ask 'can I hold your hand?' or 'Can I kiss you?' or 'Can I put my arm around you?', always making sure I was comfortable before doing anything and because of that it restored my trust in men... mostly. Which is the only reason I agreed to train this big lug when he first got here, although he really tries my patience at times." Rebecca said as she punched Chris in the gut, causing him to double over.

"Thanks guys. I appreciate the advice." Baylor said to them as he turned to walk off.

"No problem, man. Just keep us posted." Chris told him.

"Ok, will do." Baylor said just as Hunter caught up to him. She wasn't even panting, or breathing heavily. He would never figure her out, Hunter was a giant mystery. Even so, Baylor liked a good mystery.

"Ok, Baylor, I'm done with that. What's next?" She asked him as they continued their way across the arena.

"Now you take a break. Take 10 minutes to stretch your legs, get some water and sit for a little bit." Baylor said.

"Okay." Hunter said with a hint of hesitation before walking off again. Baylor was still in his own thoughts when Chris walked up behind him.

"Dude, remember, she's the one who had you pinned to the wall, she's pretty tough." Chris reminded him as they both watched Hunter find a place to sit down for a minute.

"Yeah, I know, she's tough. Apparently when she was fourteen or so, a tree fell on her and knocked her out cold, but yet she's still alive. She's a survivor if I ever met one." He told Chris as he watched her. She was so beautiful he just didn't understand why she was so distant. He wanted to be the one that she let past her walls and get to know the real Hunter.

"Well, I'll let you and Rebecca get back to training, I'm going to train Hunter." He said to Chris with a nod.

"Hunter?" Chris repeated, nodding as he took one last glance in her direction, "That's a pretty name for a girl like her." Chris said.

"Yeah, I know." Baylor responded as he walked off to go get started with Hunter.
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