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The intent of this exercise is for the character to react to each situation in a manner unique to who they are, or at least to who you have created them to be.  Some of these situations are similar, I will admit, but they should prove different enough to help understand the thoughts and actions of characters in their dialogue from their perspective.

Some things to avoid:

Yelling "You B#####d!" any time a disadvantageous situation appears.
The plain-face "Well s##t" remark gets old very, very quickly, and says almost nothing about the character.
Use of "Tch" or "Heh" to represent a tough guy should be sparing, at best.  Watch Eastwood.  The man hardly says anything at all.
Monologues are almost always unnatural.  When was the last time you received a full lecture about how life works and how views are emotionally charged from someone who can't possibly have more of a hold on it all than you?  Never.  And yet, it happens in OC dialogue and in OCTs a lot.  Again though, it tells me nothing about the character, just a bushel-full about the artist.



You are asked to assassinate a local politician known for tax corruption

Sparky, your family dog, is lost in the Forest of Death

Your childhood friend sells you out to the guards in exchange for an audience with the mayor's daughter

You need the key to save your betrothed, but taking it releases a powerful demon on the populace

You are asked to set sail with strangers to foreign lands

The new kid at work keeps spilling drinks, and you know him

A stranger offers you a ride along the road

An elected official insults your way/views of life

A mysterious stone falls from space not far from where you live

Your country goes to war

You get out of hand at a party and get thrown out

Someone steals from you

You see the one who tried to kill your sibling

An attractive member of the opposite sex is flirting with you in public

A great and evil beast rises up before you

It's the big day and you don't have the right clothes

You know both sides of the argument, but can only pick one

A precious family heirloom has gone missing, and you are the prime suspect


Sól Vonamor

You are asked to assassinate a local politician known for tax corruption

No.  Your desired course of action will only cause more pain to God's servants.  I shall speak with the man to make matters right.

Sparky, your family dog, is lost in the Forest of Death

No being on God's earth should ever suffer the torment of that woods.  I shall return with our canine.

Your childhood friend sells you out to the guards in exchange for an audience with the mayor's daughter

This pain of custody is nothing that I cannot endure.  I have faith that this decision will bear a greater fruit than I currently see.

You need the key to save your betrothed, but taking it releases a powerful demon on the populace

God braces us with mortality to realize our brief purpose on this earth.  May this bond unite us chaste in the next life.

You are asked to set sail with strangers to foreign lands

I am not one to keep company with uncouth sailors.  Clean your raiments and your language and maybe I shall reconsider.

The new kid at work keeps spilling drinks, and you know him

Rest easy, my brother.  There is no need for nerves when God may still the bones.  Carry not the favor of these men, but of God.

A stranger offers you a ride along the road

I thank you, kind sir, but I must decline.  I endeavor someday to repay this kindness, nonetheless.

An elected official insults your way/views of life

You dare insult the sanctified hall of the Lord?  Sir, I restrain my hand, but only He knows if His will share in the restraint.

A mysterious stone falls from space not far from where you live

My word, I wonder as to its origin?  A solitary star cast from the heavens, no doubt.  Another angel in the ill-will of the Lord.

Your country goes to war

Bloodshed for mere territorial gains is a worthless venture.  The price in human life exceeds one million times what ought to be payed in marks.

You get out of hand at a party and get thrown out

This... this is simply unacceptable!  I demand to return to the epicenter of this house of revelry and sin!

Someone steals from you

The possessions of a crusader are the same as those around him.  He shares with the people as the people share with him.

You see the one who tried to kill your sibling

It is not my place to judge the extent of one's crime, but God's.  I am His tool, His messenger, to parley with you one last time before the final judgment.

An attractive member of the opposite sex is flirting with you in public

I... ma'am, it is simply unfitting for a crusader to embark in any form of love.  Without chastity, he is weakened to common sin.

A great and evil beast rises up before you

Know that you stand before a crusader of God and messenger of HIs will.  Servant of Satan, the righteous shall cast you back to the fires.

It's the big day and you don't have the right clothes

I have long yearned for the day of my acceptance to the Templar.  Though I never dreamed it to be this soon.  Without the proper raiment, I may come forth only in the cloth of God.

You know both sides of the argument, but can only pick one

Both are right, and none can truly be called wrong in earnest judgment.  I ask then that you pray to God for guidance, that He may decipher the outcome.

A precious family heirloom has gone missing, and you are the prime suspect

I assure you, commission of such an act defies the very statute upon which my order was founded.
The Purpose
This exercise/meme (for repeatability) was created as a way for me to test how my characters would react under certain circumstances to certain situations. It is my way of getting inside the heads of my characters to better understand why they do what they do and why they may make choices that seem to conflict with who they are without actually doing so. It's complicated. Thus, why I have created this.
The blank template takes up the top portion of this; if you wish to use it (feel free to, as the idea is hardly mine alone) and the bottom portion contains a few of my character tests.

Games Teach Character
This full idea was prompted by my play-through in "Skyrim". Basically, I want to create a character based off of Perrin Aybara, one of the lead protagonists in Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time" series. Working strictly in an RP sense, I had to ask myself, "What would Perrin do?" in each situation where I had to make a choice. A lot of the time, it wasn't what I would consider the best option either in my opinion or for game progression. However, I did not wish to break character and lose the point of my exercise.
While I have tried to do this before in "Fallout: New Vegas", "Dragon Age: Origins", and "Fable", but each feel flat in the pursuit of achievements or better ends in the game. This was no fault of the games. This was my failing, and I aim to rectify it before seriously shooting out into my own fiction writing. I must be one with the character I have created.

Thank you for reading through this mess (or more likely for skipping to the end) and I hope that you find this exercise helpful.

I guess you could technically class this as fiction...
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    Today was the day. Grand Highblood sat on the sandy ground on the beach. He stared out into the water of the ocean. The air was so calm today, although, Highblood did not seem to show any emotion. He felt... nothing in the moment he had now. He legs were criss-cross and the small troll was in his lap. he had decided on a name. He wanted to name his child... Gamzee. He had thought about it for a while, and he hoped Goatdad would approve. He held Gamzee, a hand around his small stomach, and the small troll was playing with a finger on his other hand. He kept waiting. Watching the ocean. Begging all knowing messiahs that Goatdad would actually find a reason to come back. He glanced down at the small Makara, and he actually felt a small piece of himself break on the inside. Gamzee had a hold on his finger and he had part of it in his mouth, suckling on it almost like a binky. His ears wilted ever so slightly and he felt a deep weight in his chest. he felt a longing that no one could ever know. A longing to keep his child. Now that he had him here, he didn't know what he was going to do without him. He looked like such a splitting image of himself when he was younger. He let out a small sigh, the aching in his chest becoming stronger with each passing second. You promised yourself you wouldn't get attached... He reminded himself, closing his eyes. He tried to think of the things that had happened over the course of the last few days. Taking care of Gamzee. Treating him like a son. He was his son. Although, he still couldn't keep him, no matter how much he wanted to. He glanced up at the sky. Alternia's two moons were shining bright in the clear sky, it was almost as if they, and the many stars that were shining down upon them were silently approving of what he was doing. He didn't like it reguardless, he knew this was the right thing to do. He heard footsteps shift in the sand, not paying any attention to them as he kept staring at the sky. He could see the Capricorn constellation in the sky. This month that Gamzee was born, just like him. Capricorn. The footsteps had stopped, being replaced by whoever it was sitting next to him. There was a hand placed on his shoulder. He didn't flinch, nor pull away. He knew very well who it was. There was a silence for a few moments, the two staring into the sky.
    "This is a good thing you are doing Zillyhoo... honestly I would not imagine you doing something so selfless." Said the Summoner.
    This caused Highblood to give a soft, humorous snort. "Selfless. I don't know any meaning of the word. I am not a justice Summoner." He sighed softly, closing his eyes to no longer star at the stars. He listen to Gamzee whimper and whine softly, trying to find the warmth of his ancestor. "I am no saint, and you know it to be true."
    The hand left his shoulder and Highblood heard Summoner shift around in the sand, "You may not be a saint, but you are a great Ancestor. You are giving your descendant a better chance at life. And that is something that is worth a thousand forgivenesses for everything you've done." He said, causing the Highblood to glance at him. Summoner was now laying down in the sand, "Your son will be fine with a lusus Zillyhoo, I just know it."
    Highblood turned his head slightly to look at him, he paused for the longest time and he sighed softly, glancing back up into the sky, "How can you be so sure that he will be fine? What if something bad happens to him? What if he turns out motherfucking corrupted?? What if-"
    "Highblood. Can you shut up?" Summoner chuckled slightly, causing Highblood's voice to immediately stop and he stared emotionlessly up into the sky. "If you're getting so worked up over a fucking babbi now, what are you going to be like when he's grown up? You'll be such a worrying catastrophe that you probably would never have time to rule the kingdom accordingly. He'll be fine Highblood. He'll be fine. Ticktock. Ticktock. Ticktock.


    YoU ArE GaMzEe mAkArA. aNd yOu hAvE JuSt kIlLeD AlL Of yOuR FrIeNdS.

    Gamzee dropped his club. He was currently taking residence in the woods. He didn't care where he was at, he could no longer stay in the veil. He had taken residence on his own planet. The Land of Tents and Mirth. He walked around, dragging his club, his held the horn of the troll he used to be flushed for for the longest time. His brown blood drips proudly on the ground as he walked. His face was twisted up into a sad, he maniacal smile. Gamzee wasn't completely there. It was like he was watching himself outside of his body, like something had taken over his brain. Something was making him it's own personal zombie. He felt dead, and cold on the inside. He felt like nothing. He was nothing.  He stopped walking, staring off into space, his insane smile had slowly crept away from his face, his eyes watering ever so slightly. He only stared and stared. He slowly pulled the head of his flushcrush up to meed his gaze. He stared into those dead eyes. They were pointing in different directions, but Gamzee didn't seem to mind. After all, he had his Tavbro with him now. There was brown blood dripping from the dead Taurus' lips. He stared for a moment before he slowly brought Tavros's head closer, pursing his lips just slightly, preparing to give Tavros' lips one of his signature kisses after he kills someone.
    "I wouldn't do that if I were you."
    Gamzee suddenly stopped, opening his eyes once against to look at his hands. Tavros' head was no longer in the grasp of his fingers. There was nothingness. Gamzee slowly lowered his hands until they were at his side, his head tilting down. His hair covered his face and the only thing visable was another cruel smile. "Well hey motherfucker. IT'S BEEN SOME MOTHERFUCKIN' TIME HASN'T IT?! It gets so lonely here. SO MOTHERFUCKING ALONE IN THE DARK!" His head turned loosely to the side to stare at the large troll with a psychotic grin. "WHAT'S GOT YOU ALL UP AND VISITING ME MOTHERFUCKER!? MOTHERFUCKING DAAAADDYYY!! AHA!" Gamzee took a step forward, almost stumbling and he smile up at Highblood insanely and proudly, "DID YOU MOTHERFUCKING SEE IT?! I MOTHERFUCKING KILLED THEM ALL!" He laughed.
    The Highblood frowned, his pure white eyes boring into Gamzee's purple. His expression was not anger. In fact, it was sadness. "You should not have. I know from experience. Now you are all alone. Everyone you once loved are now dead. You are alone."
    This seemed to make Gamzee seethe, "NOT MOTHERFUCKING TRUE. I got me... AND ALSO MOTHERFUCKING MEEE~! That's all I fuckin' need." He snarled, glaring deeply at him. Although, Highblood did not flinch.
    "You are angered Gamzee. but why are you truly angry?"
    This seemed to make Gamzee cringe and his eyes were full of hatred and murder. "WHY AM I ANGRY?! I'm not all up and angry my brother. I'M MOTHERFUCKING ENRAGED!! I hate my fuckin' friends. Always motherfucking did." He spat and he turned his head away, his expression softened, turning more sad, "They never all up and even cared."
    "You're wrong." Said the Highblood, "They all loved you so much. But you pushed them all away motherfucker. Karkat. Terezi. Equius. Tav-"
    "DON'T YOU MOTHERFUCKING TELL ME ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO LOVED ME!!" Gamzee suddenly shouted, his voice heightened from anger. "YOU SAY THEY ALL LOVED ME?! THEIR LOVE DIDN'T MOTHERFUCKING MATTER!!" He screamed, purple pooling from his eyes, "THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERED TO ME WAS IF YOU LOVED ME! YOU'RE MY ANCESTOR! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO LOVE ME NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS! BUT YOU GAVE ME AWAY!" His voice was trembling as he stared at him, "YOU GAVE ME AWAY AS IF I NEVER EVEN MATTERED TO YOU!" His translucent purple tears were flowing freely from his eyes, "I FELT LIKE SHIT FOR ALL THESE YEARS! I WONDERED WHEN YOU WERE GOING TO COME BACK! YOU AND GOATDAD! YOU WERE FUCKING AWFUL! YOU WERE SO MOTHERFUCKING WORRIED ABOUT YOUR KING STATUS THAT YOU DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TIME TO MAKE SURE YOUR OWN FUCKING SON WAS TAKEN CARE OF PROPERLY! I'VE BEEN ALONE IN MY HIVE FOR YEARS! NOT EVEN KNOWING WHAT I DID TO MAKE YOU SUDDENLY DROP ME OFF TO A LUSUS THAT DOESN'T EVEN CARE ABOUT ME! I HAVE DONE THINGS AND SEEN THINGS THAT YOU WOULDN'T EVEN BELIEVE HIGHBLOOD! I HATE YOU!" He screamed and he started punching his ancestor's chest, even though he knew it wasn't hurting him, he needed to let his rage out. And the Highblood just stood there and took it. He didn't recoil, he didn't fight back, he let Gamzee take out his anger on him. The punching began to wear out after a while, Gamzee's arms were growing tired, "I HATE YOU! I hate you! I hate you... I hate you..." He finally stopped and he sobbed freely into his ancestor's chest.
    It was quiet, all you could hear through the air was Gamzee's sad sobs. Highblood was holding his breath. He took a deep sigh, his arms slowly snaking around snaking around Gamzee's smaller body as he hugged him. Gamzee tried to push him away, but after the first few tries he stopped and he leaned into the close embrace of his dead ancestor. "I am so sorry Gamzee... and now that I am dead... I see that giving you up... it wasn't worth it... I have regretted it every motherfucking day. I wished I could take it back. I wanted you back with me, knowing that you were safe and well cared for... I am sorry that I was never there for you... I have shattered the soul of a small troll before he even know what was happening. This is all my fault... and I realize... it is because of me it is the way that you are now. I have corrupted you... by not corrupting you... I haven't been there for you over the years. The years of loneliness and sadness and rage. And this... is my biggest regret."

   I did it. I really did it now. They could have killed me for what I did. But I just couldn't  help myself. Stealing him was wrong and I paid the price. I did it, and I faced the consequences. He was just so innocent. When innocence had gotten in my way, I just left him. I have killed millions of trolls without a care in the world. But I couldn't let him be killed. He felt something worth of value to me. I have killed millions of trolls. and giving him up was the one thing that broke me.

I promised myself I wouldn't get attached.
I was never there.

I decided to make this a full rounded ending. See there at the bottom where it's in the quote? You remember that at chapt. 1? Yep. Anyway. Highblood goes to visit Gamzee in a dream bubble. In which he tries to apologize for letting Gamzee go when he was a grub. Making his whole thinkpan become corrupted. It's quite sad :iconkarkatcryplz: Although, I had fun writing these chapters. It turned into more than I originally thought it would. :meow: BTW, this is the last chapter. I will not be writing any more Committed chapters.

That Picture up there of the Highblood and Gamzee is made by ~PunkSm0ker

Last Chapter:…
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Sayia walked through the halls,feeling the eyes of the oni soldiers upon her.It didn't   phase,or spook her,in  fact her presence spooked them,did she care?No sayia was used to people being afraid of her. She knew she had nothing to be afraid of,just loosing her fellow shinagami's.She had finally entered the shinagami's gathering room,where the shinagamis sat in chairs as the shadow projected a hologram showing their briefing, intelligence,enemy faction weapons and vehicles,and their targets.Sayia sat in her chair which overlooked the round room she stared down them watching them chat and converse,besides yuki who spent most of her time humming her mothers song she wrote for her when she was a little girl.

Suddenly a silhouette appeared  in the middle of them all, smoking a cigarette,it was their leader,the infamous ONI shadow.The leader of ONI

"Good evening shinagamis."he softly spoke,like a gentleman.

"Good evening shadow sir."they quietly replied.

"hump...whatever tell us what the fuck we gotta do,i skipped lunch im starving!"cerberus said leaning against his chair and spitting on the ground.

"All in time cerberus,all in time."the shadow replied calmly he walked around the room looking at each one."I'm sure all of you know,the freelancers are no more the force they where.Nothing more than fugitives on the run,No where to run,no where to seek refuge,and no where to hide."He said having a bit of happiness in his voice for once.

"Yes shadow we've known this for a while know, shades division is currwently hunting down the lone survivor."Sayia said calmly.

"Survivor?"the shadow asked while turning back then walking to sayia."I think not."

All the shinagamis where suprized,the freelancer where all killed at their base stationed on a world in reach's system.Shades forces had hunted them all down and eliminated them.

"Bullshit! that is total bullshit and you know it!"Cerberus angrily replied growling even.

"Down cerberus..."the shadow said very sternly starring at him causing him to back down and growl lowly.

"Now thats out of the way i shall continue."the shadow said walking to the map and touching holograms and moving them to the middle of the circular room.Showing a world, Genesis.A world beyond the sol system.A insurrectionist planet.

"Genisis."yuki said rising up."Why are the dogs attacking their? why are they hiding there? was anyone hurt?"yuki asked in worry.

"Yuki calm yourself everything is fine,the rebels are hiding them there giving them a home while they rest and heal.No one was hurt."the shadow replied taking a puff of the cigarette.

Yuki sat down and  relaxed herself taking control of her fast breaths."yes shadow i will follow your orders."

The shadow knew what was on Genesis that belonged to yuki,he knew the insurrectionist where keeping it under their command.Hence why he wanted to go there and get it back.

"The freelance dogs are hiding in Toksik, the capitol city of the continent "Serine".The ones i have selected to hunt them down are here."he touched the hologram it spun and morphed into a square showing the three shinagamis.Cerberus,Fear,and Sayia.

"Damnit..."yuki quietly said underneath her breath looking down knowing she couldn't go.

The shadow saw this and became a bit worried he clicked a button on his pedistool and listed yuki with crest and abigale.

"Oh theres...a certain "item" we have to acquire on this planet as well,it belongs to a individual in your room. Your orders will update as you go upon your search operation."he said while smiling a bit,putting out the bud of his nicotine stick.

Yuki looked up and became filled with joy.She didn't show it but she was happy,if it wasn't there she will understand.Every road must come to an end and she knew she would find what shes looking for.Even if it took her years to finally find it,she wouldn't give up.

"Thank you shadow sir"she said while gracefully bowing her head giving her, respects."I will do my part as leader of the second team while our other brothers and sisters are away eliminating the threat the UNSC has to throw at us.I give you my word i will not let you down.You or my brothers and sisters."she said while kneeling then rising back up."But abigales mental state is she battle ready to go on a operation?"yuki asked concerned.She didnt want another hanger incident again where the walls where paitned red with a soldiers blood.

"I asked our doctor and he has informed me she is ready on your way to the hanger please stop by her room and get her if you will im sure shes ready to test her new ability."The shadow simply remarked.

"Uh sure i gues me and crest will stop by seeing as abigale only responds to yuki sayia or crest.I attempted to take her hand and she bit me..."Fear said scoffing while smiling at crest who simply giggled and smiled back.

"You will do as the shadow asks,and you will not ask questions. Am i understood?"sayia said standing looking down at Fear with her petrifying gaze.

"Yes sister i will sister"Fear quickly replied.

"Alright shinagami's dismissed."the shadow said as they all turned and headed their seperate ways.Getting ready for the trip ahead,and their operation.

Yuki stayed behind and looked up at him not moving.

"Hmm?"the shadow asked while turning."Yuki is something of the matter?"

She looked down" I promise i will not let you down my shadow...i will make myself worthy of your command.

The shadow gave a small smirk and nodded." I'm most certain you will yuki.Now go to your brethren they need you.I know you will not let them down or me yuki.Good luck my dear."the shadow said as he smiled,and faded from view.

Yuki looked back up and turned, opening the door and headed to the armory,she was ready to take what was hers back,at any cost.

Fear and crest moved through the decks of the med lab. Oni soldiers talked about pains in their arms,cramps in their sides that wouldn't go away,bullets they took form wolf pack soldiers in Russia.The standard monday in oni.

"Gah,too many wounded ya know crest?"fear said trying to start a conversation, something he was very bad at.

"I guess, usually wounded soldiers enjoy having me around "she said walking putting her arms behind her head." Sadly i do not think i will be able to fight fact i may just remain in the transport."crest said looking down."It was an honor and a privilege just to come with you guys due to my illness."crest said looking at fear.

Fear looked down then into her eyes,he knew she was ill,and the shadow was doing all he could to prevent it from gettiing worse,its why he joined the shinagami's for crest and to protect her.

"But hey crest look on the bright side,i know you cannot fight and i know you want to to help us,but you at least don't have to stay here by yourself. You get to coem with us for once right?"Fear aid smileing

"Yes,your right i shouldn't keep getting all worked up over this lets go get abby and head to the others!"crest said cheerfully.

"Thats the crest i know."fear said smileign and following her like a shadow.

They soon entered the hallway to abigale her cell was located down it at the very end.It was a solid white hallway with guards at the plexi-glass  wall in the middle of the hallway.The guards steps to the side and let them through.Crest heard abigale sinign her dark lullabies she enjoyed them,Fear however shivered at her quiet singing.They neared the cell and stopped.There was a silence,the singing stopped, then suddenly quiet foots steps were heard coming close to the door.

"Who is it!?"a voice yelled.

"Hi abby its me crest!"she said not even phased.

Fear had his red phosphorous claw ready,it was hidden behind his rags and cloth he wrapped around it. minus the finger parts.

There was a quiet silence then suddenly the singing began.Crest opened the door and walked into the darkness of the room as fear followed.There they saw abigale on her back with her knees brought up to her chest in a fetal position singing her songs.Around her wall where drawing of her killing her parents,one shown her pulling their insides out as she smiled,while another one showed her burning them,a few others show her mutilating them and putting their bodies on display as she smiled.

"Hi crest! oh...hey fear..."she said looking to the side.For once her full body restraint suit was loose, she could walk and use her arms and legs.

Fear smiled and waved,very awkwardly,he didnt want to be around abigale at all,knowing she wanted to be alone with crest or sayia.

"So abigale,are you ready?"crest said while smiling.

"Eh?"abigale looked up having her head on the floor,they seemed to be upside down,her legs where bent and hanging off the wall her arms where spread out,she was happy to move around."What'cha mean by that?"she said flipping and coming straight up,she tilted her head in confusion ,one of her fanged teeth poked out of her closed mouth.

"Oh you and i get to go on a assignment together for once!"Crest said holding abigales hand.

"Hmm....we get to kill stuff?"she said looking at her.

"I'm sure there will be hostiles for you to take down."crest replied.

"Good its my....ya know...i need somethign to kill"she said bitting her fanged teeth together making a click noise.Crest giggled at this.

"Yeah i guess we get to work together huh abigale?"Fear said trying to be friendly.

"Hmmp...your going? perfect let me kill myself so i won't suffer."she said going to the door."Come on crest lets go!"she said happily taking her hand and running off.

"Whaaa!see you at the hanger fear!"Crest said as she was dragged out of the white hallway.

Fear sighed and shook his head"This is going to be one hell of a story isn't?"he said as he began to walk to the others,the shinagamis,his brothers and sisters,his family.
WHOA so much bigger chap,im sorry guys since this is a side story only gonna have about 10 chaps into it gotta make other chaos like this long.

as you can see the shinagamis are after the disavowed freelancers whats left of them in a search and destroy op.

as well as a search op for....whatever it is yuki wants to find..

this took me about an hour or so to write im glad wrters block is lifted.

and may i say its good to write this story again there will be more on the way my friends enjoy this!

odstshane out!
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Well...its been a year since reach....since i lost many friends and family,since i lost the love of my live,and...since i nearly lost my entire squad.But,i made a soul promise,i'd protect them with my life. I've had to many losses,but that ends this day.Heh listen to me rant i forgot to introduce myself, my name is Jack Christopher noeland.I'm and ODST (orbital drop sock trooper)i was a army soldier on reach....but thats past me now,i cant tell you the horrible memories i saw on that planet.Well anyways let me give you the rundown.Im a commander,and im with a unsc division thats always been known as the best of the best 1st disivion wolf pack.In second in command,and my right hand man,is my childhood friend,Dibs dubbo.He's austrailian,mean,and ready to kill the covenant,just the soldier i need for the second in command.He carries a pretty mean shotgun,its from  when we where on reach,the special thing about it,is that it as tree barrels on it.He regrets what happened to us on reach,he wont let that happen again,not even if the entire damn covenant fleet stands in his way.Then we have seth matthews another childhood friend.Seth is the sniper of the squad,never leaves the pack without that rifle.He is on a soul search for his fiance monica,a researcher trying to find a cure for some virus.Hes hellbent on makeing sure he gets her back,not the covenat,or the innsurection will stop that.Then we have Dex,my little buddy,hes basically the pointman,equiped with a m237 light  machine-gun.Get him in range of the covies and he'll blow the covies away in a heartbeat.Hes also very trigger happy and has a hyper personality.Next up is blake,hes african american,likes heavy weapons,and is mainly known as" big brotha" as the marines call him.He uses the Spunker alot(the rpg) and the machine gun turrent detachable.His personality is happy,and caring,this guy is a true member of wolf pack,he never leaves a man behind.Then theres rickey,hes....well kinda the smart elect of the squad,he uses the assault rifle and the smg,he and dex dont useally get along either.This is my team,and i want to make sure that they dont end up like what happened on reach.Ill throw down my life if i have to to ensure that.Well thats all i can write for today,it seems we got inssurectionist activity,time to get the wolfs prepped for the hunt.

Jack Christoper noeland out.
here it is finally.the proluge to ODST Brotherhood my odst story.The proluge is based of jacks point of view.the rest of the sory will be in thrid person.and yes for now they are fighting against rebels.

leave a comment if you want.
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The feminine figure laid on her bed, examining the white walls of her quarters,seeing all the pictures that crest had drew for her.On these pictures where figures,two with black banged hair, one with white hair with silver streaks,and one with a red goatee,short hair,and a sinister hell-hound smile,like that of a hungry wolf stalking its prey,getting ready for the kill.

She turned on her back and looked at the white ceiling,sighing.She began to close her eyes as everything around her went silent and dark.

She awoke in a forest that seemed endless.The trees where all dead,gray,lowering down sometimes.She picked herself up and began to walk trying to find anyone in this dead forest.Suddenly a figure was seen,a small girl.She came close to her and reached out for her.

It was no female,it was a silhouette of a young girl.She wore a white dress,and held a stuffed bear.She began running.

The female however looked at her hand,and saw a JERICHO MK IV claw.She saw it, she was in the Shinagami armor,her name written on her shoulder pad,was named"Sayia".

Sayia hesitated and began to follow the girl. A few whispers began to say and repeat various things and phrases,many included" Death will come for you" "You cannot escape the wolfs hunt" You cannot escape us." "You killed us Sayia, for the true evil."

Sayia shook her head and ran, she saw the girl and reached out for her.Her red eyes glowed going to her,then suddenly the girls shadow disappeared and revealed itself, it was Sayia when she was younger.

Sayia backed up,shadows consumed her, she struggled to find light and turned seeing a red glare.Standing there...was a figure...with red mist glowing around him he wore black clothing,his black hair had red mist traveling through the figures hair.His eyes glowed red revealing them has he looked up.

Sayia was a bit entranced by this then noticed his hands, where glowing red claws dripping with red plasma. She turned and saw a door and ran to it, but the figure was behind her walking slowly.Sayia tried to open the door,then it opened.

She ran out,looking back a few times in the old hallway the figure kept getting closer and closer,She finally smiled once she saw her friend,the ONI shadow lowering his hand smiling at her,his eyes hidden in darkness.The sound of a pelican roared through the hallway, light shined into the dark and sinister hallways.

Sayia reached up,and before she grabbed her friends hand,he pulled back,looking at her frowning.She frowned, tears rolled down her face.Suddenly she fell, free falling for at least a solid minute then landed in something red.

She got out of the blood of red substance and saw,blood,she stepped out,but a hand grabbed her, she noticed the wall was covered in bodies, bodies of people the shadow had told her to "eliminate for a better world".

Sayia looked around as they all groaned,wanting to rip her apart for killing them.sayia stood in the blood,and was suddenly blinded by a white glow.She ran to it thinking the shadow had returned to her, She hugged the figures clothing smiling thinking she was safe as the figure patted her head.She looked up,and suddenly frowned.

It was the figure,or as many ONI operatives call him"DEATH" the rage...of sorrow.

She tried to back away,then suddenly a hand went through her chest.It was DEATH,rage of sorrow.

Sayia looked up seeing its eyes, glowing red,words written in rage lettering wher ein hsi eyes, around his mouth where red stitches blood dripped down the edges of his mouth.His smile scared sayia,she saw his hand moved upward,then drove down into her eyes,blackness surrounded her.

Sayia woke up sweating she held her head in her hands and began to pant.She felt her heartbeat,it was accelerated. She sighed,same nightmare she had a few nights ago,it was a reoccurring nightmare.One she did not want to experience.

Sayia turned to the door hearing a few knocks.She waited for someone to say something.

"Sayia?"a young female voice said quietly.

"Its and the others have an objective to do today....".crest  quietly said looking down.

Sayia stood up getting off her bed,and walked to the door.She opened it as crest looked up,greeting her with a smile."Hi,sleep well?"Crest said closing her eyes and standing with her arms behind her back giving off her heart warming smile.

Sayia looked down at her,she treated crest like a younger sister,she put her hand on top of crest's head.

"I slept well."Sayia said in her emotionless voice.Sayia hated lying to crest,but she didn't want her worrying about her.Sayia wanted crest to be happy,even if she has to lie in order to preserve that happiness.

"Good!"crest said bouncing up."I'm happy you got good sleep too".She said while smiling warmly to Sayia.

Sayia looked over and saw a young boy walking over,she saw he already had his cloth wrappings over his left eye,his hood was down.

"Hello sayia"He began."Hello crest"

Crest ran over and hugged the young man. Giggling in the process.

"Fear! your actually awake for once."Crest said while putting her finger on her chin." I wonder if that's meaning something."She commented then looked at him sternly.Have you been practicing black magic? hmm?"She said putting her hands to her side,and putting her face in front of his.

"N-no!"fear replied backing up."I just went to sleep early i swear!"

"Hmm..."crest said,making sure he wasn't lying."Okay! your telling the truth. good work fear! a good soldier has to be up and early!"Crest said making a triumphant pose pointing to the sky.

"Yeah....your telling me."Fear said looking to sayia."Also,Sayia mam.The shadow has requested us for a task.I wasn't told anything else,but to report to the briefing room."

"Crest had told me.Shall we go then?And where is Cerberus?"Sayia asked.

"Already there,and already armored and always...hes ready to kill."Fear said frowning.

Crest froze up at cerberus's name.She feared him greatly seeing the horrors he does to soldiers on the battlefield.Even their own.

"Uh...sorry crest,sayia lets go."Fear said nodding to the hallway.

Sayia nodded,then looked at crest.In return crest looked back up and smiled.She gave Sayia a small hug."Be careful...okay?"She said worryingly.

Sayia nodded,then turned and began to walk to the briefing center.
My new side story about the ONI shinagami's and what they are capable off.

Its a dark spin of my story Brotherhood.The shinagami's are called to the briefing room for one of the shadow's dark operations.What does it hold? what secrets will be broken? we will find out more in the next chapter.

(occ took a while for me to write. i hope you guys enjoy this.)
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Full name: Kayla Blaisdale

Pronunciation: kay-la blaze-dale

Nickname(s) or Alias: Kay, Goose, Nosebleed, Red / Dimitri, Dimi.

Gender: Female.

Species: Human.

Age: FO3 - 19, FONV - 23.

Birthday: July 13, 2258.

Sexuality: Heterosexual, for the most part.

Nationality: American, with Irish roots.

Religion: Believes in God, but is casually religious at best.

City or town of birth: Vault 101.

Currently lives: Megaton, until 2280. New Vegas.

Languages spoken: English.

Native language: English.

Relationship Status: It's complicated.


Height: 6'

Weight: 170 lbs.

Figure/build: Lean and slender, with developed muscles in her arms and legs - her main weapons when no hand held weapon can be acquired.

Hair colour: Burgundy/Dark Red.

Hairstyle: Long(to shoulderblades), mostly un-styled save for trimmed bangs. Worn in a ponytail most of the time, either done up like in-game, or left to hang down.

Eye colour: Bright Green.

Skin/fur/etc colour: Pale, freckled.

Tattoos: Acquires a Tunnel Snake snake tattoo during her trip to New Vegas. It is on her left arm.

Piercings: 9 rings in each ear, 1 nipple piercing - right side.

Scars/distinguishing marks: Right bicep - bullet graze. Underside of left arm - cut. Left side of rib cage - ripper graze. Right shoulder - bullet wound. Cheek marks.

Preferred style of clothing: Vault suits, leather jackets, t-shirts, tanktops, jeans, combat boots.

Frequently worn jewellery: TBA


Smoker? No.

Drinker? Yes.

Drug User? Which? Nope.

Addictions: None.

Allergies: None discovered so far.

Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: She took a bullet to the shoulder, and it sometimes gets cranky.

Any medication regularly taken: None.


Personality: Generally, she's nice to people who she feels are deserving, and belligerent to those who aren't(unless they're some sort of authority person, and could make her life hell if she got on their bad side). However, she has a quick temper and isn't afraid of starting fist fights with certain individuals. She is somewhat quiet and doesn't share her feelings easily. She enjoys comic books, re-reading beloved stories and silently fangirling over Gambit.

Likes: Comic books, Nuka Cola, Fighting, Guns, Doodling, Music, Whiskey, Beer, Baseball, Stuffed Animals, Reading, Learning about the Pre-War world, Dancing, Exploring

Dislikes: Cigarette smoke, Roach meat, Her Vault 101 job(fry cook), Deathclaws, Dresses, The Enclave,

Fears/phobias: Being alone, losing her friends.

Favourite colour: Blue.

Hobbies: Doodling, Collecting comic books, Fixing things.

Taste in music: Rock n Roll, 50s Pop.


Talents/skills: Repairing things, Figuring how to make stuff work(aka high Repair skill XD), Good with guns, Hand-to-hand combat,

Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? Nope and nope.


Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Omnivore

Favourite food(s): Brahmin steak, Fresh fruit, Eggs.

Favourite drink(s): Nuka Cola, Sunset Sarsaparilla.

Disliked food: Mole Rat meat, Dog meat(refuses to try it).

Disliked drinks: Moonshine (it kicks her ass), Wine.


Describe the character's house/home: Megaton house is decorated with the Pre-war theme. Special additions include a Grognak poster, and others recovered from the Hubris place. Some guns recovered along the way are hung on the walls, and books and pre-war toys are stuck where ever there is space atop things. The Jukebox is rarely turned off. In New Vegas, she doesn't have a permanent home, yet (the Lucky 38 isn't hers.. yet XD)

Significant/special belongings: Her Comic books, though some are bittersweet reminders of lost friendships and her Dad. Her Photograph collection is the same. Her baseball, glove and bat are reminders of one of her favorite Vault activities. The Abe action figure, because it's damn cool.


Level of education: Vault equivalent of High School.

Qualifications: Repairing certain types of machinery, Pip-boys, and guns.

Current job title and description: Mercenary/Scavenger. Courier(Yeah, that went well XD).

Name of employer: Whoever offers a suitable job, though she does end up working with Reilly's Rangers for a few years, after the events of the main quest.


Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Aggressive. However, she won't kill a foe unless they're carrying a gun, and can potentially kill her before she can get to them.

Fighting skills/techniques: Good with punches and kicks. Her aim with a gun is pretty good, too. In situations that call for either life or death, she will snipe as many as she can.

Special skills/magical powers/etc: N/A

Weapon of choice (if any): Scoped rifle or 10mm, Grenades, Baseball Bat.

Weaknesses in combat: She is clumsy with most melee-type weapons and blocking hits, and can become overconfident. Certain now-healed injuries still give her trouble, and can cripple her if they receive a good hit.

Strengths in combat: She's quick and can hold her own against most male foes. She also knows where to punch to best disable a foe, but will rarely resort to crotch kicks.


Parents names: James and Catharine.

Are parents alive or dead? Both are deceased.

Is the character still in contact with their parents? If they weren't dead, she would be.

Siblings? Relationship with siblings? No official ones.

Other Important Relatives: Lucy Palmer and Herman Gomez. They may not have been officially related, but Lucy was like a grandmother figure, and Herman was something of an uncle.

Partner: Knives

Children: None.

Best Friend: Baraka, Amata, until she banned Kayla from the Vault. Butch is her new BFF.

Other Important Friends: Charon, Julian, Baraka, Veronica, Cass, Andrés, Reilly and the Rangers, Sarah Lyons, Freddie, Beetle, Knives

Acquaintances: Many.

Pets: Sparky, the Radroach. Dogmeat & Rex.

Enemies? Why are they enemies? Colonel Autumn - for his interference in Project Purity, and being the cause for James to sacrifice himself. Benny - he shot her in the head >:I.

Backstory: This is the part I suck at, so I'll add it later, maybe XD.
I finally did one of these! Although this is kind of incomplete. I know there's things I missed, and I need to write a bio x.x

The image is a screenshot(picture of the tv actually) I added bangs and other details to. I cleaned it up a little, as well.

The blank sheet is by =TtotheAFFY and can be found here: [link]
Dimitri belongs to A. Crowe.
Andrés belongs to !GlitteryJizz
Beetle belongs to =Jathis
Knives belongs to ~dr-glitzkrieg

Edit #2: If you got here from my rp account, note that a lot of things on this profile no longer apply to that Dimi. I'm linking this mostly for stats and the picture XD.
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Introduction and Early Life

Ronald Wilson Reagan would start and leave his presidency incredibly popular. He would become known as the "Great Communicator" with the American people, largely due to his years as an actor. He was the oldest man to ever be elected and he would have one of the most revolutionary presidencies in history. Reagan was born in 1911 in Tampico, Illinois and lived through his early years in a family of modest means. When he was a teenager, he first got interested in politics. President Calvin Coolidge was in the White House and his economic policies of cutting taxes and reducing government spending inspired Reagan. Nevertheless, after graduating from Eureka College in 1932, he voted for Democrat Franklin Roosevelt. He worked as a radio sports announcer before being offered a contract from Warner Brothers in 1940. In the 1950s, Reagan worked for the Sunday television show "General Electric Theater" and eventually entered politics. He married Nancy Davis while president of the Screen Actors Guild.

At first, Reagan was a Democrat who liked the ideas of John F. Kennedy, but as the Democrats moved left, Reagan moved right. He soon became a strong conservative voice for the Republican Party and won the election for governor of California in 1966. Reagan beat Democratic incumbent Pat Brown because he spoke better than most politicians. This was because of his years in radio and television which allowed him to convince voters. Brown and the national media made Reagan look like an anti-labor and anti-intellectual reactionary and expected an easy victory. In that election, 400,000 middle class Democrats voted for Reagan and became famously known as Reagan Democrats. These supporters would allow Reagan to have so much success in future elections. Brown would be the first of many people to underestimate Reagan.

The conservative governor ran for president several times, but lost in the Republican primaries. The first time he ran was in 1968, but the voters nominated Richard Nixon. After Nixon resigned, Reagan challenged the incumbent Gerald Ford for the Republican nomination. Many establishment Republicans expected an easy victory for the moderate Ford, but Reagan proved to be a strong challenge. The primary went all the way to the convention where Reagan finally gave up. While the Republicans adored Reagan far more than Ford, many still held a sense of loyalty to the incumbent. By 1980, Ronald Reagan was experienced in national campaigns and was ready to finally win the nomination.

The 1980 Presidential Election

Reagan was the obvious favorite and easily beat former CIA Director George H.W. Bush and Illinois Congressman John B. Anderson. The Democrats on the other hand were divided between incumbent President Jimmy Carter and Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts. While Carter won more primaries than Kennedy (a brother of President John F. Kennedy and Attorney General Robert Kennedy), the senator did not drop out and the convention was one of the most of brutal in history. However, Carter was able to win his nomination and made a speech about Reagan's dangerous policies. Democrats weren't the only people criticizing Reagan's supply-side economic theory that had not been truly seen since the 1920s, so were some Republicans. Bush declared his policies "vodoo economics", but despite this Reagan picked Bush as his vice presidential candidate. Anderson was not out either as he decided to run as an independent third party candidate.

While Reagan brought in his own economic plan to the election, Carter did not. This hurt Carter's campaign as many Americans saw him failing in the economy. Foreign policy was dismal as well because of the hostage crisis in Iran. Democrats who did not support Carter backed Anderson. Reagan promised to strengthen the military against the Soviets. This helped him since typically 60 percent of Americans in polls saw the United States as losing its strength. Carter's television ads praised him as a peacemaker and Reagan as a warmonger, but the American people wanted a stronger president. Reagan's campaign ads focused on his record as governor where he cut the deficit and lowered taxes while attacking Carter for high inflation and the Iran hostage crisis.

The League of Women Voters was planning to hold debates during the 1980 election, just like they did in 1976, but Carter was reluctant. When John Anderson was considered for entering a debate Carter refused to show up. Reagan would not do the debate without Anderson. As a result, Reagan and Anderson went up against each other. The Illinois congressman who was widely seen as an intelligent statesman was unable to defeat the former actor. Reagan's skills from Hollwood helped him greately against Anderson. The independent candidate's poll numbers fell from a high of 20 percent to a low of 5 percent. Eventually, Carter accepted to debate Reagan but Anderson was not invited. The president and the governor faced off in the second debate and Reagan was the clear victor, boosting his poll numbers tremendously. Reagan won by a landslide with 50.8 percent of the votes, Carter had 41.0 percent, and Anderson had 6.6 percent.


"Man is not free unless government is limited." - Ronald Reagan

The drive for a more supply-side economic policy first rose in the 1970s in The Wall Street Journal business newspaper. Jude Wanniski, an editor for the paper, was a firm supporter of lower tax rates and less regulation. Wanniski was spreading the ideas of economist Arthur B. Laffer, who created the famous Laffer curve. Laffer had first discussed the concept of the Laffer curve to members of the Ford administration while drawing the idea on a cocktail napkin to show them. In the Laffer curve there were two scenarios, one was a tax rate at 0 percent and the other was at 100 percent. In both cases, the government would receive no revenue because no one would work for the loss of all their income. Laffer argued that at a certain point taxes would be too high and cause the government to lose money as people moved their capital to tax shelters. Laffer and other supply-side economists argued that the high tax rates at the time were not receiving the revenue they were expected too and were destroying productivity.

In the White House, Ronald Reagan ordered a portrait of Harry Truman in the Cabinet room be taken down and one of Calvin Coolidge be put up. Coolidge was his role model for economic policy. Reagan put Arthur Laffer on his Economic Policy Advisory Board. Reagan promised to cut taxes for the American people, deregulate the economy, and cut government spending. At first, his tax plan called the Economic Recovery Tax Act was stalled in Congress, but in an assassination attempt on March 30, 1981, Reagan gained national praise and his tax bill was passed months later. The tax bill was a 25 percent cut on income taxes for most Americans. This was followed by a tax increase a year later, but nevertheless the tax cut was deep and effective allowing many Americans to recover from the terrible recession. Unemployment started at 7.6 percent and would peak at 10.8 percent, but would start to rapidly fall. Real GDP grew from 0.9 percent before the tax cut to 4.8 percent after. Inflation started falling and government revenue started rising. The Laffer curve proved to be successful.

While at first bitter political rivals, Reagan and Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill became fast friends. When Reagan first took office, the powerful speaker called him, "Herbert Hoover with a smile," but personally they were always on cordial terms. The Democratic speaker may have forgotten that Hoover skyrocketed taxes during the Great Depression. Nevertheless, Reagan and O'Neill liked to share Irish stories and one journalist said they were friends "after 6:00 pm." Despite being from different political parties, they enjoyed speaking with each other and this sometimes allowed bipartisanship.

When Reagan cut the capital gains tax, new businesses started forming in the electronics industry. The most notable of these new businesses were Apple and Microsoft. The tax cuts created during Reagan's era directly contributed to the creation of the computers, VCRs, cell phones, and other electric devices. Had he not come to office, the growth of these two companies may have been largely different. Reagan's policies also helped the telecommunications sector. Deregulation in that sector led to competitive services, cable television, and wireless communication. Businesses weren't just thriving, people were. Real median household income rose by $4,000 during his presidency, a strong change from the decline in income during Carter's presidency.

Overall, domestic spending was constrained during Reagan's presidency, only growing by 1 percent per year in comparison to 3.5 percent under Carter's presidency. One of Reagan's regrets was that he could not cut domestic spending faster. Congress was intent on keeping many social programs and Reagan with his Office of Management and Budget director David Stockman were unable to pass massive $100 billion spending cuts that they had originally planned for. Reagan was very disappointed with Congress, but decided to focus more on compromise with Tip O'Neill. The Democrats (and some Republicans) would not allow large domestic spending cuts mostly due to special interest groups that held a lot of power in several states. There was one area in government spending that did rapidly increase: the military.

A Stronger Foreign Policy

Ronald Reagan's foreign policy was a return to the "big stick" diplomacy used by President Theodore Roosevelt. He called the USSR the "Evil Empire" and started to get more forceful on the Soviets. When Reagan first became president in January 1981, the military was low on morale, money, and equipment. The US military's international reputation was gone from the effects of the Vietnam War. Carter did little during his term to restore faith in the military and had made budget cuts in important weapons programs. Reagan massively increased the military budget and started a new program: the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI or "Star Wars" program) to create a space defense system that would destroy incoming nuclear missiles. While this did make the military stronger, a negative effect from the heavy military spending was the national debt which skyrocketed during Reagan's presidency from $1 trillion to $2.6 trillion when he left office. The deficit went up to over 6 percent, but just like FDR in World War 2, Reagan knew that a massive amount of money was needed to be spent to win Cold War.

Reagan wanted to directly confront the Soviet Union, but that was difficult early in his presidency as the American people still feared a second Vietnam War. In October 1983, US marines stationed in Beirut, Lebanon as part of an international peacekeeping force were killed in a suicide bombing. Reagan pulled out, but still showed military power when he launched an invasion of Grenada in response to a coup that brought a communist government to power. Democrats and the liberal press argued that the invasion might result in a failure and was not worth it, but the American troops won the invasion. The victory was quick and easy. Faith was starting to be restored in the American military.

While all this happened, the liberal media continued to criticize Reagan for creating a disastrous doctrine. Reagan was made as a man who would cause a nuclear apocalypse, but his allies fired back that SDI was created to stop nuclear missiles not create a disaster that would destroy the world. Reagan didn't just want to limit nuclear missiles, he wanted the eliminated. He wanted to go further than Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford ever did. The same month the invasion of Grenada occured, people around the world protested his actions, but the president did not give up. The Soviet Union's attempts to gain the advantage over the United States were failing. Those who backed the Reagan Doctrine, like British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl were reelected.

The Iran-Contra Affair and Conflicts in the Cabinet

With the economy booming and Reagan's approval ratings rising, the chances of a second term were clear. The Democrats nominated Jimmy Carter's vice president, Walter Mondale, as their candidate and historically nominated Geraldine Ferraro as their vice presidential candidate (the first time a female was nominated as a vice presidential candidate in a major political party). Reagan won a greater landslide in the 1984 election than he did in the 1980 election. Reagan had 525 electoral votes to Modale's 13 (all from Minnesota and Washington D.C.) along with 58.8 percent in the popular vote to Mondale's 40.6 percent. Reagan continued his conservative economic policies and signed another massive tax cut in 1986 along with major reforms in the tax code, but that same year was soon dominated by a scandal.

In Nicaragua, a civil war was occurring between the right-wing free market Contra rebels and the Sandinista left-wing socialist government. The Sadinista government had taken control of Nicaragua in the late 1970s with the support of the Carter administration and promised financial assistance. Carter and his advisers were not prepared when the new government cancelled promised elections and established friendly relations with the Soviet Union. A large military was built to spread Marxism through Central America and the government seized several private lands. This was very dangerous for the United States. The Soviets already had other communist strongholds in Cuba and Grenada, but now they had one on the mainland between both Americas.

Reagan wanted to help the Contras, but his bill to send funding was rejected by Congress, who was worried of another Vietnam. However, several government officials including Colonel Oliver North decided to send supplies illegally through Iran to the Contras. One of the most recent enemies of the United States was now receiving American money to fund a revolution in Nicaragua. When this was discovered, the American people were outraged and Congress began an investigation. The investigation found no proof that the president was involved, but he took responsibility for what had happened. The public forgave him because he took responsibility and his approval ratings started rising again.

Problems were also looming in the White House. Budget director David Stockman was continuing to find Reagan as someone who truly did not have the stomach for his major budget cuts. Reagan had continued to realize how much Congress was against huge domestic spending cuts, but continued to limit its growth. Stockman was angered that his chief executive was not launching a political war with Congress, but Reagan needed Congress to cooperate for the most part with a recovering economy and his foreign policy. Stockman started to publicly criticize Reagan and worked with Republicans and Democrats in Congress to approve tax increases to raise revenue (even while the Laffer curve proved it was not true). First Lady Nancy Reagan urged her husband to fire Stockman, but the president hated to fire people. This was a huge weakness in his management style, but eventually Stockman left in 1986 to take a job on Wall Street.

A Peaceful Ending to the Cold War

With a strong allies in Prime Minister Thatcher and Chancellor who Kohl (who shared the president's free market values), Reagan continued his political attacks on the Soviet Union. However, relations between the Americans and the Soviets started to improve when President Reagan met Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev and the two became fast friends. Reagan and Gorbachev met at Reykjavik, Iceland in October 1986 to discuss reductions in nuclear weapons by as much as 50 percent. Gorbachev went even further and discussed reducing conventional weapons in the Warsaw Pact. Then, Reagan suggested that all nuclear weapons be eliminated between the two nations. Gorbachev responded, "Let's eliminate them." It seemed that the most important treaty in world history was about to take place. Then, Gorbachev and the Soviets looked at Reagan's SDI program. If any agreement was to made, the Soviets said that SDI must be eliminated as well. Reagan had promised it to the American people and refused. This led to no agreement being made at the summit. However, it did lead to the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty fourteen months later, which did reduce nuclear weapons. Reagan also started to cut the military budget as a result of improve relations and Soviet decline.

The USSR was crumbling down and the Cold War was coming to an end. Militarily, Reagan's high military spending and the creation of SDI was too much for the Soviets to compete with (who were already spending a lot of money into their military). Reagan also sent aid to rebels in Afghanistan. The Soviets had entered the country to help the communist government against the rebels, but this cost a lot of men and money. Economically, Reaganomics had played their role in the Soviet Union's demise. Reagan's conservative actions in lowering taxes and cutting both domestic spending and government regulations was too much economic competition for the USSR's command-directed communist economic system. Politically, Reagan confronted the Soviets at every turn. On June 12, 1987, Reagan gave the most famous speech of his presidency when at the Brandenburg Gate near the infamous Berlin Wall he said, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" While all presidents since Harry Truman deserve some credit for ending the Cold War, Reagan no doubt deserves the most.

In the United States, the cuts in military and domestic spending along with the steady increase in revenue led to the decline of the deficit which was now at 3 percent, exactly where it started when Reagan first entered the office. Unemployment had went down to 5.5 percent, the Dow Jones Industrial average had grew by 130.60 percent (despite a stock market crash in 1987 that had little negative effects due to Reagan's policies), and the American people were in good spirits. Reagan's economic and foreign policy victories made him extremely popular, despite the Iran-Contra scandal and the issues with David Stockman. Reagan finally left office in January 1989, beloved by the American people.

Legacy and Later Life

Ronald Reagan was many presidents. He combined the charisma of Franklin Roosevelt, the domestic policies of Calvin Coolidge, and the foreign policy of Theodore Roosevelt together into one. Since the death of John F. Kennedy, the American people had been looking for another president who could be similar. Lyndon Johnson had been a casualty of the Vietnam War, Richard Nixon was a heroic failure, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter both failed in bringing faith in the presidency. With Ronald Reagan, the American people found a man that could measure up. During Reagan's presidency, people had been concerned that Alzheimer's disease had made him forgetful during meetings. This is debatable, but Reagan wrote a letter to the public that he had Alzheimer's on November 5, 1994. His wife Nancy withdrew him from many public appearances. When he died on June 5, 2004, he could not remember that he was one of the most popular presidents of all time.
George H.W. Bush:…

Jimmy Carter:…

Picture: Ronald Reagan's presidential portrait.

I do not own this picture. It belongs to its rightful owner.
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Super Dreadnoughts:

1 Deployed:

Emperor Scar Class:
His Will


5 Deployed:

High Emperor Class class:
Exalted, Decimator, Ensalver, Deliverance, Capitols Might

Battle Ships:

450 Trident class Battleships:
 Scars Wisdom, Might, Scars Vengeance, Emancipator


Olympus class: 300 deployed
Capitols Blade, World Burner

Mobile Guns:

50 Tartarus class:
Sledgehammer, The Destroyer, Atomic Fire


1500 Deployed:

150 Stolen Dart class

Notable ships include: The Liberated, Traitor, The Illuminated

1350  Medusa class

Notable ships include: Blood Strike, Killfrenzy, Scars Triumph


1250 Escorts

250 Stolen Razor Class

1000  Icarus Class

Notable squadrons: Maruaders, Swift Kills, Capitols Swords


Extra Support vehicles:

Scars Flagship: Voice of Godhood

Experimental Sun Killer Scars Touch

Capitols fleet list.

Any questions just ask
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    I do not own the rights to any of the characters that appear in my little story. Now I do not claim I can tell a story nearly as well as J.K. Rowling (if I could I'd be a millionaire). The best I can do is all I can offer. I hope that you will be entertained.

Harry Potter
And The
Mists Of Avalon Pt. 3

           Story: Kim West                                     
           Editing: Autumn Winters

     A new day begins as we enter Diagon Alley, a marketplace for witches and wizards.  It is a magical world of wonder, delight, and sometimes danger. You see there are things lurking within the shadows. Things that are both nasty and terrible. They have escaped from the wizard prison known as Azkaban. No, these are not mere prisoners who escaped; these are dementors, my friends. Vile creatures that torment prisoners by taking all positive spirit and hope away, and can swallow your very soul leaving you worse than dead. This is known as "The Kiss Of Death," and they will strike anyone at any time without warning. It matters not to them about such concepts of good and evil. The five dementors did strike only a few hours ago, a poor wrinkly old witch by the name of Roberta Prissywillow. Members of The Ministry Of Magic arrived on the scene.

     "Poor woman never had a chance," said Perrywinkle.
     His partner Grimmerfinch studied the woman, who was essentially just a living corpse at this point.

     Grimmerfinch spoke softly, "Did she have any friends or family?"

     "We're looking into it, but so far nothing. Most people we talked to said that she was just a crazy old bat that really made a nuisance of herself. Many of them think that she finally snapped when they found her like this."

     "Good, let them believe that for now. I don't want people to start panicking."

     Perrywinkle looked uneasy. "Shouldn't we warn people that…"

     Grimmerfinch's eyes flashed. "That What? That five dementors are running loose and we can't control them, that even if we manage to find them we have no way of stopping them. Oh and don't forget for one moment that we will probably end up just like her if we happen to surround them!" Grimmerfinch yelled in frustration, "Is that what you were about to suggest?"

     Perrywinkle looked down at his shoes. "No, I suppose telling the public wouldn't help matters much."

     "The Ministry should have never used those things in the first place," said Grimmerfinch as he handed his partner a bit of a smoke.


     On to other parts of Diagon Alley, to be precise Flourish and Blotts. This is where many students buy school supplies such as black cauldrons, spell books, and potions. Not all of Hogwarts' young students came to shop however. Ginny Weasley, for example, had wondered off on her own, she had far more important things on her mind than mere shopping. She, instead, wanted to find somewhere private in which to try out a necklace -a certain necklace she just happened to steal…ah…borrow from Becky.

     Ginny eyed the piece of jewelry in its protective case as if it were a p          iece of candy. "It's not fair that Becky has such big round boobies and I'm just as flat as you please." Ginny then grinned. "Not anymore…now that I have you, MY PRECIOUS."

     Ginny opened the case and put on the necklace. She didn't really notice anything, even though changes were certainly taking place. She definitely became curvy in all the right places. Her breasts grew until they were the same size as Becky's fine bosom; legs became slightly longer and more graceful; hips, thighs, and rear filled out rather nicely as well.

      Ginny sighed to herself in a soft sexy voice. "Maybe the magic has worn off."

     Just then, a light flashed and temporarily blinded her.

     "Wow, your soooo pretty. I just had to take your picture. I hope you don't mind? I always seem to forget to ask before taking pictures. By the way, what's your name? Do you go to Hogwarts? I go to Hogwarts. Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Colin Creevey. Did I already ask you what your name was? I'm sorry I forgot, it's a nasty habit of…"

     "Wait! Please let me say something!" Ginny shouted at Colin.

     The blond haired boy stood sheepishly in front of Ginny holding his prized possession in his hands which was his camera of course. He was never seen without the bloody thing. It was like it was a part of his body like an extra arm.

     "Now then, did you just mention that I was pretty?" asked Ginny.

     Colin stood silent and looked somewhat nervous.

     Ginny sighed and rolled her eyes. "You may speak now."

     "Is this a trick question? I don't understand. A very pretty girl like yourself is wondering why I would say she's pretty?" Colin's eyes grew wide, "Are you a Weasley? Did Fred and George put you up to this?"

     "I'm Ginny…Ginny Weasley, and Fred and George would never let me be part of one of their pranks."

     "Ginny Weasley, you say?

     "Yes, why do you look so confused?"

     "You've changed quite a bit over the summer, that's all I've got to say."

     Ginny looked down at herself and gasped. "I'VE GOT BOOBIES, REALLY BIG BOOBIES."

      She smiled as she looked at the rest of herself. It had worked. The necklace transformed the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

     Ginny looked at Colin and simply shrugged. "Uh…well, I guess eating all the right kinds of foods and daily exercise certainly did the trick then? What can I say?"

      As incredible as it may seem, Colin was apparently gullible enough to believe what Ginny had said, or was it, perhaps, the fact that Colin's eyes were suddenly focused on something else besides Ginny's newfound beauty.

      "Oh my, that's a beautiful necklace you're wearing. Do you mind if I have a closer look? Perhaps even take a macro shot of it?"  

     Ginny scratched her head a moment; she wanted to say "no," that there was something rather dangerous about letting him have it. Try as she might though, she simply could not remember why boys should not touch this particular necklace, so she handed Colin her treasure for him to behold.

     "This is incredible, it must be worth a fortune," said Colin as he began to glow pink.

       Ginny watched as the blond boy began changing into a cute, petite girl with blonde curly hair. Ginny suddenly remembered why she didn't want Colin to touch Becky's necklace. She couldn't say anything now, it was too late. Colin's transformation was complete.

     "Ah, do you mind if I had that back? I have to be…ah...some place…uhmm…right now," Ginny said somewhat nervously.

     Colin Looked up and handed Ginny the necklace back. "Sure thing…uhmm…Ginny?"

     "Do you mind if we went on a date sometime?"

     Ginny blushed. "Uh…not right away, Colin…perhaps in a couple of months."

     Just as she was in the process of running away she noticed Holly, Becky, and Hermione heading right for her. "Oh no, this is defiantly not good," she thought to herself.

     "Hey, isn't that your necklace that girl has in her hand? Hermione asked Becky.


     "I'm sorry, Becky, I was just borrowing it. I meant to ask you, but for some reason it simply slipped my mind."

     "Holey Cricket! It's Ginny!" Hermione gasped as she noticed Ginny's new form - gasped with a bit of envy I might add.

     Becky was about to yell some more when Colin began taking more pictures. This time she pointed her camera in Holly's direction. The flash momentarily blinded everyone.

     "Wow! Holly Potter! I'm sorry; I just had to take your picture. You may not remember me but I'm your biggest fan. My name is Colin Creevey and I go to Hog…"

     "Hang on a moment! What did you say your name was?" Holly asked with unease.

     "Colin Creevey, I'm Gryffindor just like you, but I suppose you wouldn't remember someone…"

     "Ginny, you let him touch that necklace didn't you?" Holly accused.

     "Uh…yeah…I suppose." Ginny said sheepishly.

     "Oh my, you are in trouble now," Becky sighed, "When mum finds out you turned Colin into a girl she's really going to flip."

     Colin looked down at her body just then. "I'm a what?"


     Colin was so shocked at what she saw that she did the unthinkable. She let go of her camera. It quickly fell to the ground, breaking into tiny bits. It lay in ruin as it crackled and fizzled. Colin's eyes grew wide in shock and yes, in horror as well, over the sudden, tragic loss of her greatest treasure.


     The whole store could hear this scream. She continued to scream as she ran away. Everyone stayed clear of her apparent rampage as she went in search of her mommy.

     "That went well." Holly said calmly.

     Becky kicked the rubble a bit with her shoe. "Do you think it can be fixed?'

     "There's only one way to find out," Hermione said as she pointed her wand at the broken camera, "I always wanted to try this spell I read in Film Magicians Weekly."

     "Why would you bother reading that? You're not a film person." Holly said scratching her head.

     "She'll read the ingredients off of a bubblegum wrapper if you let her. You know that as well I do." Becky replied smugly.

     Hermione paid no attention to Becky as she flicked her wand.


     Suddenly the pile of rubble became a small tornado as it whirled about the floor. After several moments, the tornado dissipated leaving a shiny new camera behind. It began to hop about the floor, and then it jumped high into the air, and then it landed in the waiting hands of a smiling Hermione.

     "Uh…Hermione, I don't think Colin's camera was magical before." Becky said nervously.

     "Well it certainly is now, isn't it?" Holly said as she watched the camera purr in contentment.

     Hermione simply rolled her eyes. "You wanted me to fix the camera and so I did, besides I think it's rather cute now the way it is."

     "What if the Ministry…"

     "Oh please, whose father enchanted a certain car not too long ago?"

     "Yes but…"

     "And who took that certain car for a joy ride all the way to Hogwarts?"

     "Hey that wasn't a joy ride I'll have you know!" Becky huffed.

     "I agree, we nearly died at least twice on that little adventure." Holly added.

     "Very well, I won't argue further on the subject." Hermione turned to face Becky. "Does the camera stay or do I turn it back into a pile of junk?"

     The camera started to shiver and whine in a rather pathetic way. All eyes were on Becky at that moment.

      "Please Becky! Don't kill it!" Ginny pleaded.

     Becky grumbled. "Oh bloody hell! I can't take this anymore! We'll find Colin and give her back that thing, alright?"

     Ginny smiled and hugged her sister, who slowly hugged back and smiled her own smile.

     "You better find mum quickly before she finds out what happed on her own." Becky told Ginny.

     Ginny nodded and soon she ran out of the store in search of her mum.  

     "I swear, that girl is becoming a bloody menace." Becky said shaking her head.

     "I don't know, I'd say she's just trying to be more like her big sister." Holly replied with a bit of a smile.

     Becky gave Holly a dirty look but said nothing.

     "We better get moving if were ever going to catch up to Colin." Hermione told the others.

      So the three of them headed off in the direction they last saw Colin when they ran into Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle.

     Malfoy bowed to Holly. "Ah, if it isn't the lovely Miss Holly Potter."
     Crabbe and Goyle laughed aloud and nearly fell to the ground.
     Holly was seething with anger. "Out of my way Malfoy, or I'll knock your block off!"

     Holly pushed passed Malfoy hoping that he wouldn't call her bluff. She wasn't sure she'd be able to take him in her current condition. All she wanted, at this point, was to get away from the teasing.

     "No! Wait! Come back!" Malfoy called out.

     "Grow up, Malfoy!' shouted Becky as she and Hermione chased after their friend.

     Malfoy turned to face Crabbe and Goyle who were still busy laughing to notice that he was furious with them.


     Crabbe and Goyle stopped laughing.

     Malfoy clenched his fists. "You made my poor, sweet Holly think I was mocking her."

     His sidekicks looked at him as if they were a bit confused. I could not say whether they thought Malfoy had suddenly gone insane or that they simply were trying to figure out what imbecilic meant. Alas, the world may never know. In any case, Malfoy was defiantly frustrated at the turn of events. He knew that Holly would never trust him, and why should she? Malfoy had always been enemies with Harry, so why would things change now?

     Becky and Hermione tried in vain to look for their fellow Gryffindor, but she was nowhere to be seen. Holly, in fact, had made her way into a dark alley. Did I say the word dark? Why yes, I believe I did say dark. Do you remember I mentioned something about five dementors roaming freely? Well, Holly managed, quite nicely, to find the very alley in which they were roaming freely. They, in turn, discovered her and promptly began moving toward her.

     Holly backed away. "Oh no, this is not good."

     She ran in the opposite direction as fast as she could. One of the dementors just missed grabbing her arm by a fraction of an inch. As she ran, she began to wonder why she had not fainted. In the past, as Harry, he would do exactly that whenever those nasty things came lurking near. Holly did not have time to ponder this because she was being surrounded by the dementors. People cried out in terror when they saw the creatures.


     "Oh my! That poor girl!"

     Becky and Hermione heard the shouts and saw their friend being surrounded. They tried to rush in and rescue her, but people in the crowd refused to let them.

     "Let us go! That's our friend!" cried Hermione.

     "She needs our help!" growled Becky.

     One of the people holding them said," No dearies, it's too late for your friend."

     Another added, "You'd only be throwing your lives away."

     The dementors were upon Holly. One of them grabbed her by the arm but quickly let go, screaming in agony as it did so. Then red, glowing cracks of light formed on its hand. The red cracks soon spread, covering the entire creature's body. It flailed about until the red light expanded from its body for a moment, then, with a flash, it imploded taking the creature with it. The other four dementors suddenly backed off sensing that the tables had turned. It was they who had become the hunted. They tried to get away but found that they were frozen in their tracks; a bright light shone forth from Holly, engulfing the four as she floated in mid air.

     She looked down upon them and said in a commanding voice, "Evil creatures of the night, be gone from my sight."

     Inhuman cries rang out as the light simply faded the dementors into nothingness, soon after, the light faded and Holly slowly floated to the ground. The crowd let go of Becky and Hermione and they rushed to the side of their friend.

     "How did you do that?" asked a stunned Becky.

     "I…think…" Holly murmured.

     "Let's find someplace where we can talk, and you can get a bit of rest," Hermione said as she and Becky helped Holly.

     Suddenly a curly-haired blonde broke free of the gathering crowd. She sped up to the three girls with wonder and awe in her eyes. She was quickly followed by a rather nervous, middle-aged woman.

     "Holly! That…was…incredible!"

     "Hi Colin, I'm glad your alright." Holly looked up at the woman standing next to Colin. "I presume you must be Colin's mother."

     "Yes I am, and you must be Holly Potter. My son…uh…daughter idolizes you and from what I just saw I can see why."

    Becky stepped forward just then. "Sorry about Colin turning into a girl and all, but it's not permanent. Colin should become a boy again in three months time; that is if he doesn't have…"

     Hermione interrupted Becky at that point. "Hey! Colin, guess what I have for you!"

      She presented Colin with her camera, which leaped into the air and landed quite safely in Colin's hands. She looked at it with the bright, shiny eyes of a child waking up Christmas morning to find the perfect present to love and cherish.


     Before anyone could answer she spun around to face Holly. "Please, can I take your picture with me?"

      Colin's camera suddenly floated out of Colin's hands and positioned itself for the best possible angle it could manage. Meanwhile Colin had joined Holly's side and was smiling a big bright smile.

      "Uh, sure", said Holly as the camera flashed.

      "Wow, this is a neat way to take pictures," giggled Colin as the camera suddenly zoomed about taking various pictures of Hermione, Becky, and finally the crowd.

       "Colin dear, don't you think that's enough pictures for one day?"

     "Ah, but mom", Colin whined in the universal whine all children seem to make to their parents. Her mother simply smiled at her new daughter knowing that her child was happy, healthy, and safe. They both waved goodbye to the three girls.

     Holly, Becky, and Hermione waved back for a few moments, but then they soon moved toward the crowd which had no intention of blocking their way. Somewhere in the deep, dark shadows lurked a figure. It was "He Who Must Not Be Named." He watched his dementors suffer defeat with ease, and I can tell you he looked worried.

     "It appears I'm going to have to come up with some stronger allies if I am going to neutralize that little…" his words trailed off as he watched Holly Potter leave.  

     The three girls made their way to Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor. They sat down with ice cream. Becky and Hermione tried to order a huge amount of chocolate ice cream for Holly to consume, but she shook her head indicating that she did not want any.

     "I want strawberry," Holly said firmly.

     "But…what about…the dementors?" stammered Becky.

     "Yes, you must counteract the effects they must have had on you." Hermione added.

     "I'm just tired from the fight, but I'm not sick. Come to think of it, they did not effect me in the least," Holly smiled just then, "I didn't feel like fainting the entire time they were attacking me."

     The three of them sat down at a table with their ice cream and silence grew as they began the task of eating. Holly had strawberry while Becky and Hermione had chocolate. In fact a great many of the crowd that had witnessed the defeat of the dementors had come into the parlor to order chocolate ice cream; everyone felt somewhat ill, While Holly might not have felt any effects from the dementors her friends definitely felt the need for healing powers that only chocolate seemed to possess.    

     Holly looked at her friends and sighed, "I suppose explanations are in order."

     Becky snorted, "That's an understatement! No less than five dementors attacked you, and you simply wiped them out of existence. Yeah, I'd say that might need explaining."

     "I honestly don't know how I managed that. One moment I was me, the next moment I became something more."

     "What do you mean?" asked Hermione.

     "Something happened to me when I was close to dying in the hospital. I had a vision of a woman who called herself The Goddess. She gave me certain choices about my future. She said something about joining her sisterhood, but at the time I had thought it was just a silly dream."

     "So you think this vision had something to do with what just happed now?" asked Becky.

     "It's a start, when we get to Hogwarts we can start researching this Goddess."

     "You mean the Library; spending countless hours in there for what? Can't we have a normal school year for once?" pleaded Becky.

     "Spending time in the Library should be a normal part of every student's school year. I'll have you know…"

     "Hold on, I haven't told you everything about what happened to me out there just now."

    "Like what?" asked Becky.

     "Yes please, Miss Potter. I, for one, am extremely curious about this whole incident. After all, it's not every day a teenage witch manages to do what is considered impossible."

     Holly turned to see Cornelius Fudge standing by her side with his arms crossed. Two other members of The Ministry of Magic were present as well. She did not welcome them in the least, because last year Fudge made it very clear that he thought Holly had lied about Voldemort coming back during The Triwizard Tournament.

     Holly simply smiled at Fudge and said, "It is a comfort to know that The Ministry keeps such control over their dementors these days."

     Fudge looked rather furious at that comment. "You will come with me now, young lady. You will tell me everything you know, and you will respect your elders. Do I make myself clear?"

    Holly stood up and faced Fudge. "Unless you are charging me with destroying those abominations that tried to attack me, I'm afraid I'm not going anywhere with you. Oh, by the way, Mr. Fudge, not that you would believe me, but your dementors were under the control of Lord Voldemort who commanded them to hunt me down."

    Many wizards and witches who were listening intently to the conversation that Holly and Fudge were having let out audible gasps at the mention of the name Voldemort. Others choked on their chocolate ice cream.

    Fudge's eyes flashed. "What proof do you have that he had anything to do with your attack?'

    "I sensed his presence."

    Fudge laughed. "You sensed him did you? Well finally some hard evidence."

     "There's more, Voldemort is planning something big. If he isn't stopped, many people will die.

     "You're determined to promote mass hysteria no matter what the cost. All you seem to care about is getting your blasted name in the paper"

     "Miss Potter. Could we get a few words and pictures with you?"

     Holly saw the photographer from the Daily Prophet who had taken her picture at the hospital. Apparently he had been promoted to reporter as well.

     "Miss Potter has nothing to say at this time. She is being taken under protective custody until further notice," Fudge told the reporter.

   "Yes, and against my will I might add," Holly said smiling.

   The reporter quickly took down the quote and then snapped a picture in Fudge's direction.

    "Is that true, Mr. Fudge?"

    Fudge's face turned red. "Why no…of course not. Miss Potter misunderstood what we meant to say."

     "Then I'm free to go then?" asked Holly sweetly.

     "I…no…what I mean is…what if you're attacked again?"

     "I think can take care of myself, but thank you for caring." Holly said as she was about to leave.

     "How about answering some questions, Miss Potter?"

     "I'm sorry but I've been accused of promoting mass hysteria in order to get my name in the paper. Any questions you may have; please refer them to Mr. Fudge. I'm confident he will tell you everything you need to know about this matter in a calm, professional manor."

   Holly waved to an angry Mr. Fudge. He had no choice but to let her go. To do otherwise now would invite the media and public opinion to consider whether he might be better suited to an early retirement.


     Later that night both Ginny and Becky were to face the eventual wrath of their mum. Although Mrs. Weasley was rather upset when she found out what Ginny did to herself and Colin; she remained relatively calm. The Creevey Family had not wanted to make an issue of it which certainly made things less tense, however Ginny still received several hours worth of lectures, which she did not seem to appreciate in the least. Becky also heard an ear full about being more careful with her necklace. She promised she would keep it under lock and key from now on, which was the only way for her to keep the bloody thing. Any more mischief and the necklace would be taken away forever.

    The days passed without further incident. The talk about what happened to Holly with the dementors had died down, but students at Hogwarts continued to avoid contact with her just the same. It was not until Malfoy's repeated attempts to woo Holly that students began to gradually think of her as just another student. Malfoy constantly pestered the poor girl and yet she hadn't done a thing to harm a hair on his head. Many figured they were certainly safe from Holly if she wouldn't even harm someone who obviously needed a good kick in the rear at the very least.   

     All this was minor of course, as the main news was the arrival of Viktor Krum to Hogwarts. Speculation ran rampant about what house The Sorting Hat would place him in. Viktor played in The World Quidditch Championship last summer, and even though he caught The Golden Snitch, his team managed to lose the match. Still, any house team who had him as their seeker would be a force to be reckoned with. Even Gryffindor talked openly about replacing Holly with him instead. She tried not to let this get to her by thinking of other things. What those things were she had no idea. She grew more nervous until the time had arrived. The Sorting Hat normally dealt with first year students the first night they arrived at the school, but Viktor  being a seventh year was certainly entitled to his own Sorting Ceremony.

     "Viktor Krum."

     The great Hall grew silent as Krum walked up to the front of the room. Professor McGonagall placed the hat upon his head.

     "Hah!...A foreign exchange student. Don't get too many of those," The Sorting Hat rumbled, "Ah, I know…Ravenclaw!"

     The Ravenclaw Table went wild, they cheered as if they already won the house cup. Over at the Gryffindor table Holly was breathing a sigh of relief. She loved the game of Quidditch and really didn't want to give it up.

     "Bad news Holly, it looks like you're still our seeker," George Weasley chided.

     "Just be glad we're not the ones who have to fly against him," Fred Weasley added.

     Holly smiled. "I love challenges. You should know that by now."

     The following days began to fall into a somewhat normal routine for Holly. Attend classes and be stalked by Malfoy. Go to the Library and be stalked by Malfoy. Go to Quidditch practice and have Malfoy gawking at her the entire session. It was getting to the point where the only moments of peace were in the girl's restroom and the Gryffindor Common Room.

     "I'm telling you, I think I'd rather have a Malfoy who hated my guts than one who keeps following me around like a lovesick puppy." Holly said as she paced back and forth.

     "You know you could try to maybe…"

     Holly interrupted Becky. "Don't say it. Don't ever say it to me or anyone else. The very thought of me and him….UGHH!…YUCK!"

     "Perhaps dating another boy would help you get rid of Malfoy" Hermione said causally as she was reading a book.

     "Yeah boys can be quite nice if you give them a chance," blurted Becky

     Both Holly and Hermione looked at Becky as she said this. She stood there kind of wishing she hadn't opened her mouth just then.

     Holly smiled. "I was wondering when you would bring this up."

     "Wha..what do you mean?" Becky tried to say innocently.

    "Oh come clean already. The whole school knows you and Neville have been seeing each other." Hermione said with a certain smugness.

     "We have not…I mean…it was…"Becky sighed, "Oh bloody hell. Yeah I'm seeing Neville. He's really a sweet lovable teddy bear when you get to know him, a bit on the clumsy side of things, but still a sweet boy."

     "Oh, you have it bad for him," Hermione said grinning.

     "We think you and Neville make a smashing couple. We we're curious just how serious it was," said Holly.

     "He's asked me to go with him to the dance next Friday. I really want to go with him."

     "So what's the problem?" asked Holly.

      Becky wouldn't answer, though she turned pale and sad.

     "I think I know. Your time as a girl is just about up, isn't it", Hermione replied.

     "Yeah…It .is," Becky said almost in tears, "I don't want to go back to being Ron Weasley. It's hard to think of myself that way."

     "Perhaps if you and Neville would…"

     It was Becky's turn to interrupt Holly. "No, I couldn't do that to Neville. If I'm with someone, it should be for the right reasons. I don't want to ever look back and wonder if I did it because I just wanted to stay female."

     Hermione went over to hug Becky. "Look we will find a way for you to stay the way you are if that is what you want."

      "YES! PLEASE! ANYTHING!" Becky exclaimed hugging back with all her might.

      "Alright then, you can stop squeezing me. I need to breath now," Hermione said to a very grateful Becky.


     While this was happening let us now consider Draco Malfoy for a moment. Everyday he was being rejected by Holly. He was becoming a laughingstock around school. Even Crabbe and Goyle stopped hanging around him. Malfoy was beginning to get desperate; he just had to find some way to make Holly fall in love with him. That's it; make her fall in love. He would go see Snape and get a potion to make Holly fall in love. Malfoy quickly headed for Snape's office. He knocked on his door.

     "Yes, what is it?" asked Professor Snape as he opened his door.

     "Uh…Professor Snape?"

     "Ah, Mr. Malfoy what can I do for you?"

     "You see sir, I have this problem and I was wondering if you could help me?"

     Snape smiled and straighten up a bit. "Depends on what you want, my dear boy."

     "I want to make someone fall in love with me."

      "Ah well, just make sure you're the one who's bewitching her mind and not the other way around." Snape said with a toothy grin.

     Malfoy looked confused. "Why would I want to be bewitched?"

     Snape shook his head and sighed. "Never mind, who may I ask is the girl you wish to control?"

     Malfoy blushed. "Holly…Holly Potter, sir."

     Snape's smile quickly faded. "Let me get this straight. You want Holly Potter to fall in love with you?"

     "Yes sir, can you help me?"

     Snape cleared his throat, "First of all it is against school policy to inflict spells or potions on students and or faculty against their will. Doing so may result in immediate expulsion. Second, Holly Potter has many friends who will notice any drastic changes in her behavior. Miss Granger's overdeveloped brain would easily figure out what happened and have you in Dumbledore's office in no time. And speaking of Dumbledore, he has gone to great lengths to protect Potter. I would suggest not making him upset with you."

     "But I'm in love with her," pleaded Malfoy.

     Snape sighed, "Let me give you some advice. All women are poison. Many marriages and relationships have ruined men's lives. Trust me; I know what I'm talking about. Oh, it starts out innocent enough, but then they ask and later demand for things. They want rings, dresses, trips to France, and even CHILDREN! It never ends, because no matter how much you give them, they always want more."

     "Holly's not like that."

     Snape laughed out loud. "Oh yes she is, my poor deluded boy. Potter has become one of them; there's no doubt about that. She hasn't done a thing and she already has you wrapped around her little finger."

     "I don't care what you say. She and I are meant to be together. I just know it."

     "A water-buffalo has a better chance with Holly Potter than you do. No offense of course," said Snape as he tried hard not to laugh again.

     And so Malfoy must content himself with stalking Holly Potter for the time being. As for Holly, she had been looking forward to visiting Hogsmead for the weekend break. It was a chance for many of the students to get away from the school and hang out at the wizard village. It was also an opportunity for some to arrange dates to the upcoming dance next Friday. Becky for example went off with Neville extra early so they could plan out their big date. This left Holly and Hermione to themselves for the day, which meant avoiding Malfoy while at the same time trying to have fun. Holly took her invisibility cloak to throw him off the track. This was quite effective in making Malfoy extremely frustrated. Somehow this made Holly feel better about her situation. While running around Holly and Hermione did meet up briefly with Becky and Neville. The two were holding hands and smiling as they approached.

     "Well it looks like you two are having a grand time together," Holly said smiling.

     "Yeah it's been positively dreamy." Becky said as she hugged Neville.

     "Uh…Holly, Viktor Krum was asking about you. Have you seen him?" Neville asked.

     Holly shook her head. "Why no, I haven't. I wonder what he could want with me."

     "Who knows, the guy barely says anything at all at school, but he did seem intent on finding you," Neville replied.

     Neville and Becky made their farewells and they were once again off having fun together.

     "So you want to get some butterbeer and have a bit of a rest?" asked Holly.

     "Sounds good to me," Hermione replied nodding her head.
      The two girls headed off to seek refreshment at the local tavern. They ordered their drinks and sat down at a table to drink them. As they did so Malfoy showed up at that moment. Holly looked somewhat upset when she saw him standing next to her.

     "Leave me alone, Malfoy."

     "Please, my love…"

     "Don't call me that. We're not a couple and never will be one. Get that through your head."
      Holly stood up and was about to leave when Malfoy took hold of her arm.

     Holly's eyes flashed. "LET GO OF ME NOW!"

     "Please, what do I have to do to get you to like me?" Malfoy pleaded.

     Malfoy felt a powerful grip on his shoulder. He let go of Holly as he cried out in pain. As he recovered he spun around to see Viktor Krum.

     "You vill treat the young lady vith respect," Viktor told Malfoy as he held his wand in Malfoy's direction.

     Malfoy wanted to say something but knew he didn't have any sort of advantage. He grumbled as he rubbed his sore shoulder and slowly made his way out of the tavern. When he was gone Holly turned to face Viktor.

     "I want to thank you for helping me just now."

     Viktor shuffled his feet for a moment and looked down. "You are velcome…I…I vill leave you now."

     "Wait, I was told you wanted to see me. Please sit down with us and we can talk."

     Viktor looked into Holly's eyes. "It vould be inappropriate for me to ask you after vat has happened to you."

     Holly smiled. "Nonsense, ask me anything you want. I'll even treat you to a butterbeer. It is the least I can do."

     Viktor bowed. "I accept your kindness. I vas vondering if you vould mind attending the dance vith me?"
      This was something that Holly was not expecting at all. She thought about it for a moment and felt she could not refuse Viktor. It would crush his ego, and it was obvious that it took a lot for him to express himself in front of a girl.

      "I would love to go to the dance with you."

     Viktor smiled a big smile. "Thank you…I…ah…I did not vant it to look like I vas taking advantage of this situation. In your eyes I did not vant you to think I vas like Draco in any vay."

     Holly giggled out loud. "Trust me Viktor; you are nothing like Draco Malfoy. You're far too sweet to be anything like him."

     Viktor bowed again and was off to get some refreshments.

     "So it looks like you may have a new boyfriend." Hermione grinned.

     "Hold on, it's only one date. That doesn't make him my boyfriend."

     "We'll see, time will tell." Hermione said as she sipped her butterbeer.

This ends part three of this story.
I'm not sure what you mean by this?
Part three has Holly discovering she has more powers than she did before. The illustration for this part is Malfoy making himself most unwelcome as far as Holly is concerned. Too many things really to talk about.
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The year is 2017,russia and america have bene at war with each other for 3 years now.A russian spetnaz squad assaulted a civilian mall ,killing over 400 people inside it.Then detonated a cluster bomb in the process.The us declared war on the russian federation the next day sending in over one hundred fifty thousand active combat units into russian providence's and countries allied with russia.

After two years of bloodshed and conflicts the truth was brought to light.The Russian federation asked the united states if they could send a KGB opertive into a suspects estate in a five star hotel in Dubai.The united states agreed and gave russian 48 hours to find the evidence.A russian KGB operative known as "Sound" went into the suspects estate and found the truth,and brought it into the light, unfortunately giving his life soon after.The evidence was clear,what the united states and the russian federation uncovered shocked both them and their allied states. A man named Joseph marshal attacked his own people in the country dressed as russian special forces.Not only this,but he was gathering a terrorist organization known as"The third union".

Soon after a peace treaty was held for russia and the united states in Moscow  in January 4th 2017.The united states and russia agreed both would hunt Joseph marshal down and bring him into justice,making him pay for the crimes he has committed.

Soon after,the third union terrorist organization took over Dubai, Baghdad, Italy,most of the African continent,invaded the Ukraine,some of Russia, Switzerland, Normandy, israeil and the united states. Though israeil was the first to push the enemy back,the middle east fell under The Unions banner.Germany, French polish, Swedish, Spanish,United kingdom and turkish military forces are fighting back against the union in full force,aiding civilians,training willing resistance members and milita's as well as giving medical aid to many of the wounded and sick.

The union still with Europe's alliance is too weak for the battle.

Russian and united states military officials began to wonder if the battle would turn in the Unions favor.Spetnaz,Russian Fox unit snipers,american navy seals,Delta force rangers,and green berets where too occupied to deal with the Union in key areas to cripple or weaken their advance or supply lines.They where training civilian militias,forming resistances and dealing with the Union on their own borders to infiltrate or eliminate any key areas of the union. Something had to be done, a solution to possibly finish the war.

The russian primer met with the united state president in Anchorage Alaska to talk about a solution.

Hours went by,options and ideas where casted aside,bu eventually both agreed to one idea.

A task force made up of few soldiers from the front lines and a special forces veteran to train them.

The decision was made and put into effect.

After picking six potential soldiers mostly from the ukraine russia and united states,the name was given to the task force.

"Ghosts of the fallen"aka, "Reapers"

These soldiers where deadly,throughout their training they shown each element of the united states,and russian special forces.

The fearless of the green berets,the keen eye of the RU Fox unit snipers,the deadliness of the Spetnaz,and the brotherhood of the Delta force.

These soldiers where among the best of the once standard foot soldiers,then turned into Reapers, watchers of the night,and hunters of the wilderness.

The bios.

!!Warning what you are reading below is for special operations members only,any civilain caught reading this will be trailed in a military court!!

Ulric krinkov

the leader, he is a true reaper,a ghost,a nightmare. He trained the ghost of the fallen task force trainee's by himself. He was a former Shock trooper of the russian federation.He respects and enjoys being around the other reapers.He considers them family,his true family.He has a very serious and cold nature also hes the most quiet of the group.But a reapers word are spoken through its actions.He usually carries a SVD "Dragonov" sniper rifle.Silenced P90 Smg,and a Scoped .44 magnum.His melee weapon is a tomahawk he made from scrape metal that he refurbished and crafted with his own hands.

David Ardan

the close quatersmen.David is the CQC expert in the Ghost of the fallen task force.He often carries a Spaz-12,tactical knife,Mp5 for longer range*has a built in silencer,stun grenades,his side arm is a mp443 with a tactical light on it.Hes the comedian and the joker of the group,hence why on the side of his helmet he drew a joker card on the side of it.He has a high liking to two other members. shane and sasha.He likes to goof off around shane and mess with him,but at the same time he treats him like an older brother.Sasha the same.David is a solider thats ready and willing to die for his brothers and sisters in arms.

Shane Dienkov

The Recon soldier of the task force.He carries a M417 semi auto sniper carbine.On tougher operations he carries a JNG-90 with a thermal scope and anti personal rounds.His secondary's are PP-19 suppressed,M1911 suppressed,and A 93R.For more serious and closed in ops, he carries a MTAR-21 named "linda" in honor of someone who died who he knew.Shanes personality is quiet and mysterious. he does speak but only when hes spoken to,he is highly protective of david and sasha.Shane has spilt personalities,sometime he can be heard talking to them like an actual conversation as if people where there with him in his room,which no one enters.Sasha and david try to comfort him when he has a breakdown.He just wants this bloodshed to end. and will go to extra lengths to achieve it.

Kazik pilich"Aka Casualties"

The marksmen of the group.He carries a M98B with a x12 scope.He loves nothing more than to take the head off a Union soldier thats eight hundred meters away.Kazik is half polish half Ukrainian but was born outside of Chernobyl.He doesnt like to go by his real name so he made a nickname for himself"Casualties"Hes a bit of a smartass but yet a good friend and soldier.Kazik is a dead on shot he often spots for shane and helps him in the field due to his 20 20 vision.Kazik wants to reach shane and ulrics level of sniping and has been shanes partner in sniping operations.He almost never is down,he and  david get along,kazik gets along with everyone infact.He is often seen cleaning evryone weapons in the armory of the bunker.

Carter novikov

Carter is the ace pilot of the group.During simulations his eyes exceeded everyone else in the task force.Carter began training in Piloting,and Air combat.He doesnt see much ground action due to this.Carter's training in flying both helicopters and jet fighters proved he was a born ace.During his helicopter training,a spatnaz opertive fired a rocket at carter.Carter trusted his instincts and managed to do a maneuver that few ace helicopter pilots have done,a barrel roll evasion.For this he gained an "airman" medal from the united states,and the russian federation gave him his own SU-35 super flanker for this.
He immanently went to train with israeilian ace's over the ural mountains.
Over a 4 hour dogfight and incapacitating 4 of the 5 israeilian aces,Carter was given his ace patch and wings.Carters peronalty is controlled laid back and a bit serious.He and kazik often talk and get along.Whether its in a helo,or a SU-35 blazeing through the sky.Carter is the ghost of the fallens guardian angel.

Sasha litvin.

the demo expert of the task force.Shes a recruit in training.The newest member of the group however well known by shane and david.She looks up to both of them she likes to be around both of them and cheer them up when they are down.She usually carries a A-91 assault carbine with a underbarrel grenade launcher.She specializes n c-4 and claymore explosives. setting up traps for the enemy to fall into.She also is a support gunner as well. carrying a M249 SAW into frontline battles.She often comforts shane when he has breakdowns due to his mental illness's.Shes the only female on the task force for now,but doesnt let anyone make her the damsel in distress.Sasha is known to be"the damsel causing distress" and mayhem quote from commanding officer ulric.

These brothers and sisters bound in blood and tears will fight against surmountable odds,faceing and fighting off fear,and go through some tough and emotional situations.But at the same time restoring hope,making people smile,and helping those in need.

The time will be called for each of them,they are among a brotherhood of blood.

"Brothers and sisters bound in blood, united we stand,we fight as one."~David ardan.
my own story i created. doesnt have anything to do with halo. battlefield metro 2033 ANY game what so ever.

this story is based in the close future so there will be more weapons i create in the story but for now its basically a modern day story set in the close future.

basically a errorist organizaion is invadeing the major countries and the special forces cannot help due to fighting bakc on the frontline and training civilians to fight.

so what does the RU and US do? form a task force.

and that task force is "Ghost of the fallen."

what will become of them? will they fall one by one? or be an unstoppable force to reckon with?

what secrets are held in this story? what horrors? what truth? what lies?

read and find out.
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