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Me keyboarding it up. :thumbsup:

Recorded/Edited in: Acid Pro
Tracks: 2

:highfive: The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Original Music Copyright: Tim Burton, Danny Elfman ;), and other respective authors, artists, and labels.
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Well, this was my first project in my flash class. See? I haven't disappeared, I've just been very busy.

Well, this here is a story about a bird.. you know, the human kind, who's.. well, you'll see. There's no loading screen-- get over it. :D

This is what's called a "frame-by-frame" animation. Yes. I drew every stinkin' frame. XD Took about a week to finish. Ended up being around 600 frames total.

I also created the music, w00t.

Comments and critiques appreciated.
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As requested here's the hand in motion. with a little flair. enjoy

and now here's the How to:

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Full [link]
New video [link]
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There are just those times in life..

..when one must draw Foi riding an Arcanine through a desert,

this is one of those times.



Editing this into the main comment now, as the posts related to this just keep coming.

Animation for me is a process of reverse engineering, where I paint the parts and silhouette out the movements from that painting- then re-map and repaint those parts according to that movement.

I'm still learning how to do this process quickly and still learning to bring the movements created by it closer to what people would expect to be real.

The problem lies within what is expected to be real in the first place. This thing does not quite possess the musculature of a horse, nor feline, nor dog, so it can't quite move within those expectations without breaking and I can't just go on youtube and copy some guys mathematically precise 3d running cycle. The movement needs to be made with the unique parts made for the painting I'm dealing with.

Which comes back down to refining those original pieces, I learned what refinements could be made after animating the twelve looping keyframes - and after placing those frames in an environment. It was going to take a major revision on the beast's overall frame to get a good clean "run-cycle" out of it, so in the end I just optimized it for the more bounding forward look it has now and called it a day.

That having been said, I learned a lot, and If I ever want to draw an Arcanine running through the desert again and should then wish to have a standard plastic run cycle I will be well equipped to do so!


Foi ~HaveConquest
Arcanine Nintendo
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This is my favorite of The George Washingtons series I make. If you would like to see more visit my site -
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Collaboration with delicious flash ninja :iconvectortrance: who did the animation and sound effects to bring this painting to life.

Render time: 24 hours
Original specs: 1080p HD Video
Software used: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash
Original sonic creation based on a few samples and loops collected from all over the place, then mixed in Sony Acid Pro 6.0

Painting by itself is at:
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audio track is by octopimp ([link])
used with permission! (though probably also regret)

eridan ampora and all the other fine characters in this flash are from Homestuck, an MS Paint Adventure
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For the version with sound, go here! Or here thanks to eco mono. :B


SO THIS IS WHAT I WAS WORKING ON HAHA this loses something without its sound but there's a lot of framebyframe stuff in it so I'M PUTTING IT UP HERE ANYWAY

So many random characters. This video says so much about me.
"But why are Liquid and Solidus alive if this has Old Snake in it" you might ask, to which I reply what is Snake doing playing DDR with a bunch of Pokemon and Silent Hill characters. ANSWER ME THAT

ALL THE FANDOMS AND CHARACTERS ARE LISTED AT THE END there are so many :O Although you can check out Wilhelm and Zee here and Inhuman's creator here - not-fun


Metal Gear Solid: Solid Snake, Otacon, Sunny, Liquid Snake, Revolver Ocelot, Raiden, Solidus, The Joy/Boss, The Sorrow
Star Control 2: Admiral ZEX, The Captain, Talana, an Utwig, a Supox, an Arilou, Subcommander DAX, Fwiffo
Phoenix Wright: Yanni Yogi, Damon Gant, Matt Engarde, Juan Corrida
Pikmin: Olimar, Pikmin
Johnny the Homicidal Maniac: Nny, Edgar
Mother 3: Duster, Kumatora, Lucas, Boney, Ionia
Pokemon (these are original characters of mine): Radic, Farnsworth the Lucario, Nova the Raichu, Callima the Parasect
Megaman Legends: Teisel Bonne, Glyde
Mario: Luigi, Prince Peasley (from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga)
Silent Hill: Harry Mason, Dahlia Gillespie, Pyramid Head, James Sunderland, Heather Mason, Father Vincent
Final Fantasy 7: Cid Highwind, Vincent Valentine
Slayers: Vrumugun, Zangulus
Final Fantasy 9: Zorn and Thorn
Magic Knights Rayearth: Ascot
Road to El Dorado: Miguel, Tulio
EarthBound: Ness, Paula, Jeff, Poo
Final Fantasy 6: Strago Magus, Kefka
Secret of Mana: Sprite, Boy
Captain Jack, the Eurodance artist
Cleo, my dead dog
Slasher Movies: Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers
Final Fantasy 8: Zell Dincht, Irvine Kinneas
Snatcher: Gillian Seed, Random Hajile, Metal Gear Mk. II
Quest for Glory: The Hero
Metroid: Samus Aran
Wilhelm and Zee
Lazytown: Sportacus
Chrono Trigger: Ayla
Inhuman: Kyotoshi Lypha, Grey
Space Quest: Roger Wilco
Day of the Tentacle: Green
Original Characters: Tsukiyo, Girl, Triangle, Scriabin, Dr. Dowasure, Zarla, Alix, Sheena (my, my brother's, and my cousin's avatars)
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Haha, yes! I animated! Felt good, too. . .

Anyways, this was my final for my kineseology class this quarter. . . a media presentation about sleep.

So I thought-- heck, why not? I'll animate it. I should've known by now that such a project always has a headache of some sort attached. So sleep deprivation, here's to you!

The hilarity of it is, I really DID loose 4 hours worth of animation work when I saved over my .fla file with the old one. So I had fun poking fun at myself.

Character designs for the Salamandas Won and Ton: >link

Music the courtesy of Nelvana Limited and Bandai Entertainment Inc.

Flash Pro 8
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