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My latest game.
Use the arrow keys to move the soldiers.
The more soldiers you have in the screen the faster your score goes up.
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[Part1 link]

Sorry it took so long...
I won't try and excuse myself... as any excuses would involve playing gta3 and watching matrial arts films (House of flying daggers is a must see by the way! espes if you liked hero!)

anyhoo, here's part2, if you have Q's let me know. if you make any games let me know, I'm keen to see!
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Lumberjackmadness is all about getting the highest you can with the help of rainbow chillipeppers!

Game made by me and ~olavH

Epic music by ~Nichoo

Use the mouse/tablet/touchpad to move the curser and make the lumberjack follow you. Act fast to not miss the peppers or you will fail and have to start over

How high can you go? :dummy:


Unless you didnt notice, this game is indeed inspired by winterbells :la:
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as mentioned in responces by me in the comments, this was a school assignment, and my teacher put in specific rules for me to follow, including 'seperating the screens by gender'. he was nice enough to let me include a nonbinary option, so it could at least be a little inclusive. i know this is transphobic, being trans myself, but i had to do this for a grade. if i remake (which i dont know when ill be able to, i dont have adobe flash anymore) then my prefered method would be to put the body types to choose from without labels, so you can look however you'd prefer for any gender identity.

as also mentioned in the comments, i ran out of time!! i had very little time to make this, and i focussed on getting things actually working rather than adding the other features i wanted that wouldnt work. i wanted to add skirts for all options, as well as dresses for all options, and most importantly, long hair for all options!! i did run out of time though, so these options didnt get put into the final game ;m; with a remake there would definately be long hair options for all body types, as well as identical clothing choices such as skirts, dresses, form fitting tops, loose tops, jackets, suits, ect.


whoop finally done!! my two-week long flash game project for animation class!

3 gender choices— male, female, and nonbinary! i tried to make the nonbinary option as gender-neutral as possible, so it could go towards either gender, be a combination of both, or neither depending on the clothing choices! 
3 skin tones-- because POC (like myself) are people too and are really cool! so that should be an option.
2 body types-- one on the chubbier side and one on the skinnier side- because not everyone has the same body types!

to save your character you've dressed up, just screenshot your screen. for macs: command+shift+4, and select the area you want to capture. for windows, i believe there's an app for it that comes with the computer. i'm not sure.

feel free to post your screenshots, i'd love to see your creations! link me if you do!

DO NOT POST SCREENSHOTS WITHOUT CREDIT. ALWAYS CREDIT SCREENSHOTS. its really unfair for you to claim my art as your own, sorry!

DO NOT SELL YOUR SCREENSHOT CHARACTERS AS ADOPTABLES. please, at least redraw them yourself! it's my art, and unfair to me if you sell my artwork as your own.

if you find any glitches, please tell me! if you have any questions, please ask! otherwise have fun and enjoy the game!! you can contact me at tinysport.tumblr.comEmoji13 


there is a glitch with the earings/blushes/freckles for some people, where it won't let you place the item. it's not a coding error, so im sorry to say i really don't know how to fix it! im really sorry!! if you click another drag-and-drop item, it should drop it though!
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I slapped this together really quick because in light of current events I think we all could use this lol
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The lulz were promised, and so forth they shall be delivered!
BEHOLD! The abominable creation of two geniuses hard at work!

All HAIL the Revolution Shoe!

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My first flash game!! :woohoo:

edit: Fixed some things, and hid Petruccio somewhere -- see if you can find him C=

edit: Changed username (formerly Rythelle), updated signature


I've been working on this on and off for the past couple weeks, and it's finally done! Got lazy towards the end, so it's missing some outfits XD

Everything was drawn in photoshop and imported into flash.

Thanks to everyone who sent me links to flash tutorials (these ones were really useful [link] [link]) (=

Tell me if you find any bugs, and feel free to take screenshots (for nonprofit use only) as long as you credit me =D
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You are Joe the guinea pig, dropped haphazardly into a factory that produces a variety of objects. Some of these objects are bouncy. Some are sharp. Some are flat. Some are dead squids. Do you have what it takes to keep the bounce count rising?

Music by Thermionic Moon.

- Get the Pay-What-You-Want Bundle today!
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This is probably the last one of these I'll have time to make (I'm cheap and using a trial version of Flash, lol), so sorry guys, no Prince Gumball! Like always, feel free to point out mistakes and tell me if there's something I need to add or change!

All the designs were made without reference, and I tried to make some of the T-shirts look like logos or a reference to another character.

I was also going to include a button that made Jake or Cake appear, but it turns out I can't draw either one of them very well...

Finn/Fionna belong to the creators of Adventure Time!

EDIT: I don't have flash anymore, guys, so theres nothing I can do about any mistakes now, sorry!

I'm also removing comments... thank you all for the nice messages! It just floods my inbox though, so even though I enjoy reading your complements and receiving your critiques, this is a year old and I feel like this is for the best!
Comments disabled by owner.

:cherryblossom: INFO

Alright! Let's try this: Here is the updated, restored version of Fox Creator!
I hope we don't have new bugs now xD please keep your eyes open and let me know if you find something suspicious ;P
I hope you enjoy the game as well as the new stuff available with this version.
Again thx to the people that supported me! I love you guys~

Now have fun playing~

WHAHA I have a Backup Copy this time!!!! Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] 

:cherryblossom: RULES

You may...
:bulletblack: Use image for your own char
:bulletblack: Use image as avatar
:bulletblack: Sell adopable for points (I really don't care srsly!)
:bulletblack: Use lines for reference
:bulletblack: Please follow deviantArts rules!

I would love if you give credit to the game and also link back here! Little Pixel Heart 

:cherryblossom: FAQ

Q: How can I save the picture?
A: Use the Save option. The game will save the image as .png

Q: Something is wrong with my saved image D:
A: Check if the .png ending is there... Windows loves to eat it...

Q: I always get the same achivement every time I play the game!
A: Seems like saving is not working for you. Pleas send me a note!

Q: I have a question :I
A: Feel free to ask!

might add more later...


Don't want to bother with finding them? Check out my very short quick guid or the
more informative fan made guid!
Quick guide: A quick Foxcreator Achievement Guide!How to unlock what?
Fox Mask
Read  the Tutorial
Click Reset 10 times
Click Random 10 times
Fox Fire
Unlock everything else
Play count
Reload the page with f5 and wait until you see the tutorial screen ;3
1 times
Neck stuff
2 times
Head stuff
5 times
Leg stuff
10 times

fanmade guide:

:cherryblossom: CHANGELOG

01.11.2014 Release Version 1.0
17.05.2015 Release Version 1.2
- C Bugfix
- Scrollbar Bugfix
- New Achievement Infoscreen
- New stuff
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