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My first flash game!! :woohoo:

edit: Fixed some things, and hid Petruccio somewhere -- see if you can find him C=

edit: Changed username (formerly Rythelle), updated signature


I've been working on this on and off for the past couple weeks, and it's finally done! Got lazy towards the end, so it's missing some outfits XD

Everything was drawn in photoshop and imported into flash.

Thanks to everyone who sent me links to flash tutorials (these ones were really useful [link] [link]) (=

Tell me if you find any bugs, and feel free to take screenshots (for nonprofit use only) as long as you credit me =D
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You are Joe the guinea pig, dropped haphazardly into a factory that produces a variety of objects. Some of these objects are bouncy. Some are sharp. Some are flat. Some are dead squids. Do you have what it takes to keep the bounce count rising?

Music by Thermionic Moon.

- Get the Pay-What-You-Want Bundle today!
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This is probably the last one of these I'll have time to make (I'm cheap and using a trial version of Flash, lol), so sorry guys, no Prince Gumball! Like always, feel free to point out mistakes and tell me if there's something I need to add or change!

All the designs were made without reference, and I tried to make some of the T-shirts look like logos or a reference to another character.

I was also going to include a button that made Jake or Cake appear, but it turns out I can't draw either one of them very well...

Finn/Fionna belong to the creators of Adventure Time!

EDIT: I don't have flash anymore, guys, so theres nothing I can do about any mistakes now, sorry!

I'm also removing comments... thank you all for the nice messages! It just floods my inbox though, so even though I enjoy reading your complements and receiving your critiques, this is a year old and I feel like this is for the best!
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I just got back from a long week and didn't actually get to play this update until TODAY >< SOOOO

Let me just explain to you how much I absolutely love Kankri.

There are actually no words, sorry. I can't. Every time he spoke, I just wanted to do THIS.

Now you can, too! ;)

Yes there is only one interaction.


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Alright guys, here's a game I made just for you!

The goal: To watch the pot boil.

Go go go!
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My latest game.
Use the arrow keys to move the soldiers.
The more soldiers you have in the screen the faster your score goes up.
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Frustrated? Remember the sweet sound and how relaxing it is when you pop those bubbles on a piece of bubble wrap? Now you can do it online… virtually.

I decided to recreate what has already been done, except I think I have done a better job. You have two options to play around with, so give them both a go. The sound goes a little weird when you pop heaps at the same time, but nothing too bad.

Tell me what you think.

Edit: Updated with a slightly new look, I think it looks better (13/10/05)

Edit: I am working on an updated version of this, with more features and a better design. Keep your eyes open. (25/09/07)
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Here is the jonston game made by me and ~Nichoo

HOW LUCKY aRE You Feelin todayy? play the game and find out :dummy:

For thoose who doesnt know who jonston is, hes a retarded unicorn i drew a while back

The song is a diffrent version of the song i made in this one

heres the rest of him if you want to see more. [link]
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Game made for school project XD

Haha i wanted to do more with it but i ran out of time :x ... and the score is... so random XD

theres 3 backgrounds and they're random XD so different one will play each time you play :3


my highest so far are:

Easy: 14800 pts
Hard: 43026 pts

both levels are different, so try both! XD

hope you like it XD

harhar sorry for any bugs :x

sound effects are :iconmuse-less: and modified by me XD

bg music is commercial/royalty free by [link]

[EDIT] the keys are spacebar to start game, then arrow keys to move left and right XD

and DAMN stop playing easy LMAOOOOOO
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Dear god, What have I created

Well, here it is. The flash project I've been working on for school. Also the most time I've ever put into any one thing I've posted to this site. I call it, CAGE FIGHT.
A boss battle with a Nicolas Cage...thing.

Be warned, It is pretty hard. I'll admit, after I added the mouth lasers, I haven't been able to beat it myself (without cheating) xD so It will take you more than a few tries to beat it. unless you just cheat d: its pretty easy to figure out how to just avoid everything. but that's no fun.

You use the mouse, and move your cursor to avoid any hazards. You wont have to survive more than a minute or two. Just read the instructions.
And you will need to be on a computer to play it. It doesn't work on mobile devices.

is the game too large for your screen? try holding Ctrl while spinning the mousewheel down.
Meteors getting f*king annoying? try and memorize the pattern they come down in.
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