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For the first time in a looong time I was motivated to draw something, though I had no idea what. It was then when I heard about the death of Robin Williams, so I decided to draw him.
Coincidentally I wanted to make a TimeLapse recording of me drawing for a long time. With my new smortphone I finally had the tools to give it a try. The first 1-2 were not recorded.
Higher Res available here:…

It's a tragic death and should be a reminder of how big a blow depression can deal to people. All the more reason to acknowledge it's existence more publicly in a less derogative way.

DinA3 Paper 150g/m2 rough
4H-6B pencils
Nokia Lumia 820

A total of 2 hours

Hope you like it! :)
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School has begun!
Drawing 3 Class, first homework assignment. ^^;
Self-portrait in colored pencils.
22X30 soft water color paper.

375+ images.
Finished here!: [link]
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My final year film ready for viewing on DA at last!

Traditional 2D had drawn with digital colour and serious sleep deprivation.

Animation, concept, designs and whatnot by yours truly.

Music made by Matt Davison [link]

Additional sound from soundsnap (paid for)


People on DA:

:iconhikaridonya: producer
:iconolafpriol: Help with in betweens and animation (1st cat on the stairs done by her :) )
:iconobraxis: Animation and PC guru
:iconangel-of-sarcasm: Much needed support
:iconmighty-muffin: Almost all the inks

And the awesome guys at the Univeristy of Wales, Newport


Wow.... A DD? Seriously!? Thanks so much :D that makes it officially the one and only award I've had for this thing! It really does mean a lot.
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A little love letter to Hoboken. Illustrated and animated by me. 
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Réalisé par/Directed by:
Cyril Corallo

Characters design :
Emmanuel Briand

Cyril Corallo, Gaelle Rouby

Music and soud design
Jonathan Erwin Malnoury

Background,Compositing and Editing:
Cyril Corallo
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Here's my senior project that I've been working on and the reason why I haven't been uploading any work all quarter. Enjoy! =D
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A suffering creature who is trapped within its vicinity unintentionally attracts the attention of an artistic boy.

Characters animated in Adobe Flash, backgrounds painted in Adobe Photoshop, everything compiled in After Effects.


Its been a very long time since I first mentioned Minty Marrows. But now its done!

This was my final year project which I did during my time at RMIT University. I experienced lots of stress and lack of sleep during this project, but at the same had lots of fun and learnt a lot doing it.

Anyone who has seen the test clip of Minty Marrows will realize how different it ended up. Hee hee.

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This bastard took me two hours to load. :paranoid:
Anywho... Stop motion animation, 750+ frames. Finished for final project for Digital Media class. Lots of fun!

Had to change it from a vertical to a horizontal format because dAfilm doesn't allow vertical... damnit I don't know why. Maybe I just wasn't doing it right.

If you want to see the original, it is here. -> [link]

Enjoy! :D :D :D

Also, there is no sound.


Oh goodness, I got a DD!
:faint: :faint: :faint:
My first, this is so exciting! Mostly because I do photography mainly, not film. Thank you very much to :iconelectrikpinkpirate: for the sweet comment and suggesting/featuring me. I appreciate all your comments and support and I'll try and get around to thank each and every one of you.

Keep doing what you do, guys. Art + everything else. :love:
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You can watch a larger, less jumpy/laggy version here: [link]

I have noticed that on this player that the animation 'jumps' a bit as it skips frames, I'm not sure if this is due to an an error with the player, lag, my large file size or all of the above. I've also notice that the previews are broken and showing distorted gray things, I'll see if there's a way to get these fixed.

My final film project for school. This film was based on a story from a short children book my friend and I started making but never really finished.


I'm still not quite sure how I feel about it, this animation was really just a series of compromises for me. On one hand, I was able get it in the 4 months I had to do it, on the other hand, to get it done in that time frame I had to cut out a lot of the original story and even a character and also cut a lot of corners in terms of the animation itself; I do feel that the short suffered for it. Or maybe it's just so far from what I originally wanted it to be that I can't look at it objectively yet. Who knows, but it was a good learning experience and I think it better prepared me to do some better independent stuff in the future.


This film was created using 2D mediums. The animation itself (roughs and cleanup) is done by hand using a mechanical pencil and colored in digicel flipbook 5.

Backgrounds in this film are all drawn and cleaned up in pencil and painted in photoshop for the "real" world and painter for the "puddle" world.

Effects and post work done in Adobe After Effects and composed in Premiere.

Original composition created for this film by the very talented Trevor Hewer
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So here it is, @ better resolution than the youtube one ;)
I had the idea of a remake of Dune for a loOoong time, more in the moebius way wich fits more to the Dune universe in my opinion. (The Lynch version is still full of great ideas and memorable moments)
And yes i could have used more work on breathing, animation and all, sorry about that.. it would be too much time consuming to raise the level @ this stage..
But it gave me the envy to start another animation, so stay tuned, more should come soon ;)
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