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For this assignment we had to make an A3 size-poster and a postcard-size infographic about the sixth mass extinction we're currently in the middle of. This is the poster, the postcard can be found here: [link]

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out :)
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These Divided States..

THE UNTHINKABLE HAS HAPPENED These United States, has balkanized beyond recognition. Either by some circumstance, by war, disagreement, or peaceful means, new national entities are carved up through unique situations, allying with some or in conflict with others.

The 31-state United States of America is still a viable regional power, but a far cry from the superpower and cultural hegemony of it's predecessor, bearing a dim resemblance in name and flag only. The Divided States of America is a staple in alternate and speculative history, though there have been dangerously close calls.

The states that were once the US of A, in spite of the circumstances of breaking up, declare themselves the successor to it, it's values, influence and culture. Yes, even their constitution and regional partitions are modeled after their Federal father, albeit with a twist.

With regards to the nature of relationships between the "children of America", there are three power blocs or alliances that constitute these relationships; the Union Bloc, The Southern Alliance and the Pacific Social Democratic Cooperation.

The Union bloc, led by Washington DC, favors mutual cooperation between them and the territories that they 'let go'. The Southern Alliance is an on-again, off-again agreement between the conservative CSA and New Africa. We can say they are vitriolic best buds. The PSDC led by California, aims to promote, develop and innovate ideas of liberalism, socialism and social democracy.

Conflicts do arise in these divided states. For one, Texas and Aztlan cannot agree on the control of West Texas, while Deseret is in open conflict with Cascadia over a part of former Idaho.


- Designed new flags for Aztlan and New York.

- named their sub-national entities.
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Retro infographic elements

Join to

Deviantart-Zizaza group

and get all news on time.


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So this is a "step by step" I made about making cheesecakes, you know, recipe and ingredients and everything.
If you wanna use it, please tell me when, where and leave a link :D
|Watercolor - Illustration|
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In 2010 I made a wall chart for a forum project on, the Alternate History World Cup. You can see that one here:…

Now, 4 years later (and two years since I've actually posted anything on here) the project is back for the 2014 World Cup, and I'm the one running it. The thread is here:…

And of course with the new tournament comes a new poster, so here it is.
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Something done for my Infographics Design course.

The movie's coming out later this year, so fitting timing to do a quick guide on the team.
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My Only Piece by squidlifecrisisMy Only Piece by squidlifecrisisMy Only Piece by squidlifecrisisMy Only Piece by squidlifecrisisMy Only Piece by squidlifecrisis

Sept 25: bird wing folding animation + prep photos: Bio Animation: Wing Fold + Spread

May 22: edited as per :iconfalconsong:'s critique!  Thank you! :)

I had the primaries not quite lined up correctly on the folded ventral view--very minor edit, but important, so if anyone saved this for reference, go ahead and replace your copy with this version.
(And I changed some wording, but I'm sure someone will still find a way to whine about it bahaha)


This isn't a critique of angel anatomy.

This is a critique of bird wing anatomy.  Which can be critiqued objectively because it's a real thing.  One ought to understand bird wings before one goes gluing them onto humans.  Even good artists fall into this stunted-secondary-trap...................

I played with a lot of dead birds to get this information.  It's not in any other tutorials!  Go forth and use it, and lower everyone's blood pressure (or at least just mine).

why waist-wings don't work:
So Your Angel Has Waist Wings

8 Wing Sins Tutorial:
SQUID'S BOTTOM 8 WING SINS (A TUTORIAL)So like I said to the two people who aren't protesting the watch feed, I originally wrote this as a vicious rant, but it turns out I was redirecting anger from a RL thing.  rrr. 
But still.  These are annoying as hell.  If you see someone doing this junk, send them this.  It may be their only chance of salvation.
There are few things that can be said with absolute confidence that are true of all birds, but this is one of them: the flight feathers always stack the same way.

This can be confusing to remember, so keep a hand of cards next to you while you draw:

I'm so sick of seeing these homogenous walls of crap.
Feathers stack in a predictable, orderly manner, so just take thirty seconds and learn it.  If the phrase "dorsal median primary co

edit: to everyone having fits for various reasons: a small preview of the extent of my angel anatomy project
edit again: to everyone having fits specifically about pectorals: Check.

Want to use some aspect of my angel anatomy but aren't sure if you're referencing too much?  Read the FAQ!  Credit is appreciated but not required :)
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Alright, here I am again!! Sorry to keep you waiting! 

I finally finished the update for my Anime Voice Actors List. It took me a lot of time and work for this list (:dead:) ... and I'm so proud that I finally made it!!! :)

This list is for those who always wanted to know who is speaking who in the animes (like me ;)). 

Now there are seven Anime instead of four:

Ao no Exorcist (Kato Kazue)
Bleach (Kubo Tite)
Digimon Adventure 1 & 2 (Akiyoshi Hondo)
Fairy Tail (Mashima Hiro)
Naruto (Kishimoto Masashi)
One Piece (Eiichiro Oda)
Sailor Moon (Takeuchi Naoko)

Like in the previous list, the names of the voice actors and the characters are written the Japanese way: family name - first name
Behind some of the Voice Actors you can see a little (+) ... I think you can guess why ... :(

I was quite surprised with the results when looking through the lists. I'm sure you'll be too. I hope you have fun with it!!

I tried to research as painstaking as I could so I hope I didn't make any mistakes. :blushes:

Btw, I probably will submit the next chapter of my Bleach Story this week ... it feels good to wave my writer's block good bye
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A major update to this project has been released! Go look at the new version here:…


Pick a few squares that look interesting or familiar. Search for them here: Warning: you will probably not emerge for several days.

This was my final project for my Visual Design 1 class. During critique, a student suggested this could be made into a dart-board game, but Hollywood could never be allowed to play. (TVTropes has a similar idea, but without the darts.…
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