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I added to mikro usb ports, one mini hdmi and one sd slot.
Which color do you prefer? Or do you like a completely different color style?
The Movie-'Fake'-Commercial will coming soon. :)
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This was a three-week project at university during my fourth semester at Pforzheim Industrial Design, from sketch to finished cad model, animation and presentation.
This short animation was shown at the Degreeshow in Pforzheim in addition to my Plots.
Note, that the interieur of this CAD-Model was not finished while rendering the animations.

Modeled in Alias and rendered in Keyshot (not long enough :) and Adobe After Effects.

Animation Video --> [link]

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Which one will be the new/next device?

More on facebook @PhoneDesigner
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All printed out and ready to be sold! Have a look here to see how big they are and which ones made it to print!


They're 2 bucks each, but it's cheaper to buy them in bulk. You can get 6 of them for 10 dollars Canadian - just note me!

Disclaimer: I am not the original creator of the Rage Faces featured in this image. They are simply creations inspired by internet memes. All likenesses of the Pokemon featured belong to Pokemon and Nintendo. I am, however, the owner of this artwork, and expect due credit when anyone should choose to share this work.


- Gyarados 'not bad' / Obama face
- Voltorb 'okay'
- Geodude 'Y U NO' face
- Snorlax 'Sweet Jesus' face
- Mr.Mime 'dealing with a badass over here' face
- Charizard as Philosoraptor
- Gengar 'bitch please' Yao Ming face
- Mewtwo 'shoop da woop' face
- Pikachu 'Rage Guy' derp face
- Squirtle 'NO' face
- Charmander me gusta / Gustamander
- Bulbasaur as trollface
- Prof. Oak as 'Condescending Wonka'
- Cubone as Forever alone / Forever a bone

Comment and lemme know which one(s) you like best! I'll print big 3''x4'' scratch & weather resistant vinyl versions of the most popular, and a sheet of small ones that remain.

If you're interested, note me with your name, and the ones you would potentially want. I won't take payments or send them right away, but once they've been printed, I'll exclusively give you the heads up!!


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My first phone concept. HTC HD3 (codename Eerie).
Download more images

Specyfikacja po polsku:

Donate if you like this concept: Link


The phone, which will meet expectations. It was designed to use one device instead of two - computer and mobile phone. Thanks to the fast processor and large amount of RAM, HTC Eerie can runs on special version of Windows 7. The phone will recognize two modes. First: normal - the phone mode. The operating system will disable any unnecessary features and switches on interface HTC Sense. In this mode, the CPU clock speed will be reduced to 1 GHz and RAM to 512 MB. On the rest of the memory will be saved and sustained image of a complete system, ready to wake up at any time. There are of course option to disable this feature and run only phone mode or only pc mode at one time. However, this requires rebooting the phone every time. In mobile mode, it will be possible to run applications designed for Windows Phone 6.5 and 7 Series. These programs will exchange information with their desktop equivalents. Touch panel under the screen will display useful for the current activity buttons. Thus there always find the options that we are interested at the moment. With a shared database mobile applications and desktop programs after turning off the PC mode, we can continue working in the mobile version (internet browsing, document writing, listening to music, etc.). However, if you connect the phone to the docking station you will get the possibility of attaching a monitor, keyboard, mouse and other USB devices to your phone. The processor starts at the highest clock speed, and the RAM image of the system will be unlocked. All unnecessary features will be disabled (except for communications modules and front camera, which will serve as a video camera).

If the phone system would operate under the control of Android and Windows 7 Phone Series does not require a second version of the system. Only increase the capabilities and image resolution. It is also recommended monitor with multitouch technology.



- Height: 120 mm
- Width: 66 mm
- Thickness: 11 mm
- Weight: 165 grams with battery


- Type: Capacitive touch screen
- Resolution: 600 X 1000 WSVGA

Operating System

a) Microsoft Windows 7 Mobile Edition with HTC Sense
b) Android 2.5 with HTC Sense
c) Windows Phone® 7 Series


- OLED Touch Panel


- ROM: 64 GB
- RAM: 2 GB
- Expansion slot: microSD™ memory card (SD 2.0 compatible)

CPU Processing Speed:

- 2GHz Snapdragon™ processor with low power option

Power & Battery:

- Battery type: Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
- Capacity: 1500 mAh
- Talk time:
* WCDMA: Up to 350 mins
* GSM: Up to 400 mins
- Standby time:
* WCDMA: Up to 500 hours
* GSM: Up to 600 hours
- Video playback Up to 8 hours
- Audio playback: Up to 15 hours
- PC Mode on battery: Up to 300 mins


- 4G
- 3G
- Wi-Fi®: IEEE 802.11 b/g


- Internet Sharing through USB or Bluetooth
- Wi-Fi Router


- Bluetooth® 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate
- Supported profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, BIP, BPP, DUN, FTP, GAP, GOEP, HFP, HID, HSP, OPP, PAN, PBAP, SAP,



- 12 megapixel color camera
- Auto focus
- 4 LED flashlight
- 9 mm zoom lens
- Video capture in HD 1080p resolution
- Second camera: 1 megapixel color camera


- 3.5 mm stereo audio jack
- Standard Micro-USB
(5-pin micro-USB 3.0)
- Mini-HDMI


- Internal GPS antenna
- HTC Footprints™
- Digital Compass

- G-Sensor
- Proximity sensor
- Ambient light sensor
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Here's an awesome idea for Nintendo's truly possible next handheld. You'll LOVE it:

The Nintendo 4DS will be Nintendo 3DS' future successor. How will it work? What will it do? Will it be like the 3DS? Well, listen up, and I'll tell ya.

Like 4D films, The Nintendo 4DS features new physical simulated harmless effects as if you were really in the game, like wind, water, vibration, and smells/scents too. No poison, strobe lights, or fire, I promise you that. And as a magical new effect, the Nintendo 4DS will now feature brand new holographic display.
The Nintendo 4DS is backwards compatible cause it can play Nintendo 4DS games, Nintendo 3DS games, and even Nintendo DS games!

The cartridges for 4DS titles are still game cards, but they have a new design to keep players away from playing 4DS games on the 3DS, 2DS, and 3DS XL.
The model for the Nintendo 4DS will be similar to the Nintendo DSi XL and the Nintendo 3DS XL, and it will be wider than the Nintendo DSi XL and the Nintendo 3DS XL since screens will be wider, and graphics for the 4DS will be much better thanks to the new default bigger screens.
The Nintendo 4DS still has all the buttons, D-Pad, and the Circle Pad that the 3DS have. The Select, Home, And Start buttons pretty much look the same from the 3DS XL model. The D-Pad is now on top on the left side of the 4DS while the first Circle Pad is on the bottom-left side, but thanks to new futuristic technology, players can switch places for the left Circle Pad and the D-Pad just in case if players have trouble. Now the Nintendo 4DS will feature a second Circle Pad as if it was the C-Stick on the Nintendo GameCube controller, located under the A, B, Y, and X buttons. The power button will now be located under the left Circle Pad and D-Pad, similar to the DSi and the DSi XL models. The volume slider will move back to the front-left side of the 4DS, similar to the DS Lite, so you can stop accidentally switching volumes unlike the 3DS XL. The SD Card slot will stay on the left side of the 4DS. The wireless switch and the stylus placement will both stay on the right side on the 4DS. Similar to the Nintendo 2DS, the 3D Slider is gone since the Nintendo 4DS will have graphics that will look similar to Wii graphics, so no use for 3D anymore. There will be a new 4D slider available, replacing the 3D slider, which means when you turn on the 4D slider, the simulated effects will come in unexpectedly. If you wanna play 4DS games without any stimulated effects, then turn the 4D slider off. Similar to the Nintendo 3DS XL, the 4D slider will have some sort of lock so you won't accidentally turn it on unlike the original 3DS model. You still have the camera and the mic, thank god. Not to mention, the gyro sensors are going to be back too! The battery life light stays blue when fine, and red when low. The wireless light stays green. The charging light will stay orange too, don't forget about that.
Similar to the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS, the Nintendo 4DS will have a menu when you start it up. And the Nintendo eShop is back too. The following starter 4DS apps are:
Nintendo 4DS Camera (Take photos and record videos!)
Nintendo 4DS Sound (Record your own voice!)
Mii Maker (Create with your Miis! Transport your Mii data your 3DS!)
StreetPass Mii Plaza (Play with Miis from around the world)
Face Raiders 2
Activity Log
Download Play
Flipnote Hatena
YouTube (Much better than the 3DS version)
Amazon Video
Hulu Plus

Virtual Console games on the Nintendo 4DS would have games for Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Sega Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket, and Neo Geo Pocket Color. You can hold up to $500 on the Nintendo eShop now.
You still have the Game Notes, Friend Log, Notifications, Internet Browser, and the Miiverse installed in too.

The play coins are back too, but now, instead of 10 coins per day, you will get 100 coins per day!
You'll only get to hold up to... 10,000 PLAY COINS!!! Isn't that awesome?

The StreetPass range is now increased from 100 feet to 10,000 feet! HOW BADASS IS THAT!?!?!?!?!?

Unlike the menus for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, the Nintendo 4DS will allow you to do something that fans have always dreamed of doing since the DSi... CHANGE MENU COLORS!!!

For the wireless internet connection, now it works worldwide wherever you go, no matter if it's a hospital, if you're at Disneyland in beautiful California, if you're staying at a hotel, and if you're taking a ride on an airplane, the internet will still work, so it's 100% perfect! No need for any of your internet connections, cause once you turn it on, it'll be automatically set to worldwide! Take that, you stupid dumb 3DS Internet Browser!
The Nintendo 4DS will come in the following 10 various starter colors:
Polar White
Watery Blue
Firey Red
Grassy Green
Electric Yellow
Princess Pink
Violet Purple
Stormy Black
Glittering Gold
Shining Silver
With each Nintendo 4DS that Nintendo players will get, they will also receive a 32GB SD card so they can have all the memory they truly want. The battery life would last even MORE LONGER than the 3DS, 2DS, and 3DS XL, so that means we would have up to 48 chaotic hours of gameplay. Unlike Nintendo's previous portable predecessors, the Nintendo 4DS now features a long-awaited wireless charger, meaning you can take your 4DS AND your charger anywhere you go. Thank goodness!
Retailed Prices?

Nintendo 4DS itself:
$149.99 as 4DS alone, equipped with case, screen protectors, headphones, charging cradle, and charger
$169.99 with bundled game

Each 4DS Game:

And last but not least, the product slogan for the Nintendo 4DS should be:
"It feels like you're really there"

 So what do you think? Want this to exist?

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Aaaand another one! Here's one of the 5 characters commissioned by Spyglass vapor! The art will be used for their labels on their products!

Other characters:

Night Mother
Dr Acula


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Fashioned after the World-Famous Zippo lighter, this ring was created as an anecdotal proposal. Imagine getting down on one knee with this in your hands as you ask your significant other, "Can I get a light?" Created by JSBarron of Rayne Nouvelle.
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Airplane design for the "A Future Vision" university project.
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