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Current progress on the UNSC Missile cruiser. Still plenty left to do, finally got around to doing the engine housing. Hoping to have it done tonight or early tomorrow.

CnC is welcomed~!
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another photo real experiment, these are fun to do
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Armageddon Union of Worlds Mobile Anti Orbital Vehicle


One of the most common Anti Orbital vehicles deployed by the Union of Worlds the Armageddon is deployed when the Union feels orbital supremacy will be contested, either on a world which needs defending or in a warzone where Orbital battles could turn out either way. Union combat doctrine dictates that space is the most important battlefield and such units which can help turn the tide or help stop Orbital supremacy are key. As such the Armageddon is either deployed with specialist Anti orbital companies or is assigned to areas on its own. The Armageddon is a medium AO vehicle and as such is deployed in medium numbers to help defend forces on the ground by returning fire against orbital barrages or by selectively killing key enemy ships in the fleet to hamper their progress or disable them.


Armament wise the Armageddon mounts a huge Capital Anti Orbital Mass Driver designed to destroy enemy ships in high orbit. It will take usually several salvos from multiple Armageddons to down an enemy ship and so they usually work in groups. It has a high rate of fire for its size and nano assemblers and void cooling to help keep up its barrage. As for all round defense the Armageddon is very light, mounting numerous cascade cannons for anti infantry defense it also mounts 4 120mm railguns for anti tank. It has no AA however and must be defended from airstrikes.

Defensive measures and armour wise the Armageddon is a fortress, it has to be to be able to take return fire from orbit. Able to withstand huge amounts of fire and still work the Armageddon main armour is 400mm thick quantum ceramic plate, this allows the tank to wither shaped charge, sabot rounds, lasers, plasma and other more exotic types of weapon. Auto reactive armour and RPG cages can also be attached is necessary. All round the Fortress as well are emplacements of Frag launchers, these functions as two different abilities. The first is when the Fortress detects missiles or incoming objects and fires a frag cloud into the object to cause it to either explode prematurely or to be destroyed, rendering missiles and rockets useless against the Armageddon. The second use is that these can affect infantry who approach the tank to attach grenades or other close combat AT weapons. The Armageddon also mounts a mark 3 Shield generator for defensive purposes.

Electronic abilities wise the Armageddon carries a AI capable of taking over much of the tanks systems if an emergency is called for, it also allows rapid lock on full spectrum sensor suite detection and also an enemy lock warning system. The Armageddon also has numerous small drones which are deployed into low orbit, this allows the Armageddon to identify targets and create a information grid between its other counterparts and also to the Union grid to help overall tactical data. These drones are very small and so are very hard to spot or hit by enemy ships.

Speed wise The Armageddon is incredibly slow, only able to muster around 12 MPH on land and rough terrain is even slower, Due to its bulk the Fortress usually has to ford rivers though this generally isn’t a problem. 

Armageddon and the Union belong to me :iconemperormyric:
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Here's my another, the third, OC Omega Koopa!

He's a forgotten older brother of King Bowser.

But what's he best is to bring the destruction of the Mushroom Kingdom (only that events on Super Mario Bros Heroes of the Stars Movie 2).

He's 65 years old, but he's stronger than Onaga Koopa, Mario, Asylus and Bowser and also faster than Yoshi and Boshi.

After the destruction of Mushroom Kingdom, he will reclaim the kingdom as Omega Kingdom, only Asylus will stop him.

The past about Omega Koopa is defeated by Asylus' father when he was 31 years old.

And so after some of years his heart turns into a pure evil monster and lead his own Omega army to rule this universe than Shroobs.

Hope you like it!

Omega Koopa (c) Yours Truly
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Conceptual art produced for Necessary Force - this is the perfect view of the city's skyline, mostly visible are the upper tiers of the city. These are where the rich upper classes reside, looking down upon the lower tiers.

This is featured in our new artbook - [link]
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the one of Main Characters of Brahmastra : Rama.

he is prince of Ayodya, husband of Sinta, Lesmana's older brother.
Rama has very strong, almost same with gods' strength. he has a lot of ultimate spell and weapon, including forbidden weapon : Brahmastra, which told in Ramayana's tale : has the same energy and destructive power as nuclear bomb. it realesed from Rama's bow.

as a knight and prince, Rama is a very modest and humble person, brave, loyal to his parents and kingdom. eventough he is charming, Tama is very loyal to his wife, Sinta. he searched Sinta for a very long time which kidnapped by Rawana, king of Alengka.

i made Rama base from what Ramayana describe Rama, and use reference from wayang kulit and wayang wong, mix with reference of knights,hunters,prince character designs.

soon, i will describe deeper, about this character design.
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501st Union Foreign Legion: 'Olympus Guard' Spartan Empire

Union foreign legions are very rare and hard to come by. Due to the Unions principles of duty above all else all men and women in the Union hold their allegiance to their nation above all others. This of course leads to problems when foreign legions need to operate for other nations. However there are some who know that serving another whole heartedly actually will serve the Union to great effect, and so these people form the foreign legions, fighting with another nations forces in a completely foreign war.

The 501st legion have their roots in the Nightside wars, around 200 years ago, the legion was gifted to the Spartan Empire as a gesture of communion and goodwill. Sparta with great honour seeing as how hard it is for a nation to give up some of its own fighting potential to another graciously accepted and incorporated them into its elite fighting forces. The 501st have since seen some of the most bloodiest actions in Spartan history, fighting in the psychic wars the legion has a fair measure of psychic threat. The legion is currently operating in the Ancerious galaxy under the Spartan empires command, however they have been itching to get into the action and support their fellow Union friends, they have instead stood their ground and waits for Sparta to make its ultimate decision which currently is absolute neutrality.

Shown here:


501st infantry: armed with Union weapons and armour these men and women have serious experience under their belts and will happily wade into the most vicious fight without flinching.

501st command squad: one of the many command squads of the 501st, lead by Alex J rhodes the command squad wears Spartan iconography and even rallies around the Spartan lighting flag.

501st Heavy power armour: the Union gifted Sparta with a 10 man strong squad of Heavy power armour, very rare and incredibly powerful this functions as an elite shock troop in the legion.

501st Hawk assault teams: armed with laser blades and jump packs these men and women put their lives to the test in the swirling melee of close combat. The Spartans have much respect for the Hawks.

Armoured vehicles:

Whirlwind APC: the legion maintains its own APCs which are repaired using Union techniques. These APCs provide much needed speed to the infantry.

Skyhammer jetbike: a few squads of jetbike infantry are in the legion and they provide a scouting role and intelligence.

Farstrike Medium Artillery: with all 3 types of Farstrike the legion can engage enemies at range and rely on artillery support from its own ranks plus that of the Spartans.


Titan Heavy tank: a few contingents of Titans are assigned to the Legion, these often fight alongside Spartan heavy tanks to utterly crush the enemy in armoured assaults.

Seraphim MBT: the main battle tank of the legion the Union Seraphim still executes its normal blitzkrieg tactics alongside Spartan armour.

Seraphim Demo: designed to breach defences this tank helps Spartan infantry and legion troops in confined spaces where obstacles need to be cleared with its breaching charges.

Seraphim Viper AA: the dreaded Viper AA is available to the Legion and provides incredible AA coverage for the troops of the legion and other Spartan elements.

Seraphim Shield: the support shield generator variant provides protection to Legion and Spartan troops as they advance.

Achilles Land Fortress: the Legion maintains a super heavy company with 4 Achilles, these work in concert with the Spartan land dreadnoughts to destroy any opposition they encounter, including enemy colossi and other super heavy tanks.

Other elements:

Ace Gunship: the Legion has a few Ace gunships for heavy ground support operations where it can tear enemy forces apart.

Predator Light Assault Mech: the Legion also has a mech squad in reserve, these may only be light mechs but they can still pack a serious punch, they work alongside Spartan Exo suit teams to destroy the enemy.

Spartan Empire belongs to :iconsoundwave3591:

Union of Worlds and the units shown here all belong to me :iconemperormyric:

501st belongs to us jointly.

If you are interested in a foreign legion from the Union please ask.
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Sentinel Union Of Worlds IFV/ Multi role combat vehicle:

The sentinel Infantry Fighting Vehicle/ Multi role combat vehicle is a recent edition to the Union armoury and is now used in a more aggressive role than the Whirlwind APC, with more armour and heavier weapons like its rail gun add on than the Whirlwind the Sentinel has a reduced carrying capacity. The Whirlwind and the Sentinel work in conjunction and the Sentinels now escort the Whirlwinds to the field under their protection. Though the sentinel doesn’t have the advanced command suite of the Whirlwind it still retains the Whirlwinds ECM suite to help with defence and it can even extend this range to other vehicles in the vicinity. With full environmental capabilities the Sentinel can fight in any environment and its durable wheels are more than capable of Trans versing over any terrain.


Armament wise the Sentinel is armed with a turreted 100mm rail gun which is fully remote controlled with auto loaders and Nano assemblers. This is capable of engaging light and medium armour as well as holding its own against enemy MBT. In addition to the a cupola/ remote controlled mounted heavy cascade cannon an be attached for extreme infantry defence.
Defensive measures and armour wise The Sentinel has 45mm of quantum lattice armour perfectly capable of protecting it from even enemy MBT, in addition to this the Sentinel has frag launchers to destroy missiles and close by infantry. Additional armour may be added.
Electronic abilities wise the Sentinel retains the ECM suite that its brother the Whirlwind is armed with making it heavily resistant to missiles and guided munitions. It also has a mark 4 AI to control the various gun add ons and also a battle uplink to keep it coordinated.
Speed wise the Sentinel can go a fast 60MPH over most terrain, definitely fast enough for the Unions rapid tactics, all Sentinel variants have this speed and so all manner of support can be brought up quickly.
APC variant: replacing the Railgun with a turreted 50mm auto cannon and a transport capacity of 10 men means that this version can actually replace the Whirlwind, though still slowly being phased in this variant works well as a multi role vehicle and is testament to the Sentinels ability to adapt to different roles.
Mortar variant: replacing the transport capacity entirely means that this variant can house a 81mm mortar in its back with the space to have the firing squad, this can blanket an area with fire and help support infantry divisions as they advance. The Mortar is short range when compared with the Unions dedicated artillery but can provide quick and precise fire support when needed.
Area Denial variant: again replacing the transport capacity with a bigger fusion generator and cooling facilities means the Sentinel can mount a medium sized laser projector; this can protect the area from incoming missiles or shells with its rapid transverse and also target aircraft. This is fast enough to provide AA and AM defence to the immediate area.

Sentinel and the Union of Worlds belong to me :iconemperormyric:

Comments welcome
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Union Files:


Ship Armaments:

High Energy Plasma Cannon



It is known research took place into plasma weapons during WW3 as well as the unification wars. The robotic armies of AC110 did in fact use a type of plasma weapon on their Devastator units. However this couldn’t be reverse engineered at the time and so the project was abandoned. Plasma weapon research would continue in small amounts all throughout the Unions many wars but was first properly introduced during the Phantom war. The Violar and their extensive use of Plasma and exotic energy technology allowed the Union to reverse engineer their plasma cannon designs.

From then on Plasma cannons were used as the main Dorsal armament of Union ships. Before it was merely more Mass Driver turrets however now it gives the ships a ferocious short ranged armament to use. Of course a host of upgrades and modifications have been carried out since its introduction and so the Plasma cannons in use today are far superior then their original counterparts.


Plasma Cannons function in a similar way to Mass Drivers. First the plasma itself needs to be created. This is done by small Plasma reactors inside the turret housings, these reactors heat gases until they are so hot they ionize. At these tempratures plasma is created and then stored in magnetic containment units housed as well within the turret. During battle the reactor can pump the plasma directly to the barrel however it is generally stored first. The gases needed for ionization are collected via ram scoops on the Union vessels which pick up pieces of debris and gases in space to use, these are stored inside the ship in armoured compartments. Once the plasma is stored in the magnetic containment it then is forced using high powered magnets into the firing chamber. Using containment and mounting void cooling systems the Plasma is formed into a bolt and fired at high velocity by Linear accelerators armoured in Quantum lattice plate. The plasma leaves the barrel in a blazing bolt and kept in its form by a contaiment tunnel produced by projectors on the sides of the barrel. This allows the plasma to keep its shape and course when in flight. Plasma however travels much slower than light and also looses energy as its travels even in containment fields. This means plasma bolts have a relatively short range compared to other weapon systems.

The Plasma cannon turret also mounts a huge amount of Void cooling sinks mounted around the containment fields, in the reactor region, storage and finally the barrel itself. These stop the plasma from overheating the weapon and it exploding. Void cooling works by drawing away the heat and depositing it in another dimension. Thereby keeping the weapon cool and able to fire regularly

Effectiveness and Use

Plasma Cannons are used almost exclusively as Doral weapon mounts on Union ships. They take the role of being the Union navies primary and most effective short range weapon system. Being extremely potent at close range against both shields and armour the plasma cannons low rate of fire limits its effectiveness however one bolt can deliver serious destructive power and can melt and blow open enemy hulls as well as ionize and drain enemy shields. The Plasma itself is very volatile and will explode on contact with energy barriers or matter. A broadside at close range from a Plasma salvo is enough to rip open cruiser sized ships. However this is rare due to Union tactics using mainly medium and long range warfare, However Plasma Cannons CAN be overcharged. This works by increasing the plasma load on firing, as well as the magnetic field of the projector rails. This allows massive plasma bolts at greater speeds, leading to greater ranges and massively increased destructive potential. However overcharging strains the void coolers to the limit and so can damage or destroy the weapon itself, needing replacing after the battle. However due to this side effect many Union commanders overcharge their plasma weapons regularly to allow them a greater offensive power at medium range. And a truly horrific one at close range.

Video Footage

The Following has been put here to show the effect and use of Plasma cannons

(made by youtube clips and stuff this helps show that they do and look like :) all videos etc. belong to their respective owners)

The following video shows at 4:01 what Plasma cannon rounds would look like. However Union ones would be more bright blue, have a greater impact and Overcharged rounds would have an even bigger effect.…

Plasma Cannon, Union of Worlds as well as everything shown here belongs to :iconemperormyric:

3D Renders and sprites of Plasma Cannons goes to :iconJBB1992:

I thank him greatly for the work he has done!

This is the second of the line up for the Weapons of the Union Navy Core. Next is the Meson Laser Projector.

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Vulcan Union Of Worlds Orbital Dropship:

The Vulcan is the Unions Orbital Dropship and heavy transporter and performs orbital insertions and everyday transportation. Like the Ace gunship it mounts 4 massive engines which allow it to hover or fly at high speeds. But the Unions dropship is not like other races dropships. Where other races dropships have massive capacities but not much armour and weapons in the hope that speed will allow it to survive the Union has sacrificed some capacity for extra armour, a shield generator and an improved armament. Though its dual floor hull is still massive the Vulcan can fit around 5 Titan heavy tanks in the bottom hold or numerous other vehicles. The top hold is only available to infantry which have to disembark through the 6 side ramps. This can hold around 125 infantryman with equipment. The dropships shield generator as well encompasses an area around it protecting its occupancy as they disembark and its armaments can force enemies to go to ground or to fight off aircraft in flight.


Armament wise The Vulcan is armed with 10 turreted quad cascade cannon mounts. Together these provide the Vulcan with a very nasty bite and can easily ravage a fighter squadron. They can also force enemy infantry and light vehicles into cover or be torn apart. It is also equipped with 10 sponson cascade cannons at the front and 6 at the back to also provide more precise covering fire though these are infantry operated.

Defensive measures and armour wise The Vulcan is very heavily armoured, equipped with 2.5 inches of quantum lattice plate it is also equipped with 4 mark 3 shield generator stop stop enemy fire. The bottom and lower sides of the craft are also protected bu incredible heat shielding meaning any sort of heat or plasma weapon will simply be absorbed with minimal damage.

Electronic abilities wise the Vulcan mounts a hacking array and a missile and smart ordinance destruction package which detonates ordinance close to the dropship. It also carries numerous flare and chaff launchers and also is equipped with a dead man’s weapon if required. When activated the Vulcan can cause a localised EMP burst which will destroy all enemy aircraft in the vicinity though this also includes friendlies and so is hardly used apart from in last ditch scenarios.

Speed wise the Vulcan is able to go up to Mach 3.5 though it usually operates in orbital drops where its speed can be much faster in a vertical descent. Its hover jets also allow it to hover over the drop zone and give fire support before flying off for its next payload.

Other units for scale purposes

Belongs to me :iconemperormyric:
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