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lol isn't DA a funny place :) if you told someone on facebook that 'your watching them' you'd probably get police knocking at your door but on DA 'watching someone' is actually a good thing :XD:

dont reuse, re-upload, redistribute or steal this or use this in ANY form without my permission

i dont own the photo
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What if deviantART was trying to brainwash us all? Secretly creating the dA New World Order...
OMG! We would all be alike and become Fella's human llamas!

" you are all my children now "

Don't take this too seriously. X)
It's my entry for the Look-alike Contest at #dAseniors. Happy 11th birthday dA!

Digital artwork done in 8~10 hours. Not used to make many digital pieces.
Inspired by scenes from the film Nineteen Eighty-Four and others alike.
Fella image used from official stock: [link]

A special thank you to *shichigoro756, who, apart from being a terrific artist,
was kind enough to check my work-in-progress on Stash
and gave me the extra confidence to publish this.

[link] by ~sthalassinos | [link] by ~Ch3M-X | [link] by =hyurellk | [link] by *SparklingSary - Thank you!
[link] by=onyx2010 on behalf of #dALinkSystem

2011 HMFS | fella property of deviantart | commercial use strictly prohibited | ask for permission to use, please | have a great day

Domination has started! :paranoid:
by ~HardLock /// Always associated with :icondalinksystem:
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