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Similar Deviations
UPDATE: I have fixed bugs with the Minecraft, Deus Ex, and League of Legends Banners. Please download again!

UPDATE 2: ...and a bug with the JC2 banner. Fuck me. lol

I'm a guy who loves to display my games and so forth, but with the advent of digital gaming and distribution, I don't have boxes laying around that I can display. For some time I've been looking for something that allows me to display my games on my desktop in a way reminiscent of boxes on a shelf... or say, like the DDR interface, but never found anything satisfactory. So, I improvised and did it myself.

GameBanners is a collection of simple Rainmeter buttons created in Rainpad. The banners themselves are a combination of resources found around the internet put together in Photoshop.

This was created for personal use, so I don't intend to supply a lot of support. Nonetheness, if you need any help feel free to ask here and I'll see what I can do.

Steam games in this list are set up as Steam links. Non-steam games like Guild Wars 2 link to their respective folder paths. If you would like to link to a non-Steam game through Steam, follow these instructions:

1. In your steam library, right click the game and click "Create Desktop Shortcut."
2. On the desktop, find the shortcut. Right click it and select "Properties."
3. Under "URL," copy the entire line starting with "steam://" and ending in a series of numbers, which is the game's ID.
4. Right click the GameBanner you wish to change, and find the following line:
LeftMouseUpAction = !Execute ["URL HERE"]
5. Replace the "URL HERE" text with the URL you copied from the game shortcut's properties window between the quotes. Save, and exit Notepad.
6. Right click the Rainmeter skin, and click "Refresh skin."
7. You're done! You're also free to delete the desktop shortcut you created, if you'd like.

If you would like to create your own banners using this style, you may use the PSD file here: [link]
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Well, on the 4th of July this year I submitted a Christmas themed wallpaper... so now, two days after Christmas, I am submitting an Independence Day wallpaper, yes I know I am all backwards!

Anyway... this wallpaper is of Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States and author of the Declaration of Independence.

Declaration of Independence from: :iconslevin28:

Thomas Jefferson portrait and signature searched online.

Made in Photoshop CS3.
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James Madison ~ March 16 1751 - June 28 1836

This is a wallpaper I made of James Madison, the 4th President of the United States of America and author of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Portrait of James Madison by John Vanderlyn can be viewed here: [link]

U.S. Constitution and signature searched online.

Made in Photoshop 7.
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I made this out of boredom. So, yeah, my scanner is still shot to shit, and I can't upload any of my real drawings and artwork.
Partly inspired by David McChulloh's book and the HBO miniseries.

So, here is John Adams, second Presient of the United States and the voice of the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson was his best friend.
One of my favorite presidents.

Partly inspired by ~RafkinsWarning picture of Jefferson.
Her's is better than mine.

Artwork (c) :iconstarwarsisme: (the history major)
John Adams (c) himself
Declaration of Independence (c) its players
Time: 30 mins
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A sweet Kindle screen for fellow conservatives who are tired of Jules Verne and birds.

Made for Kindle 3. 600x800 grayscale.
You can google how to jailbreak your Kindle and load it on instead of their lame gallery pics.

There are some more covers here: [link]
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Visit my YouTube Channel to learn more about the New World Order and how you can join the fight to help bring them down:


Discover who YOU really are by finding God's pure, beautiful truth at:


Here are several Google and YouTube searches that will hopefully get you started on your road to personal enlightenment:
"false flag terror"
"false flag operation"
"9/11 truth"
"new world order"
"bilderberg group"
"council on foreign relations"
"trilateral commission"
"secret societies"
"federal reserve"
"central bank"
"world bank"
"J.P. Morgan"
"Jekyll Island"
"america freedom to fascism"
"Alex Jones"
"the obama deception"
"fall of the republic"

Here are some additional websites to visit to further your education:

InfoWars = [link]
PrisonPlanet = [link]
World Affairs Brief = [link]
Architects & Engineers For 911 Truth = [link]
Remember Building 7 = [link]
Pilots For 911 Truth = [link]
Loose Change (911) = [link]
John Birch Society = [link]
LDS Conservative = [link]
LDS Liberty = [link]
Awake & Arise = [link]
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The USA, formally known as the United States of America, emerged from the original Thirteen Colonies established by the British between 1603 and 1733. Its disputes over increased independence and representation within the British Empire (‘no taxation without representation’) led to the formation of a Continental Congress and the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The new USA staged the world’s first successful independence war against a colonial empire. Throughout the nineteenth century, the USA embarked on a massive campaign of expansion, conquering ever more lands, displacing or liquidating native tribes and establishing new states. By 1900 and despite a devastating civil war (1861 – 1865), the USA extended from the Atlantic to the Pacific, boasted the largest economy in the world and was confirmed as a military power in the Spanish-American War and World War I. It became a super power (along with the USSR) following World War II and, despite the resurging power of China and post-Soviet Russia, has retained much of its power and global influence at the dawn of the twenty-first century.

The original flag of the USA, known as ‘Betsy Ross’, was first flown in 1777. It consisted of thirteen horizontal stripes of alternating red and white, with a blue canton displaying a circle of thirteen stars to represent the country’s founding states. The design was similar to that of the British East India Company and was in use until 1795.

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