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"Enderal - The Shards of Order" is a total conversion mod currently in development for Bethesda Softwork's Skyrim. The story of Enderal is not set in the Elder Scrolls world of Tamriel, but takes place in its own universe, creating a new, interesting world completely unrelated to Skyrim. Enderal is being developed by volunteers from the dedicated modding community SureAI, best known for their acclaimed Oblivion total conversion Nehrim – At Fate's Edge that was awarded “Best Singleplayer Editor's Choice” by and “Mod of the Year 2010” by PC Gamer. Enderal bases upon the Skyrim game engine and aspires to become a role playing game comparable to professional game industry products. The continent of Enderal is the stage for an extensive, completely new and epic adventure.

Enderal is not only the sequel to Nehrim, but also takes place in the very same universe, just a couple of years after the events of the Nehrim story line. It aims to continue the tradition of the intensive and complex storytelling introduced in Nehrim. This basically means: What we do here is fantasy for adults, it is dirty and immersive, and there are no fairies. Nehrim's storytelling had some flaws that we want to get rid of – there will be more player decisions and deeper characters. In addition, the skill system will differ a lot from the one in Skyrim. Enderal will feature the known XP based skill system from Nehrim, improved with certain aspects that will help players to specifiy their characters in a more detailed way, thus intensifying the connection between player and avatar. Long story short, Enderal will be a classic RPG with alternative storytelling features. Be excited!

Please visit our official Websites:

Enderal: [link]
SureAi: [link]
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A last minute entry. Sirius the brightest Star in the night sky, is also known as the \"Wolf Star\" or the \"Dog Star\". Mirroring the constellation I've depicted what I believe Sirius the Constellation would look like based off of the Pawnee creation myth; the Milky way is known to them as Wolf road.

Please vote for me!
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My entry for T-Shirt dA logo design 2011 challenge - green on black variation.

Another color variations:
green on white
pink on white
yellow on red

May be used different colors (minimum 2 colors for print) on different t-shirts colors.

Votes are welcome if you like it (need to press "I'd Wear This!" button in the up-right corner of this page), and write some comments. Thanks.
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DA Shirt Design Entry 001
Concept: redvoltaire11
Artwork: redvoltaire11
Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS5
Technique: Vector? (+ Vector Resource)

My classmate (:iconggfied:) told me there's a new beats headphones by dr. dre Tron edition.
Check it out. => [link] [link]
Imagine if you wore this shirt AND that beats, yo! XD just advertisin'. Anyway, thanks for your support people!!! XD May we all win! :icondoctorcatplz: :iconstupidfox-plz:

When I put up the link above for the Tron headphones, I usually started getting comments on how "Tron style is amazing", but I DIDN'T base it on any Tron-alific ideas. Sorry, but I really didn't, because it was inspired by Phantasy Star shield-weaves! (not "based" on, sorry.) Shield weaves look like these ([link]) yes, they are the white glowing things. And, as you can see, my shirt and the shield-weave don't look very much the same. I thought it really looked like a new-gen fashion statement. :3
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Hi dears!!!:iconsweethugplz:
This is my idea for a Logo T-shirt DeviantART contest.
I've been thinking that we can please everyone, and myself included. Llama is the artist's very funny:iconaboishappyplz:

I hope you liked the colors and her mustache! :iconmustashplz:
Vote for me!
Thank you!:iconaawplz:

Version 2
Version 3
Version 4
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Anne Boleyn as a revenant, attacking King Henry VIII :)

Sometimes you just feel like doing that sort of thing, eh? :XD:

------ :heart: ------
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This is my first entry to Mythical Creatures T-Shirt Design Challenge
Please vote if you like it :)
Voting avilable since 25.07.2012

I have some other ideas also so next project tomorrow :)
Second entry [link]

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So yeah.

Here's the old one: [link]
Here's the new one: [link]

People liked it, and I liked it too at the time, and then I got some crits, and then I put it away for awhile, and then I looked at it again and thought, "I can do better."

So I gave it a shot.

:iconjfury: posted a picture he did recently of a cowgirl with very minimal shading, and I really liked how it looked. I love cel-shading, but it can be too busy. The minimal shading look really lets the drawing speak for itself.

I'll link to the new version soon. :D

(Rushed bg is rushed.)
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I love Assassin's Creed.
I tried to catch all the epicness of it in this picture
Took me forever to finish, but was fun though.

Hope you guys like it and please leave a comment!


Photoshop messed it up with the colors.
This one looks way to dark than it actually is, so if you guys know how to fix that I would be really thankful!

RE: Ok, i found a very cheap way to fix it, but not perfect.

Reference used [link]
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EDIT 9/8 15:33: ERMAHGERD! 100 favourites! Thank you so much!

EDIT 9/8 17:17: OH MY GAWD! 200 favourites! Guys, you rock!

EDIT 9/8 18:29 ASDFGHJKL 300 favourites!

EDIT 9/8 19:30 I CAN'T. 400.

EDIT 9/8 22:27 I DIED OF HAPPINESS. 500!

EDIT 9/13 14:56 1000 favourites!

My page: [link]
Facebook: [link]
Tumblr: [link]
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