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Desenho feito no Photoshop.
Algumas noites sem dormir hehehe!
Fiz esse desenho para o concurso do jogo Darksiders ...

Eu não consegui terminar o desenho para o concurso, dai fiz o fundo rapido, mas eu ainda pretendo mudar o fundo
Design made in Photoshop.
Some sleepless nights hehehe!
I made this drawing for the competition of the game Darksiders ...

I could not finish the design for the contest, made the bottom give fast, but I still want to change the background

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image done for deviantart your last day contest
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Work for Darksiders Contest...
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This is my entry for the wacom "bring your vision to life-contest"

I dream of a day that we can all cast out our inner demons. Be something better and be good to the world. Nature especially.

I really love life. I would love to have kids one day and show em how cool it is to live. All the beautiful landscapes that this gourgeous blue ball of a planet we call home has to offer, but i dont know man, it hurts just to see the news sometimes.

I love drawing, i love painting, id like to do it for as long as i live, cant do none of them if this world is torn apart infront of me.

Can't fight hate with more hate. Mother nature is always showing us a way, and we need to listen.

A boy has slain his inner monster. The spirit of the wood comes and returns the stray soul of the demon to the air, earth and sky. All is at peace.

Sorry for taking the previous version down, had to take away a few elements and tune up a bit of details. thnx a lot :icondhtenshi:
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For the Wacom/ competition: Bring your Vision to Life- Good vs. Evil

The idea:
What is good and what is evil? This painting is a mix of several symbolic features that stand for Good or Evil or sometimes, depending on where in the world one is, both.
The Dragon/Serpent is a symbol of evil in many western cultures, even though the snake stand for something inherently good in many cases (Askleipos and healing for instance). In the Eastern parts of Asia the Dragon is mostly something good though, standing for balance.

The knight, something good in many ways according to many historians, but also the focus of oppression in Europe. Moving to the Holy land, the Knights templar where considered the scourge of the earh, there to steal Gods land away from his chosen people, whereas in Europe they where bringing God back to the land.
The Teutonic helmet, standing for rampage, but at the same time the order that the Teuton brought to Europe.
The scimitar, standing for the Muslim world, nowadays quite often scoffed at or seen as pure evil, whereas Islam quite clearly is the most tolerant of the Abrahamitic religions and thus would be something good.
There are a multitude of little items that can be found like this in the painting, and I have spent a lot of time thinking them through as I painted them in.

Even the lighting of the painting is meant to be a contrast. The warm and comforting red and yellow is on the left side (traditionally the Evil side) and also represents the Hell that exist in judeo-christian mythologies. Blue and cool, cold and uncaring colours, but at the same time quite often seen as Good colours.

I hope you will enjoy my painting. As far as I have understood the rules of the competition, the entry that receives the most :+fav: between the 19th of may and the 29th of may will win the Deviantart community-prize. I have honestly no idea if it will harm me or wether I will gain from getting a huge amount of :+fav:'s before the 19th, but the most important part for me is that my art is appreciated even though I am in dire need of a new tablet.

I have never had the fortune to have a Wacom tablet. It would be a great thing to win one through this competition, especially since my own tablet is singing it's last tune and sometimes is just really acting up.

So, didn't win the competition, managed to get to the semi-finalist-stage though.

I am very grateful for that as it has brought a lot of new watchers to my gallery.

A bit disappointed in the winners, the community-award was great, the number three winner was unique and inventive but number two and one?!
Seriously, number one is a masterpiece in digital fuzziness. I would have expected a piece of art where you at least can see what's in the piece and number two has what to do with good and evil?

Anyway, this piece of art is now available as a print right here at DA ( [link] ) and also in our Red Bubble account ( [link] )

Once again, thank you for the support.


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I guess its every child's dream to become an astronaut and reach for the stars. I know I do. But I found myself being an artist instead and now, I paint my dreams out for everyone to see.

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I still dream about something far and unknown...

:bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange:
This work was created with using WACOM Graphire and APhotoshop CS.

Thank you for watching :hug:

closeup: [link]

edit :

I couldn't expect that my artwork will be in the DD)) I've wanted to answer all of you.. but there are so many messages and wonderful comments :)

PS Here is the biggest Saturn satellite - 'Titan' and the rocket 'Saturn' :) hopefully my education helps me to learn this stuff.. rockets and space are not so far for me :)

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This is an update of an old piece I made back in 2008. The update is quite huge and I actually like how it turned out, that's why I figured why not submit this as a new deviation?

Anyways, I'm incredibly busy due to uni stuff lately, so I hardly have time to create something. It's exhausting. .____.'

Wallpapers on my website!

You can find the old version in my scraps:

As always, thanks for all the comments and favs! :)
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yes! :D

I finished my work for the wacom intuos contest: " Bring your vision to life"

I know there are many good artists out there trying to win the prices, but I wanted to take the chance too :) I came out with this.
A couple of days ago I was thinking about how to improve my airbrushing tecniques, and meanwhile was thinking about " the return" ( my previous work), wich was my first improvment in that area. I try to think a better way to make that scene but with a diferent concept in my mind. In the end this contest suddenly appear ang gave me the best idea: Heaven vs hell, but in space! :dance:

I wanted this work to be completly airbrushed, so I work hard for the last 2 days with my mouse, and end up with this. :D

As always I hope you like it :nod:

Any critiques are welcome :)

EDIT: Title fixed :)

EDIT 2: Holy Sh*t ! 250 favs :omg:
Thank you all so much for the support!! :dance:

I removed my signature and the title, so now the work follows the rules, but now im realy afraid of art thieves :fear:

EDIT 3: Foreground asteroids are now airbrushed. Now the hole piece is 100% airbrushed :aww:

EDIT 4 : OMG a DD, Im so happy :dance:

Thanks a lot to Taenaron, ~bolv3rk and *zocafx :D
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my entry :)
death on his pale horse at the end of the world
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