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oh poor Adams, people know too little about him

First appearance by Franklin btw!! Yay!

Click to make it bigger!

The musical "1776" is © Sherman Edwards and Peter H. Hunt
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“The Man Who Would Not Be King.” by Matthew Spalding, Ph.D. George Washington is one of the most recognized figures in U.S. history. But familiarity breeds contempt. More often than not, Washington is an old painting on the wall – solemn, impersonal and distant – or the subject of childhood stories and nursery rhymes. We all know that he chopped down a cherry tree and had wooden teeth. The actual Washington is much more compelling. We can all see the brilliant flourishes of Jefferson's pen, Madison's constitutional handiwork or the success of Hamilton's economic policies, and that can cause us to overlook or underestimate the magnitude of Washington's achievement. Yet he really was, as Washington's greatest biographer, James Flexner, put it, the "indispensable man" of the American founding. ...And the key ingredient in all of these things was moral character, something that Washington took very seriously and which gave to his decision-making a deeply prudential quality and to his authority an unmatched magnanimity. "His integrity was pure, his justice the most inflexible I have ever known, no motives of interest or consanguinity, of friendship or hatred, being able to bias his decision," Jefferson later observed. "He was, indeed, in every sense of the words, a wise, a good, and a great man."

George Washington, Draft First Inaugural Address, April 1789: “The blessed Religion revealed in the word of God will remain an eternal and awful monument to prove that the best Institution may be abused by human depravity; and that they may even, in some instances be made subservient to the vilest purposes. Should, hereafter, those incited by the lust of power and prompted by the Supineness or venality of their Constituents, overleap the known barriers of this Constitution and violate the unalienable rights of humanity: it will only serve to shew, that no compact among men (however provident in its construction and sacred in its ratification) can be pronounced everlasting and inviolable, and if I may so express myself, that no Wall of words, that no mound of parchm[en]t can be so formed as to stand against the sweeping torrent of boundless ambition on the side, aided by the sapping current of corrupted morals on the other.”

From George Washington's private prayer journal. "O most glorious God ... Direct my thoughts, words and work, wash away my sins in the immaculate blood of the Lamb, and purge my heart by thy Holy Spirit.... Daily frame me more and more into the likeness of thy Son Jesus Christ.... Thou gavest thy Son to die for me, and hast given me assurance of salvation...."

"Cleanse my soul O Lord, I beseech thee, from whatever is offensive to thee, and hurtful to me, and give me what is convenient for me. Watch over me this night, and give me comfortable and sweet sleep to fit me for the service of the day following. Let my soul watch for the coming of the Lord Jesus; let my bed put me in mind of my grave, and my rising from there of my last resurrection; O heavenly Father, so frame this heart of mine, that I may ever delight to live according to thy will and command, in holiness and righteousness before thee all the days of my life."

"Almighty God…I yield Thee humble and hearty thanks that thou has preserved me from the danger of the night past, and brought me to the light of the day, and the comforts thereof, a day which is consecrated to Thine own service and for Thine own honor. Let my heart, therefore, Gracious God, be so affected with the glory and majesty of it, that I may not do mine own works, but wait on thee, and discharge those weighty duties thou requirest of me."
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"Rowdy" Roddy Piper, 1954 - 2015.
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Just a motivational poster I made using a picture from the website that reminded me of a quote I'd read about Roosevelt. I think the picture captures Marshall's words perfectly. Also, it's freaking hillarious...
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High resolution versions for printing purposes here:

Black and white: [link]

Color: [link]
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quick commission
[ink, watercolor, colour pencils, posca and wax pastels ]
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If you live in the DC area and take public transportation, you’ve probably seen the hundreds of Lincoln movie posters plastered all over the insides of select Metro stations. And when I say “all over,” I mean “all over every available flat surface.” The posters mainly consist of Abraham Lincoln’s real-life (or maybe imagined-to-be-real-life) quotations and Daniel Day-Lewis’ face. They are impossible to ignore.

Winslow took notice after a recent trip and decided to add his own brand of… branding to the area. The area police and the Secret Service were not amused.

(As a side note, I have no idea what game can be played with a hockey stick and half a frog, but I’m sure Kurt and Little Winslow would be happy to teach some classes if we all asked nicely. No, not really. As an update, some people have commented on how frogs and hockey sticks are an integral part of Boxer Hockey. I wasn't aware of this webcomic until now. Kind of wish I had been, otherwise I could have done up a proper reference. As it stands, this was complete coincidence!)

(As an additional side note, if you're American, you should vote tomorrow.)

This first appeared on Defenestration [link] on Friday, November 2nd.

Become a fan of Ben & Winslow on Facebook: [link]

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colored pencils + HB pencil.. time taken, 15 hrs approx. Hope you like it. :]
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In the middle of autumn...
I met her..

A cheer kind girl..
With purple hair..

She was a shinigami..
I spent much time with her..

I hold her..
And i promissed to protect her..

But she has her own destiny..
Fate separated us..

She was smile to me..
She said she's affraid..
She said she wanna be with me..
She was cry..

But everything seems too late..
She has decided..
To die..
For everyone she loves..
And.. For me..

She sacrifaced her life..
She has to gone..

She dissapeared..
Like dust flying together with the wind..

"Good Bye Senna.."
That's the last wodrs that i could say..



In the middle of autumn..
I stay with her..

A black haired girl..
Who changed a whole of my life..

She is a shinigami..
I've spent much time with her..

She always support me..
She always talk to me..
She always smile to me..
She always cheer me up..

But she has her own destiny..
Fate ALMOST separated us..

But this time..

I don't let her go..
I don't let her leave me..

I'll change her destiny..
I'll rule her fate..

I've promissed to protect her..
Til the rest of my life..

I'll hold her hand..
And everything will be okay..

"Thank you Rukia.."
That's all the words that i could say..


Just u know.. Ichigo met Senna in the Autumn season..
Special Thanks to : My Lovely Father who taught me how to shade with pencil :hug:
Since i got my tablet,,
I haven't touch my pencil seriously for 1 years..
Time : 3-4 hours
Senna (c) Bleach Movie 1 Memories of Nobody
Ichigo & Rukia (c) Bleach By Tite Kubo
Art (c) Me
This pic is the 1st winner in :iconfading-night: Bleach Pairing Autumn Contest
Plus, this is request Ichigo for :iconakatsukixdeixhi:
Steal this and never seen Autumn til the rest of your life..
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As Treasurer, Hamilton is not at all pleased with the way the economy is going after the revolution....

If you can't tell from the back, it goes (L --> R):

TJ, Johnny H, George, John A., Pat and Ben ^^

I had some time on my hands and a good idea, so this is it officially. No more till after Winter Break.
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