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The U.S.S. Ira Hayes in flight over Earth.

BTW, for more information about the man this ship was named after, see here.
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"Welcome to Starbase Galahad"

Building a new Starbase in the last days with 3d Max and here is the first Wallpaper with the Galahad.

Starbase Galahad is a small, but well-resourced Outpost in the near of the romulan neutral zone. In the Dominion War she act as contact point for wounded personel.
The Station has also a construct yard for starfleet Peregrine class Fighter.

Rendered in 3dMax 7
Post Production with Paint Shop Pro 7

Akira & Galaxy class by SciFi-Art
Starbase & Thunderchild class by Thomas "Thunderchild" Raube (me)
Starbase Mushroom Parts design from Nir Schneider's Immense class. Rebuild by me.
Thunderchild class Saucer section by Masterdrage

Like my Artworks? Take a look at this:

Mirror Falcon (Commission) by Euderion Docking by Euderion On the rooftop of space by Euderion
Stronghold Beta by Euderion Warmonger by Euderion Cardassian Monac Shipyards by Euderion 
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The Victory Class is a rising figure within Starfleet's armada. Based on proven technologies from the Sovereign and Excalibur, it is indeed a fusion of both designs. Boasting a potent arsenal and a vast array of scientific facilities. Her main purpose however is to coordinate Federation fleets as a command ship. This can be done both in peace and wartime. The Victory's communication suite rivals that of a starbase and her Quantum Slipstream Drive gives it unparalleled range. Despite these merits, her true capabilities are unproven in the field. Starfleet has much to expect with the Victory Class in the coming years of the 2380's.

Victory by Queball and Dr_McCoy1701A
BG from Wikimedia Commons
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Time for the next wallpaper, entitled 'Atmosphere'. This one is quite a change when compared to my regular wallpapers, this one's above the clouds instead of in space!
I like to compare it to [link] because that one's different as well!

- Flat_Eric for the Intrepid Class.
- ??? For the clouds (I can't find the source anymore...)
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Halloween Special! I'm proud of this deviation because I did my best in imagining and creating this :)

Image Description: Here shows USS Voyager NCC-74656 orbiting Planet Jakk (uncharted planet on the Delta Quadrant) they noticed a peculiar cloud phenomenom which is quite interesting so they stopped by and surveyed the planet. While orbiting Planet Jakk the crew began hallucinating and having nightmares so they decided to leave when they can't explain what's happening. After checking Voyager's database of charted planets they found out that Planet Jakk's record is missing just like they never even went there.

(Camera is focused on Voyager)

created for Star Trek Artists Unite - Trek or Treat Contest. enter a comment on the gallery [link] if you would like to help me to win :)

Edit: THIRD PLACE WINNER #StarTrekArtistsUnite Trek or Treat Contest :winner:

Goal 1: to create an almost realistic enough render of a Star Trek theme

Goal 2: to create an image not so crowded and pleasing as a wallpaper

Why Planet Jakk? - i named it Planet Jakk because i got the idea from a Ragnarok Online monster called Jakk which is a pumpkin with body [link]


Voyager is a render (3DS MAX - appropriate lightings and some adjustments are added by me)

Planet Jakk created by me (Terragen 2)

Star/Sun and the rest of the editing (Photoshop)


***Voyager/Intrepid Mesh by Flat Eric [link] used with written approval via email***

***Starfield Stock [link] by freelancah [link] ***

(updated 11/4/2012)

-added new solar lighting effects
-downloadable zip file includes the original and the new version

Resolution: 1920x1080(HD 1080p 16:9 desktop wallpaper) Download the Image for Full HD view

Hope you'll like this

Thanks for viewing!

PM me if you want to use the image other than a desktop wallpaper

***This is a Fan Art and not to be used commercially***

***Please do not upload to other wallpaper sites just hyperlink this page***

If you want more check my home page and browse my gallery: [link]
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Just another screenshot...
Nano 05 port with titlebar mod by me.

Original here: [link] .

NOTE: This theme is NFR (Not for release), just a personal port/mod.
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The USS Fantina arrives at a Class M world, where a species of sentient marine-dwellers is said to reside. Yes, it's basically boring exploration. ;p

So anyway, here she is once more, the 'grown up Nova', the Elysion Class. A beauty done by Rengers. This image shows a very nice view of her top profile. The clean lines are typical of a 70's cruiser. Performance wise, she's a balanced lady with good stats all around. She's no Intrepid, but trust the Elysion to have better sublight acceleration and top speed. Under the stardrive, is a Class 9 Warp Core that offers Warp 9.986. Of course, this has a trade-off with overall operating range, which is slightly more limited.

Elysion Class by Rengers
BG by freelancah
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Star Trek: Canon Universe Starship Cutaway #6.

The Intrepid Class Light Explorer from Star Trek: Voyager, and also seen in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges". Illustrated here of course is the USS Voyager NCC-74656.

Not all my own work, yet another scanned in from my battered "Star Trek Fact Files" which were trashed after a water leak at my home!
Again like the other cutaways, the worst part was eliminating the page creases, which in this case were only visible at the rear of the vessel.

Revised background, use Download to view full size.

Original Artwork: Star Trek Fact Files artists (modified by myself).
Background: Heavily modified by myself from the SFC3 "Vessel Library" background.

Disclaimer: Star Trek is a registered trademark of Paramount Pictures - no copyright infringement is intended.
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A new Wallpaper from my little Wallpaperforge. This time i've set the U.S.S. Shenandoah, the Ship of [link] FanFiction Serie STAR TREK: CASTAWAY in Scene.

Hope you like it.


- Shenandoah by Mike Wright & the Animaniac [link]
- Type 9 Shuttlecraft by Staffan Norling
- Background by ineedfire [link]
- Planet & Wallpaper by J.J. Belar (me)

use "DOWNLOAD" to see it in Fullview.

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The roots of the Poseidon Class came from alternate designs for the NX Project. Aptly named configuration "Gamma" during the NX's pre-construction phase, it was found to be too militaristic and aggressive for a ship of exploration. The multiple launch bays, plasma turret emplacements and torpedo launcher superstructure were found to be overbearing for Earth's first Warp five ship. The design was scrapped in favor of the now famous "Catamaran" configuration, which had considerable power efficiency and speed performance.

However, "Gamma" was not completely shelved by Earth Starfleet engineers. Clearly, the NX Class was already proving itself in the field. It stands to reason that "Gamma" would have similar results. Much deliberation was subsequently made to advocate Gamma as a derivative class. Unfortunately, the SF leadership still favored the NX as the premier Earth starship. NX-02 and NX-03 were already well underway and another design in active production would raise the demand for expensive equipment and resources. This setback would not deter the efforts of her ambitious designers and contractors. Configuration Gamma discreetly continued development.

The design was eventually given the honor to be developed as an entire class of its own, now named "Poseidon". This occurred after the disastrous Xindi attack of 2153. A massive fleet-wide evaluation was conducted and pre-NX types like the Intrepid and Neptune were found to be inadequate in the defensive role. Poseidon and several types were green lit and construction quickly followed suit to bolster human defenses. By 2156, the pathfinder, Poseidon, left drydock to assist in the Earth-Romulan War effort.

The Poseidon Class shared numerous commonalities with its base design. But the ship was designed as a strike vessel with emphasis on offensive capability. Its multiple weapon banks and strong engines helped to secure many victories. Some were even used as troop ships thanks to the spacious aft section, which could house a great number of MACO's and Shuttlepods. Ten vessels were built overall and they served admirably during the five year conflict. Despite this, over half were lost to enemy fire and the remaining vessels that survived were deemed beyond repair by the war's end. The Poseidon had a reputation as a fighting ship and was seen as the tough sister of the NX.

With the formation of the United Federation of Planets in 2161, construction of new Poseidon Class starships continued in a steady pace. However, less priority was given to the design as Starfleet refocused its efforts in exploratory endeavours. The remaining Poseidon fleet would serve its days protecting UFP borders and keeping the fledgling alliance safe from external threats.

Poseidon from ST Legacy, converted by Majestic
BG from NASA
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