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TIPS and TECHNIQUES GUIDE - by :icondoctor-pencil:Doctor-Pencil 86 67 More Like This
Streets of gold chpt.5
Streets of Gold
"You're way too young to fall apart...„
Chapter 5
I was still laying on my bed sobbing, holding my right arm as tight as I could so the bleeding would stop.
My face was stained with tears and the usual black eyeliner I wear was running down as well. I felt horrible. Tattered. Torn. Smashed.
My head pounded as I sat up, still clutching my upper right arm. I looked over at the mirror across my room, seeing the fist-sized bruise that now made up my entire left cheek. I then looked down under my hand, on my arm. The same, deep, long wound was dragged into my skin. Just enough I could faintly see the muscle of my bicep. I hate my life. So fucking much. Why didn't he just get it over with and kill me? No. Instead, he makes me suffer. That stupid lying bitch makes me suffer like... Like... Like a kicked kitten.
Actually, I was kicked. Not a kitten, but I was kicked. My right side actually was pulsing and cringing itself with pain, along my ribcage. How did I not
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Gottah Secret -Literature-
Arina turned slowly, to face the man who she had been walking beside, the man she gave her heart to; the man she loved.
"Got a secret...can you keep it?"
Ash stopped, and turned all the same, to face the much smaller hunter. "Well-"
"Swear this one you'll save. Better lock it, in your pocket..." Arina looked down, her hair covering over her eyes. Ash watched, confused, but listening to the words that were being handed to him.
Arina immediately looked back up, and into his eyes-
"Taking this one to the grave...If I show you, then I know you, wont tell what I said..."
Ash held his breath.
Arina smirked, "Cause two can keep a secret. If one of them is dead." she let one of her hands grab Ash's. Ash flinched, let out a nervous chuckle, nodded his head and they continued on their walk.
"Y-you can tell me..."
Aldous grinned, the smile plastered across his face crookedly. He flicked his eyes around the room, then blinked and looked to Arina, who had her eyes narrowed at him darkly.
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An Emergence 13: Collaboration
Previous Chapter 12
An Emergence 13: Collaboration
Sesshoumaru followed Kuchinagimaru to a field in an opening in the forest, not too far from the hall where the celebration was taking place.  The hall was built on the highest point of the Yamata island, and its large roof floated above, like an enormous ship riding on the edge of a high wave.  From where they stood, they could still hear the faint sound of music and the crowd in the night breeze.  
The two had been silent since Sesshoumaru agreed to come with Kuchinagimaru.
"I would give you a 'lesson' or two, if what you wish is a match."  
In a testy tone, Sesshoumaru spoke to the back of the Lord of the Orochi.  He was well aware that ever since they first met, his attitude had been inappropriate toward this male, the highest authority of the Orochi clan next to the Matriarch.  Nevertheless, Se
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An Emergence 10: Connection
Continued from “An Emergence 9:  Waiting”
An Emergence 10:  Connection
Hakage sat in front of Sesshoumaru with her back as straight and rigid as one of stone pillars.
"...You...require my assistance?"  She did not hide her astonishment.  
"You understand what that means."  Sesshoumaru watched her intently.
"I cannot let you inside of the Matriarch's chamber.  You must stay at the guest's palace this evening."  Hakage answered decisively.
She was afraid to anger him, however, it was not something she could allow herself to do.  Even if they tried, Kuchinagimaru's presence would surely escalate such attempt into a disastrous situation.  She was not confident about escaping the astute Lord of the Orochi's notice, even with Sesshoumaru's effort.  Still, she felt sympathetic to his wish.  
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An Emergence 7: Machination
Continued from "An Emergence 6 : Parting"
Shirakume is Sesshoumaru's mother's name that I use in this story.
Meidouseki: is the stone entrusted to Sessmom by Inupop for Meidouzangetsuha's improvement (and a challenge for Sesshoumaru) Reference: Inuyasha Manga Chapter 467-471 (Meikai arc)  I have included this element into my story.
An Emergence 7: "Machination"
It was near daybreak.  
The blue torch flames that lit up Shirakume's palace faded as the darkness of the night began to yield to the approaching light.  
Two of Kureha's apparitions were moving through the palace, carrying large caskets belonging to their mistress.  
They glided through the long outdoor passageway between the wings of the palace, then entered into the dimly lit hallway of the next building.  
Suddenly, they both halted.
Sesshoumaru stood in their way. &
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An Emergence 6: Parting
Continued from "An Emergence 5: Momentum"
Shirakume is Sesshoumaru's mother's name that I use in this story.
sakazuki is a shallow bowl used for drinking sake.  This word will be used often in this chapter.  
An Emergence 6: Parting
Sesshoumaru stood silently while two female servants dressed him in his suite.  
They seemed to be new, about his age or slightly younger.  
They were both attractive, and seemed too sheltered to be serving their position.  
It was evident that they were nervous, and they were not adept at what they were doing.
Their delicate hands were suitable for handling the fine fabric, though they were neither assertive nor efficient.  They were having difficulty with fastening his kariginu* properly.
He was irritated by their ineptitude.  However, it was pointless to make them even more nervous by showing
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2. A Man in a Hat
     "Lost, love?" a boy's voice asked.
     I slowly lifted my head, looking up from the boots, along a pair of lime green pants, a white shirt, and an orange tail coat. He took his arm off the tree which he had been leaning on, pulling a yellow and blue top hat off a branch. He reached down to help me up.
     "Who are you?" I asked, using the outstretched hand he offered.
     He grinned, brushing auburn hair away from his green eyes, then straightening his blue bow tie. "Wonderland's confessional."
     "Um... What?"
     "Well, that's what I call myself. Everyone comes to me eventually, and then they tell me everything. Care for some tea?" he asked abruptly, turning around and striding off down the path.
     I hurried after him, as he was the only person whom I had met so far. "I don't like tea much. I prefe
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Sesshomaru and Rin
The Sesshomaru and Rin Relationship
The InuYasha series is a whirlwind of “what ifs.” What will happen to Kagome after thirty years in Sengoku Jidai? How does the time configuration of the Bone-Eaters’ Well work? And if Inuyasha’s ears feel like three layers of dumpling dough, what does that feel like? But one of the most heated debates has to flare at asking, “What is Rin to Sesshomaru? Surrogate daughter or future romance?” Both sides will vehemently defend their respective positions, yet the paternal relationship between demon and human is made clear in Sesshomaru’s actions and evident circumstances throughout the series. To write Sesshomaru and Rin off as another romantic pairing is a shallow dip not delving beyond the surface. To properly assess their characters several factors must be analyzed.  
Rin is an innocent girl. There’s a reason Takahashi didn’t have a strikingly beautiful woman find Sesshomaru injured
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An Emergence 14: Revelation
Continued from An Emergence 13: Collaboration
An Emergence 14:  Revelation
Kureha fell silent, and gazed upon Sesshoumaru's countenance half lit by the lamp in front of her.  
His pale face appeared like a lacquered noh mask* to her, concealing so much of his emotion behind its restrained, flawless surface.  His stern words revealed his impulse to push her away, yet there he was right in front of her, giving dispassionate counsel as she required from him.  Whatever feelings he kept to himself, were not for her to know at this time.  
She too, sought to maintain the distance from the one she once knew intimately, and play through her role in this private performance as the Orochi Matriarch.  Nevertheless, in her heart Kureha recalled the silence she shared with him not long ago, when words were replaced by the touch of lips, and
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Tale of Rin+Sesshomaru: Ch. 5
The Tale of Rin and Sesshomaru
The Village
One evening, not too long after she began her journeys as her own mistress, Rin came over a small rise to discover the remains of a small village, its humble homes nothing but burning embers.
"Rin-sama," Jaken said hastily, "This is of no concern to you. There is nothing to be done here. We will find another road. Let us leave this sadness behind us."
Rin did not move an inch; she stood still as a stone, her face slowly growing pale. "It was just like this in my own village... the day my parents were killed." Her left hand sought out the hilt of Bakusaiga, and she grasped it so hard that her knuckles turned white. "Bandits," she said through clenched teeth. "I hate them. I hate them more than anything else."
"Rin." Sesshomaru's voice entered her thoughts; he could sense her anger, and his words came gently. "I hear only the weeping of children, and I smell only blood and death."
Without really looking where she was going, Rin ha
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Where did you come from -
I woke today, with tears upon my cheek
a present left by dreams forgotten
gone but for a vapid feeling
like a hymn with empty words.
I wiped and wondered where they came from
wet upon my hand and fingers
salt (I tasted, so I know)
on lips and tongue and soul.

A lake,
far underground
a sea
too wide, too deep.

I woke today, with tears upon my cheek
a remnant of the place we seek in sleep;
where all dare go
but few dare think of.
Clouds are drifting far from here,
attached to them in shades of grey
the shadow of my dream:
The rain's A-gonna fall (on us).
But lo!
the clock still turns
so there is hope
for me, for you, the world:
And while the drizzle starts, the roof
is fixed
another day will come where shadows
seem like fairy-tales to us.
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A ceremony
The spoon was all golden and beautiful when he pulled it out from the honey pot, and he spent a moment admiring that beauty. He smiled. With an amazing expertise, he turned the spoon around twice, rolling golden threads of honey around it until they stopped falling down.
Then he let the spoon slowly glide down into the cup of warm milk and sighed, softly.
"There is no anger," he said, like a mantra or a truth he had just discovered. "There is no hate."
He watched as the last of the waves the spoon had caused slowly faded.
"There is no yesterday, no tomorrow. No mosquitoes that bite me, no moths in my cupboards. No tragedy in my life and no sadness."
He smiled for a moment.
"No happiness, no love, no desire."
His eyes closed as he tried to focus. With slow, circling, shaking movements, he stirred he milk, both speeding the process of disintegration up and perfecting it.
"There is milk," he said, with the utmost certainty.
"There is honey."
Then he sat quietly, until even the last bit of
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Somebody stole my words
Somebody stole my words
and ran for it:
Thirteen miles away.
Somebody stole my words,
but I'm tracking them,
down the line of unwilling syllables
left behind for the sake of speed.
Somebody stole my words,
I'm confronting them:
Hand grasps the shoulder
of person in grey.
"…", I say.
With eloquent use of my words you reply:
"Me too, um, I mean, you, I mean, I really like you too, sort of-"
And I realize
just how much better I talk without them.
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Tale of Rin+Sesshomaru, Ch. 3
The Tale of Rin and Sesshomaru
Totosai was busily working in his shop when he heard Aun's roar. He did not  recognize Rin as she ran inside bearing the sword shards; she was covered with demon gore, dirt, and ashes, and the only clean spots on her face were from  the tears that the rushing wind had blown from her eyes across her cheeks. He  did, however, recognize Bakusaiga immediately. "Young lady," he asked sternly,  "Just`what ARE you doing with that sword?" But then he stopped; his old eyes,  which saw things that no others could, perceived something very different about  the sword. "Wait a moment... Something has changed..."
Only then did Totosai take a careful look at Rin, and saw who she was. "Good heavens, Rin-chan, it's you! What happened?" Rin told him what of the story she could, but she had no real understanding of what had happened, and had spent most of the battle hiding under Sesshomaru's
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Most people you meet tend to like you. Really, even the ones who act unfriendly or as if they hate you. It just seems more natural to like somebody, even if you don't know them. Of course they don't love you at first sight, they might even start to dislike you after they've spent only one minute talking to you. But at first sight, most people tend to like you.
This story starts with somebody who doesn't.
His name is Raffaelo, and he is completely unimportant for your life. To be honest, he has nothing to do with you. You see him from across the street when you walk to your bus stop, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. That little. All you know about Raffaelo is that sometimes he wears a hat, and sometimes he doesn't. You don't even know who told you his name is Raffaelo, probably some old person who lives around and has nothing to do with their spare time but dig up people's names. (You shudderingly imagine your name on a list, running through the hands of an old man, the fingers shaped like
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Ugly Tiles and People You Know
you know i've had alot on my mind
and sometimes i struggle to find
the words i really wanna say
sooner or later i'll find a way...
you know the drama all to close now
i want help get away from that somehow
look ive been there where you are
and i've made it out just fine
wont you come with me so you can see
a better place awaiting you and me
so lets go go go to better place
and lets run run run at our own pace
and lets find find find the feelings
somewhere inside ourselfs...
hush now dont say a word
hush now dont say a word
i just wanna be here with you in silence
so lets go go go to better place
and lets run run run at our own pace
and lets find find find the feelings
somewhere inside ourselfs...
weve got so much to see
and so much to do
when we get the first chance
well break away...
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A firework.
Billions of burning birds, falling:
and you in between them -
a splash, a dot, a paragon
of insignificance.
A boat ride.
Everyone dancing,
and stomping their feet
on your spine (hear it crack)
but your smile shines as bright as those gas giants.

You are the sunshine, boy,
girl, you delight them.
Your errors are obvious, aren't they?
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A Clockwork Orange :icontreadbolt5:treadbolt5 15 28 More Like This
Good morning, Trouble 3
Crossing his fingers, Ben grabbed the parcel and started out of the car. Maybe this day wasn't so bad after all. At least there was a realistic chance of everything going well, if he could manage to speed up just a little after this, and maybe-
Just then, he noticed the shape of the object the policemen were carrying. Didn't that look like… a person? Wrapped in a dirty-looking trash bag? Probably just his imagination. He'd always had a very lively one, spending hours thinking about the most unnecessary and strange things that could have happened whenever he came across a strange situation. Usually, reality didn't turn out as eventful as he thought it would, but he was the kind of person who liked to think that someday he'd be right, and then he'd run around rubbing it in the faces of everyone who'd ever frowned upon him for 'inventing' those things in that high school news article years ago. So what if the disappearance of the groundkeeper's dog wasn't due to his Chinese heritage
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Hey there world
hey there world how are you
ive got a minute, how bout you
i wanna tell you about everything
and tell you why it is i sing
i ve had a lot on my mind
and with your help i hope i'll find
some solid ground to build upon
cause my foundation is gone
and i turn to you...
hey there world help me faster
cause i'm caught up in diaster
starting new is never easy
my heads spinning im so dizzy
its really not all that bad tho
just need to gather myself and take it slow
where will i end up i may never know
but i'm here and this day is new
so i'll turn to you...
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Inescapable Instruments
The curtain opens,
the poet is sad,
so he throws an off smile
tries to joke.

I'm actually pretty empty -
at least there is pretty in there
Every word has gone out, they just
left me behind
(I bet they're throwing a party.
Right behind Betelgeuse.
Damn those insensitive fools.)
Enough of the drama:
insensitive knocked
and she's drunk;
I just might make her stay.
(You know how it goes, you let one in,
they all come:
will be dancing around my apartment.)
Indisputably, all this inflated my intellect
incomprehensible instruments
inebriate- hold that; confuse me.
Now, lets settle down, be intestinal,
no! What does that even – incarnadine!
Infidels! Stop that at once, inconvenience-
That's it!
Shut up!
No more of you immature in-s,
you imbecile impotents!
Your impish incline to impertinence –
Now the im-s have come in
I can't get them out!
Impoverished incumbent!
I don't want to-
there is silence
a voice r
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Poet by Night :iconvictorian-dandy:Victorian-Dandy 21 4 More Like This
A Call To Arms
You'll be the sun and I'll go down -
I'll be the fool and you the crown;
I'll paint the world in black and white
to show you: Something isn't right.
The path we're going might not end
those wounds we're growing will not mend
for after all, and in the end
we're going down, we're going
This is a call to arms,
this is a battle-cry
everyone who hasn't fallen
raise your heads and say goodbye!
This a call to arms,
so don't just turn away
bridges burn and paths grow scarcer
who but you can light the way.
From day to night and night to day
I'm trying hard to get away
when all I really want to do
is stay right here and think of you
The world is turning, so are we
the world is burning, just like me
but from the ashes, from the dust,
I know I must, I know I
This is a call to arms,
this is a battle-cry
everyone who's dead and fallen
resurrect and say goodbye!
This is a call to arms,
this is the way we go
if I cannot be with you
I'll be the moon, I'll be there too.
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