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I want to do a b-day gift for my dear friend *jorgeremmy
You're a great friend, you know i wish the better for you...
Sucess! :manhug:

At least... i try to do another piece of The Greek Goddess Project.
You can see more here: [link]

This is one of my vision of Demeter, the goddess of the harvest.
Who presided over grains, the fertility of the earth, and the seasons.

She makes the flowers...

"She makes the flowers
everywhere she walks
the spring comes

She makes the cold
everywhere she cries
the winter lives

When your daughter come from the dark
your spirit makes the earth alive
and she makes the flowers
she makes the life"

If you want to know more about, see this link: [link](Wikipedia)

model: [link] | Flowers: [link] | [link] | [link] |[link]| [link] | [link]
Brushes: [link] | [link]
Bg: I lost the stock link, if someone knows, please tell me!

The rest is made with my own resourses.

© 2008 -2011 Tebh

My work is under copyright law. All rights reserved.
My work is registered and protected by
My work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission. If you see my work being used, please email/note me straight away.
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Credits -

Book :iconephedrina-stock:
Cat, snake, cauldron, pumpkin :iconshoofly-stock:
Moth :iconbugalirious-stock:
Dagger :iconsafarisyd:
Spider :iconiws-stock:
Web :iconshd-stock:
Crow, candle :iconpeace-of-art:
Rat, vial :iconunholy-stock:
Skull :iconmysticrainbowstock:
Pentagram :iconsd-stock:
Vines :iconlill-stock:
Wing :iconchaoticgoddess-stock:

Papers :iconbellezaartstock:

I give :icondream-club::icongenesisclub: permission to display my work.
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Read the next episode of “Romantically Apocalyptic" here: [link]

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Women fighting over red shoes -- predictable.
Haha. Tried to keep it lighthearted. XD
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Fields of sodden and gray wonder
held sway on bubbling laughter
Just see the edge of forgiveness for another
wandering Death smile
Too many questions in the air
Too many faces in that lonely place
Grasping straws and letting go
Drowning in the cemetery
Ribbons tying love to regret
Blasted furnace of her heart
Blackened ashes snowing
Tightrope walking from the start
There she was again; just normal control
Pulling clumps of weeds
as the best friend died
Build complicated reasons
No net to catch her now
Out-shined by brutality
It’s all old now
Faithfully lapping sweaty tongues
on fading Percocet
Who gets Mystified?
The sun shows sweeter
and simpler truths
Bow down
Feel Sober breaking veins
Feel Sinking;
loosening the strains
Tilt her head to the stars
Beat her heart into mercy

So I'm stuck...

Caused by [link] by :iconabuseofreason:

© Chris Price *Mine dammit.
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Wizard's Book: [link]

Book of Spells: [link]

Memory Book: [link]


book - :iconekoh-stock:
mermaid :iconsadestock:
background :icondonstock:
Starfish - :iconasxjackal: :iconpeacockmaskstock:
Fish - :iconstock-cmoura: :iconshoofly-stock: :icongoblin-stock:
Chest - :iconmoonchilde-stock:
Fan Coral - :iconlill-stock:
Coral - :icond-is-for-duck:
Jellyfish - :iconabuseofstock: :iconpink-stock:
Shells - :iconfalln-stock: :icondori-stock: :iconundeathstock: :iconmc--chicka--stock:
Sea horse - :iconiws-stock:

Haikuwrimo, Feb. 4th & 5th

I give :icondream-club: :icongenesisclub: permission to display my work.
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Created from the dust of earth
Bound tightly by
Sharp brambled love

Prone to wonder
Lust and hate
Speaking only truth

Abnegation has no part
Flights of wanton fancy
Forgetting all it never ought

Aspiring to virtue
Yet irreparably flawed
An inconstant maelstrom

Until the last setting of the sun
A conclusion of sorts
Stilling then forevermore.
A little game of guess the noun being referred to - Dreamt up with and being played by [link]

Answers on a postcard, please ;-)
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And in this dark harvest of season
My life has completely lost reason,
For which or against to decide.
All lost in a savage and endless, bleak tide

In sadness and in kindness
In light and in darkness.
In a boat made of hope
I shall sail to tomorrow,
In a winding hurricane
Made of treachery and sorrow.

There's a spear, endless, and colossal spear...
Piercing, slashing though my head.
Starting somewhere in heaven,
Ending somewhere in hell.
Fighting, burning, crying, crashing.
Are the armies within.
In my head they are all thrashing.
On the heaven's and hell's whim.
To be light or to be darkness.
A perpetual array.

It's not merely my choice,
But the choice of the way.
It's an option of the voice,
It's a thin line of gray.

Is it a choice forced by fate,
Is it a pre-set time and date?
Or a choice to which I myself sway?
But here's our story anyway….

"Nothing that I do will matter.
As all things will merely shatter!"
All my hopes thus darkness scatter,
As it shoves me a decree.
As it simply wants to win,
And to just take over me.

"Have a purpose, bend the world,
Act out upon your wishes, and ______ will love you a lot"
That's what light then says to me,
Because it wants to set me free.
Winning slightly over me.

"But this cage of gold so shiny, it will shield you from untrue
And protect you from the odd,
Nothing inside its walls can harm you,
In your own little world!"
Whispers darkness in my ear,
"Only me you should now hear,
And with me you will survive,
And with my help you will strive,
And achieve your paradise,
In illusion's disguise!
With no hardships and no pain,
Every task you will then tame!"

The light sternly yells at me:
"These are lies as they can be!
If your world is built on lies,
Then yourself you will despise.
And illusion's paradise,
Will fall down on you.
Crashing, burning, dying, crying are your dreams
And uprooted is your tree!
And no longer will you see
Where to go or what to be!
When you face your final trial, what will the judge say to thee?"

"These are lies and mere dogma,
Based upon the fear of death!"
Darkness then just yells at me:
"You have your right to disagree!
Make a lovely pact with me.
I will offer you salvation,
No more fear or deprivation!
If you would me then just hear,
You have nothing at all to fear.
Since we do not have a soul.
There's nothing with which to pay a toll!
Sign here, over there.
In the name of pleasure and hope.
In the name of revolution,
Let your path be just a gentle slope!"

Its arguments are winning over me,
And thus with darkness I agree,
And so I sign the decree,
And with a treacherous and jolly glee
Darkness enshrouding, standing over me
"With the light here once and for all undone
You and I shall become one!"

And so, I enter into the storm of shadows.
As pitch-black as the depths of sea.
Become a mere castaway, amidst the weary crowds.
Consumed by somber, ashen clouds,
With heavens frowning over me.

A storm of ice and fire, dancing all around with a glee.
A ring chrono-storm encapsulating me.
Just like a stove turned up to high degree.
Tearing up roads, buildings, picking up debris.
Into the air it takes me.
My wings have turned to blackened ash
The pacifying, freezing fear taking over
My heart is covered in frost
And all I wished, is to be free…


This is my lyrics + My painting inspired by it
Buy the print here:…

Image use rights granted to music band Dissident Saint and various gainward graphics cards.
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Writing a haiku
About cigarettes is very
Challenging, you know?

All I know is that
I need to quit smoking soon.
But it's hard to quit.

But it's one of those
Weeks where I need to smoke and
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