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Here's Mashi Maro taking it to the streets

the transfer looks like crap...
the shading is more or less all gone...
the lettering looks half-assed (and it was but that's not the point...)

comment anyways!
(i'm a comment whore)
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:D Runie sends me the bestest songs ever...

Trent belongs to
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i draw this fashion work with tablet before a lot of time.

i use model from:
:iconzemotion: [link]

the critique and comments are very welcome!
thank you very much! :aww:
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SYNC Project [link]
SYNC characters are mostly robotic androids based on anthropomorphic animals.
All contents showed in this picture and its description may be changed in future development.

NAME: Yanhua Pheonix
SPECIES: Human based
COLOR: Red / White / Black
JOB: Adviser of the Government of Summer Palace / Director and librarian of Summer Palace Open Library / Network moderator

Yanhua is a legendary android who has lived since the era before Babel Crisis. She was once a member of the International Orbital Ring Builders. When Babel Crisis stroke, she managed to escape and hide herself under a shelter on the back of the moon. After her battery is out of power, she fell into hibernation. In the following days she was lucky enough to keep her body in a good shape and was miraculously recovered from power loss by the little sun shine on her solar battery - on clothe after a small comet damaged her shelter.

She then managed to return to earth, which had been covered by snow for centuries and no human activity can be found. After 3 years of traveling and searching, she found a suspended sanctuary "Summer Palace" and succeed in recovering it, with all other androids and AIs sealed in it, re-started the history of man-kind.

Since she did something messiah, Yanhua has been adored as a leader or even worshiped as a god by many androids since. But she refused and tried hard to fade out from the public. Mainly, she worked as the director of the open library of Summer Palace, watching all androids through as they were her children.

She had a promise with his creator and boyfriend, a human, to meet again. Even though the chance seems to be very thin, she refused to give up, hoping for another miracle.

Other pictures from this series
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"Ellywin, accompanied by a foreign girl who's-name-cannot-be-pronounced, trying to save her older brother from the grasp of two witches through the thick land of the old Wilde and the Wound; home of grotesqueries and gods-of-once-upon-a-time."

Old... Trying to upload some backlog, although not all.
Comments disabled by owner.
This is a commissioned image of =sojua's character Ravyn. It's been a while since I've last had the opportunity to draw an anthropomorphic dragon, so I thoroughly enjoyed doing that.

Corel Painter 9, Wacom Intuos 3, about 15 hours.

Please be mindful that this is a portrait of an existing character. Do not modify, use for your own RPG character portraits etc.
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yep, this is my first work with my new tablet.
It was easier as I expected it to be and it makes really fun, I've worked the whole day with it. :love:
Well I think it came out pretty nice for my first :lol: I'm sorry for the monotony though, I have to practice combining different colors first (please don't be too harsh with criticism).

making of: [link]
details: [link]

Other pictures from this series:
500 Years Later Revised [link]
500 Years Later: Last farewell [link]


Hardware: Photoshop CS2, Wacom Bamboo
psd file: 450 mb
time ~ 6 hours
original size: 3000*4000 pixel

One stock for reference: [link]


For :iconarden18:'s Scifi-Contest: [link]
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I meant to do this in color first, but it got messed up so I just did it in black and white.
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References and closeups here: [link]

Satan: Awwwwww, how adorabBLARRRFFFGH!!!! I hate you forever.

Me: Does this mean that when I die I won't go to hell?

Satan: I think I'll damn you to Chuck E Cheese's for all eternity instead.

Me: Oh Please dear god NO! Anything but that!

Satan: This was a perfect opportunity to paint titties and you didn't. You fail at art. Why couldn't you just stick one in there and claim that it's a sweet scene of child on mother breast sucking action?

Me: How the hell did you manage to make a grade A first-class Kodak moment sound like a scene from a really bad porno?

Satan: It's a proven fact that 98.2% of all furries like boobs and 89.9% of humans in general like boobs, even children, straight females, and sometimes republicans!

Me: It's also true that up to 80% of all statistics are bullshit. Does that statistic include itself? Holy shit. *boggle boggle boggle*

Satan: Well, could you please put at least one boob in there? It will add more visual interest to this piece.

Me: How about I add some visual interest to your face? >8{

Satan: Oh, aha, ha, ha, ha. I hope you don't think you scare me. *inches away*

Me: Hah ha, you just shat a brick? intimidated?

Satan: NO, and I did not "shit a brick." *checks pants*

Me: Dude, you just shat an entire pueblo city. Do I make you uncomfortable?

Satan: Your complete and utter unwillingness to put boobs in any of your paintings makes me uncomfortable. I wonder sometimes if you're actually an alien from a planet that has no boobs.

Me: Yeah, you caught me. My home planet is suffering from a severe boob drought which is only compounded by the virulent vagina famine. Terrible.

Satan: Terrible doesn't even begin to describe it. You have my sincerest sympathies.
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