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oh man, what a model :faint:
as great this model looks, as hard it was for me and brought me very close to through all the pieces in the trash :doh:

this is definitely no starter model and not "that you just build"
the pieces and taps are just tiny and the mechanism for the body was hell for me :D
but as a huge fan of this game
i'm really proud of it :iconvictorydanceplz:

you can download the sheets here
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Silvine was a model, what i want to build since a long time
but i was a bit scared about the sheets but after a few gundam models it is just easy
and looks just great :D

i don't know if this little mecha cat is inspired by Gundam ore "Samurai Pizza Cats"
and honestly, i don't care :D

this model is full moveable, even with normal paper (you will see it at the next photos ;) )

and i'm defenitly gonna build a secon one with other colors :meow:

you can download the sheets here
original creators side here
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here we go
finally done :icontardboogieplz: :iconvictorydanceplz: :icondweebdanceplz:

man, this thing took just freaking long :faint:
when i imagine that the plan was, to build this in my three weeks vacation (last year :D ) and meanwhile a half year is gone since i started the boosterpack :D

ok, i had a few breaks, one with Renamon and a few others
so the pure building time was about two months
but also a long time :aww:

i have to say that i don't have any clue about Gundam Wing/00/Zero ore whatever which series is called
i know about the Gundams and love the mecha design (specially this one because of the wings) but never saw one part so don't bother about the name ;)

ah, big mechas with wings
i just love this shit :la:

even the sheets where not the best (they are very pixelized)
i'm totally pleased with the result
but during the building and right now i can say, it's definitely not a starter model
i had to modify a lot of stuff and quite every blue and grey edge is recolored to hide the folding lines
but all over is was pure fun :meow:
surely not my last Gundam model ;)
the next one is allready planned

what's left to say
ah right :)
you can download the sheets here
also i wanna refer you to my building process gallery
just if you may stuck ;)

-other shots-

and a little special one here ;)
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My latest design! It turned out better than I thought...

Download the template on my website! [link]
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After Four Swords Link [link] I've built Wind Waker Link too! This is more difficult to build compared to the other one, but I really like the model! Guess I'll change the photo with a better one in the future...

If you want to build it too, download the template here [link]

Link and The Legend of Zelda are ©Nintendo
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when i take a look at the little hint in description of Pegasusmon, that i wrote at that time
i never thought, that I would be the one who build myself a model of Renamon...
lol and i never thought that it would take quite one year for this :D
ok, not reall but it took me the longest time

it was pure coincidence that i found one day an image of Renamon in my messagebox also with some free resources
Renamon Turntable by KP-ShadowSquirrel

i started to edit the model but it was not "that thing"
the model was in a x-stance and i had no idea what i should do with the fur
so i stopped the work and build some others

then it also was the time i had no access to my PC and the time passed
after a while a second image pop up in my message box
Renamon Turntable Pose 7 by KP-ShadowSquirrel
and i just thought
THAT'S IT!! :omg: :wow:

so i ask :iconkp-shadowsquirrel: KP-ShadowSquirrel, owner of both models, if he would spend....if he got a low-res version of it ^^; and then if he would spend it for a project.
so you can call this officially my second collaboration :)

i don't know but i found that 2D-3D convertions always look like ass (best example, Simpsons :D )
except one, those from nintendo
take sonic, mario, the pokemon, zelda, they really found a way to convert them

but there is also one who managed it
and in an awesome way
yes i mean you :iconkp-shadowsquirrel: KP-ShadowSquirrel ;)

this model of Rena is just super cool :dance:
and i don't say that just simply :)

the editing was not easy to remove all the clippings but after the third attempt it worked
and i can tell you people, this was just fun to build :dummy:
and the result...even i was blown away :icontardboogieplz:

the final building process was the hardest part
it took all my knowledge and techniques to combine all pieces together
holding the model until the glue is sticky
press the taps with tweezers over three edges
put the finger inside and press from the other side with something flat (sounds stupid but maybe you know what i mean :D )
so i declare this to difficult level 6 of 10

About the Fur:
well, i thought a long time what i can use for the fur
because the original mesh was not possible to build (defenitly)
so i decided to make it out of cotton wool
haha, it took me one hour to peel it in the right shape
but it was worth :)

in the download file you will find three pdo's
one with folding lines and texture (lined)
one with folding lines but without texture (white label)
and one without folding lines but with texture (lineless)

so you need as always the Pepakura Viewer which you can download here

the model comes on 23 pages
with 238 pieces

the file also contains a modified texture that works for the model and some color dots that i have used to prevent some texture issues

i didn't write a instruction
is hard but sorted in the way you should build it
but if you have any question either, take a look at the building process gallery ore just ask me :meow:

to download the model
click on the download button on the right side
you can thank dA for, that i can't write the direct link anymore

i also uploaded now the sheets in pdf format
you can download them here

what's left?

some word to the bloggers

because this is a collab, you have to give credits to :iconkp-shadowsquirrel: KP-ShadowSquirrel too!
otherwise i can't allow it to write a blog entry

you have the permission to use my photos
you DON'T have the permission to use the renders ore screenshot of it of KP-ShadowSquirrel
except he write it here in the comments ore you ask him about it

this model is a Deviantart only download
so do not upload this model somewhere else
and the most important thing

this model is free and should it be
so let it be!

and trust me, i search for my stuff ;)

if you wanna write a critique
feel free
but don't critique the model itself

ah yeah :)
:iconjyxxie:, :iconp-m-f: and :iconz8-0: (correct me if i forgot one ^^; ) started a new blog about Digimon Papercraft here
take a look and add the link to your faves, there will come some really cool stuff :w00t:


and now?
Flamedramon :D

-other shots-
Renamon - b by Destro2kRenamon - c by Destro2kRenamon - e by Destro2kRenamon - f by Destro2k
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well, honestly, i don't know what i should write :confused:
maybe i didn't realized that i'm finally done with this model.

it takes a horrible long time to build and sometimes i was about to give up, but after more than two month (effective building time) i can share this pictures with you :)

the best decision was, to print the sheets on A3, because this model takes me to the limits and you should have a little bit more experience for this.
the most parts are quite easy, but some pieces are hard as hell.
you can see it in the "building process gallery"

specially the backpack was that part, that gives me more then one headache :D

but it was a challenge that I gladly accepted
because this model is really unique and definitely an eyecatcher in every shelf ore something else.

the guys from "Just Paper" did a great job on this and if they ever decide to create an other one, i would build it too ;)

permission for upload given through NCsoft
pls read this journal entry for more infos

the sheets are free and should remain so
pls download and use them only for personal use
otherwise i must remove them

Exteel & Sidewinder are trademarks & copyrights by NCsoft
Model created by Just Paper

to download the sheets

just click on download above ;)

-other shots-
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Expressing my joy for Worms Open Warfare 2. He was gonna have a grenade, but my hands still suck a lil.

Worms (c) Team 17
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Yup. It's ACTUALLY the Gear Heart papercraft, fully functioning. Not a great picture, but oh well. Took me a few weeks to build the whole model, and it was a pain. The gears were brutal. Assembling wasn't much fun either. But it functions basically flawlessly, I couldn't be happier with it.

More in-depth build log type thing is here: [link]

And a video should be posted shortly.
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Another happy cupcake papercraft is here finally available for all to make their own. I made this based upon the patterns found in the kuma0rila blog with the drawing you see in the image, there is no pattern to make this one in the kuma0rila blog; but you can download the pdf file that contains the pattern made by me that is is not perfect.
This time its has the three friends together rilakkuma, korilakkuma and kiiroitori on the top of the cupcake. In particular, this is difficult to assemble but with patience and time you can make it, normally it takes about three weeks to make one. The pdf file is in letter format but i recommend you to print on tabloid sized paper because the little chicken or kiiroitori has pieces so small that unless you are experienced on manipulating tiny pieces you have to grab them with tweezers by printing them on letter sheets.

You can see the original image here:


To see other rilakkuma models browse through the kuma0rila blog here:


See other papercraft happy cupcake here:


Enjoy multiple happy cupcakes!

Rilakkkuma, korilakkuma and kiiroitori are copyrighted by to the san-x corp.

Note: Uploading this template to any other site is forbidden. Only redirecting links to this page are allowed.
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