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:star: EDIT 2 (edit 1 at the end xD) XD: sorry for the update, but I made some corrections to the drawing. ;p :star:

:flame:<<I'll rule a great galactic empire with Peach by my side.
It will last forever! I will rule every pitiful corner of the universe.
So, Mario, as you can see, I've got big plans...
and stomping you is at the top of my list!>>:flame:

If only I was a famous moviemaker and/or if I had a mountain of money thanks to this (or also thanks to other!!!), I would take seriously the idea to make of Super Mario Galaxy the most epic animated movie of ever! :love:

Daydreaming... :nirvana:

Even if some gamers won't agree with me, I believe that Super Mario Galaxy is the best Super Mario Game of ever!:heart:

And the second part, Super Mario galaxy 2, is coming soon this year!!! Yayyyyyyy!!!!! CAN't WAIT!! ^o^

:bulletblack: I don't know if you saw it, but Bowser got amoveset very similar to the Mario ones. I have choosen the best move (in my opinion ;p) for this drawing.
...I must say that Bowser scares me always when he makes this kind of dark tornado, because he becomes very fast all of sudden! :crazy:
Anyway, you can shield this Bowser's attack with the same move: I think also this particular situation is precious in the game! ^.^
:bulletblack: drawing made by hands and then coloured with Adobe Photoshop CS4. Time spent on this: maybe more than 24 hours...mamma mia! =D

:bulletblack: Bowser moveset is similar to the Mario one I noticed:

1) He makes triple jump (little, medium and high), just like Mario, but staying in the place and creating also dangerous waves when he touches the ground.
2) He swings on his feet and he creates little black-sparkling lights from his arms, like that Super Mario attack of Galaxy (with the difference Mario has blue-white sparkling lights coming out of his arms)
3) Bowser jumps and knocks down with his bottom sometimes during the battle..just like Super Mario!!

I don't think these attacks are pure coincidence...;p

:star: EDIT: "Musical drawing" here >>> [link]* Hope you like Super Mario galaxy music! ^_^ (I have some projects to work with this program and I am not thinking of slideshows...XD):star:
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Download to see it on it's full glory!

New Super Mario Bros. Wii
World 8 - The Giant Koopa King.

I've just realized while doing this pic that since Bowser got this big, he didn't shrink back to his normal self, since on SMG2 he still gigantic! Is it just a coincidence or not?.... And if you stop to think, this all started on M&L BIS...

Enough of conspiracy theory, this image is so epic that I really loved spending over 8 hours straight in front of my pc doing it. I consumed so much creativity that, if it's possible, I ran out of it and wasn't able to draw anything during the weekend.

It was really inspired on :iconmasabowser: 's works.

I love his drawing styles and I really liked how it came out in my perspective!

anyway, I'll be puting it on the :iconvideo-game-fans:'s Boss Contest
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Together we can win this!

"Download Image" link is 1920x1080 which makes for a good background.

- Painttool.sai
- Photoshop Elements 6.0
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You guys, Bowser is sooooooooo cool D:

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Super Mario Bros. 3 is my hands down favorite of the original series and I wanted to see how Bowser would look in a tanooki suit x]

Turned out really great and I would love to play a game with something like this lol

- Photoshop CS5
- Panttool.sai
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Not sparta. =P :iconspartaplz: He is evil, badass, good lookin', talented and every other thing that exists that people love about this guy including myself!:heart: If you don't know Bowser by now, you clearly have to get out/ play video games more.:iconnotimpressedplz: This was requested to completion by ~nokamarau

Inked in :iconadobeaiplz:
Colored in :icongimpplz:
All artwork done by me~
Bowser belongs to Nintendo-
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The most known Nintendo Baddie out there! BOWSER ;)
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I told quasi always to my friends that I would like to see a Super Mario anime movie, as beautiful as those of Miyazaki's! Seeying that this isn't happened yet nowadays, I made this drawing inspiring myself from this idea: that's the why it has a kind of "cinematographic" view.

How would Mario characters look like into an anime?
I tried to do a drawing thinking to this...=)

And this is the result!XD

Bowser is the worst enemy of our hero Super Mario!
But, if Mario will finally defeat King Bowser, will peace be infinite?
I don't think so, because Junior surely will have his revenge for the death of the father (and then he looks very much like Bowser...)and thanks to him the Koopa kingdom will never disappear!

And thanks to Bowser & Company, we can actually continue to play Super Mario games!XD

This is dedicated to all the people who loves Super Mario saga and have the same whishes of mine! ^.^

PS: New Super Mario Bros inspired me for the drawing

The complete and rare only one Super Mario anime movie made a lot of time ago (from the 1986...I wasn't still born those times!XD =p)...Unluckily for me and others, it's only in Japanese! ;_;

Part 1:[link]

Part 2:[link]

Part 3:[link]

Part 4:[link] pMN90dRMBWI&feature=related

Part 5:[link]

Part 6:[link]

Part 7:[link]
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