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She ran, her heart pumping and the crying babe in her arms growing heavier. The pain in her lower abdomen was like hot fire escaping all over her body. Her legs fought her desire to keep moving and she hugged her son tighter. She couldn’t stop now, not now. Gritting her teeth, she broke into a sprint. Limbs tore at her face and arms, their wicked thorns biting into her skin. Above her, the red moon shone brightly in the night, lighting the path ahead.

“Only a little farther, my son.” She panted into his silver hair.

He clung to her, his tiny fingers curling into the folds of her dress. His cry hurt her ears, but the pain was a pleasant reminder that he was still alive.

They’d meant to kill him, this alien child that had grown in her belly—her child. Regardless of his blood, she loved him. He was hers, her son. Instinctively, she adjusted her arms, wrapping them tighter around him, and kissed his forehead.

Abruptly, the path dipped low into a ravine. Swamp water splashed her thighs as she dove into the muck, her feet sinking into the silt. Balancing her son on her hip, she forced her way through the thickening foliage. Once on the other side, she hurried off into the trees, hoping the cover would give her enough time to lose her pursuers. She was so close.

The shadows enveloped her as she quickened her pace again, trying her best to ignore the mounting pain. Zev’s cries were becoming deafening. The louder they became, the easier she was to follow. She had to quieten him down. Holding his head close to hers, she began to sing in his ear. Her voice was uneven and short, but he responds nonetheless, his fingers curling into her wild hair and his head pressing into her.

“Yes, my son.” she panted into his ear. “I won’t let anyone harm you.”

Several minutes later, she arrived at a break in the trees and she stopped for the first time, her legs itching and throbbing. The pain was so bad she could barely keep her focus. Swallowing hard, she grabbed onto what concentration she had left and stepped forward into the open meadow. It was masked by an endless blanket of white flowers dyed pink in the nightlight. Running water whispered around her, cutting a curving path from one side of the meadow to the other. Beyond the mouth of the stream sat a small cottage. The one window revealed a flickering fire just beyond the animal hide curtain. She could see a moving shadow.

“Skelly,” she coughed dryly.

Her vision blurred and swayed as she lurched across the sharp rocks of the stream, alarming Zev and causing him to grip her neck tighter. Murmuring in his ear, she almost fell as she approached the door. Her upper body propelled forward despite her feet’s intention to stop. She collided none too gently, turning as she did to protect Zev, and her shoulder connected harshly with thick wood. She uttered a cry. Zev began to whimper softly and she tried to hush him.

Behind the door, there was a sound of shuffling feet. Then, brightness poured around a man silhouetted by firelight as it was open. Relief swelled her heart and she grinned deliriously at him. “Skelly!”

“Marali?” His dark eyes widened. “What are you…?” He paused, his gaze falling to the cooing child in her arms.

“Skelly. Please!” The desperation cracked her voice to pieces. “Help me.” Tears fell freely now, creating watery tracks down her cheeks amid the dust and grit.

He gazed back up at her, the shock and loathing evident. She had no one else. The knowledge of that tightened around her heart like a vice.

“What have you done?” He asked, completely at a loss.

“I am doing what I know is right.” She hissed through her teeth, the pain twisting her face.

He reached for her, but she shook her head and moved to hand him the child. He instantly recoiled. “No.”

“He’s my son! I want him to live!” Marali sobbed, the exhaustion finally catching up to her, and she almost fainted. He caught her, though she quickly pulled away and presented her son to him again. “I won’t let them hurt him! Please, Skelly. Please!”

Skelly looked between her and the child, bewildered. “Marali, he’s the son of the monster that…” His voice trailed away. He couldn’t say anymore. The hatred paralyzed his tongue and clamped his jaws.

“He’s my son.” She growled shakily. “Mine.”

Despite everything, he was hers. He wouldn’t be like his father; this she knew. Looking into his bright green eyes, she saw only her reflection peering back at her. You’re mine, she thought. You always will be.

Finally, Skelly nodded as if understanding, but his eyes were still frigid. “You should both come in—”

“No.” Marali interrupted. “You must keep him safe. They won’t suspect him here. I’ll come back at the next sunset to take him.”

Skelly took the child and glanced back at her worriedly. She looked so tired and frail. “Where will you go?”

“I will raise my son away from here.” She replied with a distant smile. “I will go deep into the woods, so no man might look upon him and desire to hurt him.”

“He is of their filthy blood.” Skelly averted his eyes from the child, revolted again. “You can’t keep him a secret forever. The world will want him dead the moment he is discovered.”

“His name is Zev.” She seemed to ignore him and reached out to caress the baby’s hair.

“Why did you disobey, Marali? Why did you let this child live? Look at you! You can barely stand!”

She looked up at Skelly, suddenly appearing beyond her years. “I don’t know. I just know that he has a good heart.”

Skelly’s scoffed, his voice taking on a razor edge. “How can you? He is a curse like the rest of his people.”

“No! My son is good.” She turned away, her shoulders trembling. “Why won’t you trust me, Skelly? You are the only person I can trust. Please, I’m begging you. Trust me.”

Reluctantly, he nods. “Alright. I trust you.”

Tears gathered in her eyes again and she hugged him tightly, her lips finding his. He returned her kiss desperately, his free hand cradling her face. As they part, Zev giggled, smiling for the first time. They both look at him in awe.

“Babies can’t smile like that so early.” He breathed.

Marali plants a tender kiss on Zev’s cheek and looks back to Skelly. “Please don’t judge him before you know his heart. You love me, do you not? My son is a part of me.”

Skelly attempts to speak, but she walks back out the door and turns one last time to him, the red moon creating a strange halo around her head. “That moon,” she points up to it. “That is his moon, Skelly. Don’t ever let him forget.”

For the first time he held Zev close, his dusky mustache tickling the child’s forehead. Her request sounded final. He didn’t like it. It was all over his face. Fear. There was no reasoning with her on this, though. She had made her decision. He gazes intently at her, helpless. “I won’t. You promise to come back.”

She smiled, but there was a brokenness hidden deep in her eyes. “I promise.”

With that, she disappeared into the darkness leaving Skelly with Zev, worn out from weeping and falling fast asleep in his arms.  She intended to come back. She’d fight to come back, but she already knew...
Original Fiction【Angels Fell First : Covenant】

Rating :
Pairing(s) / Character(s) : Skelly, Marali, & Zev
Word Count : approx. 1300


So I have finally completed the prologue for my project, Angels Fell First. :D I will likely edit this in the future. This is mainly just a revised rough draft. LOL! By no means is it the final product. The preview image is of Zev and his love interest Amunet. What I tried to convey with this prologue is the danger Marali (pronounced Ma-ra-lie) is in for keeping her son alive. She keeps saying he is her son, because she feels that he shouldn't be punished for what his ancestors of his father's bloodline did in the past. Skelly is not only averse to keeping Zev for who his father was, but for what his father did to Marali. Zev was the product of rape. That's another reason I highlighted Marali's desire to keep him alive. She doesn't blame him for his father's wrongs to her, either, which plays a huge roll in Zev accepting who he is throughout the story. Below is a reference sheet for Zev for anyone that is curious. ^_^

Ref. Sheet : Zev by AngelicHellraiser

CHARACTER(S) BELONG TO AngelicHellraiser
ART BELONGS TO : melloskitten & Mizury
Deviation Buttons: Anti Theft by Metadream:iconthnxplz:Critique please by Metadream

(I have trouble with my hands and typing, so know that I'm very thankful for every fave and comment.)

Angels Fell First : Covenant :
OF Teaser : Angels Fell First : Covenant (CH1)
The red wolf moon—the color of the blood in our veins, only brighter.
That’s what Skelly had told him in his youth when he’d asked about the crescent blade in the sky. He’d said it while tipping his wide-brimmed hat and lifting the boy up into those wiry arms. His breath had been a smoky whisper. “That’s your moon, Zev. You’re mother told me that a long time ago.”
“Why papa?” Skelly preferred Zev to use his given name, but it always felt more natural to him this way. Father...
The old man studied him for a moment, that familiar scowl returning to his already weathered eyes. “Because you’re chosen, boy.”
“Chosen for what...?”

Zev sprints down a shadowed alleyway, hoping the guards haven’t spotted him. His breath catches in his throat and he swallows dryly. Ahead of him, the alleyway dead ends. Oh no. His heart sinks.
He can’t go back the way he

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You know why, I look at the sky,
I believe someday, a great wave of
happiness will come and take my to
the sky, I will fly 2 the heavens
and fly around the world, I'll feel
the sky with hope and wonder and
try 2 fly with my friends, and the
nice god in the sky.
Thats why i look at the sky.
why, i look at the sky, is true,
i hope 2 fly with my friends and the god in the sky
the song that made me think of these poem:[link]
Base here:[link]

This is very pretty dudes, hope u like it
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The dust was settling and everything was quiet.  It seemed like the end to a story, but it wasn't.  The battle, which had seemed to it's participants to have lasted days had lasted merely a few hours.  The entire downtown of Mission City was in some form or another destroyed.  From a chunk or two taken out of one side of a structure, to several buildings completely demolished- one from having two giant robots come crashing completely through them- it was in ruins.

Captain Lennox took a deep breath and looked at the four still functional mechs in front of him and the two seemingly random kids that had become embroiled in this as well.  He'd seen a lot of war in the years that he'd been in the military; neighborhoods lain to waste, disturbingly empty twisted play grounds with blast craters around them, people who had been torn asunder, but now it was on his own soil.  The signs that hug at odd angles or were partially blasted were in English and for familiar things like McDonalds and Macy's.  Destruction was a horrible thing to witness no matter who's country it was, but there was a special pang for when it was your own backyard.  People were coughing and fearfully creeping out of their hiding places, looking at their destroyed environment with disbelief.  Some were crying and shaking, looking for answers to what had just transpired.  He needed to get these kids and their giant friends the heck out of dodge before a mob did it for them.

Epps shrugged at him, indicating that their communications were still cut.  That meant Lennox was still ranking officer and responsible for sorting things out.  The aliens were getting antsy and had begun to mill about.  The wide black one that had been a truck was peering at the sky line suspiciously as the largest, a big red and blue semi, gingerly touched their fallen comrade's body, head bent in sorrow.  The green hummer was tending to the smallest, a yellow sports car, who was the most severely injured of the group and still alive.  Each of them bore their own injuries, but the yellow one's legs were sheered off at the knee.  The knee?  Did they have knees? They seemed to have humanoid joints   when they were robots. but they were aliens.  Didn't aliens have to be stranger than somehow?  With multiple limbs and too many eyeballs?  

Lennox hardened his heart as he heard the sirens start to wail.  There was time to think about the dynamics of alien robots and monsters later when he was home with his wife in one arm and the kid in the other.  They could watch Star Wars and pretend that robots were just scuttling tiny droids that spoke several million languages and took orders from whiney space pilots.  “Alright people.  We need to get these robots and the kids out of here.”

Everyone stopped and looked at him.  The bots seemed to have a military system of their own, ad recognized Lennox's authority.  He looked at the surviving members of his team and felt good that at least he hadn't lost anymore of them today, “Okay, I need you to find me a truck or something to put all the de-” were they dead? Or did you say non-functioning?  He gestured at the group as a whole, not making any distinction, “these uh, dead... robots into and take them for some sort of disposal or dismantling.”

The huge black truck frowned and crossed his arms in answer as the kid stood up and waved his arms, “What?! No!  You can't put Jazz in there like that!”

Lennox shook his head, “Now wait kid, Sam, right?  We can't have these things sitting around here.  They need to be out of here before someone walks over and just starts trying to take parts away.”

The girl stood up, he could never remember her name.  It started with an M. Mikaela. That was it.  Her eyes were burning with frustrated tears and she was covered in grime.  She flung out a hand that had been bloodied when she broke through the glass of a tow truck and pointed to the bots behind her, “They are not things, Captain.  They are people.  Okay, not people like you and me like humans, but they have feelings and... and are intelligent and have personalities.  Just like us.  And they have names.”  She pointed to each one in turn, “Ratchet, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Optimus Prime... and... and Jazz.”

“Great, fine, nice to meet you guys.  What's you're point?”

Mikaela's patience was at a complete end.  The week had started out great with parties and finished projects and then it had gone down hill starting with breaking up with a boyfriend- which wasn't a bad idea in retrospect but hadn't been a real high point either- and ending in the middle of a giant alien robot war.  Oh, and she'd had to steal a car.  Something she'd swore she'd never do.  “My  point is that you can't just treat them like they're some crazy terminators or something!  They-”

“Things like those destroyed the base I lived on,” Mikaela wasn't the only one who was completely out of patience.  “Things like those didn't leave anyone alive, just me and my men.  Then they came after us and killed my soldiers.  My friends.” He was nose to nose with the girl now.  Her eyes were wild and unnerved.  He wondered if he'd ever have to yell at his daughter like this and hoped that he never did.

Sam backed Mikaela up, “But Captain, they're autobots, not decepticons.  Jazz... Jazz died trying to keep Megatron from popping us like zits.  I mean, come on, he deserves better than to be carted off with these assholes.”

“Please,” The largest robot, the one called Optimus Prime, bent down till he was at a level with the human captain.  Optimus felt that he could reason with the captain, soldier to soldier, “Jazz was our friend and compatriot, it would, “ he groped around for words.  So many things that a bot could instantly send from one to another that you couldn't with humans, “Wound us to see him carted away in such a manner.”

“Yeah,” Sam piped up. “It'd be like putting Superman in with Doomsday's body.”

The captain and Mikaela looked at Sam blankly.  Lennox looked at Epps who was nodding, “What?  Dude's gotta point.”

Surprisingly, it was Ironhide that spoke, “Captain, we have been fighting the decepticons for millions of your years.  I have seen devastation of entire worlds, and of my own world.  I am a soldier also, I serve my people.  I once believed that it was pointless to defend your people because they were so steeped in violence,” He looked at Optimus begrudgingly, “But I was wrong.  Don't make the same mistake about us.”

“Besides which, “ Ratchet spoke up, “ I believe there's a chance I can fix Jazz.”

The autobots all swiveled to look at their medic.  They had absolute faith in his ability to restore them when injured, but to restore a spark?  He transmitted to them in private, {With the shard of the all-spark that Prime picked up I may be able to resurrect his spark.  I downloaded a copy of his memory core to a data pad before he lost complete consciousness.  Since his spark didn't cease to function from being totally destroyed, there's a chance I can repair it.}

The weary Lennox shook his head then rubbed his eyes.  He tried to let the frustration drain out of him.  He was tired, his men were tired, and these two kids were annoying and tired.  Did robots get tired?  The looming form of the autobot leader spoke again, “I'd like to stay and keep an eye on the decepticon's bodies.  Just in case Starscream returns for them.”

Ratchet scanned Prime without giving prior warning and sent him a private comm.  {No I don't think that would be a good idea.}

Optimus flexed one fist impatiently.  He knew that Ratchet wouldn't stop him for anything short of a major problem, but that didn't mean that he had to like it, {And why is that?}

The mech folded his arms and hunched his shoulders.  His comm dripped with sarcasm.  {Do you want me to make a list?  I can send you one.  It starts with stressed metal and ends with places your armor has been punctured with plenty of other concerns along the way.}

Cybertronians didn't have things like natural morphine to keep them from feeling pain after an injury, but they did have the semi conscious ability to turn off the pain receptors in most cases- or at least dampen them so that they could continue to function and fight.  During the battle with Megatron, Prime had flipped quite a number of those switches to keep from collapsing.  However, like a human's natural pain killers, the switches would eventually come back on and at that point he would be forced to rest.  Optimus could already feel some of wounds beginning to ache.  {What do you recommend then?}

Ratchet gave a mental shrug,{Let Ironhide and I stay with the decepticon's bodies.  He and I have taken less damage today than you have.  When you get to the dam I want you and Bumblebee both to shut off for a little while and take some of the stress off.}

Ironhide patted Prime on the shoulder and said aloud, “One of these days you'll learn to duck and then you won't always be the worst for wear.”

Optimus sighed.  It was a long standing joke among them since before he was Prime that he didn't seem to know when to duck.  His instinct was to put his massive bulk between his friends and his enemies, not duck and let the shot pass.  He'd nearly gotten his spark handed to him on several occasions from his inability to avoid fire.  “Very well.  If you will hook up a trailer, I will carry the children, Bumblebee and Jazz back to the Dam.”

Lennox nodded impatiently, unsure of what had just transpired between the aliens, “Great, okay.  Epps you keep checking for a signal on those radio communicators, “He tossed one of the extra ones to the kids, “You two keep this with you just in case.”

“You are not coming back to the Dam with us?” Optimus cocked his head.

“We've been shorter on sleep than this after battles just as fierce,” though not as weird, Epps added mentally, “And... this is home turf.  We got a chance to help people here who are going to need it, we're trained in that.  You guys, the kids, you're not.  Best to get y'all out of here.”


The ride back to the Dam seemed so much longer than it was.  It took them about an hour to get out of the city itself, traffic was awful as people piled their belongings into cars and headed for the proverbial hills.  No one seemed sure that more aircraft or monsters or aliens or terrorists were going to pop out of the woodwork and attack their city again.  Lucky for the kids they could reward themselves with sleep.  Optimus was not that lucky.  Bumblebee, however, stubbornly refused to switch off and instead kept his friend quiet company.  In the darkness of the trailer, which would have been too hot for a human to ride, he watched the silent form of Jazz bounce with the hum of the road.  So many had been lost and were irreplaceable.  Each spark that was ripped asunder by decepticon hands did so much damage to the sparks that still beat.  In his inner thoughts the yellow mech made a mental list of the dead.  Good friends and family, all gone.  His home was gone.  

It wasn't in his nature to be so melancholy, but he always felt less than his usual upbeat self after losing a friend.  Especially after losing someone who'd fought at his side.  Outside he could hear the continual honking of horns and yelling of humans.  Had he misjudged them?  Maybe Ironhide was right, maybe they were just a self-centered creation that would burn themselves out in a few millennium.

Or less. He thought to himself.

A screech and cursing could be heard right outside the walls of dirty metal.  In frustration he started to reach up and bang against the side closest to the yelling.

{Bee.  Don't.} Optimus sounded tired.

With a disgruntled sigh, the wounded bot scrunched himself down.  {Why not?}

{It'll just make them more frightened.}

{People have died today... and yet I can hear them out there yelling at each other, each thinking that their desire to escape this mayhem is more important than the rest!}

{They are frightened.  Give them time.  Were we not just as frightened and angry when war first came to our home?  The first time it showed up in front of us, on our very doorsteps?}

Bumblebee didn't reply.  That had been so long ago, and he'd been extremely young by cybertronian standards.  He remembered how scared he was the first time he saw his home on fire; the absolute torture he'd felt when he came back to find that the places he knew were no longer more than dust and twisted metal.  

When Bumblebee had first lost his ability to speak Optimus had worried about how he had withdrawn from from the others.  But he never failed to bounce back and retain his disposition.  Optimus sent him an image of the two children in the cab of the truck.  Sam was sprawled on the seat, his head on Mikaela's shoulder.  Mikaela's head kept nodding forward to smack into Sam's and then raise up again as she tried to stay awake.  When it did, Sam would absently pat her hand and both would smile.  {As I said, we have gained new friends and all humans are not the same.  We may have lost Jazz, but hopefully with luck and Ratchet's abilities...}

{And it's over.  Megatron's done for.  We can relax and just be ourselves again.  No more soldiers, no more battles... } Bee sounded a bit more positive.

{Yes, although the others may come for the shard of the Allspark...} began Optimus uncertainly.

Bee made a buzz like a snort, {Now who's positive?}

Sam stepped out of the semi woozily and took a few careful steps away.  How long had it been since they'd eaten?  It had seemed like a good idea to nap at the time, but now he wasn't so sure.

“Yer alive!” A blonde cannonball was hurtling itself down the corridor towards them.  Maggie came to a sliding surprised halt as Optimus unhooked himself and transformed slowly.  It's the ceiling, he told himself, I wasn't sure how low it was. However, the aches and pains he felt as he stood up told him that he wasn't fooling anyone.  

For a moment she wasn't sure what to do, but in the end the simplest thing seemed best, “H-hello.  I'm Maggie.  Not Margret. Maggie.” The analyst stared up and up.  The blue and red mech was certainly more friendly looking than the frightening looking thing in the box and the Mega-thing that had been hanging around in cold storage.  Still, the sheer size of the alien was enough to send humans into a bit of delirium.

“Hello Maggie, I am Optimus Prime.” He didn't bother to bend down to her, he was just too tired at this point and she didn't seem to mind.

Glen came wheezing down the hallway behind Maggie, “Geez, don't you ever slow down? OH HOLY SHIT!”

Optimus looked at him with amusement.  He didn't mean to startle the humans, but he had to admit they made amusing faces when they were.  

“Glen, this is Optimus Prime,” said Maggie calmly.  “It's okay, he won't hurt you.”

“A-are you sure? I mean uh, he's kinda big.”

“I have sworn an oath to not harm humans, all autobots have.  You are safe with us, Glen.” Prime nodded his head to the frightened human, trying to pitch his voice in a reassuring tone.

The screeching of metal on metal announced Bumblebee's presence as he dragged himself slowly out of the back of the truck.  Optimus limped over to the back and looked down, “You couldn't wait for help?  How'd you get the back undone anyway?”

“Are you kidding? I've been holding the damn thing closed for the past ten miles.  It unlatched itself!”

Optimus reached down and half carried, half dragged Bumblebee away from the trailer.  Maggie finished making sure the two humans were in good shape before nervously going around the corner.  “Oh my GOD!  What happened to your legs?!”

Bumblebee looked up at the human incredulously, “Oh those? I cut them off so I'd fit in the trailer better.”

Mikaela frowned, “He got hurt trying to save us from Starwhatsis thing.”

“But he can talk now!” Sam replied excitedly.

Bee nodded, “I've been feeling it coming back a little at a time.  What do you think?”

Maggie stared at him blankly, “You sound like a speak and spell.”

“What is... a speak and spell?”

“I thought you guys like, downloaded like the whole internet?” said Mikaela watching Optimus try to carefully sit down and not end up on top of something.  The hanger seemed to have not only housed the allspark but also a corner stash of obsolete junk.  The stack of old computers, printers, and failed experiments based on things learned from the captive decepticon was marked with a note to take it to the archives, but apparently no one had bothered to.

“Not all of it, just your languages and relevant information.  There didn't seem to be a reason to retain memory of the entire thing,” He sighed as he bent himself into a comfortable position.  He envied the human's ability to seemingly flop down and fold themselves up into whatever position they liked.  His protoform was much more flexible, but with the condition he was in he wasn't sure any stance would be comfortable.  His armor was dented and stressed where Megatron had flung him around and from the times he'd fallen off of buildings.  It all added up to the equivalent of bone bruises.  All the damage he sustained had been aggravated by driving over the roads on the way back to the dam.  To avoid traffic they had ended up on several side roads that had been in considerably less than choice conditions.  It was no wonder the door of the trailer had finally popped open.  “It could also be noted that even after downloading the information, we still do not always have practical use for it.”

Bumblebee rested his chin in his hand and looked down at his human friends, “Yeah, sometimes you guys just don't make sense.”

Maggie was nodding, “Besides if they'd downloaded the whole internet they'd probably be running around using net speak and saying things like, 'It can be hugs time now.'”

Optics sparkling with mirth, the yellow mech replied testily, “We're not that naive that we didn't-  0squeek!0”  Everyone turned to stare at the ungodly noise that had issued from his mouth plate.  Bee didn't say anything but patted his throat a little.

Optimus shook his head slowly, “Better to have Ratchet check you over and make sure should be speaking so much before you start going into explanations about how we process information.  In the meantime, I think he wanted us to shut down for a while.”

The younger mech looked frustrated but as Mikaela patted his shoulder, “You two just relax.  Sam and I need to get some rest as well.”

“Right, that's the question, food or rest first?”

“Shower.” Mikaela replied, following Maggie towards the hanger door.

“I uh...” Sam felt his face heating up.  “I uh...”

Glen clapped Sam on the shoulder, “Come on, let's get some food.”


The Sector 7 headquarters in the Dam was not home, but the promise of a little rest and a chance to lick their wounds was enough to make even Ironhide look forward to it a bit.  He dropped off his passengers and followed Ratchet into the hanger where the others waited.  

Sam, Mikaela and two other humans he didn't know were seated in a circle in front of Bee and Optimus eating some sort of food.  The food looked gooey, messy, and stringy, he wondered why humans ate exactly what they did.  His sense of smell was nearly destroyed from the years of taking in smoke and ozone from the burning chemicals left over from battles, but he still didn't understand how they could enjoy the stuff.  He ignored the stares of the humans, gave a grunt in return to the children's hellos and installed himself on the right of his slumbering leader.  Prime wasn't the only one who deserved a little shut down time.

Ratchet, on the other hand, lowered himself down beside Bumblebee, who had come back on-line, and the children.  Sam looked up at Ratchet, “How is it out there?”

The medic frowned and chose his words carefully.  For all that these children had seen battle and risked their lives today, they were still children even by the standards of their people, “Not as bad as it could be.”  

He quietly began checking Bumblebee over while the others ate in silence.  They weren't sure that they wanted to know exactly what happened right this very moment, either.  It was odd having a national emergency and not have it covered from every possible news angle, worldwide communications were still down.  In a way it was nice to not have a tv chattering at him, but the silence also disturbed Sam.  He was already trying not to worry about his parents, Banachek had told them that they were still in California and safe, but he still hadn't talk to them.  They were probably going out of their heads, not to mention Mikaela's mother who had no idea where she was or who she was with.

“Let me see your throat plates, Bee.” Ratchet ordered.

Bumblebee's eyes pleaded with him, “No, I don't think I need-”

Ratchet grabbed Bee and bent his head back and shot the medical laser into the sensitive parts of his still regenerating vocal processor.  The humans tried not to stare as their friend made gagging strangled noises as the medic worked, “If... you'd hold still... this wouldn't hurt so bad!”

The narrowed blazing optics begged to differ.

Finally he released the yellow bot's head and looked satisfied with his repairs, “There.  That should hold you till I have time to really work on it.”

Bee rubbed his throat plate gingerly and said hoarsely, “Gee thanks, Ratchet.”

“So, uh... where did the Secretary of Defense wander off to?” Sam lamely tried to strike up a conversation.

Maggie shrugged, “I dunno, he said he wanted to talk to Banachek about stuff and I don't know where they went after that.. at least that Simmons guy is gone.  God, what an asshole, he sort of creeps me out.”

Mikaela gave her a flat look, “Yeah.  Seconded on that.”
Glen rolled his eyes, “I bet he still lives with his mom.”

“You should talk, Glen,” snorted Maggie, polishing off her third slice of pizza.

“Hey, I live with my grandmother so that I can care for her.  Lord knows she can't take care of herself anymore!” he squirmed uncomfortably.  He tried to change the subject, “Here comes K- er Mr. Keller now.”  Glen, watching the craggy-faced gentleman stride purposefully into the room.  For all that he had never given much thought to politics outside of occasionally hacking government sites, Glen had to admit that he had a lot of respect for the SECDEF.  Any man that age that could wield a shot gun like a scalpel while still wearing a pressed suit and barking out orders to send over morse code got a lot of credit in his book.

“Evening folks,” he sauntered up to the group, not flinching at the sight of the addition of three more giant robots.  After today he considered that very little would ever surprise or unsettle him again.

Ratchet, who had been making his way to Prime's left to get a little shut down time stopped mid way down to stare at the human.  He recalled the information that he had on Keller from his memory banks and watched the man warily.  

Keller addressed the bots, “I don't suppose you could tell me which of you is in charge?”

All eyes went to Prime's scarred frame.  Ratchet nudged him and sent a comm, {Optimus, we need you.}

{Hm?  What's that?} The line was private between the two so no one heard the fuzzed, sleepy reply.  Ratchet looked at his leader fondly, for all that Optimus was Prime and therefore leader of all the autobots, he wasn't that old.  Experienced in leadership and battle, yes, but he was much younger than Ratchet and Ironhide.  He was closer in age to Jazz than to his medic and weapon's expert.  Before the war he had been an archivist, and had continued to function in that aspect with great dedication even up to the time he became Prime.  In fact, Ratchet was fairly certain that he still filed away his data with the intention of having accessible to any autobot that wished to read it in the future.  Satisfied that Prime was awake now, he busied his own systems with shutting down for a while.

The shutters opened on Optimus's optics as he glanced down at the older human in front of him.  The man seemed to be trying to decided exactly how to address someone who stands at least two stories taller than you.  Optimus saved him the trouble.

“My greetings to you, I am Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots,” Primus.  How many times am I going to have to say that?

“Greetings, I am the Secretary of Defense of the United States of America, John Keller,” He quirked one furry eyebrows, what was the best way to proceed? “I'd welcome you to our country but I guess you've been here a while.”

“I have,” said the yellow bot that Keller was familiar with, “But the others just got here yesterday.”

“I see.  I think it would be a good idea if you and I had a chat if I'm not interrupting?” He eyed the children significantly.  The things that he needed to discuss with the alien leader were paramount to national security.  He had a pretty firm idea of exactly what he could offer the four mechs that had just saved the country, or rather the planet.

Optimus eased to his feet.  The few hours of shut down had let a lot of the minor damage repair itself to the point that the throbbing could be ignored.  He was satisfied that he was not going to have to limp and clank after the SECDEF.  “Very well, Mr. Keller, we shall speak.”

As Keller turned, Optimus slipped something into Bumblebee's hand and followed the man out into the next Hanger over.

As he followed, Optimus took in the surroundings.  It was chilled in this hanger, as caves were naturally apt to be.  Everywhere hung cords, lights and scaffolding- most of which were now scattered on the floor in various states of damage.  The floor was damp with melted ice and had washed away the blood from the injuries the humans sustained in trying to keep their prisoner in his frozen state.  Optimus suppressed an inner shudder at the thought of being frozen and alone on an alien world.  Not that Megatron had probably been bothered about it other than to simply get angrier and angrier, but they had wanted to do the same to Bee.  Optimus shook his head, trying to not to hold a grudge about it.  The ones who had wanted this done had not understood that they were living beings and more than the simple machines that they themselves had created, or worse the ones that they wrote about.  

There were a greater number of robots that were featured in the human's fiction as the aggressors than protectors.  In fact almost all the sentient robots that weren't some sort of cyborg were usually regarded as being evil punishing monsters that wanted to destroy someone or the entire planet. A bot could easily assume that all humans would fear a sentient machine as a matter of instinct.  However, he had found otherwise in Sam, Mikaela and now the soldiers.  Even if they initially were frightened, they did learn to trust through example.  Humans, he mused, were each as dynamic as his own race.  While they might not have developed as high a scientific ability as he and his kind had, their emotional potential was much the same.  All the more reason to approach this particular authority figure about making a new home for the autobots here.

Provided that today hadn't spoiled it all.  He had a sinking feeling that someone would probably find it to be a wonderful movie about killer robots from outer space. Hopefully the leaders of this particular country at least would see not the destruction the decepticons had caused but the help the autobots offered.  

Prime looked around for a suitable place to sit.  He could crouch in front of the human but at the moment he didn't want to stress his servos any more than he had to.  The pedestal where Megatron had been mounted for so many years seemed like as good a place as any.

Without being asked, Keller climbed the stairs to the scaffolding and found a step that was blessedly dry and sat down to face the giant mech.  He marveled at the creature's size and the amount of expression he could see in the layers of parts that made up the Autobot's face.  He cleared his throat and addressed Prime, “So, now that your enemies have been scattered and beaten, what are your intentions for your soldiers and our world?”


“What did Optimus hand you?” asked Maggie eagerly.  She and Sam were practically prying open Bumblebee's hand trying to see what was inside.

He held his arm up, “Hey now!  If you get down I'll show you!”

They backed up obediently as Mikaela watched them.  The humans had made sort of armchair shapes out of some massive disused computer towers, the seats to which were bulky discarded laptops, boxes or wadded up blankets.  She was already wearing some unknown person's thankfully clean fatigues- they all were.  They looked like refugees.  

It occurred to her that the autobots, for all that they were massive warriors from space, really were refugees.  They wanted to call this place home.  She'd been frightened of them at first, unsure what these things could want and convinced that it couldn't possibly be good.  But watching Bee crawl out from the wreckage, stubbornly refusing to give up even after he'd had his feet blown off had changed her feelings.  The look of pain and frustration on that almost completely un-human face had connected with her and she'd come to trust them.  How much had she changed in the last few days?  What was her daddy going to say when he came home to find his little girl all grown up?  The thought made her shrink into herself and wrap her arms around her knees.  

Bumblebee opened his fist to reveal the tiny sliver of what was left of the precious allspark.  It wasn't much by their standards, but it was long to the humans.  It looked to be a little less than 12 inches in length and staggered like a splinter.  They marveled at it as Sam stepped a bit closer.  He didn't see the length of pole that stuck out from one of Bumblebee's leg nubs.  He reached for the closest thing to steady himself and slammed into Bee's arm.  

The little shard went up into the air as time slowed for an instant.  Maggie threw herself forward, trying to catch the piece and crashed into her nest of blankets, the shard smacked into her hands with an electric crackle, making her arm up to her elbow numb.  The shard then bounced out of her unresponsive hands and flew through the air to land on one of the giant old laptops.

All five eyed the laptop, which wasn't moving, warily.  When it didn't do anything, Bee wasn't sure if he was glad that nothing popped out of the laptop or if he was distressed that it didn't and that meant that it couldn't help Jazz.  Mikaela snorted and bent down past the laptop to reach the shard, which was now about a foot past it, nestled in the blankets.  She laid completely flat to reach the shard, too comfortable and tired to get up and walk over to it.  As she was level to the laptop on the floor, she noticed that an eye had opened on it and was watching her.

With a cry of horror, she snatched the shard, clutched it to her and went clattering backwards.  The startled laptop burst into life, splitting out in all directions, then scrambling into the air.  It's black wings beat frantically to get away from the cacophony that the inhabitants of the room were making.

It flew around in a frightened circle, making hissing and clacking noises as Bee calmly sighted it and fired a low energy shot.  He didn't want to use a full charge and risk hurting any of the humans if something fell.  Without his legs he couldn't exactly scramble past them and take the brunt of any heavy pieces of ceiling falling.  But he wasn't about to give the flying chattering laptop the chance to hurt anyone either.

{I heard fire, what's going on?} Bee received the worried comm from Optimus.

{Uh... nothing.  We're all fine... just a um, accidental discharge.}

{What's all that... squawking in there?} came the confused reply.

{Nothing I can't handle,} He hoped.

The shot managed to clip the wing of the weird robotic bird that had spawned.  It spiraled down out of the air dramatically to lay in a disorganized looking sprawl on the ground.  After a moment it righted itself and made panicked circles, trying desperately to get away from it's attackers.

The humans, who were now hiding behind Bee, watched it warily.  It stopped trying to fly after a moment, sort of half scuttling, half shuddering, trying to turn back into a laptop.  Maggie popped out from behind Bee and began stalking toward the creature, cooing softly.

“Maggie!” hissed Glen, “What the hell do you think you're doing?”

“No idea.  But I don't think it wants to hurt us, it's just... scared.” She continued to coo at the creature who had stopped trying to get away and had settled it self back out into a complete bird again.

Bumblebee scratched at the horns on his head in confusion.  It was basically, as far as he understood anyway, a new born with no programming.  It would attack anything that it thought was going to hurt it- or it should have.  But here it was just trying to get away.

Mikaela had joined Maggie and both of them were on their hand and knees crawling toward the strange bird-like creature, trying not to startle it.  Maggie reached out her hand to touch it, but it hissed angrily.  She sat back quickly and it scuttled backwards as well, equally startled.

“No no no, it's okay!  Don't be scared!” said Mikaela, trying to reassure it.

It's beady blue eyes snapped onto Mikaela.  It hissed a little.  “Huuuuuurt.”

Bee shook his head, “Okay it definitely should not do that.”

Mikaela looked back over her shoulder, “What do you mean?”

He shrugged, “As far as I know anything that comes out of the allspark raw like that shouldn't immediately be able to talk or reason.  It doesn't have any programing.  It should just be-”

“Freaking out and attacking like my phone did, “ Glen said absently.  He didn't take his eyes away from the black and blue laptop bird.

“Exactly,” rumbled a response from behind them.  Ratchet had brought himself back on-line at the start of the commotion.  He wasn't the sort to shoot first and ask questions later and was very glad that Ironhide, who was the sort of bot to do just that, was an extremely deep sleeper.  “Something strange about this one.”

Mikaela felt something tickle her arm and she turned around to see the laptop was  now cowering behind her. In comparison to the autobots he was tiny, about the size of a medium sized dog.  She looked at it, “It's okay.  They won't hurt you.”

Ratchet started to get up.  This of course, startled the bird creature into action.  His instinct was to get to higher ground in order to jump off and glide, and Mikaela's shoulder was the highest point near to him.  He took an ungainly hop and landed on her forearm.  She yelped in pain as the sharp claws pierced the thick army coat that she was wearing and tore at her skin.  The bird, realizing he was hurting her, leaped off and scuttled backwards.  Ratchet was pretty  fast when the occasion called for it and he managed to get around the startled humans and Bee to get to the bird.  He grabbed a thick metal crate and snapped it down on top of the bird-creature.  He then grabbed a larger, much heavier crate and put it on top, effectively pinning the laptop.

Maggie and Sam ran to Mikaela's aide, trying to get the jacket off and stop the bleeding as she clutched at her arm.  The medic grabbed the discarded jacket and expertly ripped it into long shreds.    He then gently took her bleeding arm in his giant hand.  With deft movements he delicately and quickly wrapped the arm with just enough pressure to staunch the bleeding and not cut off circulation entirely.  He winked at the girl, “Just because I'm a bulky bot doesn't mean I haven't got nimble fingers.  My scan indicates it's not deep enough to need stitches, just a nasty cut, it's a good thing these jackets are so thick.  Hold it up and keep pressure on it for a little while.”

Sam kicked at the crate with his foot, succeeding only in sending pain up his appendage.  He hopped away while Bee leveled his gun at the offending creature.

“No don't!” Mikaela called, “He didn't mean to.”

The forlorn creature inside moaned, “Sorry!  Sorry! Me not mean to!”

“What in blazes is going on here?”

“Uh...” guilty gazes watched as Keller and Optimus returned from the other hanger.  

“Well, the good news is the shard will work, and we only took minor damage,” replied Ratchet.

Optimus leveled a look at his medic but addressed Keller instead, “I will deal with this, you had best continue on your way.”

The Secretary of Defense nodded with a look of disbelief, “Very well.  Glen, Maggie, let's head out.”


“But-” the two chimed together.

“Come on, you're still my advisors and I'm going to need your help analyzing the virus that brought down the satellites.  I've gotten a call that they need us back in Washington, ASAP.  You can come back and visit sometime I'm sure,” He turned again to the leader of the Autobots and nodded, gave one last look at the suspicious box and continued out the door, practically dragging the two analysts away.

Optimus crouched next to the make shift kennel. “And exactly what is in here?”

“Something the allspark shard made.”

“I ran into Bee and he dropped it, “said Sam sheepishly.  He felt a lot like the times when he'd had to admit to his father that he'd done something incredibly stupid.  

“I see.”

Ratchet looked at the laptop, who was sticking his beak through one of openings in the box that served as a handle.  “It hasn't tried to attack us or even shown any sort of weapons.  It only cut Mikaela because I frightened it when I was getting up off the ground.”

“Am sorrrry...” it said again.

It's speech startled Prime.  At this point in it's “life” it shouldn't be able to do much other than react to basic fight or flight parameters.  The fact that it was talking, albeit in broken sentences, spoke volumes.  Tentatively he tried to send a comm in cybertronian.  {Who are you?}

{??????} was the reply.

Ratchet tried and got the same response. “It... doesn't know our language.”

Mikaela tried to blow her bangs away from her face, “Maybe it only knows english because it's a laptop. “

They stared at her.

“No, think about it.  It's hard drive is probably full of old files these guys have saved.”

“Yeah, maybe it's name is it's network name?” Sam offered.

There was a fluttering sound as the laptop beat it's wings against it's prison. “YES! Me am... Me am... Me am Southwest Operating System #392!”

“That's kind of a mouthful for us humans to say,” said Sam, shaking his head, “How about we shorten it to like, SOS or Ninety-two?  Maybe just WEST, yeah that'd be kinda cool,” He offered a hand out to the nose cheekily, “Hey, West, how's it hanging?”

The metallic beak pulled itself back into the crate with disgust.

“How about Swoop?” asked Mikaela quietly.  

“Swooooooop.  Me like.  Me Swooooooop.” said the beak, emerging from it's kennel.

Sam gave her a blank look.  Mikaela sighed, “It's an acronym, I mean it's sort of hacked up but SouthWest O(o)Perating Station #392.”

The others nodded thoughtfully.  Sam crossed his arms and looked grumpy, “I still like West better.”
This is a fan fic set in the transformers movie universe.

I'm taking a little bit of G1 history, the movie prequel novel, and some of dreamwave's war within backstories...

no OC's here unless I need to grab a random human character.

I don't know if I'll continue writing this as I'm working more on the steam punk one... we'll see.

no pairings except sam x mikaela.

also, the parts about the decepticon partners are not meant to infer that they have anything other than a symbiotic relationship. :3
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'Myth Wars': Episode 53: "Beast Wars Rekindled: Part 1: Back to Earth":</u>

"OOOH! We're finally goin' back to Cybertron!" Rattrap throws his arms up in the air in celebration, "I can hear the dames whistling for me already!"

Optimus Primal, clad in his recently acquired 4-mode optimal form, strolls up to the front of the escape pod where Rhinox is intensely concentrated on piloting the shaky ship.

"Well, Rhinox, have you spotted them yet?" he asks. Rhinox turns to him and shakes his head, "Not know it is possible that they all made planet fall..." Optimus rubs his chin, "Possible; but unlikely."

He stares out into the vast blankness of space, and smiles. "I know somewhere out there our comrades are waiting for us..." He suddenly turns to Rattrap who's conveniently reclined in an onboard chair, "...and then we'll be on our way home."

"Aw, fer bootin' up cold! Ya mean after all that we've been through on that dirt ball back there; we still ain't goin' back to Cybertron?" Rattrap rises from the over sized chair designed for Autobots and walks up to the giant gorilla leader. Optimus merely peers down at him in disapproval, but knows how badly Rattrap misses Cybertron; and therefore says nothing.

"Well I for one want to rescue my fellow bots!" A voice echoes through the ship as Cheetor appears from a hallway and into the main room.

All eyes turn to him, even Rhinox for a brief moment. As Rhinox turns back around, Optimus nods at Cheetor in approval. "I can't go back to Cybertron with my crew still orbiting Earth..." Primal begins, " matter how long it takes, we will rescue them all!"

Rattrap raises an eyebrow upon hearing this, and sighs, "I guess the dames can wait just a tad longer...heh."

He sees Rhinox nod as he pilots the ship to the left with the gigantic controls. "I just wish I were bigger..." Rhinox states as he steers the ship with great difficulty towards a blip on his screen.

"Optimus Primal...Maximize!" the giant gorilla bellows and transforms into his massive robot mode. He casually strides over to an empty chair and has a seat. He laughs a little as he reclines, "I don't know what you're complaining about Rattrap; these chairs fit me just fine." Rattrap gives a quick sarcastic laugh in response, "That's because you've got a big fat gorilla as..."

"EVERYONE! LOOK!" Rattrap gets cut off as Rhinox points out the windshield; "Do you see it?" Primal rises and walks up to the controls and leans on them as he peers out the window. "Is that...?" he asks as Cheetor and Rattrap join him at his side.

Outside, they see a dark shape floating about 1000 yards ahead of them. Even with hardly any light; they could all tell what it was: a stasis pod.

"Told ya!" Cheetor mocks Rattrap, and Rattrap dismisses him with his hands, "Eh, spoil my fun why don't cha?"

Just then they hear footsteps behind them and turn to see Blackarachnia and Silverbolt walk into the room together. "Where have you two been?" Primal asks them, crossing his arms. "Don't ask..." Silverbolt quickly kills the conversation as he and Blackarachnia take seats.

" the two love boy-ids decided to get romantic, mm?" Rattrap questions as he waves his fingers at them. "I said 'don't ASK!' " Silverbolt states again, and growls at Rattrap. "Easy Bowser, he didn't mean anything by it..." Blackarachnia coos, and rubs Silverbolt's chin with her finger, "...besides, you know it's true." Silverbolt 'rolls' his optics and sighs, "Yes dear."

"If you three are done arguing..." Rhinox begins as he points at the stasis pod again, "...we've got to retrieve that thing." "I think you mean those things..." Primal states, drawing Rhinox's gaze back out the window.

"Wow, that must be all of them..." Cheetor's mouth hangs open as they all stare as more and more stasis pods come into view, each becoming more lit against the blackness of space as it comes closer to the ship. “At least all the ones that didn’t make planet fall…” He turns to Optimus quickly, “…It looks like you were right.” Optimus silently nods.

"But that still leaves the problem of who's going to get them?" Rhinox announces. Everyone exchanges glances at each, everyone except Primal.

"I'll go." He boldly states as he walks towards the back of the ship, past the cabins located near the midsection. "WHAT! You can't go out there..." Rhinox begins. "Huh, better him than me..." Rattrap adds.

Optimus turns back to them as he stands at the rear hatch. "I have to go Rhinox...I must. I'm the only one with flight capabilities; at least in space; and therefore it has to be me. Besides, if Megatron tries anything; I'm the only one strong enough to stop him and clamp him back to the hull." Primal states with a sudden smile, "But don't worry, I'll be fine."

They nod at him in agreement, all except Rhinox who shakes his head in regret. Primal takes notice of this, but hides his fears and opens the airlock door.

As the door closes behind him, he watches as the others stare at him until they can be seen no more from the door. It slams shut, and Primal sighs. "Here goes nothing..." He takes a deep breath (for no real reason at all), and holds it.

With a leaking sound, the pressure from the airlock is dropped and the outside doors open. Primal steps out into space, and floats around for a moment before grabbing his bearings and transforms into his jet mode. He rockets out around the side of the ship and patches a channel through to Rhinox.

"Rhinox, can you hear me?" He asks. "Loud and clear...good to hear I might add." Rhinox smiles as he sees Primal float past the side window. "Sometime you worry to much..." Primal laughs and rockets towards the first stasis pod.

"Rhinox, can you maneuver the ship so the rear faces me? I need to load these into the airlock." Primal asks as he latches himself on top of the stasis pod. "Sure Optimus; just give me a nano-click." Rhinox replies as he activates the thrusters and begins to rotate the ship around slowly.

Just then Primal hears a voice. "Just what do you think you're doing Primal?" the voice roars, and Primal looks at the top of the shuttle. "That's none of your business Megatron." he states as he pulls the stasis pod towards the airlock entrance.

Megatron shifts around a little as he tries to break free from his bonds, but settles back after a few seconds, "You're a fool Primal. You actually think your Maximals want me back on Cybertron? Or even you for that matter?" "That's my call..." Optimus stops just outside the entrance, "...and I say they'll be glad to get you back. I bet they have a specially made cell just for you..." Primal transforms into robot mode, and presses the button to unlock the door. Megatron laughs, "Flattery will get you nowhere Optimus, yessss...enjoy this moment while you can."

Optimus sneers upon hearing this, but maintains focus and puts the first pod into the ship. He uses his foot rockets and takes off towards the next pod. "Come on Primal; I know you can hear me...don't you think it gets lonely out here..." Megatron begins with suave in his voice, "...Take me inside and lock me up in there." "No chance Megatron...I like you just where you are!" Primal squints and makes a face at Megatron as he grabs the next pod.

Grunting and groaning, he pulls the rather heavy pod towards the door. As it finally moves in the direction he wants, Primal lets up and lets it float towards the door, only floating along with it to stop it at the entrance.

Megatron moves his head to look at Primal, but can't see him due to his position and the considerable height he is above Primal's position. "At least tell me what you're doing..." Megatron almost sounds like he's pleading, but keeps that certain level of proudness and smirks at his own words; hoping to extract information out of Optimus. Primal looks up at Megatron for only a brief moment, "Don't you ever shut up?"

Several minutes pass, and soon Primal finishes loading in the last pod inside the ship. "Great! That's the last pod!" Primal announces and dusts off his hands as a sign that he's done. "Oh, so that's what it is..." Megatron begins. "You were quiet for a few clicks there; what happened?" Primal laughs as he stands at the entrance to the door. Megatron ignores him, "...those were my protoforms!" "I'd love to stay and chat Megatron, but Cybertron, and your prison cell, await!" Primal proclaims and slams the door shut behind him.

"We shall see haven't won yet!" Megatron announces to the vast blackness of space, staring at it as he lays spread-eagle on the hull.

Inside, Primal enters the main room again after the airlock pressurizes, and everyone smiles at him. "Good to see ya Big Bot!" Cheetor gives Optimus the thumbs up. "And to see our comrades again." Rhinox adds, pointing at the stacks of stasis pods behind Optimus.

"So, we're finally going to Cybertron then!" Rattrap asks impatiently. Optimus gives a deep belly laugh, "Yes, Rattrap, we're finally going home."

Everyone starts dancing and rejoicing; and Rhinox watches them celebrate and smiles. He turns around and sits back at the controls, "O.K. everyone, strap yourselves in; I'm taking this bird back to Cybertron!" Rhinox proclaims as he presses a few buttons and pulls a few levers. "You got it big guy!" Rattrap gives him the thumbs up and jumps into his chair. The others follow suit, and everyone buckles in for the trip home.

"Commencing engine thrust...activating hyper-drive..." Rhinox states as he presses a button. Suddenly a giant explosion from the rear rocks the whole ship, and everyone looks around in panic.

"What was that?" Cheetor yells, grabbing the arms of the chair in fear. "Sounds like we lost our engines!" Primal announces as he begins to unbuckle himself. “The ship’s diagnostics have been knocked offline…” Rhinox shouts as he whips around in the control chair.

“I’ll be right back.” Optimus shouts and rises from the chair. "No Optimus! I'll check it out." Rhinox states and holds up his hand to signal Optimus to stop. Primal looks at him, and sits back down. He straps himself back in and nods at Rhinox, "Check it out, but hurry."

Rhinox stomps towards the back of the ship when the ship begins to move under his feet, causing him to fall. "RHINOX!" Cheetor calls out as turns in his seat to see Rhinox lying unconscious on the ground. "We're all gonna DIE!" Rattrap yells, covering his optics in fear. "SHUT UP RATTRAP!" Optimus yells as he unstraps himself and rushes towards Rhinox.

Just then, then ship begins to spin out of control, throwing Optimus across the cabin and slamming him into the pilot's chair. He slumps down onto the ground, and lies there for a moment before the momentum of the ship's spinning lifts him off of the ground and throws him against the other wall. Cheetor ducks as Rhinox flies over him and smashes into the rear of the ship.

But just as the spinning started, it stops as the ship's windshield begins to heat up, and glows bright red with fire. "NO!" Rattrap screams as he looks in horror upon the sight before his optics, "We're going back down!" "Stay close dear..." Silverbolt heroically states as he pulls Blackarachnia close to him as they sit next to each other, strapped in.

Outside, Megatron's body begins to burn as he reenters the atmosphere attached to the ship. "ARRRGGGHHH!" He bellows in pain as he struggles to break free of both the ship and the heat.

Suddenly, his right arm snaps free of his bonds, and he reaches over and breaks the bond on his other arm. "I...must...break...freeeee!" He proclaims as he grinds his teeth from the intense pain. He manages to break the final bonds that hold him, and as he does, he flies off the ship like a bullet and floats away high above the ship...

Meanwhile, back inside, Optimus Primal and Rhinox's bodies are pinned by the centripetal forces against the rear wall of the shuttle. Everyone screams as they watch the ground get closer and closer...

But on Earth, others watch them return as well...

"What?" Waspinator asks as he watches the ship plummets towards Earth, "Max-zimals come back?" The early anthropoids jump about in confusion and wonder as they watch along with Waspinator.

Not far away, in some bushes, a pair of eyes watch Waspinator, and the Autobot shuttle hurdling uncontrollably towards Earth with happiness. "Hmm, so my prey returns..." the spider-esque voice cackles, "...How lovely!" and his evil laugh fills the air...
This is the first part of the opening 5-parter of Myth Wars!! This starts right off after the end of the Transformers: Beast Wars T.V. series; with Primal and his crew leaving Earth in the Autobot shuttle.

Myth Wars is a series spanning the missing events between Beast Wars and Beast Machines; and features both new characters and old favorites!

Based upon the characters created by ShinMusashi44, TGping, AcidWing, Gryphman, Mako Crab, BillyBadAss; and of course myself. Story created and written by me.

Characters are copyright of Hasbro; and each of the above; myself included.
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Six arms that hold me,
Her face an image goddess,
Her demonic embrace.
It took me 20 minutes to find the correct spelling on my PDA's Internet. Yeah if you never played D&D you might not have encountered this beautiful demon. In the first edition monster Manual she was topless and called Type V demon. over time there have many great piece of art of this very evil demon.
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Things were boring, to say the least. Blue was lazily reclined on the large cushion in her private room at the club, her back arched to allow her to gaze upside-down out the windows. A brilliantly bright cloud of hydrogen gas was passing by outside, backlit by a nearby star. The Tallest thought to herself as she watched the burning cloud waft past, somewhat surprised to discover the fact that she was actually missing that stupid mobster.
Things were changing quickly with her, and she knew it. Since Donato started following her around, she seemed a little less consumed with the all-to-familiar misery of loosing a close companion and even another child. The corners of her mouth tugged back to form a frown. She really hated doting on any of these things: It all just reminded her of how unnecessary she had always been to people. Perhaps if her father accepted her, to begin with, she wouldn’t have had these problems (she writhed at the thought of him); but that couldn’t have been it, no. It must just be her that’s the problem, it had to be. Everyone she had ever cared for eventually forgot her, and that’s how it always was. Being discarded had become so commonplace for her, yet she doubted she could endure it again. She had been left by three husbands so far, that was enough in her eyes. Maybe telling Donato that she would be his woman was a bad idea. Though it was hardly a tangible commitment, she couldn’t help but feel apprehensive about the whole idea. Maybe it was because she had come to enjoy the sweet sting of heartache, an addict perhaps. Maybe that was the reason she kept doing it to herself.
As the pretty blue and fuchsia cloud moved on its way past the ship she heaved a heavy sigh, now connecting the stars haphazardly in her mind to form pictures for amusement. Even though she knew he was bad for her, she couldn’t help but find herself wishing hard that he was there just now. He had to go to Ulterius…He was in the Insurgo. Another mistake, she thought. Though he was only going to be there for a couple days, she was overwhelmed with boredom and loneliness. She wanted him back simply for the fact that she felt better when he was with her, just another reminder that she was getting deep into something she shouldn’t be. But love makes one irrational. The simple fact that his presence made her smile and feel like nothing else mattered was enough to keep her infatuated with the stubborn thug, despite the fact that it put them both in danger of being killed. To put it bluntly, she liked it best when he was around, because then she wouldn’t have to think like this. Her heart was weak, and she hated lying around, reminding herself over and over of what a fool she was for love.
The door slid open: ah, finally, a sweet distraction. A little girl, painted with tattoos and laden with peircings was there, and instead of entering she froze in the doorway, staring up at Blue with a mix of fear and apprehension in her gleaming purply-pink eyes. The Tallest rolled to her belly, gazing down at the female, the connection clicking in her mind. She made haste to speak up before the girl could run away,
“Hey, don’t be afraid. It’s okay…you’re that Zaafira girl, right?” Surprised, the girl nodded, her body going lax as she found she wasn’t going to be yelled at. She craned her head as she gave a reply, as if looking for something.
“Yes’m, that’s my name. But we never met, so...’m not sure how you know me, but I heard about you. Miss Blue, ‘m really sorry fer walkin’ in on ya…I didn’ know you were in here.” Zaafira said in a shy and quiet voice as she stood in the doorway awkwardly. Blue gave somewhat of a smile, sitting up. Having company was good for her right about now, getting her mind off of things was imperative at the moment and she was having a hard time doing it herself. She held her hand up and waved Zaafira closer,
“Donny told me about you. You guys are…good friends, from what I hear. So come up here and we can talk. I don’t know if he got to tell you but he had some urgent business on Ulterius…so he had to leave for a couple of days.” The little female slowly shuffled in, her large pant legs brushing together to make a soft rhythmic sweeping noise as she walked, her pullover colored in a bright palate of colors. She ducked under the curtain and daintily folded her legs underneath her as she sat on the cushion and then addressed Blue directly, trying as hard as she could to be polite,
“Yes’m, we are, an…crap, I was lookin’ fer him. I guess he couldn’ find me ta tell me he was goin’ away for a bit. Tha’s okay though, I ain’t mad. I’m only here for a little while anyhow. …Whatcha doin?” Blue smiles down at her and shrugs, sighing softly.
“Nothing, now. I was just looking out the window and tracing shapes in the stars.” Zaafira beamed at Blue, antennae perking.
“I like t’do that too, when ‘m bored…but, anyhow, I guess its good that I could finally meet you, Miss Blue. I wanted ta tell you somethin’ important…” The girl seemed unsure for a moment before she smiled again. Blue could instantly tell why Donato liked her so much. She really was charming, even though she wasn’t articulate at all. Blue simply nodded at her, glancing out the window for a moment.
“Important? About what?”
“Uhmm…about Donny. ‘M kinda worried for ‘im. He don’t tell people how he feels about stuff.” The Tallest rolled her eyes upon hearing that…that was a well known fact.
“A lot of boys are that way, hun. I know he is. I can’t say I’m not curious sometimes, but. What’s the use if they never want to say?” Zaafira just shakes her head.
“Nuh, I found ‘im all drunk not to long ago, an he was all…scribbling out long letters to ‘imself and stuff. I had to throw a fit to get the thing from ‘im, he was gonna burn it…” Zaafira pauses and reaches down into a large pocket in her pants, producing a folded stack of papers that looked as if they had been in there for days. She shoves them into Blue’s hand, looking to her eagerly as if to bid her to read them. “It was important. Important fer you to see, cause…yer s’posed t’be his woman, an he writes about you in there…a little, and he writes about other stuff I don’ understand, but I figured you might, and that maybe you could help make ‘im feel better. I can’t tell wha’s wrong all by myself.” She rocked a little on the cushion, half in boredom, and half in impatience while she waited for Blue to read the notes. Blue just seemed surprised at receiving the notes, and after slight hesitation began to open them to read. Hopefully this would offer some clue to what that stubborn man was thinking about all the time…
Zaafira watched her carefully as she read the pages. Blue seemed to smirk lightly at the beginning, but that soon faded to a blank expression. Somewhere near the middle she shook her head, muttering something along the lines of ‘you shouldn’t have read this, Zaafira’ under her breath. Instead of retorting the girl just sat and watched the Tallest, knowing it wasn’t the time to backtalk or make jokes. Another minute or so passed, and when Blue was finaly on the last page, the tears came. Zaafira observed quietly as they welled up in the bottom of Blue’s eyes, the pools swelling to breaking point and then spilling down both of her cheeks which were now tinged with a deep emerald blush. In that moment after she had read the last word, she sat…and then looked up to meet the bright eyes of the girl in front of her. On most occasions she would have been ashamed of her tears…but somehow this was different. Blue leaned forward to put her arms around the small girl, to which Zaafira responded by outstretching her arms to receive the distressed Tallest. It was nice to have someone to hug onto, Blue thought. After a good few moments had passed and she had composed herself enough, Blue spoke softly to Zaafira in a strained voice, still leaning on her.
“I have to thank you for saving this letter from being burned…” Her lips curled into a weak smile as she sat up, wiping her face with her forearm to make herself at least a little more presentable. Zaafira returns the smile briefly and nods.
“I cried too when I read it. But y’should be happy you got someone that loves yeh that much. I know I’d be happy. Anyway…I thought you should have it, cause you’d understand what he wrote more than I would…But he told me not to show no one…so…It’s a secret, kay?”
“Okay…thank you, Zaa.” The girl nodded and bounced back up onto her feet, stepping away slowly towards the door.
“I think I gotta go soon…Aku’s gettin’ off soon, I’ll be back later. Bye Miss Blue, it was nice t’meet ya.”
“You too…” Blue said quietly as the girl slipped out the door and the room was quiet again. This letter…this letter certainly changed a lot of things. She really had no idea before, she had no way to gauge whether what she was getting into was a mistake or not. She read that he was willing to die to be with her. Then, if he was, she would be willing to risk herself for him as well. She gave another shaky smile, tucking the papers in her back pocket. After reading those words she didn’t feel nearly as afraid of being abandoned, and she felt like doing all she could to give him a good life, one that he deserved to have after he had been through so much. Blue didn’t know what she could do to achieve that, her head was swimming…but she did know that things would end happily ever after. She wanted to believe it. It had been such a long time since she was able to…
She made herself comfortable and turned to look out the window again, mentally tracing out the form of two hearts in the random spatter of stars as another glowing red and magenta cloud of gas wisped by.
this story is based around the letter Donato wrote, here


Zaafira had a temper tantrum in order to make him give it to her and in turn she took it and gave it to Blue, because she thought Blue should have it.

Now, I havent written anything presentable, ever. This is actualy my first submission of writing. I dont think I've ever finished but one or two short stories, and they're old and terrible. =p So be easy on me. I'm not a writer, I'm an artist.
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*aimai kabutta kamen moshikashite ima made miseteta sore mo uso? aitai tarinai HAATO sashidashite ki ga tsukya DAIYA mo ubawarechatteru.*

You didn't know why but she always wore one. It was rare for her to smile. NOT especially around you because the two of you were best friend; however the hell that happened. She always had her poke face on. She barely smiled.

*honshou? honnou? hontou?*

"Smile for me." You would tell her. These were the only times she did. She really only did when you told her to. She was very more...friendly around you. You had grown to like her in more then a friendly way but, you were both girls. How would that work out?

*saiwai saigai PIERO ochichatte mienai tokoro ni BURAFU hattemata. "Nounai doudai?" misukasare sugite dou ni mo kou ni mo atama ni kuru ze.*

Your last little hope of ever having Belarus love you back was killed with her poker face. She never showed any affection whether it was friendly or not.

*acchi kocchi onisan kochira te no naru hou e I want you. WAN PEA? TSUU PEA? iya FURU HAUSU? abaite miseru kara*

"How do I tell her?" The both of you would think. You really wanted for her to at least know when little did you know...Belarus was in the same boat.

*mienai misenai ryoume fusaijatte "Mou nai" "Soukai" damasareta furi ousama kidori no KAADO chiratsukase "Kou narya iji da" to  noserareta ashi*

Belarus really hated to show it, that's why she hid her feelings with a poker face. If she didn't she would always be blushing around you. She had forgotten about Russia a long time...ever since you came around.

*"Iya iya soitsu wa nisemono desu" to iwarete ki ga tsukya  mou te okurenu nando mo nando mo damasarechatte dou ni mo kou ni mo atama ni kuru ze*

One day the two of you decided to go hike up a hill because Belarus wanted to "Go the the peak with [Y/N]." This phrase only caused you to blush. You usually only made it seem like you were embarrassed all of the time. It was just your way of covering up your emotions.

*kanzen hanzai naritataseru wa ikioi amatte I kill you ARIBAI tsukutte omote no kao wa ii ko ni shita furi*

It was sunset by the time Belarus finally took it off. She blushed and helf her knees to her chest as she sat next to you.


*katte ureshii wa nai chimonme ano ko ga hoshii no I want you koukan jouken mitome sasenai JYOOKAA ubatte miseru kara*

"Yeah, Bela?" You turned your head to see her looking down. You never seen her like this before...she looked to sweet and innocent. You wanted to glomp her and scream "Kawaii" like China probably would.

"Moment of truth." Belarus whispered very quietly and inaudible to herself.

*usotsuki kamen ura hontou wa terekakushi? oshiete yo*

"I love you." She whispered oh-so-sweetly. You blushed and looked down.

"Wh-what?" You stuttered. She only cracked a small smile as she kissed you softly on the lips.

*acchi  kocchi  onisan kochira te no naru hou e I want you ONE PAIR? TWO PAIR? iya FURU HAUSU? te no uchi akashite*

You let it flow. You kissed her back with emotion but gentleness. You wrapped your arms around her so softly that she relaxed and Belarus fell gently on top on you.

She seemed so sweet and innocent; like you thought before. This was the Belarus that you knew was under the poker face. The one you loved.

*kanzen hanzai  naritataseru wa ikioi amatte  I love you saigo no kirifuda  sashidasu mae ni abaite miseru kara*

The two of you then separated for air. You sat up with Belarus in your lap. You stroked her cheek with the back of your hand.

"I love you too." You blushed as you said it but the one who was blushing the most was Belarus. She smiled as she hugged you.

*honshou? honnou? hontou?*

"She seems so happy." You thought as you slowly stroked her beautiful silky platinum blonde hair.

"The poker face is now and forever gone." She whispered into your chest; tickling you with her breath. She looked up and stared at your [E/C] orbs with her own dark blue ones.

You pulled her in for another kiss.

"I will always treat her like a princess."
Song fic! No, not Lady Gaga's :iconladygagaplz: Poker Face! Gumi Megpoid's Poker Face!

So this is my first Yuri! Hurhur! I. Had. To. I love Belarus so much. :iconbelarusplz: :iconsexybelarusplz: :iconbelagasmplz: :iconbelarusblushplz: :iconbelarusblueroseplz:

Poker Face by Gumi Megpoid:… :icongumiplz:

Picture not mine! Belongs to: :iconshanella101: I have permission to use it!
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Khantara: the One who Moves like Shadow

The Thellisian Empire had become too bold for its own excellence and had launched an irreparable attack upon the far island of Mharvholan. The Haanta stronghold which was normally prepared for any assault Thellis could conceive to convey had not expected such an unprecedented attack after they had delivered such a substantial blow to the empire themselves. When seeing such damage done to their home, the Emperor of Thellis order the Haanta island's immediate destruction in order to quell such dissent from the northern lands and when the nations of giants had suffered their last, they had begun to plan their vicious retaliation. The Hakriyaa ordered that a battalion of one-thousand Amghari, the celebrated warriors of Mharvholan and Sanhedran alike, attack the eastern settlements of the Thellisian Empire instead of attacking the capital in the west as was expected.

The military leader of the islands ordered the regiment of one-thousand raging mountains be lead by the Den Amhadhri of Mharvholan, Khantara. Although not a becoming man, Khantara was certainly the largest Haanta to be recollected. Standing tall at nine feet, the giant Haanta had lived to lead many wars against Thellis and had enjoyed much success as a commander and master of his people. There were many gifts bestowed upon the quiet giant and although handsomeness was not one of them where he failed in appearance, he succeeded greatly in ability. The gargantuan man was an Amghari of the highest decoration and master hunter of the western isle. As proof of his skill at war, he carried with him his large two-handed axe which he claimed was all his ambition as the enormous giant was mostly silent and reserved in his manner. He favoured his skill at observation over speaking or attacking and though not the greatest orator of his time when the dark grey mammoth venture to say little, everyone around him listened. He rather enjoyed his gifts as an Endari and possessed what his people called the Sotaa, the talent for speaking wordlessly with the various animals of the islands. As his confident and decided mind was plagued by conversation from all of nature around him, he remained quiet throughout most of the day to listen and learn from the twittering sounds of birds and the bellowing roars of beasts.

Khantara did not enjoy the taking of life although it was something he did rather well as he overshadowed and overpowered everyone in his path. He often preferred to give his opponent the object of running away and after seeing his enormous size and unrelenting might, they often took his kindness and fled from his foreboding silhouette. All of the Amhadhri beneath his station bowed to him with reverence and as he was an Odaibha, master in all things to his people, many crowded around him hoping to glean a morsel of wisdom from the mighty giant. They watched all his actions and dealings with great interest and because of all the attention and adulation Khantara was paid, he often sought the comforts of solitude and silence whenever he was permitted.

His long grey locks hung chaotic from his high head and his yellow eyes peeked out from his black sclera, making him seem intimidating when he believed himself to be anything but. As he was not fond of the raining season, he walked about in a Dhanna, a Haanta shadow cloak made from a strange and heavy silk, to keep the chilling rains from his boulderous shoulders, which gained him the fond name of Vhessehl Dhoss-hi, He who Moves like Shadow. Khantara had grown pleased for this name as it was much more fitting than He who Conquers as his name was translated in the common tongue.

Khantara walked with a slow and shuffling gait everywhere he went and garnered much attention, gaining bows and words of praise and supplication from every one of his blessed people. His stride was small for a man of his height as he was careful not to harm any who may cross his route and he often stopped to pay regard to many of the workers along Mharvholan's coast. As he was an Odaibha and divided his time between teaching various subjects in temple and training the commanders on the shore, Khantara often had little time for himself and frequently took to walking about the island in the darkness, strolling in the warm breeze of the island nights. When he required rest, he sat against one of the looming trees and closed his vivid yellow eyes for a few moments. His men were often eager for his tutelage but worried for his lack of sleep and his general dislike for his duties at Khopra. Even though there were few women who offered to attempt the ritual with such a massive and thoughtful creature, Khantara had never honoured anyone in the sacred act for fear of harming them with his overbearing weight and incomparable size. He would not be responsible for such ill deeds and it was therefore ruled that his duties at Khopra were unimportant when his duties as Odaibha and Den Amhadhri were.

He had become an Amghari was he was only nine and was taken to be trained in seclusion with an Odaibha of his own. His dark grey skin was abraded quite often and his strength and prowess had quickly become unmatched. When the Hakriyaa honoured him with his axe upon instatement he had given him the name Khantara as he saw the immense potential the giant possessed. Although he did not enjoy this name, he fulfilled the expectation of it well and where he was bid to lead, he would go. He dutifully followed the order of his superior but always acted with prudence and respect with regard to his command. As supreme commander, much was expected of him and he found his duties effortless as many had cowered before him without needed provocation. He was a giant of legends and a learned beast, and all who followed him greatly admired the tremendous and unspoken shadow-like monster.

The young Mivaari of the island enjoyed his quiet manner and reserved company. He was attentive to their skills and watched them closely as they developed, making certain to nurture their inborn traits correctly. He did much with action and much less with speaking, as he knew well that children must be shown and not told. The significant beast adored his students and silently wished to one day nurture his own without the Themari's interference. Such a desire, however, was thus far unfounded as he refrained from Khopra in exchange to lead the newest assault. One-hundred years he had fought for his people and though he was honoured to lead the battle, he preferred the comforts of peace ever so much more.          

By the might of Khantara's powerful hand, the battle for the eastern settlements was easily won. The war was waged only a few days and yet the one-thousand man army had conquered nearly the entire eastern half of the Empire. As the land was now under the leadership of the prevailing behemoth, the Hakriyaa allowed the Den Amhadhri Khantara to rule it as he pleased until they required his presence on the shore once again. He was ordered to begin the plans for a settlement of their own and the creation of a temple to begin their practices in the newly won outpost. Khantara complied and gently gave word to his people to begin construction at once.

The giant had left many of the human inhabitants in their homes and agreed that they may keep their ways and customs as they liked. He offered conversion to the Haanta for all those who asked it and refused to be named as a warlord in their land. Those who attacked the beast and his people with vehemence for his kindness were sent to Mharvholan to be placed in a camp for their damaging behavior and although they were not ill-treated they were asked to convert to calm their fevered sentiment or remain in the camp for their crimes. Many began to fear the Haanta and their mountainous leader in the outpost but those who converted enjoyed their new given purpose and dignity amongst the kindly and tranquil Haanta people. When others were encouraged to join their culture, the Church of Thellis lashed out at them, banning Haanta from their buildings and forcing them to remain away from the human settlement.

And so the outpost was divided into two sections only joined by the collective of the marketplace where all were welcome if only to spend a few coins. As the Haanta had little need for copper and gold, they were seldom seen in the markets accept to travel from their potion of the outpost to the docks where many Haanta came to populate the settlement. They began to build the foundations of their race into the mortar of the mainland and a celebration was called in honour of their newfound glory at striking a substantial blow to the Empire. The Church forbade their attendants from going and if any human was caught speaking with the gentle giants, immediate reprimand was promised. The ruling demands of the Church however were silent when the tremendous Khantara silently walked by and although he respected their presence he did not venture to look at them to keep suspicions against him hushed.

The celebration for the Haanta outpost was held in the new grounds near the erected temple and it was declared that the outpost was to be named after the temperate giant in honour of his immense achievement in attaining it. The enormous man said nothing to refute the offer and only bowed toward the announcement, huddled within the confines of his Dhanna and walked away to gain some much needed seclusion for his consideration. His three Amhadhri thought to follow him and call him back to the celebration, feeling disheartened by his early departure.

"Odaibha," one of them said to the colossus. "Will you not join us at the commemoration? It was
made to honour you."

Khantara hummed in deliberation and placed his massive paw on the commander's shoulder to show his appreciation for the thought.

"Are you not pleased, Odaibha?"

"I am," Khantara said in a low hum. "Let our people rejoice. I must walk."

The Amhadhri bowed and watched as the moving shadow shuffled away to enjoy his solitude in through the outpost. He only stopped to converse with birds on the matter of their newly made nest and the continued on, gaining one of them for his shoulders.

"Leave our Odaibha, Jhiaanta," one of the Amhadhri said. "He has done his duty to us and deserves the quiet he seeks."

The Amhadhri Jhiaanta looked at his master's shade with concern as he walked away. "I worry for him," Jhiaanta warily said. "He will not be able to instruct here for some time until the temple is fully erected and the training grounds are finished. He finds much comfort in teaching us and the rebellion of these Dhagovhari will upset him."

The other Amhadhri laughed. "Our master is hardly disturbed by anything, Jhiaanta. His size and composure affords him that. Come, leave him alone."

Jhiaanta and the two Amhadhri returned to the celebration made in their master's name and Khantara continued on, resigned to the consolations of the discourse of the nature around him.
Unghaahi talks about Khantara a lot. He's a champion of the Haanta people and is Rautu's father. Many people expressed an interest in him so I give you a new series about him.

Many chapters are up. Enjoy!
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• L-B NEL (Non-Military Lifter):  Hybrid freighter capable of transporting 5,000 cubic meters of cargo stock acceleration is 1.5g's
• Bakuhatsu E-15: Military hybrid fighter in many countries space forces.  Seats pilot and gunner/RIO and can accelerate to 2.5g's
• Banji Falcon: Hybrid freighter capable of carrying 1,200 cubic meters of Cargo and Stock configuration has an Acceleration of 2.5g's
• Banji Raven II: Smaller than the Falcon capable of only carrying 900 cubic meters of cargo and has a stock acceleration of 2g's
• Nova Starcraft A-5L Phoenix: aka "Aberrant Buster" Attack craft larger than a fighter but smaller than a Frigate its Main Armament is an Axial-Mounted Plasma Cannon IT is the backbone of the FSA Starfleet and is also being used in other starfleets.

• Agent: A computer Operating System's Avatar when dealing with their owners or through the OpNet.
• Avatar: A person's Persona when dealing OpNet-communications, Games or other electronic communications.
• Banji PVU (Personal Vacuum Unit): The middle ground between spacesuit and spaceship it fits one human for extended work in hard vacuum.
• Grav-Crystals:  when powered they create unstable mass that can create artificial gravity for about 2 meters. They do not work well in gravity above 1/3rd a G.
• Iris Systems: A Luna-Based Computer manufacturer.
• Iris Aquamarine: Minicomp produced by Iris, it is popular with young and teenage girls.
• Iris Obsidian: Minicomp that is popular with avid gamers for its holo-graphics resolution.
• Mini-comp: Smartphone of the future with holographic displays and voice recognition and the computing power that beats modern day desk and laptops.
• OpNet: the successor to the Internet, also unlike today's internet, for security reasons it is divided into regional blocks that have limited crossover.
• Prometheus Chamber: A biotech device that stimulates a latent into being a Psion of a certain aptitude. The process is called the Prometheus Effect.
• Space Activity Suit: Tension counter-pressure suit, commonly Troped as a "Latex-Spacesuit", used in cramped areas like small space vehicle cockpits.  (Type of VES)
• Sonic Knife: a hilt that has high grade speakers that produce a variable blade of sound, capable of cutting flesh and wood but not ceramics and metal.
• VES (Vacuum Environment Suit): Collective term for many standard space suits.
• Vocoder: Device for translating languages created by the Nippon for the UAN

• Aberrant: A breed of human gifted with Quantum powers, they have a node (The Mazarin-Rashoud Node) in their brain that allows them to control various forces such as gravity, weak and strong nuclear forces and magnetism among others. Many have gone insane and become deformed. Quantum powers are slightly weakened by Noetic Activity.
•Æon Trinity: A Philanthropic Organization that had aided Humanity several times also has United Nations connections that run back to the late 20th century. Began as an adventurer club in the early 1900's.
• Backlash: When something big happens in the noetic universe the ripples can sometimes cause damage to a noeticly gifted person.
• Black: Space Pirate Slang for Bad, Disastrous, FUBARed; "This situation's gone totally black!"
• Chitra Bhanu: Quantakinetic Psi-Order, they had the ability psionically manipulate quantum energy (through noetic gloves) they were accused of collaborating with Aberrants and attempts to capture them resulted in a bloodbath with very few escaping. They are often called chibs or Dark Psions.
• FSA: The Federated States of America. The remnants of the United States now a Military-Corporate Fascist regime that has conquered Mexico and Canada (with Quebec as a client state)
• The Legions: Psychokinetic Psi Order Based in Australia but stationed through inhabited space, often the front line forces in the fight against the Aberrants.
• Match V: Spacer Slang for Matching both Velocity and Vector to another craft.
• Nova: The old name for Aberrants.
• Nova Força de Nacionales (The New National Force) aka Norça: Shape Shifting Psi- Order based out of South America, they are set up like a cartel (they are in fact a legal drug cartel) and often infiltrate aberrant cults and hunt Aberrants.
• ISRA: Interplanetary School for Research and Advancement Clairsentient Psionic Order (Remote Viewing, Psychometry, and Psycho-Navigation and similar powers are their stock and trade.)  Largest gathering of them is on the Moon.
• Paramorph: Someone who is neither psychically positive nor quantum powered who exhibits strange abilities, more commonly called a Daredevil.
• Psi: Noetic energy that is measured in Psions (the particle not the gifted person) Psionic energy acts like the glue that binds the universe together.
• Psion:  A person gifted who is has noetic potential and is triggered from latency to have psychic powers; noetic powers are often weakened around Taint (Quantum) activity.
• Psycho-morph: Sometimes called Psiad or Protopsion; someone who noeticly awakens from latency on their own, this is rare but becomes more common after 2122.
• Quantum: Strong and Weak Nuclear Forces, as well as Gravity and Magnetism, it is this force that Novas and Aberrants manipulate. Also called Taint (Although refers more to polluted Quantum Backwash and its effects on animals, plants, time and space)
• Scan the Spectra: Spacer slang for "Check this out"
• Pizza Belle: Fast food restaurant, its main charm is that it uses human workers rather than automation such as Robo-Burger and Cyber-Sushi
• Taint: Warped Quantum energies that are destructive to biological tissues, and even sometimes to space/time.
• Tuna Sandwich: Popular Holovid comedy starring Father Elmo.
• Tio: Uncle in Portuguese
• UAN: United African Nations.
• Upeo wa Macho: Teleportation Aptitude Psionic Order that acts much like a guild, it disappeared in 2114 due to inter-order disagreements and only recently as 2121 reappeared, formerly based in Africa.
• Yeh: Global used Adjective that means alternately "Cool,"  "It's Good," and "Know what I mean?" often used at the end of sentences.

• Akeelah's Mystery: Lingerie Chain that has stores on Mars and Africa.
Reader's Reference for the Psiad Story.

Ćon Trinity is © of White Wolf Publishing

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