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Inktober day 7


Did a version of the sort of "Box-head" type of robot/droid that is all the goddamn rage right now.
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It's nice to have a personal IP :D
I hope this concept will grow a lot. 

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This is the Redux of this: [link]

With the new Afro Samurai Resurrection out, I thought well since everyone loves the original I'd go and revamp it; since with the original I feel it has alot of glaring flaws and it was only my 3rd ever digital painting.

So heres the updated version, bout 5 hours.

Jedi Mind Tricks
Coca Cola
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Tried some pseudo anime thingy. If this was a real thing it would obviously be some high budget OVA shit. 

"The Zeus is armed with a Thunderbolt graviton rifle, which fires a condensed energy beam that is highly sensitive to gravitional changes.
This allows the beam to be fired in a curved or straight line depending on the beam's acceleration, and the position and altitude of the Zeus above the Earth. 
There are war stories and rumors told of legendary marksmen that could hit targets that were located on the opposite side of the planet with the mere knowledge of the their targets' coordinates."

This guy would belong in the same universe as this one: 
EW-02 Hekaton by emersontung

More robots: 
TankHead Mk. II by emersontungTankHead by emersontungSamurai - Mechanical Samurai Tokugawa Unit by emersontungSamurai - Mechanical Samurai Nobunaga Unit by emersontung
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Very old pic... Just added for the lulz
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Another member of Holy Order except it's a biological experiment.

Name: G
Codename: Blood Forger
Age: ???
Type: Demon
Personality: Silent
Weapon: Blood
Likes: Red
Dislikes: Salt and Electricity
- Agile
- Unlimited blood
- Regenerates
- Recieve damage= More power
- Can transform blood into deadly weapons
- Core
- Salt
- Electricity
Cut/Stab- That's right folks, it LITERALLY cut/stab itself. It will cut/stab anywhere such as neck, head, torso, and other parts except it's chest.
Blood Weapon- Once it cut/stab itself, it can create variety of weapons such as sword, axe, scythe, spear, and others. But it depends on how much blood it's releasing.
Blood Needles- A stab to the hand can allow it to shoot out blood needles. Careful, they're REALLY sharp.
Blood Rise- Enough blood such as puddles can allow it to turn bloody floors into bloody spikes.
Blood Shield- G gets covered in its own blood which can protect momentarily. G can also turn its blood shield into spikes as well.
G's Death- If a opponent only concentrates on destroying G's body EXCEPT the core. A huge flood of blood will come bursting out of it. Hope you got a wetsuit.
Blood Burst- A stab in G's eyes allow it to shoot blood beams. Careful, the impact on blood burst is devastating.
Spike Ball- G's core (Original Form) will be coated in blood thanks to G's Death can allow the eye to turn into a spike ball.
Eye of G- A strange skill that allows the core to use glare, causing its opponent paralyze in short period of time. Don't know how... maybe stare deep into your soul I guess?
Blood Offering- Again, thanks to G's Death, the eye can summon its form to attack its opponents.
Blood Tentacles- It can turn blood into squid-like tentacles to latch on its opponent to break its bones.
G's Resurrection- If the opponent takes too long on killing the core, G will go back to its corpse and revive. Which gives a huge advantage to G since the area will be covered in blood.
G is a biological experiment from the Elemental Laboratory. It works for Holy Order but doesn't have any command. G possesses amazing powers that can control blood thanks to the core. G is more of a replica of Nobitsu since G has some of the demon's blood. Even though they share the same blood, there powers are far different. Nobitsu has a unique skill that Holy Orders are dying to get but capturing him is not that easy. G is more of a guardian but more professional rank like Prince Leo. G's job is usually watch over the prisoners or do missions.

G (c) ~Gold-Paladin
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this one is for a trading card game I'm about to create.
the game mechanic is created by :iconx-krieg:

this one is for sale, because we need money for the game development... >.<

so, please buy to support us =p
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Yeah its Emeth , golem from SHAMAN KING :D
this is normal mode EMETH
Golem (ゴーレム, Goremu) is a robotic shamanic medium created by Camel Munzer. It has a furyoku rating of 550,000 and is currently used by Redseb and Seyram Munzer.

i cant believe i cant draw this :D
i just want to teach my shadowing in this picture :)

original character by Hiroyuki Takei
remake by me :iconmaxtodie:
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Its been a while since I posted something.

For some reason I put my good friend :iconisaia: in combat gear.

Check her stuff out it's pretty neat!

You'll see more from me soon.
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one of my favorite mobile suits from Gundam G no Reconguista has been brought to life by my new mecha budy :iconwdy10: more suits will be coming along as well XD
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