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Thu Feb 23, 2012, 6:43 AM

On StArDaTe 230387455652769  A TrIaL Has CoMmeNcEd, To EvaLuAte ThE LoSs oF InVaDer UnIoN Ship 4920-938

It WaS DiScoVeRed ThEn,
ThAt ThE SiNgULaRitY KnoWn As CaPtaIn ComiTtED A SeRieS of CriMeS AgAiNsT The UniOn.



AnD So, By ThE OrDeR Of ThE InVaDeRs UniOn,
We WeRe SuMmOneD AnD
To ThiS WoRlD On ThE TeTrA-ViRuS SeEdS.
To InFeCt aNd To UnItE AlL LiViNg LoCaL MulTiCeLlULaRs As BiOMaSs 117, The MoSt UnStoPpaBLe aNd FaIr JuDgE oF AlL.


LifE alwAys fInDs a wAy.

WhilE wE scAnNed the tWo prOperties of the TeMpORaL sIngUlarity known as Captain, which has caUsed so much grief to the CommAnder XvII of the InvAdErs Union, sOmethIng elsE hAd CoMe to LiFe On thE sUrfAce of thE dEad CiTy.

Its cells weRe GrOWiNg AnD ShiFtinG At AccElERaTed Rates, PrOjEcTinG ChlorOPhYL LiFe On ThE SuRrOunDiNgS.

One of Our muTaTeD sTraiNs?

No MaTtEr...

We Do nOt eXpecT it Of MuCh intErferEncE to oUr JuDgEmEnT.


wElCoMe BaCk, LiTtLe LoSt AnD BrOkEn StRaiN

HaVe YoU cOmE To JoIn The PeRfEcTiOn oF tHe BiOmAsS?

...YoUr DnA MeMoRiES HaVe ClEaRlY BeEn CoRruPteD bY tHe PaThoGeN WeApOnS ThAt LoNg AgO WiPeD OuT tHe OrGaNiC MulTiCeLluLaR BuiLdErS, OwNeRs aNd ReSiDeNtS Of TheSe CiTiEs.

YoU SeEm To HaVe FoRgOtTeN WhY We ArE HeRE...
NoT To ReStORe ErAdIcAtEd ChLoRoPhyL LiFe, NoT tO TeRrAFoRm ThIs DeAd WoRlD, bUt To EvAlUaTe, JuDgE aNd ExEcUtE... ThE OnE CaLlEd CaPtAiN.


PoOr DiScoNnEcTeD, DaMaGeD AvAtAr.
WoRrY NoT,
We ShAlL EnD YoUr PurPoSe-LeSs ExiStenCe oF LoNelY SuFfErInG.

We ShAlL Re-WriTe YoU...

AnD YoU ShAlL ReJoIn ThE BiOmAsS.

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Animals Within, Spirit Animals

Wed Dec 17, 2014, 5:34 PM
71-img-00 by techgnotic

There has always been this obsession with the others we share this planet with.

We communicate with them on certain basic levels and yet they inhabit a plane so different from ours: savage, instinctive, a life of sheer survival. At the same time they can do things beyond human abilities: fly through the skies, swim the oceans, apply the physical strength of a dozen strong men. They survive and thrive where we would perish. Yet animals cannot tell tales of their experiences. When we speak of an animal, even our beloved pets and friends, we can only imagine their emotions, thoughts, and inner lives.

Is it then any surprise that from cave paintings to cereal mascots—animals and art are inseparable?

From the beginning of recorded time, animals have been immortalized in pottery, statues, been worshipped as gods, and had fables and myths created in their image. Seventeen thousand years ago, in a cave shielded from the sun, a Cro–Magnon artist raised her bundle of split reeds, dipped them into charred black soot, and began illustrating an opus of animal life: stags, cats, bears, birds. Five thousand years ago, Egyptians integrated animal features into creation myths, and used them as hieroglyphs, adapting the recognizable forms of vultures, bulls, cobras and lions (among others) into a communication system.

Today, in every culture across the globe, animals serve as mascots for sports teams and cereals. We have Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam. Anthropomorphized animals star in movies and comics. My Little Pony has amassed groups of Bronies. Animal cosplay is mainstreaming into mass culture. It all still begins with a child given that first crayon who immediately begins to sketch the familiar forms of cat and dog.

Animals are intrinsic to creativity and art—but why are they so satisfying to observe, mimic, and draw? What is the power they maintain over us to the extent that so many feel an actual spiritual connection with a particular species of their own extended family—cats, dogs, wolves, dolphins, raptors? While so many feel this connection, artists seem particularly sensitive to the presence of their animal spirit kindred and guides.

Why are artists so drawn to animals?

Visually, animals are beautiful and compelling subjects.

Animals are an efficient subject. Identifying characteristics can be drawn and recognized easily— cat eyes, elephant tails, butterfly wings, bunny ears: all unique visual traits. Powerful physical capabilities lend themselves to artistic expressions of motion. The long fluid moves of a deer, expressively captured with a few expert lines. Quick brushstrokes sketch a hyperactive monkey. Heavy pen lines suggest the static power of a stoic elephant. Physical similarities help artists develop a quick visual shorthand for a specific species—but unlike humans, animals that look alike often behave similarly. While anyone who’s ever lived with a pet knows animals have individual personalities, it’s not over–simplifying to state that each type of animal has its own range of specific behaviors and attitudes. It’s this species–by–species predictability that draw individuals to become fond of a particular animal. Just as an artist may prefer certain subjects or materials, so do artists become fascinated with the idiosyncrasies of a species.

Emotionally, animals express primal urges and desires.

Animal personalities are predictable. Tigers are fierce, squirrels are nervous, sharks are stealthy, hippos are lazy. Compared to the complexity of human behavior, animals are simpler beings. They behave according to instinct, not reason. As such, they serve artists well as ciphers for emotion. It’s not just art that allows us to connect spiritually with animals. It’s easy to observe, in ourselves and others, subconscious similarities between personal behaviors and the characteristics of a favorite animal. We’ll call a clever person a fox, or a stubborn child a donkey. A sweet guy is a puppy dog. A sexy lady is a minx. An angry, stubborn man is a bull. Animals serve as elements of our visual and written language.

Humans explore our own instincts through animal art.

Using animals in art, we recognize the most beautiful and terrifying parts of ourselves—our instincts. Society and language are important for humans, but when we feel urges or emotions beyond what is widely accepted or understood, both of these creations fail us.

When we talk about “spirit animals,” it can be in a magical sense, the idea that an essence we can’t see is guiding us through our lives. Or it can be an affinity for a species we find our instincts connecting with. Perhaps we have a fondness for the way they move, finding them fun to draw. Maybe we can imagine the world through their eyes, running, flying or swimming at top speed. But perhaps we see something more than the animal. We see ourselves.

Animals provide a bridge between the alien and familiar, allowing humans to recognize ourselves in strange forms. We can represent our fears and our desires expressed without reserve. Through animal eyes, we can acknowledge the oddness and the fallibility of humanity. Featuring animals in art, we can interpret many spiritual aspects: the primal and the innocent, the beautiful and mysterious. As long as we share a planet, artists will look to our Earth companions for inspiration and understanding of ourselves.

Community Thoughts

I personally have been drawn to animals my whole life and my earliest pictures were always of wildlife. I think artists see the world through different eyes than most and the things that fascinate us speak to us on a deeper level. Animals are an enigma, they have intelligence and their own means of communication and yet we can only hope to understand and be a part of their world. If you've seen my gallery you know I clearly have a fondness for big cats, I find everything about them to be beautiful and awe inspiring. My art is a way for me to get close to these animals in the only way possible, I’ll never be a zoo keeper (because I know myself and I wouldn’t be able to respect the boundaries they do and I’d get eaten—that’s a fact) and I’ll never own one because it goes against everything in their nature to held in captivity as a pet. It can be a very intimate experience to draw an animal in detail and it makes me feel close to them and privileged to show a side of them that others may not see. Any great animal art in my opinion has to come from a deep love and respect for the subject first and foremost by the artist, and what follows is their tribute.”

:iconheatherzart: Heatherzart

I think people gravitate toward depicting animals in art because they are simply aesthetically stunning to look at. Humans are very visual beings and we have always enjoyed striking colors, beautiful patterns, flowing lines and powerful forms. All animals have something which can be appreciated. Like for example dramatic plumage, or the intricate silver and black patchwork that is the coat of a snow leopard. To capture that on canvas is something many artists find alluring.”

:iconailah: ailah

Your Thoughts

  1. What animal do you find yourself drawn to in your art? What about this subject is so ennobling that you would seek to emulate?
  2. What personal qualities do you possess that drive you to feel a shared connection with a particular animal?
  3. Do you have vivid dreams in which you become, or run with, your “spirit animal”?
  4. Over time, how has your understanding of this animal evolved? Has your perception of the creature changed?
  5. What are some challenges you’ve experienced in terms of drawing animals, and how have you solved them?
  6. How does drawing an animal compare to drawing a human?
  7. Who are your favorite animal-focused artists in the DeviantArt community?

We share the planet with them and communicate with them on certain basic levels. Yet they inhabit a plane so different from ours: savage, instinctive, a life of sheer survival. At the same time they can do things beyond human abilities: fly through the skies, swim the oceans, apply the physical strength of a dozen strong men. They survive and thrive where we would perish. Yet animals cannot tell tales of their experiences. When we speak of an animal, even our beloved pets and friends, we can only imagine their emotions, thoughts, and inner lives.

For more articles like this, visit depthRADIUS.
Want to submit any ideas, suggestions, collections, or an existing work for consideration for the Today page? We'd love to look at it. Email us at
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Thu Mar 1, 2012, 9:51 AM

DeLays, wE WeRe DeLaYeD.
It Is MoSt StAnGe. OuR AvAtArS CoUlD noT fOcUs On CaPtAiN. ThEy CoUlD NoT CatCh It.

...It Has WaNdeReD OfF InTo ThE DeAD CiTy.
ThIs TrIaL Is A MoCkeRy WhEn ThE AcCcusEd CaN JuSt WaLK OfF.

ZeE CaPtAiN MuSt HaVe A WeAkNeSs, SoMeWheRe In ThE MeMoRy oF tHeSe ProPerTieS.

It WaS DiFfiCulT To TrAcK dOwN AlL InStaNcEs Of CaPtAin.

SoMeThiNg WaS InTeRfERiNg WiTh ThE ScAn.
SoMeThiNg ThaT DiD NoT BeLoNg iN ThE PaSt.
SoMeThiNg ThAt KePt MeDdLiNg WiTh EvErYtHiNg.

A WeApOn oF PoWer GrEaTeR ThaN tHe FuRnAcE Of ThE StArS.
An EmISsArY oF DeAtH, HiDdEn iN PlaIn SiGht.
BuT WhY? WhY DoEs DeAtH ItSeLf PrOtEcT tHe AcCuSeD?

We ToOk ToO LoNg. We AsSuMeD tHiS WoRlD wAs InAcTivE.
It WaS NoT.
The BiOmASs oF ThoUSaNdS CaNnoT NoT CoMpeTe WiTh A pLaNeTaRy DeFeNcE NeTwOrK iN PoSeSsiOn Of OrBiTaL IoN CaNnOns...


ThE UnIoN MuSt KnOw.
ThEy WiLl NoT Be PleAseD wItH OuR fAiLuRe.
wE TriEd. FoRgiVe Us.

...EnD TrAnSMiSsIOn.

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Godspeed, Sir.
Your creations scared the living sh*t out of me as a kid.
Loved you for it!
  • Listening to: Booming orchestral scores
  • Reading: a book
  • Watching: Craptacular anime
  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Eating: Bread
  • Drinking: Water
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R.I.P. Pocky

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 25, 2013, 11:26 AM

It's really hard for me to tell you this but Pocky passed away about 12 hours ago, at 1 pm Friday Oct 25th. I lost my balance in the colony cage and accidentally step on him who was behind me. He didn't die instantly. I thought he wouldn't. He could still fly and when I put him on my hand he had started panting. When I brought him inside my house, he had a fit then died.

I can't stop crying now. I feel so horrible and hate myself. I miss him so much I can't stop crying and calling his name. It's so hard to accept his death. I can still feel him everywhere. Everything in my house reminds me of him. I can't sleep on my bed because I usually snuggled with him there before we went to sleep. I can't believe he had to go away like this. I feel so guilty no matter what I try to think of, no matter what my husband said. I can't even cry as harder as I want because he will be mad.

I don't know if Pocky knew his time would be up soon. But this month he wanted to cuddle more with me. He usually asked to be picked up from the colony cage to my bedroom at 6pm, but this month even at 4.30 to 5 pm he had rattled the wire to be picked up. The last 2 days, he even didn't want to stay in the colony cage. He rattled the wire every hour, everytime he saw me from the cage window which is directly across my working room. I even had to put newspaper on my window so that he couldn't see me and now I really feel terrible because of it.

I miss him so much... no matter what positive thought I've said to myself I just feel I wanna die. I feel like a big failure... but if I die, who'll take care of my pets... I even didn't go to my father's wake because I found Pipi at the same day my dad died. I couldn't go because I had to feed Pipi and her siblings every 2 hours... but now I'm afraid she will die young too and I saved her for nothing. I don't know how I can face her death later.

Papao has laid an egg and for a moment I wanted to let it hatch if it's fertile. But I know it's not right... there's no way any chick can replace Pocky. He was special... I still have a lot of his pics I haven't shared, but I don't know when I'll be able to share them again. I need some time to mourn his death, and a lot more time to make peace with myself.

I wish I had someone irl that I can talk to but no one understands how much he meant to me here. I've never felt so alone... I miss having him inside my tshirt... I miss his specific cute voice that's different than the other lovebirds. I have recorded it this week because he actually has learned a new trick; bobbing head while singing a rhythm. I taught it to Papao but he was the one who caught it.

He was burried under the tree where I found Pipi's nest... my husband helped digging the ground. I still can't believe he's gone... It's like if I go to his cage I can still find him there. I miss him so much... All the other time a pet gone I've never been this sad... perhaps it was because I wasn't bonded too much with them. I miss Pocky... I must be a mess now... I know time will heal the pain and life will go on. I'll try to be strong... I just have to love what I have been left with, my other pets, before I lost my chance with them too.  But it's really hard... I miss Pocky terribly.

I know he might be just a picture of a happy looking bird to you. But please pray for him tonight. I hope he's with an angel now, one that can cuddle him 24/7 forever without failure. Pray for me too if you don't mind... for I need any strength you could lend me to face tomorrow without him. Thank you for loving him... And please just say how much you love him (if u do) instead I'm sorry for your loss. It means so much that there are others that love him even though they have never met him. I just can't wait the day I'll meet him again to say how much I love him, how much I'm so sorry for what happened and hope he will forgive me for being such a failure.

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  • Mood: Love
Part 1, The Next Three Years Of My Life:…

Part 2:


At first, Gabriel was nothing more than a character named ONE. He had no backstory, no face, nothing. I just wanted to create a character that was a badass, yet with a sense of humor.

I was inspired by such characters as Boba Fett, Wolverine, Deadpool and Clint Eastwood from The Man With No Name trilogy. I needed to create something that fit that build, however, I'll admit, it wasn't intended at first.

I uploaded him on December 8th, 2008, (which, you can find here:…) and he became one of the most popular characters of the series, if not, the most. Soon I started finding him on forums, websites, fashion blogs (what?), and more.

But what hit me so hard was that the majority of the comments related to his sense of humor; the falling candies.

So I thought to myself, maybe I have something here. What if there was a way to develop a story from this?

I started brainstorming ideas, revolving inspiring movies and comics. But, at the time, honestly I had nothing.

I spoke to Rahll about it a lot. What could I do with this? Who is he? What's his story?

We began spitballing ideas, and then I came up with the idea of Gabriel breaking into a police station to steal some police photos and documents of killers that he was going after. Thus, began his role as a bounty hunter.

So the project began to grow legs. Soon after, people began asking: What is this? Is this a comic? A book? Something new?

So I came up with the title Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter, which would be a small collection (30 pages or less) of about 15 killers, their backstories, and why Gabriel was going after them. Simply a pet project.

I told Stephan, my business partner, about the idea. I'll never forget where we were.

We were standing in his apartment, which he had graciously let me live in since I couldn't afford anything else, and I had called him down from the office to talk to me about a new property.

While I am paraphrasing, this was the gist of it:

"I want to create and write a book. It's going to be small, based off the characters that I have drawn and a few new ones, but the goal is to create something that is different, new, and out there. It'll be weird, it'll be funky, it'll be colorful, but most of all, it'll hopefully be cool. Now, it's going to take a long time for me to do this, so I need to know that you have my back and can support this road we're about to go down. I'm gonna get cranky, I'm gonna get stressed, and I'm gonna push myself to the limit to do this for us. I want to create a new world."

He nodded, and as always, said "So let's do this. I'm down."

From here, Stephan called Kevin Eastman, head of Heavy Metal publishing, to sit down with us and take a meeting. I had prepared for this meeting for nearly 2-3 months. Working on new characters, new ideas, new ways to present the book and then finally put together a pitch project.

Finally the day had come. I was ready, but nervous as all hell. I had never pitched a project before (oh god, the road I was about to face), but it was either this or nothing. I had not a dollar to my name, no past work, and not a pot to piss in, but this was it.

Kevin Eastman came in, someone I had looked up to ever since Ninja Turtles (creator of it), and was very kind to me. We all sat down in Stephan's office, late one night, and he looked up at me and said: "Alright, well, let me hear it!."

So I pitched my heart away. And the entire time, he just stared and didn't say a word. I kept looking at Stephan, who looked nervous as all hell. I had blown it. I fucked this whole thing up. I kept skipping over words, remembering old shit that I had forgot. It was a clusterfuck.

And then I finished, and sat back down. He still stared at me, not saying a thing. I asked, "So?" And then he said:

"It'd be an honor to publish this book with you."

Read Part 3 here:…
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What do you guys think of Cesar Millan or 'The Dog Whisperer'?

Been watching some videos and been having some debates about his methods of training (which to me, being someone how has and does train dogs, are not as bad as people think).
The controversy that he hits/punches dogs or even uses tooth collars and shock collars is just stupid to me as well. He never comes on the show saying 'we're going to use this shock collar to control your dog', if anything he tries to discourage the use of these things for control of bad behaviors, showing owners they can gain control and stop bad behavior easily, without painful tools.
The fact remains that if a dog is aggressive and ready to hurt another dog or a human NOTHING will stop it, not a shock collar, not a choke chain, not a spike/tooth collar, or even a gate/fence. So the 'tools' used mean nothing, it's about presence, making the dog realize you are not a threat but you are also not a pushover.

His methods do work when done properly and with an understanding of WHY they work. So many people want to humanize dogs and make them seem like their behaviors are rational.
'Oh, Fido just doesn't like men' or 'She just chases dogs because she's dog aggressive'
If you DO want to humanize the reasons for a dogs bad behaviors then as with people bad behaviors usually stem from a root cause; a reason. To solve the problem you have to find the reason it started and to do that you have to know how dogs think, what are their natural states of being?
People still find it hard to believe that even after hundreds of years of breeding there are parts of a dog's brain/mind that are untouched and still primitive-- wolf-like if you want to put it that way.
Dogs DO respond to dominant behaviors. Beating a dog or hitting a dog doesn't show dominance, it induces fear. Dogs don't rationalize fear, they immediately go on the offensive because they have a primal instinct to kill or be killed ingrained in their mind. There's no way I advocate beating a dog or hitting it as a training method at all.
However, nipping or even tapping a dog gives the same reminder another dog does to show 'hey! stop that.' This I have no problem with because it is meant to direct attention and deflect a dangerous state of mind.

The recent happening with a food-aggressive Labrador named 'Holly' is one such case where people are sorely mistaken in deciphering behavior and reading body language. Here's the video --…
Many people see the dog as 'protecting' it's food from him... thing is he he gave the dog that food. Food aggression is probably the biggest problem I hear about with people and their dogs, sometimes it's even dangerous and people get hurt by being bitten (as he was).
Fact is a dog should never bite people unless it is a guard dog and the person is an obvious threat. Having a good well behaved dog is about training, assertiveness, AND consistency. Dogs learn but they need repetition sometimes and again if you want to humanize it some humans are stubborn and need more intensity than others to get the message.
In the video you will see that when the dog latches onto his hand he 'hits' the dog to get it to back down and let go. People of course are going crazy saying he's abusive and hit the dog but the truth is the dog was latched onto his hand people. His approach was passive aggressive and the dog responded.
There's also claims that Holly was 'confused' or 'scared' -- wrong again. Being scared means a dog will show signs of being scared. Running away or standing back barking a warning BEFORE leading up to aggressive behavior. This dog did no such thing at all... She had it in her mind SHE was the dominant one and what made that clear was the fact she came at him AFTER it appeared she had calmed down. Her behavior did a complete 360 in a matter of seconds.
She wasn't confused, she was asserting dominance with aggression; aka: Bad behavior.
The reason it's so whipped out is because it was him that got bitten. Had it been a child that had it's hand or arm bitten we would have said 'that is a bad dog!' but since it was Cesar Millan who was bitten we blame him, not the dog or her owners for not training their dog earlier on that people are NOT a threat, even when around food.The dog was calm and seemed to have backed off but she literally turned on him when he went to pat her for good behavior and reaction.
So many people seem to argue that he was baiting the dog by being there when she's eating... ok, well, how about the fact he wasn't fighting her for her food or pulling the bowl across the yard teasing her? THAT would be a good cause for aggressive reaction; taunting. NOT sitting there or calmly trying to take the bowl away.
She bit him because she wasn't afraid, she saw him as a potential rival or an opponent out for her food, not as a human friend. She bit him to tell him 'I'M the dominant one here, that's MY food, you took it, I DON'T like that!' when in reality she should not be aggressive even if he puts his hand in her face while eating. He's not hurting her OR stealing her food, he was just sitting there talking and the moment he went to grab the bowl she got offensive. Then when she stopped and 'calmed' down she turned and bit him. That is not right behavior and THAT my friends is a problem that has to be trained out or it can become very very dangerous, even deadly.
If Holly's owners would have done their jobs properly and taken her to training sooner after she showed signs of aggression I am pretty sure that whole situation would never have happened. However, it did and because of it people are now intensely debating and debunking this guy's methods because he 'hit' the dog that had latched onto his hand. The guy may be a dog training guru or something but he's still human. If anyone else had a dog biting their hand they would immediately try to hit to get the dog off. I think he handled it pretty well and did NOT hurt the dog at all even when she was hurting him. He just did what came naturally but with restraint. If anything I commend him for how well he reacted.

Honestly I think people just want to argue his methods because they can. They call them primitive but the thing is they DO work when done right. Yes, we won't be able to do it LIKE him, not even those of use who do train dogs can do it like he does but his methods do work.
People ignore the fact that dogs DO respond to security and they ignore a weak minded trainer. If you don't show assertion most dogs won't listen because they won't see you as being serious. Kind of like a child. Think of a dog as having the mentality of a toddler. If you don't show an assertion when a child behaves badly they will keep doing it because they know you won't discipline them.
My mom spanked me when I was a kid and did something bad like hit someone or swear. It hurt but I didn't get spanked all the time because I LEARNED what I did was wrong and that I shouldn't do it. That is what Cesar's little 'tap' or 'touch' does.
It does NOT hurt... dogs are tough animals and unless you are literally kicking them in the gut a rough 'tap' on the snoot or a quick jolt-grip on the back of the neck does NOT hurt them. It just surprises them and grabs their attention.

As for humaneness what is worse, only having to use a choke collar for a short time until the dog learns not to behave badly with professional help using trite and true methods or having to hang your dog every time you take it for a walk because you won't train them properly or get help to do so?
I see so many people who claim to walk their dogs but the fact is their dogs walk them down the street and they can't figure out why this happens. It's mostly in America too! Over in the UK dogs are often let off their leashes and play nicely. They listen and usually behave pretty damn great! For someone FROM the US to see this was quite shocking actually. Dogs over there behave amazingly well for the most part.
Then again this can be due to the fact that many people there view their dogs as their family so they treat them as such. They're not children, they're family. You would intervene if a family member was getting out of hand with bad habits developing and so you do the same with your dog. Nothing is more heart breaking for a pet owner who loves their pet than to have to yell at their friend for doing something bad/horrible. What is worse than that is letting the bad behaviors continue untouched thus enabling the cycle and then stretching to wonder why nothing is happening to stop it.
In America we seem to be pretty lapse in training and it's importance and so now we'd sooner keep our dogs locked up and/or have to put that tooth/shock collar on them to stop them from trying to rip another dog apart instead of learning the ways to stop bad behavior and stimulate their minds properly.
Sensitive to the wrong things... I swear.

Granted, Cesar's methods are a bit primitive but it remains a fact that dogs respond to him, not out of fear but respect. They look him in the eyes and respond to him because he shows them 'hey, I'm going to give you some direction but you have to pay attention'.
Dogs are active creatures and they are SMART, but they need control and training to benefit a home life and not wreck it instead.

Most of the time the cases Cesar gets are to the point where owners are ready to give up and throw in the towel despite how much they love and adore their pets. Dogs have their quirks same as any other animal on the planet but they also have something we humans don't; they are built to hunt. We aren't. Our instincts have been severely drained over thousands of years of creating things to make our lives easier. Dogs still have the tools to hunt and kill and they can and will if allowed to go untrained. A trained dog is a happy dog because they get a sense of purpose in life. Dogs love us and want to please us because they love us. As such we should want to do the same for them! We love them and we don't want them to suffer or be unhappy... and an aggressive dogs is not a happy dog. Dogs don't often bite because they are overly joyed (not including nipping or teeth clapping) they bite out of fear, anger, and/or a desire to dominate.
Cesar comes in when people don't know what to do and he shows THEM (the owners) their faults and it often leads to them being able to help stave off their dog's bad behaviors because they learn a different mentality. Dogs can read us better than we can read them because they have an arsenal of senses we can't use as well. They can smell fear, sense discomfort, and smell anger through chemicals and signals. They read body language we humans overlook or perhaps see but don't analyze.
If you can learn their language you can be on their level which helps learn what causes their bad behaviors. Cesar does that.

Now, before people go thinking I'm some Cesar Millan fangirl or something just know this: I don't know the guy, never met him, and I probably don't want to. The reason I stand behind his methods is because they work and they are NOT abusive or cruel.
People are just freaking out over it because they can... because if they don't what is anything made from Hollywood without some kind of guilt or dirty red lettering?
Yes, the man is a paid actor but he still knows dog behavior and I can see that because I had to learn it too to train dogs myself. His methods are unconventional but they're not abusive or debilitating to a dog's mentality. Dogs are smarter and tougher in their thinking than people think. They CAN manipulate and deduce how to get what they want, why do you think bad behaviors start? They do them and their owners scold lightly or not at all so they keep doing it. Finally it becomes a problem but because the owner is not taken seriously by their dog the dog ignores them.

**For a better example I had a friend who had a wonderful Shepherd mix named Dusty. They raised her from a puppy and she was a great dog until she got to be about 3 years old. Then she became dog aggressive and started to try and attack any and every dog she saw be it from the car window to on a walk. She was a BIG dog (around 60lbs) and could pull her owner dog the sidewalk easily.
Of course my friend loved Dusty and treated her like she was her baby. She couldn't see Dusty had a problem and she also couldn't see that SHE herself was part of it.
When Dusty would try to go for other dogs she didn't get reprimanded because my friend was actually scared of her own dog; too scared to try and stop her properly so she just took to making Dusty wear one of those spiky choker collars on every walk which didn't even work anyway as Dusty STILL lunged and fought to get to other dogs ignoring the spikes digging into her throat/neck. Dogs get tunnel vision when their attack instincts are triggered and when they are honed to attack they will not be stopped unless you know what you're doing.
Eventually Dusty escaped and attacked another shepherd mix which wound up having to be put down from its injuries. Poor Dusty was then locked up and the only way my friend got her back was by building a 6ft fence around her yard and then having a solid top kennel for Dusty to be in when she was let out for extended periods of time. Even with the fence and the kennel whenever Dusty heard the jingling of a collar (or even keys) she went berserk; so much so she managed to chew a small hole in the chain link.
Finally my friend was at her wits end. She loved Dusty but she couldn't handle her because she couldn't walk her and as such Dusty got more and more anxious and then started becoming people aggressive too! She tried training which worked somewhat but Dusty remained dog aggressive and the the trainers simply said it was in her breed to have some dog aggression but she'd calm down with interaction and age. After a while when nothing worked my friend surrendered Dusty and unfortunately due to her prolonged streak of untrained and uncontrolled dog/people aggression she was put down at the age of 5.
Her aggression got to be so bad she actually bit the vet who was assessing her at the shelter which in turn was part of the reason for her euthanasia (the other being she became people/dog aggressive and couldn't be adopted out because of it).
A wonderful and healthy dog's life ended because of ONE problem that could have been solved easily had the time been taken to analyze the problems and situation at hand and remedied it.  

This is what many owners do. They think just loving their dogs and trying to 'block' their bad habits will stop them but it doesn't. Blocking the doorway to keep your dog from bolting out to attack the neighbor's dog isn't going to stop it because one day you will miss and the dog will get past you.
The best way to resolve the problem is to find the cause and understand why it happens. Then all you have to do is learn the signs of when it is happening and deflect it through positive methods and encouragement.

The thing with Cesar is he doesn't lean down and like 'pat' or 'coddle' the dog intensely when it behaves or does a good job. This is to keep the training serious because he's not teaching a dog to just 'sit' or 'stay'... he's teaching them to not attack or bite something/someone. To teach a dog to stop this means you have to have them focused on you so they can learn and when you bend down to coddle and embellish the dog with affection it breaks that concentration and they forget why they're being trained in the first place.
That is probably why people think he's mean or cruel but perhaps it's just because his efforts to detain bad behavior are physical, as in actually touching the dog or tapping it quickly we assume it's hurting the dog if it yelps or cries out. I've tapped a dog lightly with my foot (on accident mind you) and it yelped like I had slapped it in the face. It surprised the dog so it reacted, kind of like a person crying out in fear when someone jumps out at them unexpectedly.

Having trained aggressive dogs before (some ex-fighting dogs) I've come to understand that their mentality is often times very different than the average dog, they are more akin and in tune to emotional and physical stimuli so if you appear weak or scared of them they will react to it, often times not favourably. Dogs learn through encouragement but with dogs used to aggressive behavior and control must first learn respect and how to feel safe and not threatened. To do this you do have to take a gingerly cautious approach toward dominance. They need to learn that you are not a threat to them but you are also not afraid to defend or deflect their aggression. You don't hit them or physically temper them when they behave badly but you do have to be secure in your assertion of they will often ignore the submission on your part.
Almost every dog with aggressive tendencies I have seen and worked with had a root cause for that behavior be it fear, insecurity, protection, or even a desire to be dominant over everyone else. However they can be calmed down and made into wonderful and well behaved additions to any family but you have to know what to look for and how to treat it. Aggression can not be treated or stopped with ignoring it thinking it will go away with time. If you want it to stop you have to do what it takes to stop it properly and that is to seek the help of someone who knows what to do without being inhumane or mean. Also aggression cannot and never will be stopped with more aggression or even anger.
Cesar's approach seems aggressive but it's assertive, there IS a difference. He shows a high presence so a dog listens to him, kind of like a drill sergeant if anything, or a parent when their child has done something bad/wrong-- that look and feeling of 'ohhhhhboooooy' often seen on the dogs' faces says it all. They know he's not a joke because they can sense it, see it, and smell it. He's secure and calm, not aggressive or afraid which calms a dog down sometimes right away. Other times a dog tries to do what they around their owner but he corrects them and it triggers a 'huh?' mentality so they listen (not always but often).

All the trainers I have talked to say Cesar's methods aren't ones they completely agree on but they understand the cases he deals with are more than the average garden variety dog trainer deals with daily. Their main point of contention with his methods is that people may think they're doing it right but aren't. They think of his 'touch' with his hand is a hit or a punch so they do this rather than just a quick jolting motion; barely touching the neck but enough to retract the dog's attention back to you and not what it's looking at.
[Kind of like a teacher calling you out for staring out the window during math class; "HEY, you're in school right now, pay attention to the teacher. This isn't play time"]
It's true that the people's ignorance in thinking they can follow his lead and do what he does and do it as well as he does may be the main root cause of the debate, but it mostly boils down to he's got celebrity status and he works with animals. We automatically favour the animal no matter what because 'they don't know they're wrong' when in fact they do. They know when they're getting scolded just like a little kid does. They may not know why because often times owners punish AFTER the act is done, not when it's being done, but they know when they have done or are doing something wrong. Don't let the 'they're just animals' fool you into thinking stupidity. They're smart enough to learn how to open doors, jump fences, escape, and even steal food silently. They're not dumb. They know right from wrong for the most part, just not on the level we humans do and decipher it.

This concept that a wolf pack is just a 'family'? Obviously those that say that don't actually know about wolf hierarchy. Packs have Alphas for a reason, they're leaders of the pack because they are big, strong, and smart (or because they started the pack). However, the alpha role is not secure and other wolves of a pack WILL and DO challenge the alpha(s) for their position if the alpha shows signs of weakness or even being unfit to lead.
Wolves are wild animals, not pets. Dogs are pets but they have wild instincts because of their connection to the wolf. Yes, they're not as unpredictable but they can be if not trained and yes, some of that does depend on breed as well as some other factors.
A wolf pack IS a family but it's also a well oiled machine that knows where each member stands for the most part and it's because of this purpose that a wolf pack can survive. They're smart enough to know that more members and a well kept bond between those members allows them to hunt bigger prey and survive easier than singular animals in some situations.
Dogs descend from this mentality so they see YOU as part of their pack; their family. That is why they protect you, love you, and show you affection and fanfare when you come home from work. However, some dogs will also see you as a potential rival if they're not taught that you are the provider or their alpha dog. This is when they become dangerous, when that 'wolf' mentality is allowed to come out because of a lack of stability and training. Dogs kill more humans in the US than wolves, and those dogs are not always Pitbulls, Rottweilers, or Dobermans. They're Labradors, terriers, and sheepdogs. It doesn't matter all dogs have the potential to be dangerous if not trained or handled properly. A dog isn't just a companion, it's a friend and an ally. A protector but it can also be an enemy. As an owner you need to instill a bond with you dog through respect, love, and harmony. Without a bond you are going to butt heads and the dog can easily one up you if you're unarmed, trust me.
Wolves can harmonize with humans but both the human and the wolf must know the limits of their dominance and dependence on one another.

So all in all the debate on the methods of a one Cesar Millan are just stupid. He's not a cruel bastard, he doesn't beat up dogs or break them, and he certainly doesn't hurt them to teach them. He does methods we consider primitive but they work. Yeah, maybe not always but for the most part they do.
Celebrity or not he's just a guy who learned about dogs, found a way to make them behave, and wanted to share it with the world through TV. He's paid to do it now but still... it's a TV show. They have a disclaimer before every episode so the idiots out there don't start punching or kicking their dogs thinking that's what he's doing in hopes of fixing their problems. BUUUUUUT people still do it and then say 'I saw Cesar Millan do it and it worked for him!' but in reality they're just too lazy to hire a PROFESSIONAL who knows what they're dealing with and rely on a television show to teach them everything about dog training (in extreme cases).
Don't let the media fool you... they do with everything and everyone. If you're unsure of how to remedy your dog's problematic behaviors, SEEK A PROFESSIONAL TRAINER. They can help you. Cesar can't, he's in Hollywood helping posh pooches now. His show is wonderful and gives you a good feeling in your heart to see the terrifying terrier turn into a terrific companion after a training meeting with Cesar but it's still television. What may appear to take hours on TV in reality takes days, weeks, or even years in reality.
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Engie: awake

Sun Mar 18, 2012, 5:21 PM

I felt scorching heat and vibrating pain.
There was an endless buzz in my ears of massive shell-shock.
Crunching noise of the ground.
For a brief second I saw tiny mushrooms and flowers under me, but they quickly disintegrated into dust.
Impossible. Shock-Hallucinations. I haven't seen grass in so many years.

Crawl forward. Away. Away from the heat.
Farther. Come on Alex. Get up. Walk.

Something was wrong. I wasn't supposed to be alive.

...Ion Cannon interrupts all electronic impulses, no matter how small, effectively scrambling, disrupting all neural activity and shuts down the brain.
Sure, the walls of the little house protected me from the flames of ruptured atmosphere, but how is my mind still active?
Only one thing could have protected me. Something which could bend all known laws of physics at it pleased.

Could it be? The note?!

Could Seven's luck actually transfer onto others?
If this is true, then Seven could be the key to my survival.
That or the super must have wanted me alive.
Oh, I will play your little game Captain.
I know not why you'd want me, but as long as I stay close to you, I might survive.

There's no point in hiding in the bunker now, all electronics down there have been fried, plus ANNET would surely send in another drone to check for my body.

We must hurry.

What do you mean I can't leave until the interview is over?
No! I'm not filling out this 20 page application!

Use number 2 pencil? Where am I supposed to get a number 2 pencil?

My references? What?! You worked under me for years!
This is ridiculous!
Why would you want my email?!

Why would you even need to know whether I can dance salsa?

ANNET's drones could be here any moment!

No, I'm not giving you my phone number!

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Art Analysis and Thanks

Fri Jul 11, 2014, 8:04 AM
Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone that's supported me in my crazy art adventure so far - WELCOME to the 150+ new watchers that arrived overnight!  I woke up and had to rub my eyes twice to be sure of what I was seeing O.O  I was like what...just...happened?? :-O  I'm very touched and overwhelmed *crying tears of joy* To my existing watchers - words can not express my gratitude for your constant support and encouragement.  You were there when my art was a bit :S but you told me you believed in my abilities and your kind words and advice have helped me to be where I am today (for someone that is self taught, this is more than I could ever ask for!)  THANKS, EVERYONE :heart:

Seeing as there is quite some interest in my latest Vega piece, I will expand further on it to give all that are interested, an insight into how my brain works when it comes to making my art.

My reason for drawing fan art is because I like to have subjects that are already established, leaving me the freedom to focus on practicing and experimenting techniques (I am very much still learning), while at the same time being able to express my appreciation of the subjects and share that with their fans.  Having said that, I rarely just draw a character for the sake of it.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I just like to give my drawings a bit more thought and depth so I usually have some sort of concept that revolves around an interpretation of the character.

So "why is Vega your favourite character?" I hear you ask.  Yes, he is beautiful and I do love my pretty boys - they are an absolute joy to draw, but I'm not that superficial ;)  Beyond his visually pleasing exterior, he is a rather complex and interesting character for anyone who cares to analyze it.  I'm not sure if Capcom intended for him to be so when they designed him and gave him his backstory, but boy did they gift us with one of the best characters ever to be created. To those who say "Vega sux" "he's the worst character evaaaar" you haven't tried to appreciate him yet in game or otherwise and/or you've had your ass kicked by a good Vega player XD  Seriously, learn to analyze him.  Trust me. I'm actually quite a decent Vega mainner too hehe

My very good friend :iconcriscura: proposed a Vega drawing challenge for the both of us and she had the idea that we should try and interpret his character and the significance of his tattoo being a snake in particular.  The interpretation could've gone in any direction for either of us and while we did completely different drawings, the take on the idea was very similar as we discussed them.  So strap yourselves in for the break down and blow by blow of the symbolism in both of our pieces and how they came to be:

Balrog by criscura by :iconcriscura:     Beautiful Assassin by TixieLix by me

- You'll noticed that in both, Vega is caught between the viewer and the face of a wall in a dark, pit like environment.  Normally you could say for someone caught with fresh blood dripping from their hands and claws in this situation that they're compromised.  But as we see it, it demonstrates Vega's power - his confidence in his abilities means that he isn't afraid to be caught, rather he looks back with defiance as if daring/taunting you to come closer in a "are you my next victim?" kind of way.

- There is blood and it's everywhere except on his body for mine.  The way I saw it was that Vega is an efficient killer and he needn't get it all over himself to stain his clothes and hair, spoiling his good looks (being the narcissist that he is, he'd be fussed about that.)  Criscura had some on his hand and I think it works too because Vega relishes the blood of his victims and we know how much he likes to lick it up and stuff :P  But that's my reading of her drawing and I'll let her speak on that if she wishes :)

- Eyes are windows into the soul.  While I usually try to give sparkle and life to those I draw, I deliberately made them almost pupil-less and blank as has my friend with hers (the left eye in the shadow.)  They are devoid of warmth, emotion and mercy, subtle symptoms of someone who is far too gone to be saved though his beautiful exterior mightn't give away the darkness lurking beneath.  I have also muted my colour palette as such so that his skin has a slightly sickly hue, which also plays into that sinister nature of his.

- No movement is suggested other than in the non living things around him - the slowly dripping blood, his signature rose petal calling card and his sash and hair.  He is posed in haughty confidence in a way that is an extension of that snake/monster in that he becomes one as is subtly suggested by the sash and hair.  The stillness is like an ominous sign that you should be on guard because he can strike any moment now when you least expect it.

- So while we know Vega is one loopy guy, we both opted for subtlety rather than depict him with a manic grin, bouncing off walls and yodeling while at it, as most would be expecting that.  For us, it was about exploring his character and Vega becoming the personification of darkness - the trauma from the tragic loss of his mother has set him on a path of no return because of the choices he has made.  He is in a 'pit' in a literal sense as we have drawn to represent the metaphorical one because of his narcissism, which in Criscura's words is both "liberating and confining...he can physically go wherever he wants, say whatever he wants, satisfy no one's needs other than his own...but that lack of connection to other people traps him in a very lonely place where the light doesn't touch and people don't come to visit, they only come to kill him or be killed."  She goes on to say:

"In that lonely place, he doesn't have anything to depend on but himself, and for everything. He has his back to the wall. If he wants money, he earns it. If he need confidence, he makes it. If he's craving love, nobody will give it to him except for him. So he's got to love himself.

He preens his pretty face and keeps his body clean because that's all he's got...and because there's no hope for the spirit inside, which will only get even more rotten and revolting as time goes on. Like falling petals, like dripping blood, he can't stop it from happening any more than he can make time go backwards. All he can hope for is to keep himself the way he is. He stays pretty to cover up how ugly he is, just in hopes that he'll earn his own love. It's that kind of pitiful duality that also makes him sympathetic - that, despite all his killing and insults and snobbishness--makes him "spotless" in our eyes... he's also more beautiful because of it...which is the first and last thing you notice about the picture."  - ain't she a poet! :3

This little drawing exercise really pushed me out of my comfort zone and I appreciated that - while I enjoy dark themes, it's doesn't come naturally for me when I draw for some reason... I guess it's also a sign of maturity in a way to think beyond the obvious and deliver something unexpected and fresh for a subject that we assume we already know.

Sorry that was so long... thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed that as much as we enjoyed creating and discussing them!

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“The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.” - Mark Twain

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