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It was an early morning on the island Berk, an island inhabited by the feared Vikings.
It had rained horribly during the whole night, and had left everything on the island soaked. A thick mist clouded the island and the endless sea around it, making it hard to guide oneself around.
Despite that, the young Viking girl Ingrid was strolling around the island with her dragon, Arvid. The mist made the dragon shake its head every now and then, annoyed over not having a clear sight. They were heading towards the dock, where all the fisher Vikings had gathered that day. She didn't know why, and she was a bit curious. The dock was crowded with people, carrying all kinds of equipments and nets. She tried to find someone to ask about this peculiar event. The crowd only grew and grew, and suddenly, she bumped into someone.
"Hey, watch where you're going!"
It was a recognizable voice. The person she had bumped into was carrying a large barrel over his right shoulder. He turned around to face her, and blushed as he recognized her as well.
"Oh, it's… It's you." Anund stuttered, trying to keep the barrel balanced on his shoulder. It looked too heavy for him.
"What are you doing?" Ingrid snickered while helping Anund to keep the barrel up with one hand. "What's going on? What's with everybody?"
"Well, the heavy rain yesterday made fish gather around a north island not too far away. There were a lot of nets set out there a while ago, and now everybody is going there to help pull them in."
"And you're coming with?" Ingrid asked, as she spotted the small bag on Anunds belt, filled with different fishing tools.
"Yeah, this is the first time my parents let me come with." He sighed. "Finally."
Suddenly Arvids tail slightly whipped Anunds left leg and almost made him drop the barrel. The dragon was looking around, and seemed to be searching for something. He snuffled the air and growled confusedly.
"Where's Spineback at?" Ingrid asked, as she also noticed that he wasn't around.
"We're not allowed to bring our dragons this time." Anund answered. "They take too much space in the boats, and we have other things to look after. So he's at home, wrecking my room again, most probably." Ingrid giggled silently and looked around, then looked at Anund.
"Soooo, any room for one more?" she asked, looking straight into his dark eyes.
"W-What do you mean?"
"Duh." She rolled her eyes. "Can I come with you? And bring up the nets?"
Anund looked hesitating.
"Oh come on, it's no big deal, is it?" she said, slightly shoving the barrel with her right hand. Anund balanced it up again and roughly shook his head to get his hair out of his eyes.
"I don't know." he replied. "It's a lot of work. And we already have a lot of people…"
"Hey, can you do it, so can I." Ingrid snorted and shoved the barrel a bit more. Anund had a really hard time keeping it up, and his arm was getting tired.
"Will you stop that?!" he snarled and brought up the barrel to balance again. "You'll have to ask my dad. And don't be mad at me if he rejects. This takes a lot of skill and a lot of…"
Before Anund could finish his sentence, his father interrupted the conversation.
"Ah, Ingrid!" he smiled. "Coming with us today, are you?" And with that he left, unknowing what their argument was really about.
"Yeah, your dad is a real strict guy." Ingrid grinned and climbed up on Arvids back. "I'm just going to leave Arvid at the house, I be right back!" Arvid leaped into the foggy sky and disappeared immediately. Anund sighed and continued to carry the barrel over to one of the ships.

An hour later, the ships had set sail. Ingrid had joined Anund and his parents, and also some other Vikings that Anunds parents always fished with. The party had very good track of where they were, despite the thick fog. It was even a bit hard to see what things were on the ship with the mist covering it.
Anund was sitting at the stern of the boat, and had fallen asleep after a while by the motion of the sea. Ingrid was sitting at the other side of the boat, and started to feel a bit chilly. She glanced over to Anund, smiled and walked over. She sat down next to him, but he didn't wake up. She puffed his arm slightly and he woke up with a twitch of his head.
"I'm cold." Ingrid said meaning. Anund barely caught the drift and began to stutter again.
"Uh… Hold on a second…" Anund stood up and took of the belt that was wrapped around his waist, to be able to take of his long west. He put on the belt again and handed over the west. It was a bit big, but did well.
"Thanks." Ingrid smiled and looked at him again, but he only blushed and looked away with a disturbed groan.

After quite a while of silent sailing, they arrived at the island. It wasn't as big as Berk, and was all in all a huge rock. There was a tiny, tiny forest behind the island which had a small beach in its end, but it was barely worth to notice after taking a look at the islands amazing rock, that burst up through the air and into the clouded sky. It never seemed to end.
Anunds parents and the rest of the crew immediately started working. They pulled up the nets from the water, carefully counting them one by one. There was indeed a lot of fish, and they certainly didn't regret coming there that foggy day.

Then something unexpected happened. As Anunds dad pulled the last net in, he noticed that there was one missing. The crew double checked all the nets and yes, there was definitely one gone. They searched the water again, but couldn't find anything. They sent Anund out to look further away, and Ingrid went after him.
They walked along the island's shallow water, Anund walking with a stick with a hook which he held out in the water to see if it would get caught in the missing net. They kept that up for quite a while, but no luck. As they were about to give up and head back, a small cave appeared in front of them.
It was not a deep cave, just a little bulge into the rocks that created a ceiling and a small pool of water inside. Anund got closer to investigate. As he stepped in to the small cave, he noticed that the ground got deeper.
"Hey, feel this." Anund suddenly said, his voice slightly echoing against the rock walls. "The water is all warm." Ingrid set her hand in the water and felt it as well.
"That is strange." she said and looked around. "You think there's any Scaldrons  around?"
"I don't know. It might be." Anund shrugged. "Then we should probably get out of there."
As they turned around to walk out of the cave, Anund noticed something in a dark corner. Some object was laying there. He jumped down in the deeper warm water again and walked across the cave.
"What are you…?" Ingrid begun but then noticed what Anund had found. He held up the missing net, though it was ripped and shredded badly. No fish was left on it and was nowhere to be seen.
"How did it get here?" Anund said confusedly. "Did someone steal it?"
"Someone or something." Ingrid replied. "Seriously, we should get back before this thing gets back.
"Hold on… What's that?" Anund pointed to the center of the deep pool. Something was laying there, its shape disfigured by the moving water. He went out deeper in the water, so it reached to his hips. He tried to reach down to the bottom, his fingertips slightly touching the surface of the object. He then took a deep breath and shoved his head under the water, bending down completely to get a firm grip around the strange object. He shot out to the surface and walked over to Ingrid.
"Is that… An egg?" Ingrid gasped as she saw what Anund was carrying. With great pain he got the egg out of the pool, and placed it on the cave floor.
"It's very heavy." he said and stroke his hands over his wet hair. "Definitely not a birds egg… Nor a snake… The only possible thing that could have laid this iiiiis…?" He rolled his eyes over to Ingrid, waiting for the answer. Ingrid fake smiled and replied; "A dragon, of course."
"Eeeeexactly." Anund said and picked it up again. "I wonder if it's still alive…" He placed his ear against the sky blue shell and listened. Ingrid gave him a stupid look and took the egg out of his hands.
"You're not thinking of taking this with you, are you?" Ingrid said. Anund tried to grab the egg, but Ingrid was keeping it behind her back, out of Anunds range. They walked around in circles as he tried to snatch it back.
"Why not?" replied Anund and lunged for the egg, but missed. "You don't see its parents around, do you? It's all abandoned in this pool of water! Even if it's alive, it will drown as it hatches!"
"Then let's just place it somewhere safe!" said Ingrid and went out of the cave to the shallow water again. Not so far away they could see the small beach where the tiny forest ended. "Let's place it on that small hill, by the rocks. The parents will find it for sure there." Ingrid started walking towards the shore.
"Or some other predators might find it!" Anund complained. "And then it's dead, for sure!"
"Either you like it you're not; you will NOT bring this egg to Berk. The net that we found was probably taken by its parents, don't you think? That's why it was in the cave together with the egg."
"Then why was the egg in the water?"
"I don't know, okay? Let's just get this egg safe and head back with the net! The fog is getting even thicker…"
They arrived at the beach and Ingrid climbed the small hill and left the egg at the rocks. She returned to Anund, grinned and walked past him.
"Shall we?" She said. "Come on, they're probably waiting for us." Anund watched her walk away and groaned of annoyance. He glanced up at the sky blue egg again, and saw it disappear in the fog.
Ingrid had grabbed the net in the cave and walked back to the ships in a steady pace. Anund was slowly making his way back, walking a couple of meters behind Ingrid.
"Speed up, will you?" she shouted through the fog. "We're almost there, slowpoke!"
The fishers were waiting for them like Ingrid has said. The indistinct shadows waved at them through the fog, they waved back and got onto the ship where they told the rest of the crew about the net they had discovered. Anunds dad got very thoughtful about it and said that he would try to find out more about it. They soon set sail and went back to their island, Berk.

When they got back, they both helped to bring the barrels full of fish to the dock. Anunds dad soon interrupted and said that Ingrid didn't have to go through that "harsh work", even though she quite honestly did it better than Anund.
When the fish was all ashore, Anund said goodbye to Ingrid and went back home. It was a strange goodbye; he didn't even walk up to her, just kept himself in the distance so the fog slightly clouded his silhouette. Ingrid didn't even manage to reply; he ran off immediately and disappeared into the white clouds.

Anund ran back all the way to his house, pulled up the door and ran into his room. He shut the door tight and sat down on his bed, took the fishing tool bag off his belt and very carefully took out the sky blue egg, gently laying it down on the bed.
He took out some cloths he had in his closet that he usually kept around when the cold winter night were scurrying the island, which kept him from freezing into an ice cube. He wrapped it around the egg, and then placed it in a small, wooden box he had emptied.
"There." he said. "Hope it's warm enough for ya."
He suddenly heard some loud noises outside his room, and he opened the door to see what was causing such a ruckus. As he opened it, a huge creature jumped him. He felt the claws grip against his arms and he fell backwards onto the floor, hitting his head on the hard wood.
"Thank you, Spineback." he groaned and rubbed his head. "I missed you too."

Days passed, and the fog begun to disappear more and more. One day it was suddenly clear, and the sun shined down at Berk. It was quite rare around there; therefore the Vikings enjoyed it very much. Ingrid made her way towards Anunds house; she hadn't met him since the fishing day. Right behind her, Arvid followed, keeping his head up high to try to catch every ray of the sun.
When they got there the door was open, they looked inside but no one was around. She simply marched in and knocked on Anunds door.
"You there, fisher boy?" she said and waited for an answer. Some noises could be heard and then the door opened. The young boy looked newly awake, with messy hair and tired, red eyes.
"Whoa, what happened to you?" Ingrid snickered. "Had a bad dream or something?"
"No, I'm fine." replied Anund and rubbed his eyes. "Come in, I'm just… Doing nothing, really." Anund walked back into his room and Ingrid walked after him.
The room was messy, as usual, in due to Spineback's usual rampages to gain attention. He was now curled up in a corner of the room, sleeping deeply. Anund tiredly walked over to his bed and sat down on it, against the wall. He then picked up the blue egg, which had been covered in warm cloths. He took it and placed it in his lap. Ingrid turned ferocious.
"You took the egg?!" she almost shouted at him, surprising Arvid and making him curl up next to Spineback. "I told you that you couldn't bring it to Berk! And still, you did. Why do you have to be such a jerk?!" Anund was about to say something, but Ingrid stopped him. "No, don't answer that. Just don't. You're so darn stubborn, Anund! Have you any idea what you might have caused? Do you?"
"I think it's dead."

Ingrid paused. Anund stroke the egg with his hands, feeling the surface and the chilling feeling it had.
"It's very cold." he said, looking down. "I don't think it made It." he placed his chin on the egg, wrapping his arms around it in that sort of embrace you give your recently passed away pet. "I did this."
Ingrid noticed Anund's tone and immediately stopped what she was doing. He was clearly upset about the egg. She half smiled and sat down next to him, not gaining any reaction back.
"Don't say that." she almost whispered. "You tried to do something good." she held back an 'even though it was stupid', and wrapped her arm around his. She carefully let her head rest on his shoulder. "It's not your fault."
Anund didn't react like he usually did; he kept still and simply smiled just a bit, but it faded pretty quickly. Ingrid placed a hand on the egg, and also felt the chill coming from it. Anund quivered as she placed her cold hand back around his arm. He then looked at her, and said "Thanks."
Then something happened, right as he said it. Anund got a large thud in his chest which made him tweak back. Ingrid had felt it too and looked down at the egg. It kept still for a moment, and then they felt another thud, making the egg move slightly.
"What the…?" Anund gasped.
"It's alive!" Ingrid said and raised herself up to her knees, letting go of Anund. "Anund, it's alive!"
Anund sat up and placed the egg down on the sheets of the bed. The egg moved around and the shell was beginning to break. Soon a clawed, blue foot broke out from its surface, scratching the egg in struggle do get out. A beak cracked through the other side of the shell and managed to break away a big part of it.
Out of the egg came a dragon, with the same sky blue color as the egg had. Its tail was long, and in the end of it were two fins, like a shark's tail. Its arms were the wings, the upper part of it were long while the lower part of it were short. The leather like skin that was wrapped around the wings was decorated with dark blue stripes. The feet had four long claws and a fifth higher up. Its body had thick, big, grey scales at the front of the body, and the back had small, almost fur-like blue scales. Small strands of red hair grew as a mane along its back. The head was hard as rock and had six spikes, with thin leather across them, making it look like fish fins. It had two green eyes on each side of the head, all contoured by pitch black lines. The unique thing about the dragon was though the beak, which had the shape of a sharp single flue harpoon.
"I've never seen a dragon like this." Anund panted, looking down at the creature. It was about the size of a 2 month golden retriever. The dragon supported itself on its yet weak wings and screeched strongly at the two. It then scurried closer towards Anund and snuffled his hands. Anund pet the dragon's hard head and it seemed to enjoy it. It made a cutter like sound and stroke its head harder against him.
"Holy crap, Anund." Ingrid said suddenly. "You're a mom."
Anund blushed and replied "Am not!"
Suddenly the dragon made a strong motion and accidently caught Anunds hand with its hook-like beak.
"OW!" he shouted out in pain. The hook was stuck and the dragon got frightened by Anunds scream, backing away from him, which made the hook go even deeper. Anund struggled to take it off but it was hard when the dragon was pulling the other way. Ingrid swiftly took it off and the dragon fell off the edge of the bed. Anund checked his hand, and saw the blood streaming out from the 2 centimeter deep wound. The hook had caught the thumb part of his palm, and he couldn't move his thumb because of the pain.
"Whoa, are you okay?!" Ingrid said worried. "Maybe we should go to the doctor…"
"No, it's fine…" groaned Anund, took one of the cloths and pressed it hard against the wound. "It's just a bruise. It'll stop bleeding soon." Ingrid snorted and helped the small dragon up on the bed again. She dried of Anunds blood that was still on its beak.
"I know how we can avoid further injuries from this little guy", said Anund and took a file from the desk next to him. He carefully placed it on the sharp point of the dragon's beak and gently scratched it back and forth. Soon the hook wasn't as sharp anymore, and wouldn't be able to hang onto things as easy. It was still a hook though, just more dull.
"That should do it." he said.
"Why do you have a file on your desk, anyway?" Ingrid asked suspiciously.
"It's because of Spineback." Anund replied. "I file the spikes so I don't get hurt while riding." He took the cloth off his hand, but the blood hadn't stopped flowing. It squirted on his arm before he quickly but the cloth back.
"Come here." said Ingrid and took another piece of the cloths, and wrapped it around Anunds hand several times to make it stay put.
"Thanks." Anund replied, grasping his wounded hand. "Now let's go see if someone knows something about this little reptile."

Even though the dragon was newly hatched, it was very keen and full of energy. It very quickly got used to walking around on its hind legs and using its wings to get around easier. It took small flights in the air, but didn't quite grip how to take the wind under its wings for real.
The two Vikings had left Anunds house together with the three dragons, Spineback, Arvid, and the fish-like dragon that they had named Tuna for the moment. They were heading against the dock, where Anund hoped to find his dad.
"If I remember correctly, this thing with the nets has happened once before." he said while walking next to Ingrid in a fast pace. "And if it has something to do with these dragons, he would know."
Tuna learned more and more how to get forward, he jumped from rock to rock and dashed up in the air, landed on Spineback, climbed all over him and took a jump up to Anunds shoulder. The claws had an unpleasantly hard grip and Anund squint his eyes as he felt them burrow into the shirt. They finally reached the dock and Anund spotted his dad immediately.
"There he is!"
As Anund said those words, Tuna saw a promising barrel a few feet away, and leapt into the air, and dashed over to it. He was gone in a second and Anund couldn't figure out where he had gone. They looked around, but were suddenly approached by Anunds father.
"There you are!" he said with a disturbed tone, scratching his forehead. "It happened again, only ten times worse."
"What are you talking about?" Anund replied. "What happened?"
"The new nets we set out at the island has all been shredded and cut up." he groaned. "Something it definitely destroying them. And we're going to stop it."
Without even listening to what Anund had on his mind, he quickly walked away as if he was in a hurry. Anund looked at Ingrid. Ingrid looked back at Anund.
"We have to return it to the island." said Anund. "And fast."

An hour later, they were both ready to take a flight to the northern island. They had found the mischievous Tuna in the barrel it had gone after, which had been filled with fresh fish. But the only thing left when they found it was the bloated dragon.
They both climbed up on their dragons backs and Anund took a look at the map. It wouldn't take as long to get there with dragons as it did with boats. They secured themselves so they wouldn't fall off, Anund kept Tuna on his shoulder and so the dragons leapt into the clear sky.

The wind was only a pleasant breeze, and didn't bother the dragons flying at all. The sea was pretty still and sparkled in the horizon. It was only the middle of the day, so they had plenty of time before the nightfall. After about one hour of flight, they spotted the island.
"There it is!" Anund proclaimed and steered his dragon down to the small cave. They landed in the shallow water and Anund entered the rocks bulge once again. There were even more nets there this time, violently shredded and ripped. Tuna screeched and jumped down in the warm pool of water, where he swam around like a duckling.
"Seems like the egg was meant to be in the water." said Ingrid while watching Tuna dive to the bottom and bring up some small pebbles to the surface. "The parents don't seem to have been delighted when coming home to nothing… Look at all those nets…"

Suddenly Tuna stopped playing in the water and raised its head up high. It made quick movements with its head as it were listening to something that Anund nor Ingrid could here, not even their own dragons. They all stared at the little dragon as it jumped out of the pool and looked out at the sea. It snuffled the air and screeched quietly, then quickly jumped up into Anunds arms.
"What's the matter?" Anund asked surprised. "Are you afraid of the water? There's nothing there, it's clear."
But as Anund said that, an unidentifiable sound reached the surface and out of the water burst a large shadow.  Only the dark silhouette could be seen as it blocked the sun with its huge body, then spread out its amazingly big wings and hovered in the air in front of them.
Anund and Ingrid stepped out of the dark cave to the shallow water and saw directly that this was the parent of Tuna. It was five times as big, thick, broad wings and the claws were much longer and darker. Its screech was high pitched and made the Vikings ears ring, but their dragons only roared back at it, defending their riders. They took stand before them and spread out their wings in an attempt to seem as terrifying and big as possible. They both violently whipped their tails to show that they were not going to play nice.
"Take it easy, guys." Anund said as he squeezed himself past the dragons, with Tuna in his arms. "It's just angry because we have its kid. We'll simply give it back to her and it'll be fine!"
Anund stretched out his hands in a fast motion to hand over the dragon puppy to the vicious dragon, but unfortunately it only saw this as a threat and attacked. The hook that grew on the beak was as pointy as Tuna's had been before Anund had filed it, but it was much, much larger – and much more dangerous. Before any of them had the chance to react, the dragon lunged itself at Anund, hooking onto his arm. The leather gloves that Anund always wore made the hook not go through, saving his arm from getting pierced. But the dragon still had a good grip and threw itself out in the water, diving in and disappearing. Anund screamed of shock as he suddenly saw the sky fly past him, then the surface of the water, then the depths of the sea.
The dragon did not let go of him. It swam violently fast through the water, making the leather glove rip more and more, and soon Anund could feel the point of the hook touching his skin. He knew for sure that if it kept ripping, it would sound pierce through his arm completely. The dragon kept swimming, giving no signs to stop. Anund started to feel dizzy, as he had not taken a proper breath before being dragged down in the water. All he could see was blue, dark water go past his eyes, and the large wings of the dragon that it used as huge fins.
Suddenly, he could hear a blurred crash, as if something broke through the surface of the water. He tried to see through the water, and caught the white figure of his dragon, Spineback, coming towards the fish dragon. He slammed the dragon with its body, making both the dragon and Anund spin around in the water. Anund then felt a horrible pain that chilled his spine, and he knew that the hook had finally ripped the last of his glove and gone through his arm. Spineback managed to knock the other dragon out, and then carefully released Anund from the hook with its clumsy claws.
Anund hold onto Spineback with his healthy arm and let him drag him up to the surface, where Tuna was floating around. It screeched of joy and relief when it saw Anund again, and climbed up on Spineback together with Anund. They reached the shallow waters again where Ingrid and Arvid anxiously were waiting. Ingrid ran out in the water and helped Anund ashore.
"Oh my god, your arm!" she quickly took of the cloth Anund still had wrapped around his hand, and luckily the blood had stopped flowing. She wrapped the still bloody cloth around his arm instead. "Can you move it?"
Anund made a small attempt to move his arm, and he could move it still, but it was extremely painful and made him gasp in pain. Tuna clutched himself tightly onto Anunds shoulder, shaking in fear.
"Come on, you'll have to ride with me on Arvid to get back to Berk." said Ingrid and helped Anund towards her dragon. "We have to get back fast before…"
Suddenly the fish dragon burst out from the surface and went towards Anund again. But Spineback quickly lunged himself against the dragon, making them fall out in the water, violently slashing and biting each other. The fish dragon dove under the water, disappearing out of sight, then with a huge amount of power it slammed Spineback as he had before, only much more powerful, making Spineback fly up a couple of feet into the air. It then gained its focus back on Anund, lunged itself at him, grabbing him with its large claws and then leapt into the sky above them.

The cold breeze that had felt so gentle on their way to the island was now stinging Anunds eyes, making them fill up with tears. The fish-like dragon had leapt into the sky and brought him up higher and higher, higher than the top of the huge rock the island was made of.
It screeched high and suddenly stopped, throwing Anund up in the air before it. He flew a few meters up, stopped in mid-air, and as he looked down he could see the dragon ready to strike as he came down. He braced himself for the hit and closed his eyes, but instead he heard a large thud. As he fell down he couldn't open his eyes, and wasn't sure what was up and what was down. He suddenly landed on something – but it was only Arvid, catching him before he had hit the sharp rocks near the island. Ingrid embraced him as he opened his eyes, lightly squeezing his arm between them.
"Arm… ARM!" he gasped and Ingrid let him go. She took a firm grip to Arvid and looked over her shoulder as she spoke to Anund.
"Sorry!" she steered Arvid away from the fish dragon, around the huge rock. "I forgot about that. What's with this dragon, really? You only tried to give its pup back…" The shivering Tuna had stayed clutched to Anunds shoulder during the whole time, its eyes wide open and barely blinking. Soon they heard the screech again. The fish dragon had already caught up with them.
"Hold on." panted Anund. "I've got a plan. Go down to the cave, fast!"
Arvid swiftly turned around and swept by their follower, and down to the cave. Anund jumped off the dragon and sorted the nets that were left in the cave. He found one that was not too badly roughed up, and brought it with him.
"You and Arvid have to distract It." he commanded, then looked around to try to spot Spineback. "I'll go with Spineback and finish it. Don't worry, it'll work."
Ingrid hesitated to fly away from the wounded boy, but he pushed Arvid with his shoulder to make him fly away. They took off to the sky while Anund stayed on the ground, looking out over the water to spot his dragon. As he shouted his name, he heard a roar and out of the sky darted Spineback down to his side. He climbed up on the dragon's back, which was quite hard with only one good arm, and then they took off into the skies. Right after they lifted the fish dragon landed with fury on the exact spot where they had been standing. It screeched of anger and took off after them with incredible speed.
Luckily, Spineback was also a very fast dragon. Not quite as fast as the fish dragon, but close enough to keep them safe for a while. Anund spotted Arvid and Ingrid not far away and flew past them, and as the fish dragon flew past as well, Arvid quickly shot a string of fire against it. It hit perfectly and the dragon screeched, turning around in the air to face Arvid. He gave him another fiery attack, hitting him once again but more powerfully, so the dragon actually got lunged back a bit. Arvid started to fly in circles around him, shooting fire constantly, making the fish dragon retreat and fly off for a second.
It then turned back ferociously, opening its big jaws to let out a light blue fire. Arvid quickly avoided the attack, only getting the tail hit. But the fire wasn't burning; it was an unpleasantly chilling fire that made his bones feel like steel.
The dragon leapt after Arvid, breathing the freezing fires after him. It hit Arvids left foot and almost made him tip over. Arvid spun around in a circle, and shot several fire balls back at the fish dragon. Two of them hit him perfectly, making it screech and stop following him.
"You got him!" Anund suddenly shouted. From above he came down on Spineback, and threw the net at the dragon. A perfect hit and the rocks by the end of the net twisted it together, making the dragon fall down to the beach of the island.

Anund landed with Spineback a short distance away from the captured dragon. Arvid and Ingrid landed shortly after, and as Anund was approaching the fish dragon, Ingrid quickly jumped off her dragon and stopped him.
"Hold on!" she said as she grabbed both of his shoulders. "What do you think you're doing?! That thing wants to kill you! It's safer it we just keep the dragon, instead of getting killed, don't you think?"
"You said the exact opposite thing when we found the egg." Anund replied.
"But the situation is different now, Anund!" she shouted back, blushing up. "This is not a game. This is real. Please don't kill yourself." At that last sentence, the grip around his shoulder loosened a bit and made Anund somehow scared in some way. But he took her hand with his good arm and looked into her eyes, so that she would listen to what he said.
"Don't worry." he said steadily. "I won't kill myself."
He brushed by her, approaching the fish dragon. It panted hard after the battle and growled weakly as Anund came closer. He carefully cut up the net a bit to make it able to get out. The dragon quickly hooked its beak onto Anunds shirt, pulling him close to its face. The green eyes intensely stared into his own and Anunds slowly grabbed the dragon puppy from his shoulder, and set it down on the ground. The fish dragons eyes suddenly softened and it unhooked itself from Anunds now slightly ripped shirt.
The two fish dragons united, both seeming pleased to meet each other. The dragon got the net off with a small effort, spread its wings and then supported itself on them, just like the puppy had. They exchanged cutter like sounds while rubbing their faces together affectionately. The big fish dragon then looked over at Anund, who nervously was standing next to them. The dragon came closer to him and made Spineback jump ahead, defending its master if the dragon would attack again.
But it didn't. It simply looked at them, then at its child, made another cutter-like sound and dived into the water. The dragon pup looked a last time at Anund and Ingrid before it followed its mother, down in the dark blue water.
"And that", begun Ingrid as she approached Anund, "…is the end of it."

They got back to Berk about an hour later. The sun had started to set, and made the water around Berk glisten in a beautiful orange color. Anund had to take a lift with Ingrid since he couldn't steer properly with one hand. Spineback flied freely after them.
They met their parents immediately at the dock, who had been worried sick all day. Anunds mother almost passed out as she saw the hole that went through Anunds arm, but after tending it a bit they knew that it would heal up completely.
Their families were very happy to see the two again, and made them split up quite fast. But soon they managed to slip away and meet just around the corner of the dock.
"So your arm is going to all right?" Ingrid smiled and tried to keep out of sight from her parents by sitting down on the ground behind a stone wall. Anund sat down in front of her as well.
"Yeah, luckily…" Anund replied. "…Wouldn't want to be crippled like that other gu-"
Anund didn't get to finish his sentence, before Ingrid had thrown herself over him, embracing him around his neck.
"You scared me." she whispered.
Anund doubtfully wrapped his arms around her and hugged her back. They sat still like that for a few seconds, before Ingrid let go of his neck. Impulsively, Anund bent his head over, and gave her a hesitant kiss. Ingrid pulled back, blushing intensely, and stood up. Anund blushed back and stood up as well.
"I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to… I don't know what I was thinking, I…" he stuttered while waved his hands nervously. Ingrid walked a few quick steps away from him, and then turned around.
"I'll see you tomorrow!" she said, smiled widely with the blush still on her cheeks and ran off to her parents again. Anund was left standing there, looking like a fool with one hand stretched out after her.

To be Continued...
A SECOND PAAART BY *LunaLacroix [link] :heart:

don't know if i placed this in the right category.. anyhow

Sorry if the text looks stupid, it's because I wrote it in Word and simply copied and pasted it over. I'm too lazy to fix this whole thing right now

THIS ISSS a kind of long How To Train Your Dragon Fanfiction, starring my OC Anund and *LunaLacroix's OC, Ingrid.
I also created the dragons Spineback and Tuna/Seashredder (which the dragon species is named), while *LunaLacroix created Arvid.

I was going to upload this chapter by chapter, but it'll spam my gallery so here is everything in one piece c:

Oh, and SORRY if some things seems oddly written, I'm not that good in writing long english stories... XD

Hope you enjoi anywayyy! :heart:

How To Train Your Dragon (C) Cressida Cowell, Dreamworks
Story (C) Me
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       As Daemon and Stoic stood inside the Kill Ring, the sun shown down on them brightly, and undisturbed by any clouds in the sky as these two readied themselves for what would be the fight to decide Berks future. As the crowd of onlookers watched in excitement and worry as to who would walk out of this battle as the victor.

       "Are you ready boy?" Stoic said as he was taking of his cape and leather armor.

       "Yeah, I'm ready. But are you sure you don't want to keep those as extra protection?" Daemon said with a smile.

       "Don't worry....I won't be needing them." Stoic said as he casted aside his unneeded clothing. Just then Gobber came into the ring, and approached the two combatants.

       "Now I want a good clean fight from you both."

       "Me!? You only should have to worry about the boy, old friend." Stoic said with a curious look.

       "I know you Stoic.....and you've had your share of dirty fights too. So I'll be watching you both for any signs of foul play. Understood!?"

       "I understand."

       "As do I Gobber."

       "Good. Now let me exit the ring before you two go bashing each others faces in." Gobber headed towards the exit and returned to up above the ring as he raised his good hand, and paused.....then quickly brought it down while yelling, "FIGHT!!!"

       Daemon jumped into action, so as not to give Stoic the chance to get in the first hit. He charged directly at Stoic, and watched for the counter-attack from his opponent......and there it was! Stoic brought his arm up and started to swing it down....hoping to hit the charging Daemon. But Daemon quickly stopped in his tracks, just inches from Stoic's reach. As he watched Stoic's swing miss its mark, knowing now was the time to strike! Daemon crouched lower to the ground and lunged at Stoic, but instead of attacking straight at Stoic's body....Daemon jumped straight upward, bring his fist up with great speed and connecting it with Stoic's bottom jaw!! Sending Stoic flying backwards with his feet actually lifting off the ground! The sound of Stoic hitting the stone floor sent out a loud echo from the ring, as the crowd looked down with their mouths hanging open and unable to believe what they just saw. Daemon just stood there and looked down at Stoic's unmoving body as he cracked his knuckles and said, "Is that it? Hey Gobber! You should probably start counting."

       "Oh right....1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8...."

       But then Gobber noticed that Stoic was moving as he was about to say '10', when Stoic suddenly sat upward holding his jaw.

       "Huh.....not bad boy. I guess your stronger than you look."

       "Dang....I was hoping I could end this quickly to." Daemon said with an annoyed look.

       "Trust me. It wont be that easy." Stoic said as he stood up slowly and brushed himself off. He then gestured to Daemon to come at him, and Daemon wasn't going to argued with that as he charged at Stoic again, knowing that he could out maneuver Stoic easily. Stoic again lifted his arm and started to swing down at Daemon, but Daemon once again quickly side stepped him and dashed around behind Stoic and readied himself to kick Stoic straight in the back. But suddenly Stoic turned himself around using the momentum from his swing which came in and blindsided Daemon on his right side and sent him rolling across the floor!!

       "Hahaha! Did you really think that would work on me twice!?"

       "Heh....looks like you do have some moves in you." Daemon said as he got up while clutching his right arm.

       "Aaaww....I didn't hurt you to bad did I..hahaha!" Stoic said sarcastically.

       "Not even close." Daemon said as he waved his arm; trying to make the pain stop while he thought of a new strategy and began to take in his surroundings, but stopped when he saw the chain roof. 'Hhmm....that could work.' Daemon thought. "Alright old man. Time for round two!!!" Daemon made a mad dash towards Stoic at full speed!

       "Oh not that again boy! Don't you ever learn?" Stoic said as he prepared for Daemon "Your fancy moves won't work on me anymore!" Just as Daemon was right in front of him, Stoic swung his leg out to try and kick Daemon. But his leg only hit air as Daemon jumped straight upward with great force towards the chain ceiling and landed hard with his feet against the chains. As the chains pushed outward from the force of Daemon's jump, so was the recoil's force as the chains sprang back towards the floor and sending Daemon speeding back towards Stoic!!! As he came back down he shouted, "EAT THIS!!!" and spun around; planting the heel of his foot against the top of Stoic's head and sending him face first into the ground and cracking it from the force!! The entire crowd let out a huge gasp as they starred down at the once again motionless Stoic. Daemon looked down at Stoic and then turned to leave the arena.

       "Hey! Where do you think your going!?" asked Gobber.

       Daemon stopped and looked up at Goober, "After a hit like that....If he's alive, then he won't be getting up soon." But just then he heard something move behind him. ".....No way..."
Daemon starred in fear at the now moving body of Stoic! 'There's no way he should be moving after a hit like that!!' Daemon thought to himself. Stoic slowly stood up and looked fiercely at Daemon; with blood flowing from the huge split in his forehead and down the front of his face. Finally he spoke, while breathing heavily in between words, " pay....for that...DEMON!!!!" Stoic let out a yell that could of rivaled Daemon's own from last night! Just then Stoic charged at Daemon with such speed, that Daemon almost couldn't keep up. But just as Daemon went to roll to his right.....a sharp pain shot up through his right leg. 'Damn! My leg must still be recovering from the blow I gave to Stoic's head!'. Which proved to be a dangerous turn of events for Daemon, as Stoic latched one of his huge hands around Daemon's face and picked him up easily. Daemon tried to break Stoic's grip, but it was no use....he was starting to black out from the immense pressure on his skull. But just before Daemon blacked out, Stoic forcefully flung him to the floor; almost knocking the wind out of Daemon.

       "Damn it....I have to get up.....I can't lose!!" Daemon said as he struggled to stand up.

       "Oh no you don't" Stoic said as he ran over to Daemon.

       Stoic was ruthless! He slugged Daemon with a right hook, and quickly came about with a left upper cut; sending Daemon flying back this time! But Stoic caught him in mid-air and elbowed him solidly in his abdomen and sent him smashing hard to the ground. Stoic looked down at Daemon, and looked for any movement.....just then Daemon gasped for breathe and Stoic immediately kicked him in the stomach and sent him right into the wall!

       "Now its over demon." Stoic said as he went to leave the ring and Gobber began to count. "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9....." Gobber stopped as he saw Daemon move his arms and legs.

       "Just stay down. I don't feel like killing something today!" Stoic called out to Daemon. But Daemon continued to get up and said,
       "Heh heh......I'm not finished yet." He said with a smirk....but his smirk soon disappeared as he started to cough up blood!

       "See! Your in no condition to continue."

       "I'll be the judge.....of when I can't....continue." Daemon said panting for air.

       "Fine.....but if you die....its your own fault!!!" Stoic shouted as he charged at Daemon.

       Daemon stumbled to get a good run at Stoic, while still clutching his stomach, and just before they were in arms length of each other.....Daemon dropped to the ground and slide between Stoic's legs! As he slide to the other side, he quickly turned over and with all his might.....kicked the back of Stoic's knees!!! The next sound the crowd heard was two loud 'POPS!' as both of Stoic's knees became dislocated, and the sound of Stoic's yells echoed out of the ring! Daemon slowly stood up and looked down at Stoic clutching his knees and rolling from side to side in pain.

       "Give up can you fight me know?" Daemon said as he still held his side. Stoic managed to stop yelling long enough to say, "I'll never surrender to the likes of you!!!"

       "'s over. Just give up....please. I don't want anything worse to happen to you."

       Just then something snapped inside Stoic's head. "Me? Your worried about me! How dare you! I won't let someone like you pity me!!!" All of a sudden Stoic flung himself at Daemon and grabbed him by the arm and pulled him down to the ground. "I will never give up as long as I have breathe in my body demon!!!"

       Stoic twisted Daemon's right arm behind Daemon's back, and wrapped one of his huge arms around Daemon's neck and began to squeeze tightly! Daemon frantically tried to pull Stoic's arm away from his neck, but he couldn't budge it at all. The same went for his right arm, which felt like it was about to pop out of its socket. 'This isn't good....I'm starting to lose consciousness....' Daemon thought as he tried to figure a way out from Stoic's grasp.....but he couldn't think of anything past the huge amount of pain that was shooting through his arm. Just before he blacked out he thought, 'I'm sorry Fang.....I guess I wasn't strong enough, to be able to make this place our home.....' as the creeping blackness was surrounding his mind he heard something call out to him....but what was it?

       "Don't give up Daemon!!!"

       "Yeah!!! Keep fighting!"

       'Huh? Who's that?' Daemon struggled to opening his eyes, but as he looked up he saw Fang and Toothless cheering him on from the cliff just those two, but every dragon in the village was calling out to cheer him to victory! He could hear their thoughts, and feel their feelings...feelings of how they felt about what he was fighting for!!! Daemon's eyes suddenly shot open and his mind became clear as he shouted at the top of his lungs, "I can't lose! I want to wiiiinnn!!!"

       'What the!? How can he still be conscious???' Stoic thought. "There's no way you can break free from my hold demon."

       Daemon tensed every muscle in his body and said, "For the last time Stoic.....I am not Daemon the Demon.....I AM DAEMON........OF BERK!!!!" As Daemon said that he twisted his body violently and quickly dislocated his right shoulder which gave him the necessary room to break free from Stoic's hold as he twisted around and smashed his forehead into Stoic's nose, causing it to break and making Stoic let go of him. As Stoic laid on the ground holding his broken and bleeding nose, Daemon jumped back and held his dislocated right arm.

       "Time for the final round Stoic." Daemon said with a serious tone, as he popped his shoulder back into its socket. Stoic finally sat up and with blood gushing from his nose and said.... "Agreed." and then with one feel swoop, popped both his knees back into place and slowly stood up. The crowd soon began to start talking amongst themselves:

       "How can these two still be fighting?

       "I don't know.....but I like that kids determination."

       "He must truly love that dragon, if he is willing to go through all this for her."

       "What an idiot! Does he really think he can beat Stoic?" Snotlout said.

       "He's tough, but not tough enough to beat Stoic." "Yeah the only thing that can do that is your stench." said Tuffnut and Ruffnut.

       "I don't know guys....he's held his own for this long, and he's even made Stoic bleed......a lot!" Fishlegs interjected.

       "What do you think dragon lover?" Snotlout said as he smacked Hiccup upside the head.


       "What? Nothing to say?"

       "......I hope he wins!" Hiccup finally spoke.

       "What!!!" said the gang at the same time.

       "It's about time someone stood up to my father and his closed mindedness."

       "Oh who cares what you think Hiccup?" said Snotlout.

       "I do!" said Astrid as they all turned around to see her making her way through the crowd.

       "Why are you taking his side? He choose you for a dragon!!" said Snotlout.

       "I know.....but when I see Daemon down there fighting for his dragon and every other dragon......I think that maybe....just maybe. This isn't such a bad thing." Everyone looked at Astrid with wide eyes to what she just said, but then Hiccup spoke up and said.

       "I'm sorry that you had to find out like this Astrid I...." Hiccup was cut off as he received an extra hard punch in the arm from Astrid.

       "Shut up Hiccup. It's to late to say your sorry. So just watch the rest of the fight, since the out come will effect you as well." They all turned and looked back down at the fight raging on and when they did, they saw Daemon and Stoic's fist clash against each other with enough force to send both combatants flying back a bit.

       Both Daemon and Stoic were panting from the exhaustion but Daemon spoke out to Stoic. "So do you finally accept me as a human or not Stoic?" he said with a smile.


       "Fine.....I guess I'll have to beat some more sense into you!!!" Daemon yelled as he ran towards Stoic, and Stoic mirrored his action causing their fists to clash again with such ferocity that it gave off a loud boom, but both of their second strikes hit their marks as Daemon received another blow to the stomach, and Stoic received one to the side of his face; causing both to stumble backwards.

       " looks like we're both at the end of our ropes here." Daemon said spitting up blood again.

       "Yeah....this next attack will be the last for one of us." Stoic said as he cleaned the blood from his face.

       Daemon and Stoic starred each other down, as they prepared themselves for the final attack. Daemon crouched low to the ground, while Stoic widened his stance and just stood there, not moving a muscle as they waited for the moment to strike down their opponent once and for all. They didn't move for minutes, but just then a bird chirped out from up above and in a blink of an eye they were off! Charging straight at each other with fire in their eyes; knowing that the first one to falter would lose the fight.

       But as they grew closer and closer, neither showed any signs of changing course, as they got closer and closer still, they could now see each others eyes clearly and knew that this was the end. Just when they were in arms reach of each other, Stoic and Daemon made their moves!

       Stoic threw a straight right jab at Daemon's face, hoping he would move out of the way so he could hit him with his left......but Daemon didn't try to dodge out of the way. Instead Daemon let the jab graze his cheek as he broke through Stoic's attack, and at that second Stoic knew he had lost. Daemon swiftly brought his left arm forward and went for a fierce upper cut to Stoic's abdomen; the force from the hit caused Stoic to spit out a mouth full of blood....but Daemon wasn't finished, as he then brought his right fist straight upward and into Stoic's chin! Daemon quickly backed away as Stoic just stood there and then finally fell to his knees and landed face first on to the ground with a 'thud'.
       The entire crowd stood silent and they watched for any movement this time...making sure this was the end. As soon as Goober began to count, the crowd started to whisper again.

       "....10!!! It's over!!!"

       At those words Daemon collapsed to his knees and breathed out a sigh of relief, now that this ordeal was finally over with.....but he soon noticed the crowds whispers.....

       "No way....Stoic lost?"

       "That boy must of cheated!"

       "Yeah....there's no way in Asgard, Stoic could lose to him."

       But just then Stoic awakened with a loud groan.
       "Stoic's awake!!!"

       "The fight must go on!!"

       Gobber soon entered the ring with Berks doctor and shouted out: "NO! It's over! Daemon won fair and square!!!"

       "What...? I lost?"

       "Yes old lost honorably." Stoic said as the doctor was examining him.
       "!!!! I refuse to admit defeat to that demon!!!" Stoic yelled out as he got to his feet.

       "Yeah!!! That's our Stoic!!!"

       "Here Stoic! Finish him off with this!" One of the crowd members threw down a sword at Stoic's feet.

       "I'll will protect Berk from all evil." Stoic said as he picked up the sword.

       "No, dad stop!!!" Hiccup called out to Stoic, hoping to break through to him.

       "Shut up! I'm not your father....and your not my son anymore!!!!" Stoic yelled out to Hiccup as he slowly approached Daemon.

       'This isn't body won't move....' Daemon thought as he struggled to move his legs and arms.

       "'s time to end this!" Stoic raised the sword above his head and as he swung it down, Daemon closed his eyes and awaited the inevitable.........but he felt nothing. Was he killed in one swing?.....No....his body was still aching. Daemon slowly opening his eyes and saw two black figures standing in front of him.....and they had tails....and wings!!!

       "Fang! Toothless! What are you doing!?" Daemon said as he starred up at them holding the swords edge back with their bare hands.

       "Were saving you this time. What does it look like?" Toothless said with a smug smile.

       "I'm not going to just stand by and watch my mate be killed!!!" Fang said with an angry tone.

       "How dare you two devils interfere!!" Stoic said in a rage.

       "Interfere? Uuuhhh Daemon beat your butt fair and square Stoic! What your doing is being a sore loser." Toothless said with a little attitude.

       "You dare tell me what is fair!? You bewitch-er that stole my sons heart!"

       "She didn't do anything to Hiccup, Stoic. They fell in love with each other naturally.....the same way Daemon and I did."

       "Gggrrrrr.....I WILL NEVER ALLOW THIS UNGODLY UNION!!!" Stoic roared as he pushed the swords edge harder done onto the dragons hands, which was now breaking the skin.
Daemon saw their blood flow down their arms and hit the ground.

       "That's more fair play. The fights now I can go all out!!!" Daemon slowly stood up and looked Stoic square in the eyes as Stoic looked back and watched as they slowly began to glow.

       " Stay away from me demon!!" Stoic said as he dropped the sword and slowly backed away.

       "If I was a demon Stoic.....then I wouldn't of played by the rules during our fight. But I did....and I won...using MY own strength. That proves that I'm not a demon Stoic. But if you want to see me as a demon I can show you a demon!"  Daemon's body began to glow with power, as he was starting to change....but was interrupted by Hiccup.

       "Daemon don't! There's no need."

       ".....Alright Hiccup." Daemon said reluctantly as he quickly undid any changes that he had made and his eyes returned to normal as he collapsed into Fang's arms.

       "So since Daemon won, we all get to stay here in Berk. No matter what Stoic has to say correct?" Toothless asked Gobber.

       "That's correct....uuhhh..Toothless." Gobber replied with a confused look.

       "Hhheeeyyy!!" Astrid called out as she and the other teens entered the ring.

       "Amazing fight!" said Ruffnut.

       "I knew you would win the entire time." Snotlout said, patting Daemon on the back.

       "No you didn't. You said he could never win." Tuffnut butted in.

       "That was truly a great fight. Did you us a plus 5 speed?" Fishlegs asked. They all started to laugh and started to try and mend friendships. Just when it seemed everything worked out......the crowd erupted into an uproar!

       "No way am I going to accept this!"

       "Same here!"

       "Human dragons! Human's and dragons mating!? There's no way we can accept that." The crowd started to pound on the chains on the ceiling, and began to make their way to the rings entrance.

       "Great....this whole fight was for nothing....." Hiccup said with a disappointed look.

It seemed like all was lost, but then multiple voices rang out over the crowds yelling.
       "HEY!!! EVERYONE!!!!" The crowd turned around and were shocked to see who had called out to them.

       "Are those our....."
       "I think so..."
       "Those are all our human form!!!!"

       The crowd was greeted by an equally large crowd made entirely up off all the dragons in Berk! But before the crowd could make sense of what they were seeing, they were attacked by the human dragons with hug and slaps on the if they were all old long lost friends! Every dragon quickly found their owner and began to talk with them as if this was all natural....even though it was an awkward conversation for many since these dragons still didn't grasp the concept of 'clothing' yet.

       "What going on up there?" asked Snotlout.

       "Oh just a little intervention of our own, brother!"

       "Huh???" Everyone looked over and saw five dragons entering the Kill Ring.

       " that you?" Snotlout said as his jaw almost dropped to the ground.

       "Sure is buddy! What do you think? I think I look pretty handsome in human form." said Spitfire, as the now human Nightmare approached his rider and gave him the same slap on the back Snotlout gives.

       "Then these must be our dragons!" said Fishlegs as he ran over to greet his Gronkle.

       "No way..." said Tuffnut.

       "Yes way Tuffy, You better believe it." said one of the female Zipplebacks, since they appeared to of split into two separate human forms, but only maintained one wing each.

       "Hey! Now we can ask them which one of us the like better!" said Ruffnut with a big smile.

       "Yeah! So who do you like better? Me! Or my dumb sister."

       "Uhhh....well I like you Tuffy."

       "Ok and which one are you?" asked Tuffnut.

       "I'm Smokestack." she said with a giggle.

       "So what about you? Sparktongue?" asked Ruffnut.

       "I prefer you over your smelly brother any day Ruffnut." said Sparktongue.

       "Hahahaha figures their dragon are as divided on a decision as the twin themselves." Astrid said with a laugh, but stopped as she noticed a blue dragon starring at her.

       "......Aaasssttrrriidd~!!!" The human Nadder quickly ran up to Astrid and picked her up as he twirled around.

       "Hey......Spikey..stop spinning me!" Astrid said as she began to blush.

       "Oh...sorry Astrid." Spike immediately set Astrid down and was greeted with a punch in the arm from her.

       "Ow! What was that for?"

       "For holding me next to you when your not wearing pants!!!!" Astrid shouted with a blushed face. As she handed Spikey Stoic's cape.

       "I'm so glad I can finally talk to you!"

       "Uhhh to Spikey...I mean Spike."

       "Whats wrong?"

       "Its just that I always thought.....that you were a female." Astrid's face grew even more red.

       "Ohhh....well. Nope, I'm male." Spike said with an innocent smile. Just then a thought popped into Astrid's head: 'I have to admit.....he looks pretty cute.' But she immediately shook her head clear once she realized what she was thinking. "Uuuhhh lets go over here and talk." Astrid grabbed Spike and dragged him away from Daemon and the others. While Daemon and the rest looked on with happy smiles at how everyone was getting along so well with their dragons new forms.

       "It looks like it all worked out after all, huh Fang." Daemon said with a smile.

       "Ok I admit it, you were right. It was crazy, but it worked out after all." Fang said with a content smile. Daemon gave a little chuckle, but immediately buckled over in pain and started to cough up even more blood then before and soon passed out onto the floor.

       "Daemon! Daemon can you hear me!!" Fang called to him, as she held him in her arms.

       "We have to get him to the doctor now!" Gobber ordered.

       "Alright lead the way, while I carry him." Fang said as she gently lifted Daemon's battered body onto her shoulders, and quickly followed Gobber and the doctor to his house. When they arrived at the doctors house, they quickly cleared off a table so Fang could set Daemon down, but as she did she noticed that he had stopped breathing....

       "Oh no....No!! Daemon wake up! Speak to me!" Fang held Daemon's head in her hands and smacked him a bit, but he still didn't wake up.

       "Move over, I need to get to his torso!" The doctor said as he stepped in next to Fang. The doctor cut right down the middle of Daemon's shirt and pulled the two halves aside to reveal huge bruises a over his body!

       "By the gods! How could this boy move or even be conscious after that fight....with theses injuries is beyond what I would expect!"

       "You have to save him, please!! What can we do to help?" Fang pleaded with the doctor.

       "We need to stop the internal bleeding located around his lungs. That's why he's coughing up blood."

       "How do we do that?"

       "I'll need a small pipe....and uuhhh some of that sticky ooze over there. Also Fang."


       "I'll need you to use one of your claws to cut a small incision right along here." The doctor said as he made a line in between two of Daemon's ribs.

       "Here's a pipe!" said Gobber.

       "And here's the sticky stuff you wanted." said Hiccup.

       "Good. Now this will have to be down quickly and precisely. Understand?"

       "Yes!" Said all four of them.

       "Now....make the cut Fang."

       Fang did as she was instructed and make a small clean cut in between Daemon's ribs and was slightly taken back when the blood started to seep out. "Now the pipe hurry!" Gobber quickly handed the doc the small pipe, which was quickly inserted into the cut and straight into Daemon's lung; "Now give me that ooze." Hiccup handed over the small bowl which was filled with the stickiest tree sap in Berk, which was then spread around the pipe so it would stay in place and seal off the cut. Everyone watched and waited to see what would happen, but all jumped back as blood started to drain out of the pipe and Daemon gasped for breathe and awakened.

       "Daemon! Your alive!" Fang cheered with joy as she tried to put her arms around him.

       "Oooowww. By Odin and Thor's might! Why do I hurt so bad and where am I???" Daemon asked.

       "You just finished your fight with Stoic!" Gobber said.

       "Your at the doctors house." Hiccup interjected.

       "You almost died!!!" said Toothless with a worried look.

       ".......Oooohhh yeah. I guess all this passing out....kind of messed with my memory......" Daemon trailed of as he passed out.

       "Daemon? What wrong with him doctor?" Fang asked.

       "Don't worry. He's just exhausted from the fight. His life isn't in danger anymore. Lets take him back to your home so he can rest."

       "Alright....." Fang said, unsure of Daemon's condition.

..........................................................ONE WEEK LATER.......................................................
       Fang quietly made her way upstairs to Daemon's room, so she could check up on him, but as she opened the door she saw Daemon was slowly beginning to stir under the covers in his bed and with out thinking ran over to his bed side and started to shake him and said.

       "Daemon. Daemon wake up!"

       "Huh....woah....whats wrong? Where's the fire Fang?"

       "Thank goodness, your finally awake!"

       "Huh? How long was I asleep?"

       "You were asleep for a whole week!!"

       "What!!! A week!"  Daemon quickly sat up, but stopped as his stomach began to growl. "Well that explains why I'm starving, hahaha."

       "How do you feel?" Fang said with concerned tone.

       "I feel fine, a little sore. But considering what I went through, not bad at all. Heh, good thing I had dragon blood in me, or I could of been in serious trouble."

       "I'm glad.....I was worried when you didn't wake up after the first couple of days....that you might not wake up at all...." Fang brought her hands to her face, so Daemon wouldn't see her cry. Daemon was sad to see the one he loved, crying. So he moved her hands away so he could see her face and looked into her eyes and said; "I'm sorry that I worried you.....I'll make sure you never have to worry about me again." He then brushed away the tears that were rolling down Fang's cheeks and gave her a small, making her blush a little.

       "You better not.....or you'll have me to deal with!" Fang said as she turned her head, so she could hide her now bright red face.

       "Hahaha. Ok, I understand. I don't want to invoke your wrath."

       "Well lets get you up and dressed. I have to show you the village."

       "Why what happened to it?"

       "You'll see..." Fang said with a smile and a giggle.

       Fang left the room, and waited for Daemon to get dressed. Which didn't take long as he practically tore off his pajamas's and threw on his pants, boots, shirt and jacket and ran downstairs to meet Fang.

       "So what did you need to show me Fang?"


       Fang slowly opened the front door, and as Daemon's eyes slowly adjusted to the light outside.....he couldn't believe what he saw.....
Chapter 11. Fight For Your Future!!

PLEASE COMMENT!!! :la::la::la:

Only 2 more chapters left after this one readers!!! =D
(just a heads up. The next one might have to have the mature content blocker up if you know what I mean. ;) )

The epic battle between Daemon and Stoic is FINALLY underway!!!! YYYYAAAAYYY
-phew- I spent like 3 days planning and typing this out.....and especially working on the fight itself. (writing battles are tough)
But I'm really pleased with how it turned out and I hope my readers are as well.

AND ALSO!!! once again I leave you with a cliffhanger at the end sorry. =D

Hiccup, Astrid, Snotlout, Fishlegs, Tuffnut and Ruffnut, Stoic and Toothless all belong to Dreamworks.

Daemon and Fang belong to me (well how I invision them, the names not so much ^_^;; )

Previous Chapter: CH 10. A Change of Plans [link]

Next Chapter: CH 12. What Will Come Next? [link]
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Ohhhhhh Finland.... this was a shit sketch requested by some of my friends on FB. :P you can figure out what they are thinking on your own. :D
FFFFFFFFF~ these characters belong to Humon. :P
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My god, I thought I'd never get to finish something SatW related! D8

To those who doesn't know what it is, Scandinavia and the World (SatW for short) is a Hetalia-inspired comic by :iconhumon:. I recommend, you check it out. It's awesome.

The ghost in the corner is the Beer Ghost from one of the comics.

It's also my first contribution to :iconsatw-fanclub:.

Scandinavia and the World (c) :iconhumon:
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Hiccup grinned to himself as he ran back to his house after dragon training. He had successfully "defeated" a dragon without harming the beast and he was glad. He knew that if he actually hurt one of the dragons, he'd never be able to look Toothless in the face.

His smile widened at the thought of his black dragon and he hopped the stairs up to his house two at a time so he could get there faster. Today was an extremely hot day. Extremely hot. So today instead of going flying with Toothless, he had something different planned.

He opened the door to his house and went to the cellar, that stored their fish and he grabbed his pack and filled it. He ran back to the base level of the house and left the pack by the back door and ran up to his room. He changed his pants to some short and he threw on a short sleeved shirt. He then grabbed a contraption from his desk with a playful expression and placed it securely in a pocket of his shorts.

Deciding to go barefoot today, he jogged down to the back door (tripping a bit) and shouldered his pack of fish and carefully made his way to his meeting place with his dragon.

"Hey Toothless!" Hiccup chirped with a grin, making his way down the rock side. The black dragon sat up with pointed ears and trotted over to where Hiccup was coming down and waited patiently.

The brunette grinned and set the pack in front of Toothless and pushed it over to reveal the fish. Toothless rumbled happily and knelt down to start eating the pile.

"I have something else planned today." Hiccup smiled. He went over to unhook the saddle from Toothless, earning him a confused look from the hungry dragon. "It's so hot today." Hiccup said, slipping off his shirt when Toothless finished eating and was sitting next to him with a curious expression. "So I wanna go swimming!" and with that, Hiccup jumped into the lake, earning him a surprised squeal from the dragon.

Hiccup laughed. "C'mon Toothless! Don't be a wimp!" Toothless let out a playful growl and jumped into the water, thoroughly splashing the boy. Hiccup laughed and reached for the contraption in his pocket as he watched Toothless splash around and dive and chase the fish in the lake.

The contraption that Hiccup had (and made) was rather short, and it looked like a needle only without the actual needle and there was just a small hole at the end. Hiccup grinned evilly and pumped some water into the water needle before slowly lifting it and squirting Toothless right in the nose.

Toothless rumbled in surprise and sneezed multiple times before glaring at the laughing boy. Hiccup grinned and squirted Toothless again. The dragon growled and brought one of his wings down and created a wave, causing Hiccup to yelp in surprise as it splashed him and sent him back a bit.

They stared at each other challengingly for a bit before they both put on mischievous expressions.  

Then, the epic water fight of the century began.

They splashed and squirted and splashed some more. However, in the end, Toothless had gotten a hold of Hiccup's weapon and was chasing a screaming Hiccup across the lake. His rumbling laughter was filling the area and some of the little dragons had surrounded the trench and was looking at them curiously.

The boy hid behind a rock and sent waves of water at the dragon, but the Night Fury easily hopped over the rock and suddenly Hiccup was being picked up by a mouth with sheathed teeth. Hiccup yelped and squealed and yelled for Toothless to put him down. But he was laughing as well, for he was having fun and Toothless was rumbling happily which really tickled his chest.

Toothless pranced up out of the water and onto the grassy land and dropped his burden onto the soft ground. He then laid down and placed a clawed paw over Hiccup's chest triumphantly. The boy rolled his eyes at the glint in the dragon's eyes that clearly said "I win".

"Yeah, yeah…you win buddy." Hiccup groaned, but smiled anyway. It was starting to get dark and hiccup shivered as a breeze drifted over his wet body. He scooted closer to Toothless and curled against the dragon's warm chest and listened to Toothless' coos and purrs and rumbles of contentment.

Hiccup sighed happily and Toothless grabbed him, startling the boy a bit, with his four legs and rolled over more onto his back and curled his wings around the boy before going back over on his side with Hiccup in a safe cocoon. Hiccup sighed. "You're not gonna let me go home tonight huh?"

Toothless rumbled mischievously and looked down at him with sparkling eyes before laying his head down and going to sleep.  

Hiccup sighed and curled up comfortably against Toothless' chest. "Well, I didn't really wanna go home today anyway."
Pfft, I think I'm having to much fun.



This has a few spoilers, so people who haven't seen the movie should read at their own risk.

I went online and looked at some other reviews for HTTYD and some people of a critic website gave it a 7.5 outta 10 and 97% of the comments were good comments. :) So that makes me happeh.
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You have no idea how fun they are to draw. XD It started with Norway, and the rest just kinda.... followed. c: Enjoy these creepy drawings!
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Well, since I love humons SatW Comics so much, I decided to make [link] Meme ^^

In case there is anyone who does not know who the guys in the fourth panel are... Use google to find out ;-)

Hope you can laugh a bit
Best wishes to you...

Edit I:
For those who liked this meme -> you might like this one too [link]

And last but not least: Thank you all very much for commenting!

Edit II:
Due to some questions about the ďStereotypeĒ Panel, I think I completely failed to make myself clear in the Meme and I probably need to explain.

First of all, I did not mean, that ever American human being is stupid, Iíd never say that. It's just a stereotype, like saying all Swiss people are rich (which at least I am not) and arrogant (which I'm only if I've got a reason for it ^^).Of corse there are many, many Americans who are smart or lovely or both!

I admit that there are some characteristics to American people which sometimes seem dense to me, but I believe thatís because there are things I canít understand, due to cultural differences.
But I can assure you, I'd never ever think that every single last individual of a nation is stupid or ignorant, just because there are things attached to that nation I believe are stupid (and there always is, not only in America)! First because the individual, other than the mass, always has the ability to be brilliant and secondly because you are you, not your nation ^^

And hey, I love Homer Simpson! Because he's like most of us... He may be a complete moron but that does not matter. He's lovely, charming and tries to be a good man and that's what counts. So even if some (!) americans/swiss/inuits/chinese/.... aren't the smartest cookie in the jar, does not mean that they are any less than Einstein himself.

And in the end, itís just a stereotype. If one getís offended by it itís mainly because heís afraid heís closer to that stereotype than he wishes to.
Iím Swiss and I know that I am not a cheese and chocolate eating rich, arrogant and racist banker named Heidi who lives in a hut in the mountains with an old guy ^^ But if anyone makes that joke, Iíll laugh about it.
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Baby Sweden! I apologize for how long it took me to finish him. I think it's been about a month. D: It was hard for me to make him still look like :iconhumon:'s Sweden.

I do still plan on making the other characters as well. =D

:iconsvenskefaen: helped me with the Swedish on the book XD It says, "computers"

Sweden belongs to :iconhumon:
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Original art created by Humon [link]

I watched the original version and I liked it, but I just felt it was kinda incomplete. It needed more history in it.
So I decided to make a version of my own.
All rights goes to Humon of course and I hope she doesn't mind.

Schleswig Holstein (as it is called, don't know what the English name is, sorry) is the most northern state of Germany.
It was under Danish rule for a long time and sense Humon never created him in SATW I figured I had to make him my self. He's sister Germany and Denmark's kid.

Yeah, he had done her! XD

And if you wounder why At the second last image why there isn't an arrow pointing at Norway to Sweden is because at this time Norway was a country of his home and Sweden respected that and he let Norway be more and more independant till he finally let him go
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