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Wide Aperture #7

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 4, 2013, 2:31 PM

This is Wide Aperture, a little corner where we get closer to experienced and talented photographers.  This is where they kindly share their insight in a very direct way, straigth from their viewfinder.  
This is where the XXI Century kicks in, blending classic vintage works with the latest techniques and media, unorthodox works and borderline street portraiture, always keeping in mind those "most engaging unstaged and candid photos with a narrative" that we call Street Photography.


Today we meet a friend and Administrator: José Calheiros :iconjacac: Known for his controversial opinions and thoughts and for his straightforwardness, as well for his rich Passport :D filled with stamps and  “Postcards”. Here are some lines, coming from decades of experience, of films and of pixels.


How did you find street photography, and how would you describe your photographic style?

I didn't, street photography found me.

When I was a student in Architecture, so many years ago, I had to make a written work about a square with a garden in Lisbon. I went there looking for something to write about it, and I remember taking photos of the square and of the people passing there. I didn't write a single word but I delivered a photo story album and I got the best result amongst all the classmates.

Since then I always look around to see and feel what is happening in the streets.

I think I don't have a classic style and I find myself discussing this many times with many people, because for me street is not necessarily about wide angle lense (can i say this here Nuno? :) ) but about catching the feeling, the story in a scene. And my Architect mind leads my composition. So: feeling, composition and a quick finger!!!!


Enemy by JACAC


How do you find your subjects?

I don't know, I just walk around and feel what is going on, and when something clicks in my head, then I just compose and shoot, only one frame. I always think that the second frame is another story, not what I saw.


London 01 by JACAC


Do you hit the streets with a theme in mind, or it just flows?

It flows for sure, I think it is not possible going out with a theme, for me of course. If you do that, for sure you will miss a lot of things.


The big eye by JACAC


What kind of equipment do you use, and do you carry a lot of gear with you? If you had to stick to one lens for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

In Lisbon, on my Sunday walks, I use my Nikon D800 with a Nikon 24/70 (2.8) and i can do almost everything with that. When I travel I add to it my 14/24 (2.8) and my 70/200 (2.8).

Lately, since that I won the contest held by the French magazine PHOTO, I have a FuxiFilm X10 as prize to use.  I started using that small camera without big expectations, but what a great experience! 


Postcard from Brussels 02 by JACAC


Do you take hip-shots? If so, describe us how do you shoot from the hip

No, I don't.


Postcard from Paris 3 by JACAC


Are there any particular photographers that influenced you?

I think I don't have just one influence, but a mix of Bresson and Magnun photographers and also Salgado, but on top of all the photographers, the great Jeanloup Sieff. Not a street photographer, but just go and see his work.


Lisbon 11 by JACAC


What  is it that draws your attention in the streets?

The people, the smells, the sounds, the colors in b/w =)=), I need this in my life.


Lisbon 16 by JACAC


Any tips for the street togs  out there?

Go out, go out and GO OUT!

With a camera of course and take photos, but only if you feel like it.

Taking photos must be done with your head, but also with your heart.

Take care and be happy.


Friends by JACAC

Take a look at the WHERE  STREET HAS NO NAME SUBMISSION’S GALLERY Soon the most voted photos will be ready to be judged by the External Jury.

Where can you find the yard?
Wide Aperture - The Yard Collective Interview with Josť Calheiros
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The Elite Elect #71

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 9, 2012, 10:35 AM

"The Elite Elect #71"

Beauty of the mind by Elfvingphotography
Waiting by betilsart Cross the Line (Arch II) by endegor :thumb308289836:
Hong Kong ICC by romainjl Bigpi by cihanyum 0574 by foto-duet untitled by eschultz
Instant 94 by SUDOR :thumb307375645: Tongues by Dionisic
Anticipation by LyraWhite busy by ncavee waiting, waiting by kittysyellowjacket
Glances by wchild the truth about sightseeing by koqu :thumb311977715:
:thumb310147416: Haiku by PoisonedHamster :thumb312743187:
El hombre en el parque by CarlosRedondoPhoto Train Station by fhrei Cold winter morning in Paris by charlomer
:thumb303445427: Black Silo by chilouX The Gateway by Nightline
Frankfurt a.M. a thousand times by Regadenzia New York's storm by Inside-Montpellier Some Square in New York by chris29
Miklousiceva by IooPa Sounds like a fucking melody by fuxs Sunset at the lake by Ditzechick
645 by W1nDkh Together by Cinnamomo 646 by W1nDkh
Crater Life by LeashaHooker Langdale Valley by Mohain Precious Moments by MaximeCourty
:thumb309814893: The critical step. by paparazipolymorphism :thumb311018702:
Sunshine in the Shade by Val-Faustino  london underground by cheechwizard Searching For The Right Door by roodpa
Union Station by Jinrishijinribi Streets of Silesia by RafalBigda Feelin' Blue by VerticalDubai
Time to... by endegor LEH by ideoda Actress by Daizy-M
she is waiting for you by NataliaCiobanu Decision at Sundown by DianaGrigore Fairy dreams by leelloor
wings are unfolding by mj-magic Forest Of Denial by jonniedee The Offering by AimishBoy

the :giggle: shot
Oops! by Y4why

the :wtf: shot

For Lovers of Street Photography:
  • Listening to: Nicole Moudaber Essential Mix
  • Watching: UFC 148
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The Journey

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 10, 2013, 12:41 PM
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Let us travel everywhere in the world with this feature.

Please consider giving it a :+fav: or comment so that more people can see these amazing works! :heart:

Golden Makkah by eyesweb1
Siblings by hateom Painting with Light by hateom
Sunlit by parkflavor
Seasons Change by Nelleke
A golden embrace by Fra-Emer
Obscured Light I by Photopathica Ghost trees by chavez666
Morning Fire by FlorentCourty
Winter light by PawelMatys Tree of Lite by Miguel-Santos
Quiraing by TobiasRichter
Masai Sunset by eddieboy95 The Old Man of Storr by TobiasRichter
Trotternish by TobiasRichter
Coire Faoin by TobiasRichter Heaven let your light shine down by Dee-T
Torridon by TobiasRichter
Winterglow by MarcoHeisler Path by m-eralp
576 by Nigrita
-Kingdom without king- by Janek-Sedlar -Morning road to village- by Janek-Sedlar
-Eternal sunshine of the inside world- by Janek-Sedlar
Bryce Canyon Beginnings by tourofnature Colors of dawn by VoidIndex

Non-Linear Surface by EintoeRn Song of the Golden Dawn by Piroshki-Photography
Untitled-1big by bagnino
-Summoning the sun- by Janek-Sedlar Through the Eerie Gloom by jasonwilde

Althaea by a14onymus Winter Rays by DeingeL
Lady Aurora by Trichardsen
Take Me Home by torivarn Nordreisa Moonlight by torivarn
Pelicans Cubed by andyhutchinson
You Are Here by torivarn QUIET by K-E-I-T
Never Noticed by bebefromtheblock
Out in the silence by KarelSopek -Colored rhyme of fall- by Janek-Sedlar
Fairytale by emmanueldautriche
Mirkwood by scotto
Heart Of Brightness by CaveCanem42
Don't let the sun go down on me by BillyRWebb Permian Sunrise by Miguel-Santos
Gellicum my bearth village by Betuwefotograaf
Field And Sky by BokehLight Criss Cross by EintoeRn
Beautiful Ethiopia 5 by CitizenFresh
New Zealand by hquer The Tree by Joalff
Winter blues by MikkoLagerstedt
Moonlit Forest by Nitrok Jump! in to river... by lomatic Pilsko by myusernameistaken2
While the sea drags my pain... by AWPhotographyandArt
Home by marinsuslic Shrouded III by myusernameistaken2
Vegbrink by torivarn
The Stars World by Hussain-Studio ultimate sigh - infrared by Konczey-Zsolt
Mist And Noctilucent Clouds - by MikkoLagerstedt
The Book Of Forgotten Lands by MaximeDaviron Mirkwood by Aphantopus
Mond Licht Nacht by CaveCanem42
Talisker Bay by TobiasRichter Solace by KrisVlad
Movement by MikkoLagerstedt
Timpanogas in Winter by tourofnature
Winter in Holland  VI by Betuwefotograaf
Switzerland by RobinHalioua Pilvet ja keppi by juhku
early mornin' fog by Sssssergiu
Foggy Entrance by intao
Calm by ori97
L i g h t and D a r k by MarcoHeisler The Wetlands by CapturingTheNight
Hole in the rock by porbital
Landscape by jmgago85 Winter Delight by alexandre-deschaumes
The Sleepy Mountains by MaximeDaviron
Above the Darkness of the Night by RobertoBertero Leaning towards the moon by Morgan-Lou
Snowy field by NorbertKocsis
The Ghost and the Angel by Trichardsen littoral by NWunseen
The Mystery by Nelleke
Sirocco by chriseastmids
Dunstanburgh Castle by TobiasRichter
Midnight Sun - Rework by Omelettu
Sunrise above the clouds by hennexx
Distant Dreams by simonebyrne Timeless by juhku
Loch Maree by TobiasRichter
Breathless by marinsuslic Scolette by Annabelle-Chabert
first light by augenweide
Cuckmere Bay by TobiasRichter Earth Water and Sky by creativemikey
Snowdon by Alex37
White Spikes by erezmarom
Rarotonga Sunset by 2binspired
Golden Sunset by soulofautumn87 Be Still by JacquelineBarkla
-Through inner world- by Janek-Sedlar
Reach Out by helios-spada Netherlands 12 by lonelywolf2
Blue 'n Red by bluesense
Day 34 - Reflections by EliseEnchanted Steadfast Seagull by soulofautumn87
Equilibrium by tvurk
Aerology by kayjensen Cold dust by chevyhax

Sunset Escape by LeashaHooker -Last red poem- by Janek-Sedlar
The North Country by CezarMart
Bavarian Haze by mutrus #042 by vinoviola
After The Storm by MarcoHeisler
Sanur by Hengki24 A hazy shade of winter... by cricketumpire
Dunes by Pixel-Spotlight
Finite Sky by Blue-Harbor
Aphasia by vonsac

If you get to read this, you're brave. That means you looked at the entire feature. 

Have a warm cup of tea and travel the world.
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Journal Entry: Fri Sep 26, 2014, 1:51 AM

f.p.g.h VII by ChristianBurtscher
A Little Bit Of Everything... by ansdesign
Portrait by AlexandraLuzi
Flower by jfdupuis La tombe de Victor by Herculanum Roeros 05 by HorstSchmier
Big Hard Square 15 by OrdinaryFella The whole is more than the sum of its parts by Einsilbig Equitably shared by T1sup
Untitled by DavideDeDomenico Alliance Please by CristianoTeofili 1811 by santosam81
DML2 by pyros
The City Holds Secrets by FiguraArto
UF14  Gnarly Diagonal by Xantipa2 breathing dust by disies filter filter by ltiana355
neoAkhenaten by aerendial a walk by korrox Barbarian Invasions by martaraff
glance by derekjones Nothing did we know about  the future by AiniTolonen Marigold of Fire by suvipaju
Motion Sickness by veeegeee
klm by awjay
dreaming of an island by aerendial
Not.Winter 15 by HorstSchmier 2108012 by laflaneuse HeartThink by HMissXX upside down by DottorT48
Stranger...Ranger....Anger... by Bibire Dynamik by zoundsister Hole in my Head by tholang 
up and away by katpi Late August by doyo AB14  Full Moon by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM
the center by augenweide
double venetian mask 3 by creapicform
Take-a-Picture by wdnest
figure In The Rain by rioMenor Of stones by MagdalenaPticek Catch the Breeze by SheWalksInSilence
Elysian Fields by VicEberly outside looking in by sandpiper764 Memoires of an Imperfect Angel by a3t3rnum 
Pawtrate by RhysKM .zueri. by dasTOK Chair by jfdupuis
Jahresringe by feigenfrucht
Walkways by AlexandrinaAna
Abstract view by fourteenthstar  EnoughI just
             want to
                              be enough
 Looking Outside Inside by arctoa 
the reject VI by Birgit-Zartl-Art Little White Shadows by catch---22 Oh Bitte by BlindEyeTwist
_0_0 by doyo Image by shiitakexxxx Fragile by Sei-Zako
Fragile by Anshelm

Untitled by jonniedee VIII (Tangle without 258) by Poromaa path by andreapun 
Water Space 03 by VolatilePlums Are you my mommy? by RGDart star schema by RichardLeach 
Untitled 10-second portrait by lconverse Face by boxersantaros Monochrome Treeknot by Coigach 
holes by LeaHenning
Hooking Up by WaterStreetNorthWindow by JabLab Lacrimosa by KatarzynaKostecka Solar - 2013 by andresbestardmaggio 
AB14  Untimely Visit by Xantipa2 Colorful Leaf by suvipaju Little Garden by KizukiTamura 
DC1 by insolitus85 art is dead by davespertine Lifted by dekorAdum
Letting Go by 1pen
Wish by MissGrib
quelle couleur by davespertine Dissolve by chucktingley iPhoneography Hole in the Sky by Gerald-Bostock
Luft oder Wasser? by Ani-ko doom laden by davespertine Friendship by WhiteBook 
On line by Linlith Electric Way by CarlosBecerra 3DaysRunningOut by M-Art-Artist
Breakthrough by VicEberly
Synapse by AlexandrinaAna
V/o by doyo Ascetic by 3mmI lost | flashbacks by karamelo-serenity 
ends by awjay Apokalypsis by AlexandrinaAna Sunglasses by djailledie 
As Monroe quit by xMissTake Till T by JabLab Valkyrie by hogret 
Urban Joke I by Epytafe
the wailing walls are everywhere by glenox66
Shallow Waters by Feyborg my burning heart by R9A Thought by thergothon 
Six Six Kicks by OrdinaryFella Basse Mer by Pierre-Lagarde <da:thumb id="480209244"/>
060914A by JFBAYLE for you I would... by tuminka DMK by dasTOK
Bounce by cogwurx
time vs machine by HippieVan57
Awakening by ejohanne Caramel by Pierre-Lagarde Big Hard Square 212 by OrdinaryFella 
The Clouds Collector by IMAGENES-IMPERFECTAS Watch your step by dekorAdum obstruct expressionism by davespertine 
Before the stop by cameraflou Caraj 7 by jfdupuis 1O1 by doyo 
Poor Filthy Olive by veeegeee
puddle by rdalpes
Sever by Thomayne Die Suche geht weiter by ro-mi-go Pathway by RichardLeach 
The Violinist by JoanLlado the bridge by FabioKeiner get reet by RichardLeach 
Balletto by Batsceba Aurelia by PellucidMind faded glory by sandpiper764 
Tech n color Dream 08 by caddman
The Moon And  the Sea by JamesSkeltonSmith
blue wood by augenweide mourn XVIII by ohlin84 Field of Memories by ejohanne 
Unknown guest by lostknightkg glass_3095 by sjfbetty  
Fragments by hummbuzz Channel by KizukiTamura Chopin by martaraff 
The Reject VII by Birgit-Zartl-Art

FW by dasTOK Conversation by KizukiTamura Selon sa volonte by amiejo 
<da:thumb id="478596741"/> <da:thumb id="476224443"/>  LAzon 6 by Pierre-Lagarde 
Social ghost by Epytafe Blue by midgardart lonicera III by sth22art
The Egg HDR Workshop Entry by kelmeloo
Howling Mountains by alexandre-deschaumes
Not.Winter 21 by HorstSchmier
SLIDE by getcarter J08 by Myrddhin I Saw A Cat In The Window by JillAuville 
Last taxi before you go by cameraflou dead city II by disies HH by dasTOK 
A Wisp Of Smoke by DpressedSoul .but oh, the whole world is still on my string. by Kay-Noire ..: blind them with science :.. by Moth-called-Marigold 
esquisse - sketch by JFBAYLE
The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Canankk
abstract sunset by augenweide I Hate Almost Every Person I Come In Contact With by BlindEyeTwist embers by Xiile 
Equivoque ... by SLpImpressions Motel nine rooms (SOLD) by Acrymat Profundity by KizukiTamura 
the double character of S by BobRock99 FAITH by getcarter Isolated III by MarinaCoric 
Dunes by peinturealuile
140909 - Lahti by JakezDaniel
Cosmea by feigenfrucht
Abstract texture 32 by ghero97 Not.Winter 23 by HorstSchmier Near the Fire by jenniferhansen 
Point sur les nuits by siamesesam Compositional Aspects by Einsilbig 01964 by Ikarusthefirst 
Lil Muncher by mj-magic Tunnel Vision by Markus43 0384 by ra-gro 
Image by cananunal
living out forbidden dreams by chriseastmids
untitled ::: by katworks collage 2014-003 by ArianeJurquet Hiding Behind by katworks 
Shadow by leoatelier 1O8 by doyo Piano by jfdupuis 
During Florence by siamesesam Bright Shadow deviantId by Pierre-Lagarde Variations around ID by Epytafe
santosam 8811 by santosam81
Steely Gaze by RationalParadox
astronaut by baspunk
nocturne by korrox Fossilized Experiment by suddenbanana in bester erinnerung III by ChristianBurtscher 
right into the bliss II by disies ptice lutalice by aerendial WHITE LINE OF SILENCE by getcarter 
sweat and tears by doyo 2 w by stillhitori Buster Keaton 02 by wwwcine 
Chronoscope by iNeedChemicalX
Our Wind Power Sundowner by veeegeee
Les Revenants by JPtHart
Sakin ve mavi seyler by manyakkuzu



just try to smile and
enjoy the artwork of all those deviants featured here.
Visit their galleries, give some comments and faves, please.

And if you like this news, please comment and fave as well here.... for more attention in the community
thanks Hug fella (Reactions)
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November Feature 2014

Mon Dec 1, 2014, 5:51 AM by IndigoSummerr:iconindigosummerr:
Feature composed by IndigoSummerr

Steel Wool by RobinHedberg

Autumn Stories #2 by HeikoGerlicherRadiance by FlorentCourty

Across The Desert by Unkopierbar

Mojo I by BlackPepperPhotosAutumn Bunny by arefin03

Sunny Pathway II by third-one

El pelo fabuloso by ShakilovNeel

Standing on a rock  by freMDartet

Lejos de Casa (Aventura en Cohete) by AxelAchThe guest by dominique-merot

The Crooked Kind by Catosan

Aether by lomaticBirds in a Cage by Draken413o

Payuang by ucilito

.: Bath Time :. by AppyNinjaOscillation by DMMDesign

Mountain Mirror by Dee-T

Morning Fire by r-maricFire and ice by Phoenixstamatis

Stormy Sea by Oracle88

enigma by jaeliseSpiral by Mars-Hill

Child of Light by John-Peter

Take Me Away by MikkoLagerstedtCircle by sui400

Lexi by Hadissima

all mine by werolLovely Tristesse (Part 7) by Einsilbig

Infinity by diensilver

Hiding Place by SturmideenkindMyllyjarvi II by m-eralp

Postcard from China 22 by JACAC

Working Late by WTek79This island seems a little bit weird, no? by Seb-Photos

Day 233 - Ghost by MonsterBrand

House of the setting sun / Crete Senesi, Tuscany by JPawlakoutlet by NWunseen

Hunting fox (Vulpes vulpes) by AlesGola

Spring Cup by JulijanaMAurora on ice by Trichardsen

Flamingo by vinayan

Froggish by EinsilbigLittle Creatures 071 by Frank-Beer

Little Caterpillar by BokehLight

* * * by DangerousLukeTears of a Fairy. by dragonfly-oli

Oh nooo I forgot my money by hoschie

Memento Mori by DrHouse88Kris by Andipallabs

Fern by 7Redhotz

Night Falls by AntonioGouveiaExhaustion with Dreams by onurkorkmaz

Olga by Hart-WorxHolocaust-Mahnmal by BelcyrPiotr

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Feature #017 - Best of January 2013

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 31, 2013, 6:47 AM

-Summoning the sun- by Janek-Sedlar
Song of Ice by champivet
The kiss of light by emmanueldautriche
frosted mushrooms by michellis13
Sligachan Sunrise by pestilence
Gallows Sunrise by Traniel23Shine through the clouds by aoao2A Wash Of Color by kkart
last winter by arbebuk
Morning Sun by BokehLight
Road to Thicket Portage! by JosephTimburyyes by KariLiimatainen
Solace by KrisVlad
Day 11 - Precious by EliseEnchantedInto the blue by Svenimal
Blue Universe by Kara-aMirkwood by AphantopusBelgium - Nature's Frontier by lux69aeterna
Salish Sea treasure by taslishaw
gloomy silence by RonnyEngelmann
The Bay Lights by StevenDavisPhoto
Talisker Bay by TobiasRichterPatience by VerticalDubai
Night Dreamer by FedericoMeuli
The day of raining birds.. by tuminka
Rialto Twilight by LAlightThe Four Horsemen by AquarianPhotography
Happy Valentine's Day by LUCILALEYLAinfinito.. by kriakao
Speicherstadt by Matthias-Haker
^V^ by vabserkReflections of Autumn by alexgphoto
I loved these colors ... by MustafaSEZERDuo by simonebyrneWhen you go... by MustafaSEZER
Painting with Light by hateomThe Bay Lights by StevenDavisPhoto
Seagulls by MustafaSEZER
Frozen Morning by Atinaj
Hope by cloduyspring by Fwirll
Winterscape by Piroshki-PhotographyCanyon Light by PeterJCoskun
Switzerland by RobinHalioua
Monument Valley, drive-through by alierturkThe Lion's Den by Kendra-Paige
Fairy Path by RobinHaliouaForest Symmetry by DrewHopper
-Secrecy of transformation- by Janek-SedlarPeacock by ADancerInTheDark
Ancient Forest by RobinHalioua
January by incolor16Small, Fragile and Blue by AnnimouseMoonlighting... by RadekDemjan
Hazy mountains by romainjlStarDust. by ZEUS1001
Fly away by ZoranPhoto
Dunstanburgh Castle by TobiasRichterThe clouds are not the same by ElenaHelfrecht
Odi et amo by TwiggyTeeluck
Netherlands 12 by lonelywolf2acceptance by jyoujoliberal arts by jyoujo
I live in a pink pink world by Allerlei
Autumn haze by LukasSowadadirty little secrets by jyoujo
Invincible by MyLifeThroughTheLensHostile take-over by LinRuPhotography
Torridon by TobiasRichter
Vitamin Sea by Oer-WoutCuckmere Bay by TobiasRichter
Twilight by LuizaLazar
Obsessions by NellekeDay 6 - Magic Bubble by EliseEnchanted
Cuckmere Bay by TobiasRichter
littoral by NWunseen
Between two worlds by MikkoLagerstedt
Salt by klapouchBig Ben at Sunset by AlexGutkin
As The Sun Goes Down... by Cluke111
A place in this world by aoao2Times Square by Matthias-HakerLondon Tower Bridge by xMEGALOPOLISx
cold winter by BaxiaArtIn her memory. by incredi
Undiscovered land by m-eralp.13.01.30. by dasTOKBaltic Sea... _18_ by my-shots
Railway station by jericho1405
sLEEPING bETWEEN pISTILS by NENE00Escape by RawPoetry
Gold by feanutriPremiere by woxys
Cute Hamster's 2 by CanchupottericaLu 05 by davesten
Peace by DawnFire84
Time by PerzikhoofdMagical worlds by Dipliner

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A Foggy Feature - Best of November

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 30, 2014, 4:20 PM

I'm happy to bring you another monthly feature of wonderful fog related photography. If you are a part of this feature but not a member of A-Foggy-Day, please join us!

p.s. How do you guys like the new group icon? :icona-foggy-day:

Pureness by fairyladyphotographydon't take me home. by bebefromtheblockWinter by CarlaSophiaIt's Autumn Time by Weissglut*** by FatalvBehind the house I by Lumpy2Between Ghosts by ildiko-neerEndless Passion by bordaAwakening by MartinAmmThe Island by OlivierAccartLevi by markotapio
Morning Light by BokehLightAnother Land by shade-plGolden Trees # II by TomaszPrzybylo*** by FatalvPeyre by Annabelle-ChabertThree rays v2 by m-eralpnova by NWunseenUntitled by kriakaoHazy Forest II by third-oneGrimm by RobinHaliouaMystery of forest by DybcioSitting down for a chat with the devil by erynlasgalenphotoartSecret Meeting by OliverBPhotographyGhost light by erynlasgalenphotoartAutumn Stories #1 by HeikoGerlicherAutumn Stories #3 by HeikoGerlicherAutumn Stories #2 by HeikoGerlicherAutumn Wood by Weissglut

Have fun this cold but festive December month!


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Feel free to join the group :heart:

Lost Memories. by PiecesOfAnsley Lion In The Snow by kataszynoviec Lie by sailsire Spring by Aannabelle Warm evening by Aannabelle Dance of flower by Isa-Wyrd new beauty series. by CarolineZenker Iron by Fwirll That time of year by cloduy That time of year 2 by cloduy Dreaming of a White Christmas... by Sarah-BK Tell them I'm happy.. by Khomenko When no one is around.. by Khomenko :thumb394347872: The cold season by Riderofthewind95 too obvious by PatiMakowska Falling rays by Dee-T Red Sea by eyesweb1 A Dream Upon Waking by Oer-Wout Shine by m-eralp Black seasons by bwiti When Autumn Meets Winter by jkrab When Autumn Meets Winter by jkrab Lagon by xavierrey Fairy Dreamer by magic-spelldust Awakening of a World by OlivierAccart Balloons II by sabbbriCA Green riot by soho42 Ravena. Spring Bliss by RavenaJuly .:Eagle in Flight:. by RHCheng Family portrait. by Ravenith Bastei 4 by MatthiasHaltenhof Trapped Under Ice by m-eralp Winter Kiss V by JoannaRzeznikowska :thumb420638537: Reflecting Upon Dreams by Jordan-Roberts King by LifeCapturedPhoto Can't belive by shinijikun -Silent mountain and ocean- by Janek-Sedlar .:: You are wonderful ::. by Whimsical-Dreams Inferno by AndrewShoemaker Listening to the Music of the Wind by Matthias-Haker take a seat by christian-richter Power of Softness by PatiMakowska Sunset meets storm by matthieu-parmentier ...chioggio I... by roblfc1892 Innocence by BeataMazurek Just 5 More Minutes... by Chikrata QUEEN of GARDEN by egardkristian ........ by kimerajam Lasting Impressions by PeterJCoskun Color inspiration by VitaliyReznichenko Space II by VitaliyReznichenko Proportrait v.45 by Serrgeon Pij zapach wspomnienia z porannej mgly. by Fiedka Come with me by feanutri My land by Wordup pure happiness by msnessix April by chaoticfireflies Liam the Pit Pup by breanna-rae Sparkling blue by dansch Shake it up by Norrington1 Aron by Lina-182 Dubai Sunset by ahmedwkhan Be My Hammentine by hoschie Me Wantz NOW 2 by hoschie Too much Edelweich by hoschie :thumb413688675: Norris by A-Motive Freezing Times by IndigoSummerr :thumb419340508: Morning Dance by WWpictures :thumb203537820: snowy days. by msnessix Raspberries by nairafee rain by BaxiaArt summer splash by hayzy Lost in between by aoao2 Wet and shiny 4 by Bomb-Creator Break. by andokadesbois Watching over you by xOronar Aniseed by ifsantag Wishful by xOronar Messy Breakfast by MyLifeThroughTheLens | grenade | by Somebody--else Chicken and aspargus with mustard creamy sauce by MirageGourmand emotive by MartaSyrko slow burn. by Senju-HiMe Andralys by alexandre-deschaumes Charcoal by simonovikis :thumb408474125: Spring by Mishkina shout it from the rooftops by SabrinaCichy Free one. by Lileinaya au revoir v.2 by bwaworga flower field by vampire-zombie *** by thefirebomb A monochrome end of fall by iNeedChemicalX Winter Wonderland by AnitaAnti Small by SusanCoffey Katherine 04: Because by pandastrong ******* by Mishkina liquid freeway by NWunseen Emergence by John-Peter .:Antelope Canyon III:. by RHCheng Leaf fall by andokadesbois Magical Phase by FlorentCourty Falling Awake From a Walking Sleep by landscapes-flake Liwa Desert by Ananyana Greatness in a speck of dust by Northstar76 Aftermath by Oer-Wout Blaze by jaelise :thumb417687208: Magic Night by Michaelthien Reflection of the Galaxy by alierturk Reinebringen by TobiasRichter Fallen Star by Inebriantia Bubble drop by relhom Breaking the chains by RezzanATAKOL Spotted by FurImmerUndEwig Ant carry ant by melvynyeo Damsel in Wonderland by thrumyeye the Biter 2 by hirza Sweet And Fresh by Nitrok 220 by Tapu .15 by la-fleur

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Undiscovered Gems (30)

Thu Aug 29, 2013, 12:52 PM
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Yes, I've gone and done it again! As if I'm not busy enough with A Call to Conversation and dA Roadtrip articles, I'm bringing you ANOTHER one! With the launch of the "Undiscovered" browsing option, there are a TON of awesome artworks I've been finding and admiring, and I just have to share them with you guys.

I WILL be taking suggestions for this series, as well, so if you discover something while browsing the bowels of dA that you think needs to be shared, please send me ( =TwilightPoetess ) a note titled Undiscovered Gems.


Undiscovered Gems (30)
today's theme: hand-made

Hand Engraved Tree Of Life Silver Florin Coin by shaun750

Bat out of hell by MuppZA
With a Twist by Bethan-Powell
Beaded Chihuahua by Ala-Rai
<da:thumb id="396652438"/>
Glittery beetle by Zluvka
<da:thumb id="396597035"/>
sage by NWunseen
<da:thumb id="396687308"/>
Kingdom Hearts Paoupu Fruit Necklace Charm by Crazy8zCharmz
<da:thumb id="396570542"/>


I hope you found something here to fall in love with and admire!  Please show your support by +faving or commenting on these beautiful pieces--and don't forget, I'm taking suggestions for pieces to feature in the future!

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:winner: #Passion-for-Photos’s Best of the Year Feature 2012! :winner:

Our founder, co-founders and contributors selected 5 photos of each monthly feature we had in 2012 to celebrate all the awesome of our group! We want to thank our awesome members for contributing (& sharing your beautiful works with us) and all the photographers who accepted their photos into our group!
Happy 2013! :+favlove: it to spread the love! :happybounce:

:star: January :star:
...Baltic sea 18... by canismaioris Escape from San Francisco by geolio "Autumn flowering" by rossalev-andrey
Granite Reflections by davidrichterphoto Coolongatta Gold by MarkLucey

:star: February :star:
bonita by cenevols winter town 2 by ankazhuravleva 2012-007 by rainris
Pirate Ship by xMEGALOPOLISxwpd bw2 by adibudojo

:star: March :star:
lost causes. by moondrums :thumb167849139: Train... by monikha
Hong Kong human flow by romainjl Breakdown by Northstar76

:star: April :star:
yuen kee noodles by FersyMid Autumn Festival 2 by axcvilla
Swan White by DanielZrno Arch XII by Sblourg Worm Hole Breach by Draken413o

:star: May :star:
Serenade by andreaxe Hugs.. by Khomenko Greetings from Planet Bespin by VerticalDubai
a kind of magic by alfred-georgMountain Universe by MaximeCourty

:star: June :star:
Otter lutra lutra2 by markotapio Lilac by rossalev-andrey technology and the cavemen by lagattapiccola
Mountains and clouds by romainjldeep blue by radicszoltan

:star: July :star:
A Sunset With The Sheep by MaximeCourty Spiral Beach by Draken413o The lost Souls by StormAhead
Walking... by NightAndWind Prisoner of  television by WojciechDziadosz

:star: August :star:
Holland by jeroenpaint The Dark Lake by MaximeCourty
Bailando en el techo by ShakilovNeel:: LOST BRIDE :: by dewanggapratamaEnchanted forest by Snowfall-lullaby

:star: September :star:
Nowhere by cdenisr Hunter's Gait by MorkelErasmus
Autumn by BW-999From Shadow To Light by MaximeDavironBow and Arrow by erezmarom

:star: October :star:
Spring by MindShelves autumn song by Orwald  Walk of Light by Nate-Zeman
Postcard from Berlin 12 by JACACethereal part deux by NWunseen

:star: November :star:
Nautilus by erezmarom Magical of Lokbaintan by randyrakhmadany Lava Kiss by DallasNagata
perspective by arbebuk San Francisco by hquer

:star: December :star:
A Magical Morning by Matthias-Haker Vivocity 6th Anniversary Fireworks by Draken413o gece kadar by PaLiAnCHo
Irish Fog by xthumbtakxBlackSands by alexandre-deschaumes

Thank you! :blowkiss: