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Similar Deviations
Here is a small collection of images that truly made a strong impression with me in the year of 2013.

I know I have missed some photos that certainly should be included here.

If I missed one of your images and you feel that it should be included here, send me a private note and I will consider it for my next "Most Awesome" journal. In the meantime, I truly hope I did not offend you and I encourage you to contact me if you'd like feedback or just have a discussion with me. I will try my best to provide constructive feedback so that you can improve. 

By the way, one of the reasons for me doing this is to improve as a photographer. Forcing myself to select the best shots and put into words why helps me take better photos!

Enjoy and pay a visit to these amazing photographers!

Just a very unusual and original POV (point-of-view). Making the ordinary interesting is what Street Photography is all about!
59 by sevron

Layering creates depth in photography and is hard to do. Here, sandas took an every-day scene and beautifully executed "layering", which creates fantastic depth and hence life and interest to the scene.
And Everybody Enjoyed Themselves by sandas04

Here, we have a rather graphic image but it captures one aspect of Street Photography which is to utilize backgrounds to interact with your actor(s). I believe it demonstrates the artist's ability to integrate visually; something that is hard to do...
situation by golpista

Here is another beautiful example of what I call "visual integration"....
Deja vu by cosmin-m

This image is amazing for multiple reasons but for me, its most important attribute is that it portrays an every-day event in a beautiful way. Unbelievable amount of detail in this photo. Read my Critique of this image for a more in-depth analysis. 
Horologist by MARX77

Here is just a beautiful image that elicits lots of powerful emotions. Composition is spot on, post-processing is exquisite and the colors are amazing. Just beautifully executed.
Untitled by michaelaresphoto

Strong diagonal lines and deep shadows help give a relaxed serene feel to that beautiful image.
:: noah's ark by noahsamuelmosko

Subtle simple, yet so effective. Just an amazing image!
Stars Falling by tholang

A strong character captured from an ideal point of view. "if you can smell the street by looking at the photo it's a street photography" Gilden.
Chained by Vermontster

There are just so many interpretations in this image... Beautifully captured!
wish by arslanalp

Here is a good example of carefully setting your camera; in this case, a slower shutter speed blurs the people in the background a bit and accentuates the mood of the tired woman. Again, a splendid shot!
dream of missing the train... by is4l

Another very powerful image. Composition is excellent, and shallow depth of field bring focus squarely on the expressive woman in the foreground.
She is laughing by vulezvrk
Beautiful use of contrast: Red vs black umbrellas. Twos; as in two trashcans and two people with umbrellas. Nice depth produced by the people as well. Another classic.
Ljubljana - 11 by tzaj

Yet another example of layering. This image captures individuals engaged in mundane activities but because of the layering, the image is full of interesting activities and engages the viewer to inspect every inch.
3 pictures in 3 styles same walk: street by makepictures

Very simple image in terms of its content, yet so effective. Additionally, I think that the picture exemplifies how rather small things, such as pipe smoke, can take an ordinary picture into another category. Note also the rather aggressive post-processing (high structure or clarity) which I thinks works well here. Although I'm sure the photo would be effective without the somewhat aggressive post-processing.

Very evocative image shot and framed in a rather unusual way. Very effective and sensual.
** by stringoiu

Very effective use of symmetry and grouping; two visually pleasing attributes.
Trade-show by djailledie

Another classic. The photo has an aged look to it and the point of view is fantastic. One of my very favorites.
Squint by Vermontster

Amazing color and the slower shutter speed makes the viewer's head spin. Very effective photo.
blurred bliss by xthumbtakx

Another brilliant example of layering. This artist is one of the finest. Look at his stuff and learn!
Street Photography color 140 by sagi-k

This particular photographer has his own color signature which means that his photographs are recognizable by their color palettes. This certainly can be refined in post-processing but is established at the time of capture. He knows light and tends to capture images only when the light will give him the right results. Very difficult to do and he know how to do that well... Go visit his galleries and see what I mean.
Under the Tracks by burningmonk

Cheers and I cannot wait for next year to see more amazing images!

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sunday collection - 2013.05.26

Journal Entry: Sun May 26, 2013, 12:00 AM
Touching the Nonexistent by ElifKarakoc
Gone by JaimeIbarra  Abstract by insolitus85
9515 by Lexasass
untraceable sources of light by PsycheAnamnesis
week 35 by LizHeartcore
Red Ribbon IX by SlevinAaron  *** by oprisco
The Wall by adrianismyname
Examining a Space 4 by PoromaaAlek Px70cp 4 by Robin-Bervini
A phenomenological approach 2 by BenoitPaille
The unforeseen trap by astridle  Aquarum by Miguel-Santos
Geometric Autumn III by myp55
Morning Fog by Erintimontmartre street by goalexxago
Temporary-ESC by Fahad0850
memorials: part two by NikolasBrummer
Zenith by insolitus85  A Rip in the Space-Time Continuum by dynax700si
Hushpuppy by kalinatoneva
Calming Curves by dynax700si  Plans reflechis by LeMatos
miss universe by agnes-cecile
Dead End Door by Pierre-Lagarde untitled by huhahohi
in the interest of space by kevinsaintgrey  in da dot mood by tuminka
.9. by la-child
The Light-Bearer by Poromaa  In black and white... by gosiaa93
Summer by eliaslewinsky

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..::*Best of Jan. Winter Trees*::..

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 26, 2013, 1:56 PM

I hope everyone is having a wonderful January and staying warm!!!!! January features are going to be cut short this month.. basically because we have had so many submissions & I have been lazy! :rofl: But not to fear this months best of features have been split in two like always!! a normal just Tree Art feature and a special Trees & Winter feature!! Hope you enjoy!! :)

Here is the Just Tree Art Feature!
~> trees-with-character.deviantar… <~

PSSST!! The feature can be seen here as well!!
~>… <~

Dialog - another story by Lissuin let it snow by Ingelore MIST by MK-NI Sparkles by Isyala vladeasa 5 by adypetrisor barbed wire? by Ingelore frozen to death by virtualgadjo Wandering in the Fog by sharktankfan Blue embers by sed4tive Cemetery Tree by Okavanga Tunnel Of Ice by MarcoHeisler

Simply Serene by BetuwefotograafWinter wonderland by pqphotographyWinterwonderland in Holland by BetuwefotograafShapes in the Snow by Photopathica:thumb348817332:The coming of Spring by DeingeL:thumb348982940::thumb348969144::thumb349141795::thumb349531974:Holland ~winter~ by LarsVanDeGoorWintertime in front of my house by Rajmund67Misty Watercolor Memories by wanderingmageWinter wonderland by wrebbleview I. by togdurienMulberry Winter by EarthHartSnowy Pine Path by SnapShot120Cold Winter Time by MoohoodlesSnow Spout II by MK-NIJust Before New Years by MoohoodlesThe Karkonosze iv by Rajmund67Island by MK-NIRocky winter by Rajmund67Winter light by PawelMatysWinter by lpetrusaWinterland by Mararda:thumb348654827:Montvalent under the snow by annewipfWinter Came by ainessaLove story by adypetrisorDas singende klingende Baeumchen by SchwarzWieEbenholZWhite forest by MirachRavaia
'Endless Morning' by Betuwefotograaf
Winter wonderland by wrebble
Sunny Afternoon2 In Arcipelago Forest 19st January by eskile
Winter's Enchantment by CharlieA-Photos
winter wonderland 2010 by cheah77Blue Winter by AnnMarieBoneOn the Rocks by Clu-artWinter Sunset by Metal-BenderWinter Blues by tvurkFirst true HDR by GreatExposureSnowy Woods by aragoniadressed in white by IngeloreWinter Light by aragoniaWinterwoods... by ValdkyndInner Garden Winter by EarthHartWinter tree in Poland by KarolinaGlodSnow and mist by AngelsOdysseysnow white by TanjaMariaEpiphany by LuizaLazarWinter Fairy Tale by CitizenFreshFreezing lake by Morgan-LouWinter Stream by Nichofsky-Pure present of grace- by Janek-Sedlar:thumb350249422::thumb350069973:-Little red bird and white giants- by Janek-Sedlar:thumb348798106:Undiscovered land by m-eralpWinterglow by MarcoHeislerNighttime by m-eralpCold as Ice by SchwarzWieEbenholZFrozen leaves by DenyGFrozen Droplets by Roses-to-AshesWinter Path by Clu-artMussonville park old paper by nicolasjollyFlaming Star In The Winter Midnight by eskileFiltering through by steppelandPath through Winter Wonderland by steppeland

:thumb349924937: Frozen Dreams by Tpl-photo Frozen at the Water's Edge by wanderingmage Winter by KarolinaGlod Is there snow in paradise? by MirachRavaia Cold Wave by Metal-Bender Snow Alone by TheForestWhispers Christmas morning in the mountains by funnyzzz Snowy tree in the sun by funnyzzz Enchanted Forest by CharlieA-Photos JANUARY SNOWSCAPE by aragonia Narcissus in Winter by Mogrianne winter in the woods... by acoresjo88 icy frozen cristal hair by TanteTabata Winter tree by ThereseBorg Winter Wonderland by TammyPhotography :thumb350429894: the last photograph by KR-2Y-51-3K Stripes by MBKKR

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"There is probably no theme better suited to a photographic exhibition than woman."
- Karl Pawek

from the street point of view
by our fantastic photographers

by :iconjacac:

by :iconbagigi:

by :icondaliscar:

by :iconfiltatikori:

by :iconnoahsamuelmosko:

by :iconcelilsezer:

by :iconvermontster:

by :iconncavee:

by :iconmonotoneminimal:

by :iconc-jook:

by :iconivagoth:

by :iconcedrus:

by :icondougnz:
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Journal Entry: Sun Mar 4, 2012, 5:28 AM

Autumn is coming by FadingToGray bright by Woelkchen-chan :thumb265788009:
Silence by incolor16 still.... by impatienss If I Ever by DemonMathiel
Fragile autumn by EliseEnchanted Moon Butterflies by Oer-Wout little red butterflies by prismes

Flecha by Al-Baum :thumb105959766: :thumb267987375:
:thumb266550970: Aton by Al-Baum nuance by tjasa
magic grass by Orwald illumination by tjasa Warm and Wispy by Slushy-Pye

World Of Sleepers by MaaykeKlaver dead and dry. by JeanFan nameless by wolf-minori
buds on fire by Frall autumn painting by SvitakovaEva
Color The Life. by andokadesbois82 by ayla-es nature's touch by lipstickmisfit

autumn leaf by Orwald Burning by teyasaveleva Many Ways. by bebefromtheblock
Before the winter by wchild RIP by Inside-my-ART  The last Dance by Oer-Wout
Gone with the wind. by dragonfly-oli If we could see the miracle of a single flower by BlueColoursOfNature Haunted by glowingkitten

Dream of you by diensilver s u m m e r by SaphoPhotographics Teint by RaBBiTKa
Insanity by anna-earwen Morning fresh by Lundegaard Charlotte's necklace by JanneO
This morning...painted... by MartaC Orange by lieveheersbeestje s u m m e r s p r i n k l e s by SaphoPhotographics

Closed by Somebody--else small pieces by fooyth Holdin' On Together by Aiae
mandala by FeenoGraphie Unique by Marsilea solitude by freakeesh
frost III by indojo The birth of a new star by MarcoFiorentini winter kiss II by JoannaRzeznikowska

Am I Cute? by GregoriusSuhartoyoBzzzzzzz by shalomsalam elegant shapes by indojo
Flake snow border by YourFavoriteProfil Rainy Day II by L1feSux disco by Art-de-Viant
Last Dance by ifsantag frost by Artemisia-dream :thumb270157927:

Empty heart,Empty soul by bebefromtheblock The Past and The Future by bebefromtheblock Let's Get Lost by incolor16
flow by tjasa Only We by Astranat .:Zion Maple Leaves:. by RHCheng
Darklands I by rosaarvensis Pines of Ice by FramedByNature
:: f a l l e n :: by hellfirediva

:thumb264063854: macahel _ 2 by tolgag Magical garden by EliseEnchanted
Bubble Butterfly by Stefano-Coltelli Triple Drop by Niv24 Delicate Raindrops by night-fate
413 by Astroadamo Dance with Star by benas1971 415 by Astroadamo
ice leaf by MartinAmm elevate by NWunseen The disco chameleon by AngiWallace
right beside.... by impatienss and the wind whispers, mary by randomaxes leather by baspunk
Last Survivor by KizukiTamura

thank you for your wonderful works

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The Elite Elect #78

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 4, 2013, 11:47 AM

"The Elite Elect #78"
Extra chunky month long in the waiting & making edition.
4 days in the mix already,but would like to wish everyone who checks in here the very best in 2013,
in what ever respect or aspect you desire or aim for!
Seeing you there!

0609 by foto-duet
IMG_0942 by Parasenak T I M E . S Q U A R E by k-tones
Badshahi Masjid - inside view II by ahmedwkhan Cold as ice by CharmingPhotography new york no.3 by herbstkind
Tube by KornelFlint All Alone by mordicat12 141 by celilsezer
Bayfront by rh89 Long Time Ago by Rawangtak Winter walks by wchild Urban Regeneration! by onurkorkmaz
Storm 4 by saturnine-zero A girl by cedeimante Zeda by EmilySoto Balerina III by mocanubogdan
Of Myth and Legends by GMCPhotographics cold morning sun by arbebuk The Pond by Tomoji-ized
And it's winter here .. NYC by ZQPhotography Tribute to Firefighters by Corvidae65 The pursuit by Northstar76
149 by celilsezer TheStreetFaceOff by Vlad-Off-kru The Money Transfer / From Royalty to royalties by NunoCanha
Eve by NunoCanha Nils Labadie Photographs - 312 by SUDOR 146 by celilsezer
Download (Scent) by NunoCanha Time by onurkorkmaz Modes by Vermontster
:thumb345111906: Chips by KornelFlint The Opposite by NunoCanha
:thumb346120329: 542 by intelkuritsa Untitled 00001 by wchild
Boring by panosozi Alisa by annashakina ballerina by meyrembulucek
The ferry boat by sandas04 FORD by SushiDesigns Magirus Deutz by cahilus
HafenCity by cahilus Spirits of Prozna street in Warsaw by Lantret Lower Broadway by PatrickMonnier
The cooler by Vlad-Off-kru Ami by davesten TheMall by focusgallery
the devil s gonna get ya by inviseble-emotions ***** by AlexanderNasa Love is blind by Elanor90
around Venice 4 by pstoev Explorations Dicembre 11 2012 by LuGiais :thumb340335381:
Autumn in Switzerland by RobinHalioua Sunset train by Vitaloverdose Nils Labadie Photographs - 331 by SUDOR

For Lovers of Street Photography:
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  • Reading: Landscape Photographer of the Year:Volume 6
  • Watching: Worlds Strongest Man 2012
  • Playing: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
  • Drinking: Snowball`s
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Urbex #1

Wed Dec 19, 2012, 12:52 PM

Urban Exploration is the exploration of man-made structures. Usually these are abandoned ruins, or components that used to be part of everyday life but are no longer seen on a regular basis by the human eye. This series of articles aims to highlight exactly what Urban Exploration is, how it's achieved and the some of the best Urbex Photographers here on deviantART.

This Weeks Features

Who painted this ? by Alheimia
Coal Washing Plant 3 by 2510620The Break Room by BlackHatGraphics

Featured Photographer

MildlyReactive takes Urban Exploration to daring heights with their collection of bold, beautiful and often never seen before images. Wander over to their gallery, have a browse through their vantage points and join me in admiring this true Urban Explorer and their work.

Taking Control by MildlyReactive
No rest for the wicked by MildlyReactive
Northeast by MildlyReactive

Urbex is a new series of articles that aims to highlight the Urban Exploration Photography community here on deviantART. Each week we will feature a series of the latest 'Urbex' works here on deviantART and a spotlight artist. If you have any suggestions please do note ^Kaz-D and please :+fav: the article and the artists works if you enjoyed them!
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dream of dreams

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 11, 2014, 6:06 AM

What The ....! by Trichardsen

way to heaven by arbebuk Hope by DMMDesign Seven by xavierrey
:thumb426939952: Tomorrowland by KrisVlad Northern Light above Utakleiv Lofoten Islands by steinliland
Trenches by almostacrayon Rabenschuessel moonlight edition by EmmmBeee Reign of nature by emmanueldautriche

misty winter day by KariLiimatainen

-Soft veil of mystery- by Janek-Sedlar :thumb426865493: Deafness by Nelleke
Elemental Collision III by FramedByNature thunderstrom by iconicarchive Twilight Towers IV by FramedByNature
Iceland - the big blue by PatiMakowska Summer Breeze by davidrichterphoto Tijarafe Sunset by Nichofsky

Morning Sun by TobiasRichter

DS Up Close 8-24-13 by mitsubishiman Legends of the Black Forest- Pt. I by TheChosenPesssimist hallow hollow by NWunseen
Good Morning by TomazKlemensak Between Times by JanPusdrowski Winds by IvanAndreevich
Blue Yields to Gold by MarshallLipp Wavy Shapes by FlorentCourty The View by MarshallLipp

through the thicket by losgeloest

The Point of No Return by Inebriantia Is There Anybody Out There... by almostacrayon :thumb433169921:
:thumb431111112: My Heart Between Fire and Ice by Jordan-Roberts When Dreams Come True... by Konieczny12
Periphery by benjamin-charles Kofa Twilight by PeterJCoskun Furnace by ColinHSillerud

Pieniny Mountains by PawelUchorczak

Ribadesella by JuncalDelacroix Meet the mighty Glacier by JasperGrom Exit Glacier - Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska by Bakisto
The Largest One by matthieu-parmentier Pristine by Raymaker Glacier du Geant by Reiep
Two by PRibeiro Blue Mist by almostacrayon Polar dreams by emmanueldautriche

Drizzle by Nelleke

Before the sisters by Dee-T Midnight Hue by Capturing-the-Light una bonita manana.. by kriakao
Huacachina Sunset by scwl Sassolungo by Panomenal Hungarian skies pt.CLXI. by realityDream
Glowing Glacier by SimonePomata First Sunrise of 2014 by JacquelineBarkla :thumb371194936:

Pristine Wintermorning by FelixInden

A sunrise at Crozon by matthieu-parmentier In the Weeds by xedgerx Cascade Avenue - Partnach Gorge, Bavaria by davidrichterphoto
B I R T H II by PhilipMatthews Eternal Vernal by aFeinPhoto-com Icepearl Sunrise by FelixInden
Trapped Bubbles by porbital Vim by fistfulofneurons Colossus - Part II by Inebriantia

Jello by IvanAndreevich

Hraunfossar- enchanted waterfalls by FelixInden ...and she danced... by FelixInden bolide by NWunseen
dawn by vicente-oliveira Desert Dreams by PeterJCoskun Let Darkness Consume by Jordan-Roberts
Glacier des Quirlies by SvenMueller Falls of Falloch by SebastianKraus Auspicious by LAlight
Swamp by LillianEvill :thumb351607903: No Paranoia by drkshp
Red Rocks by Graphylight Passato un anno by JPawlak Monument Valley by matthieu-parmentier

Illumination by CapturingTheNight

Cold November by John-Peter So Much Hustle by WishmasterAlchemist In Saecula. by Blutr0t
warm by Megson Dancing in the Rain by alexgphoto A Second Spring by DorotejaC
Autumn's Last Breath by alexgphoto Polyommatus icarus M42 by Witoldhippie Butterfly-164 by Sblourg

Calm by KariLiimatainen

Cuillin-Ridge by Kaarmen _ by windrides White-house by Kaarmen
On line by Linlith :thumb432665435: Touch by kevinsaintgrey
cold   l   silence   l   ... by selimselimoglu Pencil To Paper by aFeinPhoto-com Sawarna - by Hengki24

Tall Tree by Hengki24

Uneven by hateom -Velvet waves- by Janek-Sedlar Timeless as the wind by Miguel-Santos
At the Elgol-beach by Kaarmen Sgurr a'Chaorachain by denis2 Connemara by Eukendei
Defence III by KrzysztofJedrzejak Desolation by Durdenyr Symetrie by xavierrey

thank you for your wonderful works


don`t forget the

Photo-Contest 2014…

from the group


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son of the desert

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 21, 2014, 6:50 AM

Walking on Tuscany roads by JPawlak

Highland Trees by FlorentCourty Ullswater, Lake District by newcastlemale -Silent mountain and ocean- by Janek-Sedlar
Valley by ldinami7e Mucigliani in the morning by JPawlak Harvested field too by jup3nep
Underneath the Veil by justeline Sunrays by RezzanATAKOL Virulent by Annabelle-Chabert

The last Ice Age by berg77

Celestial Explosion by Jordan-Roberts Aurora borealis by berg77 Celestial Delivery II by FelixInden
Sauron's Second Eye by Dee-T -Pilgrims dream- by Janek-Sedlar Starlight by 11thDimensionPhoto
Splitter by almostacrayon Peaks Palm by spatarozliev Uttakleiv by CalleHoglund

Smoke Shadows V by Erathea

Empress Falls by Traniel23 A world of colours III by matthieu-parmentier Oblivion by almostacrayon
The Storm by JForbes1701 B r e a t h e by MarcoHeisler Underwood Illumination by MaximeCourty
Winter's Soul by Jordan-Roberts From Here to There by LAlight Forgotten Place by LG77

Sandbox Under the Stars by PeterJCoskun

To Spit In The Eyes of Kings by Meema I love the sea by berg77 Jewel In the Crown by Meema
Delicate Arch by Graphylight Kyoto's Bamboo by Graphylight Lost In Time by SvenMueller
Convergence by DMMDesign Embers by DMMDesign Alpenglow by DMMDesign

Sleepy life by emmanueldautriche

Sunset 2/23/2014 Lake Lanier by rctfan2 Consistency by IvanAndreevich Realm of light by Lidija-Lolic
Before the light by matthieu-parmentier a mist arose by RonnyEngelmann Crazy Rock by porbital
Artistic Wilderness by Pinho Autumn with Shuksan by jasonwilde The Mytic North - Pt. XXI by TheChosenPesssimist
Frozen hopes by AntyalpheA Beautiful Chill by kkart Engulf by jaelise

 Crossing Borders by Nelleke

Illuminated path by Lumpy2 Magic light by mjagiellicz To silence sun comes by Lumpy2
Crazy January by tomsumartin -Kingdom of silence- by Janek-Sedlar Erleuchtung by TobiasAckermann
Ancient Roots by DrewHopper Setting Moon by MarshallLipp Enraptured by DrewHopper

... by Weissglut

Still by Nelleke Distant sea by veftenie by lomatic
Romantic time for two... by LinsenSchuss River of Cloud by palmbook Prairie Moon by Questavia
Taste The Rainbow by CapturingTheNight Nugget point by lomatic The Light of My Footprints by werol

Artic light by berg77

Mountain Pass by rainth34 When winter slowly comes to town... by FelixInden Dominance by EmmmBeee
Lunar Night by Trichardsen Climbing to Kewar La by Dominion-Photography The perfect view by matthieu-parmentier
Glowing Lofoten by FelixInden Emerald night by m-eralp Arctic Light by FelixInden

Angry Sky by KrzysztofJedrzejak

:thumb437393390: Apostle's Stars by Dee-T Celestial Delivery by FelixInden
A New High in Low by 11thDimensionPhoto Torrent du Lac des Quirlies by SvenMueller El Capitan in the Storm 3 by JForbes1701
Falling Leaves by MarcoHeisler The little man by tomsumartin Path of a Dreamer by Chopen
Soon To Be by jasonwilde ...trakoscan castle III... by roblfc1892 The big lake by MarshallLipp

Rigour by IvanAndreevich

---- by Weissglut Red Carpet by markborbely Guardians by markborbely
Flow by Miguel-Santos Effortless life by jup3nep 100 Megapixel Yosemite 2014: Bridalveil Fall by AugenStudios
Fever by IvanAndreevich DESTINY by puken . by Weissglut

Gonna build a heaven by iNeedChemicalX

Untitled by light-recycled Feuriger Horizont by DanielHeydecke Els Frares by Durdenyr
Kiss from the Sun by Nate-Zeman 100 Megapixel Yosemite 2014: Yosemite Falls by AugenStudios Aurora Borealis (northern lights) by newcastlemale
Sterntaler by Weissglut Snowdonia sunset by darkishtar A moment in time pt.IX. by realityDream
high sunset by Merkulov Fusion by Annabelle-Chabert While the city sleeps by rguite
Garden of silence by emmanueldautriche above abiqua by NWunseen


thank you for all your beautiful works


think about our contest from


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shot spots

Journal Entry: Wed May 7, 2014, 7:20 AM

Val d'Orcia/Tuscany by JPawlak

Above by Annabelle-Chabert Crete Senesi by TobiasRichter Some mist and a tree by carlosthe
Supersonic by x---A-R-N-O---x The Road is long by carlosthe GradientMap01 by QuirkyDigit
fog in the valley by MartinAmm This brief moment 3 by Mark-Heather :thumb446971804:

Contemplation by CaveCanem42

Puzzled  - Aiguestortes National Park, Spain by davidrichterphotoschleifmuehlenklamm 8 by MK-NI Autumn hiding by Febo-theRealOne
 Zion N.P. by ernieleo Misty Morning by Mashuto Stock: River cuts through Zion by Celem
Shades of green II by emmanueldautriche Balcons du Sud by Annabelle-Chabert Honopu Mystic by AndrewShoemaker

Before the storm by GroovyGeek

Top of Kirkjufellfoss by porbital Rubha an h-Eist by DamianKane Fairy pools by Nichofsky
Tatry (453) by aallen96 :thumb442854302: The Rock by lomatic
The Return by Draken413o The Tempest by Sun-Seeker From Below I by Glenn-Crouch

Splash by comsic

The Power of Water by matthieu-parmentier Carolafelsen in Spring by TobiasRichter well, well..wells by NWunseen
Daheim. by TobiasAckermann Rice field in Dong Van by garki Val d'Orcia by TobiasAckermann
Downstream by comsic -Awaken soul- by Janek-Sedlar There Is No Place Like You by JustinDeRosa

Afternoon Mist by MarcoHeisler

Rays Of Light by MarcoHeislerKuru Agac by sakaoglu  Bloody Sky by eyesweb1
-Call of wandering- by Janek-Sedlar The golden abyss by matthieu-parmentier Koh Phayam Sunset by comsic
Night Light by spatarozliev Light Cast by Recalibration Arches National Park, Delicate Arch and Milky Way by alierturk

Tree wall, stark.L1020839, with story by harrietsfriend

Zabriskie Sunrise by PeterJCoskun Wind Shaper by Trichardsen cuento by kriakao
Under Irish Skies by Erinti Bloody Nightfall by tvurk
-Hollow talk- by Janek-Sedlar Dqd 8991 by duongquocdinh . by jkrab

.14.05.01. by dasTOK

Astral Ways by Draken413o Hraunfossar by mescamesh Two cracked worlds | Death Valley by alierturk
Cliffs Of Etretat by RickardHa Dawn on the cliffs by matthieu-parmentier Mount Shuksan at sunset by arnaudperret
Life From Above by Nate-Zeman Alone. by Delton36712 the willow tree by Katoman
-Song of the springstorm- by Janek-Sedlar Resurrection by DMMDesign Putting out fire by Sun-Seeker

Frozen Sea by phoelixde

Meditative day by psychonaute Salt Pan by EveLivesey Winter Road by Trichardsen
Autumn Secrets by kkart After the Storm by mng182 Wahclella High by LAlight
The Apostels by jkrab Red Sea by eyesweb1 HellFire by DMMDesign
Blue Lagoon by DMMDesign .:Heart On Fire:. by RHCheng Frauenwald 1 by MatthiasHaltenhof

Nevado  lake by Phil-67

caught up in the magic by mj-magic S h a m b l e s by JanneO cherry blossoms down by the river by jyoujo
mermaid adventures by mj-magic Symphony by SharonLeggDigitalArt Return to the Sea by mj-magic
121513 by kristianna11 Mystery by Papageienfreak
Butterfly by Aurelien-Minozzi

Ton in Ton by Bildmalerin

:thumb441234454: March in Colour by KatiaIvaArts :thumb439244997:
So Far Away by Antrisolja Hyazinthe by Bildmalerin Sexy Rexy by JeanFan
Hidden Blossom by malaugusto it's autumn. by einfachso All that you Love by Oer-Wout

Solitude by ChiFeng-dA

Peaceful Alone by regayip
A Little Bit Grumpy by CanadianRy 20120623 04 Dresden Minidrache by feigenfrucht
morning's touch... by craigletourneau Parnassius apollo 2011 IV by Aphantopus Lycaenidae by ohlopkov
Through fire by MaaykeKlaver Tulip by RezzanATAKOL Colors Of May by BokehLight
The Hunch II by Glenn-Crouch Dawn Exudation by georgewjohnson the abiqua by NWunseen

death of a blackcurrant by i-see-faces

thank you for your wonderful works !

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