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/I tested it for errors,but if the audio doesn't work I'll see what I can do./

My first flash..very short,but it might loop.I'm not sure. xDD

Hopefully it works properly and you enjoy it.

Credits are in there,but..

Kuroshitsuji (c) Yana Toboso
Rihanna - Only Girl (In the World)
Neon Trees - Animal
The Dresden Dolls - Coin Operated Boy

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Click the feathers in the corner or use your left and right arrow keys to navigate.


This is for my english class.
Our assignment was to do an art project of some sort (acting, drawing, singing, writing, dancing) over something by Edger Allen Poe.
We had just read "The Raven", so I did an art parody of it using Ceil Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

This is the first actual project I've done in flash, and it was annoying at points (working for hours straight on anything will become annoying though) but other than that it was like using any other art program.

I better get an A

Done while listening to: Lily Allen
Time: 8 hours
Program: Adobe Flash CS5
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This was made on Abode Flash, I made it for school.

I got the ideas from McRacoon66 and Spottedfire25.

Grell has a jar of dirt!

And don't blame me if it doesent turn out... BLAME MY COMPUTER!

its being wierd O_o;

But I think it might just be my computer!

hope u like it! ^_^
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Trauma Center - Flashgame - Undressing Game V1.00 - Victor

NOTE: Press download to play it full screen!

This is a game I was working on the last weeks..xD I got the idea from a similar japanese game... and I just LOVE arkanoid type games XD

You have to start the ball movement via mouseclick and then steer the paddle with the mouse. Then you can start undressing Victor with a ball layer by layer xD Have fun!

By the way.. I'm really really proud of how you can steer the ball with the paddle.. try it!xD It has quite some maths in it..XD
Oh and the 'fast' speed isn't really tested that well so in case the ball flies through the paddle or something please tell me so I can fix it...

The collision of the ball with the tiles isn't perfect.. but it's ok.. I want to work on other things so I stopped trying to perfect it XDD (has also a lot of calculation in it..XD).

This is the non mature content version of the game, which means it is censored so you don't see ..everything.XD

Hope you like it^^ Please comment!
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i reallyREALLY hope this actually works, the play button was particularly horrible to make, as i'm a total flash beginner :B

plus if it's randomly huge i'm sorryyyy
i haven't got time to change it, it's 3am OTL

SebbyxCiel :heart:
cause all Sebastian wants for Christmas is Ciel dressed as a cat, let's face it AuA

another festive submission, cause i'm SO EXCITED
& plus i go to stay with family tomorrow, so no internet for a few days :'C

Sebby and Ciel (c) Yana Toboso
Animation (c) meeeeee
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Title: Zombie Farm - Flash Game
Link: [link]

A Shen Games Simulation.

It is a perfect day with the stock market up a million points and everyone in the world is rich. You decide to unleash your zombie hoard across all countries to take it all for yourself.

Simulation game play akin to Drug Wars and My Life as King. Fun graphics with a lot of tongue in cheek humor. The game is quick to complete, but requires some thought to actually achieve a high score.
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Of course you do...

XDD This was suppose to be a cute idea but now I think it just looks like she's humping his leg XD

I'm so easily distracted, its horrible D:

And why the hell do I keep posting animations? O_o

Sebastian- "You clearly posted this to irritate me..."

fghjk Now I'm talking to myself, its about time I go to bed XDD

Sebastian belongs to Yana Toboso, though I wish I could take him off her hands lol
The little dog represents me so she clearly belongs to me
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It's really simple but I wanted to start learning Flash :3 and after a random talk with my boyfriend, decided to do this.

This is what I think Sebastian does in his spare time :0 as well as...other things. XD lollllllllllll

*Edit*: Wowww thanks everyone for all your favs/comments, didn't expect so many people to like it! I hope to make some more silly animations soon, so if anyone has any funny ideas, please do tell me! ^_^
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I can't believe I did it! It was soooo long! I did it for ages I really hope someone will have patience to read it^^. My first meme, so don't kill me please, I didn't took much effort in single pictures, because I think it's not important in memes. It's just more like sketches :).
Now I will say something to SOME questions, if you would wonder about something :D
+ Blank meme: [link]
0. Some of them are so funny. Soma=lol, he looks like a baby xD.
6. I like Sebastians face here x3 - btw: Where is he touching Grell?! lol
7. Will is HILARIOUS here! Isn't he? xDDD
8. Poor Lizzy, she's still on cruises with perverts^^" (viz 4)
9. I am not willing to take effort on Soma's clothes!! Lol witch doctor...
10. :iconforeveraloneplz: poor Ciel
12. ... :iconimpossibruplz:
15. Hm I can't draw William... Sorry
17. Again. Not his clothes :D
18. You got it? Alois was disguised as Ciel and he stalked Lizzy, because he wanted her to break up with Ciel so he could have him for himself. Easy peazy xD
19. ...War of wives. I was little biiit lazy already.. Really :D

It's all. Enjoy it! :D
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... oh man...
I made another one...

Last flash animation I make for a long time!
I felt like making one for Grell after making one of myself...

You Tube link: [link]

Song: Kohmi Hirose - Promise
Grell Sutcliff/Kuroshitsuji: Yana Toboso
Animation: Kay Spitfire
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