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This story was a gift to mikakitty for her fabulous 31st birthday. Mika asked for a tale of Valkyries and the old Norse gods, and I was happy to oblige. Be sure to download the PDF version, which has the illustrated frontispiece and illustrations by Lorenz Frølich!

Hrist and Mist
I want my horn to bring to me;
Skeggold and Skogul,
Hild and Thrud,
Hlok and Heifjoter,
Gol and Geirahod,
Randgrid and Radgrid,
And Reginleif;
These bear ale to the einherjars

Among the slain on the blood-soaked earth could be found the dying ones, nearly powerless in the face of inevitable death and yet void of destiny. Spirit they had not, sense they had not, blood they had not, motion they had not. Thence came the maidens, the Valkyrjur, choosers of the elected, choosers of the slain. Ölrún, daughter of Kjárr who was king of the Valir, led their number, and it was she who went to the great mead-hall that had been overtaken by battle to claim those within. She had come for their lord, but was waylaid by another who lay across him.

Alone she sat without hope, dying from many wounds, eyes glazed. A sword she clenched in one hand, a cloven shield in the other. "Stay a moment, stranger," said she.

"What wouldst thou ask of me?" said Ölrún, daughter of Kjárr. "Why temptest thou me to stray from my appointed duty?"

"I am pledged to yield this place to none, be they man or woman, and I wouldst know thy name before I strike it from thee."

Ölrún laughed a harsh laugh. "What couldst thou hope to do, thou who are bled out and soon embraced by death? I am Ölrún, daughter of Kjárr, head of this host of Valkyrjur. We are bade by Odin the Valfather to rule over this victory and choose from among those who are slain who is to be borne to Valhalla as einherjar, there to feast and battle with life eternal until Ragnarök comes to the seat of the gods and they issue forth to join the Valfather in the end of battles and the end of days. The others are bound for Fólkvangr, the afterlife field of wise Freyja."

"Kára I am called, 'the wild,' 'the stormy one,' 'the curly one,' my hair and temperament tangled therein to earn it. As I fell I saw thee from afar coming, the Valkyrjur, ready over the winds to bear those for Valhalla and Odin's table. But from thine own lips did I wish to hear this."

"Then heard it thou hast," replied Ölrún. "Now stay thy tongue as I tend to my work."

"Stay a moment, Ölrún, daughter of Kjárr, Valkyrja of Odin," said Kára. "I wouldst speak and treat with thee."

"We of the helmets battleworn, we of the coat-of-mail glistening with gold, we of unsheathed swords and bannered spears borne on swans' wings see to our duty amid the slain where they lay and where they feast," said Ölrún. "We do not speak, nor do we treat, with the dead or with the living save to name ourselves and our work."

"But by thine own admission I am bled out and soon for death," said Kára. "Therefore neither living nor dead am I, but betwixt and between. Sayest thine code aught of those neither living nor dead?"

Ölrún considered this riddle, and she did alight from her rounds near the place where Kára did lie. "Well spoke if not well met, Kára," said she. "Speak, then, if thou art so determined to be heard."

"I ask a boon of thee, Ölrún, daughter of Kjárr, though not a boon unearned."

"Valkyrjur do not grant boons for any to which they are not sworn," said Ölrún. "Many have asked, many have sought parley and bargain. None have been honored so, and it will not be thee who is the first."

"Then there is naught to be lost in the listening."

"There is naught to be gained, either. But I will hear this boon that thee might have thine denial, that thee might be satisfied, and that thee might allow my work to unimpeded resume."

"My boon is this: wouldst thou hear my story and allow me one final question?"

Ölrún, daughter of Kjárr, didst consider this. It was no more than she had already granted, in allowing herself into conversation be drawn, and as a Valkyrja she had answered many questions of the dead souls she bore to the Valfather as einherjar. "Speak then. I shall stop thee if it become wearisome."

"Two kings made war on each other," said Kára. "One was Gunnar Harefoot, aged and ruthless but oft believed beloved of Odin, who promised victory many a time through devotion to the Valfather. The other was Agnar Hodasson, a brother of Hoda Hodasson, whom no divinity wouldst patronize."

As a Valkyrja, Ölrún was privy to much but not all; thus she bade the dying woman continue, for this was a tale unknown to her.

"Seasons past, Hoda Hodasson set forth with his brother's blessing and under his brother's name to make good on his boast to raid Eystribyggð for tribute and treasure. But he was seized by a sudden madness and put Hvalsey Farm to the sword after they had paid for their freedom in gald, and in so doing desecrated a runestone raised in the Valfather's name. Word spread of the deed, and many believed that henceforth Odin wouldst never allow Agnar victory in battle. When Gunnar Harefoot marched on Agnar Hodasson, few wouldst answer their lord's call. All but the most loyal of his jarls and housecarls didst desert him."

"This part of the tale I do know,"  Ölrún said. "For these are Agnar Hodasson's jarls and housecarls who lay about this place, slain in their duties to their master, are they not?"

"No," said Kára. "They were cut down as they fled, their oaths forgotten in the face of Gunnar Harefoot. My father was to Agnar sworn. I was to Agnar sworn. We were all that by him stood when the end glinted in sharp steel."

"Alone?" Ölrún did survey the carnage, which she had thought to be the toil of many swords.

"Agnar was laid low early with wounds, and my father bent with age and the cares of a long hard life. When they didst fall, I stood above them with sword and shield. Until I was overwhelmed, and my sworn charges put to the sword."

"What wouldst thou ask of me, then, in honor of such a deed?" asked the Valkyrjur, curious.

"Takest me, O Valkyrja, to Asgard as an einherjar of the Valfather. Let me leave to enter the great Hall of the Slain, Valhalla, that I might be with those to whom I was sworn. Let me behold, with mine own eyes, the five hundred forty doors, the endless glory of battle. Let me partake, as I partook upon this field, in the eternal honors and glories of righteous battle. Let we who wouldst not foreswear our oaths, but bound them in blood, be made whole at the Valfather's table, to feast upon Sæhrimnir's flesh and Læradir's nectar. Let me take up the place I have earned beneath Glasir's boughs, for thou seest spread out before thee the evidence of my deeds in battle. Let me ride once more to battle with my kin when the Gjallarhorn doth sound and Ragnarok doth begin." Kara's words were not a plea, for there was no pleading upon her visage. Nor were they an order, for despite her curt manner she had maintained the proper tone of respect. Hers was a tone firm but understated, a laborer asking their wage after a hard day in the fields.

"That is not thy place, nor thy request to make." Ölrún's words, by contrast, glinted as polished sunlit steel and growled with the menace of the battleborn. "In recognition of thy deeds, thou shalt be borne to Fólkvangr, abode of Freyja, there to keep company in the hall of Sessrúmnir with the less-honored slain, with Þorgerðr Egilsdóttir and others among the honored slain."

"By thy leave, Ölrún, daughter of Kjárr, Valkyrja of Odin the Valfather, I cannot accept," replied Kára.

"Thou wouldst dare refuse such a generous offer, one hardly ever extended to those such as thyself?" cried Ölrún.

"I wouldst. For I wouldst rather go to Hel with those who perished wickedly or in bed than to forsake that which my actions and oaths have earned. I wouldst rather speak to Hel herself of the injustices of our world than repose in shame in Fólkvangr."

"Then thou shalt receive what thou hast earned with thy impudence: naught." Ölrún, bent to hiss her reply, bore a visage as wrought stone beneath her winged helm. "Nothing."

"I had feared such wouldst be thy reply, Ölrún, daughter of Kjárr, Valkyrja of Odin the Valfather," said Kára sadly. "I had hoped I wouldst not have to use my last recourse to obtain what is rightfully mine."

Ölrún was about to ask what that might be when she realized that the scabbard at her side was empty. While she had been drawn close in parlay with Kára, the latter had slipped shining Grimmhundr from its carefully oiled scabbard. Forged by an elder Svartálfaheimr whose name was unknown to all save himself, Grimmhundr was one of the Thirteen Sisters--blades commissioned by the Valfather himself from the blood of the righteously slain commingled with deep adaman. Ölrún had borne it without cease since it had fallen from the grasp of Viðrnipt at the Battle of Åland, and it could only be raised by a hand that was both pure and proven in battle.

Using Grimmhundr as a crutch, Kára struggled to her feet. Her wounds oozed anew at the effort, spilling forth yet more ichor and shortening her few moments left with each spasm, but she succeeded in getting to her feet. Then, balancing before the astonished Valkyrja, Kára pointed the sword at her exposed throat in a perfect swordsman's move.

The only weapons left to Ölrún were Hvasskvistr, the long spear forged from the tongue of great Jörmungandr's twentieth son, and a small hunting-knife, both of which put her at a serious disadvantage against even a wounded foe at such close range. All Kára had to do was thrust, and she could end Ölrún.

"So is that it? Thou wouldst threaten me to gain entrance to the Valfather's sacred halls? Surely thou must know that such a cowardly move couldst never succeed."

"No," gasped Kára. "Ölrún, daughter of Kjárr, Valkyrja of Odin the Valfather, I only bare steel against thee to ask for a chance to prove my worth. Let me face thee in single combat, that I might prove in thine sight and the Valfather's that I am worthy of what I ask."

Ölrún considered this. "Very well, then," she said. "I will let thee taste of the Valfather's mead that thou need not face me burdened by thine wounds. But heed my words: shouldst thee lose, neither Valhalla nor Fólkvangr will await thee, only Hel and oblivion. That must be thy choice. Wilt thou accept these terms?"

Kára nodded. "I will, and thank thee for thine kindness."

"Very well."

Ölrún, daughter of Kjárr, Valkyrja of Odin the Valfather, took back gleaming Grimmhundr from Kára's grasp, gave her a draught of the Valfather's mead from her drinking horn, and gave her a moment to select for herself arms and armor from among the slain. None would have stood but the slightest blow from Grimmhundr or Hvasskvistr, but in the twilight betwixt life and death all things were possible.

They bowed deeply to each other, and combat was joined.

Looking up, Kára saw that Ölrún had leapt at her, moving with incredible speed. Ölrún's blade met Kára's in a savage blow, sending the latter's weapon skittering across the battlefield.

Kára was able to wriggle away, though, ducking and rolling toward her fallen blade.

In response, Ölrún brandished the full length of bright Hvasskvistr, her spear, thrusting it at her foe's low and vulnerable face.

The blow was not quick enough; Kára felt a stinging wind above her from the blow but neither her purpose nor her momentum were impaired save for a momentary breathlessness, and she charged a few steps ahead, drawing the mace she had selected as a fallback and casting bright Hvasskvistr out of Ölrún's hand, though her follow-through attempt at a blow was nimbly avoided.

"A worthy foe," Kára grunted.

"How dost thou find this?" Ölrún snapped back.

Her mailed hand, spread, thrust toward Kára's chest; Kára saw too late the hilt of Grimmhundr clasped by the Valkyrja's fist in a reverse grip. A bright bolt of silver light flashed between them, and Kára found herself thrown twenty feet, leaving a trail of grass and dirt  where she skidded to a painful stop.

"Pathetic," Ölrún said. Turning on her heel, she began to approach with a slow, heavy step as Kára struggled to collect herself and get up. "That which is skill against a mortal is nothing against the Valkyrja."

Kára said nothing, wheezing as she tried to make her left arm respond from its limp position by her side, where it had been paralyzed by the intense strike of Grimmhundr.

Ölrún produced something from around her neck, flashing it in the sun. "This sigil is bestowed by the Valfather upon the worthy," she said. "I didst not earn it in the palty shieldmaidenry in which thou as a mortal hast partaken. As laudable and impressive as thy efforts against mortal opponents may be, they are as nothing now."

Twitching, Kára's arm still refused to respond to her summons, and with one leg twisted beneath her, there was no righting herself without it as Ölrún's calm, deliberate steps brought her to within a few paces.

Desperate for time as her limbs recovered from Ölrún's powerful blow, Kára looked up at her and spoke. "But are not all Valkyrja the daughters of mortal princes?" she cried. "Why is your idleness to be rewarded while my valor is not?" Ölrún was mere steps from Kára now. Crushed and flopping, her left arm and right leg felt pins and needles but showed no more inclination to move.

"We are the daughters of the Æsir," said Ölrún. She fell to one knee, Grimmhundr held up and clasped in a firm forward grip to deliver the killing blow, glowing and shimmering slightly with silvery radiance. "It is our birthright."

"A birthright is naught but an invitation to weakness," said Kára. "It is only through the making and keeping of oaths that true honor can be found."

"Weakness? Foolish mortal, it is not weakness. It is strength! Only from a strong seed canst a mighty tree grow, and only from birthright can a Valkyrja come." Ölrún's face was almost touching Kára's now. "Blood will, inevitably, out. Does it not make thee feel wonderful, O Kára, to have one such as I be the glorious battle that ends thee?"

"Truly?" Kára said, with a bitter laugh. "It does. Thank you."

Kára's attack caught Ölrún completely off guard. She lashed out with her newly motile left arm, still aflame from the impact of Ölrún's last attack, and followed by shifting her weight to her left leg and sweeping the right one. With a howl, Ölrún was knocked off balance and then sent crashing down, while Kára was able to use her momentum to regain her footing.

Limping desperately across the open stony field, Kára made it to her sword and picked it up. Ölrún had taken a moment to find her footing as well, and came up with several new scrapes and cuts. This time, though, Kára didn't trust to luck: she attacked at once, swinging at the Valkyrja and landing several powerful blows.

Ölrún cried out and stumbled backward. She lashed out with her blade again, but the expected silvery flame flickered and died before the weak blow could be struck. The next strike from Kára's blade knocked it cleanly from the Valkyrja's grasp.

"I will have what is mine, what has been earned!" Kára said through the percussive music of combat. "Yield!"

In response, Ölrún swayed as if drunk on the Valfather's finest mead, before collecting herself. "Pray, do not think thou hast done anything but inconvenience me," she growled. "I shalt end thee you with my bare hands if need be."

Ölrún charged again; Kára sidestepped, but she had miscalculated and came down awkwardly on a leg still half asleep. Pivoting quickly, Ölrún delivered a vicious kick to the weakened leg. Kára stumbled backwards, the bones of her right shin shattering noisily.

Drawing her hunting knife, Ölrún sneered at Kára in a rage. "None can better a Valkyrja of the Valfather, least of all a mortal weakling!"

Kára kept up the rhythm of steel upon steel, parrying Ölrún's knife even as her right side sagged on a broken leg.

"Silence your pathetic struggling," Ölrún continued. Her mailed fist reached out with a speed that Kára would never have been able to muster, snatched the blade from the very fingers that held it. With a mighty blow worthy of the great sagas, Ölrún smashed the stolen blade onto a hard stone nearby.

"No!" Kára cried despairingly.

Ölrún, knife in hand, closed in to finish the work and end the duel. moments before striking the blow, though, she stopped. Confused, she looked down.

Kára had taken up one of the shards of her shattered blade. Though it had nearly severed her fingers to do so, she had pressed it home between the chinks in the Valkyrja's armor, which were now spattered with bright blood.

"Yield," Kára whispered gently. "Yield, O Ölrún, daughter of Kjárr, Valkyrja of Odin the Valfather."

"Truly, thou hast bested me," gasped Ölrún with a weak but sincere smile. "It seems thy request was perhaps not as insolent as it first appeared."

"What shall be done, then?" said Kára. "Shall I receive my just reward in death?"

"That…is for the Valfather to decide," said Ölrún. "I yield thee to his justice."

There are some who say that, in his anger, the Valfather cast Kára down into Hel, whence she became one of the most feared enforcers in that dread realm. There are some who say Kára was given over to Fólkvangr, where wise Freyja made her chief huntress and captain of her guard. But those who hear the far-off and distant horns of Valhalla on clear moonlit nights, those to whom the Valfather whisperes as their lifeblood spills on the fields of glorious battle, know that at least one woman rides with the chosen Einherjar host of Odin the Valfather, and that she did so by both word and deed.

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Some time in the future I will update the questions again. This interview is way too long. I've been obsessing over my characters lately. I think that Christina is this thing called a Mary Sue... I need an objective outside opinion, but don't know anyone who is willing to give me honest feedback.  I've lost sleep over this matter.
File: 2.6

Animus loading...
Information Processed
Accessing Memory...

Hello Miss, can you tell me where you are?
Shhh... Jerusalem...

Can you tell me your name?

How old are you?

If you had to describe yourself as though you were
talking about someone else, what would you say?
The fat whore with unusually dull green eyes.

How do you feel today?
Uptight... please, be quite for a moment. *Pressed against wall*

Are you doing anything important at the moment?
Shh! *Group of knights pass*

Are you free to answer a few more questions?
I am now... what do you want?

Are you slow to anger or easy to annoy?
Sorry... it just depends on my mood... by the way my name is Adha, what is your name?

Narr: Eh, Farah.

How do you handle anger?
Not well...

Is it alright if I ask some personal questions? For instance, about your family and home life?
...I don't have...

Do you have any family members?
No... they've all been killed.

Could you name them and tell me what relation they are to you?
I don't remember their names. I was very young when it all happened.

Do you own any pets?
Just a lovely arabian I call Cyran.

How much power do you wield at home?
I have no home.

In the workplace?
I am the lead dancer in a brothel....

In social situations?
I am precise. It is how I must be.

What class are you, financially?
I am the bottom of the barrel... though once... once I was a princess...

What color would you say your hair is?
Black. A dull black.

And your eyes?
Greyish green.

Would you say you have fair or tanned skin?
Eh, well, a little tanned.

How tall are you?
Not very tall. I'm about average. 5'4"

Do you think you are heavier than 120 pounds?

Do you think you are heavier than 140 pounds?
I'm not sure.

Do you think you are heavier than 180?
Probably not.

Do you think you are heavier than 200 pounds?

Would you call yourself muscular, thin, or fat?
Undesirably muscular for some. I find it useful.

Could you describe what you are wearing?
A traditional golden sharqyat and hijab.

Do you feel powerless in your life?
Sometimes... despite of everything.

Do you think people admire you?
No... they only wish to use me for my powers.

Do you admire anyone?
0///0 N-no *terrible liar* I... no one...

Narr: It is okay, I won't tell.

W-well... h-his name is *looks around suspiciously* Altair... .///.

Would you prefer to live a quite life or one filled with danger and adventure?
I would like a quiet life... but my disposition will never allow this.

Would you consider yourself confrontational or passive?
Passive... I don't want to draw attention. Please, follow me if you wish to live. *calmly quickens pace down an alleyway*

What is your level of education?
I... well... I'm rather stupid to be honest. I can't read, write, or do math... well, Altair is attempting to teach me... *Templar guards swarm the streets*

Would you consider yourself more book smart, or street smart?
Definitely street smarts. Can you climb?

Narr: 0-0 What? *gets grabbed and dragged up side of building.* Oh dear.

Are you happy with your life?
At the moment no... but we draw happiness through appreciation, through enduring suffering.

Can you describe the place you live?
I live in a large city with many little nooks, good for hiding. *Peers down to see she has lost the knights*

Are you optimistic or pessmistic?
I can be a little of both. *sits, still tense*

Do you have romantic interest in anyone?
.///. Didn't you already ask that?

Narr: Teehee, you really like Altair don't you?

Silence! Its just... he's the first person that has ever really been kind to me. I'm just grateful, really.

Narr: *stares with a smile* Riiight.

Are you in a monogamous relationship with anyone?

Do you wish to marry one day?
I cannot marry.

Do you want to have children?
Poor things. No.

How many children do you want to have?
I cannot have any. It would be too dangerous.

Are you romantically interested in men?
Well, yes.

Are you romantically interested in women?
I don't much care for other women. They are too finicky, fickles, and frivilous...

If you could be an animal, what kind of animal would you be?
I would like to be an eagle, or a hawk. I wish to fly from here...

I want to be free.

What are your worst habits?
I like to procrastinate, and I cannot seem to pull myself out of the darkness once I'm in it.

Narr: So, who pulls you out? *not so curious face*

.////. No one. *terrible liar*

What are your best qualities?
I have none.

What is your favorite place?
*slight smile*

Narr: Omagosh you're smiling! LOL!

Sush! You'll attract attention!

What is your least favorite place?
Down in the crowds at high noon... there is a... *rises swiftly at the sound of a woman screaming for help*

What is your favorite color? It is alright to have more than one.
I love red and white... and hazel.... *runs down rampart and jumps down into a narrow street. A young girl is being attacked* Leave her be, you'll want to quarrel more with me any how!

Attacker: So I will, you're the one we're all looking for aren't you? *kicks girl*

*attacks, draws sword, stabs man swiftly in chest, man dies*

Narr: I take it that means we're in big trouble...

Why what?

Narr: Oh, that was for the favorite color question.

I see. *turns to young girl* Are you alright?

Girl: *terrified, speechless*

Let us get you out of here before another guard shows up. I know a place you'll be safe. *helps girl up, carries on back* By the way Farah, I like them because they are the colors of my allies...

Do you have any friends?
Just a few... I trust them with my life every day.

How long does it take to gain your trust?
A very, very long time. *Soon stops in front of a screen door* Please the man with the water before you please the man with the gold!

*Door opens, carries girl in*

What is your favorite food?
I like fooga. *sets girl down, many courtesans come to help the girl*

Courtesan 1: Adha, you've saved another one? You realize this will cause trouble for us!

I realize, but I could never-

Courtesan 1: I know, you and your morality. It will get you killed one day if you do it so wrecklessly all the time!

What is your favorite drink?
I like red teas.

Can you name one thing you like to do?
I like to be alone... *leaves*

Can you name something you don't like?
The state of the world.

If there was one thing about your LOOKS that you could change, what
would it be?
Everything. I am the typical definition of ugly, which is why when I dance I have to wear a mask.

If there was one thing about your PERSONALITY that you could change,
what would it be?
I wish I was stronger... and more optimistic...

What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?
The best thing? When I met... I mean... nothing. *terrible liar*

What is the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to you?
When I was born. My life has been nothing but one long terrible event.

Has your life changed in any way recently? If so, what brought on this
I have become hunted. *now on a balcony observing Jerusalem at sunset*

What kind of people do you think will like you?
Only those who blindly seek power.

What is the most important goal in your life?
To bring this war to an end... even if I have to die for it to happen.

If something were to happen to deflect you from reaching your goal, how
would you get back on track?
I will not stop until I have at least driven these Templar back from whence they came!

What are you most afraid of?
...dying alone...

What do you like to do as a hobby?
I like to sing, when no one is around of course. My voice is quite nasty.

If you were to get in a fight with a strong wrestler, do you think you'd win?
I don't know... I would try.

Would you consider yourself impulsive?
Sometimes... I try not to be, but I can't stand to see others get hurt.

Finish these sentences:

"The most important thing in life is... protecting life."

"If there’s one thing that makes me mad it's... needless cruelty and greed."

"I would lose interest in life if... I haven't much interest in life to being with, but if there were no horses, flowers or trees."

"I can usually get myself out of trouble by... fighting."

"If I encounter a problem in life I work through it by... testing different methods until I find the one that works."

"I don’t like people who... are cruel."

"I like people who... are kind."

"My most pressing need right now is... I wish I could talk to him... just talk to him right now." *holding arms, tears in eyes*

"One thing I'm determined to achieve in the next month is... I don't see that far ahead."

"One thing I'm determined to achieve in the next year is... I want to end this war..."

The final question:

Do you have any special powers or abilities?
Why do you ask that? *tense*

Narr: It is just a question...

I-I am the Chalice... the one who will bring the worlds together. The one who will finally end all of this... if I can be brave... if I can endure a little longer.
This is the character interview I'd done with Adha. Her character is so much deeper than I anticipated before I started this project.

I've been working SO FRIGGEN HARD on the Holes in the Mind project. I feel it is pointless at times to continue!

It is an assignment I've given myself where I have decided to test out all of the writing techniques I can in this story before I try it on my actual works. I have given Adha a past, and personality based on a DAYS OF RESTLESS RESEARCH and careful psychological analysis.
If you would like to more about the Holes in the Mind Project, please feel free to visit my gallery, the folder, The Writers Mind.

Your interest in my work means absolutely everything to me. It truly, truly does. :heart:

Oh, the picture... where did I get it... er... Assassin's Wiki? Yes. It isn't mine, and that isn't actually how I see Adha... I will draw her and post her soon. =)
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that night, emily was planning how to escape the room, without alerting the two guards. " there has to be someway to get out of here... but with those two outside, i have to be really careful... " tozouko meanwhile, was thinking as well, thinking about what was causing him to keep this girl with him. To keep her alive and in his care. She was just another thief, he wasn't even sure that emily was her real name! " what in the gods name is happening to me?! I have no reason to help her, or to care about her well being! " tozouko shakes his head. " it doesn't matter, once she has her strength back, I'm just going to send her off. "

several days later.....

" finally! I can stand and move about again... " emily walked around her room and stretched her neglected legs. " OK, you are ready to leave, but before you do, i have an offer for you. " tozouko smiled. " oh? And what would that be? You would be hard pressed to make me an offer i couldn't refuse. " tozouko blinks at the cockiness dancing playfully in her eyes. " well, i just thought i could offer you this. In exchange for you joining me, i won't tell anyone about your..... secret. And before you doubt me, i can and will. I know your the ' shadow dragon ' and you would lose your infamous rep, if i told your secret. " Emily's eyes widen. " so... blackmail huh? I must say good job. Finding the one weak point in my life and using it against me. However. I also know something about YOU. Your the only survivor of the Cul Elna massacre. "

tozouko blinks and smirks. " so, I'm not the only one who did a little research hm? Good to know. You however, you need to choose if your going to take my offer, or leave it. " emily looked at tozouko then seemed to slip into thought. " OK, so my options are either stay with you, and rely on your help, or leave, and have you screw around with my rep... not much of a choice huh? " Emily looks at tozouko. " OK, so... if i DO stay.... what would you do with me? What is it.... that you REALLY want? I know that your not really interested in my skills. I can see it in your eyes. So what is it that you TRULY want thief king? " tozouko smirks. " i must say you are very observant for your age. But if you truly MUST know what i would do with you... i guess i will have to show you... " tozouko steps forward and kisses emily roughly on the lips. " that is just one of the things i would do to you." he runs his thumb over her lips and whispers into her ear. " that was one pleasure.... just imagine the amount of pleasure i could give you... " he pulls back and gives her a playful grin. " I'll let you think on it now... we will talk over dinner, that i assume you will be attending? " emily was far to stunned to say no, so she simply nodded. " good. Until then. "  and with that he left.

After tozouko left her room, he leaned against the wall and drew a shuddering breath. what had come over him? Why was he acting this way? What strange new power had forced him to kiss the pale skinned girl with such passion?! " this girl... she has some strange powers of confusion... that must be what happened! " and yet, even as the words fell from his lips, he knew it was just a lie. She had no special powers over him. In fact, he had no idea of the earth shattering effect the kiss had on her as well. " what... what was that?... " emily was pacing around her room, lips still tingling and aching for his lips to be pressed back onto her  own. " what has he done to me? With just one kiss no less.... he must be something special to work his way to my nerves so fast. " emily takes a deep breath and steadies her emotions. Steeling herself behind the wall she built.
fyi, this is my first time writing narative format, so... just, be calm ok? :iconkarrie-chan: inspired this with her story outcasts prev: [link]

next: [link]
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Final Fantasy Adventure children oc's XP
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Kamen Rider (You add the Name)

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This is for people who want to make Kamen Riders OCs that fit into the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Universe but are bad drawers.
This is basiclly a Template for profiles.
Feel free to download and use this to create you own Kamen Rider OC.

I don't owned Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
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You know, I just got done watching every last episode of Code Lyoko, and I really liked it. Those of you who demanded more are stupid. What can they do with it?

X.A.N.A is dead, William is safe, and Franz Hopper is dead. Nothing more. If the Code Lyoko Evolution turns bad I blame the fanbase. You demanded more, so they will deliver.

Good luck getting it in English. Je parle franšais, je n'ai donc pas besoin d'une traduction. Il a fallu 2 ans, encore aux Útudes sur le mien.

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**EDIT** Holy crap this got way more attention than I was expecting. The comments and support have been amazing everyone!
A few points: Credit where credit is due; this ending, as much as everyone seems to love it, was only created because the amazing team at Bioware created a universe that was so rich and full of life and detail. As much as I know a lot of fans are hurt by what they did, we need to remember that Bioware still created an incredible trilogy, one of the best ever. So hats off to them all round.
Also, this was written really fast and so the ending (specifically the last part on how you actually win using TIM's signal) isn't very fleshed out. I know there are holes, and they can actually be fixed quite easily. This isn't perfect. Also, this doesn't deal with a 'happy' ending. If there were to be one, or you were to even CONSIDER taking the fourth option, you'd need to be damn ready. I'm talking ALL war assets etc to even have a chance. And the ending does not suggest that the Reapers are completely defeated at Earth, merely that portion of there fleet, thus buying time to recover the research from TIMs base. Also doesn't address an epilogue.
But again, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy, and if you are really passionate about it, let Bioware know. Crazier things have happened...**

**SECOND EDIT** I just want to say that I don't think Bioware should change their endings. If you guys haven't heard or seen the 'Indoctrination' theory, I suggest you look it up. Essentially the idea is that once Harbringer zaps you while running for the Conduit, from that point on, it's all a dream/indoctrination. It's really cool, and if it had been properly revealed, would have been amazing. People are theorizing that additional details will be revealed soon. If it's true, I don't think it was a good plan by Bioware, but an awesome idea nonetheless. And yes, this piece below was written with some fanservice in mind.

Ok, so first off, let me say that I liked what Bioware TRIED to do with the ending, I just think it was handled soul-crushingly poorly. SO, I decided while I was bored this morning at breakfast I wanted to try rewriting it to flesh it out some/ try and make sense of it/ give it one other add-on. I know alot of people demand a happy ending, and I don't need that. I'm fine with sad, it made me sad. I just want it to make more sense.

Alot of the dialogue is from the game as I wanted to fit into what already exists. It's rough, but let me know what you think... sorry about the length.

This begins just after Shepard has taken the heaven-elevator...

Child: Why are you here?

Shepard: *groggily* Wh-where am I?

Child: The Citadel. It is my home.

Shepard: Who are you?

Child: I am the Catalyst.

Shepard: I thought the Citadel was the Catalyst?

Child: No. The Citadel is simply a tool. One that has been reclaimed.

Shepard: I need to stop the Reapers. Do you know how to do that?

Child: The Reapers are mine. I control them. They are my solution.

Shepard: Solution? To what?

Child: Chaos. You bring it on yourselves. The created will always rebel against their creators. So it was with us. So will it be with you. But we found a way to stop that from happening. A way to restore order for the next cycle.

Shepard: By wiping out organic life? I don't understand...

Child: No. We harvest ADVANCED civilizations. Preserve them from their own mistakes.  Leaving the younger ones alone. Just as we left your people alive the last time we were here.

Shepard: But you killed the rest...

Child: We helped them ascend. Preserved them in Reaper form. Saved them from their own creations.

Shepard: What creations? What are you talking about?

Child: The synthetic. The new child that is born of organics. The child that destroys everything.

Shepard: What?

Child: We were like you once. We flourished and spread throughout the galaxy. We unlocked the secrets of the universe. We could bend the very fabric of nature and time, leap the galaxy in a single stride, but even that was not enough. We searched for purpose, a reason for our existence....
Shepard: You were organics?

Child: We were children of the stars. Searching for where we fit into the pattern of the cosmos. And when we discovered the truth, it destroyed us.

Shepard: What truth?

Child: Organic life has no purpose. We are an accident.

Shepard: An accident...

Child: We were a simple pattern. Basic chemistry combining into unusual chaotic forms. When we mastered the galaxy we found there was nothing else remaining. We were lords over a domain that had no need for us.

Shepard: That... but, why kill us? I don't understand! You found the edge and now you're punishing us for it?!

Child: No. We are saving you. Our children, our synthetic creations, did not suffer our qualms. They did not need to find purpose, they were created by us. We had given purpose to them. And that gave them the power to choose to rebel.

Shepard: You were beaten by your machines?

Child: You have seen the pattern yourself. The Geth. Your Rogue AI's. Even now, the pattern is repeating. As it did with us. As it always does. The war threatened to destroy everything. Our own weapons could wipe out suns, harness the dark energy of the universe that bound it together. We could have destroyed the galaxy.... we nearly did.

Shepard: The relay network....

Child: Our weapons. We realized that if the synthetics defeated us, they would not stop. All life, however simple, however small, would be destroyed. Eventually they would spread to other galaxies. They were infinite, could last indefinitely. And then the great accident, the great miracle of life, would be doomed.

Shepard: But you found a way to stop them! We're still here! Just tell me how!

Child: We became them.

Shepard: What?

Child: We could not defeat the synthetics. Not as we were, frail, mortal... flawed. So we evolved. Preserved ourselves as those you know as Reapers. We ascended.
We became the synthesis of life and machine. And we destroyed our children.

Shepard: But why all THIS?

Child: Our time was over. We knew we had reached the crucible of our existence. But we will not allow those who followed in our footsteps to repeat our mistakes. You will create your own destroyers, if you are allowed, and doom ALL life again. We do not give you that chance.

Shepard: But you're not saving us! You're dooming us!

Child: No. We are preserving you.  You use our technology, spread through the galaxy using the Mass Relays, never learning the secrets for yourselves. Thus we confine you to this galaxy, so that we may preserve you. We divide you, cripple you from within. Turn your own forms against you. Contain your mistakes. Then, we allow you to ascend to become one of us, and thus, safeguard the next cycle.

Shepard: We don't WANT to be preserved! We want to keep our own form.

Child: You cannot.

Shepard: The defining characteristic of organic life is that we make our own choices. Take that away, and we become no better than the machines you claim to protect us from. We can choose not to repeat the pattern.

Child: You have already repeated it. The geth are only the first step. And even now, they have risen to a state of being that will allow them to destroy you, should they choose.

Shepard: They are standing beside us. We still have a choice.

Child: Yes. You have more choice than you deserve. The fact that you are standing here proves that. Despite all our plans, you have found a way around them. There is no certainty that another cycle will not do the same. The solution is....flawed. And then there is the Crucible. It has changed things. Created new possibilities.

Shepard: I don't understand. What does it do? How does it work?

Child: We could rewrite the stars in our time. The Catalyst was our greatest achievement, a machine that could alter mass and rearrange matter at will. The Crucible focus's that. Takes what it is given and allows the Citadel to spread it. But I cannot control it so I cannot make that happen.

Shepard: Make what happen?

Child: What you came here to do. You can destroy us, if you like. Wipe out all synthetic life in the galaxy, including the Geth. Even you are partly synthetic. It will give them time to find a new solution....But your children WILL repeat the chaos.

Shepard: But the Reapers will be destroyed?

Child: Yes. You may also use it to control the Reapers.

Shepard: So, the Illusive man was right...

Child: Yes, but he could not control us, for we already controlled him. The catalyst will let you merge with them. But it will destroy you, consume you utterly.

Shepard: But the Reapers WILL obey me?

Child: Yes.... We will do as you will. But without us, the pattern will reappear. And you will eventually choose for us to begin the cycle again, this time perfected. There is however, a third option.

Shepard: Which is?

Child: Synthesis. You are partly synthetic. Merge with the Catalyst and you can change all life in the galaxy to become as you are. As we are. Synthetic and Organic. The entire galaxy will ascend.

Shepard: The...whole Galaxy? That's impossible.

Child: Is it? You have seen it already. It is how we are able to combat you, fusing your forms with synthetic matter to create new DNA. You call them 'husks'.

Shepard: But...the whole galaxy....

Child: Everything in the universe is energy. Matter, mass, even time is nothing more than that. The Relays and Catalyst are simply tools that control that energy. Life will be preserved. The growth will be stopped. And there will be peace.

Shepard: Why are you telling me this?

Child: You have done what no other organic has. You have proven that our solution can be overcome. We underestimated you before, thought of you as a mere inconvenience. But you are more than that. You have given us a new...perspective...Variables that we cannot forsee.

Shepard: The perspective that organics don't like being murdered? Something tells me you haven't been paying attention...

Child: We have eradicated eons of life. You have done what none of them could. We do not confess that lightly. Whichever you choose, once the energy from the Catalyst is unleashed, it will destroy the mass relays.

Shepard: But if we lose the relays... We'll have nothing. Whole civilizations will fall!

Child: That is a possibility.

Shepard: But... I don't... I can't....

Child: The paths are open, Shepard. You must choose.

*Shepard looks down at her bleeding side, then up at the raging battle above her head. We see ships of all sizes being shot down, Reapers crumbling under crushing fusillades  of fire. You can now choose to go down one of the three paths. OR... you can wait...*

Shepard: I... can't make this choice...

Child: It is the choice you asked for. It is salvation.

Shepard: No matter what, it damns us! Without the relays we will lose everything!

Child: Perhaps.

*We see the battle raging on Earth, squad members we have saved, armies we have recruited, all fighting desperately against overwhelming odds. Shepard, looks to the Catalyst.*

Child: You have no other way Shepard. Your followers trust in you. Make your decision.

Shepard: They didn't trust me to destroy us! You can stop this! You can choose to call them off! Just leave!

Child: No. If you will not choose a new solution, the cycle will continue. We will simply... reassess, for the future.

Shepard: It doesn't have to be that way! You can still give us a chance!

Child: We cannot. Your followers trust you to save them. You cannot. Not as you wish. This fight is in vain. We are giving you a chance. One that is more than you deserve.

Shepard: I won't play God...

Child: Your friends are dying Shepard. *The boy turns into the Virmire casualty* I know you'll do whatever it takes to get us through this, skipper.

Shepard: Go to hell...

Child: *turns into Anderson* Come on child. This is what you're here for! This is how we win! We can't fight them conventionally, you know that!

Shepard: FUCK you! I won't! I've beaten your kind already!

*We see the battle raging above them, the massed fleets being obliterated on both sides*

Child: *morphs into Hackett* We threw everything we had at Sovereign, and that was just one Reaper.... We just can't stand up against them. Not even together.

Shepard: No! We've broken the pattern! We've allied with the Geth! We've unified our species! It doesn't have to happen again!

Child: *turning into LI* You know we can't do this. We can't come this far just to throw it away! We're dying out here!

*Shepard can now choose one of the three options OR gamble everything...*

Child: *Illusive Man* Don't throw away everything over your ideals! This is the only solution!

Shepard: *turning to the child* Oh my god... you're scared... aren't you?

Child: No.

*a Reaper above them is destroyed under a feirce volley of massed ships*

Shepard: Yes.... you are... You should have rolled over us by now.... But you didn't...

Child: We have been merely delayed. If we must, we will destroy you all. We have offered you salvation.

Shepard: No.... you offered me a way to stop the fighting. You've never faced something like this before... The Illusive Man knew how to beat you, knew he could disrupt your armies... that's why you attacked him. Indoctrinated him. He came up with another option, he just didn't know it. He he thought he'd found control.... but he really found out how to turn that into Chaos.

Child: *aloof* We held the power to rewrite the stars. We are perfected. We cannot be defeated. Choose.

Shepard: Bullshit. You're not perfected. You're MACHINES. Machines that sit on the edge of the galaxy, lurking where we can't find you when you're vulnerable. Vigil said it himself. That's why you USE us! Turn our own people into your armies! You can't beat us on your own!

Child: We are the salvation of all life. We have swept away all before us.  We will do so again.

Shepard: By blindsiding your targets through the Citadel! By coercing us into a trap with the relays! You've always picked off your opponents independently! You used the same tactic with the Collectors! You've never had to stand and fight the combined might of a galaxy united!

Child: Your arrogance will only lead to your destruction. Choose.

Shepard: No. We killed Sovereign. We killed the Reaper at the collector base. We killed them on Rannoch, on Tuchanka, and down there! We stopped you from using the Alpha relay, and you're spread thin. The Illusive Man found out how to control your armies, disrupt your signal. That's why you attacked him, you were scared. We can beat you.

Child: Paltry victories.

Shepard: Maybe. But the combined might of the galaxy is holding you back. The Krogan and Turians on Palaven, the Quarians and GETH on Rannoch. And we'll do it, here, on Earth.

Child: We have given you fair solutions Shepard. Options to fix the system.

SHepard: No you've given me YOUR options. We've shown you we can win, and you're looking for a way out, a way to cripple us because you can't do it the way you used to. You failed at playing God and now you want me to wipe out your mistakes! Well I won't. I choose what we've ALWAYS chosen. I choose to take our damn chances.

Child:  You would risk the eventual destruction of all life? Risk the future to the likes of the Geth? The Krogan? More like them will follow. Do you trust them?

Shepard: They put their trust in me to unify them. I trust them to finish the job.

Child: We thought you were different Shepard. We thought you would understand.
Shepard: Happy to disappoint.

*The child transforms into Harbringer*

Harbringer: So be it. Shepard. *then disappears*

*Shepard collapses*

Shepard: Admiral? Hackett? Anyone...

*we see the crews of multiple ships, the soldiers and charcaters fighting below all in the midst of hectic combat hearing Shepard's broadcast. What happens next is dependent on whether or not you have enough war assets/readiness to actually break the reapers here. If you don't the Reapers win, no questions asked, and the cycle remains unbroken.*

Shepard:... I don't know if you can hear me. But the Crucible is not an option... it won't save us... It won't bring us victory. I know a lot of our friends have died for this chance. But this isn't the end. We can beat them. You can beat them. They've always won by dividing us, turning each other against ourselves. But no longer. You CAN beat them. The ships next to you, the soldiers fighting by your side, can beat them. They aren't invulnerable. We beat them at Rannoch. We beat them at the Citadel. You can BEAT THEM NOW. You can break the back of the greatest threat the galaxy has ever known, because you, together, are the single greatest force this Galaxy has ever seen. Give them hell.

*The battle that follows is the epic conclusion, as Shepard watches, broken and bleeding, as everything he has put into this unified force throws itself at the Reapers. This is where all those decisions come to fruition. We want to see those War Assets fighting. The Destiny Ascension obliterating a Reaper with it's main gun before being swarmed over by Destroyers, the Geth armada pulling along side to save her. The Salarian STG calling in a biotic artillery strike on cluster of Reaper troops. Wrex and Garrus, on the front sharing a  stern moment in cover, before nodding to each other, brothers in arms, before charging over the barricade. Back to back, they face down hordes of husks, Wrex shouting defiantly, "You think you can take our future!? You think YOU CAN TAKE MY CHILDREN?!"
We want to see the Quarian flotilla scrambling, all guns blazing, trying desperately to form a battleline, as one of the admirals quietly turns to their crew, signalling his ship all ahead full. "For the homeworld. Keela..." their words cut off as the live-ship rams a Reaper, exploding spectacularly and damaging two others. We want to see the Normandy frantically weaving through the wreckage, Joker and EDI yelling warnings to one another as the fleets explode around them. We want Tali leading a charge of Geth Primes against a Cannibal gun line. Rachni drones swarming over a Reaper Destroyer by the thousands, pulling it apart from the inside. We want to see Grunt wrestle a brute to the ground and unload his shotgun into his head.

Happy or sad, we just want to see those decisions play out. We want to see that what we did mattered. And as the battle unfolds, you are left with the Choice. Do you think you have enough? As Shepard bleeds out, watching all he/she loved go up in flames, do you take the risk? Provided you have enough manpower, can you break the back of the Reaper fleet, though at horrendous cost? Once the battle is over, and the truth of what the Illusive Man discovered is revealed, the remaining survivors get the word out that there is a way to disrupt the Reaper signal, scatter the Reaper armies. Or something*
*Front page!? THANKS GUYS!! :D*

60,000 views in exactly 48 hours. Unreal. I'm flabbergasted and humbled by the response, again, thanks.

A quick note: I think the 'Indoctrination' theory is probably the best one out there. And I think it's a really friggin' cool idea as to why the ending is the way it is, even if I think it should have been tied up alot better. This was created for kicks as a 'this is the alternative the fans seem to want' piece. I don't think it's particularly good/clever, but I'm thrilled so many of you are enjoying it.

A quick revision of the dreaded ME3 Endings, which crippled what was otherwise a phenomenal game and trilogy.
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Just another day in this painful land...
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