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So a Large vixen Eevee has found her "jackpot" the situation was easy, she easily grabbed a rather pathetic gardevoir and sealed her up in her own Mega Banette costume, she squeaked for help which alerted her "mother figure" or care taker. then before kagura realized it she was sealed into a skin tight ekans almost sleep sack with a certain material called...Latex. Being in it sends kagura into panicked fits as she is mildly allergic to the stuff not to a lethal extent but it sends her into an itchy frenzy. This alerts her mistress... thats right in the mansion, kagura's mistress is none other than the Neapolitan ice cream goodra: Vanilla. and taken from some inspiration from HypercatZ she gets a nice big thick and stretchy kakuna cocoon. she seals her in it and and strings her up feeling up her new catch.

This was done as a collab with :icontheshinyfurfrou: as he did it as well. I did the drawing and lineart and he did the coloring.

Also a shout goes to :iconhypercat-z: for his metapod suit costume

Also... Happy Halloween
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Wondering what exactly NICOLE.EXE was I just quarantined it and then let my antivirus program do its job.And then it wanted me to send error report to a place called ROBOTNIK INC. Now what to do?

Ever since I saw Nicole's dress I couldn't but think of something like this mainly because it looks like a big ribbon and it just taunted me and wanted me to make something like this

Nicole only here [link]
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A while ago, :icon323starlight: asked me to draw one of his girls in distress. And it just so happened that he wanted his Victini fox girl being wrapped by living bandages. I realized that I was lacking some real mummification pics so I put this together. Enjoy
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really tired got to sleep....
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So stocking found out what exactly happens when you murder other angels....but its not like she's really protesting

some alts too... that maybe umm... >w>…
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Ok so umm.... Youtube "aerial silk" and just whew...


The story picks up with Kagura confronting her rival in love, Nya the Red Panda.

Nya: oh so you think that "you" can stop me? *holding kagura back with ease

Kagura: I'll never let Jubei get mixed up with you! *still trying to fight her*

Nya just smiles as she thought of an idea: hmm... you know what? I think you are ready for your first lesson in gymnastics!

Kagura looked up at her with a confused look: h huh?! *But before she could even say anything else she was whisked away and just tossed over Nya's shoulder* H HEY! PUT ME DOWN!!

The fox girl just kicked and struggled but Nya handled her with ease: Oh be quiet sweetie, I've done enough baby sitting to know how to deal with an upset kid.*she smugly said*

After hearing the insult Kagura became enraged: WHO ARE YOU CALLING A KID!! *she doubled her efforts to get free as Nya carried her up some stairs to a higher ledge*

Almost as if enjoying this, Nya chuckled as she said: You know, I have the perfect sport for you. *as she says that she grabs two cloth that are hanging from the ceiling and dumps kagura on the floor*

Kagura: Omph! Grrhhh....I'm going to-*but she stops as she sees Nya with the cloth* w what are yo-ai!!*kagura lets out a scream as her arms are quickly tied behind her and the silk is loosely draped ad wrapped around her* UNTIE ME RIGHT NOW!! IF YOU DON'T I'LL S-MMHH!!?

Kagura's eyes go wide as a bunch of cloth is stuffed in her mouth from Nya: Oh be quiet, geez its a good thing you still wear kiddie underwear otherwise I might have had to use something else.

Being insulted again Kagura becomes even more furious: MMGGHHH!!!*she fights as Nya ties a cloth over her nose and loosely cleave gags her with the cloth from the ceiling just enough to keep in the stuffing,*

After a little bit Nya stands above her with her hands on her hips looking down at kagura: Oh I didn't know that you were interested in Aerial silk.

Kagura looks at her with a confused look and looks behind herself to see that she is over three stories up:MHHH!! *she begins to panic but during that Kagura was pushed off of the ledge sending her plummeting to the bottom* MHHHH!!!! *she shrieked as she fell but then she stopped in mid-air and the cloth tightened all over her body and turned into a harness that kept her from falling.* mgh....* she groaned as she was in some discomfort as her gag tighted, her arms was pulled tighter against her body, her tail was constricted, and.... a lot of pressure on her lower regions.*

Nya then came down the stairs and saw kagura hanging all trussed up: my, you are a natural at this dear. well since you seem so tied up in your practice, I'll leave you be. besides Jubei needs to be walked home. toodles...

Nya started to walk away leaving kagura humiliated and hanging until god knows when: Mmmmhhh!!!
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So some of you might not know but kagura and Vicky :icongymleaderramos:'s braixen used to be an item. well... thats not a thing anymore, and so vicky did what she thought was logical. 

"Hmpf, I don't have a use for you anymore kagura." the braixen commented.
"Nmhhh!! unntty mhh!!* kagura squirms and bucks as shes strapped tight.
The braixen thought about it long and hard until. she plops the little vixen on a stool after slapping some Velcro on her bottom and plopping her down on a chair. "Now that'll keep you from moving
"STHHPP NMHHH!!*she pulls and tries to get up but the stool is a bit too high for her as her toes barely graze the floor. she kicks fumbling in her restraints*
" Let's see... hmmm I'll put you down, for a million." she laughs." We'll see if anybody pays for you. Later kagura."
Kagura shouts as she's left alone in the hall dressed only in her straight jacket and underwear. her restraints have no latches or buckles as Vicky literally sewed her into them so she has no way of escaping on her own. the Velcro rubs her bottom making it raw. but the worst part is all the other girls and maids in the mansion just walk past her only to glance, turn away in disgust, take pictures of, or laugh at her dismay and large sum of cash wanted for her.

Also that thing on her head is a swim cap
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It's been a while since Richard has had any action so I thought that him and my new little vixen had a confrontation.
Note: this is before Richard met Cream and Vanilla

A little after Jubei left Kagura started to prepare some dinner.
Kagura: Hmm let see... My mom once said that the fastest way to a mans heart is through his stomach. Since Jubei is always eating my cooking I'll make his favorite dish and he won't be able to resist me. Its the perfect plan! *she then hears a small sound* huh?

After Jubei left, richard was stalking his house saying to himself: The house of the legendary Martial Artist ,Jin.... I wonder what hes got in store. *He silently makes his approach and gets into the house.* Hmm... getting in was surprisingly easy, now that the kid is gone lets see what he's got in this house. * He walks into the kitchen casually and sees kagura dressed as a maid* What the-!? * he quickly backs out as she turns around* (what the hell! since when does he have a maid? plus, she looks like she's 16 or something...) *he peers back in to see her turn back around and go back to cooking* (well its a slight change of plans but nothing that I can't handle)

Kagura: Hmm, guess its nothing *turns back around to the stove* okay lets see just add some-MmmPH!? * out of nowhere her arms are quickly tied behind her back , legs tied together, and a cloth is stuffed deep into her mouth* MMPHH!

Richard: * turns off the stove and sits and lays and picks her up and takes her to a room and lays her down on the bed *Be a good girl and stay there.

Kagura:MMMHH!! *starts kicking and struggling* mmhhh!*Richard then takes off to search the house*(Hmmm that burglar just made a big mistake, he left my tail free) *she quickly unties and ungags herself* Okay what does this guy want? * she peers around the doorway to check if its clear*

Richard: *sees Kagura's little face peer out* (What the? already? okay lets do it again) *just as kagura is about to sneak out, Richard grabs her from behind and re-ties her only this time with an added rope above and below her breast and then above and below her knees as well, and to finish it off, a otm gag) There, now stay put. *walks off again*

Kagura:*wagging her tail* (does he ever learn?)*he unties herself once again she gets back up and before she can even get back to the door Richard appears.*

Richard: Unbelivable....

Kagura:.... Hel-MMPHH!

Richard:*grabs her again* (alright no more games)

This goes back and forth for a while and soon kagura eventually finds herself tied up and wrapped up in a sheet

Richard: There, NOW stay PUT! * he walks out but then stops at the edge of the doorway and out of hersight* (Okay what is this girls little secret? I'm an escape artist and even that would take some time to get out of) * he peers inside to see her struggle and get her tail loose. then he watches her use her tail to untie the ropes* (In all my years... Thats a clever fox)

Kagura: Okay, its been awhile and he hasn't come back I think its safe to get some help. * she creeps out of the room with Richard out of sight* (hmmm he must be looking somewhere else, perfect all I have to do is get to the phone and help is on the way) *goes downstairs to see the house phone* (there! home stretch) *As she reaches for the phone, she is seized once again and her arms are pulled behind her back* Wha-!? HEY!! LET ME GO!! HELP!!*she is then taken to another room and once there her maid outfit is stripped from her leaving her only in her bra, panties, and stockings* He-HEY! PERVERT! GIVE ME BACK MY CLOTHES!* Richard then takes off her stockings and and then ties her arms behind her*

Richard: (okay lets see you get out of this one) * he ties her up just like before*

Kagura: (come on we all know how this is going to end) * suddenly she feels her tail being stuffed in her stockings* (Wait! NO!) WHAT! WHAT ARE DOING WITH MY TAIL?! UNNGHHH!

Richard: You're a clever girl, I'll give you that, but I'm done playing around. *He then wraps her from shoulder to her ankles in rope, making sure that her tail is taken care of, then to finish it off, he ties her big toes together*

Kagura: What the!? I... can't...move. nnngghh!! *struggling* you dirty, you're no-AII! *she then feels herself being suspended upside down until she is just above Richard's head* Unnngghh, Your sick! get me down from here! When Jubei gets back you're gon-mmmphh!

Richard: * stuffs her mouth, cleave gags her, otm gags her, then otn gags her, and finishes off by tying another bandanna under her chin and over her head to secure everything* There. You know it didn't have to be like this. *kagura growls and squirms and wiggles in her cocoon* You could have just pretended and played along. but no, you didn't * points duster at her* Now stay put, and have fun getting out of that.

Kagura: MMRRGHHH.....

suddenly the door opens and a voice says: Kagura, I'm home

Richard : ahh hell (now I got to grab him too) *looks at kagura* enjoy some time alone *runs off*

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