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Themed by Bountylist, Pasar Seni ITB 2010.
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This is my Entry for the Fotolia Contest


Why I submitted
I always dwell over contest and their prizes and how it would feel to be a winner for once.. But I always put myself down by thinking I'm not going to win anyway or I'm not good enough. So for once, I took part in something greater than just a contest, I threw my shitty self esteem out the window and I will not care what anyone else thinks, because I did it for myself. Win or not, I actually did something for myself and I feel at ease with that.

About the Art
I had browsed through plenty of entries looking for an idea that had not yet been created. I noticed everyone using only one clock, cat, and fruit. Since the contest states that one must use at least one cat, fruit, and clock I decided to use all nine (9) stock photos from the Fotolia Asset Package.

I was unsure if I could draw the images freehand or if I had to use the image in some way in the art so I decided to make it safe by using the images and tracing over them. Therefor this art falls under the photo manipulation category.

The Story
So that the Judges don't get confused of what's going on let me lift some weight. This is a cat's cottage, clearly in this world cats can drink tea and eat cuisine! Of course cats admire Tigers, they are large cat breeds with perfected stripes. So on the wall to your left we have Miss Tiger (aka miss universe) who would never think of eating a mouse, but protects them. And we have the main cat sitting on the couch being a hypocrite and teasing the mouse hanging from a string holding the clock. We have fairies and fireflies in this world as well.


The original size is 1800x1080pixels
9 Stock Photos from Fotolia Asset Pack | |
Fruit: | |
Clock: | |
Start date was March 9th and finished today April 4th.
Good luck.


Oooooooh a Daily Deviation! You're so cool :iconwdwparksgal: you made my day so happy you have no idea ^^ Thank you so much!!!
And thank you all for the lovely comments and support!

If you like my art you can see more at my personal website or social networks. :heart:

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submitted for the contest "create a feeling"

here the feeling of despair, insecurity, vulnerability..
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Inspiration from the Tool song named "10,000 days."

The final verse of the song is...

Daylight dims leaving cold fluorescents.
Difficult to see you in this light.
Please forgive this bold suggestion, but
Should you see your Maker's face tonight,
Look Him in the eye, look Him in the eye, and tell Him:
"I never lived a lie, never took a life, but surely saved one.
Hallelujah, it's time for you to bring me home."

That last sentence stuck in my brain and all I could see was a woman on her knees, bedraggled, screaming to the heavens to be taken home.

So...welcome to the inside of my head. :D
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Model: André Fonseca ~MisturaHeterogenea

I've done 4 version of this photo.. but probably I'll keep on working on this photo
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I like songs about drifters, books about the same
They both seem to make me feel a little less insane
Walked on off to another spot
I still haven't gotten anywhere that I want
Did I want love, did I need to know?
Why does it always feel like I'm caught in an undertow?

The moth beat itself to death against the lights
Adding their breeze to the summer nights
Outside, water like air was great
I didn't know what I had that day
Walk a little farther to another plan
You said that you did, but you didn't understand
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A melody, which livens up the forest... and awakes a long forgotten fairytale...

There is some kind of a story behind this picture. But I want you to imagine yourself what this story could look like :) so tell me in the comments ;) :D

This image took so much time and effort to draw! I think it's my hugest picture so far! I hope you like it!! :heart:

Drawn in PS CS4 with Hanvon "Artmaster" - graphic tablet
about 20+ hours


RIFT theme: This is the colossus of life :)


:icon1dakota-smith1: has written a very beautiful and awesome shortstory for this picture... thanks so much!!:

That...tune....has not been heard on this side of the world in....a very long time. It has been so long...I had almost forgotten just how wonderful it is. I must see. I must see where it is coming from. Who brings it here?

The earth is stiff around the Guardian but despite of this he lifts himself above the surface. Nearby there is a young woman playing a small instrument on the stump of what was once a mighty tree. The Guardian speaks in her mind "you who are you?"
Without faltering the woman answers "my name is Arethusa. My ancestor was once the nymph who resided in this tree."
"Why do you come here Arethusa? Why do you play that song?"
"This song has been passed down my family for hundreds of years. As a child I heard the stories of you, great Guardian, and how you have kept this forest pure."
The Guardian was silent
"I have come here to tell you that there is very little of the outside world left and what is left is burning....did you know this is the last forest?"
"Yes. I have felt my kin dying this past millennium."
"Why have you done nothing to stop it?" Arethusa said. A tear trickled down her cheek and onto her flute.
"I cannot leave this forest. I am the very heart and soul of this place. I am bound to this place forever."
"The song is almost finished."
"Then we must soon part ways and you will go back to the outside world."
"There is nothing for me there."
"You must go. If what you say is true then it is time for a new age. I give you a piece of my power..."
Arethusa felt roots entwining themselves around her feet and crawl up her legs. She felt a glow fill her up. For that one moment she was bound to the forest itself and she could see it. In her mind's eye she saw every tree, flower, and blade of grass. For that one moment she could hear the forest singing along with her little tune.
"You must return to the world and may where ever you step be the home to my children. The age of the forest will rise from the ashes. All will be well.'
As the song ended the roots fell away and the guardian returned to his slumber, preparing to wake at the dawn of a new and brighter earth.

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My entry of Wacom Design Contest.

Based in the scene of Apocalypse where Michael and his army of angels fight with the great dragon Satan.

Thanks for support me with your visit. If you like this art, please, support me with favs, comments, etc. Thanks so much!

Made with Photoshop, Painter and help with my stone textures :).


Mi entrada para el concurso "Wacom Design Contest".

Basada en la escena del Apocalipsis donde Miguel batalla con su ejercito de ángeles al gran dragón Satán.

Gracias por apoyarme con tu visita. Si te gusta esta obra, por favor, apoyame con favs, comentarios, etc. ¡Muchísimas gracias!

Hecho con Photoshop y Painter y ayudada con mis texturas de piedras :)
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Sometimes, we are lucky to bear witness to some of life's golden moments; A baby's first steps, a proposal, a reuninon between friends... or a child's first touch of snow. This was their moment - hopefully one of many. And I was lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time, to freeze that brief moment - for eternity.

Lady luck must've smiled to me on that day...


Winterdream Contest 2005 - 1st prize winner :)

Print: [link]
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Entered into the "7 Deadly Sins Contest" - PRIDE

"The idea of a Drama Queen and the balance between pride and lack of pride or perhaps pride in having no pride, becoming what you chose to become in such a manner that you push your forged identity onto others." --=Talescaper

Other piece of the series:

Print available.

Vienna, 2006
Model: Kolja
Photo by Sandra Keplinger

Edit 2008: Slightly edited the brightness of the elbow.
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