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That morning, when Ziggy Stardust saw the shimmering quilt being unpacked in the common room, all bets appeared to be off.

"This will look wonderful on my bed!" he cooed as he fingered the silver lame lace that edged the night-black satin quilt spangled with sequin stars, button moons, and velvet planets.

David heaved that particularly deep sigh that only Ziggy's antics brought out.  "This isn't for you, Ziggy.  The Astronettes may have sent it, but you're not the only one here with your eye on the stars."

"Well, whose is it then?" he asked with a pout.

"You'll see if you help us get it upstairs – it's rather heavy."

Jealous but as ever unable to resist his curiosity, Ziggy helped David, Major Tom, and Pierrot carry it up to a particular bedroom...

"It's quite an accurate star chart," Major Tom whispered as they each took a corner of the quilt and slowly eased it onto the bed, not wanting to wake its weary occupant.  "How long do you think it took them to put it together?"

"Oh, a few days for the base, a few weeks for the details," Pierrot replied.  "It's so soft..." he continued as he gently tucked it under the sleeper's chin.

"Is that writing at the bottom?" Ziggy asked as they stepped back to see the result.

"Yes," David said softly, nodding at the words stitched in pearly white thread.  "It says, 'May tender memories of home and family bring you comfort.  Love, the Astronettes.'"

The bed makers filed out of Thomas Jerome Newton's room.  Ziggy was the last to go, and it was just before he turned to the door that he noticed the little velvet planet surrounded by a circle of ruby-red heart-shaped sequins...which had been placed so precisely that it rested upon the sleeper's heart.
This is a prose story for the group Cracked Actor, a charming fan comic based around the premise of David Bowie and his many characters living together in one house.

(For those who do not recognize the name "Astronettes", it was used twice during David's Ziggy Stardust/Aladdin Sane years. It was first used for his backup dancers at the Rainbow Theater shows of August 19th-20th, 1972, and second for his backup singers in "The 1980 Floor Show" TV special in '73.)
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The second big challenge of the competition was the obstacle course!  Here's a recap of the action…

The wall of stardom was an imposing first obstacle.  Even without his magic, Jareth scaled it nimbly and took an early lead – followed closely by Monte, who apparently is used to being on the run, and Glass Spider, who certainly takes after his namesake!  As for the others, Newton and Pierrot's light, slender bodies gave them an advantage in this challenge, while Sir Roland Moorecock and Vendice Partners proved a little…well, to be sensitive as possible, slower with regards to their physiques and came in last.

The moss garden leg literally kept the competitors on their toes.  The Thin White Duke's anxiousness served him well, as he did not step on any of the mines.  Lodger was nervy too, but though he did trigger a few mines he was not fazed by the explosions.  As for Ziggy Stardust, who already had problems scaling the wall of stardom, it was increasingly obvious that this obstacle course was no place for him to wear his stacked heels…by the end of this leg, it was clear he'd had his socks knocked off (along with his boots).  Jareth proved unlucky with the mines, but having a great deal of experience with explosions due to his periodic inspections of his goblin army, he was able to shake them off and lost little ground to the Duke and company.  David just closed his eyes and dashed across…

The backwards run up the hill had its share of surprises.  Newton, who has quite a bit of skill negotiating hills and uneven ground, managed to take the lead.  Screamin' Lord Byron quickly became winded and required oxygen before he could continue.  He might have fallen to last place if not for Dory, who insisted on wearing one of his "man's dresses" and kept stumbling over its hem.  At least Jareth had the sense to not wear a cape today…

Major Tom was the first to succeed in throwing the heavy Rock of Fame against the road.  After the competition, he explained that he used mind over manner to heft it – imagining that he was on the moon and thus not subjected to Earthly gravity.  Poor Newton and the Duke, thanks to their frail bodies, had a lot of trouble with this obstacle, but both pulled it off.  Sir Roland had no trouble at all, on the other hand, thanks to his mounting anger over his poor performance thus far being taken out on the poor rock.  Lodger managed to trigger a mine when he made his throw; what is it about him and explosions?

Next up was the costume change challenge!  Blaylock apparently does a lot of quick changes in his…line of work…as he changed from a natty suit into an 18th century concert ensemble (powdered wig and all) with speed and skill.  Newton was feeling thirsty by this point, and shed his snow-white longjohns and even his human skin for his form-fitting water-tank equipped bodysuit in less than five minutes.  Serious Moonlight changed from a yellow tailored suit into a powder-blue tailored suit in less time than it takes to play the intro to "Station to Station", and Glass Spider went from red three-piece suit to gold lame with similar speed.  Sir Roland Moorecock had to examine several suits before he found one suitable to change into, while Vendice Partners was not near so fussy.  Bringing up the rear, Screamin' Lord Byron and Ziggy Stardust were distracted by their mutual need for a full change of makeup along with their clothes, and Pierrot and the Thin White Duke didn't seem to understand the idea of wearing something besides their usual attire and with great reluctance agreed to don T-shirts and blue jeans to finish the obstacle.  David, on the other hand, swapped out his three-piece suit for denim and a tee with no complaint.

As a detective, it is not surprising that Nathan Adler was the first to successfully finish the sharpshooting challenge, scoring a bulls-eye with a single bullet.  While not as experienced with marksmanship, Newton knew enough about guns to hit the target on his first try as well, as did Julian (who pumped a few more bullets into it for good measure).  The Thin White Duke, more accustomed to aiming darts than bullets, needed a few tries before he scored a hit.  Serious Moonlight's aim proved seriously off – his first bullet ricocheted off a nearby tree.  But he said "It's not the end of the world," and his second shot proved true.

The climactic dash to the finish line had Monte keeping up his strong, steady pace, but Glass Spider virtually skittered ahead of him to break the tape!  David, not wanting to come in behind all of his own selves, finished in third with a burst of speed.  Last place went to poor Dory, whose continued insistence on wearing long dresses even after the costume change challenge proved to be his downfall.  Sir Roland, being the second-to-last place finisher after his frustration caused him to misfire several times in the target challenge, gleefully took the "honor" of declaring his own teammate eliminated from the competition.  What a pity…but Dory left for New York with his head and his skirt held high.
More of the Cracked Actor challenge!
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David Bowie in the music video "Life on Mars?"
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Featuring Ziggy and Serious Moonlight!
(two of my favorite bowies!)

this was just something i did for the challenge. its been a while since i've done anything for the good ole cracked actor, which is sad seeing as its MY baby! lol

trying some new lighting techniques, and i decided not to get too detailed, sorry!

So yeah, anybody who's been to a more rustic camping can relate to bugs invading your EVERYTHING. lol
so its funny to have the space invader be invaded by a different kind of invader! lol

serious is in here simply because i love his hair. XD

you can connect voices in the third panel to whomever you think they belong to. (the pink one is tommy and the shriek belongs to ziggy)
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A3 Daler Rowney cartridge paper, 2H & 3H sketching pencils, 0.7 mechanical pencil, rubber.

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#8/10 in the series! This time Bowie as the alien in 'The Man Who Fell To Earth'. Two more to go!:)
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One could almost see stink lines emanate from the Thin White Duke's creasing brow.  He had so generously offered to make dinner for the other personae, had slaved all afternoon in the kitchen, and now here the personae sat, barely nibbling at the main course.

His eyes flashed when they caught sight of Major Celliers chewing on the petals of a rose he had plucked from the centerpiece.  "Found something more palatable than my stuffed red peppers, Major?"

"Oh, I wouldn't say more palatable," Celliers replied with his own eyes twinkling and his lips half-smiling.  "But you've offered us no traditional scoop of sherbet between courses, and I have to cleanse my palate somehow."

"He has a point," said fellow military man Lieutenant Paul Von Przygodsky.  "There is a certain sameness to your cooking.  I mean, a salad of red peppers drizzled with red pepper vinaigrette followed by roasted red pepper soup followed by stuffed red peppers, with candied red peppers for dessert?  And the stuffed red peppers are stuffed with more red peppers!  It's ridiculous!"

"I told you I was cooking the foods I eat," the Duke replied.  "This diet of mine has served me well for years now…"

"Red peppers and skim milk," whispered Thomas Jerome Newton (who was already developing heartburn and unwrapping a roll of antacids) to Julian Priest.  "Now we know what makes the Duke so thin…"

"And here I thought it was just a side effect of the cocaine," Julian replied.  "Well, his diet might be…"

Sir Roland Moorecock was bolder with his commentary.  "I've seen more variety and imagination at a Steven Seagal film festival!  With cooking like this you ought to be the Thin White Dishwasher instead!"

The resulting argument between Sir Roland and the Duke was enough of a distraction for the other personae to slip out and order a delivery of Chinese food instead.
More fun in the David Bowie-character based "Cracked Actor" universe. Characters here are:

The Thin White Duke ("Station to Station"/1976 tour)
Major Jack Celliers ("Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence")
Lieutenant Paul Von Przygodsky ("Just a Gigolo")
Thomas Jerome Newton ("The Man Who Fell to Earth")
Julian Priest ("The Hunger" TV series)
Sir Roland Moorecock ("Dream On")
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The walls vibrated heavily with techno beats, and the floor glimmered in crisscrossed patterns of purple, green, and red. Many people were moving their bodies in weird funky ways, trying to match their movements with that of the song.

But these were no ordinary people. They were androids, robots, metal-men, whatever you like to call it... Man's last great creation (gift) to the world before being wiped off the planet for good.
The robots had no idea why they were built, what their sole purpose was in life, so they educated themselves with old human films. They watch films that showed human cops, weddings, children, actors, musicians, etc.
So motivated by the films the robots attempted to pursue the "original" roles once held by mankind, and soon there were robot weddings and robot cops.

And robot segregation...

It wasn't necessary, no not at all, and it wasn't influenced by films... Well, maybe just a little... However, rules were posted to keep the two types of robots away from each other.

The rules were, as followed:

~ East Side - Silver Territory
~ West Side - Gold Territory
~ No Interracial Coupling Between Any Gold Or Silver

After the rules first went up, many of the original robots were wary of one another, and avoid one another at all cost. But after several years of having the rules, and coming up with several same ideas for new approaches for making living easier for robots, gold and silver robots began working with each other once again.

But there was still no coupling between the two robots, and the robot children were forbidden to couple with the opposite color of themselves...

And yet, those rules meant nothing to two certain robots: One silver and the other gold, arms wrapped around one another and their helmets touching softly.
Their names were #489 and #563, but as influenced as the robots were with film and anything human-like, the idea of a custom number was dropped and robots were given regular human names.

#489 - Guy-Manuel (gold).
#563 - Thomas (silver).

"We shouldn't, Thomas," The gold robot mumbled, his gears whirling hotly and his fan blowing softly. There was no response and the gold lifted his head up.
The silver robot tightened his fingers against the gold's waist, chuckling as he felt his partner's body vibrate a bit, and his fan working frantically to cool down his systems.

"We should, Guy-Manuel!" Thomas exclaimed, bringing Guy's helmet close to his own and feeling that familiar spark of energy sizzle between the two.
Guy teetered as the "kiss" passed between them.

"But if we get caught," Guy protested, his gears becoming a little too hot for his liking as Thomas probed one of the holes at the back of his head.

"With this heavy music playing, no one will be able to hear us. Besides, we are concealed from anyone else who might pry," Thomas reassured him.

"With a thin shabby curtain wrapped around a section of an upstairs room?"


A question mark appeared on Guy's helmet and Thomas ran his fingers against the ports on the back of the gold robot's head.
"Don't worry, if anyone hears us, they'll just think we're of the same color going at it," Thomas said softly. "Besides, how in the hell can you deny this?"
He pulled a cable connected to his own helmet out and showed it to Guy. Guy fumbled with his own cable, but managed to pull it down so they could both see the reaction.

Thomas's cable shined with neon blue, while Guy-Manuel's pulsed with neon red. Thomas edged his cable closer to Guy's, and subconsciously so did Guy.
The two held their breath as the end of the cables came in contact with one another. The ends sparked with a flash of white before connecting and changing both cable colors to a smooth bright neon purple color.

Guy gave a short gasp as he felt the emotions Thomas had for him flow through the connection.
He looked up at the silver robot and saw the words LOVE LOVE LOVE flash across his screen.
Guy giggled at the response and presented a heart on his own visual screen.

"I wonder what-else we can do," Guy mumbled, staring at the neon purple cable that connected them. Thomas, on the other hand, had a devilish thought and he sent the idea through their connection.
He laughed out loud as Guy-Manuel's helmet turned a bright red and his fan began working harder to cool him down.

"N-not tonight, Thomas," Guy's voice cracked a bit and he leaned forward.

"Party pooper," Thomas mumbled, grabbing a hold of their connection and throwing it over Guy's helmet and wrapping it around his own hand.
This was requested by :iconmaimoss:
She wanted some robo-slash, and even though I think I'm horrible at writing it, I obliged.

This fic is also based on this picture: [link] by :iconmavoorik:

Thomas & Guy-Manuel [and their robot alter-egos] (c) themselves; own only the story!
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Chriist, two in a day, I'm shattered.

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Art trade for *Hot-Sox. Actually, third time I've drawn this. Both the other times, my computer deleted it when I was nearly finished. Also my tablet may have died, which is just... altogether not good.

Ahh well :D Cup of tea to celebrate, I think. Peace and love, guys.
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