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Similar Deviations
This is my third collector girl and many more will follow.

I dedicate her to :iconkongvmax: who is a collector of fine art because every time I go to a page where some really fine art is to be found, he is there, so I said to myself, a man with such good taste I must have as a friend. I promised him a painting quite some while ago so I always try to keep my promises. Dear friend I hope you like her :heart:

Inspiration, Suelyn Medeiros but I fear the poor girl would not recognize herself here. All is painted by me (except the crack brush).
This time I am happy with the sheet under her and my butterflies which are all morphed from two specimens. How you have to paint those frames, I went to check on google, but I copied none, I just was inspired by them, hope I succeeded a little bit in rendering the glass frame

My son told me that I have to stop using the gimmick of ovals and circles because I have to learn to be bolder in my background, it is a promise, I will work on it

Thanks to all for favs, comments, advice etc... but please don't talk to me about her bum because I have had lots of trouble to paint it, I am tired of it, pffff

Please full view, thank you

My other collector girls :
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Tammie she is for you :icontammara: I hope you like her and that her fragility makes you happy

The tutu was hell to paint, I painted 4 versions because, how do you paint a tutu when you have never done so lol, luckily I am no quitter but stubborn

My muse is once again the lovely catrinel Menghia whom I have painted so many times now

thanks for comments and favs dear friends


November 5 : something bothered me about this painting and I think now I got it, the open eyes didn't suit the piece, so I gave her closed eyes which are less dramatic but more in accordance to the pose.
Thanks to advice of my friend :iconirishlady425: I also gave her a bigger bun and once again it suits her so much better, now it is better, thanks hon
and then as a last touch, I added the swan feather
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I updated my Juliette as I never liked her face, now she has a new face.

I painted quite some time on the candle holder, it is Venetian and renaissance and I am glad the way the candle itself is painted. It is too close to her hair, it will set her hair on fire but it is done, it is too late, all layers are gone, so the candle stays.
This painting was great fun to do, those dark reds are so nice to paint. But is was also very difficult and it is probably full of flaws as usual but it is too late now to correct it.

Thanks for all your favs and comments.

For the earrings I used the beautiful jewels of :iconran-arashi: with her authorization. They were challenging to paint but so beautiful and I learned so much in the process, my first gem stone, the green really enriches the reds.
These are modern jewels but they blend so well with the renaissance protrait. Thank you dear for your inspiration and for letting me paint them.
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So as promised here is my second Emanuela back at work after her hot rendez-vous in Athens with my friend Jurgen :iconjurgendoe:. How sweet of Jurgen to buy her a "I love Athens" t-shirt lol

Finally I opted for an illustrational background, suggesting police work but not actually painting it (not out of laziness lol but because this gives a good result)

So this is my second dedication to my friend Jurgen.

Thanks for all the love my paintings receive from you, please full view for the details I painted with lots of love and now I am off to paint some elves. But I am not done with Emanuela, so stay tuned...

Everything is painted by me, I had some photoshop lessons and I feel more comfortable with the tool now. I find my police ribbon very realistic

This is the first Emanuela in Athens my DD :woohoo:
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Ellen, sweetie, another little surprise, a small painting all about the pointe shoes, which we both love so much. Happy birthday sweetie.

I did no decor on this one, I just wanted all the attention of the girl, this girl in complete abandon in her dance.

Know that the first drawings I made as a child were those of little balerinas and this a return to first love.

Well, what can I say, a mere elf can never be enough for your birthday...

Happy birthday sweetie :iconvaledhelven:

And to all my other sweet friends, thanks so much for all the favs and the comments, I wish I could paint hundreds of dedications for all of you :heart:
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Dear Alan :iconnikon-aj: , may I present you my young queen Boudicca.
The war with the Romans is still in the future but one can already see that this girl will become a woman to reckon with.

I hope you like her.
My model is the most beautiful Candice Swanepoel, google her and you will find the reference easily.

The unpractical bra is my own creation (so much fun) the girdle should be leather but it turned out something else but it is all my own.
Just the bellybutton tattoo was copied from internet (if one googles celtic tattoos one find it easily) I copied it scrupulously and it took some time. Those tattoos are quite a learning process, I found out that making them realistic is difficult so I first paint them in a lower opacity and then in a higher opacity over the first painting.

I could have painted crowns, torcs, bracelets and pendants and I was tempted but in the end I wanted her natural beauty to be the only adornment.

This painting took me over 20 hours in hard work and detailing but I find her my best achievement till now.

Thanks to all my friends who support me and help me and follow my art. I hope you'll take her into your hearts and your favourite folders (lol) like the other works. That will keep me getting better and better in 2010.
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This is my dedication for Bob :iconbnolin:

For my anniversary he gave me a dedication of 5 lovely chicks, please check them out and all his other amazing work :hug:
so I give him two chicks back, hope you like them Bob

Face had to be redone 3 times, at the end no reference at all, just my own imagination, chick with reference had to be redone 4 times, you gave me such a hard time Moe!

all in all spend the entire week on this little doodle lol

please full view and thanks for all the favs and the comments

:heart: Update of today :faint: I am going to paint all the other 4 moes (they are jealous of number one) too, smugly snuggled up against a beautiful babe, way to go Moes !

Fluffy , Tubby Wingy and support stamp
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Now she is done!
Dedicated to one of my best and oldest friends on DA, John Harding, the amazing pencil artist :iconportraitz:
He graciously allowed me to use one of his sensational works in my picture frame, thanks so much John.
Original artwork
Oh by the way, John has named her Chrissy, as she will be one of the Crayon Girls, so i needed a name for the poor girl

A version of this painting will also be given to my sleeping doctor, with his pic in the frame

Technical information for those of you who read this stuff lol :
- references of lamp (old work by me, never used before) sleepwear, nighttable, sleeping pills were used for painting everything from scratch. I invented a lot this time, the face, the hair, the pillow, her arms, legs, shoes and teddy bear all without reference (because in case of the pillow none were available that way lol) hope it did not make too many mistakes

thanks for comments, favs and everything :heart:
Artwork not to use for any reason without my express permission, thank you for understanding
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