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I'm sure this won't be a popular stamp, but there again, I don't really care. I am proud to be an American, I'm proud of the values our country was founded on, founded on, not keeps. I am ashamed of our government, I'm ashamed of the state our country is in. I'm ashamed of our foreign policy, I'm ashamed of our policies towards our own people, I think our government is a sham that couldn't give less of a shit about the American people, it's soldiers, or our brothers and sisters in other countries. If I could, I would apologize to Russia for the idiotic ' punishing parent' our politicians have had towards them, I would apologize to the people over seas who's family members we've killed and who's lives we've destroyed. I support the troops, I pray that God brings them home safely, I thank their families for their sacrifice but seriously, someone needs to slap some of those fucking idiots in Washington.
If you want to use this, just use it.
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As a player progresses through the game, they can upgrade Stitches' moves as well as give him new ones.

. - -- -- -Melee List- -- -- - .

Teeth Masher: Uppercut with brick shaped fist.
Unraverler: Thrust spiked Punch, knock enemies back.
Sideways Guillotine: Air Grab to bladed neck Kick.
Spine Tail Flip: Front flip with lashing spiked tail.
Doppelganger Kick: Strong kick with both legs.
Thrasher: Slashing hits with various edged formations.
Traumatizer: Powerful hits that have a chance of stunning.
Maniacal Assailment: Hard hitting bludgeoning combo.
Amusing Onslaught: Relentless rapid hitting combo
Torture Coil: Repeatable, Torment Claws horizontal lashes.
Scourge Spiral: Repeatable, Torment Claws vertical lashes.
Affliction Snare: Torment Claws distant grab.
Rag-doll Cyclone: Double butterfly Kick.
Stiletto Pounce: Spike feet first pounce.
Flip Saw: Rotating one-handed hand spring Kicks + Punches.
Puppet Shield: Threads constrict enemy, Stitches takes control over them, Press R1 to force enemy to attack/fire weapon.
Ghost Trail: Evade, very fast dodge.
Grand Maul: Counter, Stitches bites off a limb of his attacker. Do this enough times to get the "Om Nom Nom" Achievement.

. - -- -- -Megaton List- -- -- - .

Upheaval: Hard up strike that casts enemies upward.
Tremor: Powerful shock wave creating hit that knocks enemies down/back.
Anvil Drop: Sudden plummeting smash.
Pulverizer: A heavy hitting combo that has a chance of insta-kill.
Demoralizer: Well balanced combo.
Oppressor: Subduing quick combo, keeps enemies down.
Seismic Strike: Slower hits but very powerful.
Catch!: Throws Megaton into enemy.
Anchor Maelstrom: Repeatable, swings threaded Megaton horizontally, hits multiple enemies.
Helix Cleaver: Repeatable, swings threaded Megaton vertically hits multiple enemies.
Impaler: Running Stab.
Reprisal: Counter, deflects attack, then decapitates foe.

. - -- -- -Furious Malice List- -- -- - .

Uproar: Stitches roars with seething power, enemies caught in it's radius are cast upwards.
Malebranche: Powerful back-handed slash that hurls enemies back. (Evil Claws in Italian, reference to demons in Dante's Inferno poem)
Crushing Hate: Plummeting Slash
Fifth Circle Damnation: knocks enemy off feet then keeps them airborne with punches. (Anger level of hell.
Seventh Circle Damnation: Knocks up, then down, then up again.(Wrath level of hell)
Stygian Rampage: Fiery slashes that have a high chance of stunning and ends with a rib stomp. (refers to river of Styx meaning hate detestation.)
Angel Slayer: Sadistic combo of quick hits at first and ends with fiery claw strikes.
Infernal Retribution: Balanced combo that ends with knock down slam to the head.
Disembowel: Rips guts out with claws.
Throw: Hurl held enemy.
Limb From Limb: Rip held enemy apart.
Corpse Drag: drag enemy by the face.
Abyssal Slash: Dark energy horizontal slash.
Spectral Grasp: shadowy ghost hand extends out to grab enemy.
Phantasm Scythe: Dark energy vertical slash.
Face Grinder: grinds enemy's face against, wall, ceiling, floor, any near by surface.
Twisting Rage: Running straight punch to twisting hay-maker
Berserker Charge: A charge attack that knocks enemies back
Backlash: Counter, a large dark energy/hellfire slash that cuts enemy into pieces.

I made the controls more like God of War, because they best suit Stitches fighting style.
------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- -------
Meme created by *PhiTuS and *warnoon
Blank meme= [link]
Manual and Buttons = [link]
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Long exposure + Burnout= awesome

No I didn't ruin my tire, and this is not edited in any way.

This wasn't taken by me(obviously, since I was in the car) it was taken by my friend Jon Caswell.
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After a long wait, Sonic 2's meme is finally done! :w00t:

If you wanna do the Sonic 1 meme, it's here: [link]

So this is based on Sonic 2 for the Mega Drive :) So if you can't remember the game, now is the time to play it :D I'd seriously love so see someone complete this :aww:

Once again, the little pictures are examples :meow: I have yet to fill in my version of the meme. That'll take a while ^^;

Sonic Wikia is the perfect place to find out the names for things like Badniks and levels e.t.c. [link]

Enjoy! :dance:

Sonic 2 SEGA/Sonic Team
Art Faye Walker
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Based off of [link] of course...

Solaire of Astora is the best character in Dark Souls. Those who disagree are heretics and shall face the wrath of co-operative punishment.

Praise the sun.

... Been awhile since I had fun making a deviation. Huh.
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the third picture i've put up here about the IJN Yamato's final battle, this one shows the fight from her decks, and you can get a feel for the massive size of the ship, something i've recently learn, her main gun turrets, the ones that hold her 18.1 inch cannons weighed about the same as an american destroyer, think about it, a Fletcher class destroyer, is the same weight as 1 of yamato's main gun turrets, i was surprised by that

(Post 2/9/2014, i do not own this art. if someone does know the original artist please leave it in the comments below so i can correctly credit the artist. Apologizes for the misinformation)
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From my iScribble dump: [link]

I hate spamming you guys like this, but I'm in the mood for a new ID, since the ginjinka!Absol ID was only supposed to be temporary. So until I make a new one, or until I get tired of this and switch back to my gijinka!Absol ID, this is going to be my DeviantArt ID.
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My first stamp, made in a short amount of time. People are: Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson. Images from Liberty's Kids website, I do not own Liberty's Kids nor do I own the people. For everyone's use, enjoy! to use!

Other Founding Father Stamps!

Henry Knox - [link]
Hugh Mercer - [link]
Marquis de Lafayette - [link]
James Madison - [link]
Benedict Arnold - [link]
Alexander Hamilton - [link]
John Glover - [link]
Nathanial Greene - [link]
Various Founding Fathers - [link]
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"We Hunt as a pack;
We Kill as a pack;
We Die as a pack;
We Strive as a pack;

No matter What the Cause;

We Strike Together; [and]
We Die Together;
As We are One and All;
As The Elite Members of the DEATH BRIGADE;

One and All For the Fatherland

"we are the beast among the flesh of mankind"
-Rakon Reinherd-

Artist notes:

**It's just a new DeviantID**

Well... I quite dont like the previous ideas for the "goggles" of the Death Brigade's Dog masks...

so i made it a little bit rounder this time...

but dont get mistaken with the Wolf Brigades btw~~ [Jin-Roh](love the old time anime) XD

Pic: Rakon Reinherd in his Death Brigade armor... the insignia is the standard death brigade insignia while noticing the number 01 on the side... ^^; [Rakon's call number]

I bet you guys havent heard of Rakon huh~~

well soon you will see to understand of this guy's nature >3<


All done in photoshop c3
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OH MY GOD THIS IS LIKE THE HARDEST MEME EVER! What the hell is wrong with me?

So, here's the new Meme I've created for you guys. It's pretty difficult, but to be honest with you, I'm so glad I did it. I honestly think I've gotten better from just this one day, I've experimented with styles and colors and techniques, and I've sped up how I do things quite a bit, almost all of these were created in 45 minutes, considering the fact that I took a cigarette break after each one.

I've never drawn so much in my life! I honestly don't even sketch that much for a typical artist, so this was particularly tricky. I'm amazed what I could squeeze into such short time though, time limits can be quite the inspiration. XD

I'm one of those people who spend 3 hours sitting there wasting time when I already know what I'm going to draw. Now I can appreciate all that time I've wasted. Quite humbling to be honest. (specially since I usually spend those 3 hours sifting through my "hot dudes" folder XD)

I hope you guys will do it, it's very fun, and very challenging. I recommend it even though it nearly killed me. I mean I was excited to do it originally, and now after doing it I'm excited by the results and what I've learned in a day. But oh my arthritis!

This meme was so exhausting it cut my day in HALF. I'm usually up 20 hours, and now I'm to tired to stay up any longer and it's only been 10 hours. I'm going to bed now TT_TT

Blank version:
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