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Long exposure + Burnout= awesome

No I didn't ruin my tire, and this is not edited in any way.

This wasn't taken by me(obviously, since I was in the car) it was taken by my friend Jon Caswell.
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I think one thing I am often told by Christians who hold an evolutionist worldview (and by atheistic evolutionists in general) is that I am using creationsim as a way to "cling" to my religion, and that I "depend" on it to have some sort of belief in God. However, this is rather assumptive, as I once (albeit reluctantly) held a belief in evolution while having a belief in God. I don't support creationism because I have a weak faith and think science is wrong; I support a literal interpretation of Genesis because I believe in trusting the Word of God, and that if I should study God's creation, I should do so through His eyes.

The belief that God used millions of years of death and suffering to create a world He saw as "good" makes no sense to me. Putting man's fallible ideas and constantly changing theories into a collection of works that is supposed to be a revelation of an infallible God is not something I think is right. Trusting the word of mere men over my Creator is not something I think I would be happy living with.

Are there Christians out there who wrongly use the Bible as a scientific source? Of course. No matter what religion or lack thereof you have, someone somewhere is going to mess around with it for their own benefit. Whether it is done with honest intent or selfish reasoning, it happens. However, that doesn't mean all people who support creationism are like that. When we say we are creationist, we mean more than "Evolution has a lot of holes in it and the science behind creationism makes more sense." We have our scientific studies that support our beliefs, yes, but we believe in creationism for another reason. We mean first and foremost, "I trust the infallible revelation of God over that of man."

And even when I study science through the belief of creationism, I still have doubts and questions. After all, it's science; that's what you're supposed to do. There are even some theories within creationism that creationists debate about, such as whether or not there was rain before Noah's Flood. We study intently to find out if there was or wasn't, and we learn new things while doing so. But will the science we unearth change our faith in God, or even change our religion? Of course not. We don't study into the "rain vs. no rain" case, or any other creationist theory, to set up our religious dogma; we study into it so we can learn more about creation itself. What greater blessing can we gain from God's creation than learning from it, and possibly gaining new knowledge along the way?

I do not reject evolution and other non-Christian supported theories because I think science is evil or because I am insecure about my religion. I do not misuse the Bible as a source for scientific information. I only use the Bible as my starting point for viewing the world and studying it; I simply accept God's Word of a literal Genesis because it makes sense to me, and it is an expression of my faith by trusting God and supporting His revelations. No more, no less, and nothing in-between.

Peace be with you. :)

stamp template: [link]

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Comments are closed for a reason. I am a busy person, and I am not interested in debate/discussion. However, if you find anything in here I should fix/change/improve, kindly note me and I will look into it.
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[edit 1-11-14]  I've done a little more research on embryology, as such is a passion of mine, and abortion and have decided to re-write this image description. My position (which is what is referred to as strictly pro-life; read the description for where "choice" comes into play) has not changed, but I hope to better clarify my opinions and the meaning of this stamp. [/edit]

The more I learn about abortion, the more appalled I am that some people DON'T consider it to be murder, and horribly BRUTAL murder, at that.

Also, let me first say that I think that "pro-choice" is a ridiculous euphemism when referring to pro-abortion advocates. For this reason, I don't refer to them as "pro-choice", but rather "pro-abortion", a much more accurate label. I am against abortion, but I am not against "choice". I am all FOR choice--after all, we all have our free agency or free will, and I strongly believe that we should exercise that freedom. On top of that, however, I believe that we should do so by striving to make the RIGHT choice. Sure, whether or not you abort your child IS, technically, a "choice"...but just because the option is available doesn't make it a good, right, or wise choice.

Bad Choices by NattiKay

At any rate, having a baby or not was a choice that should have been considered BEFORE having sex. Quite simple, really...if you don't feel you're ready for a baby or you don't want one for whatever personal reason, just don't have sex, good gracious.

The ability of a man and woman to be able to come together and create a child--create a new life--is an incredibly beautiful and sacred thing, which is why it should ONLY be used between a committed man and woman married to each other. It's really quite sad how misused and abused this power is today. Its true purpose is completely forgotten and it's taken advantage of for mere temporary pleasure, the possibility that a human being could come out of it is disregarded and just seen as an "inconvenience", and when that new human is created, it's seen as an expendable chunk of tissue. Pregnancy is seen not as the gift of being able to support and sustain a new life, but as a burden or a "punishment". I find this to be an incredibly sad notion. 

Pro-abortioners argue that the fetus is either not alive or not yet human before birth, referring to them as merely "potential humans". Contrary to these claims, however, doctors and scientists agree that life begins at conception. Oocytes are potential human beings. Sperm are potential human beings. But the fetus? The moment the DNA of the mother and father merges, the genome for a new human being is already there. Eye color, hair color, gender, even some personality traits are established at the MOMENT of conception. This new zygote may be only a single cell at this point, but that cell is undoubtedly human, a human cell with a genetic code of its very own that has never existed before and will never be repeated. The zygote develops INCREDIBLY quickly and all the major organs and body parts are already in place by the end of the first trimester. After that, it's all about growth and maturation until the baby is ready to live outside the womb. It's basic biology.

Despite confirmed scientific fact staring them in the eye, pro-abortioners still cloud their sight with denial. But even if they refuse to accept the facts, would it not be better to, instead of having to debate all that, simply not conceive in the first place? Then you don't even have to THINK about whether or not you consider it "murder".

You could say, "well, they used birth control, but it malfunctioned". The only birth control that's 100% effective is abstinence. No matter what "protection" you use, if you become intimate with someone, there's still a chance of conceiving. A slimmer one, perhaps, but still a chance. If you are so desperate not to have a baby that you would murder it while it's still growing within your womb, don't have sex.

Of course, then they'll start saying things like "abstinence is unrealistic, people have a sex drive!" or "consenting to sex isn't the same as consenting to pregnancy!"

Abstinence is only "unrealistic" to those who lack the self-control to just keep it in their freaking pants. Yes, people have a sex drive and that's a natural and important part of our physiology. And do you want to know why it's so important? Do you know why we have a sex drive? To encourage reproduction. Not to become a slave to carnal "instincts" and sleep around for pleasure only and proceed to murder our offspring when the natural consequence follows. Yup, pregnancy is the natural consequence of sex. This is--or should be--common knowledge. They are directly and clearly connected. We live in a world of cause and effect, and think what you will, but consenting to an action IS, indirectly, consenting to its consequence. 

And, of course, there is the ever-popular "what about victims of rape?"

Don't get me wrong, rape is a HORRIBLY wrong thing and extremely traumatic for the victim. However, that doesn't grant them a free pass to kill the resulting child or that the life of the fetus is somehow less valuable.

Basically, if you got pregnant because you got a little too cozy with your boyfriend or were drop-dead drunk at a party and got careless, then no offense, but I have absolutely NO sympathy for you and your situation. You made the irresponsible choice to have sex or to put yourself in a situation where you were likely to end up having sex, now you have to deal with the consequences of that choice. To kill off your baby now just because you didn't want it is EXTREMELY selfish and cruel of you. 

If you got pregnant due to rape, then I feel really bad for you. I'm so sorry that you had to go through such a horrific and traumatic event. HOWEVER, the answer to violence is never more violence. Please don't stoop to the level of your rapist by murdering your baby. If you don't feel ready or able to raise your child, consider putting him or her up for adoption instead. The pregnancy may be difficult, but nine months of difficulty leading up to a birth will be nothing compared to a lifetime of guilt caused by terminating.

Lastly, I'd like to add that yes, rape is a horrid situation to have been placed in, but I don't think that "what about rape?" is a valid reason to support abortion because less than one percent of abortions are the result of rape. The VAST majority are the previously described scenario preformed on healthy mothers with healthy babies.

Thank you for reading my rambling. I am not looking to start an argument; merely to state my views. Comments are disabled for a reason.
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See Brutus go, go Brutus go.

Brutus is my cheap pickup truck I have to do dumb things in.

Critique the truck, I dare you.
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Not the best quality, but you get the idea
This pictures is a part of my childhood, those days when I would sit and loop "A Goofy Movie" over and over again.
Bigfoot was absolutely the most remembered character xD

My screenshot and lines
Movie: A Goofy Movie
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Seriously, anyone who says America was founded on religion is a moron because even the founding fathers themselves said America is not found on religion. Don't believe me? Look it up. If you don't, then you're just stupid and lazy.
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Dammit, i love that abridged series. xD

Not only am i un-fond of Code Geass, but to have this youtube series handed to me is like, fuck yes...

Anyway, decided to make this...cuz im bored... and im watching my favorite episode... #10..


Code Geass (c) Who ever made that shit
Code MENT (c) purpleeyeswtf
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Go to [link] now.

Dr. Steel is a man of many talents with one simple goal. To make the world a better place. Through entertaiment, vision and passion, Dr. Steel feeds the hungry masses who starve for happiness.

"It all comes down to having fun. We spend our lives trapped, when all we really want to do is play. So, let the people play! Let us build a Utopian Playland."
~Dr. Steel

Here's the video of his Utopian thought [link]

And the pdf file with the gist of the propaganda [link]

I seriously find his words so simple (which everyone could say) but so true.
And if something could happen, well... I'll be with him!

For more see the journal -> [link]

artwork by Dr. Phineas Waldolf Steel™
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Name: Bianca
Gender: Female
Owner: *elecktrum

Species: Shika
Element: Void

:bulletblack: Available for Breeding :bulletblack:
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