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Scene: It's a night time of about 8:15 pm. A Young student, Amanda Young is sitting in her room, as she's doing her homework, which he's completed already, but she wants to have it done as good as possible. Soon her phone rings.

Amanda, then picks up the phone.

Amanda: Hello.. Amanda here.

Over on the other side, is Julie, Amanda's best friend.

Julie: Hey Amanda, I'm wondering.. what would you like to do tonight.

Amanda: well.. I don't know, I mean, it may be the weekend, but I want to get my homework in as possible.. I mean, it might take me a while to get it just right.

Julie: Aww come on Amanda.. It's a weekend.. besides, your quite a brainy woman. You need some time to relax, I mean.. you'll burn out if your not careful.

Amanda: I know.. but I can't think about it.. You know I'm sorry.

Julie: Oh alright.. but give me a call if you need to go out.. Later.

Then the phone hangs up.

Amanda then gives a little sigh, soon going back to work..

Amanda: Right, lets see.. if I place that there and the other one there.. ooohh... oh god..

Suddenly, Amanda starts to have a warm flush about her body, like she's getting warmer each second, to a point where she gets up to open a window.

Amanda: oh god.. i'm feeling warm.. quite warm in fact..

Then as soon she opens the window, her ring on her finger snaps off as she sees it..

Amanda: wait.. what.. how.. ooh.. oh my..

Then, amanda heads towards the mirror, and notices that her baby blue eyes she has, have turned to a jade green

Amanda: How.. i'm.. i'm not angry.. oooh mmph..

Slowly, she soon starts to feel her tights she wears get close to her body as her body slowly fills out.

Amanda: Mmm.. I need to.. stop it.. but.. it's so good..

Her clothes begin to tighten against her body, as she grows, as her brown hair, is showing a slight shade of green and black.. and her skin colour begins to change colour too..

Amanda: Oh god.. it's happening.. i can't stop it..

Her voice changes from her natural shy sounding voice.. to a sexy sounding voice

Amanda: Let it out girl!

The next signs of her transformation happens as the threading on her shirt and trousers begins to tighten up, as her body grows more and more, as her build increases up, before the need to flex happens in her mind.

Amanda looks at her body then begins to flex

Amanda: Come on clothing.. expose that green skin for me I want to be sassy and big.

Soon, her clothing begins to tear, as her chest size shows the next change, as the go from a gentle b cup to a whopping d near an e cup, causing her bra to snap underneath her shirt, as her shirt tighten up, exposing her toned abs, as her pants tear apart too, exposing her strong legs.

Amanda: Yes!! This green goddess needed that!

Her change nearly is at the end, when her short hair lengthens to her shoulders.. then her change stops. Now, Amanda is not her natural self but a 6 ft tall jade giant, or a she hulk.

Then Amanda looks at herself in the mirror and grins a bit.

Amanda: Heh, Maybe you should learn to live a little Amanda.. I mean.. like Julie said, you'll burn out.

Then, Amanda gets rid of her torn clothes and places on a bigger outfit.

Amanda: time for this girl to hit the town!

Then Amanda goes out the house and goes out with Julie.

An idea i wanted to do.

Amanda Young, is a college student, who is a smart 22 year old woman, who love to do her work to her very best.

However, she has a she hulk problem.. not by blood relations or anything.. its that she was accidentally exposed to a gamma beam while in a science class.

Basically, she\'s like the she hulk from the tv cartoon, however, she\'s more controlled and allows herself to use her powers.
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Brian and Kelly Part 1 - a Female Muscle Growth Story
by MagnusMagneto

Brian's Journal.

Monday, April 2nd

It was yet another boring day at Central High School.  Well, that's not particularly true.  Today marked the opening of the new school gym.  We always had a gym, but the weight room was pretty shoddy.  Since it'd been so long since anything was put into it, the school went all out and upgraded it to full Olympic standard.  

Wednesday, April 4th

I never knew it, but it turns out that Kelly works out at home.  She says she does push up and jogs sometimes.  That'd explain why she's in such decent shape even though she eats more than I do at lunch.  Not wanting to be outdone by a girl, I hit up the brand new gym after school.  Oddly enough... I was the only person there.  I did some basic arm and chest exercises - I'm pretty skinny and only 5'6", so I started off pretty light.  I used 20 lb dumbbells for bicep curls and completed full sets, not too bad.  20 pushups, seems about right for a beginner.  I could only lift the bench press bar with 10 lbs on each side (65 lbs total) pretty embarrassing, but I was the only one there so no big deal.

Thursday, April 5th

Felt really sore in my upper body all day.  I've decided I'm not going to tell anyone about my gym adventures until I feel a bit more confident with myself.  After another boring day at school I headed to the gym again.  This time I focused on abs and legs.  I was able to do sets of 35 sit ups.  Not too good, but better than nothing.  For my legs I was able to squat 100 pounds, and ran for about half a mile.  

Saturday, April 7th

I was too sore yesterday to go to the gym.  Did some push ups today, sets of 25 to be precise.  I wonder how many Kelly can do.

Monday, April 9th

Still haven't told anyone about my gym adventures.  I felt a little bit stronger in the gym today.  There's still literally nobody else using the place, really weird, but I'm kind of glad.  

Monday, April 16th

Wow, time flies.  Not too much has been going on so I haven't been keeping my journal updated.  I'm up to 25 lbs for the dumbbells, 100 lbs on the bench press, 40 push ups, 60 sit ups, 130 lbs squats and can run for a whole mile.  Feeling really good!  My muscles even seem a little bit bigger too!

Wednesday, April 18th

Finally told Kelly about my gym adventures.  I told her all about my progress and flexed my arm for her.  She giggled and gave it a squeeze.  I winked and challenged her to dent my iron arms.  She tried, but couldn't get it to budge.  Despite the stares from a few passers-by, it felt really cool having a cute brunette like her squeezing my muscles.  She told me that getting stronger sounds like a lot of fun and that she's going to join me tomorrow.  I decided I don't want to be sore for our big gym date, so I skipped the gym today.  

The thought of getting stronger and stronger in front a cute girl who also tones up over time sounds like a dream come true.  Going to have some trouble sleeping tonight!

Thursday, April 19th

I think things went pretty well.  I moved up 5 lbs on all of the heavier weights and added repetitions to my dumbbell curls.  I pushed myself to the limit to show off.  I'm not too sure if she was impressed, hopefully she is.

Kelly's actually pretty strong for a girl (I think).  She was able to lift the 20 lb dumbbells I started with on her first try!  Her bench press beat out my starting point with 75 lbs (she has always had perky breasts), and her squat is already almost at mine with 120 lbs.  I was pretty blown away when she easily cranked out 100 sit ups and 50 push ups,  though she told me that she's always practiced calisthenics at home;  however she held back from fear of getting to manly, but now she sees the appeal of muscle.

The thought of a muscular Kelly is pretty hot.  Though, I would be pretty embarrassed if she got  stronger than me.  Luckily I'm a guy so my muscles will keep growing faster than hers!

Friday, April 20th

Feeling really sore today.  Saw Kelly in the hallway, she was absolutely beaming with energy.  "Ready to work out today Brian?"  she asked enthusiastically, her green eyes shining.  

I felt a little embarrassed but I explained that I was way too sore.

She seemed genuinely confused. Apparently she's never been sore before so she didn't understand what that meant.  

"It doesn't... hurt to move the muscles you worked out?" I asked  

She simply shook her head "I've never felt better before!" she claimed excitedly.  "I guess I'll just have to work out way harder so I can understand what this soreness stuff is all about" she continued with a cute smile on her face.

I simply shook my head a bit, bid her farewell and made my way to class.

Monday, April 23rd

Still not feeling quite up to snuff, still fairly sore.  Kelly practically ran up to me in the hallway today.  "Heya Brian!  Ready to get buff today?"  she asked with a huge grin on her face.  

I couldn't be certain, but she seemed a bit taller than her usual 5 foot tall self.  Maybe she had some new shoes on.  Of course being a hot blooded male, I couldn't help but notice that her breasts seemed perkier than usual; maybe it's a new bra, or maybe these work outs are really working for her...

"Eyes up here mister" she teasingly commanded, giving me a wink

I blushed a bit and scratched the back of my head.  "Sorry Kelly, but I'm still kinda sore, I should be good tomorrow though... and stronger too!"  I exclaimed with a nervous grin on my face.

"Yeah, getting stronger is so cool!  And way easier than I thought it would be" she responded  "Check it out!" she said, flexing her right arm.  A small but definite bump rose up from her effort.  I instinctively reached towards the tensed bicep.  "Go ahead" she urged while grinning.  I initially gave it a very weak squeeze, until I realized it was rock hard.  "That's it?" she asked, teasingly.  I clamped my fingers down hard, and after some significant effort I finally made her bicep compress a little.  "Pretty cool, huh?  I've never had arms like these!"  she exclaimed, flexing them both proudly.

"Yeah, that is pretty cool.." I admitted with a mixture of nervousness and sincerity.  Must be the beginner gains I've heard about; guess I didn't get lucky with mine.  

Kelly reached over and squeezed my right arm.  I immediately brought it up and flexed.  My arm was definitely still bigger than hers by at least 33%, but there was some give as her fingers dug in.  I was taken aback by her surprising strength and winced a little.  I quickly caught myself and pretended I felt nothing, though I doubt it fooled her.

"Not too bad...  Still needs a lot of work though!"  Kelly teased, as she dug her fingers a little deeper for emphasis before letting go.  "You suuure you're not gonna work out today?" She dug even deeper and I yelped a little before she let go with a giggle.

I shook my head "Nah, I need to heal up before my muscles get damaged.  You should do the same, ya know?"  

Kelly looked a little confused "I guess I'll need to work out really really hard to try to understand what you're talking about!"  

And with that the bell rang and we parted out separate ways.

As soon as I got home I researched the best method to build muscle really fast, and fitness in general.  It seems that she's an easy gainer and I'm a regular or possibly hard gainer.  Luckily as a guy I naturally have a much higher potential for muscle building, so I just have to play the waiting game.  Unfortunately that game is way too painful, so I dug into my bank account really deep, spent the majority of it, and ordered a tub of the best possible protein to feed my muscles.  This stuff is a whopping 300$, but every pro ever claims it works better than anything they've ever used, and it's all natural.  Thank god I've got a weekend job and no real bills to pay.  Having said that I'm getting pretty low on cash now, so this container is all I can afford.  Luckily, I was still able to afford something to give to Kelly, a nice box of chocolates.  With her getting so sexy, I want to try to build up our relationship a bit.

Thanks to new and improved same-day shipping, it should all be here tomorrow morning before I leave for school.

Tuesday, April 24th (written in class)

I avoided Kelly in the hallways today.  I don't want another public muscle stand off before I bulk up with this protein powder.  Having said that, I still need to hit the gym today, even if she's there.  I think the reason why she's getting so strong so quickly is that she's able to work out every day, so I can't afford to take any more rest days.

Health class was really interesting today.  It turns out that according to breaking scientific news, weight lifting can help certain teenagers grow taller.  Well, let me explain a bit more thoroughly.  For a very long time it was assumed that weight training too much could stunt growth.  In most cases, this is true, which is why it's recommended to not train too heavy until you're fully grown.  However, scientists are allegedly finding that teens have genetic makeups that produce more growth hormone (stuff that can make you taller) when they lift weights.  

Maybe that explains why Kelly seemed a bit taller.  I wonder how tall she'll get.  Hell, I wonder how strong she can get.  Luckily she'll have to stop sometime soon since women simply can't get that big.  She's clearly an easy gainer, but she'll taper off soon and fall for my ever growing manliness.  Plus I've got my secret weapon with me, the ultimate in muscle building nutrition.

Though, I have to admit, Kelly's muscle is really damn sexy.  Maybe if I get big enough I can give her some of this stuff and the two of us can become godly beings.

For now she'll have to settle for the chocolates I got her as a gift.

Tuesday, April 24th  (written at home after school)

Things certainly took a turn for the interesting today.  My triumphant return to the gym was supposed to an event where I showed off my new and improved physical prowess to Kelly.  It started off pretty good.  As soon as I walked into the gym, Kelly ran over to me and gave me a hug.  She was already changed into her work out clothing.  I noticed immediately that she came up to my nose in height; yesterday she was at my chin.  

"Just like they were talking about in health class today!"  she excitedly exclaimed, obviously in reference to her height.

I looked her up and down quickly.  It was evident this growth spurt was pretty recent because her shorts came up a bit shorter than before, and her tank top revealed a little bit of midriff that was absent earlier.   Her whole body seemed noticeably toned.  Kelly was always on the athletic side, but now there was noticeable muscle tone all over her.  It was hard to look away.

Kelly could tell I was a fan of her new appearance and appeased me by beginning her stretching routine.  The movement of her body combined with her poorly fitting clothing showed a significant portion of her toned midsection; in fact, she even had an adonis belt.

"Wow, I wish I could get taller too..." I said with a tinge of longing in my voice.  

"Don't sweat it, I'm sure I would have had another growth spurt eventually anyways"  she said  "I didn't see you in the halls today, afraid someone would catch us showing off our guns again?" she asked teasingly

"Nah I was just running late" I lied and shook my head.  "Though, I do have a present for you for before we leave today!"  I excitedly announced

"Aww, how sweet!"  Kelly responded "Though, really, just working out with you is a treat in itself" she said with a big smile on her face.  "Well, let's go get buff!" she yelled running over to the weights.

I grabbed a pair of 30 lb dumbbells, a personal best, and cranked out a couple reps.  It was pretty tough, but I managed to complete 8 repetitions with good form, and sat down on a nearby weight bench to take my break between sets.  

Kelly strode on over in her black tank top, grabbed a pair of 25 lb dumbbells and started to effortlessly curl them; her arm swelled up to a size barely smaller than my own.  After easily completing 10 reps with each arm, she immediately began doing lateral raises with them and her lats flared out wider than my own!  Without missing a beat, she immediately went back to bicep curls, and this time did 15 reps.  Right after, she raised each arm high and did one-arm tricep extensions with both arms simultaneously.  With a rapid pace she fired off extension after extension causing a shoehorn shape to appear on the back of her arms as they pumped up.  As with the earlier exercise, she finished off with more bicep curls, 17 this time.  

"Not bad, huh?" Kelly said, putting down the weights and immediately turning to me to show off with a double bicep flex.  With all the exercise she just did, her arms were significantly pumped up.   "Go onnn, have a feel!" she offered.  

I accepted and gave her arm a squeeze.  It was almost as large as mine, had better shape, and was much  harder.  

"No, no, give me a real squeeze big guy!" she challenged pumping up her bicep again, making it appear ever so slightly larger

I dug in with all of my might, unable to compress her arm at all.

"Are you even trying?" she asked

I grabbed her arm with both hands, and tried as hard a possible to dent her arm.  Instead of making her cry out in pain, I started trembling and sweaty.  

"Aww, you're cute when you try" the dark haired girl taunted.  "Go on, show me your guns, studly"

I begrudgingly put up my right arm and flexed.  

Kelly daintily reached over and gave it a squeeze.  With a bit of effort she dug in deeper than last time.  "This feels even softer than yesterday..." she said "Or, I'm just that much stronger now" she added.  She then proceeded to remove her hand and tense her forearm for emphasis, causing a surprising bulge of power to appear.  "Not bad for a little girl like me, huh?" she asked rhetorically, obviously aware of her power.

She went over to the squat area to work on her legs and I let out a sigh of relief.  As much as I like Kelly's company, I couldn't help but feel her scrutinizing my physical form, relishing in how much quicker she was progressing than me.  I decided I needed to do at least 10 bicep curls with the 30 lb'ers to stay ahead of her.  Instead I only managed to barely squeeze out 5, though honestly it was more like 4 proper reps and one half rep.  

Kelly was pounding away at the squat rack as I tried to finish up my arm workout without her scrutiny.  Away from her gaze, I attempted to do lateral raises with the 30 lb dumbbells but failed to do a single one properly.  I tried to do single arm tricep extensions with the weights, but failed again.  At least I can curl more than her... I think.

I gazed over and noticed she was doing 170 lbs on the squat rack, way more than I could possibly touch.  I couldn't dare do leg exercises in front of her.  I needed to cut my losses and leave having curled more than her (thank god she didn't pick up the 30s...)  I went over to her between sets and explained that I needed to meet up with some people for a group project.  An innocent, but necessary lie.

Right before I left my bag accidentally spilled open and the Extra Large container of Mega Protein Max Gainer Ultra+++ Formula Powder fell out.  Kelly quickly swooped down and grabbed it.  "Ooooh, is this the present you got me?" she asked "How did you know?  This is JUST what I wanted, you're the best Brian!"  she excitedly added, running up to me and kissing me on the cheek.

My face turned bright red at the sign of affection.  I was completely dumbfounded.  How could I tell her no?  It's not like I could just say 'nah Kelly that thing you really really want is for me, take these stupid chocolates instead'.  Instead, I simply managed to stutter out a "Y-your welcome"

Kelly was absolutely beaming as she greedily eyed over the container.  "I wanted to buy this, but I just can't afford it.  You know, this is, considered without a doubt the best stuff on the planet for gaining muscle.  It's even better than roids, and without all the negative effects!"

I nervously managed to utter out a "Yeah..."

"You must REALLY support my sexy new body to drop so much money on me...  I mean, if I'm able to get this..." she said, flexing her right bicep in my face for emphasis "without any special diet at all, wait until I'm through with this Ultra Synthesized Perfect Protein - Hyper Optimized for Maximum Power..."  she said, her voice trailing as she read off the back of the package.  "Well, you can rest assured that your investment won't go to waste, I'll let you check out my new body at any time" she said winking.  With that I hurried walked off, trying to not have a breakdown.

This is going to be a very interesting next couple of weeks...

End Part 1
Hey guys, this is a story commissioned/requested by :iconurza2:

There is at least one more part coming where the girl will grow much much bigger!

As always, if this story isn't what you like in your FMG I'm constantly experimenting with new types of stories, so stay tuned!

Comments/feedback/constructive criticism is always appreciated - it really helps me understand what works and what doesn't.
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She-Wolf of Video Vault: or CGI Killed the Werewolf Movie
Kid Komix
Emily belongs to Full Moon Master

Its nine minutes to eight on an autumn weeknight, where the activity of a small town slows to a crawl. Outside, the fall leaves rustle about from the cold wind while dark clouds stretch over a full moon like boney fingers. On a night like this, you might expect some unholy creature to be lurking in the shadows. But for Video Vault assistant manager Joel Roberts, he'll settle for anything to break up tonight's monotony. Almost an hour and a half has passed since the last customer came in the store. With the head manager on his lunch break, Joel's only company at this time is boredom.
Joel was promoted to assistant manager a few weeks ago by the owner of the locally owned video rental store. He figured the new position would offer more perks like a raise, but it just gave him more work for the same amount of pay. He had pictured many scenarios in his head when he graduated from community college earlier this year. Having to work a night shift in a twenty-five year old video rental for minimum wage was not one of them. Then again, it's not all bad as he thought to himself. The store has been around long enough to gather quite the collection of movies. Each row has its genre section and all in alphabetical order, ranging from classic movies to even a collection of Troma movies in the horror section. Everything from the new Blu Ray discs, DVD's, and old VHS tapes (ones that are still able to play). In the back, they have what is left of the failed HD-DVD movies and their Betamax counterparts from yesteryear. From the most devoted student of cinema who enjoys the works of Fritz Lang to the occasional Joe Blow who rents Point Break just to get his fix of pure Swayze goodness, the Video Vault has got it all and then some. Well, everything except customers to help pass the time.
When Joel sent his job application in 2006, he believed this would be a dream job. Just stand around, help customers, and watch movies all day. But there is a difference between perception and reality as he would soon find out. The only movies that could be played in the store were family titles or the promo reels to show off the latest movies coming to DVD. The worst part of the promo reel was seeing trailers for bad movies that tanked at the box office and were sent to DVD just to make back any profit. Joel shuddered at the thought of the multiple times he had to watch the trailer to Norbit on an hourly basis. Using his cell to call or text his friends was out of the question. Due to the strict store policy, no employee of Video Vault could use their cell phones or leave the store premises while on the clock. He got shitcanned for breaking the rules on his last job three years back and he did not want to lose this one.
"God, this night is taking forever." He thought to himself. "I'd give my left nut just to talk to someone."
Joel's prayers would soon be answered at he heard the familiar sound of a vehicle pulling into the parking lot. He looked out the store window to spot a blue compact car pull into the lot in quite a hurry. The engine shut off and the driver's side door opened to reveal a shapely female figure climb out. Joel's eye lit up as he saw the woman come into focus once she quickly approached the door. Through the window pane of the front door, the woman was a visual feast for the eyes. Her long, bright red hair came down to her shoulders while her emerald eyes sparkled behind her eyeglasses like the gemstones themselves. She had to be about his age from what he could guesstimate. Judging from the height measurement chart posted on the door frame, she looked to be five feet and six inches tall. She was sporting a purple shirt with a v-neck collar that showed off her ample breasts. Below the waist was a pair of blue sweats with the white cord ties sticking out in front. Her figure was definitely "girl-next-door" material. The one thing that capped off this beauty was her cute face and soft, pouty lips. It was truly a blessing from above for Joel. God had sent down an angel from his flock to deliver him from…
"Excuse me! Can I get some service, please?!"
The harsh words from the "angel" snapped Joel out of his daydream and back to the reality of his duties. The customer in front of him was the same knockout he saw enter the store, the only difference was that she now had an impatient look in her face. "Yes." He replied. "Can I help you in anyway?"
"I have a reserve order for Emily Stein. Is it still available?"
Not wanting to disappoint the lady any further, Joel rushed over to the reserve shelves behind him. A mixture of single DVD's and a few bundles rested on wire racks, each with single post-it notes of customer names, waiting to be taken home. He scanned through the names quickly until he found a DVD bundle marked "Stein, Emily". Quite a cute name for a very cute lady, Joel thought to himself. He came back with the DVD's in hand as Emily waited with her tiny purse on top of the counter. "Do you have your membership…?" He started to ask her. She was ahead of him as she handed him her membership card. Joel then scanned the barcode on the back and typed in a rental purchase command on the computer. The Video Vault's database revealed a bit more information about his late night customer. According to the records, Emily has been a longtime customer for 12 years, never had a single late fee, and her home address is just a few blocks away from the store. It wasn't much information, but enough for Joel to start a conversation with Ms. Stein.
"My name's Joel. I haven't seen you during my shifts." He said.
"I come in during the day."
"So… you live a few blocks from here?"
"Mmm-hhmm." It was barely a decent reply towards him since she was busy looking through purse for some cash. Joel hoped to get somewhere with this conversation rather than chit chat. Sure, he could look up Emily's phone number on the database and call her up for some reason like overdue movies and go from there. The only hitch in that plan was that her video rental record was spotless. Plus taking a total stranger's phone number and calling them up for a date was a few steps shy of stalking. If he was going to get somewhere with the lovely Ms. Stein, he would have to try some other way. Joel looked through Emily's video bundle for anything to go on conversation wise. Sure enough, there was definitely a pattern as he looked at the titles; The Wolf Man, An American Werewolf in London, The Howling, Ginger Snaps, and Trick 'r Treat. Each movie, including the latter which is an anthology horror movie, contains a werewolf. Joel had just found his icebreaker. "That's a lot of werewolf titles you've got. Planning for an all night marathon tonight?"
"Not tonight, going watch them later this week." Emily replied. "I've… got other plans for tonight and the two nights after."
"Sorry to hear that. Anything else I can offer you?"
"No thanks."
Joel's window of opportunity was closing fast. He had just rung up the movies and she already had the exact amount in hand. His only chance to continue this conversation was to throw something out into the waters and pray for a nibble. "Got any plans for a vampire marathon?"
"Next week I do." Again, Emily's attention was elsewhere. This time she looked at her digital wristwatch, which read 7:55. She looked to be in a hurry to get out. Joel had to pull out the "big guns" to continue their chat. Before she could grab her videos and leave, Joel threw out his quick question. "Do you want me to put you down for a copy of Twilight?" Emily paused upon hearing the store clerk's question. It seemed like he had struck a chord with the customer, but judging from her look of displeasure it was definitely the wrong chord.
"Excuse me?!"
"I figured you were into the Twilight…"
"Do you see anything resembling Twilight merchandise on me?!"
At that moment, Joel was seriously regretting asking the question. The fiery red head went into a tirade that no amateur movie watcher, including the horror genre, should ever get into with an avid film buff. "First off, the fact that anyone enjoys that cinematic abomination, let alone the books it is based off of, is a sad statement of what we truly value as entertainment. Someone actually talked me into buying the hardcover version. Worst… decision… ever! The first few chapters alone seemed to be written by a lobotomized, pot-smoking chimp. And the fact that Hollywood decided to make a movie series out of this tween crap is making me wonder if there is a God."
Joel was stunned by her comments. He never heard anyone be this vocal against Twilight, not even his friends. "Wow! I never thought I'd run into a woman who was anti-Twilight. Hell, every girl that comes in here gushes about the movie and that Edward schmuck. It's always 'Oh, that Robert Pattinson is such a hottie." Or 'Robert Pattinson is such a great actor" and so on."
"Please! A pepperoni pizza out of the oven is just as hot and a much better actor too. You want more qualified actors that can play vampires? Here's my list; Max Schreck, Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, and Kiefer Sutherland. I'd have Gary Oldman on the list, but the acting talents of Keanu Reeves kinda spoiled the movie for me."
Joel tried to keep himself from laughing out loud during Emily's vampire rant. But when it reached the Gary Oldman climax, he couldn't contain himself anymore. He had never met a woman, or any woman, that could speak so passionately about horror movies and retain a sense of humor about it. Suddenly, Emily was starting to laugh as well. She tried to hide the expression on her face, but it just made both of them laugh even more. It was such a great moment, that the red head had lost track of time as her watch read two and a half minutes to eight. A few seconds later, Joel finally caught his breath and wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes.
"Sorry about that." Joel said with a tired breath.
"It's ok. I'm kind of a dork when it comes to movies." She replied.
"Mind if I ask you another vampire/werewolf related question?"
"What's your take on the Underworld movies? Good or bad?"
"They're ok if you're into over-the-top actions films that pile on the CGI. It's like the Matrix sequels, a half-ass plot with enough computer generated images to make it look like an overpriced video game."
"Tell me about it. The last two sequels of the Matrix had so much CGI that I should've brought my Playstation controller."
"You know what the sad part is about CGI in film these days? It's used more as a crutch than a tool for movies. Special effects make-up is sparsely used in big budget films, especially in werewolf movies. Whatever happened to putting an actor in a monster suit or using animatronics to show a werewolf transformation? Now everybody calls up George Lucas and his ILM monkeys to digitally add it all in post production. It's totally lazy."
"Let not forget George's crack team of trained gophers that helped make Indiana Jones 4 a winner with the fans."
Emily giggled at Joel's pop culture comment; her smile brought a smile to the video clerks face. Their joyous laughter was interrupted as a pattern of beeping sounds went off in the store. Emily looked at her watch, the origin of the beeping, as it read 7:59 and counting down. "Shit! Shit!" Emily cried out, a look of panic washed over her. "I'm out of time!" She looked around the video store in a frightened daze, scanning every aisle of video shelves from where she stood. "Is there something wrong?" Joel asked.
"Is there anyone else in the store tonight?!" Emily blurted out.
"Excuse m…?"
"No! You're the only customer!"
"Are you expecting anyone else?!"
"My manager but he won't be back until…" Joel exclaimed, turning to a wall clock for the time. "About 8:30 or so, he's on his lunch break! Tell me what's wrong!"
Emily looked at her watch one more time. Only thirty seconds until it would read 8 o'clock. She took a deep breath to calm herself and quickly removed her watch and eyeglasses. After opening her small purse, she placed both items inside. "Can I trust you?" She asked as she looked into Joel's eyes. The assistant manager was deeply concerned about the red head after her frightful outburst. This was no longer a joyful conversation, this was getting serious.
"Yeah. You can trust me." He replied, wanting to do anything to calm her down. Just then, the watch from Emily's purse beeped three times and stopped. The wall clock read 8 o'clock precisely. Joel turned to the red haired costumer and saw beads of sweat starting to form on her brow. She held onto the counter with her right hand; she looked like she was going to be sick.
"I need you to lock the front door right now."
"What? It's not even…"
"NOW!" She cried out in such a tone it startled Joel into action. He rushed towards the front door, pulling the spare keys to the store out of his pocket. Her breathing was growing so labored he could hear it from across the store. She sounded more like a winded dog than a human being. Upon completing his task, Joel headed back to check up on Emily. She now had a death grip on the counter while she held her stomach. The color had nearly left her skin; drops of sweat fell from her face. Joel brushed aside Emily's hair and felt her face. "Jesus!" He exclaimed. "You're burning up!" At that moment, he reached in his back pocket and pulled out his cell phone. Store policies be damned, this was definitely an emergency. He flipped the phone open and started to dial 911. "No! Don't!" She cried out, grabbing Joel's arm before he could make his call.
"Emily, this is serious! You're sick and you need help!"
Her grip on Joel's arm intensified. It was like his arm was stuck in a vice, growing tighter with each turn. He was able to turn his arm but Emily still held on. Then Joel saw something that rocked him to his very core. He looked at the strong fingers of Emily and saw her nails breaking apart. Something was forcing its way out of each tip. As the fingernails split down the middle, he saw what it was. Slowly, black nails were pushing forward and out of the remains of her fingernails. The black nails grew longer and longer until they started to curve. The points became razor sharp in front of Joel's eyes. He let go of his cell phone as it fell to the ground. Emily finally released her death grip from Joel. He held his arm; bruised from the tight hold it was in. He returned his focus on Emily and was even more shocked to see what else was occurring. The veins on the visible portions of her body were standing up and pulsing violently. He followed the path of the veins up her neck and looked at her sweat drenched face. She was gritting her teeth in sheet pain. Her eyes completely shut as she grunted and groaned in agony. There was another sound coming from her, it sounded like she was grinding her teeth. Upon closer inspection, Joel saw it was something else entirely. The canines in Emily's mouth were growing longer, sharper. She opened her mouth and a pain-filled scream came out from deep within her. Joel stepped back in horror; her scream was something no human being would make.
In a situation such as this, logic would dictate that one should flee the scene and start a new life in Mexico. For some reason, Joel did not move one inch from where he was. Was it out of fear or simple human curiosity? Whatever the case, Joel could not look away at the bizarre transformation of Emily Stein that was unfolding before him. Aside from the visible veins, he soon noticed another change in her bare forearms. The muscles underneath the skin was stretching and swelling like bread dough in fast forward. Amidst the sounds of her painful grunts, the sounds of bones cracking emitted from inside her body. With each passing second, the petite arms of Emily grew longer as her muscles continue to increase in mass. The growth, however, was not focused in her arms, rather all over. Joel looked closely and saw Emily's clothes were tightening on her expanding frame. The purple T-shirt was hugging her growing upper body like a second skin. The hem of the shirt slowly rose upward to reveal the muscles underneath her stomach morphing into rock hard abs. The short sleeves were now stretched her shoulders. Meanwhile, Joel's attention was now focused on the surging growth of Emily's breasts. They looked to be getting larger but he could see her pectoral muscles pushing them forward. Whatever was growing, the V-neck collar quickly gave out as it split down the middle. The matching bra underneath the shirt was the only saving grace for Emily's decency. Yet the bra itself was not going to last against the onslaught of her growth. Before the show could get really interesting, Emily lost her grip on the counter and fell forward.
She caught herself with both hands before the fall could do any harm. The long red locks covered her face completely. Joel took a few steps forward in hopes to help in anyway. But Emily raised her hand in protest. The once delicate feminine fingers were now longer and much thicker. The black claws that had replaced her fingernails looked even sharper than before. "N… no… Stay back…" She whimpered. The pain of the transformation limited most of her vocabulary to only cries of anguish. As excruciating as it was, she did not want Joel to be hurt by her actions. All he could do is stand and watch this event in horror. Just then, Joel noticed something else appearing on Emily's body. The color was returning to her flesh but it was tanner than it was when she came in. Upon closer inspection, he saw something else growing on her besides muscle. Dark red hairs were sprouting out of her skin. It was growing all over her bare skin. Patches of the red hair was forming on certain points and spreading out all around her skin. That's when Joel realized it wasn't hair, it was fur. A loud pop, followed by another, disrupted his focus from the arms and moved it towards her legs.
The source of the sound came from Emily's sneakers. The fronts of the shoes were burst open by the same long black claws Joel saw earlier. He could only see one foot from where he was standing, but it was more than enough to witness this latest development. For some reason, the claw-baring toes were being pushed out of the ruined shoe. The white laces were being pulled taunt against some unseen force. The seams connecting the leather and rubber sole were giving way, stitch by stitch. In one violent motion, the shoe broke apart as Joel saw the cause of their destruction. The front portion of her foot had changed drastically, becoming more paw-like. The littlest toe had moved upward as the middle section of the foot stretched out. It looked more like the hind leg of a dog than the average human foot. Even though there were some traces of her ankle high sock still clinging for dear life, the complete metamorphosis of her foot was still visible. Emily slowly started to shift the weight of her growing body to her newly formed limbs, trying to get back up. While she struggled to get vertical, Joel moved his vision up to see what else has happened to her lower body.
Her legs had grown longer and thicker during the course of the metamorphosis. The thighs alone looked to be bigger than the average tree trunk. The blue sweats she wore squeezed every inch of her lower limbs to the point where the muscles could be seen through the fabric. At that point, small tears appeared on the blue pants and grew larger. The dense muscles of her expanding thighs were revealing themselves at last. With the hem of her pant legs higher up than normal, the calves came into view. Patches of red fur was covering the dense muscle of her calves. Joel's gaze continued its journey north, taking in every inch of Emily's rapidly changing figure. Even though the short sleeves and the front were destroyed, the purple T-shirt stayed on her. The upper portion of her body had thickened out even more. The once petite shoulders had grown wider and were packed with muscle. The slender arms were longer and ripped from bicep to forearm. Her delicate hands became a monstrous mixture of one part canine and one part human. He could barely see the front of her chest, but the much larger cleavage of her more fully packed breasts were in clear view of his sight. Her Pecs heaved with heavy breath while her bosom strained against the stubborn bra. The red fur was covering certain portions of her bare body and was spreading quickly. It was like seeing a time lapse video of mold covering an entire piece of bread in seconds. What Joel was witnessing with truly unbelievable. The only time he had seen a woman with such a physique (minus the fur) was on a website him and his friends found by accident. His buddies found the many pictures of "female body builders" grotesque.  Joel, on the other hand, found a strange appeal to these women but kept that notion to himself.
His trip down memory lane was interrupted by the sounds of heavy breathing and whimpering. He turned his gaze to Emily's face and saw her in a great amount of pain. She gritted her sharp teeth while her eyes were shut so tight tears ran down her cheeks. Her breathing was coming out of her mouth and in such a frantic pace drool was coming out. She looked more like a rabid animal than a human being. This point was more apparent as the red fur was slowly working its way up her neck and starting to cover her face. The straight bright red hair had changed to a more darker tone, much like the fur on her body, and had grown longer and fuller. In the midst of all this, two points, one on each side of her head, were rising out of the wild dark red main. The points made their way out of the dark red jungle of hair, revealing them to be Emily's ears. They no longer resembling human ears, they were larger and pointed at the top. The growing ears belonged on the top of a dogs head, not a human being. Joel knew, even earlier on, what Emily was becoming. He just could not bring himself to say it or think it. The mere mentioning would defy every form of logical thinking known to man. What Joel was witnessing could only happen in the realm of Hollywood make-believe, not in real life. But it was happening; right before his eyes… this red haired angel was becoming a werewolf.
At this point, Emily's breathing was growing heavier. She opened her mouth to take in as much air as she could. Strings of drool hanged down her sharp teeth; her gentle voice had become deeper and huskier. She then violently thrust her head downward and unleashed a deep cry of intense pain. She raised her back upward, the remains of the purple shirt ripped down the middle, from the collar to the hem. The clasp of her struggling bra finally broke off, sending both straps to her sides like two rubber bands being let loose. With one hand, Emily tore off the shredded garments and exposed her backside, as if to show Joel what was causing her pain. Beneath the skin, covered in a thin layer of red fur, was her spine rising and curving up and against her hide. The young video store clerk could count the knots on her spine going straight down her tail bone. Oddly enough, a small thick lump was forming on the end tip of the tail bone. He watched as it stretched out, bones cracking as it grew longer. It went from the length and thickness of an average thumb to something longer than a middle finger and two-thirds thicker and even longer than that. The dark red fur was covering this new body part in a much fuller coat than the rest of the body. Sounds of cloth tearing in two filled the air once more. Joel looked to see the blue sweats losing the battle against Emily's growing legs. The seams were split open while the waist band was pushed beyond its capabilities. Her pants hung low enough to show her panties rip down the middle, freeing her muscular rear-end and giving her still elongating tail more space. Joel noticed the tail starting to twitch and move slowly. It was perhaps the oddest part of the transformation he had seen so far. The wagging of her tail, in some way, put his mind at ease and focused less on Emily's cries of pain. During this stage, her painful screams were unbearable to hear. He wanted to do something to help her but what could he do? The best thing Joel could hope for is that this… insane moment would end. Maybe this is just a junk food-induced dream, he thought to himself. Just nodded off on the job and after too many trips to the horror section, he's dreaming about a smoking hot girl becoming a big bad werewolf. Sadly, a much louder scream from Emily's lips proved this was not a dream.
Joel covered his ears, trying to shut out the noise. The red head's scream was deep but still loud to rattle his ear drums. She snapped her head up and straight forward, the long wild strands of hair parted to reveal her face. A line coating of dark red fur had completely covered her skin, from the top of her forehead to the bottom of her chin. Her nose was the only spot that wasn't covered in fur. Instead it had turned black and looked rather spongy in texture. The facial bones underneath snapped and crackled like burning wood. Every portion of her face was shifting into a form that was neither human nor beast. Her mouth, still open and unleashing cries of agony, stretched outward inch by painful inch. The upper portion of her mouth grew longer as the lower jaw was not far behind. Her black nose reshaped itself in a much flatter form on the upper jaw. The facial muscles pulled back to reveal her sharp bestial teeth. With one final push, the upper and lower portions of her face stopped growing and had taken the form of a muzzle. At last, Emily's eyes snapped open and stared right at Joel. The video clerk's heart skipped a beat once he returned her gaze. The enchanting emerald gems were replaced with menacing amber eyes; the kind of amber color you only see at a certain point when the moon rises. The transformation seemed to be over; the only sound was the heavy breath of the beast once known as Emily Stein.
"Emily?" He said, out of desperation for a human response. The reply came back as a low, threatening growl. Joel took a few steps back, bumping into a movable candy rack. The red furred beast got off the floor and onto her newly formed feet.  While the she-wolf was rising up, Joel began to take in every portion of this magnificent creature. The clothing worn by Emily was gone, nothing more than torn rags on the floor. Standing straight up, she/it looked to be over seven feet in height. Behind the even coat of dark red fur were mounds of muscle. She still retained her womanly curves but had a powerful physique to complement it. The pitch black claws on her hands and feet had a dull shine to them. Her long fingers curled up as the beast began to make a fist. The claws on her toes dug into the carpet beneath her feet. The long, bushy tail moved from side to side and suddenly stopped. The beast tossed her head back, sending locks of her wild red mane flowing in every direction. With a deep breath, she/it let out an ear piercing howl that almost rattled the windows of the store. The howl itself seemed to last for ten seconds, and then, without warning, the fierce gaze of the beast returned towards Joel. Before he could make any sudden moves, she/it took a few strides and was now face to face with the young man. The beast snarled as Joel's heart pounded behind his rib cage like a jackhammer. She sniffed the air around him while keeping its gaze on him. This is how it ends, Joel thought. The life of Joel Roberts will end, in a video store, at the hands of some savage…
"You didn't shit yourself. I'm surprised…"
Joel's eyes became wide as dinner plates upon hearing the deep, husky voice of Emily coming from the red werewolf in front of him. Was this a joke?! Was he hallucinating? "…Cause the last guy to see me like this had to go back to diapers."  Nope, this was not a hallucination. Joel saw Emily's words coming out of her mouth… or muzzle, in this case. "You… can talk?" Joel asked. "But… I…"
"Don't believe what you see in movies. Most of it is total bullshit." She said while placing a long finger on his lips. The fierce gaze from the amber eyes were gentler now, almost puppy like than predator. "Just like James Hampton said in Teen Wolf. Aside from our unique gift, we're just normal people like everyone else." Emily took a few steps back to give Joel space to breathe easy. The she-wolf scanned the young man from head to toe with her amber eyes. He felt rather nervous about it, having a real-life werewolf checking him out. At least she wasn't planning to tear him apart… well, not yet anyway.
"To be honest, you're not the first guy that caught me at the wrong time of the month." Emily said. "The types of men I attract tend to be low on the evolutionary ladder. And they range from those who want to get in my pants or rob me at gun point." The sedate she-wolf laid her right hand/paw on top of the video counter and drummed the tips of her claws in a rhythmic fashion. She placed her other hand on her hip and gave Joel a glare that made him more nervous than before. "So tell me, Joel… which type are you?"
Joel began to sweat upon hearing the question, he felt more comfortable with the "savage beast" Emily than the "third-degree" Emily. So, he did the most logical thing he could… be honest with her. "I just wanted to get to know you. I had no customers before you came in and I was glad that you arrived. You seem like a very nice girl, you look beautiful, and you definitely know your way around movies." It was hard for him to tell if his answer was right since reading her face was impossible. Then she hit him with an even tougher question. "Do you still find me beautiful, even like this?" She asked, guiding her left hand from her chest down to her hips. Again, Joel could only tell her the one thing that mattered. "Yeah…" He replied, with cheeks flushed with embarrassment. It was awkward but he was telling the truth. For some odd reason, she looked incredible even in her new form. What he found even more surprising was the response from Emily.
"I believe you."
The dark red she-beast took a few steps closer and gave him the puppy-like look to him again. "For starters, you stuck around rather than head for the exit. Second, you are much nicer than the occasional knuckle-draggers I run into. Plus, your heart-rate was normal when you answered my questions." She paused for a second, looked downward and pointed at Joel's pants. "And, I seemed to have gotten a "rise" out of you." He looked down and saw a tent being pitched in his pants. His faced turned even redder than before. He was totally unaware of what was occurring downstairs at any point of the past events. He looked back at Emily and her eyes were still locked on his… area. He quickly covered it with his hands as he heard the she-wolf giggle. He wasn't sure what was stranger, the reliving of his preteen years in one night or a female werewolf was giggling like a school girl. After a minute or so for Joel to regain his composer, the she-wolf picked up a pen and a piece of paper off the counter and handed it to him. "555-8376." She said to him. "My phone number." Joel quickly jotted down the number on the paper.
"I've got a day off next Wednesday and Thursday. You wanna go out on that day?"
"I'm off on Thursday. You feel up to watching a few vampire movies at my place?"
"You remember the only ones that count?"
"Yeah, Schreck, Lugosi, Lee, and Sutherland."
"Super. You bring the movies; I'll have the popcorn ready."
Emily reached for her purse and pulled out her cell phone. With the tips of her claws, she flipped it open and brought up a contact number. "Could you do me one big favor before I go?" She asked while handing him the phone. "Call this number and ask for Abbey. Tell her that Emily missed the deadline and needs her to pick up my car. If she asks who you are, tell her what happened but be vague while on the phone. She'll understand."
"Absolutely." He replied.
"Also, will you put in my movies and clothes in the car for me? Just hand my purse to her and she'll handle the rest."
"Ok." He said. The she-wolf leaned over towards Joel and was face to face with him again. This time, she moved her muzzle close to his cheek and gave it a small but playful lick. "Thanks." She said. "You are such a peach." Joel's face turned red with embarrassment one more time as the giant werewolf made her way to the front door.
"Wait!" He blurted out. "One more question? Want me to rent Gary Oldman for vampire night?"
She turned her head and paused for a second. "I'll think about it." The werewolf stepped outside the store and into the cold, crisp autumn night. She took in a deep breath and sighed with joy. "I love a night like this." With her last words, she leapt over her small car and darted out into the darkness. A howl filled the air as the front door to the video store closed shut.
Joel stood there for a second, cell phone in hand, and proceeded to sit down onto the floor of Video Vault. He pictured many scenarios after graduating from community college and tonight was definitely not one of them. While dialing the phone number, the physically and emotionally exhausted young man had two thoughts running through his mind. The first was that it would be a long time before he would accept a night shift after tonight. And the second thought…
"What movie did Kiefer Sutherland play a vampire in?"*
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Shades of Green

Chapter Thirteen- Conquest of The Leader

Part Four- Crimson and Clover

Washington, D.C.

The Leader's Helicarrier

The Helicarrier itself shook with the fury of the battle pitting Hulk and Shego against the Hulked-Out Avengers and the Hulked-Out Masters of Evil! It was literally a clash of titans, and the fate of the world rested on Hulk and Shego's shoulder, for they were the only ones that could stand a chance of defeating The Leader now! Still, in order for either of them to reach The Leader, they were both going to have to deal with the Hulked-Out Avengers and the Hulked-Out Masters of Evil, for there was no way of getting past them.

Hulk was dealing with Hulked-Out Thor, Executioner, Wonder Man, Ant-Man, Crimson Dynamo, and Iron Man; Shego was busy with Hulked-Out Enchantress and Wasp, though she was having an easier time besting them in combat than Hulk was with the rest of the Hulked-Out Avengers and Masters of Evil. Shego had to admit, there was a part of her that really didn't want to fight Janet, for the fellow female Avengers teammate was the closest thing that Shego had to a sister. However, it soon became apparent that Shego had no other choice, for she knew that if her and Hulk were going to reach The Leader and stop his plans, they were going to have to fight through their Hulked-Out teammates.

It was also very apparent that Wasp/Janet Van Dyne was not capable of being reasoned with, her uncontrollable rage causing her to strike at Shego without so much as a second thought! Wasp lunged at Shego with wild strikes, with Shego blocking each one, trying to avoid any actual conflict with her best friend. Though that was easier said than done, because even in her Hulked-Out form, Wasp was just as quick and agile as ever as she lashed out with lightning fast punches.

Shego blocked as many as she could, but one did manage to connect, the force of the blow sending Shego soaring back into a steel wall. Rising quickly to her feet, Shego wipes away some blood from her lower lip with her right hand, her temper rising as her mood changed to that of righteous anger. There was only so much that one person could take, and that one hit that Shego received from Janet was more than enough, for if Hulked-Out Was wanted a fight, then she would get one!

Wasp lunged at her again, this time her fists encased with golden bio-electric energy, a savage cry escaping her throat as she ran full speed at her best friend. This time Shego was ready and had no plans on holding back, delivering a powerful kick to Wasp's sternum, the sheer force sending the female Avenger crashing through a nearby steel wall, smashing through the steel as if it were mere paper! Shego would never admit it, but she really hated to hurt Janet, and she knew that she had to be careful that she wouldn't kill her best friend with her new found immense strength.

"Sorry about that, Janet. I'll make it up to once the world is safe.", Shego said to herself, knowing that she would have to make it up to her friend and fellow Avengers teammate.

Once again Shego was thrown into conflict as Enchantress lunged at her, the Hulked-Out Asgardian sorceress pinning Shego to the steel flooring, Amora's hands roughly holding Shego's shoulders down. As soon as Amora's head was close enough, Shego quickly delivered a devastating head-but to Enchantress' skull, a sickening crack of bone echoing throughout the massive room. Taking advantage of the situation, Shego ignited her right fist in emerald green plasma before delivering a powerful haymaker to Amora's face, drawing blood from Enchantress as she soared back to crash through a steel wall.

Shego cracked her knuckles, her emerald green flames that encased her fists glowing brighter than ever, her eyes glaring in the direction that Enchantress landed. There was something about the Asgardian sorceress that Shego despised, but she couldn't say for sure what exactly, other than the fact that the blond haired villainess struck a nerve. Shego watched as Enchantress slowly rose back up to her feet, shaking off the devastating blows that she received from Shego. A savage scream of pure hatred escapes the throat of Amora as she runs at full speed at Shego, intent on taking out her female adversary with her bare hands! Enchantress lunged, slashing wildly with various strikes, but she was unable to land a single blow on Shego.

"You I have no guilt in beating to bloody pulp!", Shego hissed, delivering a vicious four punch combo that staggers Amora, drawing blood as her fists bashed against the Asgardian sorceress' face.

Shego did not relent, continuing to bash Enchantress with a barrage of blows, each one more powerful than the last. Shego never felt so much power and rage, coursing through every fiber of her being, comparable to the like of an erupting volcano or an earth shattering earthquake! Now she really knew how it felt to be the Hulk, for it was a true adrenaline rush to let loose with all this incredible power! No wonder Hulk enjoyed fighting and smashing so much!

Driving a powerful kick to Enchantress' abdomen, causing the Hulked-Out Agardian villainess to drop to her knees, Shego proceeded to deliver a powerful spinning kick to Amora's skull! Enchantress is sent soaring back, her body landing yet the force of Shego's blow causes her form to rip through the steel flooring of the Helicarrier until she smashed through one of the many steels walls within the gigantic room!

"I'm really starting to hate blonds!", Shego muttered to herself, advancing towards her downed opponent.

Before Shego could reach Enchantress, she was immediately tackled to the steel flooring by Wasp. The Hulked-Out female Avenger began striking Shego with violent strikes of her bio-electric encased fists, intent on bashing her best female friend to a bloody pulp, Wasp unable to control her primal rage that coursed through her veins. Shego though shrugged off Wasp's blows, striking her left fist upward and hitting Wasp in the face, the violent blow stunning her as Shego kicked her off with her legs.

Wasp is sent soaring through the air once again, allowing Shego to rise back up to her feet, a confident smirk gracing her features. Enchantress was just recovering from her beating at the hands of Hulked-Out Shego, slowly rising back to her normal stance as her blood boiled with a red rage, only to be smashed through the steel walls once again as Wasp's form smashed into her. Shego allowed her emerald green eyes to glare at the Hulked-Out forms of Wasp & Enchantress, knowing that this fight was far from over!

"Face it, girls. You're outmatched in both power and good looks. In other words, neither of you two are even in my league!", Shego remarked confidently, remaining in her fighting stance.

"Puny glowing She-Hulk not more beautiful than us!", Wasp hissed, clenching her hands into fists as they became incased once again with golden bio-electric energy.

"Glowing She-Hulk is not stronger than us either!", Enchantress added with a hiss, allowing a savage expression of hate to cross her features.

"Alright, enough talk! Time for some smashing! Now, come and get me!", Shego challenged, reigniting her hands in green plasma.

After this brief verbal exchange, Hulked-Out Enchantress and Wasp rushed forward, a savage scream of primal hatred and rage escaping each of their throats as they closed in on their enemy! Shego let a confident smirk grace her features as she rushed forwards to meet her enemies, not backing down or relenting in the least, for if there was one thing that Shego really enjoyed... it was a challenge! While not as delicious or inviting as her challenge with Hulk regarding their date to the charity ball, Shego couldn't help but feel a rush of energy at the thought of combat.

She blocked a punch from Enchantress, countering and delivering a powerful plasma incased fist to Amora's face, the force drawing blood and sending her crashing backwards to the steel flooring. Wasp lunged at Shego, their fists colliding as their separate energies fought one another, but Shego's Hulked-Out powers, including her powerful supernova plasma was too much for Wasp's bio-electric energies! The immense force and devastating shock waves from Shego's supernova plasma sends not only Wasp soaring, for the recovering Enchantress was sent soaring back from the incredible force of Shego's enhanced Hulked-Out powers!

However, it wasn't long before Wasp and Enchantress rose back up to their feet, more than ready to fight once again. These two warrior women weren't about to be defeated so easily, and Shego knew this, but that didn't mean she wasn't going to enjoy beating them until they couldn't move! Still, she had to make sure not to kill either one of them by accident, for she still wasn't aware of how truly powerful she is. Not only that, but Shego had to make sure that she kept her anger in check, unless she wanted to go into a berserker rage!

Enchantress and Wasp lunged at Shego again, this time managing to score a few strong blows, causing Shego to drop to her knees. Together, Wasp and Enchantress leaped at Shego, both delivering a powerful dropkick to the pale green skinned female gamma titan. The impact of the attack sends Shego soaring back, crashing through several steel walls before coming to a smashing halt against a stell wall that had most likely been made of pure adamantium, for her impact didn't even leave a scratch on it!

Slowly, Shego rose up from her hands and knees, her aching body recovering at an inhumanly rapid speed. What she felt, however, was neither pain nor defeat, but an incredibly savage and primal rage that coursed through her veins. Now, it was not a very good idea to enrage or even slightly irk Shego, for she is a very short tempered and extremely violent woman capable of inflicting serious damage and harm to anyone that was foolish enough to incur her wrath!

And right now, Shego was very angry, and now being that she has been transformed into a powerful Hulked-Out version of herself, one could only begin to even guess how even more dangerous she will be! One thing was certain, and that was the fact that both Enchantress and Wasp were going to be in a lot of trouble in the next couple of moments, for they were the ones who incurred Shego's rage and violent wrath! Even as Wasp and Enchantress approached, they could see the fiery rage that burned within Shego's glowing emerald green eyes!

With a low and savage growl, Shego quickly reignited her hands with emerald green plasma, which continued to encase not only her hands but all the way up her forearms. Just as Wasp and Enchantress charged, Shego launched two bolts of supernova plasma from her hands, the bolts of green supernova plasma energy smashing into Enchantress and Wasp with immeasurable force! As soon as the supernova plasma blasts connected with their targets, they exploded with immense destructive force, while the devastating concussive impact sent Enchantress and Wasp smashing through the steel walls as the supernova energies of the plasma flames incinerated or burnt everything they consumed!

Out of the smoke and green flames, Shego stepped forth, unharmed and unaffected by her destructive powers as she admired her work with a brief deadly smirk. She had to admit that being able to fire destructive plasma bolts was very effective and came in handy when fighting, but it was nothing compared to her enhanced powers that her Hulked-Out form gave her! She was really going to miss having her enhanced plasma powers, not to mention the immense physical strength, durability, stamina, and endurance that came with it.

Still, she might as well have some fun with her abilities while she still possessed them. Not that she really minded, just as long as her and Hulk stopped The Leader, so that she could spend some intimate time with her beloved green goliath. Shaking her mind of her thoughts, Shego turned her attention back to Enchantress and Wasp, who were very slowly recovering from the supernova blasts of Shego's enhanced plasma bolts.

"Don't make me angry... You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!", Shego hissed in warning, her emerald eyes glowing bright green with power.

While Shego was busy battling Enchantress and Wasp, Hulk was dealing with the other Hulked-Out members of the Avengers and the Masters of Evil. As the battle raged on, it became clear that Hulk was getting stronger with each passing moment, even to the point that he was more than holding his own against the Hulked-Out Masters of Evil and the Hulked-Out Avengers. Lashing out with savagery and ferocity that is unequal to any known to exist in the universe, Hulk leaps high into the air and smashes his fists down upon both Hulked-Out Crimson Dynamo and Iron Man, the immense force of the devastating blowing driving them through the steel flooring and knocking them out instantly!

Just as Hulk turned, the Hulked-Out forms of Captain America and Baron Zemo tackle him to the steel flooring, temporarily pinning the Hulk down as Captain America and Baron Zemo began bashing the jade giant with a barrage of violent strikes with their fists! However, these devastatingly powerful blows seemed only to enrage Hulk even further rather than hurting him, causing Hulk to lash out with a powerful swing of his right fist which strikes both Captain America and Baron Zemo simultaneously! The incredible force of the strike, combined with its devastating ferocity, sends both Captain America and Baron Zemo soaring back.

With a savage roar of incomparable rage, Hulk quickly rises to his feet and grabs both Baron Zemo and Captain America in a crushing bear-hug, his massive arms squeezing and crushing the life out of the two smaller seven foot six tall Hulked-Out beings. If he really wanted to, Hulk could literally crush the life out of the Hulked-Out forms of Captain America and Baron Zemo, but that wasn't his intention regarding his two foes. Instead, Hulk lifts both Baron Zemo and Captain America high above his head, and then proceeds to throw them both in the form of a Fastball Special!

The launched forms of Captain America and Baron Zemo smash into Hulked-Out Wonder Man and Ant-Man, the sheer force of their collision sending all four of them ripping through the steel walls of the Helicarrier! Hulk turns around, only to be struck Hulked-Out Thor's glowing anti-force lightning fueled mystical hammer, the force of the powerful blow sending Hulk smashing through steel walls before crashing to the steel flooring. Shaking off the effects of Thor's unexpected attack, Hulk rises to his feet, seemingly unaware of the large charging form that was just about to attack him. A massive fiery crimson double bladed battle ax, wielded by the Hulked-Out Skurge the Executioner, smashes between Hulk's massive shoulders with unbelievable force!

Once again, Hulk is sent smashing through numerous steel walls until he returns to the gigantic main room, his body ripping through the steel flooring as he crashes. Letting out a low growl of anger and pain, Hulk quickly rises back to his feet, his indomitable will allowing himself to continue the battle until his enemies were smashed and defeated. Hulk was soon attacked once again by Thor, the Hulked-Out Thunder God viciously striking the green goliath with his mystical hammer Mjolnir again and again, smashing the weapon against Hulk's skull and sternum repeatedly without remorse!

Thor was quickly joined by the Executioner, who assisted the Thunder God in attacking Hulk, smashing his flaming double bladed battle ax into the Hulk's form with all of his Hulked-Out might! The brutal bashing went on, Executioner smashing his double bladed battle ax against Hulk's back, the impact combined with the sharpness of the ax leaving massive gashes in Hulk's flesh as green blood slowly oozed out of the grievous wounds! While Executioner smashed his massive battle ax against Hulk's flesh, Thor bashed his anti-force lightning empowered hammer into Hulk's face and abdomen again and again, not relenting as the savage Hulked-Out madness consumed his mind!

This brutal beating continued, a beating which would kill even the most powerful of heroes, but all it was doing to the Hulk was making him even angrier! If there was one thing you shouldn't ever do, it would be angering an already enraged Hulk, for the angrier Hulk becomes... the stronger Hulk gets! Unfortunately for Hulked-Out Thor and Executioner, neither of them knew how big a mistake they were making, until it was too late!

Overly confident, Thor and Executioner continued their combined assault on the Hulk, smashing their weapons down and driving the Hulk's form through the steel flooring. Thor and Executioner raised their weapons above their heads, intent on delivering the final killing blow to the Hulk, using all of their strength as they slammed their weapons down at the same time. Before the weapons could deliver the final strike to the Hulk, the weapons powerful descent came to a staggering halt, much to the shock of both the Executioner and Thor.

Hulk had caught the Executioner's ax with his right hand, while Hulk's left hand caught Thor's hammer Mjolnir, stopping both of the weapons descent instantly! Even with their enhanced Hulked-Out strength, neither Thor nor the Executioner could press their weapons forward, for their combined might was nothing compared to the Hulk's own! Hulk began to slowly push back against both Thor and the Executioner, his strength prevailing over the combined might of both Hulked-Out Asgardian warriors.

Without so much as a second thought, Hulk lifted Thor and Executioner off the steel flooring by their own weapons, even as the two Hulked-Out Asgardians kept their grips on their weapons despite being lifted in the air by Hulk's immense physical strength! Hulk kept his grip on the mystical hammer Mjolnir and the Executioner's battle ax, not releasing his hold on the either of the weapons until he launched both Thor and the Executioner through the air, their forms smashing through several steel walls as they were thrown by the jade giant! Hulk let a savage snarl escape his throat, his rage and power growing with each passing moment, knowing that if he didn't control his immense limitless strength and berserker rage, he could easily kill any of these Hulked-Out heroes or villains. Which is why Hulk had to maintain at least some amount of control over his rage and power, for the last thing he wanted was to accidentally kill any of his teammates in a fit of uncontrollable rage.

Hulk had little time to rest, for no sooner did he temporarily dispose of Thor and the Executioner, the Hulked-Out forms of Captain America and Baron Zemo attacked him once again, lashing out with violent strikes that could shatter most superhumans into paste! Captain America lashed out with his shield, striking the Hulk again and again without a hint of remorse, while Baron Zemo attempted to restrain the green goliath. This attack did not last long and proved to be utterly futile, for Hulk soon quickly overpowered both Captain America and Baron Zemo, grabbing the two Hulked-Out being and smashing their heads violently against one anothers before throwing them aside as if they were nothing!

"Hmph! Puny Hulks!", Hulk scoffed before resuming to face the charging Hulked-Out forms of Wonder Man, Thor, and Executioner.

Before either of the three Hulked-Out titans could reach the Hulk, all three of them were struck by supernova charged bolts of green plasma energy, sending them crashing back. Hulk turned in the direction where the bolts of green energy came from, his eyes settling on the form of Shego, who quickly leaped and landed beside him with relative ease and elegant grace. Both Hulk and Shego remained in their fighting stances, each looking at the gathering of Hulked-Out Avengers and Hulked-Out Masters of Evil, deciding on what course of action they should take.

"So, you got a plan or at least some ideas?", Shego questioned, remaining focused on their Hulked-Out enemies.

"Yeah. You go and stop The Leader. I stay here and smash!", Hulk responded, narrowing his eyes in the direction of the Hulked-Out monstrosities.

"What? Hulk, you can't fight them all at once! There's too many of them, even for you!", Shego exclaimed, concern evident in her voice.

"Yes, I can! I'm the Hulk!", Hulk stated.

"Okay, you have a point. But I can't just leave you, Hulk! I won't!", Shego replied with incredible determination and loyalty.

Hulk turned his head to face Shego, noticing that determined look on her face, as well as the look of concern for his safety in her emerald green eyes. Hulk knew that it wasn't going to be easy in persuading Shego to leave his side, for the beautiful woman was always there for him and was more than willing to stand by his side until the very end, but right now The Leader had to be stopped and the world saved from total destruction. Meaning that Hulk would have to somehow convince Shego to stop The Leader, while he would be left to handle the Hulked-Out Avengers and the Hulked-Out Masters of Evil, which is easier said than done.

"I'm not asking, I'm telling you, Shego! Go now!", Hulk ordered in a tone that brooked no argument.

"But... Hulk, I... I can't!", Shego responded, not wanting to leave her beloved green goliath.

"Yes, you can! I'll catch up with you as soon as I can, Shego. Now go!", Hulk ordered once again.

Shego was torn, for one side of her wanted to stay and help Hulk fight the Hulked-Out Avengers and the Hulked-Out Masters of Evil, while another part of her wanted to listen to Hulk's order and stop The Leader. She knew then that she was going to have to make a choice, for the fate of the world now rested on her and Hulk's shoulders, and she wasn't going to fail! Quickly, Shego captured Hulk's lips with her own, giving him a quick loving and affectionate kiss before leaving him to face the Hulked-Out Avengers and the Hulked-Out Masters of Evil.

"I love you with all my heart, Hulk. I'll see you soon!", Shego proclaimed, running off to confront and stop The Leader.

Hulk allowed himself to glance in the direction that Shego took off before facing his Hulked-Out foes, allowing his savage rage to empower him as he lashed out against his enemies, finally letting loose his incredible and terrible might upon those who dared to challenge him! It was well known that Hulk would at times suppress his true awesome power and destructive force, if only to protect his fellow teammates and the lives of innocents from his terrible ferocity, for Hulk knew that his power could easily shatter worlds! But now that Shego was clear, Hulk had no reason to suppress his incredibly mighty force, though he still had to make sure he wouldn't kill any of his Hulked-Out enemies.

Like an unstoppable force of nature, Hulk lashed out at the Hulked-Out Avengers and the Hulked-Out Masters of Evil, striking down any who were foolish enough to be in his path of destruction. Blocking a strike from the Executioner's massive battle ax, Hulk violently breaks his right arm, causing the Hulked-Out Asgardian to let out a roar of pure pain! Smashing both of his fists down upon the Executioner's back, Hulk smashes the Asgardian warrior through the steel flooring!

Lunging at the other Hulked-Out villains and heroes, Hulk attacks with a ferocity never before seen, shrugging off blasts from Wonder Man and Wasp as if they were nothing! Grabbing Baron Zemo, Hulk throws the villain right into Captain America, causing both of the Hulked-Out beings to be sent crashing through a steel wall upon impact with one another. Enchantress leaped atop Hulk's back, wrapping her arms around his neck as she attempted to choke him, only for Hulk to rip her from his back and throw her into Wasp.

Not allowing Hulk a chance to get a second wind, Wonder Man attacked Hulk from the side with powerful ionic energy encased fists, staggering the green goliath and allowing Thor to bash Hulk's chest and abdomen with his hammer. Staggered, Hulk shakes off the powerful blows, avoiding Thor's hammer as the Hulked-Out Thunder God thrown the mystical weapon, which smashes against Wonder Man's form, knocking the ionic energy monster off his feet. Taking advantage of the situation, Hulk grabs Thor and uses him as a missile, launching Thor at the charging forms of Executioner, Enchantress, and Wasp.

Once again, Hulk was met with the ever resilient Hulked-Out Captain America and Baron Zemo, neither of them seemingly capable of giving up nor thinking twice about battling the green goliath who dwarfed even their seven foot six muscular physiques. However, unlike the previous fight with the two, Hulk decided to take a more cunning approach to dealing with Baron Zemo and Captain America. It was a tactic that Hulk knew that would work, for he would use Captain America and Baron Zemo's hatred against them!

"Hey! Captain America! Zemo says that he's smarter than you!", Hulk shouted, an amused smirk gracing his features.

"What!", Captain America roared, turning to glare savagely at his Hulked-Out nemesis.

"Hey! Zemo! America says he's not only smarter than you, but he says that he's stronger!", Hulk shouted, falsly informing Zemo.

"No! Zemo stronger!", Baron Zemo snarled, glaring at his arch-nemesis.

This verbal argument was all that was needed to cause the hatred between Captain America and Baron Zemo to ignite once again! Captain America and Baron Zemo snarled at each other, neither willing to back down to the other, for each knew that there could be only one who was the strongest! Without warning, Baron Zemo and Captain America collided, their Hulked-Out forms smashing against one another as they traded vicious and violent blows, their fight taking them through a steel wall, for the room itself couldn't contain their fury.

"Hah! Stupid false Hulks! Hulk is the strongest and the smartest one there is!", Hulk growled, returning his attention back to his Hulked-Out foes.

Shego didn't look back, for she knew if she did, she wouldn't have been able to leave Hulk to fight those Hulked-Out monsters alone. She kept on running, her Hulked-Out form showing no signs of fatigue whatsoever, determined to stop The Leader and save the world from the gamma irradiated madman. Much to her surprise, she didn't encounter any security defenses or any guardians, which only added to the uneasiness that Shego felt.

She had too much experience, both as a heroine and a villainess, to know that something just wasn't right regarding this whole situation. But then again, she remembered Hulk mention that nothing was easy nor simple when The Leader was involved. Shego eventually came to the entrance to a gigantic room, arguably one of the largest rooms in the entire Helicarrier, noticing an eerie light coming from within the room.

Quickly rushing in, Shego took in her surroundings, noticing the two massive one hundred foot tall gamma/cosmic energy conductors. But what really caught her attention was the person at the controls, for it was there that her eyes came upon the psychotic gamma madman who was responsible for turn not only herself, but nearly everyone and everything on the planet, into Hulked-Out versions of themselves! Standing by the controls, an emotionless expression on his face, his large skull pulsing with an incalculably sinister intelligence, was none other than The Leader.

The gamma villain, dressed in a black and orange outfit, didn't seem surprised nor intimidated by Shego's presence. If anything, it almost seemed like he had been expecting her all this time, but how could that be even possible? In a flash, several monitors came to life behind The Leader, showing the villain, as well as Shego, every single room within the massive Helicarrier, answering Shego's questions.

"I've been expecting your arrival, Ms. Go. I see that you've also gone through the transformation process, yet you still retained your intellect, which is more than I can say for your friends.", The Leader said in an emotionless tone.

"Yeah, don't get used to it! Like it or not, I'm here to put all of this to an end!", Shego responded, not noticing the two large doors that slammed shut before it was too late, containing her within the massive room.

"Don't try smashing your way through those doors, Ms. Go. They're composed of both titanium and adamantium, making them virtually indestructible.", The Leader informed, watching as Shego bashed her fists against the doors in a futile gesture.

"Yeah, but that won't save you from me!", Shego hissed, igniting her hands with supernova charged emerald green plasma.

"Ms. Go, please stop and consider what you're doing here. Do you not know what I can give you once this world is mine?", The Leader remarked, causing Shego to stop dead in her tracks.

"What do you mean?", Shego questioned, not really sure what the gamma villain was suggesting or offering.

"I know quite a bit about you, Ms. Go. You were a hero, working alongside with your brothers, until you came to the realization that they were using you and never cared about you. So, you became a villain and a mercenary for hire, eventually working for that imbecilic Dr. Drew "Drakken" Lipsky, before you once again came to the realization that you were being used.", The Leader informed, taking his time in his explanation.

"What are you getting at?", Shego demanded, her patience wearing thin.

It had become very clear to Shego, that The Leader really did his homework on her. She hated to admit it, but the gamma villain knew what he was talking about concerning her past. However, the question is: What does The Leader want? And why does it concern her?

"Simple, Ms. Go. All your life, you've been treated as an outcast, a villain, and a monster. Your enemies, friends, and even your own family, couldn't give you the trust and acceptance that you deserved! No matter how much good you would do for them, the humans would always treat you with such disdain and fear, much in the same way they've treated you're beloved, the Hulk.", The Leader began, a sinister smirk appearing across his features.

"It came to me as of no surprise of how similar you two are, nor why you've become so fond of one another, for you are both very similar. Regardless of my past with my nemesis, I hold no grudge against the Hulk, and it is why I've come to make you both an offer. In my new world, no one would hunt you nor treat you like a monster; you could live with your beloved Hulk. Think about it, Ms. Go! Hulk as the Green King, and you, Shego, as his Green Queen! And all you have to do is stay out of my way, allowing me to gain control of this world, so that I can build a better world for all of humankind!", The Leader continued, hoping to sway Shego's mind into accepting his offer.

"I... I don't know.", Shego replied in a small voice, looking away.

"Think about your decision, Shego! Are you really willing to give up a chance at not only complete happiness, but in ruling the world alongside the Hulk? You and Hulk are gods amongst insects! Do you really want the people in this world to fear you both, instead of worshipping you? Are you both willing to live in a world, where people fear and hate you? Not only could you have the Hulk's love, but the world itself in the palm of your hand! Are you really willing to give all of that up, just to stop me?", The Leader asked, his voice demanding a reply from the Hulked-Out female.

For what seemed like an eternity, Shego thought to herself, allowing herself to compare everything that The Leader said against all of her experiences. In the end, Shego came to a decision, one which she never thought she would take or even consider. Shego had discovered, during her time with Hulk and the Avengers, that there was some things that were worth more than the world. She had discovered that Hulk's unbreakable bond of love for her, as well as the friendship with her fellow Avengers, was worth more than anything the world could offer her. She didn't need to rule the world, for she already had everything she could ever want, with Hulk's unbreakable bond of love for her to be the most important of all.

Shego turned her gaze back towards The Leader, noticing the sickening smirk that graced the gamma villain's face, which only seemed to enrage her further. She wasn't going to allow this psychotic gamma irradiated lunatic to conquer the world and destroy her family! Not as long as she still breathed!

"Sorry, no deal! I've got everything I want! The Avengers are not only my friends, but they're my family as well. And Hulk loves me and accepts me for who I am, so I don't need to rule the world to know that he'll always be there for me when I need him. Some things are worth more than the world. In other words, your offer is pretty much worthless!", Shego finally answered, reigniting her hands in green supernova plasma.

"Such a disappointment. I really expected far better from you, Ms. Go. You leave me no choice, for now I will have to deal with you.", The Leader said, his voice as threatening and sinister as his conquest for world domination.

"Pfft! What are you going to do? Talk me to death? I could crush you like a bug, which isn't too much of a stretch.", Shego mocked, an amused smirk appearing on her face.

"Oh, I'm not. She is!", The Leader sneered.

Before Shego could even begin to register what the villain meant, a large red feminine fist smashed against the side of her face, sending Shego smacking into one of the nearly titanium/adamantium walls before collapsing to the floor. Slowly, Shego rose back up to her feet, wiping away a small trace of blood from the corner of her mouth, her eyes falling upon her attacker. Walking out of the shadows, Shego's attacker was revealed to be a female, a seven foot tall crimson red skinned Red She-Hulk!

She was dressed completely in black, from her long pants and short sleeve t-shirt to her black combat boots and gloves. Her hair was long and black, a long red stripe of hair running through its length, while her eyes were a fiery orange/red in color. She was as large as Shego's Hulked-Out form, possessing a lithe body that is muscular and yet feminine, her height and build making her the perfect match for Shego.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?", Red She-Hulk asked, her tone mocking and cruel.

"Not as much as I'm going to be hurting you, Red!", Shego hissed, igniting her hands in supernova plasma.

It was at that moment that Shego and Red She-Hulk rushed at one another, deadly intent in each of their eyes, neither willing to back down from the other! Never before had there been such a clash between two Hulked-Out female titans! It was going to be a battle which only one was going to be walking away from, and with the fate of the world at stake, Shego was going to have to give it her all like she has never done before!
She-Hulk Fight!!!!!

Definitely gives a new meaning to the subject of cat-fight, eh?

I wanted The Leader to have a bodyguard, and so early on in thinking out my story, I began looking for a female in the Marvel Universe that could wipe the floor with Warmonga, Kim, and Yori all at the same time. Needless to say, it didn't take me long to find the perfect female powerhouse in the form of Red She-Hulk. She's brutal, nasty, extremely violent, mocking, and just down right out perfect for the role as The Leader's bodyguard! I mean, who else could go up against a Hulked-Out Shego?

Rest assured, there is going to be a lot more smashing and bashing in the next chapter, especially in the conflict between Shego and Red She-Hulk. And for those of you who don't know the real identity of Red She-Hulk in the comics, I'm not telling, but feel free to pick up some recent Hulk comics or just look it up yourself on the Internet. It's all getting closer to the epic climax of the story, which I'm sure you readers are anxious to read!

I really enjoyed writing this chapter for a number of reasons. Out of them all, the fight scenes and Shego's choice, were the most entertaining to write. Shego could have taken The Leader's offer, in which she could both rule the world and have Hulk's love, which was somewhat her original goal at the begining of the story. What makes it such a great moment is the fact that Shego's character has developed and she has learned that all she really wanted was someone to love and a caring family, which she found in the form of Hulk and the Avengers. So, it only makes sense that she wouldn't take The Leader's offer.

All in all, it was a thrill writing this chapter. I hope all of you readers enjoy it, for tomorrow I begin work on the next chapter.

Until then, see ya later!

Hulk (C) Marvel

Shego (C) Disney

Preview Image By- Ryan Stegman

Check out the updated and lengthened version of this chapter right here: [link]
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Bedlam Institute - Doctor of Alchemy by Sephzero

         Unbound by morals and unrestrained by ethics, the Hyde is an embodiment of vices and desires of an individual incarnated into raw and absolute form. Their nature is both abhorrent to society bound by their customs and rules, but ultimately enticing to individuals who inwardly chafe at such societal constraints. Yet it is a nature that resides in any individual which only takes a particular alchemical formula to unleash.

            Though there are many circumstances by which an individual can come upon the condition, the root of it lies in alchemy. Not all are aware of this matter some having stumble upon the formula purely unintentionally without any prior knowledge of alchemy. But it is a dreadful nature of the formula on how easy it is to replicate by the uninitiated.

            But regardless of how they came upon the formula, partaking of it leads them down an inevitable progression of corrosion. Their very core nature is slowly being corroded away by the twisted essence of the Hyde which grows both in dominance and awareness from them. The pace with this affliction takes them varies considerably on individual and extent of usage, but the nature of Hyde inevitably grow stronger to it fully eclipses the individual completely. It is thankfully rare given how most Hyde operate that few rarely experience that final stage.

The Hyde Formula

            Though a number those who afflict themselves with the condition whether intentionally and unknowingly might profess otherwise, the Hyde formula is itself rooted in the study of Alchemy. Both in the esoteric methods of creating and components gathered for it. In particular one of the cruxes of the formula is a particular impure salt that must be mixed in it. The salt itself obtain such an impurity though the absorption of a rare alchemical substance known only as black blood.

            Yet despite these apparent hurdles, even the unitiated provide the proper components and detail methods are able to replicate the formula. The question on why such an insidious work is so easily replicate by the topic of hush debate in many circles, but bare little consequences to the results. Any who partake on the formula will undergo a frightening metamorphosis both in mind and body. The reshaping of flesh mirror the similar unraveling of the mind in the individual, though specifics will vary between individuals with only minor similarities possible based on what design of the formula used by them.

            In a form wholly not their own, the individual is awakened into a new state in which any trappings of society and moral constraints have been obliterated. Most go through a somewhat cognitive dissonance state as they grapple with the memories of their former self versus the unbridled openness granted to them both in this new form and mind. What follows is an exploration of these new impulses and sensations which gives the individual their first experience as a Hyde.

            In the original state of the formula, the transformation is quite permanent and stable. Without the creation of an associate solution, it is impossible for the individual to reverse the transformation. It was therefore possible some individuals depending on their circumstances of coming upon the formula permanently transformed themselves into the Hyde state without ever reverting back to their original before their demise.

     But with the increase proliferation of the formula, the existence of an unstable version of the formula has emerged. This formula due to some potential flaw in possibly both components and methods lacks the permanent nature of the original formula. Instead those who take it seem to be able to burn out on the formula causing a reversion to their original state without any solution necessary. The exact reasoning for this continues to baffle alchemists who studied the Hyde as excusing this difference the effects and nature of Hyde between the formulas are still the same.

    Another version of the formula that has also appeared is a fortified one which accelerates the individual progression of corrosion considerably. An individual who drink this fortified one not only transform into a Hyde, but no longer requires the formula usage afterwards. Instead their progression of corrosion has reached the state in which they can undergo the change unpredictably. These cases are at least rare as their particular changes to fortify the formula is not clearly understood and largely discovered afterwards.

    Lastly there are those who seem to not have used the formula at all, but instead seemed to inherit it through some lineage to a Hyde. The exact details are uncertain, but it is possible that a significant amount of the components of the formula to be pass on across generation. Somehow the individual’s body has adapted or produced an organ that serves as the capacity to generate the Hyde formula effect in the individual. Though whether this is truly something a part of the Hyde or a derivative is uncertain, since it seems the individual situation is far more stable than those who took a formula.


The Hyde Physiology


            The effect of the formula wholly changes an individual body into something different then their original appearance. Even if the changes may seem somewhat cosmetic, the nuances of them serve as effective means to prevent associates from recognizing the Hyde as the original. Internally the changes allow the Hyde a great capacity to enjoy the many vices and impulses that drive them.

            While some Hyde may possess supernatural resilience and abilities depending on their formula all of them share an extremely hardy endurance and constitution. This renders them immune to most debilitating effects from diseases and drugs. This hardiness allows them to partake heavily on such substances or expose themselves to virulent conditions without any fear of consequence. It further prevents them from being carriers and also the original rarely suffers any effects from such debauchery upon reversion.

            A more significant change for the Hyde is that their senses are extremely heightened to a profound state. Everything from sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell function on a level that is exhilarating to them that is considering intoxicating. Many originals upon reverting have a hard time explaining the extent of the feelings, but due to note dullness in sensations now normally after experiencing such intensity. It by this intense ability to indulge in their senses that serves as a tempting lure to draw further usage of the formula to experience things at that level again.


The Hyde Mindset


            It easy to consider all Hyde sharing the same boundless capacity for wickedness and covetousness, but that is only a broad stroke about their thinking. When the Hyde first emerges it is only a partially altered version of the original’s mindset. Mostly the sense of ethic and moral constraints has been removed allowing the individual to perceive and act in ways they would not otherwise. This does not necessary mean a Hyde would immediately plunge themselves into villainy. But in time, their own desire and retaliation from society, will often lead them to embrace such things.

            The Hyde are often driven to fulfill some deep rooted desire or vices ingrained into their original that is usually unable to be conducted or embraced normally. Being able to experience such things in a greatly heightened state thanks to their senses usually only further embolden a Hyde to pursue these goals further. This indulgence can vary greatly between Hyde and too many can be seen almost as a kind of addiction with how far a Hyde. Moderation does not exist for them as they tend to aggressively seek their pleasure whether it is through a wide variety of actions or through particular obsessive fixation. The method which they pursue it often divides them into particular mindset groupings.

            Savage, these Hyde are barely better then beasts with a reckless abandon in how they seek to consummate their vices and desires. They live entirely in the moment rarely or unable to even recognize the consequences of their actions. Many are unable to even remember things in-between their emergence instead throwing themselves heedlessly into their passion. They are the most visible of Hyde and excusing some extreme cunning rarely survive for long due to their extremely visible actions.

            Predator, these Hyde are consummate hunter in their pursuit for their passion whether it is hedonistic pleasures or particular violence. More patient then savages, they represent the more frightful aspects of people when unburdened by ethics or morals. While their own indulgence is priority, they are willing to toy or enjoy the pursuit as much the final pleasure. Predator can be difficult to detect depending on their actions are considerably the most willing to hide behind their original identity for times to evade pursuit.

            Tyrant, these Hyde derive most of their pleasure from the domination and subjugations of others though their methods do vary. While they can be indulgent as any other Hyde, it is through their dominance over others that most define them. Some may insert themselves as leader of gangs or criminal organizations to fulfill their desires. Others may kidnap and imprisons others instead. Rare individuals are even able to dominate large organization through careful controlled proxies making them extremely dangerous when exploiting these for their pleasure.

            Erudite, these Hyde are considered particularly twisted as much their pleasure comes from pursuit of scholarly, artistic, or psychological matters. Considered to possess the greatest notion of foresight among the Hyde, their methods make it difficult at times since it rarely apparent initially. Some operate as mad scientists free to pursuit their research without any fear of moral constraint. Others are artists who carefully craft gruesome works of arts. Others pursue metamorphic quandaries which they like to play out using living unwitting participant.

            Faker, these Hyde are often some misidentified to their nature because of their wish to act in ways that might be contrary to them. Each of Hyde typically takes a presume identity which they attempt to fulfill to the best of the ability. Sometimes they might want to be heroes, pretending to be a superhero. But such actions are always tainted by the Hyde desire for self-satisfaction and their lack of constraint can mean they often taken brutal approach if permissible. Worse if they are ever rebuke or denied in their presume identity their wrath is equally as bad against any who would disrupt their imitation.


Path of Corrosion


            Once an individual has consumed the Hyde formula, their body is fundamentally altered by the effect of the transformation. While the solution or reversion is able to reverse both the physical and mental effects, neither can reverse the fundamental change done to the core of the individual. The very wholeness of the individual body and mind begins a process of corrosion. This corrosion continues and accelerates both the amount of time the Hyde emerges and the duration too. Inevitably this furthering corrosion produces additional effects beyond what occurred initially with the formula. There is no exact timeline on how quickly or slowly an individual might progress from the stages depending on many factors.

            Stage 1, the initial state of an individual who has taken the Hyde formula at this state the Hyde is mostly simply an unbridled version of the original. The two tend to share memories easily, though somewhat stilted due to the original inability to fully grasp the heightened sensation of a Hyde in passing. While there is some cognitive recognition of the difference between the two sides, neither is immensely recognized as completely foreign. Most of the time, the Hyde may simply refer to as Hyde or the individual name still.

            Stage 2, at this point the division of the individual and their Hyde becomes more significant as the accumulated experience starts to differentiate the two. The most recognizable point of this stage is that the Hyde takes an individual name for them. This action cements the differences between the two aspects and memories between the two of them become harder to share. Often this is when the Hyde starts to take actions wholly unknown to the original’s consideration.

            Stage 3, the toll of the formula start to take a significant effect on the individual as their body becomes more suffused that they may spontaneously shift to their Hyde without knowing. These changes start out initially brief, but as they progress become longer. The solution is still able to reverse such changes if the individual or Hyde does not want to wait it out. Black-out between the two sides is more common as it is harder for the two personalities to coincide.

            Stage 4, the corrosion of the body and spirit has gotten to such a state that the Hyde is more dominant then the individual. By this point the individual is no longer able to retain their original form without constant usage of the solution to stave off the changes. Bodily and mentally the original is being worn away often looking emancipated and being haunted with voices from their Hyde due to the growing dominance.

            Stage 5, at this point the corrosion has completely consumed the original state and the Hyde even with a solution is unable to return back to the individual. It is unsure what remains of the individual, but the effect on the Hyde is quite significant. Completely divorce from their original source, many of them become increasingly mentally unstable and often despite initial mindset go on a self-destructive path to try and alleviate the strange void inside of them now.


Types of Hyde


            The initial formula of the Hyde was pretty significant in effect changing an individual from who they were to another being different in both body and mind. But the proliferation and advances in the formula have provided even further changes to the initial one. Where once the Hyde while different and sometimes repulsive were still normal in their abilities. Now Hyde has shown even further dramatic abilities from superhuman strengths to generate natural toxins or even psionic abilities.

            Strangers, the classification given to those who formula seem closest to the original though is mostly intended to cover Hyde who don’t exhibit extraordinary or supernatural abilities. The most the formula grants to them is a different body and mindset. Some have shown significant differences in their ages or even gender between the original and Hyde, but none of these grants them anything more then what a normal person is a capable of achieving. Excusing those that show rather strange, but cosmetic feature, it is often harder to realize these Hyde without much study.

            Brutes, the classification to show the first significant change to the formula are known to possess extremely extraordinary abilities. This is commonly represented with superhuman strengths and resilience that varies between the Hyde. Initially many of these appeared as a hulking individuals leading to the initial name, recently others have appeared with more comely or even timid appearance. The shared characteristic amongst these Hyde are their extraordinary strength and endurance.

            Monsters, the newest classification and showing one of the most varied changes to the formula are those who harness some supernatural abilities as Hyde. Common things are typically regeneration, but other strange abilities like toxin generation or even psionic ability manifestation are not unheard of. Some are even able to host several parasites that follow their controls or generate additional limbs of varying types too. Thanks to their varied abilities it is mostly likely that a monster type exhibit clearly bestial qualities as part of their appearance. The host of possibilities amongst the monsters are seemingly endless and long with the Brutes made the Hyde an even greater danger to society.


Insert image done by Seonidas

 Here is something I've been meaning to get done for awhile. Here is a treaty of sort on how the nature of Hydes work in my personal setting. A bit about the formula usage, physiology, mindset, and types of the Hyde that have been put into consideration for it. Plus the stage of corrosion that shows the slippery path that occur when one drinks of the Hyde formula.
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The Powerful She-Hulk
Pilot chapter By: SHFan

    Helayne Williams, a 27 year old female Afro-American scientist who was trying to tap into the regenerative growth of plants for medical research. Until one day with a mishap in the lab, she was infected with gamma radiation. She used an experimental formula for her plant research to absorb the exposure. This caused a mutation of her DNA which gives her special powers to control her muscle mass and strength with healing factor. However when angered or pushed beyond her limits, a special ability emerges from her. A power that turns her into a green amazon called: The She-Hulk!

A few years later of her accident, Helayne took up a job as a science teacher at private school at St. Joseph High School she befriended two students. John Collins a junior classman in automotive field and June Masunkie also a junior classman who runs a student newsletter who both discovered their teacher secret and sworn to protect her identity from the public.
Friday, 4 pm in the science labs

June decided to help out her teacher by helping cleaning up and setting the lab equipment away. Helayne was busy packing up her stuff as she prepares to head home for the day.

“Wheew! Okay that’s the last of the beakers Mrs. Williams.”

“Thank you June, as always you’re a life saver. I never seem to find the time to get things organized now days.”

“No problem Mrs. Williams. Now anything you like me to do before I head home?”

Before her teacher can answer, three masked hooded teen males entered into the class room holding guns. They quickly over powered the women and tied the down into chairs as they proceeded to remove various beakers and hot plates from the storage cabinets. “

Whispering to her teacher, “oh my God…what do they want? Will they kill us?”

Whispers back, “I do not know, but keep your head low and we might survive this. Trust me, I will not let them hurt you.”

The young males gathered on what they needed and quickly exited the classroom as you can hear them running down the hallway. June looked up to see that the coast was clear and looked over to her teacher.

“You okay Mrs. Williams?”

June noticed that her teachers head was still lowered and breathing heavily.

“Well, I know we cannot stop them, however one of us doesn’t have to.”

Helayne started to concentrate as she started to struggle with her bindings. Her arm started to grow in mass and firm mussels started to outline her yellow long sleeve blouse.  Her bare legs started to grow and tone as well as the bindings around her ankles where starting to stretch to their limits. The bindings started to stretch as Helayne moves and twisted her hands and wrists. June watched in amazement as she watched her petite 5’.7’ Teacher turning into a 6 even fine tone athlete.


Her teacher moaned as she was enjoying the both pleasure and pain of her transformation. Her clothing was getting to its limit as her yellow skirt slowly rose past her thighs, this caused her to start spreading her legs open and snapping the ropes around her ankles in half easily. Next Helayne leaned forward into her chair to stretch the ropes around her arms and hands to their limits. Her face strained as she used all her new found strength to break the last remaining ropes.
Meanwhile her student June was loving the show. Deep down she always had a crush for her teacher and for her later ego. You can say she is a very big fan girl of her hero. However she knows that due to her age and secretly a lesbian, all she can do is watch and fantasize about her favorite teacher.

“June, are you okay hon?”

“Uh, yeah. Yeah I am fine, but you have to stop those guys!”

Her teacher nodded as she broke the rope restraints off her student with ease. Next she started to unbutton her blouse to save her clothing from the special transformation.

“No wait!”, as June got up and stopping her teacher. “Uh, there is no time for that and they might hurt someone as they are leaving the school. I will meet you at our secret location and I will have new clothes for you. “

Helayne was a bit resistant to the idea, but June was right.

“Okay, I will see you soon. Now step back.”

June step back with a smile as she was going to enjoy seeing what’s next.

Helayne closed her eyes and took a few heavy breaths as she can hear her heart beat racing. She balled up her fist as she raised them slightly up to her waist as she concentrate to let her inner amazon with in her out. Frist her short straight hair grew longer and slowly into an entanglement mess of curls.  Next her Black leather belt screamed as it started to stretch pass its limits as the buckle hold on for dear life. Her black flat shoes started to stretch at its limit as you can see outlines of her toes showing. Her yellow dress already at the limit started to form small tears and holes along the stitching as her body frame expanded with muscle. Sexual moans and grunts where let out as her size B-cups where growing too big that her buttons started to pop and tear way from her growing breasts. The back bra strap can be easily seen under her tight blouse broke away as well as her belt that snap and fell onto the floor in defeat next to her feet. Her shoes where tring to win the battle, but her growing feet didn’t allow that was they pop and tear open as her toes grew out in victory. Her upper part of her shoes split open like a sandal strap and feel softly to the ground. Helayne next raised her arms and flexed them like a body builder as both sleeves on her arms tore open violently and easily. She grunted and flex more to expand her muscles to show the world how power and strong they are as they continue to rip all the way to the shoulders.  Next she lowered her arms and flexed her legs and thighs to rip both sides of her skirt with ease. There she showed off her amazing and well muscular and toned legs. She then opens her eyes, once a lovely light brown are now a pale green tone. Her chocolate smooth skin was turning pale sickly yellow into a nice dark emerald green hue as she proceeded to run out of the class room and after her attackers.
As the coast was clear, June let out a exciting moan as she falls back catching herself on to the students desk. Breathing hard she was so turned on as she keep replaying her teachers transformation in her head.

“Wow, Go get them She –Hulk!”

June then looked down on the floor to see her teachers torn clothing, especially her ripped open shoes.  She looked around to see if anyone was watching and then removed her left Mary Jane’s shoe and sock and placed her bare foot on top of the destroyed shoe.  She then fantasied on what if she turned into the hulk just like her teacher.


Meanwhile outside the school, the young males piled into an old rear powered car that looked like a cheap hand me down.
“Sweet! Easy money man, with all this stuff we can make our own meth lab!” said one of the males.
The others agreed and high five each other as one of them started up the car. With a few tries they started up the car and put into gear, but it was not moving.

“The hell man? Go already!”

“ I am, the peddle is al; the way to the floor!”

The car accelerated more, but then the young males noticed that something was lifting the back end of the car.

Said one of the males as was the first to look back and see a large green amazon woman lifting the rear end of the car with ease.

“You shitting me?”

“The fuck! Shot the bitch!”

One of the males pulled out their gun and started to fire a few rounds into the She-Hulk, but they were no use as they just had no effect on her. Clicking of the gun was soon heard as the male just keep on pulling the trigger in shear fear and terror.
“End of the line boys” said the She-Hulk as she easily flips the car over on its top, causing the males to get hurt and disoriented.

Next, sounds of torn metal can be heard as the She-Hulk rips open the car like a soda can and gathers the bag full of science gear and supplies.

“I will take this back. You boys better run along now.”

With that, she sets the bag down and stated to crush the car with her bare hands, scaring the young males inside to flee out in terror.  One of them was able to look back as the She-Hulk lifted it over her head and roared in victory causing them to run away faster.

Later June can be seen walking into a storge rental facility as she walked up to a unit number 82. There she unlocked it and open the door. With a battery powered lamp, she is surrounded by boxes, coolers and chairs inside and quietly goes through the boxes, few moments later she feels and hears a hollow hard thud outside the unit. Without looking back the She-Hulk arrives and enters into the unit. There June turns around with a smile and gives her a fresh set of clothing that she gathered during her donation collection she does every year. 

“Thank you June, you are always a life saver. How can I ever repay you?”

“Oh don’t worry about it.” She said as she looks at the large bags next to the She-Hulk/ “You got them back!”

“Yes, and those teens will not bother us again or steal from the science lab again!”

June giggled as she closed the storge door

“Okay, I drove your car here and parked nearby. I took care of your torn clothes and locked up the class room. “

She-Hulk nodded as she closed her eyes and started to relax. With a few calming breaths, she started to shrink down to size. Frist she quickly started to lose her muscle mass and height causing her stretched and torn yellow dress that it started to look oversized on her small body frame.  Her long curly messy hair slowly started to shorten and straighten up, as her breasts started to shrink back to her normal B-cup size. Her dark green skin started to get darker as her light chocolate skin started to show back to its normal one.  With one last deep breath she then opens her eyes and returned back to her normal color as Helayne Williams returned back to normal once more.

“Whew, I cannot wait to go home and take a nice warm shower.” she said Helayne as she walked behind some boxes to change.

June pretended not to look as her teacher was getting dressed. She always wanted her fantasy to come true, but is too shy to take up her request on “is there anything I can do” in fear that she will driver her away.  For now she has to deal with it and hope not to lose her friendship with her.

Helayne walks back into Junes view, clothed in a pair of skinny jeans, a grey tee and black Kends style shoes.

“Okay, let me just take you home and I will drop off the lab stuff early at school on Monday.”

June nodded “Sounds good to me Miss. Williams!”


June gives her teacher a puzzling look on her face

“From now on, whenever we are alone or not during school hours just call me Helayne hon.”

June let out a smile and nodded again. “Okay, Helayne”

Both women smiled and then started to head out.

“I will close up her Helayne; I will meet you back at the car.”

Helayne nodded as she grabs the bags, much heavier this time due to not having her strength, but was quickly fixed as she concentrated her arms to get bigger and lifting up the bags with ease again.  June giggled at her teacher and then quickly went inside to grab the torn yellow dress and stuff it into her school bag before locking up.

Both women got into the car, smiled at each other and then headed off to their homes.

The End
This is just a test chapter to see what direction, changes or continue on with the current story as is. Please ignore any grammar or typo errors since this is just only a test.

Please let me know of your thoughts or suggestions.

Also feel free to crate your own story or artwork base on the characters.

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Vivian could hear her friend franticly fighting off the Displacer Beast outside her locked door. She knew time was running out and the only way to save him was to become Hulk-Girl!

Vivian took a few steps back from the door as she started to feel the change with in her. Her baby blue eyes quickly turned green as her cheap plastic watch quickly snapped off her left wrist. Her hair started to grow into a dark curly mess as the bands that hold her up her pigtails lost the battle. Vivian started to huff in and out heavily as yellow her T-shirt started to appear smaller on her growing frame. Parts of her alter ego costume started to show. The black and sliver buckle belt she wore around her jeans started to bent and creak from the growing teen thighs.


The back and shoulders started to put more stress on the yellow shirt until the back of it ripped violently down the middle of her back. Her cuffs of her jeans started to raise pass out her ankles as her thighs slowly bulged in muscle. The belt broke free along with the pants button and zipper, as the inner stitching of her pant legs started to pop and snap. Her pink laces of her white tennis shoes started to pop like fireworks as her shoes started to quickly give away from her growing green feet. Her toes broke the glue and stitching between the canvas and rubber soles of her shoes. In her haste to finish her transformation, she rose her foot above the grown and slammed into the floor with such force, that the rest of the show exploded away from her hulk like foot!

Vivian knew time was the essence as she started punching at the locked door. With each blow you can see her fist starting to change color in a greenish hue. The wood started to bend and break until it gave in of her overwhelming force!


With one final punch, the wooden door broke into pieces as Vivian's new alter geo formed stepped out into view.  She grabbed the top of her remaining torn jeans that still remained clinging on her waist and ripped them away from her body. There she stared down the beast with ranging anger as she was ready to fight!
Just a quick TF from the last story. I know i am not the best writer in the world, but there where some request for it.

I may or not continue with this series, but I am open to fans writing there own version of Vivian. (As long as I can get the credit for the character of course)
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Brain dead 12 ½ studios presents:
Eva Hulk
(Either the best idea I’ve ever had or the worst.)
I own nothing that’s going to be showing up anytime soon
Okay this one…Well frankly I figured it’d be done eventually by someone so I might as well just go ahead and be either the one or a one. I’ll say I’m sorry in advance. Oh by the by we’re starting at the Jet Alone bit (But don’t expect a dialogue transcript), since till then things aren’t hugely different, and after…Well you’ll see.  

Chapter 1: New developments
Or this time Jet Alone has a reason to be in the series.

The whole sordid affair began, or at least began to get more sordid, one morning in the fine (if your into really cheap real estate) city of Tokyo 3, more specifically in the household of one Misato Katusragi, member of Nerv, strategist, lover of all things alcoholic, source of wet dreams for the local boys, and professional slob on a good day and her roommates Shinji Ikari, Prozac poster child, pilot of a 400 ft tall bio mechanical death machine, the visual definition of a 98 pound weakling and founder of the Tokyo 3 whipping boy club, and Pen Pen, warm water penguin who other then being something of a boozehound had no real problems unless you counted a slight sexual dysfunction that didn’t really make much difference in this part of the world anyhow and thus held the title of the happiest being in the city but I digress. Anyhow this was a fairly typical morning which meant Shinji and Pen Pen were roughly half way through their breakfast when a blurry-eyed Misato stumbled into the room clad in her usual sleep wear basically short shorts a halter top and a vest. Needless to say she was a sight, showing a fair amount of skin, as she was but so obviously in that blurry zone between awake and asleep that her natural attractiveness was rather muted.
“Morning…” she mumbled before going for her traditional beer, chugging it at a speed normally only possible...well it actually ain’t possible any other time. “Alright! That’s the way to start the day!” Shinji just sighed. Seemed like he was doing that a lot these days. Naturally Misato noticed.
“What’s bothering you?”
“Do you always have to do that in the morning? It’s embarrassing.”
“You got a problem with tradition?” she said folding her arms.
“No but I’m pretty sure saki’s the only liquor that’s a breakfast tradition…”
“Well there’s still such a thing as doing it in spirit.”
Another sigh was the only reaction she got.
“Well I’m finished.” said Shinji, who then set about cleaning things up, “Oh by the way, are you really coming to that parent meeting?”
“Of course I am. You are part of my job.”
“So that’s all it is to you…”
“Oh nothing…” of course about that time the bell rang announcing the arrival of the idiot duo as know as Toji and Kesuke, Shinji’s friends from school. Shinji quickly made his way to the door, naturally nearly being knocked over by the two masses of hormones that his friends tended to be if there was even a vague chance of Misato being around (one can hardly blame them) as soon as he opened it.
“Morning Shinji.” They said in duplicate, “Hey Misato we’re leaving now.”
“See you later boys.” She said throwing them a small but very effective tease.
Shinji just groaned and hustled his friends out the door.
“Wouldn’t you know it?” Mused Misato a moment later, “He’s finally settling in and the first thing he does is start complaining.”  She grinned. “A boy after my own heart. Well better get on with things”.
Nothing much of note happened after that. Although Misato managing to annoy Shinji again when she showed up at school, barreling through the parking lot, coming within a hair’s breath of crashing several times before finally skidding into a spot. As usual her fan club had rushed to the window, always looking for a chance to stare at her. She just threw a quick V sign and got on with things. Not long after that it was time for the daily trip to Nerve for the usual battery of tests which for Shinji meant long periods of time sitting around in the entry plug, essentially a rather foul smelling liquid filled tube shoved into the neck of a giant two eye one horned non-flying purple angel eater. As it often did at times like this the young boy’s mind wandered musing that despite the fact he’d been doing this for a while he still had next to no knowledge of well anything about either the Eva or the angels he fought in it.
Just what is this thing anyway…this entry plug smells a lot like blood but I feel so…comfortable in it…I just don’t know… he thought. However his thoughts were soon interrupted by Ritsuko Akagi, Nerv’s chief scientist and poorly covered up peroxide blonde.
“Okay Shinji we’re done.” She said simply. He responded with a quick nod leaving the plug and, after a quick detour to the changing room he joined Misato and Ritsuko. After a while he decided to strike up a conversation about one of the many things that had been bothering him since his arrival
“So,” said Shinji as the three rode one of the numerous lifts, “Second impact wasn’t a meteor?”
“Right. Most of what really happened has been buried in various cover up ops. What really happened of course was the first angel was found in the artic. It woke up when an attempt to study it was made and….well we all know what happened after that….” Said Ritsuko before going back to pouring over the clipboard she was carrying.
“Wish they’d spend that kind of money on us.” mumbled Misato, “We’re the only ones that can fight the angels and we’re practically starving.”
“Man cannot live by Eva alone.” Said Ritsuko with a shrug while thinking Except maybe the commander  “Besides taking care of all the refugees isn’t cheap. Oh that reminds me speaking of budgets guess who’s going to be the reps at the conference tomorrow?”
“Right.” Sighed Misato. “Lucky us.”
“Can’t be helped. Just be glad we didn’t get stuck with what the Commander’s doing.”
And so the next morning Shinji and Pen Pen were once again having breakfast (eating in sync with each other though neither noticed) when they both got a shock, namely the fact that Misato, instead of dragging herself into the room in her usual morning daze instead entered wide awake and wearing her dress uniform, which neither of them were even aware she had.
“Good morning.” She said to her rather dumbstruck housemate. “I probably won’t be home until late tonight so go ahead and order something.”
“Uh...Oh okay.” Said Shinji still trying to recover.
“Goodbye.” And with that the for once all business major was off, soon arriving at Nerv and then heading for old Tokyo with Ritsuko.
“It’s hard to believe...” she said looking out the window at the mostly ruined city, “That this place used to be a thriving capital.”
“Yes.” agreed Ritsuko.
“Why hold the conference here anyhow?”
Ritsuko just shrugged then added, “I frankly don’t care enough to try to figure out these things.”
“Good point. Let’s just concentrate on getting through this.” A moment later the two sat alone at a large table surround by the much more crowded tables of everyone else involved in the project. With the possible exception of Misato they were all listening to the rather self-absorbed speaker prattle on.  Finally it came question time, and Ritsuko’s hand shot up before the speaker even finished the announcement.
“Ahh, the famous Dr.Akagi. So glad you could make it.”
“Thank you.” She said rising to her feet. “I’d like to ask isn’t using a gamma reactor in a land based weapon designed for hand to hand combat a bit dangerous?”
“It’s seems more practical then a weapon that loses power after five minutes.”
“Say what you want, but considering the lack of defense, aren’t you taking a big risk?”
“Perhaps but considering the mental damage done to the pilots of the Evangelion, and all that business with them going out of control, even if Jet Alone lacks an AT field I’d say it’s safer.” Ritsuko had by this time had gotten annoyed enough to develop a rather nasty twitch, and Misato, who’d been struggling not to nod off until now suddenly, felt the need to do a little venting. But she restrained herself until they got to the locker room where she let it all out.
“Oh that smart ass son of a...” she shouted kicking a locker that was already well on it’s way to having a hole in the door. “I’d like to ram his fool head into this locker and kick it and kick it and kick it!”
“Don’t worry about it, he’s just desperate for attention.”
“Maybe but how did that smug SOB know about the A.T. field?”
“How did something so classified get out...” Ritsuko wondered absently while burning the information packet they’d received on arrival.
“Intelligence must be dragging its ass. Damn it all.”
“Well if you’re done venting I suppose we should go, the demonstration should be starting soon.”
A moment later they were both leaning against a wall by the observation window, again being conspicuous in their lack of excitement about the whole thing. Taking a look at the Jet Alone robot both of them agreed it was rather silly looking, sporting long thin arms that reached almost to it’s knees, no real head to speak of, and a general stick up the ass posture (although to be fair that last one was something the evas tended towards too).
“Well,” said Misato, “The evas are more dignified….relatively speaking…”
Anyhow after a few last words from the speaker and a few last minute checks the machine rumbled to life, a series of six lead control rods rising from its shoulders, and began slowly walking forward.
“They got it to walk, that’s an accomplishment.” Misato remarked, as she’d finally given in and had a look. Ritsuko meanwhile was ignoring the situation completely while mentally counting down from five. And naturally when she got to one the trouble started, namely Jet Alone deciding it really didn’t like the idea of stopping, or walking slow for that matter and after giving the building a new sky light and then legging it for more populated stomping grounds, which would have been a bad enough situation if it wasn’t for the fact that things were getting a little too hot in the thing’s reactor.
“Well,” said Misato after coughing a few times from all the dust that had kicked up, “This is a fine mess.”
“I don’t understand...” said the rather shaken speaker, “We planned for everything, this is impossible.”
“Your about to have an impossible explosion.” Misato stated, “There any chance of it stopping on it’s own?”
“Well,” said one of the techs, “The chance of that happening…I don’t even think I can calculate that...It would be an act of god.”
“Acts of men are better then acts of god.” Misato said before addressing the speaker, “Give me the password to the computer core.”
“I don’t have clearance to give you that.”
“Then you’d better talk to whoever you need permission from, we’re short on time.”
He quickly made a call, and then a second, and a third leading to a horrifically annoyed Misato. Finally a tech took an axe to the console.
“The main hatch lock opens when the signal is cut off, you should be able to get in.”
“Hope.” Mumbled the speaker, “That’s the password.”
“Thanks.” Said Misato quickly heading to the locker room and pulling out her phone. “I need a radiation suit, a transport and Unit one here quick.”
A few moments later she and Ritsuko were back in the locker room. “And just what are you planning?” Said an annoyed Ritsuko
“I’ll override the computer manually.”
“Even by your standards this is a crazy idea. But I know there’s no talking you out of it....” Misato didn’t respond, quickly donning the suit and left to meet the transport.
Unnoticed Ritsuko pulled out her cell phone. “Commander....Yes she’s going to do it. Right, everything’s been arranged.” A moment or two later Misato was aboard the transport giving the lowdown to Shinji.
“Are you nuts?” he asked.
“Oh don’t worry, unit one’s armor can handle the explosion and your AT field will take care of the heat and radiation you should be fine.”
“I’m not worried about me.” She put a finger to his lips.
“I have to do what I can.” She stood up. “Once you drop us off get to a safe altitude and wait it out.” She said to the pilot.
“Right. We’re directly over the target.”
“Got ya. Okay Shinji, time to go.”
“Alright.” He sighed.
A moment later Eva 1 was charging after the other machine (which by this point was doing a fine impersonation of a headless chicken), with Misato riding along in its hand. Quickly catching up, Shinji deposited Misato on the other machine’s back. After coming very close to an involuntary swan dive Misato managed to find the hatch and make her way inside, while Shinji concentrated on attempting to get the it to stop running. Misato meanwhile scurried to the internal computer terminal after a quick glance at the reactor cooling rods and quickly entered the password.
“Error?” She practically screamed, then looked to the cooling rods. “Well this isn’t going to work...Those things are probably about half a ton each but that’s the only way to keep this thing from melting down. Guess I’ll have to try the long shot…” She then began to try to push the rods back into position. Now although there was no way she could have known this but the radiation level spiked as she grunted and strained, causing an odd thing to happen, namely her eyes suddenly began to take a rather green hue. However a moment later the computer suddenly accepted the password and everything shut down, stunning Misato and leaving her feeling drained, her eyes returning to their normal color.
“Misato!” shouted Shinji.
“I’m here…” she said slumping down.
“Your alright! It’s a miracle!”
“Yeah…But someone planned it….” Misato whispered. “And somehow I get the feeling there’s more to this then just derailing the Jet Alone project…”
A bit later in Gendo’s office Ritsuko reported in.
“Everything seems to have gone according to plan. The information recorded by the suit Captian Katsuragi wore indicates she did absorb enough of the gamma rays to produce the mutation but apparently the shock of the situation reversing threw her out of her anger before the change was triggered. Still it should only be a matter of time before we have confirmation.”
“Good.” Said Gendo. “This should give us the leverage we need. Watch her closely and when we have confirmation we’ll proceed with Rei.”
“Yes sir.” Ritsuko then left the commander to his usual hobby of brooding. “Sorry about this Misato.” She said softly. “Then again for all I know you might actually get to like it.” She shook her head then hurried off. If nothing else this was going to make life a little more interesting.
The next day, things started out more or less as usual, Misato back to her usual how in god’s name did this woman manage to make it to major any damn way behavior causing many groans for Shinji particularly when she asked him if he’d seen any clean bras laying around. However as she made her usual trip to Nerv she noticed a few odd things. First off, for the first time ever the highway patrol seemed to be on duty, which due to her usual method of driving ended up with her having a fine an Eva couldn’t jump over. Then when she finally got to headquarters, she managed to get lost for the first time since she’d first brought Shinji there, then figuring she needed a little liquid comfort she found out the liquor vending machine was out of order.
“Come on damn it!” she shouted kicking the machine, “I need my medicine!” Finally after about ten minutes of that she grunted and after giving the machine one last good kick headed off to the lounge hoping a little coffee would improve her mood. However this didn’t go well either as the coffee turned out to be even worse then usual. “What the…” she grunted after nearly gagging on the foul brew, “Did someone put LCL in the machine again? This tastes like it came out of an oil can.” Thing continued in this matter with Murphy’s Law suddenly being enforced round the clock. Finally feeling rather out of sorts she ducked into a ladies room, only to find that every stall was broken.
“Oh for the love of…is everything going to go wrong today!?” she bellowed, wiping her brow, Damn she thought it seems awful hot in here all of the sudden. She also soon became aware of a couple other things that were off namely her clothes, which were usually fairly on the tight side to better show off her assets seemed to suddenly be getting rather tighter though she couldn’t ponder that much before a sudden dizzy spell had her staggering and sent her mood straight into the deep end of abysmal. Her eye color again began to change as she growled, “Great, I’m getting sick on top of everything else? I am just so pissed off!” the last word had hardly left her mouth her eyes now an almost blazing green when a sudden sharp stomach pain doubled her over. “What the….” She groaned out as her body suddenly began to change. Slowly and rather painfully her arms began to bulge, the already toned muscles expanding rapidly into mountainous bundles of steel, her legs following suit stretching and throbbing, her shoes bursting as her feet outgrew them. Glancing down at her chest she noticed her breasts were in a similar state, straining the fabric of her dress rather horrifically before finally bursting forth now at a size that, if it hadn’t been for the rest of her growing as well would have frankly looked a little ridiculous. While all that was going on her stomach muscles pulsed in time with her growth spurts her abs slowly hardening and expanding soon becoming an iron hard six-pack. Even her hair seemed to be expanding, though not nearly as spectacularly as the rest of her. The growth however wasn’t the only change that was occurring as her skin began to take on a pale green hue starting at her cheeks then quickly spreading to the rest of her body slowly but surely darkening. If all that wasn’t enough thinking was becoming progressively more difficult as a haze settled over her mind. Misato stared in confused fascination at her expanding arms, the change being at once the most painful and exhilarating experience she’d gone through in recent memory. What the hell is this? She thought trying to fight off the haze I feel so strong…Like I could tear this whole place apart! How, what…Finally her mind threw up its metaphorical hands and gave up trying to form coherent thoughts as a final growth spurt tore its way through her
The transformation ended and what was formally Misato Katsuragi rose unsteadily to her feet now a magnificent muscle bound emerald skinned giant. She let out a roar, and then began to ponder. She really had no idea what had just happened, or what to do next. Also she was not all that sure what she was. After a moment she decided she wouldn’t get anything accomplished standing around, especially since she couldn’t really remember where she was exactly, so she would just go where the wind blew her. Of course there ended up being a wall in the way but that really did not matter well not to anyone but the people in maintenance anyhow.
“Well,” said Ritsuko who, along with Gendo, been observing the whole thing, “That went well.”
“Yes. However I think we might hold off on Rei. We know the mutation can be done now but it would be foolish to move on without finding out about the mental changes.”
“Right.  Shall we still go about with bringing the second child to Japan?”
“Yes. No sense fully revealing our hand yet. Better not let her get too far away.”
“Arrangements have been made. All that knock out gas is really going to eat into the budget though.”
“Yes but would you want to try to bring her in without knocking her out?”
“I’m not going to answer that.” She said folding her arms. “Frankly I’m not to sure we’ll be able to bring her in either way.” She regarded the impromptu door Misato had made on her way out, likely just the first bit of property damage. Now by this time the transformed woman was taking an quick tour around Nerv and giving the staff quite a scare, and trying to figure out how to get out of the building, which to her now nearly eight foot tall frame seemed depressingly small (it must be noted she was nowhere near the Eva cages). She had no plan for when she got out of Nerv. Finding something to eat sounded like a good course of action though. Anyhow by this time the security personnel Ritusko and Gendo equipped with knock out gas arrived. Everyone else had taken one look at the extra large, nude, green woman and either run quickly the other way or passed out with sever nose bleeds.
The security personnel wasted little time in spraying the transformed woman with the gas, then spraying her again when the first shot only seemed to make her slightly lethargic.
“What the hell?” declared the team leader as they let her have to a third time, “This stuff’s supposed to be able to knock out an elephant.” Finally though the green giantess collapsed snoring loudly. Naturally Ritsuko showed up a moment after that, and, with a fair amount of effort the transformed major was taken away. Unfortunately it turned out the effects of the gas didn’t last as long as they’d thought, they’d been hoping for it to last long enough for her to change back, so the next thing they knew there were several badly injured security people, one rather shaken doctor and the possibility of large repair bills as Misato decided she might as well try heading up, one jump taking her to the top of the Nerv pyramid. After that she leapt up again, smashing through one of the buildings at the top of the geofront. A couple jumps more and she reached the surface. Satisfied now that she finally had some more space she quickly turned her mind to her second problem, namely finding food. Needless to say soon the local grocery store was facing imminent finical ruin as she proceeded to smash her way in through the too small doorframe and promptly began ransacking the place. Things degenerated even further when she found the liquor and her legendary taste for beer decided to let the world know it was still there. It took every drop of beer in the store but finally she felt mellow enough to wander off to look for a place to take a nap. Much later a very naked Misato found herself waking up in her apartment bedroom, which now had new window, if you could consider a gaping hole in the wall a window (and though she wouldn’t notice this till later the scar that had been her little souvenir of second impact had vanished).
“What in the…” she asked then clutched her stomach as the massive amount of beer she drank made its presence known. “What the hell happened? Last thing I remember I was at Nerv and now…..” Confused but figuring she wouldn’t get any answers at home she got dressed and decided to head back to Nerv. She found Shinji in the kitchen.
“Misato…” he said looking very confused.
“I know it’s none of my business but what happened to that giant green woman?”
“After I got home, they told me sync tests today were cancelled I heard a crash in your room. When I looked in there was this weird green skinned giant in there…”
“Yeah. By the time I got there she was on the bed. I think she was taking a nap or something. I figured it really wouldn’t be a good idea to wake her up…Come to think of it when did you even get home?”
“I don’t know…There’s something very weird going on here….I’m heading back to Nerv….It’s the last place I remember being and that was…What time is it anyhow?”
“About 7:00”
“Last I remember it was about 11:30….” Confused the captain quickly headed back to Nerv. She was only a little surprised to find Ritsuko apparently waiting for her.
“Well your back a little earlier then I thought.”
“Cut the crap. I’m got most of the day missing; a huge hole in my wall and my stomach feels like I drank six gallons of beer. Not to mention all the stuff that happened this morning.”
“Yes. Well come on, I don’t think the commander will like this but I might as well show you what happened.”
And so Ritsuko proceeded to show the security footage she and Gendo and recorded of the major’s change and the events that followed until she left the building. Misato was understandably stunned.
“I turned into…that?”
“Yes. And it wasn’t a one-time thing. The commander decided to do this as a possible back up.”
“You mean next time I get mad….”
“You’ll change again…Most likely.” Misato put her hand to her chin.
“Is there any way I can learn to control it?”
“Control? I’d think you’d want a cure.”
“Are you kidding? I could have some real fun with that….And if I could get to the top of the geofront in two jumps who knows what else I might be able to do. I could help Shinji…” Ritsuko raised her eyebrow.
“Don’t look at me like that. The commander’s pretty much left him to me, like it or not I’m as close to a family as he’s got.”
“Maternal instincts? I never figured I’d hear that from you.”
“I’m kinda surprised to.”
“Well since this was meant as a back up against angels…but as for control I have no idea. There isn’t much known about what happened to the last person with your…condition, and none of the information indicates he ever found a way to control it.”
“Guess I’ll have to start looking.”
“I’m a bit surprised you’re taking this so well.”
“Hey Shinji’s got all the moping time around the house booked, he needs it more then I do. Besides this could really be fun.” She clinched a fist and stared at it a moment, pondering her new situation. “Course it looks like I’ll have to call in a few sick days.”
“Yes. Well we’re still going to be bringing in the Second Child in a few weeks.”
“I’ll try to be back by then. One favor though…Look after Shinji while I’m gone.”
“Well even If I’m not really all that mad about it you did help get me into this mess. I really can’t take him with me, and there’s no way I’m going to leave him alone, no way of telling how long this is going to take.”
“Oh….Alright, I suppose I do owe you something after all this.”
“Thanks. I’ll try to keep this fast.....course it might help if I had any idea where to start....oh well I’ll just sleep on it.”
“So you’ll be leaving in the morning?”
“Good that’ll give me time to stock up on antidepressants. They’re for me.” She added quickly at Misato’s look.
“One of these days I’m going to find out just what it is you’ve been doing every night.” Or who. She added mentally. Anyhow Misato then left, trying to decide how best to break this to Shinji.
Well here it is for all two of you who care, assuming I got the thing right this time. Anyhow like the title says it's Evangelion and She Hulk purists of either should probably avoid this one like the plague
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Feeling emotionally drained, no longer truly caring about dreams or her own problems, she made her way to her room. Undoing her braid, she changed into pajamas, the same style of baggy shirt, this one white with yet another logo on it, and of purple pajama bottoms. Then, as unceremoniously as the night before, she flopped into bed, her face to the ceiling. She just wanted to sleep. Maybe when she woke up, everything would be better. She looked out the window of her room, and saw the sun still hanging a few meager inches above the horizon. Closing her eyes, she tried to drift off.

She didn't know exactly how long it was that she was there, trying to will her consciousness to fade so that she could embrace the gentle oblivion of slumber, but as the light on her eyelids began to fade, she began to feel awful. The fluttering in her stomach had returned, and was growing stronger and stronger by the second. She could feel her heart starting to speed up in her chest, and her body beginning to grow uncomfortably warm. With that heating up, sweat sprang to life all over her body, making her shirt stick uncomfortably to her. Along with the quickening of her heart came a quickening of breath, and a constant feeling of being out of breath no matter how deeply she breathed in. Cracking an eye open as the pain and heat kept growing, she saw the sun had gone down quite a bit, only a sliver of light still left on the horizon.

She couldn't stand the pain anymore, or at least not just sitting still with it. She rose from bed with a soft moan, standing up. She realized her hands were shaking slightly, and her hair was sticking to her face from the sweat. Brushing it away, she headed to the bathroom, intent on getting some medicine. This was the worst she'd ever felt in her life, and it was getting even worse! As she staggered down the hallway, she had to catch herself on the wall as a sharp pain made her gasp and nearly lose her legs out from under her. Somehow, she managed to make it into the bathroom.

Her reflection looked awful. The face that looked back at her was ghostly pale, wet strands of her golden hair sticking to her forehead, and she looked more drawn than ever, skin pulled slightly tight around her jaw and cheek bones. Another gasp escaped her lips as a pain lanced through her gut, and she put both hands on the sink for support. Her heart was pounding so hard that she could actually see her chest move up and down with the pulse, and each thump of her heart seemed to be sending a worse heat through her veins. Desperate now, she opened the medicine cabinet. She was shaking so badly now- her whole body, not just her hands- that she had to try three times before she could open the bottle. The medicine was meant to cure flu symptoms, and that was the closest thing to this she could think of. Taking two of the pills dry, she replaced the bottle and staggered back to her room, practically falling onto the bed. Yet she found that she could not sit still. It wasn't just the pain and the sickness, but something more, a deep-rooted restlessness that she somehow could not shake. She found herself writhing on the bed. Why wasn't the medicine working?!

Once again she sat up, a hand to her forehead as she tried to steady her breathing. Grabbing a robe off the bed post, she rose, taking a brief moment to slip it on before stepping forward. She intended to head down the hall and out the front door, figuring that the cool, fresh air outside might help since the pain was too bad to sleep with anyways. However, she found herself stopping as she passed her window, grabbed haltingly by some intangible force. Her eyes wide, she moved her head jerked towards the window, almost as though gripped and twisted that way involuntarily. Outside, the sun had completely fallen, its last few rays seen as twilight on the horizon. It was a startlingly clear night out, the stars twinkling brightly in the cloudless sky. Yet she felt her gaze being drawn even further upward, until the moon met her eyes. It was suspended nearly out of sight of the window unless you were as close as she was, hanging perfect and full in the sky.

Suddenly, she cried out in pain, body falling against the cool glass of the window. It felt like her spine had just tried to pull itself out of her body. Panting, her eyes squeezed shut against the pain, she waited for the ache to subside. There was no relief forthcoming, as once again her spine seemed to twist within her, only this time it was accompanied by a sound that made her overheated blood freeze. Akin to the sound of a joint popping or a bone crunching back into place, it came in rapid succession from her writhing spine, and with each noise came a pain in her back like someone was stabbing her with a knife. Once again, she found her legs falling out from under her, though she caught herself on the window sill, stubbornly refusing to let this pain pull her down. Teeth gritted together, she let out a breathy, anguished moan before the pain began to dull again.

Suddenly, as she hunched over the window sill, her eyes met her shaking hands that were the only thing holding her up on wobbly legs. They were starting to feel cramped, and then pained, as though the bones were being compacted together. As it began to reach an unbearable height, the cracking and popping came back. This time, it was much more frequent, like paper being crackled. Pain beyond imagination was coursing up her arms and in her hands, and even as she watched, her fingers began to… lengthen?! Her eyes went wide, and her breathing grew quicker, not just from the influence of the full moon, but from panic. Things like this just didn't happen, they just did not! But it was undeniable, for even as she watched it could not be blamed on a trick of the eyes as it grew more and more severe. Every crack and pop was accompanied by piercing torment, and every bit of length came with a grunt, moan, or muffled cry at the back of the throat. Even as it hurt her, though, it left her in horrified fascination.

It only got worse, though. Her fingertips felt like they were having spikes jammed into them, her fingernails beginning to lengthen into claws. They dug into the wood as she tried to clench her hands together. With a cry that was equal parts horror and pain, she finally lost her grip on the window and fell to the ground. Still, for some reason she could not fathom, she struggled to her knees, refusing once more to fully give in. Even as she did, she felt the tops of her hands and forearms burning as though on fire, and when she looked down, she saw that her newly clawed hands were pushing forth white fur in isolated areas. Each hair was like a prick with a needle, and she felt her eyes beginning to well with tears.

"Oh god… No…" She whispered, as the pain in her back began to build again. "No, this isn't real… Things like this just don't happen! There's no such thing as werewolves!" She tried to convince herself against the pain and the all too real changes. Oh yes, she had figured out what this was. It wasn't difficult, for anyone who'd seen a cheesy horror movie and connected the signs. The appearance of the creature, the bite, the full moon and the changes. Kara was not stupid, but this was impossible! She had to be delusional!

Once again, she screamed in agony as her body hunched over even more, curling itself in from the pain. Her back arched, and her spine was clearly visible pressed against her skin and the fabric of the shirt. Her back was broadening now, building slender muscle, and as a consequence her shirt tore loudly down the imprint of her spine became all the more visible through the hole this growth had caused. It was accompanied by almost violent crunching noises as her muscles ballooned and her spine writhed. Fur was beginning to grow there, too, poking out of her pale flesh. She realized she was beginning to grow larger, and shrugged out of her robe as it grew progressively tighter. No delusion could possibly hurt this much.

For a moment, it seemed as though the changes had stopped, and she sat there on her knees, panting, becoming something less than human, and tears streaming silently down her face from pain and pure terror. Yet she knew it could not be done yet, no matter how much she hoped. The werewolf in the park had been so much more complete than this, and she was still mostly human and normal sized. The only thing this pause gave her was a chance to dread. Already, there was something animalistic clawing at the edge of her mind, a presence that was trying to wrench her mind from her. It was small, but she knew, somehow, that it would grow, and that she would succumb to it. Briefly, she was thankful that her mother was in the hospital this night. She might not survive her illness, but bed-ridden, there was no way she would survive what Kara was becoming.

Her mouth was a mess of pain, and the changes hit in another wave, her teeth distending slowly into the sharp teeth of a wolf in her still human face. Fur was beginning to prick up more frequently, though still sparse, starting on places like her shoulder and forearms before slowly growing outward. Before her very eyes, the long strands of blonde hair visible to her began to turn silvery white. A mixture of a pricking sensation and a painful twisting sensation on the tips of her ears alerted her to them slowly beginning to lengthen and point, traveling to the top of her head in the style of a wolf's. She couldn't help but wince at that, even amidst the other pain.

No matter how hard she tried to contain them, cries were torn from her throat with each terrible and painful change. She was forced down to all fours as her spine continued to alter. With it, her limbs began to lengthen along with her growing body, muscle building on them. Her once baggy shirt, already ripped down the back, was starting to tear at the shoulders and arms. The bottom of the legging on her pajama pants was splitting at the seams, and it wasn't just that. Her toenails lengthened and blackened into claws similar to those on her hands. Unseen, her palms and the bottoms of her feet were darkening and puffing out into pads. That was all relatively painless, at least compared to the bone-crunching torture of the rest, but that reprieve didn't last for long. Soon, her legs too felt as though they were shattering, her heels rising off the ground and growing longer as her feet became more and more paw-like by the second. As her knees, legs, and hips locked into place, there was one loud sickening crack that made her scream, and that scream terrified her more than any of the changes so far.

It was mangled, with a growling edge to it, like two voices crying out at once. One, her own feminine, soft voice expressing her agony, the other the enraged roar of a wounded animal. Then, her spine extended into a tail that grew puffy with fur even as it grew, and her pajama bottoms fell in tatters to the floor, her lower body almost completely wolf at this point. Her breathing grew more and more labored as she felt a pressure mounting on her chest, and the cry that emitted this time was almost completely muffled due to suddenly expanding ribs. At first, it was slow, but then the popping and cracking grew louder and more and more frequent, and her chest surged forward, barreling out into the extended chest of canines. Already overtaxed, her shirt fell from her body. There was nothing human there left to hide, anyways.

Again, she tried to speak, to make a final appeal to God or whatever good force out there might listen, but the only thing that emitted from her mouth were torn, growling sobs and animalistic sounds that only made her spiral into worse despair. She knew what must come next, as the tugging at her mind became more and more insistent. Already, she was not completely thinking in words, and her delicate nose was turning upwards and black in the style of a wolf. Unknown to her, her eyes, though still blue, now obviously belonged in the face of a predator and were shining softly in the reflected light of the full moon.

The final part hit her, and a whole new world of pain opened to her. It felt as though the bones in her face were breaking into splinters, hot and terrible as they pierced the inside of her face. Her teeth grew even larger as the loudest part of the change came about. It felt endless as her skull changed shape, and her muscles pulled tight over her face, causing her to grimace. Then her mouth and nose surged forward into a muzzle, dagger-like fangs ready to tear into anything they could get a hold of. Her long hair shortened as it blended into the silvery hair covering the rest of her body. And her mind became no more, blending into the seamless thoughts of a ravenous beast. Terror, horror, compassion, it all faded as the wolf took control, and Kara was no more.
Actually just a scene from a bigger story I was writing some time ago, this werewolf transformation is a tad more tame than the one I posted before. It's also a lot older, and I consider the more recent TF to be an improvement in every way, but I thought I'd throw up something to entertain while I work on requests. Enjoy!
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Summary: Emma is a teenage girl who's obsessed with the Incredible Hulk and wants to be like him. Little does she know that her wish will come true.
Emma: You know how girls are obsessed with guys most of the time? You know how they idolize Justin Bieber, the Johnas Brothers and other guys like them? Well, there was a much different guy I adored. A guy who roamed the earth wearing nothing but tattered pants and destroying everything in sight. The Incredible Hulk.

When I was five, I was into typical kiddie stuff, that is, untill I came across my older brother's comic collection. The very first comic book I came across in his collection was a much latter Hulk comic (he keeps the first few comics in glass containers). I read the Hulk comics religiously and I even pulled off some Hulk moves in school (which kept the bullies away). Soon enough, my dad brought me a box of Hulk catoon recordings. When I watched them, I payed no mind to what the character went through, I only focused on the green hunk, errr, Hulk.

As you expected, I even dressed up as the Hulk for Halloween every year. I usually donned a cheap muscle suit, but that didn't prevent me from breaking out my creative side. During my Jr. High Halloween party, I didn't wear that costume, I painted my skin green, I dyed my hair dark green, and the only thing I wore were tattered purple shorts that barely covered me (and a robe to make sure my parents didn't notice what I had on beneath). I went to the party and I revealed my semi naked green body to everyone. I was barefooted, barechested and my butt even played peeakaboo whenever I walked. My parents found out about it and they took away all of my Hulk merchandise.

As you probably guessed, I went off the deep end. When I went to high school, I dyed my hair peach and I just wore dingy white sneakers, blue jeans and a grey tank top. I didn't even look my parents in the eye when I crossed them. Throughout the years, I had the feeling that the Hulk was actually within me, whenever I looked in the mirror, sometimes his reflection would appear instead of mine. I'd even hear him say things like "you don't know my pain." I thought I'd never get to see the Hulk again, that is, untill I found a flier or a Hulk merchandise giveaway, all I had to do was send $100. I sent it and I got everything within a few months. I got everything I could want, tapes,DVDs, the comics, action figures and to my surprise, a vile of flakes. I assumed that it was some kind of old gimmick so I decided to try it.

When the weeki=end came, my parents left the house and I was the only one time (my brother was in college at the time). I took the flakes and I poured them into a glass of water. It glowed green and I drank it. I then felt a major stomach ache and I rushed to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and that's when I noticed something was wrong.

IMy eyes were starting to glow green. I quickly shut my eyes and I began to feel very hot (almost as if I was tanding in a fireplace). I forced my eyes open and I saw that my skin has turned green. I slowly backed away (while still leaning on the sink and I slipped on the bath carpet behind me. I started to grind my teeth as I say my hands changing. My palms became wider and my fingers became longer. The strength spreaded to my arms which became completely muscular. I felt my back arching out and my shoulders puffing up (breaking the straps on my tank top). My tank top split down the middle and it fell off, revealing my newly developed abs. I rapidly pulled my head up and I screamed "Help me! Somebody help me!" I could hear the voice of the Hulk mocking me and calling me a hypocrite. Soon enough, I knew what he meant. I was meant to change. I was so obsessed wiht the Hulk that in order to show my gratitide to him... I had to become him.

My jeans began to feel really tight. I could hear them ripping at the might of my legs. I also felt my butt growing. It became so big that it was practically absorbed into my butt cheeks. The legs fell off with ease. I could feel my feet as they were trying to bust out of my socks. I could eventually see my now ugly green toes break out. My peached colored hair began to grow heavily and I could see it turn black. Even my face had to change. It felt as if I was developing a permanent scowl and it felt like my face was becoming very tight. Finally, my chest had it the worst. My bra barely held my breasts as they were trying to show themselves to the world. Thankfully, the transformation was complete and I stood up. I looked in the mirror and I was shocked at what I had become. As I lifted up my arms, my bra imediately shot off, revealing my dark green tits in all their glory. I smashed the mirror and then I broke out of my house, searching for a way to curb my rage.

Now, my advice to you, if you worship a monster, know its pain, otherwise, you'll roam the earth in shame like me.

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