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I finally figured out how to make animated stamps with GIMP.

This tutorial helped me alot.


:iconpedobearxbeiber: <--- join it.
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Better than this screenshot.

I tweeted this to Justin herself. [link]

I'm getting favourites every minute, it's insane.

I got the idea from here. (it's animated)
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Oh noes. :iconbowserjrplz: popped :iconlemmykoopaplz:'s ball.

He could like, get more with that wand thing.

And Lemmy cries in the SPP sprite sheet.

Edit: Holy S*** 146 views in a hour?!?!?

Edit-edit: So that's how I got so many views. [link]

Now an animation. [link]
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first work from the collection "Simpsons go to the beach"
coming soon - Marge

Maggie Simpson (C) Matt Groening
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This is for :iconmetaknight-fangirl13:'s collab, I had to do the easiest Pokemon to draw, and Kirby isn't that hard to draw either.

If you are interested in joining the collab, check out her journal [link]
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Pauline leaves.
LUIGI: I think it's getting late.
Cut to Larry and Bowser Jr. who are playing tennis. Morton, Wendy and Lemmy are watching them. Roy is swinging Iggy by his hair. Ludwig is spying at the castle.
LUDWIG: I could've composed my sonata by now!
WENDY: This is boring!
MORTON: Wait until Larry loses.
Larry serves. Bowser Jr. hits it, Larry hits it out of the line.
Larry: No, it's in.
BOWSER JR: It's out. I win!
LARRY: It's in, cheater!
Bowser Jr. and Larry walk closer to the net.
BOWSER JR: It's in, you're a sore loser.
Lemmy picks up three tennis balls and juggles them. Roy stops beating up Iggy and looks at Lemmy.
ROY: Child.
Ludwig walks over to his siblings.
LUDWIG: Can you stop crying! I can't hear anything!
MORTON: That was Larry. Junior beat him.
LARRY: I wasn't crying and Junior didn't beat me. He cheated.
Someone cries in the distance.
WENDY: Who was that?
Pauline walks past the Koopalings, crying.
LUDWIG: It's that girl from Peach's party before.
Lemmy walks up to Pauline.
LEMMY: What's wrong?
ROY: Lemmy you douche!
PAULINE: It's that stupid plumber Mario. Cheated on me and slept with Princess Peach.
BOWSER JR: I hate Mario!
LARRY: I hate cheaters!
Larry and Bowser Jr. Look at each other.
LARRY AND BOWSER JR: Lets get Mario!
IGGY: You can lure the plumber here. And we'll take the rest.
LUDWIG: Mario slept with Peach? King Dad is not gonna like that.
BOWSER JR: Yeah! She's my mama. She should be with me and Papa.
PAULINE: She's your mama?
LUDWIG: Not really, Our father wanted to marry Peach.
PAULINE: And I wanted to marry… um. I want Mario! Peach and Mario can't be together.
LUDWIG: You can lure Mario away while we take Peach and… wha? Luigi, Daisy and Yoshi are leaving?! Where's Mario?
IGGY: Still inside?
LARRY: Well duh!
PAULINE: Oh that's it! I'm going to get Mario.
LUDWIG: Wait! We'll help you get inside. You can create a diversion and Mario can chase you out. I'll call Father and we'll get Peach.
Ludwig picks up a mobile phone and dials it.
LUDWIG: Hello? Dad?
BOWSER: Ludwig?
LUDWIG: Dad, you can come now. I got a plan. We just met some girl that we gonna help break into the castle, because of we do it, Mario will be looking for you. Then, Mario and the Toads will chase her out. And then you can break the roof and take Peach.
BOWSER: Sounds good.
Bowser hangs up.
LUDWIG: (To the Koopalings) Okay Roy, break open the other door. Girl, you go take Mario or whatever.
PAULINE: My name's Pauline.
LUDWIG: Whatever, just go.
Roy, Iggy and Pauline walk to the castle door.
Iggy: Remember, Toads are weak. Just kick their heads.
Roy uses his strength to punch a hole in the door. Pauline runs inside as Roy and Iggy run back to the tennis court. Pauline looks at the Toads that are washing up plates. The Toads notice her and they scream.
TOADS: Intruder! Intruder!
Pauline punches the Toads, she walks into the kitchen and takes a knife from a drawer.
PAULINE: Now to find Mario.
The Toads see Pauline with the knife. They scream.
PAULINE: If you don't tell me where Mario is, I'll kill you!
TOAD 1: He's upstairs.
TOADS 2: He's with Peach! Don't hurt her!
TOAD 3: You guys are cowards! She is not gonna…
Pauline swings the knife in front of the Toad.
TOAD 3: Kill you?
Toad 3 runs screaming as Pauline chases after him.

I can't spell. And I was gonna have Pauline all like you EFFING WOPWOG but I was writing this in school so yeah I typed in plumber.

I'm gonna read this in 10 years and I be all. I. Wrote. THIS?!?!?!?!
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I made her eyes way too big.
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Happa, Honoguma or Kurusu. The alpha GS starters.

Oh and :iconthelostpokemon:
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Now I felt like drawing him on my DSi
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:icongazmanafc: ‘s Maggie from his fan fiction.
The Simpsons TM and Copyright FOX and its related companies. All Rights Reserved.
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