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I tried to drew Dib a little older, that's why he have "mustache" XD
Gaz want to show ZJ for Dib, and Dib really love him. But when he find out that Zim is his father, so the love was gone... Poor ZJ...

Dib and Gaz from "Invader Zim" Jhonen Vazquez

ZJ The-White-Monster
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Awkward, indeed.

In the pic: Rachel and Guy

A short comic depicting a scene near the end of the 1st Winter Arc.

It's just facts really. I suppose love-making is just more pronounced when it comes to Jef. (He's loud in every respect.)
It's exactly the reason why Guy prefers not to let Jef have guests stay over night. Neither of them would get any sleep.

lol - Rachel wearing Jef's giant shirt. Giant for her at least. XD
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:iconzimplz::iconsaysplz: Only kidding
:icondarthvaderplz::iconsaysplz: I wasn't

The cheeseburger is just to show Dib's love of cheeseburger's <3

(c) art-:iconbeastboyjinx:
(c) Zim/Dib- Jhonen Vasquez
(c)Darth Vader- Emperor Palpatine
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This is for my best friend: :iconthedarkmia: her birthday is today december 11th :D

her bleach OC captain saya miyabi with my OC, lieutenant mitsuya kiyomi of squad 0. [link]
she has some history with byakuya, so i thought i should play a little with it :iconteheeyesplz:
byakuya is such a snobb, so i gave him a lesson for not bringing a gift to the party moaha.
and also, we're from sweden, and have never tried sake, so everyone else get sake, and we get some other fancy drink instead :D

i wanted to make a pic with all of our squad, but i'm sorry guys, i don't think i'm good enough to draw them all ^^;
but they were there too of course, partying all night! :drunk:

btw i always imagined izuru to be such a cute drunk, and poor hisagi-san have to take care of him :heart: and if you don't know who the bald one is (oh sorry! not bald! shaved!), then it's ikkaku :D

Bleach Tite Kubo
Saya Miyabi thedarkmia
Kiyomi and art saabine
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This joke is in such poor taste. XD


In the Pic: Guy and Jamie.

For about a day and a half, "Guy & Jamie [Gamie] Fluff" was wining in the poll I made, and this was the image I planned on creating if it did win. It's been a crazy few days, since that poll had gone back and for a while. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's still a tie, but no matter. I knew that this is the joke I wanted to do, but it took so friggin' long to write Jamie's lines [like, two or three days] because I'm terrible at writing that sort of thing unless it's Jef saying it XD.

Myself and readers would probably find this funnier than the people who don't read the novel because Guy doesn't/can't translate a lot of slang, innuendos, or euphemisms - someone [like Jef] needs to explain it to him most of the time. So this is funny because the one time Guy think's he's sure about these particular euphemisms [which he would have otherwise taken in the literal sense of "eating food"] he's completely wrong. XD

For her last line, ~MonsterDaene and I came up with these lines:

- As long as it's your hotdog I'm reveling in, it's okay.
- As long as it's your hotdog I'm putting my mouth around, it's okay.
- As long as it's your hotdog I'm wraping my tongue around, it's okay.
- As long as it's your hotdog I'm swallowing, it's okay.
- As long as it's your hotdog I'm getting a taste of, it's okay.

All of them just terrible in their own way. XD So it took until about a few minutes ago did I decide on the one you see in the strip.


That said, I don't mind answering the questions you have that I am able to answer, and discarding the one's I choose not to answer. XD

For example, "Why are their designs a bit different?" [Whether or not I answer that question depends on if someone asks.]


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Well, My writing teacher, Mrs. Rogers, told us we were gonna learn how to use qoutations, so she assinged us to do a comic strip! I was like "YES!!!"! I decided to do a Invader ZIM one (My teacher likes Invader ZIM because I told her to search it up one the computer, AND SHE SAID SHE LOVED IT!) Like the writing process, she told us to do a rough draft of our comic, then a final copy! This is my rough draft, so thta's why it doesn't look like the rest of thr art I do, Kay? The comic's name is: "Dib's Sad, Pitiful Attempt to Save the Globe" I'm not good at names...

Sorry for my handwriting ^^; ! If you can't read it, here ya go!:

Panel 1:

ZIM: *Stares at globe* You WILL be Mine...
Dib: You know I can everything you saying...

Panel 2:

ZIM: Watch it Dib! Your speech bubble in that last panel almost hit me in the head!
Dib: Like I care about you well-being ZIM! *Takes globe away*

Panel 3:

Dib: That's a lie. It's the Skool's!

Panel 4:

ZIM: OH yeah...?
Dib: Yeah, so...

Panel 5:

ZIM: Heh, heh
Dib: *Has a hanky over his mouth, and a bomb straped to his back* *His voice muffled* I'm sorrrry!

Invader ZIM, (C) of :iconjhonenplz:

Comic, (C) ME!
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Heh.... Apologies to the ZADR-fans out there. ^^;
I don't mean to effend you guys in any way. Still I was comepeld to do this. It is unclear to me how some fans think this stuff up but then there's a lot of things in life I still don't understand. :confused: Now it's not that I hate ZADR art. HELL, I get a kick out of watching them.:XD: But ya won't be seeing any on my gallery. That's for sure. Reality check here! We are dealing with two characters who don't like each other to begin with....And for no good reson either. Or at least thats how I see it. I'm quite happy with the way this one came out. I finlly got Dib's head to look right and the coloring dosn't look to bad... The reactions you see here would deafenitly be Zim's and Dib's naturle responce, if they saw this for themselves. Why is Delia and Cin-cin there? Well, I like to use them in just about anything. Think of as to vaultures, obsurving in the backround and jabbering to one another.

(Zim, Dib)~Jhonen Vasquez
(Cin-cin, Delia)~Me
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This is new, isn't it? :rofl: I laugh at Allen's face in the first panel. I just wanted some laughs. :XD:

What happened to Allen in the end? :XD:

Another reason why I did this pic because I wanted to practice my skills with using the pen tool without any of my pencil linarts. :XD:
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True story, yes.

The streets of Toronto are made of death via ice. :P

As an aside, Loc really does have a sense of humour about his occasional awkwardness... to a point. I love the "Hahah... hope no one saw" expression after his second fall.

ANYWAY, to anyone who had doubts, now you know that I am indeed kuro... art, crappy/quick though it is. (I have no time for anything more detailed right now x_X)


Loc and art (c) kuro
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