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The Night Is My Stage
From the Series Macross Frontier
Sheryl Nome by :iconwildmushrooms:
Photo by me

Sheryl Nome Northern Cross from the movie: The False Diva. The shoot is one happening shoot. We had count down party lights, then someone dropping into the water due to a miss-step, and a prince from cendrillion walking out just at that moment. Sure is one happening night.
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Macross Frontier - Obelisk Concert **

世界は眠っていて 知らない

As if I spotted a bird in the light of dawn
I start to realize
With these faint signs, my racing heart
still didnít know that the world yet sleeps


Sheryl Nome @ :iconayatenshi:
photo @ :iconzerartul:

editing/retouch @ *Ayatenshi

helpers: *raistlin03, *missdeliri,*blurmage

Thank you guys for making my shoot possible XD
and all hail nendoroid sheryl ! muahahaha
Thanks to *Astellecia for advices on my sheryl set up, i still love ur sheryl kthxbai ! :heart: and this is really like a "skye's" costume. hahahaha. Last sheryl for me. Bye sheryl ! /throws
*edited version, becoz the previous one is too orangey! thanks zera :D *
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Photo by :iconshiroin:

Helper :iconhiyuki::iconpryde4114:

Thank you :iconpumpkinwin: for the jacket/top/wig loan, I rabu joo very much :D

Thank you :iconmelriza: for making it for :iconpumpkinwin: so I could borrow it hurhur

Contact Lenses courtesy of :iconcoslenses:

For a costume that I didn't make from scratch, it sure gave me quite a headache because I pretty much ripped it apart and re-sewed quite a few parts to upgrade it because it wasn't quite complete when I borrowed it off ~PumpkinWin Thank you babe for loaning it to me or I doubt I would have ever done this costume no matter how much I like the song~

=shiroin has proved to me after this shoot that all it takes is an epic photographer to get beautiful shots even if the location and the cosplayer is crap <3 <3 <3 thank you papa and yuyu and dan for helping me with this shoot even though we were all dead from our 2 week taiwan trip <3
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Sheryl Nome: The Diva
From the Series Macross Frontier
Cosplayed by :iconzimiel:
Photo By Me

Its always nice to have a shoot with someone not from Singapore. Many thanks to :iconzimiel: for the shoot. Its great to know more people in the process of doing a hobby.

And more Sheryl Nomes! I should start compiling a Photo Book just dedicated to her this character hmm.

And DA has no love for me. Almost everytime I press Edit it gives me an error. Definitely Piss me off good time really.
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Macross Frontier - Nyan Nyan New Year

Happy "Bunny" New Year!~

Ranka wishes everybody a prosperous happy chinese new year nyan!

Do remember to visit our shop for Ramen and delicious bao okay? <3

Oiishi nyan!~ :heart:

Sheryl Nome @ *Astellecia
Saotome Alto @ *raistlin03
Ranka Lee @ *Ayatenshi

Special Credits:

Photo by :iconxkaonslaught:
Edited by :iconastellecia:

wig borrowed from vic (thanks alot<3)

helpers - :iconmissdeliri:,:iconashteyz:

Border Brushes by :iconsolitary-stock:

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Happy Chinese New Year Everyone~~

and to my amazing ranka chan :iconintricatia: who's stuck in Perth with no angbaos to collect and no bak gua to eat, THIS IS FOR YOU WITH LOVE FROM SHERYL SAN~~ let's shoot your nyan nyan when you get back k :D I misses you muchy~

Macross Frontier Nyan Nyan New Year edition XD

:iconraistlin03: as Saotome Alto (Hime)
:iconayatenshi: as Ranka Lee
:iconastellecia: as Sheryl Nome

Photo by :iconzerartul:
Photographer :iconxkaonslaught:

Helpers (ramen eaters): :iconmissdeliri: :iconashteyz: :iconsakurazaki: :iconinuran:

Thank you :iconashteyz: for providing the shoot location and :iconmissdeliri: for making the cute golden chinese knots~

Costume made by my tailor auntie~
Border Brushes by :iconsolitary-stock:
Contact Lenses sponsered by :iconcoslenses:

This entire shoot happened on a whim and it's honestly nothing but pure crack :D But it totally fit the festive period so well yes~ I shall be using this costume in future for a far more traumatising use, it just happened to suit this crack plan too, for some strange reason, everything I have ever done with *raistlin03 and *Ayatenshi always ends up as i guess we work best like that~ TO ANOTHER YEAR OF MORE LOLZ AND ZHOCK GAIZ <3

+Nyan Nyan New Year+
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Promise over these tears
To grab hold of a miracle
Flying over the rubble
In an ascending curve

Seek the beat in your heart
Until you bring back this life
Wonder if youíll make it
I hope you make it.


:iconzimiel: as Sheryl Nome

Photography by :iconzerartul:

Post-process by *zerartul, myself.

Costume by me.

I had been going to upload the shots from my shoots in Singapore last week in order...but I like the Obelisk set too much so it's going first :XD:

I don't know if it's the lens, or if *zerartul is just magic, but I look so much taller and skinnier in this shot than I am it's awesome 8DDD

Giant thanks to *zerartul and *shiroang for shooting - it was amazing to work with you both! :heart: Huge thanks to *Astellecia for helping add more oomph to my Sheryl makeup, and for fixing the damn ribbons to my legs etc etc, and to ~sakurazaki for helping make sure I didn't look like something that was dragged through a hedge backwards - it was soooo windy at the location! My poor wig lol... 8'D

Expect more from this set 8D :blowkiss:

Full photo set is here: [link]
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MF: It's long long goodbye...
Sheryl Nome by :iconastellecia:
Photo by me

Helper :iconsakurazaki:

Photog :icongarion:

Shooting more Sheryl Nomes again. Haha. Its always nice to do night photography. Walked wrongly today and went in a big circle. We got to the location in the end all tired and stuff. Oh well it turned out pretty good though. And thanks for the free meal :iconastellecia: haha. Im a broke man :P

Sheryl Nome:Set the sky ablaze:
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+真空のダイアモンド クレバス+

今 強さが欲しい

Photo by :iconzerartul:

Photographer :icongarion:
Helper :iconsakurazaki:

Finally running out of title ideas, hurhur MF fans should be laughing at the lol-ness of this title sheryl: grace...get it? :D

Tried out a new eyeshadow colour scheme for this shoot~ went with silver and dark blue instead of a variety of blues and changed the way I drew my eyeliner~ my make-up has never been this neat, and probably never will be again OTL

Dress made by my tailor auntie
Accessories made by me
Thank you :iconwildmushrooms: and :iconherotenka: for helping me get the wig

Contact Lenses sponsored by :iconcoslenses:
They show up super nicely in this shot :D the colour is very striking~

+Shinku no Diamond Crevasse+


Fairy 9: Sheryl Nome Project

真空のダイアモンド クレバス
+Sheyl Nome: Falling Stars+
+Sheryl Nome: Love over again+
+Sheryl Nome: Defined By You+

+Sheryl Nome: Bewitching Shine+
+Sheryl Nome: Dazzling Impulse+

+Sheryl Nome: Take that kiss+
+Sheryl Nome: Precious+

Sagittarius 9pm. Don't Be Late
+Sheryl Nome: Inverse Gravity +
+Sheryl Nome: Fleeting Miracle +
+Sheryl: Leave it to me+
+Sheryl: Crossing Light Years +

Welcome to my fanclub's night
+Sheryl Nome: Galaxy Tour+
+Sheryl Nome: Sheryl on Stage+
+Sheryl Nome: Caught your Heart+
+Sheryl Nome:I'm a shinin STAR+

ダイアモンド クレバス
+Sheryl Nome: Don't Let Me Go+
+Sheryl Nome:It's long Goodbye+

Star Date
+Sheryl Nome: Forever+
+Sheryl Nome: Hearts Above+

A date through falling stars
+Sheryl Nome: Frontier +
+Sheryl Nome: Yousei+

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:iconyingtze: as Sheryl Nome ( Nyan Nyan ver )
:iconindecisive-persona: as Ranka Lee ( Nyan Nyan ver . )





* manly tears * This is my first time wearing a cheongsam ! I'm so happy finally can make and wear one ! Again , with *indecisive-persona as my moe Ranka Lee ~ ( * _____ * ) Glad that you can finish your costume in time sayang ! :heart:

Made this cheongsam using satin . The fabric was quite slippery though =x All the gold bias tape is stick on using UHU glue . The purple crunchie thingie on my tighs are made using bias tape too becuz around 1 hour before shoot I realized I totally forgotten bout that . ( missing mini buns on my sleeves too ) Will improvise next time ! ( o w o )

Thanks to *xsaye for being our " Mariyaaa " and ~blurscrib for be le Antonio . HAHA . * hugs *




In few days time , I won't be here ( going back to hometown with limited internet access ) so I gonna wish you guys a . .


* hugs hugs *
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