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said to have arrived in the old days with the dragons and the eani, avatari of aertes. Whisperers never truly stepped into the world. A partial existence of eternal hunger is what they endured, and according to the stories it is in eastern Ardesh they first started inhabitiing the bones of the dead.
It was in Ardesh in the age of civil war that army of rebels decided to dessecrate the crypt of the dead king , but they were met by the royal army, so among the graves they waged their battle

Focused on each other it took some time till both sides became aware that every slain man has risen to fight them all, and in short while they were surrounded by the dead and massacred
So the first legion of whisperers has risen. They realised there is power in the bones, they could link to any bone and make it their new body. Alas for them the link was unstable and often the corporeal link fell apart

It was necryte Varda who first perfected the link by fusing bones to armours imbued with barans spiral, and the dead glory was made. Allthough a part of his armies consisted of posessed, living bodied inhabited by the spirit of the dead who in exchange for new life pledged absolute loyalty to Varda, it is the dead glory that was the main axis of his army.

they had no fear, no weaknesses and with every enemy slain they could increase their numbers, they resisted magics , couldnt be slain by arrows, feasted on the souls of the dead only true threaths were heavy weaponry wielding warriors who could smash the armors to bitsor sever the limbs that allowed them to keep killing

dragonfire as purest form of natural magic failed to penetrate the smoke whisperers generated, if they had a weakness it was the fact that they werent skilled wariors but with their numbers and inbvulnerability to many attacks they needed no skill

still the dead glory was stopped and destroyed in the ravenora battlethrough smart tactical use of powerful land dragons and heavily armored calvary and infantry mixed with a great number of war machines

varda put too much faith into the dead glory for he thought his own spellwork would be able to deal with enemys tactics, but here too he made a grave mistake when he met the young king nebezial asheri, the raven of the north, and here varda was defeated and his army of whisperers was destroyed

after this , great care was taken to incinerate every dead body as a part of funeral rituals in ravine, tho some nations like dregy preferred a more romanticised ritual of binding a wadlar tree seed to its inhabitants, and after their death the seed would engulf the body and grow into a tree above it, these medium sized trees had a curious trait od repelling whisperers, and so dregya grew to be surrounded by a forest .

since vardas warthere have been no significant appearances of whisperers anywhere near palladron alliance regions
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varda balahadd ... his name now is a memory from heroic poems but it was he who waged the war that culminated at ravenora plains, the very war that lead to the creation of paladia alliance, and also led to the fall of the kingdom of nebezial asheri

varda was slain 212 years ago by general melchial asheri, brother to king nebezial

historians differ in the opinions as to what the purpose behind vardas war was allthough they do agree on one thing , varda wanted to release the sinner delphi bellarya

to what purpose it still remains unknown, but mere three years later king nebezial will be the one to fulfill his goal

it is worth acknowleging that never since varda has a necryte of such power emerged , unless one believes groundless rumors that a sorcerer known as the reaper of ardunat is actually none other than varda returned

people feared him for a good reason, for necrytes could do the unholy act of binding dead souls to living bodies, the dead form a pact with a necryte and become the perfect soldiers, no fear, no hesitations and absolute loyalty

but varda took it a step further, to destroy his enemies he meticulously organised kidnappings of high ranking military personells families whom he then posessed with dead souls and put on the frontline of his army

he was defeated in the end but it was a bitter victory
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only son of avanum reyus ruler of city state of wranthorn tarn has finaly came to age where he is to take over the crown of his father.

wranthorn rulers obey the tradition of handing oer their authority to their heirs while they live so they can serve to the new king and the people as the high royal guide and advisor. this tradition has led to proverbs that compare wise choices, and listening to good advise to wisdom of the wranthorn kings

wranthorn is one of few countries that respect the old and perfected traditionof coronation by dragonhorns. they use needlesized sliver of dragontears which are then nailed to the new kings head , these cause a crown of horns to grow on its own . after the coronation master smits usually create unique decorative plating which remain for life and beyond attached to kings horns

tarn is wearing the royal armor made of seventh rank tellas , sevenforged dragons are considered semidivine and their scales are nigh impenetrable so armors made from tellas that is created from those scales is light and immensely protective

it is worth mentioning that there are only five smitheries currently in the entire ravine continent who can actually work the rank seven tellas and anything made from it is priceless

also there is a characteristic to seventh rank tellas that makes it obvious from a far. seventh rank tellas is red in its natural form and it is a trait it keeps even after forging into armor or weaponry
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just a shot of nebezial from the time of the battle for ravenora. the glory days before the traitory that destroyed his body and soul.
in those days the ruler of the norther kingdom of aphelion, also called farreach , was the younger of two brothers. nebezial, also named raven of the north.
he was the only ruler crowned by eani with the crown from the old world. but it is his weapon that made him the king.
Not by an act of violence but by a test of worth was he crowned, by proving his power and sealing a wanderers weapon magradan. with this he was chosen to marry an eani and through the rites of old world he was to inherit the immortality of their people

but too much of a good thing will breed jealousy
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a small panel from the bottom of the page but i decided to post it simply cause it made me chuckle after thinking about it like this... eww... reaper of ardunat wuz here
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When the threat of a necryte fell upon the lands of ravine, eani agreed that an alliance was needed. A special alliance , for an eani was to unite with one that would prove him or herself the most powerful mage at the time. With eani immortality granted to such a person that mage would come close to the limitless power of a necryte.

That man was Nebezial Asheri, and he was married to Freiya of Stelladeen. with her a warrior eani was sent to serve as a bodyguard, and a general to nebezials army.

for twenty five years threat of necryte varda was contained to the western continent of krannad, many news of his terrible victories came to the continent of ravine, and then finally his terrible armies arrived. varda found what he was after. on the ravenora plateau he was to claim his prize.

however his plans have failed, he found a power there strong enough to oppose and crush his own in the end.
in this battlefield azriel fought valiantly, and his great friendship with his king nebezial was sealed when nebezial granted him his daughter calistos hand in marriage

those days of old glory are long gone, their shine destroyed by traitory, and tragedy, still...flames of glory can be rekindled by a valiant soul
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ever since the great aertes gate opened and the old world first stepped into the realms of arlenya ( later known simply as ravine) the northwestern region was revered as a mystic place and it is there the original sinners of form have created their empire. among the first humans to mix their blood with dragons sardaheims were also the first to gain a perfected form.

it camw with great sacrifices as the power of dragonblood will twist the body into a monstrous form most of the times, but they found a way how to channel the power of that blood. mere two generations later their offspring was capable of forming a rudimentary dragontear withing their bodies thus enabling them great proficiency in magic which surpassed ordinary human mages
dragontear is a source of raw magic on its own. this enables the sardaheim mages to use more magic attacks by using their own raw power , instead of chanelling necra from the world around them

sardaheims were neither the first nor the last to experiment with dragonblood and dragontears, shivas were a result of the same kind of hunger for power but unlike sardaheims they never mastered the dragontear forming instead they took the instinct of the dragon, and the ability to see spellwork formation. this led to the developing of their disrupting attacks that are hated by all spellcasters

third most known race to have been experimenting with dragonblood were the mesadee, they actually were sucessful in forming the dragontear within their bodies but this was also the cause of their nations downfall

unlike sardaheims who formed the tear above their hearts, mesadee formed it below their navel, the resonating of the tear and its energy led to thr realisation that mesadee women were unparalelled in their lovemaking ablilites and so many were kidnapped into slavery which lead to the great bloodwar

ever since then the bloodstained races of sardaheim and mesadee never fully trusted the humans, shivas stood aside from this conflict for the most part

today the sardaheim empire with annexed mesadee people is a vast and powerful region whose power is unchallenged as they are at this point the only ones that could legitimately threathen the power of paladia alliance
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a veteran of 3 wars and numerous battles alven has ranked up to the position of general in 6 years of his military carieer

his loyalty lies with the kingdom of wranthorn ruled by the house of reiyus it is his unquestionisng loyalty and sense of honor that impressed even king nebezial who found in alven a first true friend in a long while

his combat skills may be lesser than those of antheus prayne or arjent azure but his tactical prowess more than makes up gfor it, he is often referred to as wizardbane asje has proven himself over and over again to be a masterful surpressor of opponents wizardry forces

tho not a wizard himself he is incredibly versed in the magical lora and has long studied it to find weakpoints of many spells that were once considered most powerful weapons on the battlefield. it is this that earned him a rank of general and made him into a legend among the non magic wielders
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melchial asheri was honored two hundred and twelve years ago as the man whose blade ended necryte vardas life.
it was unexpected that he never returned byck to aphelion, city ruled by his brother nebezial. instead he went to casta del palladia, heart of palladron alliance.
there, buried and sealed under mount palladron, an old god, azhi damanul lies
ever since the ancient god was discovered, he had made a pact with the kingdom above, long life, health and protection to the kingdom, powere to make it unconuerable

it was the presence of the living god that made more and more people forsake the old religion to fates guide aertes, and instead they embraced the tangible blessings of god under the mountain

damanuls lure was probably what got melchial asheri to come to palladia, and he climbed the ranks of damanuls church till he took the position of first oracle, rimad gregorius

now ever growing power of damanuls church has grown in power to such extent where it threathens the kings authority. this is a source of constant bad blood between the rimad melchial, and king godwyn

melchial knows how to use his position both as the rimad, and the hero of the alliance, constantly carrying the staff of necryte varda to remind everone of his achievement
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robe of shadows and dark, armor of bones and the blackest of hearts... that is how the rare survivors described him

a new necryte , first after varda that appeared in the ravine continent, and in eyes of many though to be none other than varda reborn

despised, hated by all but above all by wizards necrytes are considered as a rare and unnatural mutation and should be destroyed, luckily necrytes are so rare that in the last 3 thousand years scriptures mention only six ever appearing

what is it that separates necrytes from regular wizards

in essence it is the ability to cest magic without penalty of sacrificing maga, their lifeforce

all magic in ravine is essentially a proces of mixing inner lifeforce energy, or maga with exterior potential energy of the world. energy that links smallest of building blocks of existence together , known as necra is abundant , limitless, but in order for it to be harnessed a mage needs to sacrifice his own lifeforce

the two energies are then wowen together through barans spiral engraved on caster weapons and given form by mages will

small spellwork doesnt use up a noticeable portion or mages lifeforce, and a reasonable mage can still live up to deep old age, but large spellwork takes a heavy toll on mages lifeforce

necrytes posess the innate ability to channel necra but keep it from attracting their own maga, thus being capable of using spells of great strenght with no sacrifice to their own lifespan

potentially this makes them gods among mortals, for a skilled necryte can perdom massive spellwork and even make hoimself unkillable for a short while by manipulating the necra that links his own body , thus making his own body vibrate into an unstable existance that is impervious to physical attacks and many magical ones

this ability is most useful but it gives the necryte a disturbing visage as his body is in a state of flux constantly pulsating between the state of existence and borderline nonexistance itappears as his bones are emergind and sinking underneath his skin

still unlike varda , reaper of ardunat seems to be prone to keeping a low profile, appearing now and then usually in a center of some great destruction, all beginning with the tragedy that befell ardunat 12 years ago

still last two years there have been no signs of his appearance so some think the reaper has left the continent to plague some other place
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