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Amazing free font!
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Betlog Square (Standard) True Type Font
Typeface Name: Betlog_Square
File Size: 151 KB
Version: Version 1.00 April 22, 2009 initial release
Amputa Bangiz (c) Quiccs 2010 Rights Reserved

Zip file Kit includes:
- betlog_square.ttf
- preview art


Includes basic numeric characters and "!","?"

I know there's a lot of square fonts out there, but this is my attempt into making one that is quite legible and flexible.

As always, this is very free for you to use, commercial or personal, JUST TRY YOUR BEST TO GIVE ME SOME CREDIT and ill be a happy little boy :)

Download here [link]

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No commercial use.
Do not re-distribute.

Feel free to link back if you like.
Comments and :+fav:s are always appreciated.
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This is the latest version of Comfortaa: v 2.004
-Check out my three other fonts: Montepetrum: [link] Lastwaerk: [link] and Trunkmill: [link] :D-

Comfortaa is a simple, good looking, true type font with (if you ask me) an amazingly large number of 596 different characters and symbols. You can see them all in the preview.
It is absolutely free, both for personal and commercial use.
It is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1 - For most uses, you don't have to worry about this at all as it is a license with very few restrictions, but you can always read the license file (OFL.txt) included in the download folder if you want.
You don't have to give me credit if you use it in your work, but you are very welcome to do so if you want.

If you download it and like it please fav it (but obviously only if you like it :D). You are also more than welcome to comment about anything you want (I'm open to critique)

I hope you will enjoy using my font!

Wow, DD. I never imagined something like this. Thank you so much for all the favs and nice comments! I'm truly overwhelmed

I obviously would love to see how my font is being used, so feel free to comment with a link to your work, or send me a message

Cirylic character set added!

Note that the font license has been changed to a less strict one.

Version 2.000 Released! All characters (yes all) have been redone / re-thought at a higher quality. Especially people using Comfortaa at large sizes will appreciate this. Spacing and kerning has also been re-thought. Some characters have changed more than others - you may notice changes to especially "s" and "f". The Cyrillic character set has also been greatly improved. Overall the quality of the font has just gone up a notch :)
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Blood Sugar Free Font

Special Thanks to the awesome :iconsoulkreig: for help me to transform the Vector to Glyphs, please check his gallery
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MSD.10 - Typeface by Paul Willocks ( (

This font is free to use for personal use.

It is strictly not to be used for commercial projects unless you hold the commercial usage rights.

To obtain the commercial usage rights

This font costs 10.00 UK Pounds to use commercially and this entitles you to use it in as many projects as you like. Payment can be made via PayPal to, the PayPal receipt will act as your proof of purchase.

Anyone found using the typeface commercially without permission will be dealt with appropriately.
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Yes, I'm back to the font business! :D
Here's another tryout of to make a hand-written font, and I think i got a very better result at this time! :D

I hope you like it ^^
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Over many months Ive been working on a font. This is the result of frustration and an unrested mind.

Photoshop, Illustrator and Font Creator

:+fav: if downloaded
Comments Welcome
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i erased the old version because dA got some problems in uploading the font, that is now disponible!
if you download it remember to:

-+fav it
-don't use it for commercial purposes
-don't rip it
-credit if you want =)

.ttf format

download link: [link]
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Visit inde at

Buy Commercial


Get some free vectors (Global Vector Library - Basic)

Like the advent Facebook Page if you want more

Download and Design! ....oh... and :+fav:

Want to support?

✔ Spread the word however you can!

✔ Did this work for you? help me create more, donate to this address via Paypal:

news_update 14/03/11

At the moment we have another free font under development.
You will get the details in a while.


original published: 02/06/07

update_1: published. 09/06/07

Minor Shape Corrections

update_2: published. 17/06/07

Major Shape Corrections
Kerning Corrections
Letter "a" "b" "d" "T"corrected

update_3: published. 21/06/07

Major Shape Corrections
Kerning Corrections
Addition of Regular Rounded

update_4 (final): published 21/06/07

Any possible letter combination detailed kerning
added 3 more weights.
total weights of advent. regular, light, extra light, bold, extra bold, regular oblique (not italic), regular rounded

news_update 19/02/08

Published on Smashing Magazine as "Font of the month" [link]
Got 14,845 downloads and made the designer really happy.

"I was planning on starting the design process for the actual "PRO" advent... Greek Cyrillic and a LOT of weights... i just needed a boost, that i got today...
note:Cyrillic Glyph List NOT AVAILABLE

news_update 25/02/08

news_update 02/04/08

news_update 27/08/08

update_5 (advent 2nd version): published 17/10/08

Any possible letter combination detailed spaced and kerned by iKern (Igino Marini) keeping the example, 7 weight and now Greek added.

First advent closed at 49,747, on deviantArt, no record for other sites. Google if you like to see.

The older version is contained in the download files.

advent is officially finished.

news_update 25/11/08

Featured in Smashing Magazine as part of "15 Beautiful High-Quality Free Fonts" [link]

news_update 15/01/09

Facebook fan club [link]

news_update 16/01/09

Featured in Mac Users Magazine UK as part of "20 Stunning FREE Fonts"

Copyright 2010 <INDE>, Andreas Kalpakidis . COMMERCIAL USAGE for distribution of visual and text content, structural and functional information, by any medium is prohibited, unless written approval by the author Andreas Kalpakidis is given. PERSONAL, NON-COMMERCIAL USAGE for copying, distributing and transmitting the work is allowed.

No warantee provided with the software "advent font". The font is free for use ( Personal or Commercial) By given approval of Andreas Kalpakidis to any party purchasing/downloading the font via the internet (peertopeer, direct link, email attachement or by any medium provided to the user to purchase).
The font files are ment to be used as provided, no alteration is allowed. Alteration by opening the font (otf or ttf file) with font editing software generating or and providing the files under different name is prohibited.
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