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"I need you."


"I love you."

This might be a little confusing,
but it's between a boy and girl.
One saying they need the other,
and then they reply, "You promise?"
And then other says they love them,
and basically, one replies, "Always."
They are finishing each other's sentences. (:

Note: If you :+favlove: this, please comment!
I prefer comments over a :+favlove:
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I crossed my legs under my skirt,
wishing away promises,
I feared he would keep.
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I am a plagiarist, I am a thief of words.
Nothing I say is my own
Everything I have heard before.
Not a word original.
So heed this warning:
Before you read poetry,
Before you read prose,
Check over your shoulder
Around the corner,
In the closet,
Under you bed,
Don’t think too hard or I might yank words directly from you head.
Because I am a plagiarist, I am a thief of words.
I just take the words you say and jumble them all up
So you don’t realize the words I’m reciting
Are really…………your own.
Chase has inspired me to write a bit lately so here we go.
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hors de lui
hors de sa nuit il espère ne plus se retrouver dans la vie. il lit de la prose inoffensive...


out of him
out of his night he hope to don't meet himself again in this life. he read inoffensive prose.
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with an unwavering glance
they went through the strange neighbourhoods
this nocturnal maze
they came back to life
they shined
they heared & raised themselves
in time

a field of black hair and multicolored flowers

a home that belongs to all
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Every step outside you take
Every time you pick that flower
Every time you scale the tree
Gouging it cruelly

He moans.

Every animal you spot
Every time the robin bows a greeting
Every perfect sunset you watch
Caught in the moment

He's there

Every time you drive the car
You may as well run over him.
Every time you turn on a light
Wire him up and blow his fuses

We're killing him.

He was like a father
He taught us how to use the Earth
How to survive

We have abused his gift.

His name is Jack
Jack of the Green
Son to Gaia
Father to all
He's dying
Like everything else
We are killing our father...

Aren't you proud?
Inspired by :iconpheebsyeahbaby: and this photo: [link]

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In the middle of the night. I'm lying on the cold floor of my own room, there's a scented candle beside my head. It's wafting its mellow scent over me. I pull my blankets over my naked body and close my eyes, breathing deeply.

The world starts spinning and I find myself on my familiar tundra. I smell the coming snow and the tarry smoke of my fire. The she-wolf sits beside me, waiting. She's smiling at me and I get up and follow her.

I turn around and start walking up the woody hill. I follow my guide, she's flitting in and out of the woods. She stops on top of the hill and as I catch up to her, I see a long house, there are torches on either side of the doorway, smoking in the wind.

I start feeling nervous, start trembling. I feel my physical body trembling; I want to open my eyes and stop here. I decide not to. This time I will go in. This time I will see her.

The wolf sits beside the door, watching me. Again waiting for me, she knows I'm nervous. I shake myself, shaking the feeling off. I'm fine here, nothing can hurt me here. Not while the wolf is with me, not if I dare to go inside the house.

A few calming breaths and I enter the dimness. There is smoke inside the room, a large tarry fire in the pit in the middle of the hall. No tables, nothing but the fire and a dais on the opposite wall. There's a chair on the dais, but it's empty. A woman in a grey-brown dress and a fur-lined cape is sitting on the dais, relaxed, her dark hair hanging over her face.

I move closer, but stop by the fire. She is it. The one I'm looking for tonight. As soon as this thought crosses my mind, the woman looks up. Beautiful brown eyes, deep, thoughtful. Th wolf pads to her and they wait for me side by side.

I take two steps forward, stop and feel like kneeling, so I do. When I look back up, she's standing up, beside me. Holding her hand to me. She doesn't talk, just smiles. She's waiting for me to say it. To promise her.

"I promise to give my life to you. I will honour the light and my own life."

I let the priestess pull me up and lay me down on the earthen floor, on a blanket. I lay on my back and she lays beside me. She'd taken my vow. I had done it. But she wasn't letting me go yet.

I open my eyes briefly, seeing the candlelight playing at the roof of my room. Hear some noises outside. I close my eyes again, feeling something touch me. A few deep breaths and I'm lying on the long house's floor.

Now she's touching my hair and her other hand is on my stomach. My breathing is hitched. I'm sure I can feel her here and in my physical body, too. She's studying me, touching me all over. I feel exited and soon notice that I'm also getting aroused.

I open my eyes, shaking. I hadn't really expected that. I am a bit shocked, actually, shaky. I close my eyes again and take those calming breaths.

I'm still lying on the ground. The wolf is licking my face, the woman smiling at me. I turn my head to her and smile back, shyly.

She gets up and pulls me up with her, she takes something from the dais and gives it to me. It a wooden amulet, a spiral on a string. A necklace I had bought way earlier...

I get up and pull my blanket around me. I'm suddenly freezing, so I get quickly up, put the candle on my table, leaving it to burn out and slip to my bed. Soon I'm fast asleep. Returning to my tundra to run with the wolf.
A meditation I did on Saturday. Very personal and important to me, so no bashing please. To me it really happened, so it's non-fiction.
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last night i dreamed that
you loved me.
you took the moon
from its place in the the sky
and laid it in the white palms of
my open hands,
which set the white orb free,
the gentle toss becoming
the flight of wing on salty breeze.
its reflection passed over
dark water,
deep and limitless,
but spangled with phosphorescence
mimicking the aching starlight above,
and then the bird was gone...
my hands left open
a silver basin of borrowed light,
shining from the night
of another poem.
And, please, do read "The Shampoo" by Elizabeth Bishop.

Dedicated to my dearest
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wrapped in your name is a hundred games of hide and seek, afternoon tea parties, and the squiggles of letters as i taught you to read goodnight moon and if you give a mouse a cookie. we were ten dirtstained fingers, one broken arm, four firefly eyes, two dark heads bowed as if in prayer over your broken-syllabled benediction.

every shopping cart is a cage from when we were wolves caught in the grocery store, growling at strangers until our mother made us get out and walk. the nightlight still plugged into the corner socket glows with every breath you took as you fell asleep when they moved your crib into my room.

one day at school they told you the rainforests were disappearing, and you hid in your bunkbed and cried for hours. when i finally found you, you made me promise we would both give our entire allowance to protect the trees. we washed our hands and said grace and ate dinner, and you never stopped caring about beautiful things.

i taught you how to read, and how to drive
and how to leave.


your life is a thomas the tank engine train track written in my skin, sealed with bunny eared loops as we sat side by side on the bottom stair and tied our first big kid shoes over and over.

your name is in my blood, your blood is my blood is your blood is my blood

that night
i could feel my bones cracking hard along the fault lines, could feel warnings in the deep earth, in places that cannot be measured by the number of trees climbed or lego castles destroyed. so brother, (your blood is my blood is your blood) even before the call came, crackling and electric like the last summer lightning

i already knew.
i remember the names of all your dinosaurs. i changed the rules to all the board games so i would win, and you always let me. people thought we were twins until you finally, finally hit that growth spurt and suddenly i found myself looking up at you instead of down. i used to pin you every time in wrestling and then one day you had me on my back before i could even blink. we never wrestled again. we liked all the same bands for a while, and you bought me tickets to my first concert. we stood in the back, awkward and tense, and even then i knew that one day i would lose you. blood is thicker than water, but hatred is thicker than both. but your blood is my blood. is your blood. is my blood. i can't remember the last words i said to you, but i still remember every word to goodnight moon.

come home.
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Read Me Real

I am the person to breathe you real
Reawaken perfect in any age
I house every moment you hold dear

Receptacle of your every hope and fear
Witness to your anger when you engage
Returned again to breathe you real

Memories still fresh of how we feel
Locked together on third eye's stage
All the moments that I hold dear

I can hear your voice when I hold you near
Give you my mind, free of your cage
A playground for me to breathe you real

Come with me again on time line's wheel
Do not be afraid to turn the page
Our story has all the moments I hold dear

It's our voices on the wind we hear
All it takes for me to be assuaged
Stories on the wind when I breathe you real
Stories in my mind, moments I hold dear
So Nightwish released a new song called Storytime and while watching the video I got this idea for a poem :D It's about when you read the story you see everything in your minds eye and it's like freeing the character from the page into your world. And when you read the story your breathing life into the characters. Breathing them real so to speak :D I'm pretty happy with how this one came out, please let me know what you think
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