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:bulletwhite::bulletblack::bulletwhite:Crow Unbound:bulletwhite::bulletblack::bulletwhite:
Multimation Film
July 30, 2010

Watch in Best Quality via YouTube

This is my first short film ever, I made it from start to finish in just two weeks, tell me what you think!

For my first short film I wanted to convey simple tale of freedom. I came up with a story of a girl who literally becomes what she envies and dreams about. In the end, the girl trades up her humanity for a simple life flying infinitely as a crow in a painting. I wanted to convey more art forms in an already great art medium, video. I love animation, drawing, and painting, but don't see them together a lot. I hoped to achieve a good balance and mixture of these mediums in my short film, Crow Unbound.
I started making my film July 14, 2010. I finished the video on July 30, 2010. It was made on my personal iMac. I used Adobe After Effects to help start my rotoscope process. Afterwards, I used Adobe Photoshop CS4 to do all of the main animation with a Wacom pen and tablet. I pulled all of the clips together and did all of the major editing in Final Cut. For the music I turned to the royalty-free Apple Loops provided by Garage Band and did any mixing within Final Cut.

:bulletwhite::bulletblack::bulletwhite:See A Little Behind the Scenes and How the Painting was Made:bulletwhite::bulletblack::bulletwhite:

◆◊◆Episode № 24:"Making My first Short Film"◆◊◆

I make art vlogs via YouTube that show my art being made in a time lapse, I talk about the meaning of the piece, sometimes everyday life, and I hold mini contests with art prizes as well.

This artwork may not be reproduced or used in any form without written permission from the artist.
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A motion graphics short on Creativity, originally inspired by Tony Buzan's mindmapping. Done for Editing and Compositing class.

For the making, check out :

By : Rachel Wan
Voice : Kimberly and Kenneth Ong
Music : Don Alder - Wok the Dawg

Make sure you watch it in DiVX High Quality!

Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe Illustrator CS4
Adobe After Effects CS4
Adobe Premier Pro CS4
Adobe Soundbooth CS4
Corel Painter 11
Autodesk Maya 2010
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