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Hey all,

This commercial I helped made in my 3th year of animation school.
It was a co-op between our school, 2nd and 3th year of animation, and production house CZAR.
It's for the electric company "Electrabel" - major electricity distributor in belgium

It was so much fun to make. It was a week of very hard work. Everyday we woke at 6am. Breakfast at 7am. and be at the set at 8am. Then we worked till... late in the night.
There is a shot in the movie where you see this hole city, took us 15hours straight to make! the last shot with the 2009 took us about 10hours.. to give you a small idea on how long it takes to make such a thing.
But at least we got 3 meals a day and we could drink as much as we wanted on the set (no alcohol) of course.
And after a long day of work we went back to the hostel. The bar of the hoster actually :D

This commercial was re-editted, 2009 became 2010, they editted this with the computer.

This commercial was shown all over belgian television and in theatres (in theatres they played the making of) watch it here : [link]

We've gotten the rights to upload this movie to our "sites" and use it on our portfolio. (if you don't believe it you can always call the production House CZAR: [link] ask for Raf Wathion he can confirm this.)

Music is done by Tony bocken - I take you to my dream.
Later he made a videoclip about his song with the same kind of animation.. watch it here: [link]

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Ad for Norweigian paint-brand Jotun currently playing on Swedish TV. Made it at Filmtecknarna.

Animation: Veronica Wallenberg, Arvid steen and Isabelle Fellbom.

Director: Jeper Ohlsson

Music: Aha - Take on me
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