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Religious Powers Atheism is a spin off of Axis Powers Hetalia that I made up one day when I was bored in math class.

I figured I make a song to it, so I did~!

EDIT: ok, I now made it Atheism's official theme song~! (In axis powers hetalia, all the characters sing the ending song in a different way that is unique to them)

Eventually, Ill do all the MAIN characters, so keep on the look out for them~!

(main characters include Christianity, Scientology, Muslim, Buddhist, Agnostic, and Judaism)
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I finally did one of these! Although this is kind of incomplete. I know there's things I missed, and I need to write a bio x.x

The image is a screenshot(picture of the tv actually) I added bangs and other details to. I cleaned it up a little, as well.

The blank sheet is by =TtotheAFFY and can be found here: [link]
Dimitri belongs to A. Crowe.
Andrés belongs to !GlitteryJizz
Beetle belongs to =Jathis
Knives belongs to ~dr-glitzkrieg

Edit #2: If you got here from my rp account, note that a lot of things on this profile no longer apply to that Dimi. I'm linking this mostly for stats and the picture XD.
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These are bunch of Deadpool Facts I originally posted on They were a big hit, so I thought I'd bring them here.

They are modeled after Chuck Norris facts, but I've given most of them my only little special twist. I'm thinking about doing some more if I can find the time.
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I was asked to write an essay for my university course in English; I chose to write on religion.

If you're religious, and this offends you, know that I don't care. At all. If you would like to discuss this though, I am all ears.
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This is a FrUK story that a wrote about 2 months ago. I've never really had the time to put it up until now, and it took me forever to fix my spelling errors.
I didn't want to put it in parts, I kinda just wanted to make the entire story one deviation....... but I think if people saw how long it is, they might not even try reading it. And I guess when stories are in parts its a little easier to understand. I'm already finished with the story...... so I guess ill put up a new part every day. ^^

This is my first France and England fan fiction, so i'm crossing my fingers that you'll like it ^^
Oh and yes, the story is a little bit more from England's point of view. :3
Please don't hesitate to ask any questions!
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As Tigress lays in her bed, Tigress soon realizes that Po and her are so much alike! Tigress starts to feel so guilty for being so hard on Po when he first came to Jade Palace, as well as remember the good times, the bad, and the moment The Furious Five thought that they lost Po at Lord Shen's firework factory.

She soon speaks to one of the wolf's and discuss on how to tackle the wolves situation.

Based on "KFP: Here's to the night - by Anki-Sha"…

Used, with Anki-Shai's permission on this chapter as most of this is Anki-Shai (DeviantArtist)'s work. This link from Anki-Shai was ideal and perfect on how I wanted Tigress to feel, and I couldn't do better myself!

Link toAnki-Shai

Chapter 00: The storyline to Kung Fu Panda 3: The Path of The Rising Sun.

Chapter 01: Superlative Lethargy Training!…

Chapter 02: The Noodle Dream.…

Chapter 03: Highly unlikely alliance.…

Chapter 05: Eyes of the Tiger.

Chapter 06: Father & Daughter... And Inner Peace.

Chapter 07: Homecoming.

Chapter 08: Jin Chow.

Chapter 09: Meanwhile at the Jade Palace...…

Chapter 10: Parents Day.…

Chapter 11: Inner Peace.…

Chapter 12: Seven days later.…

Chapter 13: Bartering with Death.…

Chapter 14: Age of Innocence.…

Chapter 15: Tears of the Sky.…

Chapter 16: In Loving Memory.…

Chapter 17: Natural Born Predator.…

Chapter 18: Liu Zhang -Part I of II…

Chapter 18: Liu Zhang - Part II of II.…

Chapter 19: “I made a wish... And you came true!” Part I of II.…

Chapter 19: "I made a wish... and you came true!" Part II of II.…

Chapter 20. Death Race. (Part 1 of 2)…

Chapter 20. Death Race. (Part 2 of 2)…

Chapter 21. The Path Of The Rising Sun. (Part 1 of 2)…

Chapter 21. The Path Of The Rising Sun. (Part 2 of 2)…

Chapter 22. A meeting with councilors.…

Chapter 23. "Enter The Jade" Liu Zhang.…

Chapter 24. The Noodle Dream.…

Chapter 25. Red Dragon.…

Chapter 26. The House Of The Dead.…

Chapter 27. Enter The Dragon.…

Chapter 28. Belly Of The Beast.…

Chapter 29. Jin Chow Mein. (Final Battle)…

Chapter 30. "Now we are free!" (The End)…

Chapter 31. Liu Zhang's 14th Birthday Bash (BONUS CHAPTER)…

Kung Fu Panda 3: Upcoming Chapters.…
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" Anyway, we can do nothing. "

I just hate this sentence. Really.

It's so easy, so weak, so coward, to say a such thing.

If all the people I've met who said that were able to unite, they will be able to do something, there is no doubt about that.

But it's easier to buy ourselves a pitiful pretense. An empty conscience.

Until when ?


As a member of :iconthewrittenrevolution: I have to ask some questions about my text, so I hope you will give me some answers :huggle:

:bulletgreen: What do you think about the fact that I mentionned ?

:bulletgreen: Do you think that it's rude ?

:bulletgreen: Do you think that the choice of the title is good ?

Thank you !

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English language coursework (yup, you guessed it) that afforded me a little entertainment.

This is a charity letter appealing for the preservation of our punctuation.
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The first of many faces i have seen.

Much love to gnomes13 for her deviation titled, appropriately enough, "my friend friday".

For the sake of my own guilt, I'll say that this is no judgement on the actual Friday, if that is his name. Just a little frolic, fed from a look, captured by a stranger.


PS: I just read it again. It seems to not want to make up its mind what tense its in. help? present or past? I've tried both, and only a mixture makes me feel like it's really him talking. Eh. Help?

The work contained in my gallery is Copyright. ©2007 James Ivy.

All rights reserved. My work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission. My work does not belong to the public domain.
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Us humans....
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