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well, my last feature, Legend of Zelda myownlittleworld247.deviantart… seemed to be a success :) so i'm now going to do a Disney feature! i know alot of you see the name disney and think "HELL NO!" but that's often because the most recent of disney's stuff it terrible, with only a few okays inbetween, and the famous classics are all about princessess... which i do love those ones too ^^ but there are a lot of really good ones that arent so famous, but certainly as good, so i'm going to gather together a group of my favourote classic Disney images!! i hope you enjoy!

Untitled by kittynpink Disney by SonARTic ::DISNEY ALADDIN:: by meisan pocahontas - Disney Jam by DanielaUhlig Disney's Mermaids by daekazu Disney's Ariel by ProfelisAurata Pocahontas of Disney by joaquimbundo Cub Mufasa and Sarabi by charfade Cub Taka and Zira by charfade Tangled by smitth "Real Life" Princess Jasmine by JirkaVinse Jasmine by alicexz John Smith Sketch by LathronAniron Beauty and the Beast by Amelie-ami-chan Beauty and a Beast by JohnSu Belle by AuroraWienhold Belle by ChristyTortland I CHALLENGE YOU, HERCULES by Disney-Funker Megara doesn't need Hercules by Eitak-Monster Megara + Jasmine by daekazu gaston...bub by Prydester THREE GIRLS of Gaston by rebenke Ariel by Eternal-S Ariel by Terrauh Ariel by DanielaUhlig Patchwork King Triton by LaSirenOfEire All the colours of the wind by bealor Mulan by PriscillaTR Mulan by rynarts Mulan's decision by alicexz This Provincial Life by alicexz Rapunzel by alicexz Esmerelda by littleyellowfishy Esmerelda by driftingstar Esmerelda by ShannonDenise Melody by IreneMartini Melody... by Inner-Butterfly Disney Heroines Cosplay by tabeck Baby PrincessAurora by GF by GFantasy92 Real Princess: Aurora by LiberianGurrl Snow White by ProdigyBombay Snow White resubmit by sakimichan Snow White by WitchiArt :thumb108698635: Princess Tiana by Silvercresent11 Real Princess - Tiana by uppuN Alice in Wonderland tattoo by lillylil Alice in wonderland by Maevachan Alice in Wonderland by skottieyoung Tinkerbell by MOD37 Tinkerbell : The fairy by Laurine-Tellier Tinkerbell by zen1990 Peter Pan by AMSBT Peter Pan and Captain Hook by ssst Hook by miss-understood Wendy by allee-rose Tinks Cuzin by Silvestar Scar by kathrynlayno BatB: What? by Nyxity Evil Queen - Snow White by Maevachan Cinderella by Maevachan Bambi in the Light by RexKing Bambi by Brunamf Bambi and Thumper by KerstinSchroeder  Bambi-ness by shazy The Jungle Book Characters by Sandoval-Art The Jungle Book by MissMikopete The Jungle Book by Sandoval-Art :thumb253177205: Tarzan by neek-zique ..Tarzan and Jane.. by AnnevdHorst Moses, the Prince of Egypt by devsash Prince Of Egypt River Lullaby by LuKung-Pkbasic The Heart of Atlantis by alicexz

again i've tried to indlude a lot of different media, but i'm certain i've left out a movie or two, and that perhaps i haven't got enough of other characters beside the main ones.

i'm going to keep making features because it's so fun to search through all of the images with an actual purpose :D

if there is a particular feature you would like me to do, please comment, and i'll probably do it, depending on whether or not i know what it is :P and i would prefer to do general features, like say is someone wanted a Rukia feature, i would say i'll do a Bleach feature.
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Journal Entry: Sat Oct 27, 2012, 12:05 PM
la pioggia in arrivo

285 by serkantdotwarzyci by InPluvia
isolation by Mandarino1301 by narva
Luka by o0she0oShade upon the sun by disies
But you've ruined my tale IV by MoosiatkoInnocent Souls Go To Heaven by Canankk

Iron that wanted to be a boat by AnhenKitchen by daily-telegraph
spinning around by geissa:thumb205110951:
:thumb333214725:X-meet by s-ascic
istanbulda sabah by GrauenartIHRE15 by DanielEyre
sad but true by amelyshatoshelter by rapidograf
like stairsteps by farbanomalier wl by HaruNiji
07137 by akihiroeMidnight Mistress by LemonLemonLemon
:thumb169281503:12 by mcxm138
And I am dying in this living human shell. by immugraah:thumb199910179:
skull by 8LittleMissFreak8:thumb213728689:
the view by ladenu:thumb295546579:
woman by SevincYusifovalunar duelists by shamanski
bnm by anja-onopiuk135 by DoinaVadanovici
schizophrenia by Lover-and-the-Wild

Nightmare Before Christmas by Kara-a
Brick building by HohertzArtsDay of Bathing by ViestursLinkswhat's on your mind? by davespertine
Jane On Tracks by PHaarhusDiva Dive by Menoevil:thumb330610638:
:thumb317658798::717: by 8o-clockdesire by rooze
Hide and seek by Menoevilufo by Sophie0305Ocean dreams II by Menoevil
:thumb332711900::thumb329784281:Scar V by GoldenSands
:thumb330940817:associated by amelyshatoLimbo by youreyestellies
twist black II by AnimalerrantEye Without a Sight by Osx86full moon by geissa

coffee by HaruNijiIntimate by DominikKuceraTronco e condito by martaraff

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Wellllllllllllllllllllll hello there! :D
Before we start, I just wanted to apologise for not getting the Weekly News done during the weekend and thus  . . . . 

But now . .  Polandball! :XD: Enjoy!

1498092 546660955441297 1185685684 O by SoaringAven

1653623 275324812622765 1617683533 N by SoaringAven
You wish Poland

1655749 251516065024218 1867648972 O by SoaringAven

1660214 368442253297458 2068414363 N by SoaringAven

1781767 1391674524433164 1222743249 O by SoaringAven

1781892 456307627802509 1095357857 N by SoaringAven

1800111 219836961538398 195875614 O by SoaringAven

A41Se0w by SoaringAven

AFBcESY by SoaringAven

FHJKEjd by SoaringAven

l9PKI39 by SoaringAven

mjiVk4v by SoaringAven

mxzUpoS by SoaringAven

plMAY82 by SoaringAven
Bop :3

RDgmxSE by SoaringAven

82bD9YT by SoaringAven

And that's all folks :D See you tomorrow ;)
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Black Widow

Journal Entry: Wed May 9, 2012, 8:53 AM
creepy Spiders by galaxy89 creepy Spiders by galaxy89 creepy Spiders by galaxy89 creepy Spiders by galaxy89 creepy Spiders by galaxy89

I am your black widow
I lay all my eggs in your eye
I'd kill all my darlings for you, my love
If only you would stay one more night...........

The Hex by lostknightkg 0943 by narva grasp of the emptiness by NuSunt Castle in the sky by lostknightkg Last dream (you inspired) by mehrmeer so let me go by AlicjaRodzik Dark Mirror by lostknightkg Blind me by arayo Forsaken by lostknightkg my nothing by Flubberwurm about mythicism by asruldwi rose 4 by stevenfields ETERNAL SUBMISSION by dchon A little bit curious by lwc71 Raven King by lostknightkg No tomorrow by lostknightkg Vipassana by Azaleos destiny is dead III by LostOneself :thumb287050975: wave by korrox in time by arayo

I do not know why you love me so
I'm floating through your veins...........

Spiders by desmo100 creepy Spiders by galaxy89 Spiders of my Eyes by demiurge Spider by Uken Spider by Joe-Roberts

I sway you in a silken shroud
In the end I'm going to swallow your heart

Oblivion by anaPhenix Together in solitude, part two by JPtHart :thumb299946926: FOABP Final II by RavenBlakh vivienne by jarrod343 :thumb300437923: shoreline by kannagara From These Wounds by AlexCozaciuc WONDERLAND by dchon Les Jours Tristes by IMAGENES-IMPERFECTAS :thumb130996487: 829 by SlevinAaron Polluted walk by Murderdoll17 SOMNAMBULIST by dchon A Strange Obsession by intao ann2 by jarrod343 JANUS by dchon 06 by Aerobozt lazy day II by arayo seventh wave II by kriegsmaschine

lyrics; Susanne Sundfør - Song: Black Widow

creepy Spiders by galaxy89 creepy Spiders by galaxy89 creepy Spiders by galaxy89 creepy Spiders by galaxy89 creepy Spiders by galaxy89

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by techgnotic
Fri Jul 8, 2011, 7:59 PM

Marble, Granite, Bronze, Silver, Gold!

Early statuary depicted one’s god’s, and since the medium is
as much the message as the visual message itself – the medium had
to proclaim: This god is as forever lasting as this stone that His
rendering is hewn out of! But all that is solid eventually melts
away into the air, even the most powerful ancient gods and kings –

By the time of the Renaissance, sculpture had managed to evolve away from the more ancient obsession of
depicting the Gods Themselves (indeed, with the encouragement in the belief that statues of gods were literally
material manifestations of gods or at least housings for gods’ essences) and became more focused on tableaus depicting
epiphanous moments from religious narratives... Michelangelo’s Pieta

...or even human non-god heroes from the great stories like Michelangelo’s David.

For the next few centuries, sculpture continued to seek an eternal permanence for human (mainly military or political)
heroes as much as for religious figures, to which anyone having visited the Lincoln Memorial or Mount Rushmore can attest.  
But the impulse remained to somehow keep beings, whether gods or humans, somehow “alive” by capturing them in immortal materials
that would not crumble away as readily as mortal flesh.

Modernism finally released sculptures from the strait-jacket of being 3D portraiture of living beings or tableaux. Modern sculptures allowed
abstract expressions to take their place as solid manifestations, provocative and mind-engaging as Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings
on canvas.  The desire to capture the essences of gods or great humans’ beings had finally evolved into the artist’s
desire to capture the essence of thought. The artist perceptions, to ours – the desire to capture desire itself.  
It seems that modern sculpture is not about inducing a feeling of awe in the beholder, but being in the presence of a mighty god, warrior or king.
Observing is like a dream, memory or desire – suddenly becoming solid out of the thin air.

Questions for the Reader

  1. Paintings can burn.  Digital can be deleted.  Is permanence what draws the artist to the medium of clay, stone, steel, wood, bronze, etc.?
  2. Does a sculpture, which must be allowed to occupy a more substantial space than a flat plane on a wall or PC screen, make a statement or create a provocation that can less easily be dismissed?
  3. What is it that personally draws you to sculptures and the fuels your desire to create through sculpting?  What was you first experience with encountering and being emotionally, psychically affected by a sculpture?

I plan on revisiting this topic early next year by interviewing the leaders in the Sculpture community here on deviantART.   If you have any suggestions as to the artists you would like to me to interview please let me know in the comment section.  I will be featuring a wide variety of the sculpture community in that feature.






This article may be redistributed on the web by link and with attribution to deviantART but not re-printed without deviantART's permission.

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'Ello, 'ello, 'ello, what's all this 'ere then?!
Looks to me like another Polandball Monday! :D

1532116 578024175614351 1527250871 N by SoaringAven
*sigh* 'Muricans

1602001 496909287094367 534773310 O by SoaringAven
Release the Kraken!

B8rw5s4 by SoaringAven
Why not just speak glorious Czech? ^_^

BsyFtn0 by SoaringAven
I think I would have failed the test as well ^^;

Mp1111 by SoaringAven
USSR, you of genious!

x5HMSs8 by SoaringAven
Meep meep ^_^

YQcecbS by SoaringAven
Would bomb again, lol :XD:

z6MIlAx by SoaringAven

zUTVeuB by SoaringAven
Like loosing virginity :D

1504318 692473080792832 1242421942 O by SoaringAven
Ja! Just look at ze time!

And that's all folks! :D
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Creating art for those who feel a real resonance with traditional anchoring fairy tales, ~cidaq also draws in those who enjoy darker tales of mystery and films noir.  As a storyteller who can create narratives in both words and watercolors, she often comes up with short stories to accompany her art.

by techgnotic
Thu Nov 24, 2011, 9:59 PM

cidaq’s paintings are unique and instantly identifiable as hers —

Even though at first glance one might think them antique illustrations preserved from century-old
products advertisements or children’s books.  But one is drawn to look closer and see that a very
modern, very mischievous intelligence is obviously at play.  The media of pencil, inks and watercolors
as well as the skilled technique and composition are solidly anchored in the traditional, but the
sensibility flies unfettered through the highest heights of whimsy.

Pear Tree by cidaqColonial Pug... by cidaqBy The Window by cidaq

The Traditional Through a Cracked Prism (cont.)

It's as if the covers of the New Yorker magazine had come under the direction of Monty Python or Terry Gilliam.  
The subjects of her works, often anthro, seem to be equally informed by classic fairy tales and classic private
detective novels and films noir.  Some characters could be escapees from Alice in Wonderland, Mother Goose...
or Farewell, My Lovely. An interesting sense of childhood playfulness, but with a framing of noir shadows in the
background, pervades most the works.

The Traditional Through a Cracked Prism (cont.)

cidaq creates art for those who feel a real resonance with traditional anchoring fairy tales, but also the darker tales of mystery and films noir. Diverse as these influences might appear at first, they are both genres that touch the dangerous edges of fearful lurkings in the dark corners of fitful sleep. Her artworks are like postcards from the deepest subconscious regions of darkness, and the higher plane where wistful winds twist and tweak fantasy scenes into fanciful delights.

Rupert's proposal by cidaqparty by cidaqScot McHaggis by cidaq

An Interview with ~cidaq

There seem to be as many literary accents in your works as visual arts references.
Who are some of the artists who have influenced you?

It is not easy to say which artist had any appreciable influence on my work. To me the influencing usually happens rather subconsciously. But there is clearly
a huge influence of illustrators from the late 19th and the early 20th century. I most admire the work of Toulouse-Lautrec, his keen sense of character and
bold lines. Arthur Rackham has to be mentioned, of course, and to some extent Carl Larsson, a Swedish painter. A more contemporary example would be the Dutch
painter Rien Poortvliet, less his bigger oil projects and more his illustrations of books like 'Daily life in Holland in the year 1566'. He had a wonderful,
and very dark, sense of humour. I can't say much about literary influence. This clearly falls under the subconscious category. I hardly ever read anything
contemporary, though, and this general fixation on the past is certainly visible in my paintings. I prefer top hats to baseball caps.

You are also a writer. What additional element does this bring to your artwork?

I always used to come up with small stories to accompany my pictures, as I guess many artists do. I always found it helpful to get a better feeling for the
subject of my painting, to lend it more soul, if you will.

Christmas-card 09 a by cidaqChristmas-card 09 b by cidaqChristmas-card 09 c by cidaqChristmas-card 09 d by cidaq

You seemed to be so rooted in the traditional past, yet pulled to the most whimsical modernism.
Is this unsettlingly schizophrenic for you or does it feel quite natural?

I don't think that the whimsical is an achievement of modernism. Just look at the amazing and rather twisted imagination of a
Hieronymous Bosch. Leonardo Da Vinci did some wonderful studies of strange grimaces. To get back to the literary we could mention
E. T. A. Hoffmann, whose tales in the spirit of the Romantic Era like 'The Adventures of New Year's Eve' and 'The Sandman' explore
the misty hinterland of the human mind

HAPPY NEW YEAR... by cidaqIsabell and the first snow... by cidaqRooster by cidaq

As a storyteller who can create narratives in both words and watercolors, in what ways do you see your career arc progressing?

If I had any say in it, I would spend my days scribbling whatever comes to my mind, either words or pictures.
But it is very difficult to gain a foothold in this métier. I do the occasional commission, but it is far from
enough to support me. I have studied archaeology and early modern history and it is in this direction I see my
way continuing in the near future. Unless, of course, I find a publisher, who feels the absolute urge to publish
my scribbling. I have finished and am now revising a novel which combines elements of Chandlerian crime fiction,
the exoticism of Rohmer's Fu Manchu drivel and Terry Pratchett's fantasy and laconic humour. We'll see how it turns out

Goldfish by cidaqWalking In The Shadow by cidaq

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Hey there guys and gals :D Once more I have lots of awesome Polandball comics ready for you so I hope you will enjoy it :)
I have also decided to add the Music Meme at the end for your enjoyment ;)

But let me start with a big YAY! I now have over 150 watchers and 16.000 views ^_^

but now for the Polandball :)

923499 661502103905827 1279682625 N by SoaringAven

1655730 698980360152929 1376428939 O by SoaringAven

1782094 432011016932051 2083239067 N by SoaringAven

1897690 505562372889355 220405571 N by SoaringAven

1911296 722071474491839 712815295 O by SoaringAven

1961052 587349151351324 231984815 O by SoaringAven

1969139 1466368220241984 1541321557 N by SoaringAven

1978744 1457380107812877 1095185079 N by SoaringAven

d8hOjtm by SoaringAven

FnN1R75 by SoaringAven

mSq1RHb by SoaringAven

tumblr n1rc322Idq1szo7eyo1 500 by SoaringAven

739880 517941688324460 2044561387 O by SoaringAven


Stolen from :iconsnowballsandfuntimes:

1. Open your library
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

*Opening Credits*
Nije Ljubav Stvar
Zeljko Joksimovic
"Off to a slow start"

*Waking Up*
Little Latin Lupe Lu
The Righteous Brothers
"Ideal to get you moving ;)"

*First Day at School*
Fallen Embers
"Fittingly sad for the occasion"

"Sounds like young love . . . like too young for this song ^^;"

*Falling in Love*
Livin' On a Prair
"Looks like they're half-way there :D"

*Fight Song*
Colbie Calliat
"Get's me movin' "

*Breaking Up*
Bee Gees & Dionne Warwick
"I swear it's just by chance :D"

*High School*
Staying Power
"80's high school? . . . . no "

No Need To Say Goodbye
Regina Spektor
"Look's like the prom date is also a break-up :c"

Don't Turn Around
Bonnie Tyler
"Just keep moving on ^_^"

Hello Seattle
Owl City
"Looks like I'll be going to collage in Seattle :D"

*Mental Breakdown*
Dance With The Devil
Breaking Benjamin
"Satanophobia, here I come! Devilish  "

Keep Walkin' On
Faith Hill
"No driving for me I guess :XD:"

Love Grows
Edison Lighthouse
"Remembering childhood I guess :XD: "

*Getting Back Together*
Perfect Day
"Sounds like it was short lived ^^;"

I'm In Love With My Car
" . . . Seriously? I dun wanna marry my car! ;A;"

*Birth of Child*
How Do You Do
"How do you do baby?"

*Final Battle*
"So I will be fighting an apple? O_O"

*Death Scene*
Goodbye Innocence
"So fitting! *cries*"

*Funeral Song*
Slipping Through My Fingers
"So melancholy tear  "

*End Credits*
Taylor Swift
"A2788502482 10 by SoaringAven"

And that's all folks :D See you on Wednesday :D 
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Norman Rockwell, All American Deviant

Tue Oct 28, 2014, 7:51 PM
Norman Rockwell Tribute by Sarafinconcepts

Few artists have so definitively reflected the lives of average Americans as Norman Rockwell.

He began his lifetime dedication to being the “America’s Illustrator” as the 19-year-old art editor for Boys’ Life, the house publication of the Boy Scouts of America. A few years later he assumed his more famous position at The Saturday Evening Post, though he never broke his ties with the Boy Scouts. His first great achievement painting everyday scenes of America in his signature hyper-realistic style was “The Four Freedoms,” a series inspired by a speech by the U.S. President, Franklin Roosevelt, in 1943 during World War II. Two of the four paintings, “Freedom from Want,” depicting a family Thanksgiving dinner scene, and “Freedom of Speech,” with an average Joe voicing his opinion at a Town Hall meeting, have become all-American visual icons in the decades since their creation.

Freedom from Want
by Norman Rockwell

Freedom of Speech
by Norman Rockwell

Freedom from Fear
by Norman Rockwell

Freedom of Worship
by Norman Rockwell

Rockwell was a true American patriot, lending his talents when needed as a propagandist of war during World War II, but also painting pleas for peace and reconciliation when inner strife tore at the nation’s fabric in the 1950s and 1960s. He painted his version of the WWII female icon, Rosie the Riveter, for the Post, and not to be confused with the “We Can Do It” J. Howard Miller government commissioned poster gal. Rockwell’s “Rosie” cradled her riveting gun in her lap as she had her sandwich for lunch, the heel of her shoe resting on a copy of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.”

When the threat from without was quashed and racial division boiled over as the threat from within, Rockwell, the visual “spokesman” for the majority of average Americans, painted “The Problem We All Live With” (1964). It depicts six-year-old African-American Ruby Bridges on her way to an all-white public school in New Orleans on November 14, 1960. School desegregation brought threats of violence against the child’s admission, so she was escorted by four deputy U.S. marshals. The wall behind her is vandalized with the n-word and the letters "KKK". A smashed tomato thrown at the little girl drips on the sidewalk. Rockwell obviously felt it was his duty to tell hard truths when needed about his beloved America, and he did it as forthrightly and effectively as he did when evoking the joy of a family gathered for Thanksgiving. He truly defined for all time “American artist.”

Your Thoughts

  1. What is your favorite Norman Rockwell painting?

Few artists have so definitively reflected the lives of average Americans as Norman Rockwell.

For more articles like this, visit depthRADIUS.
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