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Abstract and Surreal DDs for September

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 30, 2012, 6:54 AM

I hardly need to abstract things, 

for each object is unreal enough already.
(Max Beckmann)

Enjoy this summary of last month's DDs for Abstract & Surreal Photography:

In My Head by hakukamizaki
still ineffective. by Hamish-Frost
Reves d'urbanisme by LeMatos
white paper 2 by jonesblachowicz
Reverse Reality by TheFoxAndTheRaven
with sleepless eye by Inextremiss
XXVII by Garance-Verdier
Meteor Shower by DismayedSense
Silence In The Wings by silenceinthewings
.S t r a n g e r s. by AnonimousDreamer
through by xristospn
The City Crumbled by Osx86
0915 by hikedaya
Kazimir by gndrfck
Neant d'impossibilite by Nahuask
A sad song in my sweet heart. by mixdown
In my mind... by ZanaSoul
Autumn Impressions by sekcyjny
Night Forest by Eredel
light-bath. by lecumedesjours
Mind Cosmos 3 by PansaSunavee
Peace on Earth by kparks
Rain on me by Menoevil
Taika by argyria
Hollow 3 by misza-pawlwoski
and swords bore down on ice. by whiteviolet

Thank you very much for sharing your fantastic artwork!

:iconcommunityrelations: :iconabstract-and-surreal:

On a personal note:

Some of my recent DD features had to meet with opposition from a fair amount of dA users 
who are apparently not able or not willing to see beauty and meaning in minimalist pictures. 
For them every artwork has to be "impressive" or "sophisticated", 
they tend to think that an artist who creates minimalist artwork 
doesn't have to put any efforts in his work, which is totally wrong

That is why I'd like to close this feature with a quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry:

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add,
but when there is nothing left to take away.

Thank you for reading.

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In Minecraft there are these squidward like villagers called Testificates. In a recent update they were given new abilities such as having babies to repopulating a town based on the number of houses there are. Since the requirement for a "house" is simply a room with a roof and a door, I decided to spend my time building a massive city for the Testificates to populate, using a generated village as a starting point.

After building a number of houses, I began noticing the little children running wild and there becoming quite a LOT of villagers. I undertook a huge task of building a BIG open area underground with a couple doors and lights. Because the area was so big, the Testificates began to... um... OVER populate.

These little buggers reproduced the village so fast that I couldn't keep up and soon they were overflowing out of buildings. Mob attacks couldn't keep up with the rate they were repopulating, and the iron golems that kept spawning (for every 15 villager a new one spawns) made sure mobs weren't an issue.

I tried burning some of the houses down with the Testificates inside, but it didn't help. They were repopulating out of control at this point. My poor village was being overrun by these weird squidward like creatures. What was I to do???

In the end, the answer lied with figuring out their programing. They respond to doors and enclosed spaces and will attempt to go through a door if there is one nearby, especially at night. Knowing this I went around the village and removed every door except one. Inside this lone house I removed the ceiling and poured a lava trap. Come nightfall, all the Testificates would try to enter through the one door in town and consequently meet their demise. It was a sad day... but I did what needed to be done. I've estimated that at one time I had around 250 Testificates running around trying to get inside buildings. Horny little buggers...

I don't use mods or cheats, so this whole epidemic could actually happen to you too. When building houses for Testificate villagers... be careful. Too many houses, or too big of an open space, could result in a Testificate infestation of epic proportions... and your only way out will be to commit virtual genocide.
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Friday night Street Specials v2.1

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 3, 2012, 8:03 AM
what is STREET photography - Streets of Athens

A weekly selection amongst the images that were suggested as DDs
or simply impressed me and I think they deserve more attention.
Enjoy them, comment on them and remember to visit the photographers' galleries as well.

If you like what you see, :+favlove: this article
so it can reach as many deviants as possible.

Song for the Giants by Draken413o

Coming Soon by DougNZ

Marilyn! by taujp

three vs 3 by onabibano

the bus station by marius1956

* Friday night's Street Specials v11.4
* Friday night Street Specials v12.1
* Friday night Street Specials v12.2
Friday night Street Specials v12.3
* Friday night Street Specials v12.4
* Friday night Street Specials v12.5
* Friday night Street Specials v1.1
* Friday night Street Specials v1.2
* Friday night Street Specials v1.3
* Friday night Street Specials v1.4

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Journal Entry: Sat Oct 27, 2012, 12:05 PM
la pioggia in arrivo

285 by serkantdotwarzyci by InPluvia
isolation by Mandarino1301 by narva
Luka by o0she0oShade upon the sun by disies
But you've ruined my tale IV by MoosiatkoInnocent Souls Go To Heaven by Canankk

Iron that wanted to be a boat by AnhenKitchen by daily-telegraph
spinning around by geissa:thumb205110951:
leave me with the past. by Hamish-FrostX-meet by s-ascic
istanbulda sabah by GrauenartIHRE15 by DanielEyre
sad but true by amelyshatoshelter by rapidograf
like stairsteps by farbanomalier wl by HaruNiji
07137 by akihiroeMidnight Mistress by LemonLemonLemon
:thumb169281503:12 by mcxm138
And I am dying in this living human shell. by immugraah:thumb199910179:
skull by 8LittleMissFreak8:thumb213728689:
the view by ladenu:thumb295546579:
woman by SevincYusifovalunar duelists by shamanski
bnm by anja-onopiuk135 by DoinaVadanovici
schizophrenia by Lover-and-the-Wild

Nightmare Before Christmas by Kara-a
Brick building by HohertzArtsDay of Bathing by ViestursLinkswhat's on your mind? by davespertine
Jane On Tracks by PHaarhusDiva Dive by Menoevil:thumb330610638:
:thumb317658798::717: by 8o-clockdesire by rooze
Hide and seek by Menoevilufo by Sophie0305Ocean dreams II by Menoevil
:thumb332711900::thumb329784281:Scar V by GoldenSands
:thumb330940817:associated by amelyshatoLimbo by youreyestellies
twist black II by AnimalerrantEye Without a Sight by Osx86full moon by geissa

coffee by HaruNijiIntimate by DominikKuceraTronco e condito by martaraff

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  • Drinking: Rain drops
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WNC - Monthly Feature No. 25

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 31, 2012, 11:16 AM
Don't forget to :+favlove: this feature if you like it.
You can also "+1" it on Google+
>>> [link] <<<

This is a selection from last month's submissions to


a group dedicated to black and white artwork.

Sit back, and enjoy! 

the 1st by HaruNiji

Abstraction (Part 3) by Einsilbig<da:thumb id="339452243"/>429 by Sea-Of-lLights
black and white blues by m-luciainsanitised by davespertinewheels wife by aerendial
GEOMETRICS by pukenphotography is lucid dreaming by PsycheAnamnesisWinter . II by Somebody--else

Viewpoint by arayoIn between by Menoevil
Invasion by tuminkaself in December 2012 by wchild

Bali by Hengki24Burning My Soul by goRillA-iNKhis army by geissa
Lena XII by djaillediewinter I by sth22artsilence follows speechlessness by ra-gro
9am by analogphotoCAUCHEMARDESQUE 02 by NVENTFISCHERAshes by Anguis-IX

Within Memories by MustafaDedeogLu1323 by MustafaDedeogLu

Curves by HectorGuerrahedgerow. by Hamish-Frost_-_Y_i_Y_-_ by y5y6
<da:thumb id="339627450"/>p a u s e by reydooThe Origin XXIX by Menoevil
John in the Window by jonniedeeDisturbing Diagonals by by dasTOK

BrokenHomes_95 by FredericPayenpining over in light and time by lemura

Shipwreck by KrzysztofJedrzejakcouple by BelcyrPiotr.12.12.07. by dasTOK
Gravitation by benjoinReflections by Gork82<da:thumb id="338575634"/>
Nailya by DanHechoThe Kemboja by Hengki24OUTSIDE by puken

I Hide Myself Away In The Dark by Zewarr<da:thumb id="338601250"/>Implosion Explosion. by Tooga
The visitor. by Coldwave-EnigmaMerely Passing By by SonikGroovebl by odpium
Forgotten Hopes by DpressedSoulBeyond Within by arayoMask by endegor

Self-Portrait by gottfriedhelnweinTeleportation by AlexanderNasa
Revolve by Menoeville canape rouge. by Hamish-Frost

----- by yup12some nerve too by asruldwiHerbst III by Mar-jus
<da:thumb id="341479300"/>azonic by korrox../../.. by beata-bieniak
<da:thumb id="337503507"/>For one moment by mehrmeerScenery Of Divinity by arayo

Self Portrait by JBord141 by celilsezer

I look inside their souls for what I once lost by CyanideMishka<da:thumb id="311097958"/>glass eye moth ::: by katworks
Untitled by JakezDaniel<da:thumb id="337627799"/>Holga by Anticherry
... Saw Her Soul by peterle28Los Toros De Agua...3 by denis2:: Nik the greek..:: by HarisDrako
Midnight Black Earth by kayjensenypsilon by SimonSawSunlight

:thumb338827229:  Friday night by bebefromtheblock
Horse traders III by vulezvrkAndroids by Hengki24

...mmm... by golpista

Selections made by


Feature compiled by


The whole team of WhoNeedsColour wishes you and yours
a very happy New Year!


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Friday Feature: Issue 011

Fri Feb 8, 2013, 3:04 AM
Friday Feature #011
A Collection of Recent Discoveries in Abstract and Surreal Art

To see work similar to what is featured here, browse through my favourites.
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saturday collection - 2013.05.04

Journal Entry: Sat May 4, 2013, 8:05 AM
black and white  edition v.3

Janaya by green-jam
universe by Enaston  push the sky away by i-m-light
Crown by malicieux
queen of ice and snow by i-m-light  bw caned by awjay
Artemis by Ycki
  Suvarnabhumi by grivachoz
Loseing our selves by IoaSan
Prohibitio by TotoRino  be a square head by ra-gro
LA B by IMustBeDead
UNDERWATER WORLD DUBAI by Ssquared-Photography  Drill formation by freMDartet
Out-take Rainbow guatemala by BenoitPaille
Dark jazz by Grauenart  expectant by augenweide
IMG 0529cr by bagnino
unreal by augenweide  +' by LenScapist
Daheim by feigenfrucht
  Freedom by BranislavFabijanic
Bacho by LemonLemonLemon
Y by AlexandruCrisan  Thin Air by Hengki24
* for my demons by francisLOVE
Equus Zebra by SeamusHooligan  
Dreams II by sakgaa
Irish Views by Ssquared-Photography  The Hook by EintoeRn
Berlin by LemonLemonLemon


The Veils are an indie alternative rock band from London.
This song is incredibly beautiful and meaningful, and of 
course--just so, so good.

Born from the night in the roaring wind
Cast out of the shadows by an unknown hand
Warmed by the light of these falling limbs
drunk on the sadness of a universe unmanned

Across the water she clings to me
and in the rising karma I feel her at my side
My father's singing in the fallin' leaves
about the complicated beauty of a river run dry

Sit down by the fire

It's hard to say
but I think you'd better
just Say you don't love me
you don't love me anymore

I been waiting in line
now I know I'll never
Overcome this madness
if I don't know for sure

Some day
a little rain is bound to fall
Over my head my heart and my feet
I'm drawn insane
you know I need you now

CSS Journal Coded by FleX177

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The dA PRO Camera Bag is back with loads of improvements! Now with a larger access flap for your camera, more space for the tools you need, better padding all around, and of course a larger pocket to hold your ever-important mobile phone. It's all built for quick and easy access, designed by photographers for photographers.

Fits SLR/DSLR camera w/ lens attached and up to four extra lenses.

Perfectly sized pocket for iPhone/MP3 player– conveniently located on the front of the shoulder strap.

In the rain, pull the weatherproof cover from the hidden bottom compartment and protect your gear.

Memory card storage system with additional utility pouches for all the little stuff photographers usually lose!

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