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third time I did this illustration. nyaa...
It's Hippo and for Android and yes, we move on with cute chubbanimals (another Hippo and a Kiki LWP are in preparation :) ).

Before people ask: Jason and I don't do any i-something stuff at the moment. We're busy with the regular stuff (and normal work) already and i-something don't support live wallpaper. and as a single app it doesn't make any sense :/ We try to think of something.

Anyways, your Smartphone HAS TO SUPPORT LIVE WALLPAPER. I have no idea which one does and not since most people tend to root it and that means a huge black list and no official. If you have Android 2.1 or higher and it doesn't work you might try rooting it. Help for that can always be found via Google. :)

Hippo will be updated soon with little gimmicks. Of course updates are for free, so if you choose the donate version it's one time only :)

Download here: [link]

:star: Free Version Online : [link]

Anne + Jason

Thanks for the DD :heart: We appreciate it and will try to make more awesome stuff in the future!

If you have any trouble or questions write Jason directly a mail or comment here. We'll try to fix every bug that might be poppin up!

Chubbanimals © Anne Pštzke / TOKYOPOP GmbH
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Hi, this is preview of my upcoming iPhone 4 theme. It's called Memento obviously. Hope u like it! There are few icons that have to be finished.

Wow thanks so much for DD! This is great motivation to finish this theme.
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