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Created for ^pica-ae's Homemade Alphabet Contest.

Inspired by a tutorial in Advanced Photoshop magazine... All resources from Advanced Photoshop.

Download for full view please :D

EDIT: I came in third place!
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...because faith is in your own hands!

Thank you all for supporting this day. Also thank you all for supporting me. I know I haven't been a very active deviant lately...

Captured with my brandnew D80 - still test shooting though.

Nikon D80
Nikon 50mm lense
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(If you follow my regular line of work, please ignore this small diversion as I branch out into a new venue temporarily)

These images are for deviantART’s IdeAS 2005 Photojournalism contest, with the July-Sept theme/s being ”Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.” You may explore any or all three of the themes.
For my entries to the contest I have chosen a series of images I took on Easter Sunday at the Midnight Mission, located on Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles. A large Easter breakfast was being served to all the homeless people, and many celebrities were on hand to help out their fellow man. I chose images containing both the famous and the homeless, to emphasize both Equality and Fraternity. I didn’t title any of the photos because it has always been my opinion that in good photojournalistic images a title tends to ‘color’ the piece, rather than let the viewer draw his or her own conclusions.

Image 1:
Mr. T. (of A-Team fame) has been a born-again Christian since the onset of cancer over 10 years ago. Although the Midnight Mission is not a religious organization, Mr. T. feels it is his Christian duty to help his fellow man. He spent the day hugging, shaking hands, signing autographs and talking to people, reminding them to ‘keep the faith.’ He had forgone his usual gold chains for the day, and instead had opted for a plain multi-colored wooden cross.
At one point during the morning I saw him standing with a young homeless man who is enrolled in the Mission’s Recovery Program, stopping what he was doing to pray with him. I was lucky enough to get the shot before the prayer was over.

Other Notes: I donated a special print of this image, entitled “A Prayer from Mr. T” that now hangs on the Mission Walls as an inspiration to its residents. (You can see the specially modified version here: [link] Selectively desaturated prints aren’t allowed in this contest, which is why I have chosen to submit this cropped version of the original instead.)
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In the end earth will just erode away
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h'okay! finished! yaaaaay!!

ok this may not be super AWESOME, but I reallllly did this contest in order to... ATTEMPT to push my capabilities (not by much, but it helps me find what is my 'me' style?)

ANYWAY... umm.... wasn't sure on a name, so to keep w/ a concept of how science goes too far and how they treat their experiments as 'study' vs a living being, I've decided to keep w/ it's number (my bday, lol....)

what's funny is, this ENTIRE piece all started w/ my fascination for the beauty of the feathers in place of hair (something like a cockatoo?)

next thing you know she has a tail (that I SHOULD'VE focused more like a rattle snake now that I think about it but somehow ended up w/ a scorpion one?), then spikes down the back (alligator) for protection, claws to latch onto things or dig into her prey/enemies, cat eyes for night vision and ears like a bat..

the ONLY thing I wish I had found a solution on time, was to work out her chest/stomach area.. I wanted it to be covered in scales (tough front exterior), but oh well :p

honestly this was a spontaneous piece I sketched in one day and fiddled around for a month!

kept the needle concept simple I guess... yep, :B

maybe for fun I can push my image manipulation practice too w/ my baby here!
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almost a globe
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IMPORTANT PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I named this Mad World because if you listen to "Mad World" it fits the mood almost perfectly. I wanted the IMPACT the song had on Gears of War and how much it reflects on the game's story. Another huge Impact it has is on Dom's character "in my opinion" Its to much to explain but if you the lyrics to the song and know Dom's character/role you will see what I mean. A few examples of what I mean by this is "All around me are familiar faces"(The C.O.G members) "Worn out places" City is destroyed /so is the world getting destroyed) "Worn out faces" dead loved one's/ his wife Maria) "Bright and early for their daily races" Inside the window its early outside) "Going nowhere" Outside the window the day is being destroyed resulting in no tomorrow) "No expression" (With the battle going on all warriors fight with no expression they are just all killing each other without thinking)
"Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow No tomorrow" (Dom wants his wife to be by his side so he can live happily but she is gone and he wants nothing but to be with her so he is thinking about sacrificing himself to help his brothers and join his wife once again and forever) " And I find it kind of funny I find it kind of sad the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had"
(Same thing as last,Dom dreams of dying to join his wife) " I find it hard to tell you I find it hard to take When people run in circles It's a very, very Mad World" ( Dom is beginning to believe that all they are doing is running in circles because its all going to be a never ending cycle of war, so he is just giving up)

I wanted to capture that spirit all the commercials had when Dom was always zoned out thinking about his lost wife Maria. I think this shows that in a very unique way. An as you can already tell just outside of Dom's zone/head all HELL has broken loose in the final hour of the 8 year war. I wanted to make Dom Blind to reality so inside the window i made it peaceful but not only that I made the elements inside the window reflect whats outside of it.While everyone else was doing battle Marcus and Cole stand by Dom's side to protect him and they are also waiting for the right moment to attack the locust.Last I figured what better way to have a "SOUL-SHATTERING SPIRIT" of Gears of War pic then to include many of the elements the game has offered to us, so I made a list.....

Gears Check List

*C.O.G soldiers
*Carmine (Dead or Alive)
*Stranded (In the back just stick men :P )
*Dom Thinking about his wife
*Dom's Pic of him and his wife
*Dom with no gun
*Marcus With Determined Look
*Chainsaw Battle
*Hammer of Dawn
*Jumping Vault Kick
*Taking Cover
*Cover Fire
*Berserker Charging at Gears
*Meat Shield
*Soldier Needing Revived
*Lambent Spiders(NOT spiders but idk what they r)
*Lambent Berserker + Glow Trails
*Sentry Gun
*Land Torpedo
*Marcus Gear necklace
I hope you enjoyed this piece. Good luck
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Snowflake is a hybrid of an Eel and a woman who loves the water. This digital painting was made entirely by hand using a Wacom tablet and Photoshop CS2.
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view from Mt St Michele.......
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