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Apart of my Photography GCSE - Portraiture.

Exploring the idea that the places I grew up in and live in make me who I am today.
My enviroment shapes my personality, my likes, my accent - everything.

Each image is taken in a part of the area in which I live in - Bradford.
I was born here and I grew up here. I'm even proud to be from here!

Places taken in:

City Centre
My School
The Moors
My Room
A Coffee/book shop
My Bathroom
On The Train

I think that's all.

Taken with a Image Polaroid camera. I used this camera becuase I love the
imperfections - it also suited the idea I was trying to achieve. Polaroids seems more
personal and real than most photographic forms.

Also, the imperfections kinda reflect that everyone of us has imperfections,
they are apart of our personality.

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Good vs Evil: the painful fight with yourself

thanks to model fehlfunktion !
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My God daughter's puppy. Taken with a celphone, and my first entry to any contest on DA. :) Lol, couldn't resist, it was just so uselessly cute sleeping there. :)
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This image has been made for The Creative Spirit Contest

I used Aquarelle and colour pencils and some sort of printing technique....

I truly appreciate any of your comments Thank you :heart:

This picture won first place in Creative Spirit Contest 2007

with 14 points (5 points `sbaraci, 4 points ^RockGirl1582, 3 points ^stigmatattoo, ^JesusIV 2 points)

This work has won the majority of the judges hearts.

^RockGirl1582 said: “Fantastic usage of the media, I love how the hair doubles as a rip into a night sky.”

^stigmatattoo said: “The intricate decorative elements and well chosen palette build an special atmosphere, supported by the hieratic expression of the subject. The horizontal elements in the composition alternatively suspend and anchor the weight of the image, and the play of cold and warm hues also take part in cleverly defining the piece's fields.”

`sbaraci said: “Aside from all the detail work that went into this mixed media piece, I really like it the most from design perspective and from the mood it sets. It is fluid and moves, it is dark, and earthy at same time, it oozes, it is grounded and free at same time, full of contrasts. It makes me really sad to look at this work, it fills me with memories of my home, amazing nature, storms brewing, as well a mother nature looking over us.”

Thank you so much to all for amaizing prices:)

1st Prize devWEAR t-shirt or print up to $30 + 1 year subscription + a feature in `sbaraci's journal and 8"x10" Nude Painting by `sbaraci!
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It was Plato, the philosopher, that said that what we think as reality is more like the shadows reflected on the back of a cave when you turn your back to the bright open entrance.
Here is my visualization of that...

Plato's Alegory of the Cave
Chained in place, the cave-dwellers can see nothing but shadows (of their own bodies and of other things)projected on a flat wall in front of them [...]
They cannot truly comprehend what they see, since they are prevented from grasping its true source and nature. (Republic 514a) [...]
Plato seriously intended this allegory as a representation of the state of ordinary human existence. We, like the people raised in a cave, are trapped in a world of impermanence and partiality, the realm of sensible objects.
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Queen Octave
Reign for 8 years
Her empire falls
She waits for another 8
Waits for the gods call.
She melts into ground
The beetles of 8
Come to take her away
It was her initial fate
8 Years until she rises again...

How many beetles can you count? :D hahaha

She isnt dead in this! Shes feeling miserable because her empire fell again :eye:

Model, Background, Hands: ~intano-stock
Beetles: ~manandjstocks

This is for the Manipul8 contest :) :heart:

ps: I love dAAAA :D
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It’s Samhain. The line between the spirit
world and our own is a ray of moonlight.  
It’s the night when the reluctant soul sticks
to our plane, hovering - a withered rose
whose beauty is the figment of a dream;
a gleam gilding the surface of the lake.

For long hours of idyll would the Lake
poets revel in letting their spirit
soar free on the nightingale’s wings, and dream  
of glimpsing their Muse clad in pure moonlight –
but tonight magic’s afoot: clouds just rose
to blur the moon like fumes from incense sticks.

The Romantics’ habit of rambling sticks
to mind tonight, as I stroll to the lake
and sit down to recall the violent rows
we’d have every night, before her spirit
gave itself over to the bland moonlight
and chose to rest and die, not live and dream.

But perhaps ‘tis I that’s strayed in a dream?
For in that small nest, fashioned out of sticks,
I see her visage, painted in moonlight.
I glimpse a lady traversing the lake –
can it truly be her vagrant spirit,
come to me to grant me a kiss, a rose?

Yes, it must be her – but the crimson rose
her cheek used to be (ere her final dream)
is now lily-white. Her ashen spirit
was scorched too soon on the merciless sticks
of fever in her soul. She chills the lake
as she glides – a mirage of cool moonlight.

I wade in to touch her as the moonlight
takes on her flimsy frame – how frail a rose
she was, still is! Ripples dimple the lake
as our tears drop and bathe with bliss this dream.
What becalming peace I feel as she sticks
to me – we both know: we’re one in spirit.

But the rose wilts too fast in the moonlight.
How to immortalise this spirit, this dream?
How I wish that this lake were the Styx...
Full title: I'll meet her again, this Samhain

a sestina I wrote for the following contest:[link] hosted by `fllnthblnk

Please make sure that you know what a sestina is before reading this - otherwise what I attempted to achieve in this poem will not be understood.

This poem was inspired by Halloween - but it's a variant on the theme. It's romance, rather than horror. Its relevance to Samhain lies within the idea that, on Samhain, the dead are closest to the living.


*edit* this poem is also an entry for =xgnyc's Halloween contest: [link]

*edit* Thank you very much for awarding this poem first place in the Sestina-ween contest! You made my Halloween! :)
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Pandiana Jones and the Pie Quest

* for the Plans Gone Wrong Contest

Stock Used:

all stock used is from #StockProject, except the flag and the basket (personal photos):

background: [link]
airplane: [link]
ropes: [link]
motorbike: [link]
wind turbines: [link]
smoke: [link] and [link]
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