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A Year in dA Related 2011: SuggestionsA feature of Suggestions submitted in 2011 as well as Suggestion Daily Deviations received this year.
deviantART Suggestions of 2011

Group folders suggestion by Katara-Alchemist Invite Button on Deviant Pgs by BrokenTutorials
deviantART Suggestion 2011 DDs
VS2: Group News Articles by bradleysays SUGGESTION - COMIC SUBMISSION by Kaoyux Groups List by litttle-princess Congratulation DD by Esi0n
dAST by PurpelBlur Deviant list on the watch menu by Selene-Blackthorn Critique Suggestion by Venry DA: New Full-View Proposal by z-design
Three Simple Ideas for Groups by thomasms Resources Credit+Notification by etherealism Search Notes Suggestion by im-not-sana Group Pre-Submission Agreement by vest
Just an idea by jotazombie Deviation Title suggestion by synyster-gates-A7X Groups "Join Module" by Jeysie My dA Deviation Page Concept by TigerK0690
Contest Setting Idea -Re-fixed by Princess-Mer-Tigerz Idea: Contest Integration by TimberClipse 'Self Suspension' from DA by ViscountDevil Suggestion by tk-for-short
dA Block Improvement by I-am-Britta VS: Subscriber Profile Banner by lightpurge dA VS 11_Groups Enhancement by VSConcepts SUGGESTION - GROUP SUBMISSION by Kaoyux
Submission Suggestion by Topicality coollab sugestion by Francojuba Journal Too Long by JerryPie Unified Submissions Suggestion by TimberClipse
dA lit suggestion by xTernal7 VS: PremiumMembership Wishlist by winehaus  Friends Widget Suggestion by Katara-Alchemist DA suggestion by sara-hel 
A Year in dA Related 2011: Suggestions3 years ago in Personal More Like This