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ok so I read SONIC UNIVERSE and shadow makes this face ot the end I think it really didin't fit in that situation
so heres my take on it=D

and before you evan ask did you trace his face no
if you've read the 1st issue of SONIC UNIVERSE
you can see the diffrence (not to mention it's in my style anywase,I love the story and the comic but I disslike the art it seems so off too me )

I ment to post this sooner (like right after I read the comic)but I enterd a contest so I put it on the back burner

=Dbut that face is so priceless=D


plz note that if you wore nothing but shoes and gloves and socks your still naked in the eyes of the law,
just to clear that up
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You may want to download to see it closer
I did not buy the Tracks I got them off of my computer dest and chester drawers

wrist blades are best made to fit youre arm take 3 fingers and put them up against the inside of youre elbo and mesure up to 2 fingers away from ware youre hand conects to youre wrist

the file may be big

extended ver' here

unextended ver' here
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I finly found the flash drive with this finly
but yes this is a free for all avatar if you want a unique shadow avi=D but if any one asks tell em were you got it ( from me:nod: ) my gess is that it wuld be best to download it 1st
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this is a pipe bomb wip from Left 4 Dead I've been working on it still needs a paint job a few more things (wires as switch ect =D )
I'm also going to make a tutorial on how to make this AND a bile jar caus no one seems to wanna share =D
I'm also working on 2 health packs[link] and a bile jar(wip here)[link]
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well I havent goten out of my house to take my awesome pic's yet but I mocked up one of me stading in the kitchin ( I hate pictures in my house I don't wanna do the hole myspace thing here on DA ) but a LOT of props go's to :iconjugsyjinx: for takeing the picture and helping me with geting the background...well geting the background behind me :nod:

please coment. I loves dem coments=D
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New ID yeah I'm going to be cosplaying as elis from l4d2 this year for halloween so here is a taste lol
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ok this is sonic in links world I call him linic (just for fun)
the sonic head was my red the hedgehogs head with the spines edeted [link]
and this was inspierd by [link]
after all link and sonic are my all time fav vid game chars
links clothes and textures are from a riped model pack that I got at [link] witch are .Rar file tipes so you'll need a rar extractor
almost forgot I used the hands from [link]

hes all rigged [link] [link]
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so here\'s the finished-ish pipebomb and I gotta say I love this damn thig lol
pipebombs are way cheaper and easyr to bild than I figuerd
so I did promice a tutorial but I\'ll have to bild a new one for that so untill then I\'ll give you a rundown on how to make one=D
Pipe Bomb: what you need & how to
1st off you need
1: pvc pipe - at ace you can buy it by the foot for around $0.25
2: pvc pipe ends - the threded kind look corect you\'ll also need the part that gose into the pipe to atatch them but I didint use those lol I sanded down the inside of the caps untill thay sliped on
3: a toggle switch - this ran me around $5.99
4: find some old electronics that you dont use or dosint work take them apard and look for anything like a small light bulb ( old remotes are good for that )
a speeker or something that can pass as one that looks like the one on the pipebomb ( I found mine in an electric razer )
and finly something like a reqtangel ( I got this pice from my old sony handy cam its the flipout lcd screen )
5: 9v battory
6: electrical tape
7: supper glue
8: flat white and matelac hammer finnish spray paint
9: a wick yarn or a string could work but I used an old electric dog fence it\'s stif and posable so it looks good

How to
now drill holes in the top cap
for the wick and
two in the back
for a string so you can attatch it to your belt
and a bigger one in the frount
for the toggle switch
I have a small one for the light but it dosint go there lol
now don\'t put evrything together yet just put the caps on and get the hammer finish

spray the hamer finish in an eavan coat on one side then wile it\'s still wet dust with the white hevy in some spots and lighter in others to get a grungy efect
when its dry flip it and repeat this proses

once dry
add the wick and pape it off in the cap
install the toggle switch
and glue the 9v battory, \"speaker\", rectangel \"detonater\" and light bulb on where thay look good

now put some tape over the 9v and \"detonater\"

now you have a prop pipebomb
you can add wires or eavan make it light up but I didint do that becaus we\'re going out and about on halloween ( tomarow lol ) and if it had wires and a working light I think the cops would freak on us lol dont wan\'t that
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Please Read before commenting
I know nintendo isn't at fault for The "WEREHOG" thing
but it's just what I thought might happen in super smash bro's brawl before it lanched ( I was praying they wouldn't put SEGA's mistake in there )

This was going to be a few panels longer but the Werehog is a pain in the ass for me to draw so I just went with what I had

if you're wondering, yes I hate the Werehog it just goes against every thing that sonic used to be about and I feel it bastardises his old good name. Ya know, back in the sonic adventure and 2D game days.
For us old school fans I know will feel the same.
But, kids these days just don't know sonic like we do "am I right guys?"

But don't get me wrong I loved sonic unleashed but only in the day time
"SEGA keep the speed the beautiful scenery and levels and get rid of bad Ideas that 1. slow sonic down 2. change him & 3 stupid characters like Silver!".... what? oh you like to hear silver whine like some emo kid in hot topic? well I don't.
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the bile jar one of my ingame faves I will be makeing a tutorial on how to make this cause no one els will =D
so I got a PENN racquetball case from the sports section in walmart it's plastec and just about the right size so droping it isint mutch of a problem like the glass ones evry one makes
I need to eather find or make a cap for it and remove some of the sticker gule witch I just need some adhesive remover for that =P
the "bile" used for the pictuers is just diet mtn dew ( babe you might want to not drink your pop lol sorry )
for the real bile I'll make it grosser looking witch is a big problem I've seen on other props thay look way to clean lol
I might have to seal off the cap caus it dose leak witch could be a problem so I need
a cap, a biohazerd sticker seal, and a printout sticker of the bile jar lable easy right?.... yeeeeaaaah

heres my pipe bomb wip [link]
and my health pack wip [link]
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