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UPDATE! Check this page for the first issue solicitations...and a NEW MONSTER IS REVEALED for the first issue!…


So...yeah, this happened ;)…

Chris Mowry and I are teaming the hell up to bring you GODZILLA: RULERS OF EARTH.

It's a crazy monsteriffic romp through a new world where monsters vie for territorial dominance. And yes, to re-emphasize, I'll be doing covers AND interiors. I'm also helping our scribe a bit with the story :)

It's really a thrill to finally be doing interiors on not only an ongoing series, but a GODZILLA series at that! Color me tickled pink!
Expect some really amazing monster battles, some twists and turns, some great characters, and plenty of juicy G-Fan nods and goodness!

And yes, PLEASE go out and preorder this!
  • Watching: The Bravest Warriors
  • Eating: Spaghetti-o's
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I guess I should drop a line on DA as well...
Tomorrow night is the King of the Nerds episode where I'm guest starring! Thursday, Jan. 24, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT), on TBS!

Here's the episode synopsis! Make sure you guys tune in!
"Imaginary Realms" – Team Blue and Team Orange face off in a fantasy cosplay Nerd War challenge, hero-vs.-villain style. The losing team must send two of their own to the Nerd-Off, from which one will never return. As the competition heats up, an unusual roll of the dice determines who will stay and who will go. Hosted by Curtis Armstrong and Robert Carradine.
Guest Judges: Adam Busch, Yaya Han and George Takei.

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Yeah, sorry first off. I know I've been posting a lot of possible ideas laterly but they keep bugging them.^^; Seconfd, this is inspirited by both the Fate series and the game Playstation all-star battle royal game. I admit, I already added some friends since I thought I already knew who she/he wanted their parnet/servant to be but let me know if I should change it or not.:nod:

Summary: Ophange at a young age, Wing alway dreamed of becoming a hero to save people's live. But when she dragged into a war, Wing and her 'servant', a thief named Sly Cooper, will have to battle others in order to gain an unknown power. Can they do it?

Wing (Me/My Oc)
'Servant': Sly (Sly Cooper games)

SG (:iconskullgal94:)
'Servant': Ragna (BlazBlue)

Amanda (:iconromance-bunny:)
'Servant': Noel (BlazBlue)

Jessica (:iconjlj16:)
'Servants': Jak and Daxter (Jak and Daxter)

Flopiz (:iconbluegoldwarrior12:)
'Servant': Ezio (Assissan's Creed II)

Krocken (:iconkrocken:)
'Servant': Schala (Chrono Trigger)

Alyssa (:iconkiaratigress01:)
'Servant': Shadow (Sonic the hedgehog)

Erin (:iconariavampirerose7:)
'Servant': Tails (Sonic the hedgehog)

Carly (:iconcmara:)
'Servant': Amy Rose (Sonic the hedgehog)

Tom (:iconyakkowarner44:)
'Servant': Lightning (Final Fantasy games)

Amy (:icongamergirl14:)
'Servant': Carl (BlazBlue)

Leafy (:iconstarlightriu:)
'Servant': PaRappa (PaRappa the Rapper)

Yuki (:iconsapphireyuki-sama:)
'Servant': Namine (Kingdom Hearts)

Alvaro (:iconalvarobmk123:)
'Servant': Ibuki (Street Fighter)

Kristina (:iconmagic-kristina-kw:)
'Servant': Rayman (Rayman games)

Shelby (:iconslppegasister:)
'Servant': Spyro (Spyro games)

TC (:icondedetc:)
'Servant': Kirby (Kirby games)

Becca (:iconbeccalupin:)
'Servant': Alice (Amercian McGee's Alice)

Kim (:iconstarqueen22:)
'Servant': Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)

Aj (:iconajpokeman:)
'Servant': Rotom (Pokemon)

DC (:icondarknessthecat1219:'s oc)
'Servant': Jackle (NiGHTS)

Ethan (:icon17chaos:)
'Servant': Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)

Christy (:iconpokemondigimongirl:)
'Servants': Banjo and Kazooie (Banjo and Kazooie games)

Cyber (:iconcybermon:)
'Servant': Sir Daniel Fortesque (Medievil)

Chie Satonaka (Persona 4)
'Servant': Tomoe (Persona 4)

Sosuke Hanamura (Persona 4)
'Servant': Jiraiya(Persona 4)

Yu Narukami (Persona 4)
'Servant': Izanagi (Persona 4)

Jewel (:iconlollipopjewel:)
'Servant': Prince Fluff (Kirby)

Tracy (:icontrachie171:)
'Servant': Ash (Pokemon)

Mana (Doki Doki Precure)
'Servants': Ratchet and Clank (Ratchet and Clank)

Charles (:icondragon222:)
'Servant': Blaze (Sonic the hedgehog)

Jacob Price (:iconneoduelgx:)
'Servant': Roll (Megaman Classic series)

Charlie (:iconskullgal94:'s oc)
'Servant': Carmelita (Sly Cooper games)

Ted (:iconcrossover-lover56:)
'Servant': Death (Darksiders series)

Skyla (:icongirlgirls123:)
'Servant': Cream (Sonic the hedgehog)

Homura (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
'Servant': Litchi (BlazBlue)

'Fighters' without 'masters'

Bentley (Sly Cooper games)
Murray (Sly Cooper games)
Panda King (Sly Cooper games)
Dimitri (Sly Cooper games)
Guru (Sly Cooper games)
Taokaka (BlazBlue)
Klonoa (Klonoa games)
Crash (Crash Bandicoot)
Sonic (Sonic the hedgehog)
Rachel (BlazBlue)
Plantinum the Trinity (BlazBlue)
Serah (Final Fantasy series)
Cheshire Cat (American McGee's Alice)
Crono (Chrono Trigger)
Marle (Chrono Trigger)
Hakumen (BlazBlue)
Chris Redfield (Resident Evil)
Sheva Alomar (Resident Evil 5)
Josh Stone (Resident Evil 5)
Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet)
Juliet Starking (Lollipop Chainsaw)
Nick Carlyle (Lollipop Chainsaw)
Episo (Sonic the hedgehog)

Non master/other heroes

Marlin (My oc)
Daisy (:icondisneygal1234:)
Akiza (Yu-Gi-Oh 5D)
Raven (Vampire Kisses)
Tsubomi (Heartcatch Precure)
Coco (Yes Precure 5 Go go)
Dipper (Gravity Falls)
Mabel (Gravity Falls)
Rena Kunisaki (.hack//Legend of the Twilight)

Anti Heroes (Of the 'fighters')

Jin (BlazBlue)
Tsubaki (BlazBlue)
Gantz (Klonoa games)
Axel (Kingdom Hearts)
Xion (Kingdom Hearts)

Anti Heroes (Non 'fighters')
Depth Charge (Beast Wars)


Clockwerk (Sly Cooper games)
Le Paradox (Sly Cooper games)
Hazama (BlazBlue)
Relius (BlazBlue)
Queen Zeal (Chrono Trigger)
Dalton (Chrono Trigger)
Doctor Eggman (Sonic the hedgehog)
Juri (Street Fighters)
Vega (Street Fighter)
Doctor Cortex (Crash Bandicoot)
Janga (Klonoa games)
Dr. Nefarious (Ratchet and Clank)
Mr. Dark (Rayman)
Doll Maker (Alice: Madness Returns)
Vantias (Kingdom Hearts)
Xemnas (Kingdom Hearts)
Malefor (Spyro games)
Black Doom (Shadow the Hedgehog)
Rampage (Beast Wars)
Loki (Avengers)
Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)
Mephiles the Dark (Sonic 2006)
Cyrus (Pokemon)
Sin Tzu (Batman: The Rise of Sin Tzu)
Mileena (Mortal Kombat)
Shang Tsung (Mortal Kombat)
Tarantulas (Beast Wars)
Skorge (Gears of War)
Biollante (Godzilla)
Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal)
Ogre (Tekken series)
Dark Aqua (Yes Precure 5 movie)


Polygon Man (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal)


Opening: Magia (Ending to Madoka Magica)
Ending: Ideas opened

Other songs

Not sure if I'll use other songs or not.:hmm:

So that's all I have so far. If you guys want to be include just let me know what video game character you would want as a 'servant' (And if they're under 'non with master' I'll just change that part).:nod: Or if you guys have any ideas just let me know.^^
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Winter Almead Contest! CLOSED.

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 3, 2012, 1:16 PM
Contest is closed, will be judged in next week.

Hello! Time for me to announce 4th contest with Almead characters!
Winter Almead contest banner by Forunth
This time theme is: Winter! You have to draw one or more of my characters in winter clothes or scenery!

:snowflake:DEADLINE:snowflake:1st March 2013 until I wake up.... xD:snowflake:

:snowflake:You can submit as many deviations as you want
:snowflake:You  can enter the contest even if you are a donator, just please note if you donate something and you win that prize, you obviously won't win it, and if you donated something you can then pass it down to a different spot!
:snowflake:Entries with blank/white background will be disqualified.
:snowflake:So will sketches
:snowflake:This is contest, so I won't accept pictures drawn in 5 minutes just to get free prize!
:snowflake:Please do not draw my characters as animals, anthros, sonic characters, or connect them to ANY fandom. They live in their own medieval-type fantasy world, so PLEASE respect it!
:snowflake:You can change their outfits, tie up their hair, or make any other change, as long as you respect their appearance (hair color, eye color, amount of tattoos)
:snowflake:Your work can be either traditional or digital. Please no photo manipulations, literature nor photography.
:snowflake:PLEASE ensure that you include a link to the contest, and please link the character to me, as they are my OC's.

References for all OCs can be found in :iconalmead:
Character references!Forunth

:bulletgreen:Age: 26-27
:bulletgreen:Race:- Even she doesn't know. Her mother was human, but Forunth doesn't know her father. She can control fire on low level, so she's not 100% human.  
:bulletgreen:Hair: long, straight with purple highlights
:bulletgreen:Eyes: light purple
:bulletgreen:Tattoos:Regular Priestess tattoos- three on her right cheek, right arm, left hip and left ankle
:bulletgreen:Priestess status: regular priestess in Death&Life Temple.
:bulletgreen:Body type: Slim, with wide hips and average breasts
:bulletgreen:Special properties: piercing under her lower lip, or you can draw her without that piercing, she takes it out later
:bulletgreen:Family: sister:Selene, mother: Neya, unnamed father
:bulletgreen:Special abilities: She can control fire on low level
[Bullet; Green]personality: Introverted, mature, kinda dreamy, sarcastic sense of humor
[Bullet; Green]very short story: Forunth


:new::snowflake:LunattaOffered llama and chibi for everyone who participates!(max 50) :snowflake::new:
:trophy:FIRST PLACE:trophy:
:snowflake:6 months premium membership or equivalent in :points:
:snowflake:full artwork from me
:snowflake:500:points:from Justyne
:snowflake:1000:points: from sirenabonita
:snowflake:200 :points: from RaisloverSakura:new:
:snowflake:icon from xx-tsuna-xx
:snowflake:Full colour full/half body from Helena-Lou
:snowflake:Colored portrait from smilkey:new:
:snowflake:chibi or ACEO from ann-chan20
:snowflake:drawing from ivixus
:snowflake:chibi from Euride
:snowflake:digital artwork from LeelooKido
:snowflake:fullbody, llama and watch from KolliceKat
:snowflake:3D piece and feature from sergiosoares:new:
:snowflake:1 Full body, 1 Page Doll, 1 Icon, 1 Feature, & 1 Llama from Liliire
:snowflake:feature from me
:snowflake:feature from RaisloverSakura
:snowflake:feature from kinga-saiyans
:snowflake:feature from LeelooKido
:snowflake:feature from Solceress
:snowflake:feature from Harpiya

:trophy:SECOND PLACE:trophy:
:snowflake:3 months premium membership or equivalent in :points:
:snowflake:100:points: from RaisloverSakura
:snowflake:bust artwork from me
:snowflake:digital artwork from LeelooKido
:snowflake:Full colour portrait from Helena-Lou
:snowflake:chibi from Euride
:snowflake:2x Full Colour, Headshot from kinga-saiyans
:snowflake:chibi or ACEO from ann-chan20
:snowflake:fullbody, llama and watch from KolliceKat
:snowflake:feature from me
:snowflake:1 Thigh Up, 1 Page Doll, 1 Icon, 1 Feature, & 1 Llama from Liliire
:snowflake:feature from kinga-saiyans
:snowflake:feature from LeelooKido
:snowflake:feature from Solceress
:snowflake:feature from Harpiya

:trophy:THIRD PLACE:trophy:
:snowflake:1 months premium membership or equivalent in :points:
:snowflake:chibi artwork from me
:snowflake:half colour portrait from Helena-Lou
:snowflake:chibi or ACEO from ann-chan20
:snowflake:digital artwork from LeelooKido
:snowflake:fullbody, llama and watch from KolliceKat
:snowflake:chibi from Euride
:snowflake:1x Full Colour, Headshot from kinga-saiyans
:snowflake:1 Bust Up, 1 Page Doll, 1 Icon, 1 Feature, & 1 Llama from Liliire
:snowflake:feature from me
:snowflake:feature from LeelooKido
:snowflake:feature from Solceress
:snowflake:feature from Harpiya
:snowflake:feature from kinga-saiyans

Judges: Forunth,Justyne

If you're such a sun and want to help me with prizes, please comment under this journal!

Contest Almead Winter by SarahWidiyanti:thumb338387381:Daemla. Winter Wonderland. Contest Entry. by RaisloverSakuraForunth Red by by Gus-1993Cold and dangerous by 00Maria00[Contest] Frozen Dress by tonyohohoKeep the Winter out by 00Maria00Contest Entry: FoAaDe by kinga-saiyans:thumb345102738:Sacred Night by EimielBrother Death is coming by Eye-X-catcherWinter Almead Contest! by erienvalencia:thumb348594275:Merry Christmas.... - Winter Almead Contest by SolceressWinter Almead Contest - version 2 by SolceressWaiting for tomorrow by Michelle-JPSoftly Silent by Hahli1994Contest entry: Aaia by Kushina11Red Snow by lildebbieWarm My Heart by MalkBassSnowman time by ArtCrawl.Selene. by jessoterickSilence in the Cold by veritas-nightLaila by HaitianHallow

Mature Content

Winter Hunt by DahmsArmageddon
Winter in Almead by AlaisLA Momentary Pain by theemeraldskull

Mature Content

Erinel by Asano-san
Laila by Asano-sanWinter Magic by Lunatta

Mature Content

Traditional: Hot springs by ShineDUS
Daemla, Winter Almead Contest by VeLLuchi

Mature Content

CE: Baby, it's cold outside by pink-gizzy
Sisterly Love by smilkey

Journal Skin by TwiggyTeeluck
Image from… . Animation from… . Snowflake image from… .
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Amazing singer

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 12, 2013, 12:41 AM
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It's ALIVE!!!!

OK, all, here she is!

Login. Upload. Publish direct to dA! HERE!

The Madefire Motion Book Tool by LiamSharp

Remember - this tool was made for ALL creators!

You can publish text only, or illustrated books, comics, or go the whole hog and add depth, sound and motion. It really is up to you, and only limited by your imagination!!!

Checkout this quick-start video - how to upload and publish a book in minutes:


Great demo by…

Motion Books on dA

Motion Book Tool Support

Video Tutorials

The revolution is here!!!!

Check out My Recent Journals:

I got angry!Anger.
Anger and frustration.
That's what started it all!
I'm not somebody that feels entitled. I don't expect anything from the world, or anybody in it. That said, I did feel I had earned a fair hearing. I'd put in the years, drawn the BIG books, and the cool ones! I thought I should, by rights, be able to get at least one pitch for a creator-owned comic written and drawn by me off the ground. But though I must have pitched upwards of 30 titles across the board over a period of TEN YEARS, nothing landed.
So yes. I was angry and frustrated!
I was asked, by the very excellent Joseph Michael Linsner, what Madefire was all about a couple of weeks ago, following the Big Wow Comic Fest. It was a good question, as it pointed out a gap in our message, something people were perhaps not getting:
Why do it?
What was the need?
The need was to create a platform for the digital age on which creat
  I got angry! Pt.2As I said - I got angry. Frustrated. And I see it a lot. How DO you get your work out there? How do you get seen?
Getting into comics is something a lot of people want to know how to do, but there's a lot of questions you want to ask yourself first. There is such a vast array of genre and sub-genre, technique, approach, and so on, that it's important to be clear where you want to go with your work at the outset – and you have to be REALLY honest and tough on yourself.
Do you want to draw:
If you're into the capes and tights and you want to go mainstream you're going to have to want it incredibly badly, as the competition is the most extreme I've ever known it right now. There seems to be more titles than ever - and with the digital revolution more people are capable of producing sleek, mainstream quality art - but right across the
I Got Angry! Pt.3I'm not an angry guy. I'm very mild-mannered. But there's SO MUCH I wish I had known up front, before I got into comics. There are rudimentaries that I'm kind of angry nobody clearly pointed out before I got in too deep.
Nobody tells you that in the mainstream, as an artist, you'll almost certainly be drawing stuff you're NOT prepared for, and don't really have any desire to do or passion for.
Are you hearing this? It's REALLY a big one:
You'll almost certainly be drawing stuff you're NOT prepared for, and don't really have any desire to do or passion for.
What does that mean? What are you saying Sharpie? How can that be right?
Well - and this is from experience - you won't generally get to draw or write the book you're most suited to.
Classic example: I've been trying to get a Conan gig my whole career - a book I'm so clearly suited to it's unreal, and pretty much every artist I know has said as much! - and yet, even after all this time (27 years

I Got Angry! Pt.4 (Furious Interlude!)I was wondering to myself if I was STILL angry about things, even after all these years - and honestly? I really am!
Actually - I'm f**king pissed-off!!!
You'll be hard-pressed to find an artist that isn't!
We're over a barrel. We're art monkeys. We're work-for-hire engines that spit out the creations of others as best we can, striving to gain enough prominence to sustain an ongoing living, dreaming of a legacy.
We face hatred, the bitter barbs of trolls, the cruel dismissal of subjectivity, unfair comparisons with our peers.
We have to navigate taste, culture, the need for relevance.
We have to beat our way past the legions of others after the same job.
We have to remain immune to the jealous mutterings of those that fall along the way.
It SUCKS being a part of the machine, the self-serving circle of an industry consuming itself because it doesn't know any better. It's stuck in an ancient cycle, a rotating dance that is literally going nowhere!
So yes. I'm f**k
I Got Angry Pt.5Something else to get a bit angry about...


If you GET a distribution deal, you'll be in the long shadow cast by the big companies, buried in a dark corner of a vast monthly catalogue.

If you have no marketing budget, then your only option is to hit message boards, FaceBook, indie-driven comic sites, and by getting hold of a list of the internet comics news sites – they're easy enough to find, you just have to Google them.
If you have created your own book, and your dream is to see it printed, but you have literally no funds and nobody is willing to publish it, there are other great options, such as Here you can upload your entire book having placed it into one of the templates they provide, and you can then order a printed, bound copy direct from them for the price you set for it. Print on demand is an incredible innovation, and like Amazon, they will list your book for anybody to buy, they'll eve
I Got Angry Pt.6Something else that get's me angry...
Why can't artist's be EXPECTED to experiment? To try new things? To be innovative?
Why is it that drawing in the same style forever is viewed as THE BEST approach?
How do we unlearn this?
How do we encourage creators to be daring, and our readers to be more open and daring too?
I admit it.
I chop and I change, and if you're looking for a book that is consistent then you'd better not invest any time in me! As a result I've lost many fans over the years. People at cons sometimes say 'where did you go after The Hulk? I thought you must have left the industry...'
They never knew I was always here, but always changing.
Case in point - 'Captain Stone is Missing...' (FREE on dA here:…) may be, in my opinion, the best work of my career, but consistent it is not!!!
For me there are artists tha

And here's the complete first series of my Captain Stone motion books! All free!

Captain Stone is Missing... - Episode 1: Chess by MadefireStudiosCaptain Stone is Missing... - Episode 2: Ada by MadefireStudios

Captain Stone is Missing... - Episode 3: Charlie by MadefireStudiosCaptain Stone is Missing... - Ep. 4: Captain Stone by MadefireStudios

Captain Stone is Missing... E5: The Craven Panther by MadefireStudiosCaptain Stone Is Missing... - Episode 6: The Pet by MadefireStudios

Captain Stone Is Missing - Episode 7: Brother Sun  by MadefireStudios

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I’ve decided to change my commissions a bit, so here’s the breakdown:


:bulletgreen:What I draw:bulletgreen:

- Manga style
- Existing characters
- OCs
- Couples (Straight, yuri, yaoi, harem, whatever you want)
- Crossovers

:bulletred:What I do not draw:bulletred:

- Porn/Hentai
- Realistic
- Mangapages
- Wrestle moves!

:bulletblue:All payments will be through PayPal. My mail adress is

:bulletblue:Give me as much information as possible; stances, facial expressions, everything that’s important.

:bulletblue:I will only start drawing once I’ve received payment!

:bulletblue:Please be patient, I have a real life outside the computer.

:bulletblue:If you’re interested, send an email to or send me a note.

:bulletblue:Any questions? Feel free to send me an ask~

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:star:EDIT: Commissions are closed! Thank you so much! Thank you all! :heart:
I'm starting to work on this batch today. Updates can be seen on my frontpage :)

Please, if you missed this opening I'm making a waitlist for the next time. If you want to be added to it, please drop a comment here or drop me a note :3
Thank you!

Hello all! Good morning to you all! Or good night! :D

Normal commissions are finally open again! Finally things are alright and I have the time to work properly and with calm on these! :D
Extraordinary this month I'm with more slots to compensate for the time these commissions were closed. I also decided open for the toned sketch and with patterns for this month :3 so this means all options are available!
Other good news! I'm adding a new type of commission. Pencil portraits, they are shaded and more detailed. And watercolors are back to the options too, renovated and with new samples! 

You can ask for more than one/many commission if you want. Progress work list will be update while I'm working on them and you can access/see it on my frontpage.

Please if you're interested in a commission from me send me a note with character references and infos, and the type of commission you want :)

Status/progress of commissions can be found on my front page.
TOS, rules and terms can be found bellow on the last part of this journal.
If you have any question, please do note hesitate to ask!


$10 one character
+$6 for add character (limited to 3 on each sheet)
No revision/preview.

Loza sketch commision by Luciana-LuCommission: Hazel and Tessa by Luciana-LuSketch commission: Arli by Luciana-LuSketch commission: Sarcrasticani by Luciana-Lu

Mature Content

Sketch commission: Alothia by Luciana-Lu

With patterns:
$15 one character
+$6 for add character (limited to 3 on each sheet)
No revision/preview.

Commission: Robin and Laurent by Luciana-LuCommission: Flynn and Rypley by Luciana-LuCommission: Kalia by Luciana-LuCommission: Muireen by Luciana-Lu


Pencil: $15

Solo character only.
No revision/preview
Commission: Kydron by Luciana-LuCommissions: Mamba, Nia and Sanguel by Luciana-LuCommission: Doran S'ethler by Luciana-Lu

Pencil portrait: $25
A5 - Solo character only
No revision/preview
Commission: Urmalin portrait by Luciana-Lu

Sketchpage: $30
Contains 5 to 6 sketches
Max of 3 characters per page.

Mature Content

Commission: Autumn and Sarion by Luciana-Lu
Commission: Friendship by Luciana-LuSketchpage commission: Lochlan and Isolde by Luciana-LuCommission: Sarhea sketchpage 1 by Luciana-LuSketchpage: Maelerys and Daegon by Luciana-Lu

Skechdump: $45
A total of 16 sketches. No revision/preview.
16 characters of your choice or couples.
Yellow or gray.
Sketchdump commission: Rin and Mahdar by Luciana-Lu Sketchdump: Vampire by Luciana-Lu Sketchdump commission: Farah and Sam by Luciana-Lu
Sketchdump commission: Aden by Luciana-Lu

Mature Content

Sketchdump commission: Illia and Accuvier by Luciana-Lu
Sketchdump commission: Kerri and Ethren by Luciana-Lu


Full body, no background: $25
+$15 for add character (max 3 characters together)
No revision/preview

Ariel by Luciana-Lu


Digital flat colors - Simple background:
Full body: $25
+$10 for add character
No revision/preview
Commission: Temperance by Luciana-LuCommission: Renah by Luciana-LuCommission: Bayushi Hanako by Luciana-LuCommision: Nastasya by Luciana-Lu

Mature Content

Commission: Diyala'ro by Luciana-Lu

Digital flat colors - Detailed background:
Full body: $35
+$15 for add character
Commission: From Hungary by Luciana-LuCommission: Theft by Luciana-LuCommission: Leth by Luciana-LuCommission: Daphnee and Fairy by Luciana-Lu

Mature Content

Commission: Oasis by Luciana-Lu


Reference sheets: 

Reference Sheet: Myria by Luciana-LuReference Sheet: Joana by Luciana-LuReference sheet commission: Petra by Luciana-Lu

1)For characters to be designed from description only.
This is an estimated base price. May be more depending on complexity.
Front view + Back view = $70
Front view only = $40
Both includes name, text and infos (given by the client) and color palette.
*Side view, face, expressions, accessories and etc +$10 each

2)For characters that already have draw references but you want me to do a reference sheet:
Estimated base price. May be more depending on complexity, reference provided and changes wanted or adds.
Front view + back view = $35
Front view = $25
Both includes name, text and infos (given by the client) and color palette.
*Side view, face, expressions, accessories and etc +$10 each



Essential information:
--All prices are in USD and i work with paypal only (para quem é brasileiro o pagamento é feito por depósito e o valor convertido em reais).
--Commissions take time, please be patient. It could take a week to a month and half to complete each order, it depends on the complexity of the image and how much work I have on my desk.
--If your piece is complex and/or contains parts that need to be designed the price will have an increase.
--Shipping and handling of originals: costs $4 for normal and $7 with tracking.
--Once original is shipped i'm no longer responsible for it. If it returns the buyer pays for a second shipping.
--I have the right to refuse a commission if I think it's unsuitable or too difficult, or if I feel uncomfortable with it.
--All commissions will be sent to the commissioner by email, in high resolution version (enough for the them to print if they want).
--I have the right to upload the commissions on my portfolio and art related sites of mine. Commissioner name's will be referred. 
--The commissioner can upload anywhere he/she want, as long there is credit given.
--All commissions are for personal use only! Any commercial use needs to be negotiated.
--By buying a commission from me, you agree with these terms.

How to proceed:
-- Send me a note stating that you want a commission with the basic idea of what you want me to portrait, with references for characters and infos. I note you back to let you know if accept the commission or not.
-- Payment is upfront, I will invoice you.
-- If you don't feel comfortable paying a high amount upfront, I'll invoice you first HALF of the price, and i will begin to sketch it.
-- When i have the whole work done, i will send to you a low-res preview of the artwork (just to show that it's actually finished) and you must pay me the rest of the commission, again via invoice. After that, I'll send you a high-res version of the artwork by email, before posting it online.

What i can draw:
I draw most everything, but yet if what you look for is not here, please feel free to ask :) (Smile)
-Fantasy stuff, Humans, Nudity or half nudity, flowers, nature related stuff, some landscapes.
-Violence, blood, anthros, fanart, character sheet, your ocs, soft sex/erotic scene, m/f and f/f.
-Anthros are done on my style, no muzzle/snout/animal face feature.
-Only more humanized nagas, no classical ones.

What I WON'T draw:
- Erection, fluids, big/enormous male genital, inflation, enormous boobs.
- Explicit adult scenes. 
- Intersex characters, girly boys, m/m (Yaoi), traps, most fetiches, bizarre ones.
- Too much complex backgrounds, my ocs, monsters, classical nagas, realism, machines or futuristic things.

If you have any questions, note me.

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Nerds all share a unified experience of being socially ostracized from the rest of other so-called "normal" societal groups. The reasons may vary (not being good at sports, liking a certain sci-fi/fantasy TV show, etc), but the fact that we all were picked upon and marginalized during our most formable years is a major part of the nerd/geek identity. But in recent years nerd culture stopped being it's own niche thing, and has started to seep into mainstream culture. Making nerd culture more accessible has naturally brought with it a new group of people and fans into our sphere... and not everyone is happy about this development.

Personally I think it's great that nerd culture has become so widely accepted lately. I can freely have a discussion about my favorite DC or Marvel superheros in public without getting looks of disgust or incredulity because EVERYONE loves Batman and The Avengers. And if I make an obscure joke about Doctor Who, there's a LOT of people who will get it now. But like I said, with any sort of widening of the demographic there's usually a backlash that comes from the already existing demographic that doesn't want to change or accept new people into their groups.

I noticed this a lot after reading the polarizing reviews for Star Trek: Into Darkness. Now, the latest Star Trek film is very much an action oriented adventure rather than a thought provoking sci-fi odyssey. To many in the fandom this is sacrilegious because "Star Trek has always had a more philosophical side to it." I started to see people accusing those who liked the new Star Trek movie as not being fans of Star Trek and demanding anyone who liked it to "prove" they liked Star Trek by forcing them to list off how many movies or TV show episodes they've seen. Like that sort of quantifying list would somehow give or take the credibility of people who legitimately enjoyed a movie (You've seen at least 29 episodes? I'm sorry but you need to have seen 30 episodes or more to qualify as being a fan!)

This is backwards and depressing to me. I don't personally care if you liked the new Star Trek or not. If someone is introduced to this franchise and series through the new movie and REMAINS a fan, then that's a win-win in my books. EVERYONE who is a fan of something now, started out with no experience or understanding of what they were getting into. Don't marginalize them for not being "up to snuff" with your obviously larger experiences and knowledge of the franchise simply because they're "new."

And it's not just Star Trek, this is an issue that permeates ALL of geek culture. This obsessive need to test new fans and criticize them for not being "as into" the series as you and your friends are is everywhere! Remember a while back the whole Geek-Girl issue? It's the same thing. Nerds seeing women who liked nerdy things, calling them out and demanding these women answer tests and quizzes to "prove" their geek creed. Fucking sick.

Even if they aren't "as into" the series as you are I still don't understand how that negatively affects your life. Someone being a fan but not as big of as fan as you shouldn't keep you awake at night or anger you into fits of rage. The world is varied and full of diversity, stop trying to limit it by decrying that only a certain set of people with enough XP are allowed to enjoy ____ fandom.

The important thing shouldn't be HOW a fan gets into a fandom, but rather the simple fact that they ARE into a fandom. It should be a welcoming thing to bring more people into your niches and let them explore and understand the wonderful things you enjoy on a daily basis. If you can't handle the idea of someone you don't have to deal with personally enjoying your fandom... then there's something seriously wrong with you and you need to grow up.

Stop testing new fans to prove they're "worthy" enough to join your fandom. Open the doors and embrace them with welcoming arms. Because the alternative is stagnating isolation and a growing sense of depression and irrelevancy.
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